After Effects Motion Graphics 101: Typographic Line Logo Reveal

Andrzej Pach ❇️, Passionate After Effects & PowerPoint teacher

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11 Videos (54m)
    • Introduction

    • Your assignment

    • If You Need Any Help, Ask!

    • After Effects Basics

    • Student Question 1: What Is a Keyframe?

    • Prepare the Work Area

    • Draw the Lines

    • Keyframe the Animation

    • Spice the Design

    • Rendering and Exporting To Gif

    • Thank you!


About This Class

In this class I want to guide you through a nice technique for making a modern & trendy typography project in After Effects which you can easily learn for Yourself and  replicate. You will learn how to form, build and reveal a word or logo using custom created lines and giving them a seamless motion. The class is perfect for any beginner to gain essential motion design skills, and more advanced users to learn a new animation technique which will sure come in handy. 

The class doesn't require any prior knowledge and will let you dive straight into motion graphic design and teach you valuable skills and keyboard shortcuts along the way!


Biggest benefits of the class:

  • Keybord shortcut usage displayed
  • No experience or knowledge required
  • You will complete a project and render it out
  • Learn a quick and fun workflow in After Effects
  • Valuable tricks and techniques you can use in future designs
  • Allows you to get familar with motion graphic design and hopefully start loving it!

I'm ready if you are - let's dive intro after effects and start the work! Enroll now

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Great class! You explained it well and you made it easy to follow along. I will definitely be using techniques learned here in future projects.
An awesome class! I have never used After Effects until I took this class because I wanted to animate I logo I was working out. Very simple instructions and valuable information to take with you!
Riley Jones

Coffee Fueled Creative

Great course, solid teaching.





Andrzej Pach ❇️

Passionate After Effects & PowerPoint teacher

Hi! My name is Andrzej Pach, more known as 'Nigel'. I am an After Effects / PowerPoint / video / graphic design junkie eager to teach people how to utilize their yet uncovered raw design talent! Here on skillshare I would like to share interesting, project-based classes which will make your design workflow a greater experience.

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