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After Effects Motion Graphics: Morphing PNG Images!

teacher avatar Andrew Pach ⭐, Animation all the way!

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Disclaimer about the class

    • 3. Trace our outlines

    • 4. Morphing the First Object

    • 5. Morphing the Second Object & Seamless Fade

    • 6. What about a 3rd item?

    • 7. How To Add A Ready Class Project GIF

    • 8. Thank You!

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About This Class


Learn how to morph between different PNG images in After Effects. This class is a follow-up on my "After Effects Motion Graphics: Morphing Shapes!" class, where we were learning about shape layers and how to utilize paths to perform a morphing animations. This time we will use simple bitmap images and create a morphing between them. 

Some of the cool things we will learn:

  • How to use effects
  • Create and use Masks
  • Working with Keyframes
  • Trace bitmap images for vector output
  • many other small but useful After Effects hints

So there you have it, in this class you will learn a quick, simple and fun to perform technique using all the most used After Effects tools where you can morph from one image to another one, so don't wait for your turn....Enroll Now!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Andrew Pach ⭐

Animation all the way!


Hi! My name is Andrew Pach, to my friends known as 'Nigel'! I am an After Effects / PowerPoint / video / graphic design junkie eager to teach people how to utilize their yet uncovered raw design talent! I run a YouTube channel called "andrew pach" which I do with absolute joy and passion. Here on Skillshare, I would like to share interesting, project-based classes that will make your design workflow a greater experience.

