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After Effects Motion Graphics: Morphing Shapes!

teacher avatar Andrew Pach ⭐, Animation all the way!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (1h 12m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Parametric Shape vs Bezier Path

    • 3. Morphing Single Path Shapes

    • 4. First Vertex - So Important!

    • 5. Morphing Multiple Layer Shapes

    • 6. Spicing Up The Design

    • 7. Render Transparent & Use It!

    • 8. Create awesome TRANSITIONS

    • 9. Animate a text QUOTE

    • 10. How To Add A Ready Class Project GIF

    • 11. BONUS: AE Rectangle Animation

    • 12. Thank You!

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About This Class

Learn to morph between shapes, objects, or icons inside of After Effects. With this class I want you to learn how to properly work with shape layers and their paths. How to create those paths, import them from other programs like Illustrator or Photoshop and use them with a hanfull of tricks to be able to morph & transition between each other. We will be working of course in our favourite motion graphics software - Adobe After Effects. This class is a tiny bit more advanced than the "Line Logo Reveal" animation class so it hepls if you have very basic AE knowledge

Biggest Benefits of this class:

  • Learn a new motion animation,
  • Understand what the "First Vortex" is,
  • Learn to Convert Shapes into Paths,
  • Convert *.AI files into paths or track them,
  • Learn to work and populate Shape Layers,
  • Learn a morph effect between several shapes or icons,
  • Simple tricks like pre-composing, adding effects, keyframing included,
  • Get the concept of what a parametric shape and a bezier path shape is,
  • ...and so much more!

Use this technique for YouTube, Videos, Projects, Work for Your Clients and know more about motion design than you did before. What are you waiting for....Enroll now!


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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Andrew Pach ⭐

Animation all the way!


Hi! My name is Andrew Pach, to my friends known as 'Nigel'! I am an After Effects / PowerPoint / video / graphic design junkie eager to teach people how to utilize their yet uncovered raw design talent! I run a YouTube channel called "andrew pach" which I do with absolute joy and passion. Here on Skillshare, I would like to share interesting, project-based classes that will make your design workflow a greater experience.

