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Agile Project Management: Terminology Simply Put (Part 1)

teacher avatar Anca Onuta, Agile Coach.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (1h 4m)
    • 1. Welcome to this course

    • 2. How to get started with Agile

    • 3. Agile meetings you need to know v2 30fps

    • 4. Backlog and Sprints

    • 5. How to structure Scope in Agile

    • 6. What are the Team Roles

    • 7. How to define story points

    • 8. Project Class

    • 9. Wrapping up the course

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About This Class

This is a practical course on how to apply Agile methodology TODAY in your organization.

  • Are you looking for a PRACTICAL course on exactly how to set up your team, your scope, your schedule to be successful with Agile?

  • Do you want to know how to define the project scope?

  • Do you want to learn to write user stories?

  • Do you want to learn how to keep yourself and the team committed to achieve the sprint scope?

  • Do you want to learn how to organize Jira for a better delivery?

  • Do you want to learn what are Epics/Stories/Tasks and how to use them?

Then this course is for you!

This course is for the ones who haven't done Agile before OR who haven't been successful in implementing Agile.

If you master Agile, this course is NOT for you.

The course has 3 parts:

  1. Theory - THIS COURSE - where I explain you in the very simple way ALL the terminology you need to know. Feel free to skip this part if you are familiar with the terms I'm presenting

  2. STEP BY STEP practical guide on HOW to define the scope in Agile Methodology.  At the end of this course, you'll know how to define the project scope to how to structure it in Jira: Components, Epics, Stories, Tasks 

  3. How to meet Sprint Goals - when I show you how to keep the scope under control, how to document the changes in the scope, how to avoid scope creep, how to keep yourself focused on the sprint scope, how to measure velocity and many more. 

How to be successful with this course? BRING YOUR PROJECT!

Take one of your projects and start doing everything I do! At the end of the course, you'll have AGILE APPLIED to your organization.

YES! It takes only that!

I look forward to seeing you in the course!

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Anca Onuta

Agile Coach.


