Agile Project Management: How to Define Scope in Jira (using Jira) (Part 2) | Anca Onuta | Skillshare

Agile Project Management: How to Define Scope in Jira (using Jira) (Part 2)

Anca Onuta, Agile Coach. Digital Transformation

Agile Project Management: How to Define Scope in Jira (using Jira) (Part 2)

Anca Onuta, Agile Coach. Digital Transformation

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13 Lessons (1h 9m)
    • 1. Intro to the Course

    • 2. Define the scope

    • 3. Define Components

    • 4. How to configure components in Jira

    • 5. Define Stories

    • 6. Epics and Stories

    • 7. Configure Epics in Jira

    • 8. Define Stories

    • 9. Configure the stories in Jira

    • 10. Create Subtasks in Jira

    • 11. How to start a Sprint and how to define the length of it

    • 12. Project Class Course

    • 13. What's next?

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About This Class

This is a practical course on how to apply Agile methodology TODAY in your organization.

  • Are you looking for a PRACTICAL course on exactly how to set up your team, your scope, your schedule to be successful with Agile?

  • Do you want to know how to define the project scope?

  • Do you want to learn to write user stories?

  • Do you want to learn how to keep yourself and the team committed to achieve the sprint scope?

  • Do you want to learn how to organize Jira for a better delivery?

  • Do you want to learn what are Epics/Stories/Tasks and how to use them?

Then this course is for you!

This course is for the ones who haven't done Agile before OR who haven't been successful in implementing Agile.

If you master Agile, this course is NOT for you.

The course has 3 parts:

  1. Theory  - where I explain you in the very simple way ALL the terminology you need to know. Feel free to skip this part if you are familiar with the terms I'm presenting

  2. STEP BY STEP practical guide on HOW to define the scope in Agile Methodology. THIS COURSE. At the end of this course, you'll know how to define the project scope to how to structure it in Jira: Components, Epics, Stories, Tasks 

  3. How to meet Sprint Goals - when I show you how to keep the scope under control, how to document the changes in the scope, how to avoid scope creep, how to keep yourself focused on the sprint scope, how to measure velocity and many more.  

How to be successful with this course? BRING YOUR PROJECT!

Take one of your projects and start doing everything I do! At the end of the course, you'll have AGILE APPLIED to your organization.

YES! It takes only that!

I look forward to seeing you in the course!

