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After Effects: Convert Your Photos to Fantastic Painting Animations

Shahriar Hosseini, Motion Graphics & Animations

After Effects: Convert Your Photos to Fantastic Painting Animations

Shahriar Hosseini, Motion Graphics & Animations

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4 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. After Effects - Course Content

    • 2. After Effects - Convert Photos to Paintings - Part 1

    • 3. After Effects - Convert Photos to Paintings Part 2

    • 4. After Effects - Rendering

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About This Class

Do you like to learn how to convert your photos to fantastic painting animations?

In this After Effects video tutorial, you will learn how to convert your photos to painting animations in less than 30 minutes!

This is an amazing and trending photo editing effect in Adobe After Effects CC.

In this class, I’m gonna show you how to convert your photos to awesome paintings and you will learn how to create fantastic animations from your paintings. This is an amazing effect we can create in Adobe After Effects.

We’ll start by adding a cartoon effect to our photos, then I will use some ink drop effects to reveal the photo, then you will learn how to create edge lines from your images, And also you can create awesome animations by those edge lines, you will learn how to use blending modes to create different variations of the cartoon effect, then we will create a nice vignette effect together, and finally, you will learn how to render your beautiful animation in Adobe After Effects.

Together we'll explore how I use a photo to create and convert it to an awesome painting effect. You can use this process with any photo and start creating your own amazing painting animations.

I can't wait to see what you'll create with this amazing painting effect!

So If you like to turn your photos to painting animations, Just CLICK THE ENROLL BUTTON now (, and I'll see you in LESSON 1 ;)


If you like to learn how to remove background from your photo you can watch this class:

Adobe Photoshop: Learn How to Convert Photos to Sketches




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Shahriar Hosseini

Motion Graphics & Animations


High-Quality Training: Motion Graphics & Animations



I'm here to create online video classes to teach you how to create awesome Motion Graphics, how to use After Effects to create Lower Thirds, Titles Animation, Visual Effects, Slideshows, Openers,... and other interesting video effects in Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and so on...