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1. Introduction: Hey, welcome in this class. I'm going to teach you how to more between two PNG images in after effects. I'll take you by hand and walking through the entire process in the quick and fun way we will take to PNG images. Do some magic in after effects and be able to more between them. This place is perfect for everyone wanting to learn a few things about tracing, placing effect or working with masks. It will be easy to follow as I explain all the steps, but in case you fall into any trouble, I'm attaching all product files and you can post questions in the discussion board. I'll answer all right, ready to start and learn something new. An after effect. Let's go. 2. Disclaimer about the class: hell, thank you so much for joining this class. You will have really a lot of fun performing this animation. I just want to say as a disclaimer that this class is a follow up on my previous class, which was about morphing shapes, morphing shape players and aftereffect inside this class, I've got a question from S Campbell. Thank you very much for for this question, actually. Is there a way to more bitten up PNG files in after effects? Since this was too extensive to explain it as a reply? And this glass was very well received. With 800 students and really many project, we have turning projects here. I wanted to share the new class as a follow up. This class is really short, but it's extremely fun to perform this animation. You do not have to be enrolled in the previous class Or do you need any prior knowledge? You can start right here, performed the animations and be happy about what you did. We already have a few projects submitted. You can check them around. And I really hope you will have fun with this content. It will perhaps not teach you very much about after effects, but you'll be able to complete a project from start to finish. You will see the workflow. You work with some effect. You'll work with some shapes. You will trace outlines so it'll be really fun and engaging. See you in the next lessons as we start to create the morphine. 3. Trace our outlines: in the first lesson, we will trace outlines for our images and we will create masks we will use later for the actual morphing. I'll open up illustrator for a few seconds to show you something. If I have a PNG image like this, I have the head keeper. I place it inside of illustrator I come closer. You see, this is a rough, edgy PNG low quality image. It has 500 pixels off size. There is a possibility in illustrator to trace this image, use one of the presets or set it manually and then expand the image to create at factories Image would you can use something very similar is possible in after effect not this advanced but we only to trace the outlines off the actual images. I select both images. My PNG images are imported toe aftereffect. Let me start with the YouTube sign. I will de select the previous one and I goto layer Auto Trace and I will stay with the basic options. You have to remember that you should apply this to a new layer. I press OK and as you can notice, a new altar trace layer has appeared and the layer Has the outlines exactly traced? So now we do not only have the PNG image, we also have a fact arised pat. This is a mask, and it's called Mask one. Let me maybe rename it. I hit. Enter and call it YouTube sign. I select a mess Control. See, I press on the YouTube sign and I control the control. V paste it into both those PNG's. I select those PNG's and I person em to reveal the masks I change its mode to add and here to none Because on the head do you design. It's only to help us Now I can delete the altar traced Aiken into the same for the hat. Let me click on the head. Make it visible by having it selected Goto layer auto phrase under the same. I have no traced the hat I press am here. I rename it to hat mask. Or as you want, click on the head mask. Click on the YouTube sign. Control V. This is the hat mask. It should be set to know because I only want to see the hat on this sign. And here the opposite. I paste it. I place it may be it the first, so it's easier. And here I pressed at all right, I'm creeper. So what did I do on the YouTube sign? I have the sign outline to add, and the head would will morph into It's said to none, because I only want to see those outlines on the hat. PNG. It's the other way around. The head mask is set to add, while the YouTube signed mask is set to none. Because this is only our reference point, which we need to see once we click on it. And we'll later use in the effect this is it when it comes to the first part off what you need to do two more between two PNG images. Now, if you didn't have any troubles and you are in the same place, please continue with the next lesson and we will get the work done. I will also show you a useful effect which might help you when you are working with small PNG images in the future 4. Morphing the First Object: in the second lesson will perform are morphing under YouTube sign. We will prepare the sign We'll work with the mask and used effect we need to achieve are morphing now we can start with the 1st 1 Let's start by morphing to YouTube sign and the thing that allows us to more PNG images. It's actually an effect. I have forgotten about one thing. I should delete those key frames, but we can also do this later. I had to YouTube sign I present and I just dis elect the key frames he selected like this. I click onto YouTube sign and I go to the effect we need. It's called reshape. It's also available off course and see a six. So I just direct this reshape effect and I tell this effect Hello, YouTube sign. My source mask is, of course, the YouTube signed, but in the destination, we would like to more to a hat mask. Now, what does this effect do? This effect by moving the percentage Wilmore automatically. You see, we are not quite there. This is because I should have a bigger PNG image. Since this is a very small image like this, it is limited by its barriers by its actual size. But this is easy to overcome by adding another effect, which is called pro pounds. Grow bones isn't a perfect effect, but for this PNG it will work like a charm. I just make the bounce bigger and basically it only grows me the size off the actual layer around here. Now you see this actual more finger is very weird. What we can do to achieve better effect. At first we can add more reference points. You see those correspondence point if I open it, Number of points number off pairs actually is only one. And this point is morphing here far to the right. I should place it somewhere here. I should old clicked at new points and just click. This will add new reference points and remember that once we will do the hat morphing because we need to do this twice. One for the first morphing they want for their second morphing. Those reference points should be similar because else will grow outside those bounds. So let me make this as simple as possible. I old like also here. If you are on the Mac, it's option and maybe here and that's enough. This is completely enough for my morphing. I said the key frame at the beginning at 0% and going maybe two seconds forward. I wanted to be more 100%. What else can we do to make it a bit more precise? You see this elasticity option? This option determines how fluid the actual animation will be performed. You see, this is a bit stiff. We have very rough edges here by making the elasticity toe absolutely normal. It'll around the corners, for example. You could go even deeper to lose. It will make it even round. It all depends off. What do you want to achieve and what style you are aiming for? You can see this morphing is pretty good. Now I can go on and make the same on the hat. So remember the more reference point to use it will probably make the animation better and better. But since these are only simple PNG images and we just want a fast morphing between them, you don't have to be really pixel perfect. A few reference points will be totally okay because you want to finish this product today thank you very much for your attention. Let's go to the next lesson were, well, crunch on the head and then we will try to fate both images, so it will create a seamless experience. 