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Anca Onuta

Agile Coach. Digital Transformation


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1. Intro to the Course: And when it is like a professional scrum, master and discourse, I want to take you from a row project yet to defining it into Jan components and setting it up in giraffe. So if you are new, this serious, of course, is let me tell you that this court is part of a serious. This is course number two. There is a course number one in which I'm giving you a full introduction about all the terminology that I'm using throughout the course. So if you find a turn that you don't know what it means or you want to refresh your not it just go. The description in check building on force course if you are mute Giant, I do recommend you to start that course. So you have another standing about talking about? No, If I'm saying ethics, you should know what he's done. But in this course, I'm not saying you what is in a big But remember, you can go in the first course and check out what it means. Then there is also 1/3 course, so this is course number two. The third course would be about how to meet this cope how do you actually make sure that the lever, how we make sure that we keep the pain stand? We don't have scope, creep, and so on, Afford. So after this course, you can go ahead and change course again, the urine. The link is in the description, and let's talk about this course now. I would say that before we start taking approaches school, or if he didn't find yet a Projects co, then think about the real like project. Think, abound. I don't know. You can have a work project or it can be any kind of project. And it's a proven that I want to be using it to define the child components together me, me and thinking mobile application and tried to define it in a way. Now you can take from study from cores from Reddick aerating kitchen. You can do anything you want, but encourage that you do have a project that you're going to use in this course for better understanding what I'm what I'm showing you about because you see that we won one video. I'm showing you how to wait, like how to define and maybe, for example, and then the next video. I will go into Kira and I will define it by myself. You go. He also exactly how to set up so you can also agenda This applies can have a complete project said that injury. So let's get started. 2. Define the scope: the finding The skull is the most important thing that we have to do in any project. And any time, if you know what you want, it'll be far easier to know how to get it. If you're going to get it, what do you need to do to be there? The first step all is always Wells. What they want to do. What is there scope? You don't even have a title ever legally to having everything on the steps. Fine. But you need to have, first of all, the high level overview about why you want cheap, and then we're going to slay the first steps that won't do so before we start. What is this project about? So think about the project and write it down together to me exactly the same steps. So I won't use a zoo project on a vacation to order pizza. Let's say I'm a restaurant. I'm continue and I want my clients toe order the pizza as very quickly from home. So let's say right here. Approaches called order Online pizza. Okay, this is like a very high level. Now I will be more the taste in orderto be able to start the project. Right? But that doesn't mean through or the pizza. I would say what application? To order a pizza I will need. Like client application. My clients as a restaurant want to order a pizza. I will need the them to pay off line. I will need the chef to pay the pizza. Actually, it's not a chef. Now. Chef would have to cook it. So then I ride waiter? No, or the manager. I call it over their manager to take the pizza order. Now the chef are wanting to correct. Sure, pizza. And then the climb can come to be down. Be, um, War. I wanted the work. Or let's say, um BC beat the university. That's a That's my name of pizza view. Very easy. Okay, um then what does the one know? I think this overview. Then my next level would be Let's look at them and let our somewhere the taste like we have here. Climb. Do we want this? Clients toe. Have an account we want. If yes. Then way. Have applying the calm then, um, application to order pizza. I'm taking the next four application we wanted on which Russell I Waas and unread plan application. Then order no order pizza. Order the order we need to do it for in order to call. No, we wanted to press a bottom like or there main use, he says. Individual in the jewels, items or beverages? Cheese B town. We only said Peters, So we'll have to have a least of all the pizza ins available. Then pay online how we want a line. We want apparel line by a planned effort saying Andre Bay on the Bay. Women want with credit card Craig. They current status for a cent. Then you see, we already have more than pays on this project. Then you could think about So let me at this now or the manager to take the pizza order. Of course, here we can go to do the same. Retains the or the manager. Um, basically, he needs to mark Mark. Pizza is in progress. Let's say this party somehow already managed, so we don't have to do much about it. Just the order manager tow bar competes in progress and then market ready for the new my keep market ray for the delivery, and eventually the client will be notified. Planned. No indication on the progress. Oh, okay. It's me smarter than uh okay. Then we kept with anybody, Went you whether one day is a small sample of everything and then you need to understand that it is exactly the same process for the entire scope. You sell a small piece of meat and you go in inspiration. Steam. You get more pace that you don't need to know. From the