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1. Welcome to this course: Hi, everyone. My name is Tanaka, a professional project manager master. Some days ago, I was dreamed some new team members on what is a giant how to get started. And then I realized that I actually got to have a very systematic process that I can't record myself, put it in a class and skill share and share it with you. So that's how I get to create this class. This is actually a serious of classes in which I'm taking your from the beginning on the story of a child like what is Maybe why is no city like I'm literally telling you about everything and then I'm showing you on a really project, as I do it for my team members how to define component a big stories and help said everything in Jura and you can starters print and then how to manage it. And you don't really need to be apps. Crime master, You can be a develop worry can be a product owner. This course is for everybody who wants to have a very clear understanding about what is Jura and what is a giant and a very procedural way to get started like I'm sure your stand , but step everything that you have to do. So I was I was saying, this course is part of a serious in this particular course. I'm teaching you only this theory. If you're not interested in the fury part because you already know it, feel free to skip it and go directly to the next course. In the description you have feelings for, the next course is the next course Will. We will pay your scope and will define it. Will set top four giant perspective will break it into their bigs components everything. And we're set it up in giraffe so you can skip this course, go to the next one and then come back to this one when you want to refer to the theoretical things when you hit a tour, many wonder So what does that mean? How to maybe a refresher of the information. Yes, you can do that as well. And when I look forward to seeing the class 2. How to get started with Agile : Hi, everyone. In this video, I will try to make you run over your above honking get starts to the giant very seem Boy, the thing is you know is that you don't need to know. I am roofing in the beginning. If you're using, if you decided to go with giant off, probably you already know the advantages of using the Giants. And you want to do it because you want hair. The liver is cool in a very terrible way and in a structured way. And indeed, giant bombers for that. But, you know, journeys also very complicated, but the first time you have back glows Prince reviews product owner product manager whether all those how you can get all that information and just made it to the team, how you can grasp all that information in a very simple way. So you are not lost in all those munitions in the technology. This is not going to try to explain today in his video, so living break it down in very similar states For you, you have a team or you're part of the team and you decided to go with Giant. Why didn't you do little baby stairs. This'll is the key for success, baby steps. And you learned something you like. You know something you apply. This is the way that has been working the most for me and for all the clients that I work for. And this is something that I want to show you. The first thing when I started the job hell, objection. Implemented their feet. Your things, which are the foundation of everything. And that is this coat, the structure and the delivery. Soon, the first thing you need to do when you started the giant is to start with your school while either school. What do you want? To see you at the beginning, you're going to say, Well, I didn't know. That's why I go the job. Because I don't have everything sorting. And but I want to do it Exxon. But eventually, you know, you have an idea of what you want to get, So I would be here on the scope. Basically, what you need to do is to define it high level, high level, high level over you make tonight the capi Asian idea of Curt. No, the pace need that. You think this vision and you ask your said esteem. Whether we start. Let's start with something small. No, at the beginning. You we have an idea with what you want to start. You have a market in project, you will say, Well, let's start being a newsletter. You could have a saint's project. Then you might want to start with configuring your next boy. Now you have an application. You may want to start Justin from others, so select this coat. You want to start? It doesn't have to be all sorted. Doesn't have. It's really just the starting point. Yeah, whatever comes into your mind, I want to say, Start with that. That's the easiest way you can do it. Because afterwards, when you start to get more knowledge about the giant, when you think it's you sitting there, going to craft it is best suits you. But when you just get starting, start with whatever you have in mind That is good to start. Okay? No. Was it her? Once you selected this piece, the school that you want to get started, then you're going to be paid it the day scope. Hey, Inish Scull. This will be this cult of the first sprint. This call off the first spring? Yeah. Let me get example whether we're stoking about newsletter, newsletter, state board, court Future of uh Okay, so you say the first, the scope of the first spring and decay I was showing another big you how to do it in proper way. How to do it very well So you can get starting easy and without any problem. So why does it define this coal? Then you want toe do something called We have it but his name. It means that you want to set up some structure. Some have seen structure around in Porgy and that is recording meetings, recurring meetings and on the recording meetings you have had they spend up, they stand up stream low spring bland springs You view if you don't know I mean all of these Check out my video. I have some years explain each one of them. Another thing that you want to do be happy. It's is that the team has a defined way working life, different schedules que Joe's vacations and make sure that people show up every single day . But that's why you have is a stand that's So you see how easy it is with the job to build structure and we'll have to have it because generally use you the meeting that we have to run. They stand up lying. You respect that all you need to know. We'll learn exactly how to use them. But for the moment, it's important to know that you have to say that for those into running and then after recent pap. So we have a scope. We have the record. Anything's this happens that I was still came up and then only thing his left is to focus on the delivery Oquist on the way they the uber What does it mean? If you already have this cop? If we already