5. Morphing the Second Object & Seamless Fade: in this lesson. We will work with the hat. We will try to connect what we did until now and we'll fade between those two images to complete the morphing. Let us select ahead PNG layer and find the effect we need. Please find reshape and place it into the layer. Here. It's just the opposite. Welcome, Reshape. My first shape is the head, of course. And we would like toa more into the YouTube sign. Is this possible way off course? No problem. OK, we have our little arrangement with the effect. Now, I once again place a key frame. At the percentage I go two seconds forward. I morph it to 100%. Let me to select it and select this one to see what happens. The morphing is pretty good. It's not exact. It should be better done. I just want to make a quick approach here. I make it lose. I add just a few reference points by having this reshape selected. I pressed old one was here as I remember, one was here one on this site and this 1st 1 was here in the top. Now the morphing is happening like this the very last thing you need to do is tow time. Reverse the key frames off the second head because at the moment the circle is morphing into a hat and the hat is morphing toe a circle. We want boat to make the same at the same time. So I just press you on the head and I have the only key frames I have here. I write the condom keep from assistant time. Reverse key frames. This is all you have to do now. I have both Leah's visible both to YouTube sign and the head, and the morphing is performed now. Depending on how good you made those reference points, the morphing should look alike. If you have small errors like this, this won't be visible. You can, for example, work with the opacity. So let me press the opacity on the hat. I, Presti and I pressed t on the sign. Now I can work. I owned the opacity under YouTube sign to slowly resign as it starts to reveal the head. Maybe here it should hit 0% while on the other hand, I owned the head to first be invisible and right at the end before the two seconds. It should be visible. Now I can work with the key frames a little bit, but basically, this is how the morphing should be performed. Now I see this is an invisible spot. It shouldn't be like that. Maybe I placed the key friends like this. I shift dis a bit to the right and preview it now. Well, to stiff again like this. Like this preview? Well, I haven't it perfect. I should extend those key frames even more, even wider. But you get the idea. This is exactly how you can more from one PNG image to another. Boom, boom after effect allows us to do so many creative things with video. But you can as well work with images and create something interesting like that. Thank you so much for finalizing this project with me. And you can continue now. 6. What about a 3rd item?: hater. Just as a last quick tip. What if you want to more from the first item into the second item and from the second item into a turd item? So you would not want to have three masks here and fiddle around with everything you can simply duplicate the head. Let let's say you have a turd item here. I'll duplicate it. I really me toe hurt item Just as an example, You want to morph from the sign to the head and from the head and tell littered item what I would do, I would duplicate the head I take on the head here. I would need to make a cup. So I'll hold left old key or option key if you are on the Mac and you make it start from here and the previous had stopped here. So this is my old head which was morphing from the first sign and the new had this cat here will morph into littered item to make everything clear, I could also close the third item here and the only thing you would need to change is making the hat. Is training the source mask from the head instead of the sign to the third item. Then you should, of course, outline prepared the masks and change it here. So this is how you could perform a morphing from the first item into a second item and then into a turtle one. That's just for a quick tip how you can eventually work around this in after effects. For the basic animation, though, I'll recommend you to use two objects, two more from one into the 2nd 1 This way, you'll get to know how to work with that and eventually use it in the future while you work with something. 7. How To Add A Ready Class Project GIF: let me quickly show you how you can render out and showcase your project. I want you are an after effect and you have the project prepared. You have the composition selected. Either go to composition and added to the render queue or hit control argument. Shift forward slash This will at the composition automatically to the render queue in the output module. Click on the Lost Less and change the former to Jay Peak sequence. We want an image sequence. I click here to tell it. Where should it save? I have an example Folder. I double click it. I hit safe and I can render out the files. Now Let us head over to photo shopped. Double click here, select the first image from the folder. You have saved all images and press on image sequence. Photoshopped will automatically create a video sequence out of those images. I click OK and I have the ready video here. Now I can export it easily as and give file you select file, say for Web. I shouldn't exported a such a big image so we can lower down this size. It will take a little while to load up because These are many files, and it's quite heavy for the PC, but we need to lower the size because we do not need an HD gift file. Okay, it does load it up. You can see in the estimation, I would have a 10 megabyte gift file. That's definitely too big. I change the image size to 500 pixels with That's completely enough to showcase my work. The processing is done and to get file, it's much smaller now. We only have to change the looping options to forever, and if they get final, would be still too big. I could lower the color amount or, for example, make it even smaller. I will save the gift now, and once you are done with all that, go inside the class. Click on Start project right here. Anything you've done, just press, upload photo, select a gift file, and you can upload the gift straight year on Skill Shirt. I now title my project to phone more things. While this is uploading, the gift is already here. I can choose any off those photos for a time. Mail just submitted as it will be prepared, and you can create the product inside the class. I really appreciate this because I want to see what you have learned. And if you have any troubles, just contact me here in the discussion board and I'll try to explain you everything and help you with the project. Thank you very much for listening to this lesson. And we are arriving at the end of this course. Congratulations already. 8. Thank You!: we had so much fun designing this morphing. I hope you did like it as well. This was a follow up on the morphing shape players class. I had previously people that liked it, and some of the students asked if PNG images can be also more as you see, it can be done. It takes a little while to prepare, but it's a really found workflow. Thank you so much for spending time with me on learning something an after effect. If you are satisfied about the class, I would really appreciate if you would go inside, click here and leave me a review. A positive review will be a great thank you for me. I really appreciate it. Thank you once again, and I hope we can see each other and other classes.