beginning, you're going tohave situations over and over again at the beginning explained. Or however you start to have more information and to her, more clarity on what has been the lever. But the process is really the same. So you're beginning of the project. You already see you have been overview about these These, uh, this girl. Now let's see how it eight this information and toe market rarely four daily better ports to start working on this application. Why don't we have to provide them? What should be the structure? Let's go in the next video 3. Define Components: way. Find a high level, that high level. Discover our project. Now let's see, exactly what do we need is part of this project. What were the components that is going to be our up made of? So I would think the school that we defining grievous Ugo and I would use it over here. And I say that we have US projects called Toe be the Application toe or the pizza nine. And then it is going to be very but on underweight on iPhone and we will show this stuff, although Peter's available and then the client is going to select the ones that work order . Sometimes we may have been a menu so they can all order pizza, deserves a beverage or taken order the items independency. No, making us them back on it. What, exactly what is made of this application? We have the application, said application, but this application is actually made of the client side. What? I would have a user so I can get inside my fault. Really order my pizza. So the application for the clients toe order pizza. I always have a mean important where I can pay the orders in place in the kitchen. So at me means trade. Oy important to take the order and place it just the key Chin Okay, Does have a server part because we need to store the We need to start these things Orders. We need the star of the information about the user people that going to be turning and way need to know. Maybe you want to start doing reporting on pizzas. We saw her the most the most or the Petersons Because in that way, future can make promotions on that. So, um so start of the they that information Then I will have center for six, he said and storage. Then what? That I have a payment. Then I will have been 14. Okay. These are all my components. Poor Poland's. You can go as deep as you want, but to start we I would triple mint tea. There really highlight because once he started doing several project, you will start to crapped. These things is better, Sweetie, you received I think even you is enough to get you started in a very structure. When you see, you can start having resents from the beginning now discovering way afterwards, remember, always just thinks what works best for you. So December components and let's go to the next video 4. How to configure components in Jira: in this video, I would. They Michael Pollan's and I want to go figure there injury. So I'm taking one by one, each one of them, and I'm sure you understand where the easiest one, my client application. So I think this one and those I would love inch era. I will go hearing opponents using a different version of Toronto. Just go search for components and we are going to take each one of them and we were leading there. So we have. Let's do something more creative because we want components to be a short short and it's pretty tight like words. This one, we call it science application. They don't want recorded client up. Let's make it even easier. Then the next one the I mean of me and humans are importing. Perfect. Let's start planning that. So if you done this, if you're under that completing a project in July, this is how it looks like. So I had planned up here. I cannot description. He sees the abdication that the clients would use to order the he says. No component Lee. If you have multiple people like sometimes it happens in projects that you have a leaf where the sever sign, Where is going to be a devil's? Then you're going to have a lead for the marketing side and are going toe like different persons. I want you command you to keep it like, very simple. When you get started and when you start to get more use of the John and gain more confidence, then you can go and configure this space Then. So I would think, I'll say, And this is my purse component that I would think the next one, which is going to be important Report. These is used by the kitchen to pay your orders, take the pizza quarters and precise them. The nice one reporting you poor thing. This is used by the management and the marketing team too. Um, force, What did you bet? Start the Jeep accent and the last one record payment payment. He sees the plane. Country late thing. We saw these. Our payments related actions. Fusion is portion that it is just for the purpose of these. You know, I'm just starting for that's more than enough to demonstrate you are this money to once again? I do recommend you that in the beginning. You keep it very short. You don't over do it. Now let me show you how these are going to new climb when you create on issue so you can take on this plants if you're using a different impression of Gerard can be somewhere here whatever the peace season now we want among opponents. You see, we have a sparkle component and we want to select. When we sell a story we want to select which Horan is it related. And then there will be some important client application. So we just selling plant application Ultimate Essen themes who become very creative. And this is like, hard component. I don't recommend it that really advising to keep it very teen canceling only one. If there is something that is a bump or it's an action in the story that is across corpulence, I recommended to create one story for component even though they seem the same lesson extinct is it's really one across important. But in that situation you should have