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1. Introduction: Hey there. Welcome. If you want to learn something useful inside of after effects and overall in motion graphics, you're in the right place. Hello. My name is Andrea, and I have created a class which will teach you how to north from one shape to another. How you can use this technique Very simple. For example, to enhance your videos just like that, Subscribe to my Facebook Twitter or instagram chance. Let me show you another example. You can, for example, and hands the message you have in your video by creating something like that. Back in the days I had a phone like that afterwards, I had the wireless phone. It was a bit better, but still not there. Right now, my phone looks like that and I can shoot videos and do everything possible with it. So if you want to learn something new in after effects, you want to learn how to work with shapes. You want to learn how to work with pass and overall tricks, which will be useful in your daily work. Then please enroll in this class. I look forward to seeing you inside 2. Parametric Shape vs Bezier Path: Welcome. Welcome. I'm really glad you're joining me here. I see you are interested in motion graphics, and you would like to learn something in after effects. This will be the perfect opportunity for you. This lesson will be really fun because you learn something super, super important. Okay, let's go ahead. I am already inside after effects. Water coincidence. And I'm using Adobe after effects, CS six. But you can use off course the newer version, which is Sisi. I'll tell the differences, if any occur. All right, I'm inside the program and I want to create a new composition. So we have a working area. I click on this little Aiken. I see. I have some weird parameters here, so I changed it to it. Full HD video, turkey frames 12 seconds is all right. And I am ready and set to work in this class. We will work with Shea players and their pats. I want to show you an important difference between busier path and between parametric shapes. Well, this my sound difficult, but it's really simple. Let me show you all the examples. Okay. Let us start working by selecting the rectangle tool and making a rectangle on the left side of the screen. We have a shape layer here with rectangle number one insight off its contents. I'll click away so I will not have the straight player selected because I want to create a new shape layer. I'll come a bit closer at my scroll wheel, and I make a second rectangle on the right side by holding the left, bulky or option key if you are working on a Mac. All right, we have two objects, and as you can notice, we have shaped layer two and shape layer one. Now you may ask Andre, what is the difference you create to shape layers and you only hit all or option key on the right one, which did not change anything. We have shape, layer one and shape layer two, and they have the same structure in here. Well, not exactly. Listen now the 1st 1 is a parametric shape. It has created a rectangle path, and as I opened it, I have the rectangle size, the rectangle position, the rectangle roundness and I can change each parameter separately while on the second layer we've created. As I opened the content rectangles we have a path not direct angle path, but a path. And as I click on it I have four points here which I can easily change by going to the panel. Let me, for example, select the path and I can change it up as I want. I can freestyle at and change the shape. And what's most important for this entire course, which is about morphing shapes, is I can keep for him it with one key frame. So you can set the key from here. You can set a key frame later and it can have another shape just by changing at this point while on the left side. So we have only a rectangle and yeah, we can change its size. We can change its position. We can change its roundness. Everything cool. We have more features than here, but we are not allowed to use the path in here. And the path is essential to this entire animation we are going to create. If you are using adobe after Effects CC, which is the newest version, you have a little drink to overcome that if you create a rectangle, for example, or another object and you did forgot to hold the left bulky or the option key. You only right here on the rectangle path and you will have an option toe Convert it to best year path. Won't you hit that automatically? A pat will appear and you are ready to go well. And after effects CS six, you need to remember Once you create this object, you need to hold the left bulky so it automatically will create the path instead off the parametric shape, as I were telling before it sounds just a little bit complicated. Parametric shape against Benazir Pat. But the only thing you want to remember that the Parametric shape has its own parameters, which you can change each one separately. And the busier path has one path. Would you can change with one key frame and work. From there I have some project fights prepared, which we will work on, For example, a few social icons which are free to use off course attached them in sight of the resource is let me go inside and paste the twitter I can hear. I will put the traitor Aiken inside of the composition. All right. And I have the icon. But let's say, for example, I would like to change something here. Well, right now is just an image insight off after effects. But since this is a vector file and here comes in another useful technique, are you working an after effect? You can always click on this image, and you have two options. Here you go and signed the layer, and you can either out or trace. So after effects will do a little bit off tracing around this image and we'll try to victories it. Or you can simply create shapes from vector layer. As I click here with one click, I have a shape layer instead of a simple image put inside of after effects. Now, what are the differences exactly as before, As I click here, I have the transformation parameters off this image on the right, while on the left side as I opened it, I have content Group one, and I have the path which I can work with and keep from it and change it up and do whatever , like I can click here on Path one. So I see those little rectangles, and I can simply grab it and change the little bird. That's, for example, make a cool bird outfit. Well, right now, it's really fat. It's not much of a birth just left, but I wanted to show you that we will work with PATH, and this is something important for you to remember. Off course. A shape layer also has some fill options to change the color and transformation options so you can also scale it up, make a bigger skew it or do any changes you want from those parameters. The only change here is that we have the shape and the pat, which we can edit directly. Now you come into play, please go inside aftereffect, open up a vector icon and try to paste it as an image and converted them to a best your path. If you do not have any simple vector files, just use my resources. I want you to get a little bit familiar with those options. It's always good to focus on the project you are actually doing right now, So even if you know this, please, it's a good way to remember this open up aftereffect importers icon and work with it a little bit in the next lesson. I want to teach you how to morph one object to another object. If you want to learn to school technique, police had over to the next lesson. 