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After Effects Tutorial - Make A Lower Third.

teacher avatar Dev Gupta, Front End Developer and Designer

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Lower Third 1

    • 3. Lower Third 2

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About This Class

Hi Everyone,

I am making this project series on how to create lower thirds in after effects. in this series i will create different types of lower thirds. Through this series you will learn how to make professional looking lower thirds which can be used in any of your video project to add that professional look.

Though not aimed for a complete beginner, this project series will teach you many techniques that are used to make different kind of lower thirds. you only need to have a very basic understanding of after effects to get most out of this series.

i will attach the project file in the project section of this course which you can use however you like.



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dev Gupta

Front End Developer and Designer


Hi Everyone, My name is Dev and i am Software engineer from India. I am active in various programming language and have a passion to learn new emerging technologies and update my knowledge as new things developed.Apart from all these, I love to play the Guitar (Classical) and Piano in my leisure time.

I have found out that by teaching you learn more and this has driven me to create online courses. I aspire to become a full time content creator and maybe some day with your support, i will become one. 

I love to share my knowledge and believe its my duty to give back to the society that has made me the person i am today. 

I know i am not perfect but someone has rightly said that "practice makes perfect". 

I hope that my courses will of ... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi, everyone. I'm starting a new video cities where I will make many different types off lower, thirds enough defects for the series. I will be using AFTEREFFECTS 2015 version to ensure that the projects that I create is compatible with the newer version off. Type it because chances are that some of you might have an older version off, type it. And if I use 2018 version to make these lessons, then you will not be able to open thes project. So that's what I'm using after Verse 2015. You can also use newer version if you like to follow along in the series. This city's is not aimed for a complete beginner for the series. I assume you have some basic knowledge off after fix, like how to create a composition, pre composing, navigating the interferes off after fed etcetera. So knowing just the basics will do for most of the task that we are going to do in the cities. So using a loader in your video make your redo look professional and there are plenty off resources online. Like video. I've born five video blocks from where you can buy a lot of back, but making a lawyer is not that hard, and you don't have to spend money on it. You can make it yourself very easily, and this is why I'm making the cities. You can use these lauter in your YouTube video or any other type of video that you produce . I will give you the project file off every Lord that I create, but you can use anywhere you like. So that being said, let's look what we're going to make in this first project. So this is the first water that I'm going to make its very clean, simple and minimal, which is in trend right now, so let's start to make this water. 2. Lower Third 1: The first thing that I'm going to do is create a new project. Goto file new a new project. You have to create a new composition. So then click on composition, new composition, or you can press command and control in in your keyboard. So I'm going to change the name to men, and I will go with the 1920 on I 10 ut it's Ah, dinner tp video and framed it. I'm going to to 35 and for time I'm going to use five seconds, then click. OK, so the first thing that I'm going to do is to write the name of the person, so I'll use the textile we just located here. Or you can press the Monte on the keyboard to activate it. Click on this and click on the working here to write the name Jonathan Smith here. Sorry. Here, I'm using the phone toe the bus New. If you don't see the character window, you can go on. You can click on Window and Jews character to the splitters. Now I'm going to write his designation so I can again choose their textile or simply what I'm going to do here is duplicate this for this, you can press command E in Mac or controlled in window. No, just press V to select the selection tool. Or you can click here and move this down. Double click to change the name. Now I'm going to change the phone safe. So forced to like this click here to select the text and not decrease the phone stays to a boat here decrees that more. It's good that I'm going to align this. So first the lifeboat, the next on Goto Align panel. If you don't see this code of windows and choose a line, I'm going toe or is one to left, align the states to click on this so they align horizontally. Number decreases if spacing a little bit so selected and you can use the up or down arrow to move it. So for Jonathan Smith, I'm going to change the phone for it. Click here, go to character and here I'm going to use board. That would decrease the phone service off this motion graphic designer. That's good. So the next thing that I'm going to do is to create that line for that, I'm going to use the mental so you can use the shortcut. G black. Do it it and then I'm going to increase. The world can be a little bit se 200% and I will draw lying. You press shift on the keyboard to make a perfect straight line on both here and then you. I'm going to remove the film. So click on this button and choose this. That's OK, and I'm going to increase the stroke so I have awaits troop or you can choose any color. Let's go with the somewhat been kissed Connor and then increased the stroke to lead to six . Now are basically old is ready, and it's time to animate this. So the first thing that I'm going to animate is this lane for this. So let the shapely of one and will change the name offered. Let's align. Click on this adult expanded and click on add and add a trim pot. Expand trim part one and go to a boat one second and press on the stopwatch to create a key frame at the end at one second mark. Now I'm going to go to the zero seconds and then change this 100 20 to know we have this any mission going. But this is a very linear animation. There is no flair to it, so I'm going to give it some personality. So what I'm going to do is for selectees to key frame and then right click and Jews keep room assistant. Easy is no overplay this. You'll see that the animation is not linear. It is a disease, which means it slowly starts, move fast and then slowly ends even further. Modify this animation, so select both the key frame and click on this icon Graph Editor Hope in the graph Editor As you can see that the animation start fast and then slow down. So I'm going to further tweak this craft for this. So let the selection tool and jag a marquee around these two points put. Look, both of these and know what I'm going to do is just click and drag this Phil handle to create a curve like this show. No emotion is going to get fast at the beginning and then slow downs at end. That will look like this so it's better than previous version, so I'm going to go with this. So nine animation is done, and next I'm going to animate the text. So for our name, I'm going to just use a simple reveal animation. So there's Jonathan Smith will reveal itself from below on the motion ruffled designer from about. So for doing this, I'm going to animate the position property and I'll use a mosque. So to create a mosque first diesel, although layer here. So click anywhere on this blank area to de select all this and click on this rectangle here to draw the tangle. So for this rectangle, you need to have a film you can have unequal. For this, I'm going to use a white color. Next, I'm going to draw the tangle around this text. So this will be our mosque and know what I'm going to do. Is James the name off the shapely one to let them ask one. And then what you have to do is to place this text Jonathan Smith below this mask one. So just click, hold and drag and place it just below this mosque one and then I'm going toe cheese. The track Matte two album. It must one. If you don't see this, you can click on the struggle such Aiken to reveal the track Matte or you can press a full on the keyboard to show this Jackman. So click here and choose Alfa Matt Mosque one. So now a text. Jonathan's mitt will only show when it is present under this mosque. So far, which is the position property off this Jonathan Smith. Click here and press be on the keyboard, open of the position property. So this is the X axis, and this is the Y axis. So if I change the vitac, since you can see that it is not showing outside the mosque. But when the text is in the region off the mosque, it reveal itself. So this is the basic technique that I'm going to use to reveal this Jonathan Smith. So I'm going toe animate this position. Property first. Let's see all the key from that we have. So for this you can use the U key on the keyboard. So let's see. Took on this line and bless you. So these are two different that were created for this life. So I'm going to move the marker about disposition because I want my text. The final portion of this text to be here. And then I'll create a key frame marketing on the stopwatch. They don't go to the zero second and Angie's device, Texas to Let's see yeah, so far, play this. You can see that our texts Louisville itself again. This, ah, animation is a linear emission. So I'm going to change this to Easy's, so select both the key frame right click key from Assistant Easy's. Then I'm going to go toe the graph editor. But living on this Aiken and there until it pulled this two points and click and drag to make to go like this. And now I'm going to animate this motion graphic designer. I lose the same technique which I've used for this Jonathan Smith. So I'm going to create a mosque first de select all the live click anywhere in this region and click on this rectangle and draw a mosque around this She is the name. Let's in mosque Next. I'm going to place this text below this master and I'm wound between the track murder two Alfa Mitt most to reveal the key frame press you on the keyboard, select all press you on the keyboard, but we will. All the key frames go to about this point. Click on this text layer and breastfeed to open up the position property. I'm going to create a key frame on this position. We're going to stop porch, go to zero and he'll jeans divine value, tow a boat disposition and then I'm going to select Put off these key frame right click Key from assistant. Easy is go to the graph editor. So look both this point and drag like this to have discovered. So animation looked like this. So we have created our in true animation, and now it's time to create the ultra animation that is the end animation. So for those first, select all the little and right flick and choose pre compose, let's give it a name nor toward one. And make sure you click on this check mark move or electric route into the new compression and press OK, so we have group all our animation in one layer so we can easily create a reverse animation off. This so far played this animation from the beginning. So what about here? The animation ends, so from here I'm going to create the reverse animation. So select the law. Ordered this layer and press option and right bracket on the keyboard to cut the liver. Next, I'm going to duplicate this live, selected and press command e and move the position off this part. Um, okay. And no right. Click and choose time, Time reversal So far, Play this. You see that we have created our crew animation as well. Now it's time to render are slaughtered so that we can use it in a video solar to first check this how it looks in 100%. It's looking right. So let's render this. But first, let me pre composed these Tuller to select Baudillon. Right Click Pretty composed. And let's give it a name find No. What? I heard one. Make sure you have this option check like Okay, now Goto file export at Turin. Thank you. And from here you can change the publication. So click on this and you can change the location where you want to save the render file. I'm going to save it in desktop. That's a lower 3rd 1 clicks if and then click on this lossless and make sure you click on this channel and choose RGB plus Alfa. Otherwise it will not have that transparency. It will have this black solid bag room Click on this and press OK and finally click on the stranger Burton to render the water. So this is our lord third render five. So they're definitely can play this. You can see a water in action. So now I'm going to use this slaughter in ah sample video. So I'm really use my favorite application for video written that a screen pro social leader them off a water before this have known ordered a simple video from Pixel Starcom This is the video are placed in my desktop and I would also dropped the water that you have created and then please the law order about this video as you can see that the location is long trade. So just select this and drug it promote you. So if I play this, you'll see that a lot. It is working fine and it's looking good. Now I can export this video. Look on file export scared to custom size 19 point eternity and bless export. So I export is finished. Never click on this. You'll see that a water is looking good and it is exported rate. So I hope you learned something from this first part of the city's, and it would be very nice if you can please give me a review as it helps me to find out my own floors and mistakes, which I can work on to rectify it in future. So with that said I once again thank you to enroll in my clothes. 3. Lower Third 2: hi, everyone in this project, I'm goingto make a water like this. It's a very clean and modern looking water with little animation, but it is looking very sleek. So let's begin making this law order. First thing you need to create a new project called a File New New Project. Here. You need to create a new composition press command in or controlling in the keyboard to create a new composition. Or you can go toe composition new composition. Here, I'm going to make the 1920 by 10 80 composition with 29.97 frame it and duration will be six. Let's change the name to main composition and leave the background. Color is black. It does not matter because we are going to end it in a transparent background. No cliff. Okay, the first thing I'm going to make is the box which is going to be animated. So for this, I used the rectangle Tulia to create a shape layer like this. And now I'm going to move the anchor point disposition at the left side off this box. Before that, I'm going to use the pan behind tool which is located here or you can press. Why you on the keyboard? Proactive. It'd just click on this. And if you don't see the anchor point, just click on the ship. And now you'll find their ankle part. Now you can move the anchor point however you like. I want the income Parenteau position at this point, but it's not exactly snapping to this point. Soto, turn that option on. Just you'll find this option snapping. Just check this another pill Snap, do these position. So I'm going to snap this toe here and know what I'm going to do is I will skill it from this side to the side. So for this, open up the scale property. But before that, I'm going to change the name of this. So let's say books one. And now I'm going to keep in the scale property to select it and press s on the keyboard to view the scale poverty and in the first frame, I'm going toe set a key frame and turned this jailing and set the X value to zero. So this film mission get on the X excess and now somewhere own one second, I'm going to set it back 200%. So this is how any mission looks right now. It's kind of union natures. I'm going to change the graph editor sort of bought select. Put the key frames right, Click and choose Key from Assistant Easy's Don't Go to the Graph editor and select this point by just dragging a marquee around this point and just click and drag to make the cough somewhat like this. No first United Nation. It's looking good. So the next thing that I'm going to do is is to duplicate this box one so just selected and press commanding or controlled in the keyboard to duplicate it. And now I'm going to change the color to choose somewhat a green, yellow, yellowish color say, like this. And then again, I'm going to duplicate this box to one more thing. So this is box three again and will change the color white. Now again, I'm going to duplicate this one more time and the change the filter, that green color that we have chosen for the Boss one. So I'm going to duplicate the box 11 more time and please this about Bach's ST and now what we have to do is to just offset thes layer in time so taboo that just select this and drag it the boat here. Likewise, I'm going to Officer. These layers do about disposition and no foreplay. This you'll see that our animation looks like that. But first, let me t is the color of boxful Have chosen it wrong. I have duplicated the wrong earlier. So I'm gonna delete this and I have to duplicate the box to which has that green color. So I'm going to just look at this and move this above walks tree and then I'm going to offset this layer on your trip. It the non Firstly, the animation it looks something like this. And the next thing is, I'm going to write the text. So for that, use the type two and just click any of you I'm going to use the neighbors. Knew Font Onda. Let's change the color toe white and right. You can get any name you and we will increase the phone saves so selected. Choose the selection tool, move the text, the disposition before they increase the fonts either. I think this much is good. See? You're snapping. Motion is working so let me turn this off. And now I'm going to place this to about here, and I'm going to make it bold affably, our animation. It looks like this. So I have to move this text layer right from the left on it gradually moves toward the right. Before that, I have to use a track. Matte. So in this case, what I'm going to do is I will make the box for which is at the top here, the track matte off this name. So I'm going to duplicate box for one more time press command or control the on the keyboard and move this box for you about the text layer like this and jeans the track matte off Michael Harrison two and format box life. If you don't see this option, just click on the struggle such Aiken to dispute the track matte option. So click this and to sell format box faith. So know what brings happiness? The animation looks something like this. So this box for years revealing our text, So let's give some dimension toe text by moving it from left to right. So I'm going to play with the position property, So select earlier press being on the keyboard. Onda Uh, let's see a boat. At this point, I'm also win. Both said the position off this text layer to about here, so that would start from here. Now I'm going to ending with the position property. So at this point, I'm going to decrease the X value. So say something like this and keep him its position. No more fact in time and that system What? Here? And I'm going to increase the X value. So if I play this, you'll see our text appear from the left to right. But I want this to take place or what? This period. So I'm going to move risky for him to about here. So I'm for play this. You will see this kind of animation first. Let's easy. Is this celeb boat off? These right click came from Assistant Yeezys. Go to the Crawford Your toe just dragged us to make the co like this. And now if I play this, we'll see a clean animation. Now it's time to make that an emission which drops tone from the top. So next year Wynne recruit. So for that, I'm again going to create a rectangle. So click on this and create a newer tangle. Let's sorry. First, you need to make sure that no Leary sector here. So click anywhere outside this secret here on this planet Aereo A no drive a rectangle. See this size is good and move this layer at the bottom. Let's change this. Let's give it a name. Self. Next time we liberate the designation, suppress commodity or choose the text tool. Look here and let's right. So angina. I'm going to change the foreign states. So select this. Let's decrease the phone stays that's changed the color. Never click here to black color. Move this text about this position. Let's decrease the phone says a little bit. Let's 26. What pretty focus could I'm going to change the form? Tweet. Regular. Now it's time to end with this first move both thes shape to the right position. So select boat off piece to shape and just move it to disposition. Here. It's not both of Clear Lane what you can do. Us. Select forties. A tangle goto windows, a line click on this horizontal left alignment to line both copies. No, to animate this, we have to create two mosque one for this waiter tangle and one for text layer. So I'm going to create a rectangle. Make sure no only accepted here. Select a rectangle and just create a mosque like this. Change the name to points for changing Jason him toe mosque one and move this mosque Just about the software engineer layer. And now I'm going to do to get this mosque once again. And I'm going to place this about sub Leah next. What I'm going to do is I'm going to change the track. Madoffs often Gee, new Tooele Format Mosque and the Chapman off sub 12 vomit, Master. No, What I'm going to do is animate the position. Property off, soft engineer and subject. So here, click Conscious off. Changing earlier first revealed the he frames is a little and press you really lucky for him. So at this position, I won't go any minute this, but so select that slur their speech on the keyboard and now move it up in the y axis like this. Press click on this stock force to create a key frame. No. Lets them move to this position and increase the Y value to make it visible. I'm going to do the same thing for the subway as well. Press P for select earlier Press P on the keyboard Open of the position Property just moved this little time Lane at this point changed the white position. Clear the key friend. Move to this point. So there is a shortcut to move between key frames. If you press J or K in the keyboard, you can easily switch between different keeping. So if I press, Kate will go forward. If I pressed Jay, it will move backwards. So at this point, I'm going to decrease still. Why value? So increase the value like this. No one will go make thes key frame Easy's select. All of these give them a distant easier to go to the crop editor. So let board office No. Another short Curtis praise the tilde key on the keyboard, which is located on the extreme Left off the keyboard just below the escape key to zoom any panel that you like, So now I'm going to, but it's not working. Just track to make the curve like this press again. The turkey go back. It's a known for player animation. It looks something like this. The next thing that I will do is to make our crop this animation. So before that, you need to pre compose all these little select all the layer press Come on day or controlling on the keyboard to select all the layer right, click and choose pre composed. Make sure this option is selected. Move all that you put in the new composition that she is the name too lower 3rd 1 So if I testes, it was working fine. So at this point, our animation is complete. So I'm going to press shift Commander D cut at this point. No, just delete this lier lier one and again duplicate. Just live and move. Just put both and this plane So animation looked like this. Do I have to do one thing just to live this right click guru Time, Time reversal. No foul play this animation look like this. You can also don't let this put it. You'll find the link in the project section off this course