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After Effects 2020 Adanced CLASS 1: Lower Thirds

teacher avatar Filip Gorzka

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (1h 18m)
    • 1. After Effects 2020 Advanced

    • 2. 1_2.Introducton

    • 3. 1_3.What the lower thirds are

    • 4. 1_4. Trim Composition

    • 5. 1_5. Animation

    • 6. 1_6. Color Control

    • 7. 1_7. Footage Organization

    • 8. 1_8. Lower Thirds 1 Position Effect

    • 9. 1_9. Lower Thirds 2 Shape Effect

    • 10. 1_10. Lower Thirds 3 Glow Effect

    • 11. 1.11 Lower Thirds 4 Stroke Effect

    • 12. 1_12 Lower Thirds 5 Mirror Effect

    • 13. 1 13 Lower Thirds 6 Fill Effect

    • 14. 1_14 Lower Thirds 7 Follow Me Effect

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About This Class

Adobe After Effects is a digital visual effects, motion graphics, and compositing application developed by Adobe Systems and used in the post-production process of film making and television production. Among other things, After Effects can be used for keying, tracking, compositing, and animation. It also functions as a very basic non-linear editor, audio editor, and media transcoder.

In this course you will learn all Adanced information that will help you to practice more your work with AE.

Class 1 is about designing Lower Thirds 

If you never work before with AE you can start with After Effects 2019 Basic School avaliable on my profile.