something lying General application requirements, for example that can be your be can be your component which is span across entire. Probably that you're creating now. This is how we create. This is how we configure components using Jiro. I've seen the next video 5. Define Stories: in his video. Let's start to configure our stories in Gironde. We were sucking before that. We have out of this epic off browsing the pizza we can define after six stories right now and let me go ahead and create another set of stories for paying on line. So then we can figure them both together. Let's say I would draw here, uh, scream and to pay line what I'm having. I'm having the possibility of select currents. So here, heavies of big pond paper on create a current and so on. Then I have my my review off. He turned you peace. Um, and then in a month, sorry. But your Okay, now let's see. What does that mean from the story perspective? I have a zoo user. Uh, time I can't select the payment may put eyes a user. I can see my or other pays was a user. I can see the total a month. All right, December stories. And here is a user is a user. I can modified my order before I actually pay. That is a user. I can change my penny month. Aziz User, I can odd my payment case. Very important. think over here when you think about the night we don't think about this. Creaminess is very Think about flow, that this may be the preview. The do you scream can have here. But then this can be that once the user selects the payment method can go to the next grand which was being Justo Carney taste. Then we have the experiment day, the secret number. Then we'll have the name and support. They think about a brother thing like a flow and okay, Perfect. Decided the two cents of stories that I will show you how you can go figure them in G rap with seeing the next year. 6. Epics and Stories: in this video. I want to work with you in the planning our Olympics. If you don't remember what the epics or if you want toe really again, listen again that you go ahead and that and then if you've done that, if you are clear about what is an epic it started. So I start with adding my scope. What will you find before with exactly the same one? But here school And as I was saying, We want to make an application and it's going to be available on Andre An iPhone, and we want our clients toe or the Peter Online. And we did find some components, but they want to be paid right now is the client applications application you can start working on? Seven are facing parallel if you have multiple people. But if you have one person with working in the fund, one thing I do recommend you to pay them step by step again. If you start working on by things that the pan, it's very blessed, probably that we're going to finish them or five. But rather step one doing market is done, I think the next one. So in consequence, I'm sending with planning applications. As I was saying, You need a person who has a clear understanding who has the vision about what we want to do in this project. We're going up that person pro or the product owner or product manager. How do you want, according butting me, the strong and you will ask person or if you are the person you're writing it. Once we won this client application to do, you will and you will say, Well, we'll have a browsing browsing pizza pizzaz Okay, so that's like least of Peter's. Yes, you want to sell eight Favorite saying Read. You want toe So that the man you, Manu and, um, says Bill, you worry the case, we're of it. This is what our application would have to do and all very, very high. Never. This is find application. But this high labor is more pain than what we have previously. No browsing pizzas with a 1st 1 How does it work? No. And then I'm thinking this part and we will say what say the user gets inside application and we'll see the least of pizzas was the enemy, and we'll see the press. Okay, then they also have something here like to sort. Okay, uh, then they will have something to Marcus favorites that is making beer. Then they may have ordered, like, medically by names they will have a search for. They have this so far. I said then this is what I mean browsing pizzas. But as you see, in order to achieve its present for pizza, we have several stories over here. We have in one hand we have is a user user. I want to see all of the pizzas, Something but right. These pizzas, that is a user. I want to see an image of my pizza. Um, the pizza pizzaz. As a user, I want to know the prize of beach pizza is that I want to know the prize of each pizza as they used that. I want to know the size size of each pizza. That user I want to know that size of each heats up a Z. A user I want to know. I want to orders the least a zit user. I want toe search for a night. Wow, we really have six stories, but and that all related to this cream scene So then, the way I'm organizing this information, I'm calling this cream, browsing the pizzas. This becomes a beat, a big in each of the actions that are part of these and this every day of the screen. Back or stories, stories, stories. So this is how I structure epics against worries. So based and stories. Now let's go to the next video to see how we can configure that. 7. Configure Epics in Jira : in this video. I want to show you houses one finger. Your epics. We were joking in the previous Biggio on one would be the babys for my pizza application. Anyone taking over here? We have browsing the pizza, setting the favorite lines like the menu said that he would face. So we're going to date each one of them, and we're going to create a Navy for each one off them. So let's start with the 1st 1 browsing a bit. So other ones do will be to take over here, crate issue and we want my short. It said, as in peak and here I write browsing the pizzas summary push that