After Effects Motion Graphics: House of Cards Intro

Phil Ebiner, Video Creator |

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6 Videos (39m)
    • Course Introduction and Project Files

    • Setting Up After Effects and Importing Assets

    • Create the Flag Animation

    • Adjusting the Speed of Your Animation

    • Adding Text and the Background

    • Exporting from After Effects


About This Class

Learn how to re-create the House of Cards intro in Adobe After Effects. 

In this series of motion graphics tutorials, you'll learn:

  • How to animate the American flag.
  • How to add and customize text.
  • How to add a background that zooms.
  • How to export a video from After Effects.


Download all of the project files needed to follow along with the course, including:

  • After Effects project
  • American flag image
  • Title card screenshot for reference
  • Title card video for reference
  • Font file

Use the After Effects skills learned in this course to create your own unique motion graphics!



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The tutorial was simple to follow along with. You are walked through every step and you will come out with something comparable.
Ian McDonald-Scott

Multimedia Creative

Great, simple course for beginners! Check out some of my classes if you're interested.
Duncan Rogoff

Video Editing & Motion Graphics





Phil Ebiner

Video Creator |

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