After effects :Animating waving leaves and plant in after effects | Nshuti Paulin | Skillshare

After effects :Animating waving leaves and plant in after effects

Nshuti Paulin, Motion Graphics Artist

After effects :Animating waving leaves and plant in after effects

Nshuti Paulin, Motion Graphics Artist

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4 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Separeting leaves in illustrator

    • 3. Waving leaves 2

    • 4. Waving leaves animation 3

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About This Class


Hi every one my name is nshuti paulin and in this class i will teach you how to animate waving leaves and plant in after effects  I'll show you step-by-step how to separate files in illustrator , animate it with looping and exporting GIF  I'll cover every step of my process in detail, so you can follow along even if you've never used After Effects before. i have  also included exercise files for you to use so you can jump in after effects and start animating , Enroll in the class  i see you in the first lesson 

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Nshuti Paulin

Motion Graphics Artist


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1. Trailer: everyone becoming this off perfect for us. We are to share to create looking everything leaves and plants. My name is typically under motion Graphic design discourse. I start by separating facing settled. Then admit it. Enough discourses for beginners. Even if you have never used after before, have also included is a sacrifice for it. So you can follow along. Loaned. Of course, I seen the business. 2. Separeting leaves in illustrator : Hey everyone, As you consider instructor organ dissipate or this two lives, Then you can admit it enough defict. So it I have also added a some exercise face in in the fourth year of two common front lives off downloaded This is some other lives and frantic and practice it. But in this a lessons I'm going to basing this on. So it if you want to make something in a off defict like victor, have toe separate it in return, so every lay it must be on its own. A eso As you consider off this layers one layer, I'm going to separate it. So you have tow creek. Let's call it a fun Lives on the zone, then has toe take lonely, lonely and it on each only see definitively Then they stick and it's creating other on I think it doesn't even a dumb because just only two as you consider your yes is now on its only at the face to on its own. And I dont so you have to after is supporting or this layers you have to save it. I have to save it and then they have to. So I have served the this lose before. But you have to save it if you have not. Hey, supported it. So a I seen the other Listen. 3. Waving leaves 2: Okay, so I start admitting lives. So I'm going to import the the first year of safety in the digital. First off sit in the last video, so it's imported. But for so we see it in this in days of so suffice, you see the everything lives for day off to come on a big this lives, then you have to import it. So as you can see if you want to import the certified, as you can see, there is a composition and footage, just the truth composition. Leah says that's true Slayer size. Then you have to hit. Okay, so let's a crook you can see off our lives, but if you're doing consider t lose a resolution. But if you at this if you click on this, I couldn't, uh, if you're not lose reserve shin. So I'm going to admit you because you can see off the sun. Uh, this sun, I'm going to admit it. Or so let's start admitting this thesis on else directed. So if you want to admit this, the sun if and click on this icon it this so look to hide this height, other layers, so I can admit it can admit this sort only. So let's hide a delay. Us, as you consider of this sort honoree. So I'm going to add a background so you can see what you are doing. This right background of Tito. Okay, Have to move it down and I can see leave soon. We're going to be using this effect. Quote assist abandoned to have two such it in effect on visit it called system bandit have to come in drug it only earlier. So as you can see these you cannot see the part of this lives is because this is a bend itself to point. If you take this and you can see tickle come is now showing up. And this on district this point. So you have to put at this point in the light press, as you can see, it can if to put its rights here and take the sun. But it's right here in the letter press. So on six appendage effect, you can see of bands start and and in a place it so Ah, if you're on this for you, you can see combat this a live in the very want. So this is you can use disability event, aim anything enough defict like trees and other things. So I'm goingto go about it by now. Austin. It's going to fist for him. I'm going up different on the spirits. Didn't have toe type Ah, main Austin or, let's say, minutes living. My must drove like this. They think my nesting to be good. Let's go about man ist in so they can see it has been it on my last 10. If you go right here, you can tape plus 10 plus plus 10 restituto. See key frames. It's a good but TM and I trust in I think you have not and it's Pristina. But six. Let me show you well but in like