have everything scheduled, the only thing that is left for the team during the sprint is to focus on doing this cope. There would be no other interruptions. There will be no planning. There would be nothing. There was the only thing that have to do is the name of the school. So I work with here the a a c cute this cope during during the no thing for the least sprint You didn't like Onley in planning. You know, of course, there will be some team members who will be dedicated to the money. That's a different story, but specifications? What means the team? The deal was executing this project. If I care about marketing thing, if we're talking about 16 1st talk about developers, the only thing they have to do he's to do what they were is part of the school. Nothing is no interruptions. You have to make sure that the team is really for wisdom. That so No interruptions? No. How we with that? When can that? No, nothing like them. No interruptions, no distractions from this CO. Okay, this is in simple words. Structures. This is a simple words. Watching instituted of the giant again school very here. If you don't know what you want to go, there is no way together. You started your for spring Very clear scope Build happy's defined all day meetings stand experienced to spend everything Once that is done, only continue to do it for was on the way. Now I would like each one of them in a separate video and exactly how you can chief of those. Because just building this is not going to guarantee your success. But there is a very simple way to be everything. So you get help, you're delivering what you explain it to do. So we've seen the next media's. 3. Agile meetings you need to know v2 30fps: hide one in this. You know, I want to talk about a giant me things you need to know. 10 recommends a very clear said of meetings that have a clear agenda and structure that in the file in Nicholas meetings, ceremonies, Syria moved knees. And the reason is because if you follow them, it's really like a ceremony. You have a clear agenda. I if I'm certain steps and then you have expected outward and all of them across all the project at the same. So our good ceremonies equal meetings with clear agenda structure and save for all the Jack . So that's why that that's why their corn so remedies No, this Why do you need to do with if you are doing the job for the first time? Or if you take any new project any women join the steps are the same. Yeah, certain meetings that you need to set up at the beginning of the project and the key is that they're always the same time, and they every time they're recording. So let's heaven. I would leave the one because I want to tell you something just with G here. Then we have spring planning. Then we have send up anything. Then we have spent you and respecting and I won't go back to the 1st 1 and this one is through me. Let's have a look. What means each one of them grooming is In the beginning, we defined its scope, but there is a certain period of time allocated in which we try to understand the scope. We have a problem owner and we have a team and they want to make sure that wherever that going to implement is what is going to be expected. So because the giant isn't time boasts methodology, we want to make sure that really we focus on what we have to deliver. So in order to deliver the delivery name and to do this every single day or Meissner why we're in a random way, Giants Ace No. You think that time books and you do this grooming calling in which we look at the requirement. We look on what's in the bag low and we try to understand what has to be done and we clarify 12 days so I would hear what this grooming the KKK time. When the theme on this tense the requirements before before starting the spent Now their summer ways of doing this. You can leave the team doing it by themselves or can tweeting what show? War high. But it weighs. This is something that we can go up secret. But for the purpose of this video, you need to know that yes, you need to sign period of time in which 15 will understand. What exactly is there to be done to make sure that they have a good understanding that there was just return? Fanatic by that I have everything they need before selecting those islands being remanded in the next plane. No seams. Flooding is meeting in which the together together and select what is going to be part of the next spring. In other, have a successful spin planning you need to have who's screwing you can put them together. But this carbon pithy spring planning is that at the end of me you have a tear selection of items that I'm going to report of the next spring. So select, that's called off the next Spain. So I would sure is good God, no, Send them meeting. Very important in the beginning, he said. That cleared scope to your time. When you're going through these said Kind Day says Time and day for the week, the week it was a recurring curry meeting for each speak no, send them meeting every single day. I recommended that we're doing at the beginning of the game that we find a common time with teams. If you have an international team who spends across multiple hand zones, then may not be very efficient together. Everybody together on a really meeting all together, but can work how they use a boat in which they say, Well, this is what they done yesterday. This is what I plan to do today and these are my numbers. It's important that everybody does at the beginning of the day, because this meeting is making sure that the working day is Keith out in an efficient way and the team knows exactly what they have to do. And they become efficient of the beginning in the morning because if you start the purification of the unknown and you have a recent what you have to do noon, then you have left Onley half a day decision. But we want the team to start working in the morning and to be a future for morning and get into that momento off the day to be motivated to work. So the goal is to for the working day and address any brokers and lookers. The structure is seen. But what did I do yesterday? What do I do? Do I work on today? Blowers, lookers, everybody. Anything has the Sadie's. And then we have exactly the same thing. We have time kind of the end of the day because it's every single day a secret meeting every day, every day. Perfect. Let me may be those structure here next on spring you is the meeting where together all the stakeholders who are interesting to several demonstration of what has been achieved, what is being done in the spring that is closing. So we have them off the solution presented the solution. No, they move the nationalities he's done in the current splint. Keith, is that at the end of spring and