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1. After Effects - Course Content: Hey, everyone! And welcome to another video tutorial from video course center that's come in this video tutorial. I'm going to show you how to convert your photos toe are some paintings, and you will learn how to create fantastic animations from your photos. You don't in any prior knowledge off aftereffects to create this amazing painting effect, really start by adding a cartoon effect to our photos, then a bill you with some interrupt effects to reveal the photo. Then you will learn how to create edge lines from your emails on. Also, we can create our some animations by those edge lines. You will learn how to use blending modes to create different variations off the cartoon effect. Then we will create a nice vignette effect together on. Finally, you will learn how to render your beautiful and mission in ever be after tax. So if you like to turn your photos into amazing paintings and create a beautiful animation off them and roll now and I'll be see you in doesn't want thanks for watching and see you in the next video 2. After Effects - Convert Photos to Paintings - Part 1: Hey, everyone on. Welcome to another video tutorial from video course Center that calm in this video I'm gonna show you how to convert your photos to paintings. Andi, I hope you will enjoy watching this video tutorial. So without wasting time, let's jump into it. Okay, First of all, let's create a four K composition so from the menu and choose composition your composition . Oprah's console end for name. Enter painting set with 2 38 40 pixels for height. Enter to anyone 60 pixels for pixel aspect ratio. Choose escort pixels said frame rate to 30 frames per seconds on for duration and their 200 frames on for the background color. Select black. Okay, now I want to import my photo into aftereffects. So right click in Project Window and choose Import file or press Council I or you can double click in Project Window, and this will open import file window for us here. Let's like this photo and press import bottom. I recommitted to use a photo with white or bright background. If your photo doesn't have solid, bright background, I highly recommend you to watch are Photoshopped Video tutorial called it before the shop learn how to convert photos to a scarce. In that video tutorial, I will show you how to remove backgrounds from your photos. And so you can extract a character from a photo on. You can change the background color to whatever color you like. Okay, I'll just try to organize your after fix projects. So click on this, create in your folder bottom and rename it to amaze on Dragged the photo inside it. Okay, now, like this photo inside. Painting composition, as you can see or photo is to a small on, so it can't cover the whole composition area. So let's change the scale property a little bit to do that click here on this small arrow open transform. And here you can see their scale property. And now you can change their scale value. Or while this photo earlier is a fit selected press esc et load escaped property and also from the menu you can choose layer transform fit to come with or press control. Old chief edge. Okay, Now, as you can see, our photo covers the entire composition window. Okay, Great. Now I want to apply a cartoon effect to my photo, so select the photo in painting composition on Let's use these effects and preset panel. If you can see this panel simply from many, or choose window effects and percents or press Council five. Okay, now let's find cartoon effect. Yes, here's is to operate to the photo earlier. You can double click on it or drag it over the photo layer. Okay, now we have a nice cartoon effect for this photo, but let me change. Some properties toe have a better cartoonish results. So let's change detail radius to, for example, five. Let's increase details. Special to 100 in the food section change shading steps to 6.5 and chain shading a smoothness to 60. Now in the age section, Let's chance Special Toe 2.5 and also for Beth and their 2.5 and finally changed render option to feel okay. Now it's like the photo layer, right click and choose Rename option or simply, you can press the return key and rename it to feel color. Okay, now I want to import several videophiles with ink drop effect. So open project panel double click here and find inks Folder. Select all of these in videos and yes, Important. Okay, now drag them over these create a new folder button remit to inks. Okay, Now drag them on top of the field color layer. Okay. As you can see, these videos are smaller than our composition size. So let's change this guy property while these video layers policies like that press s key and increase the scale value or open layer menu and choose transform fit to come with. Okay, great. Now both of from zero. While the artist it's like that. Go to layer time Frieze on last frame. By doing this as against the after effects will add two key frames to each layer one at the beginning, on one at the end of each layer on. Then it will extend the layers to the last frame of the timeline. Okay, let me show you what happened here. Sorrow. The first with earlier for us. You key on your keyboard to load all key friends properties. And now, when I a scrub in timeline as you can see this ink drop effect, it starts from frame zero and it continues to frame 130 on after that frame. This widow will freeze on the screen, and we have it until the end off the timeline. Okay, for some of these videos, the last key frame is outside of our timeline. So let's find and drag them to the left. For example, For this ink number two, let's drag it to the left to find the last key frame. Okay, let's move it to the left. This problem happened through this ink number three as well. So follow the same process we're getting great on. Also, move the last key frame for ink number five on finally do it for video number six. Okay, now let's move. Some of these Lasky friends toe have them almost at the end off the timeline. Okay, so let all these video layers. And now I want to change the blending mode for these layers. So click on this. Tuggle searches modes bottom toe, open this mode and track matte columns here. Or you can right click on this nearer area and choose columns. Moats. Okay. While these layers honestly selected from more color killing on one of these job down menus and choose multiply option. Unfortunately, it's outside of my screen recording program now Now, let's hide these columns again. So right, Gary here. And Jews hide these Option. Okay, Now let's go to frame. For example. 