Good Luck

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Filip Gorzka


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1. After Effects 2020 Advanced : Hi. Have you ever dreamed about creating video footage at nice looking text or create special FX? I have a good news for you, discovers a special for you after effects is, well, no standard industry soft war that give you a lot of possibility to work with video video footage and create video presentation after effects is, well, no in the movie industry or, for example, for agency that specializes in advertisements. So if you ever want to work for some off those company, you are on the good way to go. I divided. This'll curse into two parts. The first part is the basic one, where you will learn a lot about the interface about the timeline I will teach you and show you what is the composition and how to set correctly or basic settings. There will be also some basic FX like text or mixing layers together. This would be everything in the basic, so if you never work with after effects, you should start from this part. I also prepare more advance parts for more advance user. So if you work before in after effects and you would like to learn something new about the camera tracking a mocha blocking or how toe end some three D objects to your sin discourse is exactly for you. What's more, there is a more and more interesting topic, like color Grady and color correction or, for example, how to create lower first. What's more, I will add a lot off New Chapter every week, so you will be able to learn more and more new things and use it in your everyday work. So there is nothing more I can add. Just start, do that. 2. 1_2.Introducton: so welcome one more time in after effects. A. But I was 19 and this time I would like to make you some presentation about this software. So after effects is a software it to create. It's mostly special effects for your movie. And from 2019 this software belong toe huge packets, which is called other be creative clout. A The beginning after effects Waas, developed by the company off Science and Art. And we have some version in history, and the first, in one, was developed by a company off science and art, and the version two was developed by Aldo's and from the version free. It's instantly developing by Adobe and what it's more before 2012. The full name Waas, after effects a CS and from Too Tired from 2012 The new name is after Effects CC, which is and mean a creative clout. So don't be creative clout. Offer four bucks. Ah, if we talk about the software so there is the photographing parked that include photo shop sissy and light from Sissy. For those people who have no light room is a poor version off photo shop, and it's of course much cheaper and it do not require so many knowledge. And there is also a single application, so it's mean that we can buy each off application separately. Unfortunately, we don't have possibility toe by its lifetime. We need to pay Teoh in a few different possibility, which I showed you in the video before. And there is also Creative Cloud, which means all in one, we buy all the baggage at once. And there is also the package, which is called All Ups Plus Adobe stock. And in this Beckett, we understand that we get creative clout and actors to the service, which offer Adobe, which is called Adobe Stock in the Adobe Stock Service. You can find a lot off useful image presets footage that we can bite and we can use normally in our work. Adobe creative clouds off a few different scategory. The 1st 1 is still image, so mostly work here with the image and the Reese, a photo shop, light room light from classic illustrator in Design and Dimension. Next, we have the baggage for video, and there is Premiere Pro After Effects and Premier Rush, and there is also a package for weapon, which is scored Acrobat Pro and Dream, Waiver and Spark and respected for animation. So the call for the software is animated character and animator fuse, and there is also some software toe convert, video toe other four months or, for example, toe organize work. So we have the bridge, which can help us in organize our files, Media Encoder, which is used to convert media from different form or the other. And there is also prote that we can insert in our video. So some metadata that we allow us in the future toe better work with our footage. And there is also one software which is very well known, very good, and two creates or Teoh Ah, edit our audio and the software is court audition. It's about this audition. It's work mostly like Premiere Pro for footage we don't create. Hear the music from the beginning because this is not software to develop the music, but it's rather software toe assembly, the music. And there is a one more section, which is for copywriters, and this software is called in copy. Okay, so the very often very swell question what are the different between after ethic and Premier Pro. So Aftereffects is software to create effects and premier pro East afterward. Toe assembly everything. So, for example, if you would like to add text for our footage off course, we can do it in both in after effects and in Premiere Pro. But it's easier, and it's give you more possibility to create a very nice to looking text in after effects. The same is with Assembly declared. So, for example, we can make some assembly in after effects and also improvement probe. But in Premiere Pro Pro, we'll do it much better, much faster. And there is much more user friendly interface about the competitors for after effects. So the biggest competitors er on the market for the after effect is nuke created by the founder. You can't aftereffect. They are both software, which are treated the standards in industry and some company use after effects. Other use new after effect. It's mostly used for agency that specializes in some advertisement. The new keys rather use for movie industry. There is also find out, cut a DaVinci resolve, Sony Vegas Pro a promotion or blender? Yes, I know that boundaries most used for modeling for D, but it has also possibility to create, if some FX for a two D video. So what are the base difference between after effects and the nuke? So, for after affair after effects workers a layer based. So it means that you create the layers like in photo shop it and the layer dart is on the top, it will be visible and all the layers that are under our became invisible. This is mostly how after effects work so you can assembly everything biting, masking core, other options that you will see in the curse. There is also one huge advantage for aftereffects. There is a lot off plug ins plug ins that we can divide into two difference. Category