3. Morphing Single Path Shapes: All right. Welcome back. I'm glad to see you in this lesson and let us start working on the more thing. I want to show you several possibilities. So we will know how to perform such a morphing and overall work with path inside of shapes . Let me show you how to begin with the morphing. If you want to start with the shape, select a shape. If not, we need to establish a new shape layer which will have a pat inside. This can be done by clicking G on the keyboard or here on the top, selecting the pencil and just drawing random three lines. It can be more. It doesn't really matter because well, morph into a shape instantly. All right, let me open the shape layer as you see the contents shape. And we have, as always, our path. So this is our primary working area. And this is the shape which we will convert into other shapes. There are a couple ways how you can do it. I will start from the most basic one, which can teach you a lot of useful things. Let us grab the first icon, maybe the Facebook icon, because it's fairly easy and let me show you the first technique. The first technique is if you have any shape, you can drag it over until after effect, and you can make the morphing by hand. What I mean by that. Let me click on the Facebook one. I pressed T on the keyboard toe, open up the opacity property, and I make the Facebook. I can just little bit less visible, so I see the triangle properly. I click on the first shape, I click on the path, and I use a key frame here by clicking on this little stopwatch. The first key frame has appeared. Consider this little key frame as it would hold information about what shape we currently have. So I will move one second forward. I click on the path here, and by having this tool selected, I can do this Facebook. I can manually. I'll click here to add a new point, and I have it right. I click here to at another point, and I place it here and I'll continue this work until I have a Facebook Aiken. This might be a little bit tedious, but this is the most simple and proper way to establish a perfect path from an icon we see above here. In a moment, I will show you how to make this on out the pilot. I just want to show you a few principles. Let me speed up this process a little bit. If you have a little corner here and you need the best year tools to make it round it, you select the left bulky. Until such an icon appears, want you click here. This particular point will have their breast year handles and you can work with them. OK, let me continue by clicking and adding another point here, and this other point will be here. This is how I would work if I would need to make this by hand, which is very tedious and hard, but it's very properly done. Let me de select the Facebook I can, and let us preview the morphing on the first key frame. We have to try angle. You see those points. And on this key frame we have a ready Morford Facebook icon. Well, it's not perfectly precise because I wasn't spending much time on it, but the idea is conveyed in tow this technique, I can press space, and in a few seconds, the shape is becoming more point and it is morphing Now. This was very boring and tedious. How to make it better, Quicker, faster and more efficient or working inside off after effects. Let me duplicate this shape. I will de select the old ones. I have a new shape. Let me reposition it on the right. And I have here to pat key frames. I don't delete the Facebook one. Let me delete the Facebook one. I have the first key frame here. I go to maybe two seconds and you can go, for example, and grab it directly from inside. Illustrator, as I click here and I press control. See, I go back toe after effect and by having this path selected, I press control V. This little Aiken is appearing directly insight off after effect right now it has shift a bit to the right. I can grab it and move it back toward the triangle wars. What do we have now? We have a morphing with one click. Let me move ahead to the 4th 2nd Maybe grab the Facebook Aiken from inside here. Control c go back toe after effects control V and I have the Facebook. I can, as you have noticed after effects is shifting it to the right again. But you can always click on the exact key frame, put it back in position and we have the morphing basically ready. Such an easy trick. You can delete the first key frame if you don't want the triangle. And right now we are morphing from Twitter instantly to Facebook. Well, the twitter is a bit too small and the Facebook is a bit too big. It would be also fairly simple by having this second shape layer selected. Let me maybe delete the old one, which I was making by hand. I pressed the S key on the keyboard to open up the scale property. I put a key frame exactly where the previous key frame is from the path on Twitter and I simply make it a bit bigger. Well, because the anchor point is here on the right, it is moving to the left while making it bigger. So I need to press why on keyboard to use the pen behind tool or the in her point tool. I shift the anchor point just to be about in the middle of Twitter. And now I can scale it from insight to disposition. Okay, hit the shape layer. Press you on the keyboard. It will reveal all key frames which are set in this particular layer. I will go forward to the Facebook and I don't want this Facebook Aiken to grow, so I simply make the scale back toe 100%. Okay, what do we have now? We have a big twitter I can morphing into a Facebook icon while maintaining its size. I think it should be a bit more on the top, but this doesn't really matter. I just president on the keyboard. So I have the selection tool and I move it a bit towards the top. Okay. Do I have the morphing right? Perfect. Right now it looks very good. Now let us go ahead and use the Pinterest icon. Well, maybe we want to use another technique now, so I'll go for the interest. I import the Adobe Illustrator file and I put it back here as I showed you previously. It's really simple toe edit this Pinterest, I come into an vector If we have the vector file here, you just get layer and go to create shapes from vector layer. Boom. And we have the new shape. Well, how do we copy informations from this shape into the next trip? Well, this is very, very easy. Just open up this shape, content group path. And we have this pat now said a key frame anywhere you want because now I must remember that this little key frame holds informations about the shape toe form it in tow, a pen terrorist Aiken. So if I control see this little key frame, I select this pat from the second shape layer and I paste it here. It'll paste the informations about the pin terrorist shape here. I just have to again reposition them. If you have any troubles with repositioning, just hit control or command are to open up the rulers, create a little guide for yourself. Just hold here on the side. But a few rulers. This is about the middle of the morphing I want to perform. Let me delete the Pinterest and let's preview what happens. Well, OK, I was a bit wrong. The middle was here about here. Let's review the effect. All right, Facebook is very nice. Interest is a bit off, but that's no problem. I just click it here. I position it properly. I think I will also set a key frame for the scale, just in case. Maybe the Pinterest is a bit too big. And let me preview the effect now. Hyperspace. Well, it's going a bit slow. It's morphing a bit weird, but that's no problem. We'll adjust that in a few moments. All right, what do I notice that they are morphing too quick? So what you can do? You can copy this key frame. Move forward base this key for him again. Here and between those key frames, nothing is happening. We have the Facebook I can, and only the scale is changing. So we also have to copy the scale into the same exact position. So we have no movement at all, and we are ready to go. Let's preview the effect. It's morphing the first time it's staying as Facebook. It's morphing the second time and we already OK. Right now we have learned how to morph from one shape to another before you jump into the work on your own. I want to show you something really important. Not only about this morphing, but about every motion graphic work an overall graphical design you will be doing in the future. There is really something important you need to know about the first vortex, which will really improve you as a designer to find out what it is. Please head over to the next lesson and stay tuned. 