this print? Okay, uh, its value the same. You need to set up a time and they recording meeting for each spring. So your sprint is one week. Then you would want to have a skin to your Friday. It's a four PM when everybody can upend and it's really an open door. Everybody wants a pen. Is frieden to join, they have to provide feedbag. Feedbag on the word is very useful because it somehow bids not only momentum, but it's a great tool for communication. When somebody sees what has been implemented, then there really motivated. They know that project is on track. They know what to expect. They have a tear over your brother, project progress or also they can communicate features that they would like things that they will see them in a different way so they can take an all the speed bag and into the back low and maybe prove anything, then explained or in the purchase paints for word, new ideas are getting poor creatures prints. Now the last thing retrospective retrospective mystery In the moment when you're behind and see everything that well, things that what what should be improved? What I should be during toe make make work more efficient. This is something very, very powerful at the beginning when you recently start the project because you will see that we have communication. We have the appendices of among theme we may have from time zones. We have different ways of working. They may be lacking information. Maybe they want the scope to be more detail or it's too much of the day for their things which take them too much time or things that they need. That's why it's really important to have disrespect themes. So this co pays to improve. I think prove the preparation, the preparation we've always on higher fans we know focus on complete. Usually keep it on heart fights. You are going to be fine. So let me assure agenda what words when What should be improved. What, what what to do for the future. Sometimes you have good eight years. Now their respective Is there a lot of credit ways of running them. It's also a good time to build the team. It's a good time. Toe come, right. Yes, it's really the perfect time to be very creative you, but all of them have the same idea. Watch when what should be improved and what can better future again. You have to sit down time in the week, he said that all this is recording me things that's very important. And you have to do it at the beginning of this in the beginning of the project, because afterwards will be harder. So you really want to get people into a routine and at the beginning of the springs to look on. What's a baby boy so they can do this grooming? They have a clear understanding about why can what is this coal? So then they can select. They're in the team, they think and select Why would be part of the next print. And this is going to be our spring planning. Every single day. You want a team to worth what has been done. They have any lovers what they did. They and you want to speak to you when you're going to achieve what we're going to review. What has been done and respected when we want walking you through for the future and then starting a new and little by little is really getting. So this is about jet ceremonies. You need this Obama the beginning of the project with seeing the next video 4. Backlog and Sprints: big long Esperance. Let's think about that. What is the best room in what is a sprained? Well, better flow is everything that you can going that project. Let's they were talking in the beginning that we have no idea about all your free school approach. That's why we start with baby steps. But you will see that as you go along, your start to have more ideas for future. But they cannot pull them in their parents printing because we just say that we don't want to distract him from the from the copper and set. So we really wanted forwards to do what they have to do, what mediated in that spring. But together can we want somehow kept turn all his future? And he is there is Where were you captured them in the back low. So back low Is the the fullest? No, the least of oh, the actions futures school. Yes, to be in commended. That's what is the battle. And actually we're using a softer and I hope you're using this software there is usually a so you have been poured. They say this is your softer and here on the upper side, you're going toe the sprint, the running ones I mean the school that you were working on and somewhere in the bottom you have this part where we call it back Low. Yes, I always We are things in the bottom because we don't want to be struck the team from when they were toe So that once the BakrHu now another term that I want you to be work Yes, Sprint, Let's talk about this prince and they springs spring This spring itself is wonderful inspiration So one the operation. But this company situation usedto have off working crowd doesn't mean it has to be ready to be launched on the market. But wherever piece of work me too. We are going to make sure that that peace is working because he and explained we want to the most training we wanted working to show some pieces that we cannot demonstrate them all together that the cannot use them So one generation with working results with the ready use raiding don't use resent. That is a scream Now the springs can be You see, I explained you receive printers. What is the difference between them? The author springs is the us coal The situation that thing is working on right now. The e the oration that do you he's working on, right? No futurist screams The thing is planning to work on sometime in the future, you can be explained. It can be the next next spring. Can you any random future? So the the the oration that the team with the workload on in the future Now you say, Why do we have a future spring in a battle? Now I'm in the same. They are unearned. What would happen is that a secret price in your in your fortune? You're started more ideas about when certain actions were sent. The seven few features can be developed. You know that Waas that's a here. He has spent one and then you would have screamed to. And you know that waas the actions from speaking to are done. You can work on some mothers, So instead of leaving them the backlog and it will be very hard to find a lot of words. You know, exactly you can just from very expensive your spittle. So in that way it helps you went into the spin planning because you don't have to pastor order. Spend through a backlog, but you are going to find them already in one sprints and will personally the difference. So if you know it's ready, or if you have any idea, just create one more price holder in your stools and Adam there or another thing that you can do is to place them higher in the backlog. So when the team is your hearing, what did implement for the next spring, you can They can start from the pole and Big, Easier. Well, I hope this makes sense, and we see in the next video. 