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After Effects : Create A Glass Pane Photo/Video Slideshow

Maggie Osama, Skillshare Coach: Follow Me :)

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12 Videos (1h 17m)
    • Course OverView

    • Prepare The Setup & Create Your First Slide

    • Animate Your 3D Camera

    • Create The Glass Pane / Magnify Effect

    • Add Particles To Your Scene

    • Apply Some Color Correction To Enhance The Look

    • Enrich Your Scene With Some Lights

    • Create & Animate Your Text

    • Place Your Text in 3D Space

    • Add As Many Video/Photo Slides As You Want Easily & Quickly

    • Create Flash Light Transition

    • Finalize and Export Your Project


About This Class

Make a slideshow for images or video with sliding glass using Adobe After Effects!

In this course you will learn how to use the extremely powerful Adobe After Effects to create a sliding glass panes moving over and magnifying footage and text like the one in the promo video. 

I will walk you through the motion graphics process starting from creating the setup till we reach the final details and finally exporting your project.

Through out this Adobe After Effects course, you'd be able to do the following:

  • Create a Glass Pane Photo / Video Setup in order to get it ready to use in our After Effects Slideshow
  • Create Your First Footage Slide in our After Effects Glass Pane Slideshow
  • Animate Your 3D Camera in our After Effects Glass Pane Slideshow
  • Create The Glass Pane / Magnifying Effect in After Effects 
  • Add Falling Particles To Your Scene in our After Effects Glass Pane
  • Apply Some Wonderful Color Correction To Your Footage in our After Effects Glass Pane Slideshow
  • Add Some Lightning Effects to enrich your glass pane slide show  and make it looks more rich and more interesting in After Effects
  • Create And Animate Your Text Then Place It in Your 3D Space in After Effects 
  • Add As Many Photo/Video Slides As You Want Easily And Quickly in our After Effects Glass Pane Slideshow
  • Create Flash Light Transition Between Your Glass Pane Slides in After Effects
  • and finally, Export your project

You also will learn about some interesting effects such as CC Particle System II, Glow, Magic Bullet Looks , Optical Flares, Drop Shadow in addition to using 3D Camera, and much more.  

At the end of this course:

  • You'll learn the techniques which you could then build on and create your own glass pane slideshow style using Adobe After Effects
  • You'll learn how to create a slideshow for photos or videos with sliding glass panes moving over and magnifying footage and text
  • You'll feel comfortable with these features as well as teach you the workflow that I use to create a Glass Pane slideshow


  1. (1.5) hours of premium video lesson
  2. Premium support from instructor to answer any questions
  3. Feedback on your own video projects





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Maggie Osama

Skillshare Coach: Follow Me :)

Obtained my first degree in Computer Science and a post graduate degree in Integrated Marketing Communications. Obsessed with learning & acquiring knowledge, a person who always believes that applied knowledge is power. I love sharing knowledge with others wherever I go. I'm here on Skillshare to teach what I know in an approachable way and make complex topics easy to understand.

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