150 10 off off these layers on. Turn on this ink number six. Okay, Now let's move this layer in the composition window to cover some parts off the photo. Follow the same process for other video layers and try to cover most parts of the photo by these in drops. If you see this edge, I recommitted to use rotation property to hide it. So porous Arche and transportation value to, for example, 180 for video number four. Let's rejected 180 degrees on. Put it here. Great. Now let's work on video number three. We can move it here on less press s key and increase their scale value to cover this section off the footer. Okay, let's do it again. Okay, Now let's move the second with earlier to this place. Okay? I'm increased a scale value a little bit on. Move it a little bit as well. Okay, great. And finally with all your number one that's traded here. Okay, Great. I didn't cover this section. off the photo intentionally because I'm gonna show you how to use to viewers side by side. Okay, Now let's go to frame zero. OK, select off the video layers on from many, or choose layer markers at marker or press the star key on your non pat. Okay, as you can see, if you have a marker on from zero at the beginning, off each layer. Okay, Now, let's add a few friends Officer to each video earlier. So we will have interrupt effects with a few friends. Offset. No. So, like all of them. And press Yuki and make sure these last key frames are still in term land. Area on before, friend to hundreds. Let's move some of these key friends. Okay, Great. Now, if I scrub in term land, you can see them with a few frames. Offset. Okay. And also, like all the video layers. Okay. I want to have them from frame zero. In fact, I want to extend them to the beginning. So old alky or option key on Mac on press. Left square. Bracket key. Okay, Now saw the first video earlier s crab in timeline on as against our video will assault from Frame 24. Okay, Now select all the video layers. Right? Click and choose for compose for the composition. Name. Enter inks on purse. OK, button now for this field color layer from track. McCollum's Jews. Loomer inverted. Matt. Okay. Describing timeline. Nice effect, isn't it? Okay, turn on these Tuggle transplants. Agreed bottom to see the transparent areas. Okay, Now we can change the background color for these compositions. So open competition settings window and change background color to, for example, Read a now turn off Tuggle Transplants Agreed Bottom. Okay, As you can see, when I go to the end off the composition, we have this transparent area here over the woman's face because this area didn't cover by the ink video layers. Okay, lets fix of this problem. So luck this composition window by clicking on this like butter from the menu. Choose view. New viewer operas control all shift. And okay, now they have to win those side by sight. Let's make them a little bit larger. Great. In the right window, click on this inks composition name and click on the window. Wants to update it. Okay. Make sure your time indicator is at the end off the timeline somewhere around frame 200. Okay, Now in the right window. I should move these video layers until we have a complete black A screen. OK, so select each layer, you can move them, scale or even retake them to cover the entire screen by black color. If you find some bread areas here on the left window, it means you need to scale, move or even rotate some video layers in the right window. Follow the same process until you make the entire skin black. You can import or duplicate more Vidalias here in time line if you need them to cover their screen. Okay, now I think our video layers have covered this screen with black color. We don't need this inks window anymore, so let's close it. Okay, now I want to add a background through this composition as seamless paper texture. You can download our emails and videos from Donald section of this video tutorial, so select images folder on from menu. Choose file import file or press council. I Open Media folder on import These paper. Similar sexual file. Okay, open painting composition on drag the paper taxer under the field color. Layer it. Return king and rename it to paper. Salo, the paper layer on lets him back a little bit. Okay. As you can see, this paper texture is taller than our compositions height, but it can't cover the entire screen. So selected are from the menu. Choose layer transform fit to come Height or press console out. Shift G. Okay. Now I want to expand these left and right off the paper texture to cover the entire screen . So from FX and present tunnel, find CC rapid child effect on while paper layer is this is like it that we click on these effect here in effect Council's panel. You can see the effect properties now increase expands right to, for example, 1000 and 200 then increased expand left property as 1 to 1000 and 200 again. And finally, for tiling options select unfold. Now we have a seamless paper texture on the screen. You can use this technique to expand a small textures on a big composition. Okay, now turn mouthy solo button. 