5. How to structure Scope in Agile: how the structure the pasts in a project. That's one of the questions that I'm cute very often. What is the difference between a big stories has some ties. Holly collection is structured that in a very efficient way. So it makes sense, and it makes our work easier to file, how we can communicate with different level of audiences. Because in a project you may have some by stores or high level managers that they're not going to understand all the taste of the project, everything. They may not have the time to dig in the world of that, but something we need to show them the part in a clean way, how we communicated teams that they don't know anything, how they can. We can really keep track of that. What? This is what this video is about. I would show you a very simple way how you structure this information so you can always have a tear over you about where you want the delivery, what is left to deliver, and you can call me kid weaken with audiences. I was started with something called Components, So actually, before you have a school right, you have a big thing that long implement. Now, take this big school. I started breaking into components. What is a component? Is a piece in this coal in a positive of this coal. So I'm here. Piece of the scope. Positive to give you examples that say you have to be on application. The application will have on a nature will have a design will have a data management will have from 10 with bacon and bacon Would have you can sleep in. More case against needn't user management on a stranger fortress. These are all components. No, if you have my getting project in which one is tired doing your operations and they have newsletters you have, um, working can have Facebook cards. You can have Google eyes. You can have Web years. All these are components. So let me your something Some WAAS applications way have whether they say, say from, But I can't data management, uh, nature their lives. What you gonna have another 1 1/4? Another example will be You have user interface. You have user management. You have mean whoreson. Do you have a Logan's? You have enough again? I think it's something bigger. You have future. That's a future. Okay, well, it's a You have 1/4 earn about millage ing belies and this port, Let's say, have management good of facial guys. That's going to be a component in your system. And so if you have marketing, then we can have newsletters. Newsletters. You can have us. You have winners with nurse. You have fliers? Yes, these are all components of the project. Why is it important to define it? I will try it later on how easy would be to keep track of them. The nice one doesn't want to talk about babies. It is, by definition, is a very high level piece of work. So the is high level piece of wood. That means, in simple words, that, for example, for our application to be the art teacher, we may have to send a cloud server. We may have present security things and a lot of other things applications. So sitting on the cloud server, willing for a lot of other pays, but the high level that is going to be already, or, for example, we want to toe long in French Nationality team. But then that Logan has different things. Has a gin has no gun, has signed up, has forgot password and you see it. We already have four things that you want then, but they all four into the very lot off a. So an example. Log in No again. Then we can have user administration for the means of Let's do an example from marketing. Nearly will be creating these later. For main news letter for May. Use another. Become marketing. We can have a word dinner for a giant over. Yes. Ah, now. So any high piece of work that's going to be in a B components will have with people. Evie's Yes. So we have like, for example, to be the newsletter. You may have toe know another example yet, as I say being, let's say that picture you have clown have the cloud server, you have security center, say things, and so on support so component of no in peace. There is something for a story. A story is that the user can do with using those in a giant we want to, the very says in a giant. We care about doing something for the final user of our the final beneficial of our crap that were really think one Is this person going to be able to do way? What were you doing? No, At the end of spring, we want to show reasons whether the reasons then we're going to provide. That's why we have stories. It is sometimes to be able to define stories. Especially not armies will be easier and intuitive to think about user or to think about persona about. Somebody will be able to perform an action. But the for about that. That's something that should later on. How so? Story is this creep shin of action for sauna. Wendy, aim it. Wait now I don't want to leave it so much. I'm greeting So I will give you face on. Uh is that user I want to be able? I want toe looking into the application market. US Press state rose right. I want to recede news from the size that company, every movement, right? And just from ranking it from the perspective of the user, you're ready instead of forcing you to the lever results to the Hubert benefits to They were something that somebody is going to benefit me. For example, I won't belive marketing teams, and maybe they're more challenging or challenged under software developers things because usually you think from the marketing respecting it's very hard thing from the time and one starts to write the stories from the perspective of the ones who are going to benefit out of them, you're ready and things start something different. Start to be more organized as a believer. Reason it's like to be able tow. Receive a month in is literally you need to do second configurations. You need to have a information system. You have to make sure that that they are complying and everything. But for example, if I will identify a story and I will if I something like, um, do the Web variable to the newsletter, then I would have the newsletter and I will get at the end of the project is say OK, I have the newsletter, but then I don't think it on how the user can benefit up a B. I don't think it is what information with the user with beneficiary would like to receive with that, So should you give me the perspective, any tree has thing. They were more efficiently and more or yet doors the clients. So the story is important. Yes, Forces said to write stories, it will change the perspective of your delivery. It would be hard to