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After Effects Essentials: Complete VFX and Motion GFX Guide

Ruan Lotter, VFX and Motion Graphics Artist

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31 Videos (2h 37m)
    • 01 After Effects Essentials Intro

    • 02 After Effects Essentials Cardboard Cutout Animation

    • 03 After Effects Essentials Adjust Exposure On Face

    • 04 After Effects Essentials Realistic Camera Shake

    • 05 After Effects Essentials 3D Grid Effect

    • 06 After Effects Essentials Cool Title Reveals

    • 07 After Effects Essentials Crash Zoom Effect

    • 08 After Effects Essentials Captain America Intro Animation

    • 09 After Effects Essentials Professional End Credits

    • 10 After Effects Essentials How To Use Mattes

    • 11 After Effects Essentials 2D South Park Style Animation

    • 12 After Effects Essentials How To Create An Easy Lip Syncing Rig

    • 13 After Effects Essentials LUTS and CG

    • 14 After Effects Essentials Tracking Outside The Frame

    • 15 After Effects Essentials Audio Waveforms Text

    • 16 After Effects Essentials Change Color Of Something

    • 17 After Effects Essentials Compositing Tips And Tricks

    • 18 After Effects Essentials Text Stroke Animation

    • 19 After Effects Essentials Pixelated Background Effect

    • 20 After Effects Essentials How To Remove Anything From Your Shot

    • 21 After Effects Essentials Rotobrush

    • 22 After Effects Essentials Selective Color

    • 23 After Effects Essentials Phone Text Popup Effect

    • 24 After Effects Essentials Tracking Masks

    • 25 After Effects Essentials Video From 360 Photo

    • 26 After Effects Essentials Video To Newspaper Effect

    • 27 After Effects Essentials Whip Pan Effect

    • 28 After Effects Essentials Create Light Sabers Using Saber Plugin

    • 29 After Effects Essentials Bonus Video Rotoscoping With Mocha

    • 30 After Effects Essentials Bonus Video Remove Tattoo Using Mocha Pro

    • 31 After Effects Essentials Bonus Video Remove Tracking Markers Using Mocha Pro


About This Class

Adobe After Effects Essentials: Complete VFX and Motion Graphics Guide

Are you interested in creating your own amazing Visual Effects and Motion Graphics? Look no further! In this course you will learn all the basics (and some more) of Adobe After Effects CC 2017. You will learn how to do VFX and Motion Graphics using many of the tools in Adobe After Effects. Over 2.5 hours of video content in this course. I have also included 3 bonus tutorials on Mocha Pro! 

Please remember to rate this course as it really helps me a lot.

Over 2 hours and 30 minutes of Adobe After Effects Tutorial Videos!

This course consists of 30 After Effects Tutorials!

==What you will learn==

Adobe After Effects CC 2017

  • How To Create A Cardboard Cutout Animation
  • How To Adjust Exposure On A Face
  • Creating Realistic Camera Shake
  • How To Create A 3D Grid Effect
  • Creating Cool Title Reveals
  • Doing A Crash Zoom Effect
  • Creating The Captain America Intro Animation
  • How To Do Professional End Credits
  • How To Use Mattes In After Effects
  • How To Create Your Own 2D South Park Style Animation
  • How To Create An Easy Lip Syncing Rig
  • LUTS and CG
  • Tracking Outside The Frame
  • Create Audio Waveforms On Text
  • How To Change The Color Of Something In Your Scene
  • Compositing Tips And Tricks
  • Create A Cool Text Stroke Animation
  • How To Create A Pixelated Background Effect
  • How To Remove Anything From Your Shot
  • How To Use The Rotobrush
  • How To Do A Selective Color Effect
  • Creating A Phone Text Message Popup Effect
  • Tracking Masks In After Effects
  • How To Create A Video From A 360 Degree Photo
  • Doing A Video To Newspaper Effect
  • How To Do A Whip Pan Effect
  • How To Create Awesome Light Sabers Using The Free Saber Plugin
  • Bonus Content - Rotoscoping With Mocha
  • Bonus Content - Remove Tattoo Using Mocha Pro
  • Bonus Content - Remove Tracking Markers Using Mocha Pro

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Thanks for watching!

Kind regards,
Ruan Lotter






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Ruan Lotter

VFX and Motion Graphics Artist

Ruan Lotter is a Filmmaker, Editor and VFX Artist from Cape Town, South Africa. He has directed and edited several short films, internet commercials and music videos over the last few years. In 2007 he started experimenting with Adobe After Effects, 3dsmax, Maya and PFTrack to name a few of the applications, and never looked back.

He currently works as a VFX Artist and Editor at Zebra Worldwide, doing post-production on international commercials and video projects.

He also runs ...

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