3. After Effects - Convert Photos to Paintings Part 2: Okay. Now I want to duplicate this feel color layer so selected and from menu choose edit, duplicate or press council D. Let's rename it to edge lines. Make sure these edge lines layer is on top of the inks composition. Now from the menu. Choose Effect Effect Controls or press F three. Okay, let's change some properties here. For render option, choose edge increased detail radios to, for example, 40 on now. Decrease the detector shows value. Two. Change values faster. You can hold shift key and drag over this value field. As you can see. If you enter smaller values for detailed her short, it will have more airs on details. So for now, let's enter 20 for details trickled on in that section, enter to for with property. Okay, although having more details is great for this painting effect, but adding more heads, we create more masks. And so after fix needs more time and memory for calculating and generating ramp reviews for us. So let's change detail treasure value to, for example, 70. Okay, great now per compose edge lines layer for name. Enter edge lines comp on activate move all attributes option and then hits OK. Button now from Mort. Column Choose color burn item are fortunately it's out off the screen recording area, but you can see it here. Okay, now what? To make a separate lier to create an animation from this edge lines effect. So select edge lines come on from many or choose layer or to trace okay in this auto trace window. For channel drop down, select luminant for tolerance. Enter five vixens for minimum area. Enter 25 pixels said threshold to 25% on for corner roundness. Enter 25% as well. And finally, make sure this apply to new layer. Option is enabled. It takes a few seconds for after fixed calculate and generating masks. It depends on your details. Through short option, you entered in carton effect off edge lines layer. And also it depends on values in auto trace window. Okay, aftereffects created a new layer called auto traced edge lines camp now high. These edged science camp. It's like this auto trace layer, and as you can see, we have lots off mass shapes here. If you can see these masks shapes, maybe you're Tuggle mask and shape path. Visibly, the bottom is turned off, but showing these masks shapes can reduce your after fix performance speed. For now, we don't need them, so let's hike them on. Finally, let's change resolution. More to quarter to have faster purview in composition window. Okay, Why? These auto trace layer is a self selected in effects and present, and they'll find a scribble effect on drag it over. Auto trace layer. Okay, some of the earlier 10 on Tuggle transplants agreed Bottom to see this gray and white check board and hide the red background color. Now for a scribble effect, let's change some properties for the color property. Let's choose a dark brown color, so enter 400000 Okay, for a scribble property, choose all masks using modes. Item okay on for the free type, choose outside edge option. Okay, let's zoom in a little bit. Okay, Hold a space bar key and click and drag to pan in the composition. Okay, Now let's go to the frame. For example, 25 here in historic options section, let's change some properties, for example, for curving us. Enter 10 for Covenas of variation until five said s pacing to one enter to for spacing. Variation said. Path overlap to von Ahn for path overlap variation Enter to on. Finally for Biggles per second. Enter zero. Okay, now turn on Tuggle mask and shape half visibility bottom. As you can see here for each edge line, we have a mask shape. So if you have lots of is here, you will have lots off mass shapes as well that it can reduce your after fix speed. Let me show you how to remove some of unwanted edge lines. Off course. You can decrease some parameters in curtain effect on auto trace settings. Asthma. So select auto trace layer and press and key to load all masks shapes. Select one of them press control A to select all of them on. Then press these air button. Okay, lots off masks shapes here. The more complex edge allies you have, the more mass shapes will be created for you. So if you like, you can select some unwanted on the small details mask shapes and then find them in mask. Least select them and hit delete key to remove them manually. OK, now it's time to create an animation for these edge lines. So let's go to frame zero. And for this and property, enter zero and create a gift. And now go to frame for example, 100 change the end value to 100. Hopefully, aftereffects will create a key frame for us here automatically. Okay. Now, while auto trace layer is a six like that, press IKI to load all defects apply to the layer in this case, a scribble effort. Open it. And here you can see these two key friends now select both key friends, right click and choose key firm Assistant, Eazy E's or Pre's F Night. This will create a smoother animation for us. Now let's go to friends 100. So hold shift key and move your time indicator to snap it to the frame. 100. Okay, now I want to make a ramp for you. You can move these handle to the frame 100. But if you want to snap work area start handled two different. 100 quickly. Simply go to frame 100 press Beaky so our preview will play from frame 100. Now let's undo this action And to move this work area and handle to the frame 100 while your time indicator is at the frame 100. Simply press Anke. Okay, now let's ascribe in Timeline toe, Find out where our edge lines will appear for the first time. Okay, It takes a few seconds for after fix to calculate the auto trace lines. So be patience. Okay. I think they will be shown somewhere around frame 45. Yes, As you can see, here we have the edge lines around frame 47. So let's go to from zero and change these end value to 45. Okay, Now I want to see Iran purview between frame 0 to 100. So go to the review panel and click on this play and stop button. If you can see this preview panel from many or choose window review operas, control three. Okay, Now play the purview or compress zero key on your non fat. Also, you compress space for it. Depends on which shortcut is activated for your wrapper of you. Action. Okay, great. This is our animation we have created by these edge lines. Okay, Turn after solid water on for blending months. Select. Multiply option. Now let's see a new ramp review. Okay, great. Awesome. Okay, Now, let's make a better animation by adding offset to some layers and choosing are some blended malts. So let's go to friend 15. So, like, these feel color and inks composition. Now hold shift key and drag them to frame 50 or via your time indicator is over. Friend 50 press left square bracket key on your keyboard. Now move work area and 100 to the frame. 