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After Effects Gems // Add Energy To Your Animations

Daniel Brodesky, Motion Graphics Artist

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5 Videos (39m)
    • 01 Introduction

    • 02 Gaining Energy

    • 03 Dealing With Friction

    • 04 Turning Your Animation Into a Preset

    • 05 Conclusions


About This Class


Many times your animation requires some sort of energetic feeling to it, this can be achieved using different visual elements as well as the motion of the object itself.

In this After Effects class we are going to look at a technique for creating this sort of motion. 

This technique is very versatile and can be used to achieve different results. You will learn how to use it to add the sense of friction between a moving object and the floor it sits on. 

Finally, we will learn how to turn our beautiful animation into a handy preset which can be added to any property we like. Animate your position and don't worry about matching up the animation of the scale, just apply the preset you created from your position and the scale property will animation accordingly. 

Besides learning these handy tricks you will also understand the Value Graph and how it is used, we will take a look at a few animation principles  like Squash and Stretch, Overshooting and Anticipation.

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Daniel Brodesky

Motion Graphics Artist

I’m a motion graphics artist since 2009. Over the years I have specialized in After Effects and created dozens of tutorials helping others learn the program.
Being self-taught I learned a lot from video tutorials available online, thus my will to share knowledge grew. I’m determined to make learning easier, more accessible and more fun for everyone out there!

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