allows the user. So get the information in formation. The components really find them, and this is the client application. Now there is something called description and something so cheap it's blank. But breath six histories says that you have to add information, and it has to be in such a way that no matter who raised this information is going to be kill year weapons. Browsing Peters, for some people, may mean just toe heavily set them. For some people may mean to her a name for ingredients, picture, other chance or less Information. Who? How in the development team, which one will know trying to implement They don't. No one knows what has to be done. Nobody. We know what you want. You don't help. So no matter who does this, you have to get this information from the private owner from the product manager. The guy who knows the direction men vision that's a personal has to provide information. Now make sure it wants with the sea nated to write down. This information will do it. So this corruption, what means browsing the pizza with me? This option, then this. Please share just one. The client the client is able to see on the information the information of the P tabs invaded. But which means you go into the pace in you a vagabond party. And this one is okay. And we said we have here beats a title. We have beats that image, ingredients, ingredients. You have allergens. Allegiance. If you hard in the European Union, that's very important. Uh, you need to know the price. You need to know the sciences. Somebody, anybody. They you need to know the one image you want to know how it looks like? Okay, what is no browsing pizzas who may want to have so one hand? They see the pizzas in the other hand to my one pagination progeny nation after 20 pizzas. Then you may want, um, said Pham Aries, like I know you may want toe have different centers. He entered the pizzas, the pizzas, But there's nothing I have to say. Future. The pizza. I need to go into the pace about what it means. Now you can know that intense over here or looking, going the details in your story. It's really up to you. But this call administration here in epics is to give an overview of the entire functionality of browsing pizza that would have imaginations futures would have sorting functions sore thing. Then it will have search Right then, another thing. After really find the description, you have to write Easy's Nagy. These What is the business? Approach you once they're done. If you have certain thinking behind some information, then you have to write it here to give an example. Let's say filter the pizzas you want Finchem pizzas based on calories own prize, and that you don't want to order them kind for basically, So that's a business logic that want to implement. So right here. Oh, the future pizza on prize and calories. Now, if you right here calories, you have to make sure that it's the only or the East calories car door ease. If you see any such information that you haven't admitted before, make sure you go and keep it consistent. Yes, then we have another thing we want to have. Search based on name. That's it. That's part of the name off the pizza. This part of the business logic. Sometimes we may have different things here, like depending on what while the user selectors peppery then is by default. This least of pizza shows similar kind of pizzazz is the one that users Marcis favorite. This is more of a fence business allergy. Teoh, uh, shows the pizzas based on the user preferences, but then you need to define exactly, the team says. With vegetative waas, not pizzas with marsh rooms. Mash lose first Marshall's first, then means, as with with cheaper, it's always afford important. Define everything. Don't be short on this information. Don't be shorting words. Try to be as explicit as possible. War. It's place IQ. You are better chances. You have to have everything implemented as you want. And also it's a process of think. You know, you really defined what needs to be done, and that increases the chances of a project success. You don't know what you have there. Then you're going toe end up, wait, disappointment so really important everything. Write it down. This is logic off the business logic. We're going to have something called acceptance criteria. One means for you. Why don't make you to accept these this browsing the Peters functionality to be accepted? Usually the business logic is implemented and the description is implemented Stuff. But don't be shorting words here. The fact that you say that the best of show Peter based on user preferences doesn't mean this is, You know, sometimes you have this tricky things. Yes, it shows on based on preferences. But if the user doesn't have any preference, then what you do before, so you really need to right here. To that user Planned is able to my Peterson's favorite the plant climb. He's able to see the name of a pizza beat down the description ingredient. Don't be shorting words, right? Everything. So description, ingredients, calories, calories, prices. Okay, go as deep as you want as complex as you can. Then the priority. If you think this is a hard priority, there's at the top, if not, go by before whatever work. And that's only need to set up for this moment. So this is my first epic browsing the pizzas. I want to create another one just to show you something s so the second component that head over here is stay on line. Allow the clients and the clients to pay by hard. We do exactly the same thing. Execution allowed that user to Paige by PayPal, a paper credit card. I have pain. Both pay and on payday. Okay, then you have business logic, Mrs Logic, by default before the user can take with credit hard. And now, if you depending on who you work with, sometimes you may need to specify that if the user is using on iPhone application, then we have