150 proceed. Rookie to see around Prevue. Okay, Nice animation. We have so far, But let's add more details now. So So, like feel color and inks composition for many which was edited the abdicate Let's go to Frame for example 90 Empress left escort bracket key To stop these to duplicate the layers tothis frame. Okay. To have a different ink drop effect, select the second inks Composition hits are key to load rotation, property and change petition value to 180 degrees. Okay, in operas s key on, unlike this uniform a scale bottom and change scale X to negative 100. Okay, So like the first field color layer on for blending mode, we can choose some of these amazing moments. For example, you can choose overlay okay and nice and awesome blended malt. Or we can choose, for example, saw Flight, another great blending moat. Also, we can choose this heart light mote. It shows more details off the layer. For now, I want to choose overlay mode. Okay, if the background of your photo is white or even a bright color for the second field color , you can use dark and mount, or you can choose, multiply or even color burn. It creates a nice, cartoonish effect. Also, you can select darker color or even heart light. It depends on you. Also, don't forget to test other blending mounts as well to find the best results based on your photos color. But I prefer to use multiply mode on. Let's press ticking toe open this capacity property and let's change the opacity to, for example, 90. Okay, and for the first free color, I prefer to choose hard light. And now let's change capacity to, for example, 25 or even a little bit more. 35. Yes, it's great. Double click on this work area bar to expand it to the last frame Okay. Now I want to create vignette effect to add another level of details to our animation. So from the menu, choose layer new salad or press council vie for the name. Intervene yet press this may come size bottom, select black color for the solid layer on finally pris o k button. Okay, now service layer. Activate these lips tool and advocating on it to add an ellipse mask. Shape to the salad layer. Let's zoom out a little bit. Now select this mask shape. If you can see this mask handles around your shape layer, you must activate these Tuggle mask button. Deborah, click unmask handles on now. Hold control and shift case and a scale mask shape uniformly. Okay, on, find the Liberace return key now Open mass properties on. Increase the mask further value to, for example, 500 and change the mass capacity to 40. And finally check this inverted option. Okay, Turn off this solo button to see the final result. Great. Okay, now we have finished our project. Now let's organize our project window. So select all the competitions here on drag them over the create a new folder. Bottom on. Name it two cups. Okay, now our animation is ready to render. So in the next video, I'm gonna show you how to render your animation in Adobe aftereffects. Thanks for watching and see you soon. 4. After Effects - Rendering: okay, we'll come back. I hope you have enjoyed watching this video tutorial so far in this video. I'm going to show you how to render your animation in adobe aftereffects. Okay, Now let me show you how to render this animation. So select painting composition on from many or choose composition at to render queue operas . Console em here in render setting section. Click on the best settings Option said quality toe best for the resolution option, you can choose full or even half. If each is full option, you will have a great file size. And also it takes longer time to render your project less use full for now and here in frame rate section, choose first item use comes from rate I mean 30 frames per second. OK, now for the out with modules, click under lossless option Informer Drop Down menu. You can choose one of these video formats. I prefer to use quick time. It creates high quality videos. Now click on format options. Bottom on for video Codec. Here we have several compressors. If you have H 0.264 I highly recommend you to use that compressor. It creates high quality videos with optimized on a small file size. But currently I don't have this compressor here, so I use this animation compressor. It creates a high quality video with a large fine size. Now, press OK button and finally in at boot to section. You can specify destination folder and choose a finance for your final video file. Okay, Next rule in painting composition work area start handle is unframed zero on work area and handle should be unframed to hundreds and finally opened. Render queue tab and press render bottom. It takes a few minutes to render so you can turn on your caps lock button to freeze the composition window of wild rendering process. This will reduce your render time a little bit. Now let's see the final results. Okay, great awesome animation. I hope you have enjoyed watching this video tutorial and I hope you learn new tips, tricks and techniques in adobe aftereffects on If you like to learn more about the after effects, I highly recommend you to visit our portfolio here. I'm sure he will find out some great video tutorials that will help you to enhance your skills in adobe aftereffects. Okay, if you find this video tutorial Helpful. Please don't forget to read it and live a review for this class. Thanks for watching. And I hope to have you in our other video tutorials as well. So see your sone having I stay on by.