4. First Vertex - So Important!: Hello. And welcome back in this lesson where I want to show you something about the first Vertex off a pad inside of adobe after effects. Let me maybe quickly create a new composition. So I illustrate this feature better. Now I'll make two shapes. I'll hold the left old or option key if you're under Mac now, I also want a turd shape, maybe a star to more those shapes into the star. I make a star. It doesn't really matter where I make it. I just want to open. The police are one the path clique aqui frame here and copied this little key frame which will hope the informations about this little shape. Okay, I have it copied inside of my clipboard and let me know. Open the rectangles, boat rectangles there, Pat and said the key frame at the beginning and the key frame here, let me go to two seconds. Click on the path Control V here to place the star off course. This star should be on the right side and go to this pat and also control we in this point . So now boat will morph from direct angle to the star and watch now something very important . You see those four points which are creating this path? One of those points has not only one rectangle, but has another rectangle around it. This is the first Vertex off this shape. You can change the first Vertex by taking on the pad, selecting another point right clicking mess and shape path and set the first Vertex here. Now what difference does it make? It makes a really big difference because when the shape is morphing from one path toe another path, the first Vertex must always finish where the next Vertex is. So on this shape, the Vertex is here on the top. And now what? What happens? Both of these objects have different first ver Texas and this is causing a completely different animation. Do you see? We have both the same shapes I have Onley changed the first Vertex inside off the first shape and the animation is completely different. So this is something very important to keep in mind. Let's say I don't want such an extensive animation. I remember that the first Vertex is here down, So maybe let's not make it so complicated and I want to set the first vertex off this star . Also here on the bottom, I select the path, right, click, mask and shape at set first Vertex here. Now, the animation will not be as complicated as before because this first vertex is shifting only just a little bit to the site. It doesn't have to go all the way up. This is something very important to know while working with past, especially in the animation software, like Adobe after effects. Now, as you remember, we can go, for example back here. And if you do not like the motion off the morphing, well, you might want to check if the Vertex is are properly Well, in this particular case, I very like this morphing. It has a nice motion into it, and it looks really like morphing. But if I would like just for fun to change something up, that you may be copied this shape and we will watch the differences, I press quickly. You diapers on the 2nd 1 Maybe let me also reposition it so they don't cover each other up . Let me quickly open up the shape. So I have everything open. I select the path and maybe instead off this point here on the Vertex. I make this point completely down bottom here. This will be most likely a very weird animation, but it doesn't matter. We only want to see what happens. Well, already, the animation is company to different. You can argue which one is better, but just for the sake off experimentation and knowledge. This is something important to remember if you want to learn how to more objects with multiple shapes, which is a little bit more difficult, but it's definitely very interesting. Police head over to the next lesson where I will teach you all the necessary tricks to perform this morphing. 5. Morphing Multiple Layer Shapes: Hello. Nice to see you coming back. Now we'll work on shapes which have multiple layers. Let's say we have our project from before. Let me delete the left one and we're morphing between Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. And now, as the last one, I would like to have Instagram as I open illustrator, I immediately see that this icon is one big black path. Here I have another pat here another and here yet another. So these are four pats. So what can we do with this? To more of this one path Until multiple paths Let me copy it. And just to take a preview, I press you on the keyboard I hit the pet and I paste this in what happens? Some weird things because it doesn't know how to morph. It has only applied a mask onto it Controls e we do not want that how to importance. I can enter adobe after effects. Well, there are a few ways Let me hit control Why? Or comment white on black to create a new layer A simple solid Phil I click on it and I just pasted control or command V. Now I have the I Can I have it here Inside the masks and I immediately see four masks have been created. All right, so I know I need four path to more four separate Pinterest icons in tow. One instagram icon. So each separate Pinterest layer will morph into another shape from this entire I can. All right, let's dig into it. Open the shape layer we have created before. Click on the path, maybe close everything down. So we see it better. Now I have to duplicate the path one toe. Have four paths here. So I select a path. I press control or comments. See, I click on the shape Control V shape Control V Shape Control V. So now I have pet 1234 inside the first shape in this shape layer, maybe Let me reposition it so it will be a bit better visible. All right. For paths. Select all of them, press you and they have all the same key frames. Now, I had the play head in the wrong position, so I need to select all the key frames and pulled him back into the right position. This was my mistake. I'm sorry, but it's OK. Now everything is set. It's important toe work within this first shape and copy the pats here because this entire shape has also the size key frame applied to when we work like that. All the past will be resized accordingly to those key friends. All right, let's not waste any time. Click on all the masks or on this layer and press them on the keyboard. This will reveal only the mess pat option. It'll be knew that this is a very important function and they made a short cut for it. And as before, we need only two key frame it. Here we have the key frame. I moved the play head somewhere around nine seconds. I select the first key frame. I goto Pat one, and I paste it in the second key frame. Second pat and paste, the third key frame Contra will see Pass number three and paste the last key frame at number four and paste. Okay, well, this was a little bit more advanced, I understand, but it's really a simple workflow. Now I have to just select the right position as before, press the selection toe and reposition the icon to the proper place. Okay? I don't need the mask anymore. I have the shape layer, and now it is morphing between the Facebook Pinterest and Instagram icon. Oh, I have one key frame too much. I made another small mistake. Let me take it back here. Maybe I delete the last key frames, and now it should work properly. Okay, there we have it. Let me show you the workflow from beginning to end. When you will make the exercise, you will make a new composition. Now you'll press control why? And create new layers. New solid fills for each icon you want to implement. I want to implement one to three phone icons. I see this icon is the most advanced. This Aiken has only one shape, and this is a few shapes. 123 And I guess four. Because the middle is also a shape. So let me select each one separately. I select the phone control or command, See after effects. Wait. Let me create three layers. Okay. Layer number one control V. The phone. This in layer number two control. See the next layer control V. Their fullness in layer number three control. See aftereffect control V. We have all three icons I was select. Now all three of them, and just click em. So I see how many masks I have. 1234 All right. One 123456 The last Aiken contains six masks, so it's pretty much, but that's no problem. I press control A to select everything and I close it down. Do you remember from the first lesson we need to create a path we will work on. Just select a pencil. 