one. The plug ins are usedto make your work faster, and other category are. The plug is that are used to create additional FX. That would be very hard to do it without without it, with the standard stools in aftereffect, so practice. You can also buy Internet, or you can find some of them a za free because some fracking's are free to you, some you need to buy. And of course, some of the pregnancy are very, very expensive. And the New York is not based system. So it's mean that you create different note and after that you connect those no together we for footage. So it's mean that, for example, if you create some color correction, then you need you can just connect this note with different footage and you can them control, for example, color effects Onley in one note, and this wheel has impact for or the footage that are connected with the after effects, though come toe control, for example, color. You need Toko P there layer to the different footage, for example, after that is very hard to control all of them we for once bottoms or with one settings. And what is more important, the nuke is vory speeding hiss work. You can create really amazing footage with a lot off difference effects, and this work is very fluent and very, very fast. So this is why it's mostly used in movie industry. Okay, so I also prepare some screen on the left sites. You can see the layers from after effects, so, as you can see, there is a lot off layers and layers that are on top are visible. Everything that is under are invisible. With the new condo right side, you can see that we have the notes and those notes are connected together. And thanks to that, you can, for example, control with one notes a lot off footage at once. So this is also very interesting and very useful. So it depends. Some people like to work layers, other on notes. And, of course, the prices difference aside, remember, correct the new keys more expensive than aftereffect. So thank you for your attention and we can start it work with after effects. 3. 1_3.What the lower thirds are: and we are in the first class off aftereffect advance If you work before in video industry ProPublica hear a lot about the lower first. And the first chapter will be about this object objects that are use almost in every video presentation. They look like title with some information about the person and you can find it here, here, here, here. And if so, those example we will create. In this lesson, I will show you from the beginning how to create control colors, how to insert correctly the text and how toe add some nice special effects. So everything will be in this class. So let's get start toe work. 4. 1_4. Trim Composition: okay, before we start working with the lower 1st 1st I need to mention about some tips and tricks that really use in our project. And the 1st 1 will be through composition because maybe some of you don't know how it's worked. Okay, I just create the text. And I would both here some name and I will change the pretty awful. And I will also change the front. This time I really use the Antonio because it's quite interesting. Kind nice looking for okay. And the next I would just rename my composition toe text one, and I will and create the new composition with the name Lower 1st 1 and I will sport text one lower for its one, as you can see. And now we will create the next composition with the name textile. I would also input this text toe into the lower first, and then you put some name. This would be instructor and I will also at the same fund as before and in the lower courts . As you can see, I have to text and that if I would like to change position, I you can see that I change. Hold the Frank, and this would be quite problematic. So I will just drop it so I would choose Ragen. I said, like the name. I leave more space because there could be some people with the longer name eso they need toe possibility and them we select dream comp and now I we showed that the composition is with different resolution and the same I will do with the second. As you can see, it's easier toe crop and to move every thinking after reference so I wouldn't sell it. My phone group commiseration off interests. And again, you can see that now it is much easier to move the tighter in in my project because it's groped and this is a very useful and I will use these techniques in all lower first, that who will use in this project or in this exercise 5. 1_5. Animation: in this lesson, I will show the techniques how we will create the animation. I have ill undated in our lower parts so far. So I was starting composition HD TV with the standards resolution. And we also rename the composition in tow. Text one, honey. So this means that here we will have the animation for our text. Okay, so in tow, text one any I inside the text one and I will also trim it with the techniques that I shown you in the lesson before crop. Okay. And now it's quite easier. Okay. And now, because we are animation, I would create some animation also for these texts. So some key frames and this will be quite easy and standard position and move my text from bottom up. And what's more, I will also at is E. And I will just modify it, and it'll bit so I will just move it at the left site. Okay. And now you can see the transition is quite smooth and to the same with the second text. So you composition in text to any and I would just inside the text to composition and to this same some animation so position and I would also crop this text. Also remember toe crop or the composition because it will be easier and lighter and again position Eazy E for above key friends some ah, two week for our speed graph. And what's more, I will also a neighbor motion little for both a text and the same for next one. And let me see how this will look right now. Okay, because I assembly everything. So I need toe put it in the correct position and the secrecy. We have almost first lower forts created. So this time, if I would like to change any modification connected with animation, then I need to enter only toe the layer with any. 6. 