the beginning, but I'm current you that his worst. Now the stories. We will have something called Pasts or us. I would have been the same back head because the difference between there is just one more year keep so actions to be done to you to achieve the story which you threw Implement story To implement this story like when the application we need create design if you want a neighbor the logging in the low key in functionality When you create design, we need toe set. Um, secure the part of mentors there's this had already passed that Winnie the thing has to do in orderto creo perform the story now for the marketing, for example, in orderto for a prospect toe, receive then use the use later. Then they may have toe seconds on alteration Toe configured the audience No, the the newsletter said times, whatever is needed. So we're ready like Lupoli on how many operations have to structure your your pass. You know, the giant always have a big stop in mind, but then breaking down. Whether the components of it then each component will have a smaller piece of work is what has to be their reform that we are goingto epics the every seven point telling them stories . Stories are the benefits that faking functionalities that you are giving to the users something that they can use straight ahead after the sprint and the past. The past is everything that you need to do in order to true story. Then USM bombs about those cases with this air necesito giant there really classic toe any project bugs. We know there are deficiencies when the future is that Europeans and supposed to in this case is is the way practicing that when thanks for watching and see the next video. 6. What are the Team Roles : de even us in a job. If you're really in the methodology, you're only seeing about product owners, crime, mustard development team and so on. But as me, I would like to propose with you a different approach. If you just get started, I would say Don't think about terminology. Don't think about names for Royce. Think about the the what this person has to do, whatever needs, what is everything that is needed to be done in other forms? Sculptor be cheap, so I'll continue that. First of all, you need very clear description on this call. So two year school, what has been a what has to be the and this clear scope has two components. You need the mind, you need a vision of what has to be achieved and you also need your description you need They paid description of this vision paid desiccation, right, because you need to know the direction. But on the other hand, if you don't put the pains, then be very hard. Somebody toe implemented because vision something high levels very abstract. And if you want something that we were in better well documented serving those what has do so then I will have the team because we just spoke about that. This team, the ones for actually doing this cough the ones who are you implementing? This court, of course, here is very well. If you have marketing project and would have marketing team who has the bottom one, then you are going to have something better first. So you have and then another very important thing because we say we want to keep force. We want that he's working in the library, the sculpturing spring We want that during the the planet face. Everybody's really looking in what has to be delivered and weapons and what can be picked to be done next spring. You really clarify questions and all that And also we really wanted every single day thing shows up for work is keeping the mo mentum and we don't let anybody and still interfered toe ask them. So what about that happened planning, experience, houses You know, we need somebody to really make sure that all of these distractions are kept away that you better father the process and we keep this tractor. So he the structure So the organization import ization body who keeps the structure you this charge these things have rose that you needed to know Gen That's called them in a simple way And one comes with requirements is called Profit the team Whether syriza team then we also have one gives organisations car must no at the beginning that all the teams are not Everybody who has a vision is able to break the requirements into very day specifications so the thing can implement them efficiently. So my recommendation is you just get started east don't get stuck in destroys product on this crime A city Make sure that your approach in cover the vision you identified a person who can say this is where we're going where you can identify the persons that beautiful persons but ive But you make sure that the same time you have somebody to write a steep a description This is mandatory Someone's this crime mustard is helping So whoever can help you to write anything execution they go for the person you can have senators you can have somebody from team who is more invested. Canavan academic can have described who ever you want but very important to have it vision and K description or just begun the team and somebody to make sure that process is that followed that be bucket focus on when they have a believer, we've seen the next needed. 7. How to define story points: story points, weather story points and why we need to use them, why they would invented and wise the benefit and raising them. This is what we're going to try to listen to this volume. So what is this story? Point? A story? Let's start with story and then we talk about point. A story in a James say that is an action that the user, the beneficiary, is going to be able to perform after we didn't have that functionality. So story is action that the beneficiary be sherry where the A was to for so that is what defines a story, right? Is a user I want to be able to again was a user. I want toe order my pizza. This is a story it's already needed. Story, no points point is a dull tried. So when this is a point right in the context of the story point Better or Toby, the story points are one case to make that story happen. 