123 Boom! And we have our shape layer with our contents and path. Sadly, we have to copy it six times. So control, see, press on the shape control. We press on the shape Control V Until you have six paths, I'll select the path. I put them here just so it's easier for us. I select may be the most advanced icon I pressed and to open up all the path and I click 123456 I have six key frames now. I do not need to see what is happening here, So I move my mouth over here and here is something important for you to notice. You can use the tilde key to expand one specific portion off the program to the entire screen. I have all the pats. Let me open them. I'll need to copy those key frames there. So one to I guess I didn't go the 1st 1 I'm sorry. Boom number Tree boom number four. Boom number five. Boom number six Boom! Okay, I have the first path. Second number two, I want to address the next phone. Well, there's only one mask. I click the key frame. So I get the key frame. And maybe this will be the last morphing Or maybe the second. I don't really know. I don't care. We can change this up later. And what you need to remember, you have to copy this key frame on toe all the paths here. So I select them immediately by hitting the left control or command key. I faced them and they all are pasted at once. All right? I only need to copy the phone with the four masks. How to do this again? Mask Pat, He frame it. Okay, let me go to number three. I still like the 1st 1 I copied 2nd 1 Copy that turd Number three and number 412 to and three. Okay. We can check now What we did. Let me preview the effect one to something is in perfect here. Entry. Well, we need to search what is wrong. I definitely know that we have copied those over and most likely pat number five and pat number six will cause some troubles. Well, this is the problem. If you are using multiple layers shapes, it's a bit more difficult or sorry, I put up the stroke. You need to also care very much, because if I would not click here, but I will click on the mask and press control, see and copied this mask. You're over. I wouldn't know what happened. I see something weird is happening. Well, now I know it's the mask because it's the green one. So insight off the shape layer on the far bottom side. I have a mask. Your you only need to delete it. This is getting confusing because there are so many items here. And let me try and improve this phone because right now there is something off. Well, what can I do? I can select another key frame because I was copying number four three times. Let me maybe try to copy member tree inside of here and here. Maybe this will solve the issue. A copy copy you need to have the play had exactly here, so they will replace the key frames. Let me hit the two lucky and I see that problem still occurs. This is again because the key frames are overlaying each other. I'll select the second key frame. Well, this should work now. Let me select this pad. Copy it and yeah, now we have it right. Well, it's really difficult to make those multiple layers shapes, as you see, but it's not impossible. You can work with them around, but it's safest to use single layer shapes. They are morphing very easy, very properly, and you only need to use one pack. I'm sorry this lesson got into detail, but these are some very important work for tricks which you surely will enjoying to learn. You don't have to make it super properly. Please make the first morphing and once you are done with that, you can eventually try the more advanced ones and you will be more confident, one working on this. In the next lesson, I want to show you something nice, how to improve to design by adding some flavor to it, because right now we have some boring icons with only a red color. Let's, for example, colorize each social signals to their proper coloristic or do something else with the design, I will show you everything in the next lesson police had over there. 6. Spicing Up The Design: Welcome back. I'm happy that you are arriving so far in this course. Let's do something interesting with the social icons we were preparing before. Let me close other compositions. The first thing I want to address is the alignment. Select this shape layer. I go toe a line and align it in the middle and in the middle. Select the shape layer and press you and select the Twitter key frames. I select all of them. I position them at one second for the Twitter icon. I copied the Twitter Aiken's three seconds I placed him. OK, so we have a bit off the Twitter. It morphs in one second to Facebook and then I want the Facebook. Here, let me shift everything. The Facebook will have its two seconds in the spotlight. Six. Let me speed up this process. So there we have it. We have a slower morphing. All right, let's now pre compose it. I press control or command shift. See, I create a pre composition which I can work on. All right, we have our pre composition with our proper more things. Now let's go to the effects and preset panel. If you don't see it goto window and select effects and preset And I want the ramp effect. It's a very simple effect which put a Grady int on top of everything this time on top of this layer, I go to the Twitter position right before it starts morphing. I said the key frame new start color and color. I press you on my keyboard so those key frames appear and I select the proper coloristic. Well, Twitter is some blue collar. Just about that I don't have to be precise. I just want some nice radiance around it and I go forward to the Facebook one. I put new key frames here, but they would also put automatically if I change the color and make a darker blue. So it's more in the Facebook style. Well, not too dark. I just want a nice Grady in. Okay, I move forward just before the morphing, I put another key frame, so this portion stays the facebook blue and here you have the Pinterest paint. Arrest something deeply red. You don't have to be exact. You just want to have some fun with it, or right Pinterest is staying and here starts the morphing toe instagram Last more instagram Instagram is something yellowish brown. Well, it's already nice. Maybe just changing to a more brownie color here. Okay, I don't have to be this exact. I have this layer and we have the coloristic properly now changing between the social icons . What? Can we change more? I click on this player. I duplicate it. I put it down here and I press the X button to open up the scale. I wanted to be bigger, maybe to create a sort off background for the basic Aiken's. And I want to hit the T to hit the opacity and lower down the opacity to really create a background forties. Okay, we have the initial background ready. Well, but it's still just a little it little bit boring. So I select the first composition I go to effect, and I want it to wiggle a bit. This is a very trendy effect. We can wiggle the position or some other parameters. I want to just slightly wiggle the position and you can play around. You have two options here will speed and wiggle amount. The legal speed indicates how many Wiggles will happen in one second if you select 15 which is very high in one second. It'll ago 15 times I usually work with two or tree. Let's select that one. Well, it's still too much here a bit, but it's wiggling also too many pixels. I select 20 pixels. Let's preview that. Yeah, that's nice. Very nice. Maybe also, I want to wiggle the back room. So I select the wiggle position and the wiggle transform I press control. See, I go to the next layer. I just copy it into the effects panel and now both layers should wiggle. Is this okay? I think our social icons are a bit more interesting now, and we are ready with this designs. You always want to make sure that your videos are optimized for this. You go to composition composition settings and make the composition smaller because we don't need a big age D video around here. So I just lower down the weight and the height to be just within the scope off the movement I have created for this little motion. Now I can, in any given moment, go to the shape layer press you change the timings, for example, by holding the left old or option key on Mac. You can drag out all key frames at once and make the composition, for example, 15 seconds long. I wanted it to be about 10 seconds. Well, it's 10 plus. It's okay. Everything is morphing really nicely. Let me preview it one less time. I also want to delete those rulers because I don't need them anymore. And let's preview this effect. All right? I see. I have a little error control, K. Just a bit more of height. And I continue with the design. Yeah, and we are ready. This video would be ready to render and put up to usage in our you tube videos or any products you are doing. If you want to see how toe render out a transparent video, please head over to the next lesson where I will show you what you need to do to get it transparent and then work with it. 7. Render Transparent & Use It!: Hello. It's so nice to see you back here. I'm back at the design and I want to show you how to render transparent videos to use them for your other products. I'm sure some of you know how to do this, but for those who don't let's address this right now. Okay? I want to preview. What do I have here? Well, maybe it's a bit too long, so I go. I also want to fade it in. So I press tea on my keyboard. I see the opacity is 100 on the 1st 36 on the second. Let me slack zero here. And one second later, or something like that. 100 and 36 here. Sorry. 