1_6. Color Control: Okay, this time the other techniques. How to use one layer to control or the colors in your project. So, as you can see, I have the text and I can change the color here by going to the rare. And we've changing the font color. This is, of course, quite easy. But if you will get more and more layers than it will be very temple something. So this is I show you some methods auto color control. I create the composition and I'm just at a just layer and call or control effect. And now I'm going to the effects color control and I will duplicate and the coal or control four times. And I will rename it the first effect. Who will be named Text color one. I will just copied this name. And I will put the other one with two free and four. Okay, so we have cool or one and two. And I would also add lang color one and land color toe. I will change from adjustment layer toe colors and I would just roll up everything and I really change the colors for better identification later. Okay, so we have four different colors. And now I'm going back to text one. And I look for effort. We've named feel and Renai, right night. My fund has changed color into red. This is because standard Field has the red color. Now I will just make some modification by clicking out on keyboard and on clicking on this clock Taken that some more events expression. So I'm going to the project and I will just connect with warrant. They color the color control and this you can see color contra appear in our expression. Now I'm going to color control layer one more time and you will see that the layer escort color So I will just at dot Layer Brockett and I will put here a quotation mark and inside there will be colors. So this is name off our layers that I showed you before. A Okay, As you can see, there is something that we need toe at and there will be dot effect because we are interested in effect. Ah Brockett question Mark. And this time I will select text color one because this is the name I pulled before and that will open brackets Question Mark and I at a color. Okay. And now you can see that takes off. My color has changed and it is exactly the same as from Kohler Control layer. This means that I can now a change the color and only by changing the color in coal or control rare. This is much easier, much faster, And it will be also better. Is a little better result for people that will, for example, by our number. Ferguson would like toe use it to his own product. Right now we will say for this effect. So this will be named text color one. And right now I will change it into toe on and again, I will say for this presets my computer. I need to first select effects and we'll put here text, color, toe and save it. And the same will be with line one and lying toe. Okay, so we put the line color one and really save it. Also, there's a preset this time we'll use lying cooler one and save it. And the same with the last one. We flying color toe. So again I will just change it into two select effects and save animation presets. We've lying color toe and said OK, right now we have a report or the presets and then going toe again toe my texts and a play animation text color and the text color has change into this one from the color control layer for is a probably change into the blue and you can see that color from also changed. So this is very, very useful. Okay, I'm going to text one. I will select effort and remove it Right now I don't have any effort, so I will apply with my It's safe. Brie sets okay. And And we have finish color contra. So as you can see, this is a very good social and really use it in our lower efforts project. 7. 1_7. Footage Organization: and the last one important topic before restart is for the organization. Okay, so we are in the project and the standard tease the solids where we will put all the sort it then next, Well, at the previous and into pretty off orders will at free composition. The first will be composition with the name preview start, and them will put it into the pretty for their next composition will be called preview sequence and the last one who will be mine preview and I will put all of them into the solids. And now we are in mind for you and to the mind for you. I will inset Prevue start and preview sequence. And there will be also one other folder which is called lower first. And here we will put all the lower first inside this for their and or the lower for first will be individually in different for, like 123 and four. So right now I will select all the composition with lower 1st 1 and I will put it into the four there one. Okay. And now we have some organization for our working A project. What? It's more in the in the color Contra. I will change all the default colors. So and the 1st 1 and the second, I will just select the white and for line I will add yellow and for Lang color to the same . And there will be one more four there, which is called assets and to the assets will inside all the Xterra refined that will use for our lower birds. And now we are ready to create our lower efforts. 8. 1_8. Lower Thirds 1 Position Effect: So this time we will continue our lower efforts from the lesson before. And as you can see, we have the animation brought the animation back and tow Teoh beginning position. So I'm going to tow the 1st 2nd I would just copy the key frame. I will dress reverse on the key frame and you can see that right now the animation would look like our title will go away from our view. And so this is how it's look like. So this is quite simple and easy. Great. And the same with the second text. So we are in the firt seconds. I mean, just copied. If key franks have you just reverse the position and to their for second the last key frame . And this you can see. Right now we have the finished animation and you really see how this look together. Okay, this will look quite good, but if you will go step by step, you will notice that upper text will show earlier. This is because sometimes when you crop not correctly, no details them. You will have this issue and this is quite easy to fix. As you can see right now, we have some parts off the upper text, so we will move the lower text it by one frame. It did the right. Oh, okay. And now you can see that they're both working the same way on their started the same time. So this is how we fix it. And this is how it's look. Ah, Final. So it's look quiet. Nice. And in the next lesson, we will work with other lower efforts. 9. 1_9. Lower Thirds 2 Shape Effect: Okay, so now we are going to work with our second floor first. So we create the folder to and to create new composition, we've default settings, lower farts toe in the lower efforts to first, they will create the first text. It will be after effects and do toria after effects will be on board. Antonio is the front and the real set it in some position and to also create the shape layer. It will be simple rectangle with the e l o corner. Okay, something like this. I would move it a little bit. And now and we have the final ah presentation. Now I'm going to create some pre composed and text one any and text to animal Can't be composed for line one. So now we are in Texas, one any. And what you can do is the corrupt our presentation. And before that, we create also the composition for text one. