After Effects Skills: The Magic of Blending Modes in After Effects | Louay Zambarakji | Skillshare

After Effects Skills: The Magic of Blending Modes in After Effects

Louay Zambarakji, After Effects & Motion Graphics

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9 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. The Magic of Blending Modes

    • 2. The Effect of Blending Modes

    • 3. How Blending Modes Work

    • 4. The Different Categories of Blending Modes

    • 5. Adding Darkness - the Subtractive Category

    • 6. Brighten them up - The Additive Category

    • 7. Shades of Grey Matters - The Complex Category

    • 8. The Enigmatic Difference Catgory

    • 9. Creating Matte with Modes - The Matte Category


About This Class

Blending Modes in After Effects and Photoshop are very important and very useful. Understanding the different categories with Modes is like learning a new graphics style. It is a way to turn a video and an image into an amazing composite that will change how you do animation:

With a simple click and of course the right blending mode turn two videos into a scary movie. For example completely change your clouds grey ghost video and fire video into a fiery Ghost Video:

Video 1:


 Video 2:


Immediate result by changing one simple blending mode:


Join this course to learn even more about all the Blending Modes Categories and How to use them to create stunning video composites.

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Have Fun.





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Louay Zambarakji

After Effects & Motion Graphics

From 30 years plus of business experience, more than 15 years experience in training people to succeed in their personal life, career and entrepreneurial undertakings and as an avid entrepreneur, Louay believes that the right personal development is fundamental to accomplishing the very best in anything that one is committed to, passionate about and driven to achieve.

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