100 Here. Okay. I copied those key frames. That's nothing big. It's only a simple faith in and faith out with help off the opacity. Now you also need toe Restrict the working area by moving this. This indicate which portion off the video will be rendered. Okay, we are finalized with the design. It is about 10 seconds. And now I press control or comment shift and Ford slash to add it to the render queue on the render queue. If you want to have a transparent video, you need to select a former which can handle both channels. Both RGB and Alfa Channel. The Alfa Channel is the transparency. You can select just one. You need the turtle in. As you see, it's ingrained now because the H 264 former because the H 26 former doesn't handle the door channel. So I need to switch to quick time because I'm 100% positive that quick time handles that and I select RGB plus Alfa. This allows me to render a transparent video. A transparent video will be much larger than a normal video so you can manipulate its quality by moving this in the basic video settings. Well, this is a simple animation. We don't need high quality here, so I can go as low as maybe 30. This is okay. The video won't be huge. I just press okay and I have more think that moth I quickly rendered animation. Okay, the animation is nearly done and just so you see the differences, I'll also come back here once I can add it to their render queue and use my basic settings without a transparent video. This is a age to 64 Kodak. And let me also shut down the audio put because there is no audio in this file, Okay, I'll render it and see you back in Just a brief moment. Now, I have opened Adobe Premiere Pro and imported some example footage I was shooting a while ago. I have the more think movie file and the morphing and before file to show you the difference. Because the M. O. V file is a ready filed to use over any of you. Let me drag it in to show you as an example, I have this video here learn video is playing and this new video is overlaying over the top on this video. So I could, for example, point my hand toe those social icons and I could have them here appearing. It doesn't matter which program you use because can't Asia, Sony Vegas. All those programs work with transparent videos, so there are absolutely no problem Now what? What happens if I will use this video? This video would have no transparent background. It would show black on the screen. So this is the main difference. Also, something to know about this. The M. O. V. File is, of course, bigger because it handles both channels. The simple MP four file. It's much lower in terms off size. It has only two megabytes, while this video is 22 megabytes. So this is the only thing you have to be aware off. If you want to get professional with the video editing and tools you use, remember about the possibility to render some videos as transparent. I hope this lesson was insightful for you and interesting to watch See you in the next one . 8. Create awesome TRANSITIONS: in this lecture, I will show you how to make a cool transition, how to use it in the video and even how to reveal to videos by matting this transition. Hello and welcome in this lesson. As you can see on the timeline I have here two videos, these are simple videos. And let's say this is a project you're making and you would like to have a transition between them. I will show you how to make a transition with the morphing shape technique I first control and and I make a really short composition. Let's make it two seconds. Okay, now I will work on the transition I want to make. At first, I'll open up some guides I can open, for example, that title action safe. So I'll have some great here. Now I'll press control are to open up the rulers. I'll pick a ruler because I want to have one guy in the middle to make it perfectly in the middle. I come closer with the scroll wheel and I place it exactly in the middle. I press on my pen tool. I have a red corner selected. This is all right, and I'll start to draw. I draw something like this by holding the shift key. You can do the same. Please go above the fold. So you are a bit more far away than here. Now I go down, I go in the middle. Oh, sorry. I didn't press the shift. I place it in the middle. I placed it here and I closed the entire thing down. I have to move this point to the middle. This is no problem. I just grab it. I move it and everything should be okay. All right. I opened up the shape layer, my content, my shape. And, of course, my pet number one right. At the beginning, I want my first key frame. All right. I have my key frame. I go with the page down key. 12345 Frames forward. And I want to grab this point and start transitioning into the design. I have to select a path. Well, this is easier. I just make a new point. Delete this point and select this point. And I have this one no selected. Now I can start working at disposition five frames forward. I want the transition, Toby, About to this place. Now I go again. 12 tree, maybe tree, maybe five. Let's stay with five and I go five frames forward. I select the outer point and I placed them like that just to have some fun. If you want to be a real nerd, please open up the guide. An exact great and you can be pixel perfect here. I'm doing this really quick, so I won't be pixel perfect. Right now I go. 12345 frames forward. And they placed this on the bottom. Now the edges are not covered. So I go. 1233 friends, forward. So the edges are perfectly matched. Now, what did I create? I have a really simple transition, and I see it's a bit too quick. So I select all key frames. I press the left old or option key, and I dragged them out a little bit after effect. It's automatically spacing between them now. I hit right click key frame assistant Easy East. And let's preview the animation. Let me diss elect the Great because it's a bit disturbing for the I. Okay, I have a really nice simple transition. Now, once we are here again, a few friends for because we want only to transition, transition in and transition out. I'll go 12345 friends, forward with the page donkey. I have to make a new point here. For example, If I want the animation to be like that and I start dragging it down, I drag it here. 12345 This will be a bit shorter like that. Like that 1233 friends forward. And our transition is for now prepared. I could take it and use it as a ready transition to spice it just a little bit up. I select the shape layer I press control de or command the if you are on Mac to duplicate this layer Now I want to stagger this layer by, for example, three frames. I had the left old key, and now I press page down. If you're pressing, page up and page down, only the timer is shifting. If you press all or option key, the entire layer is shifting. 123 Okay, I have the second layer selected. Let me select another color. Maybe a darker red I can for example, only adjust the brightness like this one more time. Control de left old 12345 I hope this will look OK. I select the fill again brightness A little bit down. Okay. Basically, I have my transition prepared. Let's preview it by hitting the space bar. Well, nothing too fancy. It looks okay. I can use it. So in the place where I have the videos and I would like to transition between them, I can use my new composition. It was called Composition to let me be a little bit more professional here and press control or command K frenzy, transition red. I go to the first composition and I can select the transition and place it here exactly in this place. Now, watch how I can transition between those two videos with my new animation. Just like that, we used the shape morphing to create a nice transition. And please don't be concerned that I'm using after effects cc here in CS six. Everything is the same as before. So let me show you the last really awesome trick here. I don't want this reveal toe happen like that because the red isn't working here. I would like that. The second video is revealing the first video to do this. It's really, really simple. Just place this second video here. It can be exactly here or depending on what information you want. Maybe the first part won't be visible. But this reveal the second reveal will be visible. And I person the second video and I select trackman all format transition red. If you don't see the track matte press F four or here on the bottom you have the buttons to enable certain options. All right, watch now What happens? I have my transition hyperspace and the new video is revealed like that. I should duplicate this layer, put it on the bottom and make this layer shorter. Maybe pressing old and the right bracket key Now everything would work perfect. I would have the transition. I should of course, select No trackman. Now I select this video. I crop it to this point and watch my end result. I have the animation. The video is nicely revealing and the video continues on. Of course I have the placing the wrong I should start before this Black appears I should make it like this exactly. And now everything is done properly. I have a nice little transition between those videos. Thank you very much for listening. And I hope you expend this morphing shapes technique. 9. Animate a text QUOTE : in this tutorial, we'll learn how to make such a text animation. You can use it, for example, to reveal some quote are some things you would like to say and communicate in a nice fashion hater? I'm excited to present you another great tutorial regarding shape players. We can start immediately by going into after effect and having our composition open. I'll open as well. My title action, safe and I press control or command are toe open up the rulers and I pick some guides. Maybe one on the left title action, Safe place and one on the right side and I can start working. I'll move my play head toe around 15 frames, and this will be where my first line should be. Appearing in the middle of the screen by person, toe left, old or option key on Mac drag a line to about this size. I purse P because it should be positioned a little bit lower. Okay, something like that. I picked the shape and I see I have a big stroke. I didn't want to have a stroke, so I got rid of the stroke and I make it a white Phil. Okay, a white Phil is very nice. Now I'll open up the shape, layer, my contents, rectangle and my path because we'll work a lot with the pad, Alice said. The key frame here, where it's extended and I'll go to the first frame because on the first frame I wanted to be really small. Now click on the pad, go a bit closer and we want to make it smaller. So I'll double click here until such icons appear and I'll make it completely small. Toe the left side like this. Okay, this is my very first animation. While this all happens, I would like the first text to appear. So I select a rectangle tool because I want to mess. Get out and it will be here on the top side. Don't bother about the color and about the size it should be around here. It will be only a matter for the text. OK, it's a bit hardly visible to let me quickly make a threat. All right, I go for the text and I enter my first line. I've selected some really cheesy quote. The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today, so I will select The first text may be the best Preparation will be our first line and I'll place it here. We can work around with the phone but let's stay with the bus right now because we don't want to waste time on it. I place it as the 2nd 1 and I select track matte. If you don't see it, please open up the track. Matte as the second option here Trackman also met Met All right, What happens now? I can select the text press position on the text Move the play head right about when the line starts to appear Select the text to go under the line key frame And here both the line and the text should be visible So I placed the text above the line and it will appear from under here. Boom! And we have our first animation. Let me select my next text which waas for tomorrow. Yes, this should be okay Once again Text to place the text here and it will be here in the middle. I can also go toe a line and place it perfectly in the middle Also, this should be perfectly in the middle. Okay for tomorrow and for tomorrow will not be visible. Let me close. Some things will not be visible until this moment. So I make it smaller and I can work further with my morphing I select my pad and I'll try to resize it. You don't want this white icons to appear. You want to double click maybe in the corner. So the re sizing options appears. Now I can resize it towards the bottom and you key frame appears and I press page down maybe five times. So I'm at one second and five frames and I make it also smaller from the top site. So it reveals the text. This should look something like that. Okay, let me preview the animation. If everything works fine. Well, the motion isn't a school for an hour, but it starts to look interesting. Right? Click in the timeline press new and select camera. The basic camera will be okay with the angle of view about 50 degrees and my focal lento 33 millimeters. All right. Off course. The layers should be treaty layers now, and you can have some fun with the camera to make the work easier for us. I'll link it to a new no object press new mill object and then the camera should be parented to the new object. This makes editing a lot easier. Okay, make the new object treaty off course press P and we can have some fun with the position. Right? When this animation finished, the camera should start moving. I placed a key frame here. I have a key frame here and a few seconds forward, maybe a few frames only will be enough. That camera should move backwards. I'll place it and negative 1200. And also this line is now too small. So you should select this line by double clicking it, double clicking once again to make it Rhys iced. And by holding the left control key, I resize it to extend it, for example, to the first lines. The text is now a little bit small but out saying I will stick with it. Okay. For tomorrow. The right side of it. Is this Okay? We have a nice little camera motion. I will select a new point now. A bit further. Maybe at two seconds and five frames. Okay. Two seconds and five frames. And the camera will also move up to about 830 in the position value. This is my animation. Right now. It goes back and towards the top and you can continue with our animations. Justice. This started toe happening. I would like to duplicate my line. Let me quickly rename it line control de to duplicate it. And I have two lines. This line will start here. You can press old and the left bracket key to delete everything on the left. I'll press you to show my key frames. Maybe those key frames can be deleted. I select a new path and at first I also press shift p to open up the position and this line will go towards the bottom. I press opposition key frame here as seconds past the position off this line should go towards the bottom somewhere around here, maybe 1300 cemetery, close or 1200. So it's not so much. This space will be enough. Let's preview the animation. Okay. And as this line goes down, a text should be revealed from this place in this case will only work with a mask as it's revealed that Maskell also reveal itself. Let me select. The rest of the quote is today. OK, I have the quote text two new text is doing your your best today. Okay, Like that. Let me quickly adjust the text. I center it. I make the second line much bigger I selected. Sorry, I'm being a bit sloppy here. The second Thanks. Bigger. So maybe the lines are a bit white. This should be right. I have my text. I place it as the last one. And what? What I'll do know by having the text selected. I select my rectangle tool and the rectangle toe will be here. This will be my mask. The mask can be opened and it has also a pad. So you see how much more thing is possible to be done in after effects at this place? The mask is because that but this place the mask should be a lot smaller. The mask should be small like this. And once the lines expand also, their mask will automatically expand. You see, I'm a bit sloppy here again. I come closer. I wanna change the mask. Maybe it will be easier here. Okay. Can I check it? Yeah. Damascus at big toe big and it's creating some problems. Let's make it like that. And now it should be a bit better. Well, it still isn't perfect. Well, I'm really bet today with dismissed. Let's make it smaller now. It has to be okay. Now what? Off course again? A little mistake. This should be cropped outside, is invisible until now. And let us preview our entire animation. Reveal the text and we leave you also the bottom things. Now we could make some adjustments, but I don't want to take more of your time by doing this tutorial. We should make the key frames a bit more east. I can make this really quick. This won't be a perfect solution, but I'll select all key frames. Right. Click