available only ever pay. And in the user work is using an upgrade. Fun then will be available to pay on payday, depending on who does implementation. You may want to specify Stop paying Onley evaded for I I for users. Okay, I only playing about four. I'm afraid for users. You see that I'm using these arrows and a lot of short cards. This court of this description is not to write stories is not It's really to write the minimal amount of information that no matter who reads this is going to be able to understand it. Now you can think that My God, that's so much information. Why it is that information. But if you don't right here, you will have meetings. You'll forget you will have child's oversight sky to clarify it Still how the ones who are going to develop e I need to get this information So I don't commend me to be proactive and give it to them here what you can record herself and then you're actually video That also works. However you decide to do it, make sure it's don't mended. Trust me. Sooner or later you will wonder. So what was it in worried you're going to remember coldest Tiny thinks also imagine that you define this now and the team gets to develop it in six months now is it's gonna have all of the taste with them. It's really useful for whoever comes in the team, no matter what changes you have for us, when you don't have to stress yourself that saying that I didn't say that. What we have to remember. No, we don't have to remember anything. You just have to write it down here. So I went right. That set this greatly affects a criterium. The user is a one toe pay by. Ray turned correct. He said that I could muster card if I have any, like restrictions rather there and someone is support with No, I was to hear the bigs and let's go in the next video. 8. Define Stories: in his video. Let's start to configure our stories in Gironde. We were sucking before that. We have out of this epic off browsing the pizza we can define after six stories right now and let me go ahead and create another set of stories for paying on line. So then we can figure them both together. Let's say I would draw here, uh, scream and to pay line what I'm having. I'm having the possibility of select currents. So here, heavies of big pond paper on create a current and so on. Then I have my my review off. He turned you peace. Um, and then in a month, sorry. But your Okay, now let's see. What does that mean from the story perspective? I have a zoo user. Uh, time I can't select the payment may put eyes a user. I can see my or other pays was a user. I can see the total a month. All right, December stories. And here is a user is a user. I can modified my order before I actually pay. That is a user. I can change my penny month. Aziz User, I can odd my payment case. Very important. think over here when you think about the night we don't think about this. Creaminess is very Think about flow, that this may be the preview. The do you scream can have here. But then this can be that once the user selects the payment method can go to the next grand which was being Justo Carney taste. Then we have the experiment day, the secret number. Then we'll have the name and support. They think about a brother thing like a flow and okay, Perfect. Decided the two cents of stories that I will show you how you can go figure them in G rap with seeing the next year. 9. Configure the stories in Jira : after we find our stories, we want to thank them one by one and to start on the requirements in Gironde. Let's see how we threw that I'm going to select the 1st 1 We cheers is a user. I want to be able to see old pizzas, baby. But so I'm hoping that and I would go in my imagine a window and before we had the selected is an epic. Now it's like it has a story. Let it go and I'm coping a pasting here The name was the story and want to see all the pizzas available now is in the air. Bigs were using the structure of description business logic. It settles. Criteria were going toe One more element and that could be this sign. We're willing over here where we have the design. It's very, very useful toe to implement the screen when I already have any fine. The design. Fine. So this is going to be a you are really going to place if you don't have it in this moment , don't worry. You can leave their as a placeholder. And if you ask here that are going toe for kids to come back into feeling in the pace that we're missing. I was a treat that I'm using everything this labors. And I'm using a question more because when something is that complete, I need this question mark. And then I can filter. What is there left? And that's not complete. And I can always come back so I don't have to stroll through hundreds and thousands of stories, but I have to feel that only on the ones which have a question for So even though you are in here and then I rise in description, the distinction remember, we are not shorting words. We are two year and sure like in defining the information, but we don't say anything. We say Say everything so they use it. I want to see all the pizzas a baby. But so, uh, he says only the lease thieve pizzas. Only the vagabond pizzas shot. If one day I have some kitchen says where this details not available today, then that's not show. You see, this is information that I was sharing you, So if I'm sure in this information to you, then it's a writing because I'm thinking about you should have any such kind of thoughts on reading. So if there is a pizza, which is is Marthe they But by the P chant heat with not show on the least it's not Sean, these whatever as we have over here in this clip show, um, we can say the following following in for mation about pizza was this place and really here at this and you're released will be stifled ingredients in three D ends. Whatever home you have images. Now another thing. If