here. So let's see. So make unsee of Goa. But it and six I'm going to make This is a key frame. A Let's about different velocity to make 75 in France and 75 flights here. So then faith, it's it care. So I don't like out this hostess looking, so let's like it is. Only Griffin is so as you can see, I'm not going toe. I'm going to take this and off. It's late here so you can look this brunt by taking disc, Implement copy key frames and conserve the conserve e conserve the can use this technique through this. If live in front WTO, continue Conserve a couple disc difference, you know, to keep it waving. Concert business So that's it. Privy Inciarte with think, live So as you can cities these men spit in this lives I'm goingto and do so, you mystic I'm going to copy described him and see how this a can happen Control v So that's you have to take this key frames and Mi Elena tricked. Is this son discerned? Solicit pre fianc? So let's take disc infringement. It's right here so you can continue to see how the thing is wreaking second and made it in the way. It's a good So I'm going toe dick discern come Circle P and Control V. I'm floozy. So let's review as you can see now it is looking good So this I can make this a living she a majority son and take this okay area, Make it rectus. So as you can see a using this technique toe copy and paste, this gift limit is taking time and it is not good. Like if you have a long, long composition, you can not going a copy or this way. I think so. In the next video I was trying out toe. If we have toe create a Loop Inc with it, we've a expression concerns, so I see in the next listen. 4. Waving leaves animation 3: So as we have learned in the last video of two, been to this. Ah, this live with This is a bandage of London. We cannot make a I cannot make this looping if equipping discreet from it is not going to look good. So and I have a lady of your seen off a go and at different on the mine Aston notice a bandit then have just on put it on a plus 10. So you have to if you want toe out if you to bend it Ah, minus 20. I have to go on at another kid from on past 20 on my nice tent on my own Preston's. So this is a good way to add to this A. This is a been it's on with this. It's a bandit. So I'm going toe. I'm going to add expression toe to look This a waving live so toe at expression expression is the simple court you can add in this after victim do they thinks cannot do so. I'm going toe if your toe add a expression you cannot use is you have toe What is is if you're to add if you toe expression we cannot at the expression on is Yeah, different. Some goingto and do you don't need a is here, Dan. So go toe toe, right. Expression enough to 50. Have toe hit out on your keyboard and click on the amounts. Then you concede we have these expression so I'm going to do to discern and right the expression to use. So you have to a search if to write loop, loop out as you can see us a creek loop, you can see it. This blew part to practice Lou party and I have to add this on after, right, Pink pony, pink punk. So you conceit and click on it. So this is the expression of go to your son. Are you provided it? Then they I provide some expression contrary, can use in admission in a existence First have to grant a seat in exercise fights. I provided expression complex to provide the expression for that. So let's say it's privy and see how our own mission look As you can see this expression, it is look good. And it doesn't take time to admit this. I think tree so the detectives and put it Ah, uh make this. Listen, I wanted it to look good. So I'm going toe and mitt and it, uh, it's and hide this on is so it's it's please Here it's offensive. The sprint is banning. So I'm going toe. I'm going to admit this one too, or you can practiced by admitting this on. So I think you have toe go and admit it A like have admitted descent after practiced on mitt dishonor American toe Also, I provide the existence variety of scene It lives you have to go and such it in for the dentist admitted purse. If so, let me admit this on a to finish this video. So I'm going toe take This is a bandage on drug It's on this one Then they have to hide each of tried and other leas. So as you can see, this is advantage after click on it Then you can see this point. I see Ah 60 son, Put it down So I'm going toe key frames. So it's article friend on Bent. I'm going to go about a my in Austin or let's say domain us to it, and I stiff right here when we go. But we have to plus two years shift on keyboard and press there. It's itchy toe. Bring your friends has to go but unionized thrill to plus two. So I'm going to add to the expression as we did in the last. If you dio doing the on the last on the fist tree, so I'm going to copy the expression only just left. Click on amounts Yes toe find expression. It's it Teoh to hit you. It's fine. Teoh suspicion. You have to come on this event and copy expression on way enough to come on this layer and paste it control V So now this a. They are also is everything nice? So let's on hide this and this it's Ah, it's legal, like thistle. It's it privy Insee. So this is arriving a leaves of admitted. You have to go on to prep despair, safe to see if you can do it better. Safe. So I seen at the lessons