a key frame assistant and I'll ease them in now. I should go and addressed the motion off each layer separately. And maybe off the tax. I should replace the text somewhere. But basically, I want to show you how you can reveal some text with a nice motion like that. Afterwards, the white line could get bigger once again, and then it will disappear from the entire screen. Now, this is completely up to you. This is the basic off our animation and how the innovation flies in and gets to the screen . These are very simple techniques, but they are very useful and very effective when you're working in aftereffect. Thanks for listening and CIA. 10. How To Add A Ready Class Project GIF: hater. I'm ready to submit my project. I've done the phone icons. If you are interested, how? I got this coloristic off this plane Read icons. I've just pre composed it, and I put a few effects over it. The four color gray agent allows me to use four colors around it. And for example, the fractal noise creates this nice texture over it. Okay, let me show you how you can submit a gif file inside of the class. I press once again, control shift and ford slash toe at the ready Phone icons. To my cue for the output module, I click here and I select J pic sequence. Such a sequence will allow us easily to create a gift file. Now, remember to click here and select a folder where you want to save those images. Because since this is about 12 seconds off turkey frames per seconds, we will have more than 350 frames. So this will be 350 Jay Peak files. I'll export them right now into a folder. Now let us head over to photo shopped. Double click here, select the first image from the folder. You have saved all images and press on image sequence. Photoshopped will automatically create a video sequence out of those images. I click OK, and I have the ready video here. Now I can export it easily as and give file you select file, say for Web. I shouldn't exported a such a big image so we can lower down this size. It will take a little while to load up because these are many files and it's quite heavy for the PC. But we need to lower the size because we do not need an HD gift file. Okay, it does load it up. You can see in the estimation, I would have a 10 megabyte gift file. That's definitely too big. I change the image size to 500 pixels with That's completely enough to showcase my work. The processing is done and a get file. It's much smaller now. We only have to change the looping options to forever, and if they get final would be still too big. I could lower the color amount or, for example, make it even smaller. I will save the gift now, and once you are done with all that, go inside the class, click on start project right here. Anything you've done, just press, upload, photo, select a gift file, and you can upload the gift straight year on Skill shirt. I now title my project to phone more things. While this is uploading, the gift is already here. I can choose any off those photos for a time. Mail just submitted as it will be prepared and you can create the product inside the class . I really appreciate this because I want to see what you have learned. And if you have any troubles, just contact me here in the discussion board and I'll try to explain you everything and help you with the project. Thank you very much for listening to this lesson. And we are arriving at the end of this course. Congratulations already. 11. BONUS: AE Rectangle Animation: Hey there. Welcome to this quick and simple tutorial. In this tutorial, I would like to show you how toe animate such lines. Such lines could be used, for example, toe reveal a logo or to create any kind of animation. So I'll create a new composition full HD five seconds long. Now, how did they do this? The entire trick is to use a rounded rectangle tool. So you click here and you use around the rectangle tool. Now, by holding my shift key, I make a perfect rounded rectangle. And do not worry. If you want those corners to be more rounded, you just go to rectangle rectangle path and the third property is runs. You can up the roundness here until you basically get a circle. All right. The only thing I want to ask here is to add trim pat trim. Pat will be the only key frame. Basically, we need for this animation. I'll opened it for impact. And look what happens here. I have the end and this start now you can see where this is going to go to 0% and at about one second, or depending on how long you want this animation to last. Make it 50%. Okay, At this point, we're hopefully true. And at the beginning, I'll place zero. I forgot to click a key frame que frame this. Go forward key frame 50%. Now we need to select the perfect place for it. Toe look really cool. So I want to work with the offset now the offset. I believe it looks very good If we have something like that when the cut is on the corners . If we are ready with this one, we can finally, animators key friends because right now, the animation is pretty stiff and boring. Right? Click, Give him assistant and select Eazy E's to initially east those key frames. Then you can go into the graph editor. You can select, for example, the last key frame and bring closer. So it starts quicker and then his face a bit off. All right, this is a pretty nice animation. I'm completely satisfied with it. So I can proceed now and close this entire thing. How can I close it? You can probably guess. Very simple. I just press control d to duplicate that. Once I have my duplicated line. I press are like rotation, and I simply wrote it by 1 80 degrees. Now I just have to bring it closer with my keyboard buttons. I'll just snap them together. Yep. This is a perfect snap. And, Mullah, this is how you could animate those lines. Now, what further can you do with them? I slept both. I press you on my keyboard toe, reveal all the key frames. If you want to open it and then close it, you can take this key frames control C control V. Right click. A key frame assistant. And simply time reverse key frames. The same goes for those right click key from assistant time. Reverse key frames. Now they will close down automatically. Boom! And later on, boom together. Back. Okay, One last tip. If you want to resize this entire thing together, you can create a new Neil object. This new object just to control the size. Why am I doing this? Because I want both at the same time. So I shift Click Select Boat. I parent them together with this one. And now I could press. As for the scale at the beginning, 100% in the middle 105%. And at the end of the animation again, 100% Now see what happens. It slowly grows towards me, and then it again goes smaller. Well, if this is a bit boring, control C Control V. You can also select those key frames, right? Click key from assistant. Ease them in. So the entire animation would be a bit more interesting, but that's not mandatory. This is just one way off. Resizing this entire animation what I did here. I also faded in this icon in the middle and in the end, with the re sizing and with the icon in the middle, it became such a small logo animation. I hope you did enjoy this tutorial. This is just one quick, simple way off animating lines and bringing your ideas how you can eventually merge such lines together. I hope this is very useful. And see you in other tutorials like that 12. Thank You!: amazing you're here. Thank you so much for participating in the course and listening to the very end. Do not be afraid of this product. Just open up after effect and start with morphing a single layer shape. If you're a beginner, an aftereffect little help, you get into it and you will learn a new technique. And if you are an advanced user, I believe that you always learn something. For example, while you are learning from my perspective, I hope this was useful for you. If you want to thank me for the class first and foremost, put the knowledge to use and it'll be also very useful. If you would go inside the class press here and leave me a review, a positive review will fire me up and I'll be sure to post new tutorials for you. If you don't like the class or got stuck at any moment, please don't hesitate to go to the discussion board and start talking to me. I'll either improve the class or explaining everything how to do it properly and will both benefit from the engagement we had at this point. I'm very happy that you arrived here. Thank you very much for taking this class, and it is an honor to have you here