18 Port You pace to implement a story. Now the reason why we have the story points is because sometimes it's very hard to say if an action is going to pay 10 days, five days, two hours, one hours to stimulate when one of a second minute, maybe easier adjustment. But when it is like a huge amount of time, it is very, very hard to estimate it so that it is when a job comes and stays. Well, don't worry about within time. Putting dates the spender effort in estimating spending effort in implementing in delivering value so they get ahead. If you are an investor, you need to know how much it takes. If you are a scam, a safer responsible, you need to help track or harder you take. You need to make sure that you find ways of tracking it and improving it in the memory and really estimating and for seeing when that is going to be available for the market. So the meaning way is the story points. How does this work you? They all the past that you need to perform the they all the stories, everything that you need to do in your project and select the easiest one. So you have story? A. They have those story be story seeing, and so on the, uh be. Then they see. And although this you Waas be the easiest warm you have to do an application. You're now that, for example, the A G and maybe the easy sinking. So whatever is easier to do tights for them here again, order more and say, food, please. That's I have an application toe order pizza on then This is the easiest, that easiest todo and that is this one. This one is going to become one story, for it is going to be my reference. More than afterwards, I will pay the next one, and I would compare it with the 1st 1 Which one is the? Is it like? Far harder, easy, easier to do? Is it the same? So it is the same. Then I'm located a story point you think is like far harder than I would say what it was like, twice harder. What do you do this 500? If he's let's double more or less than I'm going to use it, then the nice little let's say it's like far harder than B. But it's not like that were harder. It's like what? I don't know. It's just slightly hurt. Then I would have located three certain points, and this is how I get the story points in comparison with the previous one. Now there are different ways of assigning the story points to make it easier. That is, the people unchanged numbers people naturally numbers and then one there the owners 12 12 C 57 eso won on we really want if you present to get started. I recommended us people entry numbers because it's easier that just sometimes people assign one story point toe. So some have a date one days, then you can make more Kemalist. There is another way you can use the story points and that the's T shirt sizes. So this is This is also very easy to do, but easy to understand. So geeks and and and you can if you use that the ship size is basically anything trying is that is this one implement to select the Lankan story and then you allocated that s is size . Then let's say the food lease is something very complicated. Your silent and T shirt size and for the be your science sighs, they don't have to be double as much. They don't have to be true, but as much they really have to be more takes more and forth that another one and comparison. Then you will know it would be easier. So assigned toe estimate them right again to summarize you. You identify the easiest thing that you need to do, and that is going to become one story point. And after word checkpoint estimated based on the easiest one are going to a Smith. How hard out of the others. No, Another thing that I would like to tell you is as you get better with this, you will have a more feeling about how much takes. But if in the middle of the believe Marie, you realize that there is something easier, like, far easier to do than what you find is your four story point. Then if you find something that means find the Logan, then you can always have one unit of measure. Listen, that you feel using the people magical, that number so we can always use your 10.5 story points and then using the T shirt sizes can always used each s sighs. So when there was for you, I don't I mean, you could get a point in the project when you start to have this very, very tiny ones, you don't have to Stressor said that. Oh my God. Now I have toe resize everything and it's a mess. And I went, Oh, no, forget it. Just go and you 0.5 starting points and each set size. Now, if you have, if you want oh, do the T shirt sizes. You may want to start me excess ekes X m. And then he said, I don't think community to use more numbers. They should be more than enough. Don't think of something that is like it's 86 I something's who try to do that. No, rather break it down because when it gets a bigger also using the visibility journey, so you want to keep it in some common sense sizes. Think about the fly when somebody super super overweight, but that's healthy for the body. Is that good for Senator Esteems that for anything is the same that happens in project If something, if you have storage is very oversized, there is something that's willing. You have to see me down. You have to get it toe nice lien adjustable way. Yeah, size. So I don't recommend more than these sizes for the T shirt sizes and again you find something huge is way too less and it's isolated. Use a six s, but that's extreme. Okay, this is how you define a story point in a child. Now let's go to makes you. 8. Project Class : the project for this class will be that you go ahead and define your project. You think what you learned in there some fury and you shape approaching scope. You can pay from unexamined. You're preparing for four. You can take a work project. You can take your web sign your I don't know building your house, making decorating your kitchen everything you want to take. But I wanted to define a real life project that you are working on and why isis tohave it on real life project. Because those are the ones that most teachers those are the ones who us the real life information about how should think the things when we imagine something with 10 toes keep or where the information we're trying to be more agenda. So everything seems that you look around you. You check for work for study for life because a project and conduct project station and introduce your seven. Tell us, what is your project about? Well, if they had information and ruled visiting the next course in which we're going to define, we're going to break that's called in tow. A big stories from a job perspective, but I don't want you to define the scope in that course. But I wanted to do it in these course before you actually get affected, by the way, split it. I want to play the role information from you. So go and introduce yourself and tell us what is a project about and with you in the name, of course. 9. Wrapping up the course: so much for being with me today on this course, remember that this course is part of a serious and you can go ahead and check in the next course in which we take the projects called that you find here and we're going to split it into components and pigs in all the elements that I was teaching you're about. And then we're set up one by one, Jura, and then you receive how to do everything. So it's really the course that I'm taking from nothing from a row India to the place that you position in a church going toe. Have your first spring Stansted. I look forward to see there.