the Amy Jugar pizza has certain choir months, they have to write it here. Image must be resized. Die Yes, application Because we have the kitchen is actually uploading this images in that huge and with the once application to take forever to load. So we are this. If you don't write it down, nobody will know that is there so corrected after you wrote them all this information you are going to have something called business logic. Recent slow J. We're going to put the pays like if you want some processing to be done, everything that you want to be implemented. This no j of course, you can always combine description and recency allergy, but having just one of them. You will see with time what works for you. I do recommend it a structure because I know that if you ask all those questions yourself or through the ones who have information, you will have better organized and better projects. So that's why I go to get the sack so right here, business in particular Berries and then accept this credit here in Cuba, the self described terrorists must be from the point of your user. What is this use is going to be able to do? What is your climb going? To be able to do that? I said the client can see the pizzas. The client can see the the ingredients of inch pizza. The time can see the you niche of each food like all information. But if you decide to break it down people stories, make sure that you don't beat yourself. Information in each story is unique. If you have another story to say about images, then don't write those here because right over here and right over there Komori, common change something and we're going to have to change the multiple places. We don't want that we want only one story for Fing. Only one place if you just have one story that's perfectly fine. Intimated that. But remember, you don't have to make it very big because it's going to be like a over with person. And it's going toe problems. Yes, is the same. Okay, you define it. Said this breaking out one wants from you. That is something we're here and killing. And we're going to select here, browsing the pizzas that our and beginning Sometimes you are not a point when you have, like 30 40 50 you cannot do anymore preview and then the finance of easy So can always like stuff typing, browsing, using or, if you know the number of feet you can always go here You're right. It and it is going to show someone selling this one and how we love one more for you to see how to do that. And they take the next one. I don't placeholder because you're really good idea about, So I should design. I have a description. I have a recent snow J. I have seven straightening out Perfect. It's when you create another one story after the other keeps the configuration so excellent . I will leave it to the same. And now what I want to do I want toe I A story from the payment from the payment one. So he had designed description. Have time for except those Fred. Yeah. Oh, every other business. The use those ideology. So I hold information you say I'm keeping this question mark because I wanted to come back Information. And here, Actually, it's on pay online. Then the next one is one. That's a I want to change payment. My thought I skipped the information. Oh, no. I want to show you something very, very nice How this bigs and stories look like sometimes they take some time to load. Especially when we were courting Blood is summed up. You haven't hear something for babies? Yeah. When you to reload, I will show you how you like You see that pay your so far we have two babies you need toe. Really? Take me so you can see the information. When you keep on this arrow it'll show the issues that are there to be done. And last week if you have to go to the epic see their you don't see that in picks in the backlog, you only see the stories in the backlog. Yeah. Here is also where we are reviewing the the epics. If you're using an older version of direct here, you have the component. Now these are my story is in the back low. I can create this print right now. It's what I speak one. And then I can just drive them over here. 10. Create Subtasks in Jira: Ezio. I want to show you how you can create South past for your stories. So let's say I'm in the story as they use that I want to see all the pizza available. What they have to do is to go on these things over here and t con creating sat past. Now, if you're using a different version of Sharia, may have it somewhere else. But always look for a job as it sees. If you can't find it, I recommend you to go in inside your settings. How together Here It's called something called Project Settings. You honey, so you can see how it looks. And there is where you can configure feels that you want to display Is that one mandatory flows like if you want to go from if you want to configure done in progress to do everything he wanted to get You find those here for that secret thing for work flows that work flows pass up past babies. Those are work clothes and you want to make sure that you have the police, all of these. So I want to make sure that the hand is a pass. My situation I have it so heavy, then I will, of course, find over here some pass. If you don't find code, that's it. And then you concluding Chris a task and it's going to go, but we don't know exactly the same as everything. You see, you don't have any other option, and you're going to say you're going to write a summary and be create baton to call eight. Yet our component in my situation is the client up. If you have to write a description, everything, the summary is very detailed anyways. Then you can leave it in peace. The past are usually done by team, and I recommend that your team remember you try to put some arrius comprehensive, was needed, other the taste. So no matter who today is is going to understand it. Now there is a balance between the information that we're providing and the amount of time is this, uh, taking you. I always have the rule that say's allocate only one minute per day to look your past. Nothing more. That should be enough for you to look exactly what you need to do and to keep more transparency in the project. It also helps toe do that because we'll give you more information and we'll give you a better right here on how to estimate story points. Then again, you want oh, Addison description that I encourage you to do it. But don't do it Azzan overhead. You want the team you want to defend, participate and everybody wants before worse. Until work. Yes. So then you're signing toe cedar and everything getting heritage. So I was yet and it's going to be refreshed and sureties create the bottom called a P I. Very important, he sees something that he has. Thanks for watching scenes. 11. How to start a Sprint and how to define the length of it: is you. I show you harvest. Are this print in Gironde? So I really selected my heightens my stories that they want to do in this pain. Then what I have to do, You see, there is a battle over here. Very big. Start screaming now, the important thing. You have another spring over here and let's say you have all your past in here and you want to start it. You are not going to be able to do that because injera every time to start this pain to be this spring which is on top. So if this is actually your screen, if you want to start, you have to go over here and see Move this plane up that it shows here and you can start or raise the first spring from stop. So I think your stats ring. I will leave this thing as I want. I can have the duration custom one week to east you is by before that comes to two weeks and off. My experience that also whether we commend. But if you are recently getting started with Dr with a child you can start with a small The spring is you want. I know teams who are able toe plan at the beginning more than two days, which is fine. Of course, it takes a longer time to plan everything in days, but actually that time it's also scaling down to listen that. But if you are able to provide something that is an output for the final user, for the client in just a base, that find started that as you get more for meter giant, then be able to plan further than to pace one week. I don't you come in more than two weeks because it's getting hard to manage. The moment, um, is not a fire. And when you have to oasis really the perfect time when you have one week, you execute attending ST Oh my God, we have to have something to show for the day. So then it keeps. It's easier to keep the moment off the project, so I go with doings by fall. Then you can set up the date when you understand, and I only street moment that you send that coy. What is this thing going? Spiegel is exactly what are the A B sent me plant with cheap or one like the high level overview on our requirement. Let's say we want implement browsing the Petersons. So this is what I'm going to ride in in here, browsing the pizzas. Then I can also another thing that I sometimes I used is. And here's a consideration, because that allows me Teoh leave one day in between this prince and I used that they when I want to do more planning over the next sprint, That's something that I use, especially in research project in machine learning approaches. Jen, when we need more time to do you find what incumbents, Okay, and once that is defined start and that's it. I would be able to see my screen in the autumn sprints. 12. Project Class Course: as a project for this class. I want you to define the components that a big and the stories for a project. So if you're going to do is going to project category of skew shirt and your coin toe, introduce yourself and say my project is about the mobile application toe know build and you wrote No and you will say the components of my projects are bacon and from them, this is an example you can have design and the implementation or something else. Then you're going to define what happened epics of your project, as we learned about in this course, and you should have at least two components, three and pigs and at least two or three stories for each be. I really, really would like to see you using this space. So I also feel motivated toe. I don't know. Maybe they're things that I would like, you know, you don't have clarity's then when you will define their the you're a big stories that I would see that and I improved this course. Or maybe you like feedbag and or, for example, you may be a very good example for other students that taking this class. So I'm really learning to participate actively to eat. And if you have any questions, don't they sit in tow? Asked me. I look forward to see your projects. 13. What's next?: so much for being here on this course. I hope he injured it at hoping. Clary. It's more clear for you right now. And if you have any questions, don't they take to drop me a message and really look forward to see your projects for this class? And in the next course, remember, this course is part of a serious the first course. It was about the fury. So if you want to go and change the fury of this course and Durie fresh on on that, go ahead and do it. The link isn't the description of this course, this second course, which is this course way to project school and we defining in the components and peace and stories. And we said that each one of them in Thira and the third course, which you can find a link in the description. And of course, we're going to talk about how what do during the spring, how to make your help said that the story points have made velocity. How avoided scope creep, how toe deal with changes during this print and so on. It's for so I really like to see in the next course is well, thank you for being here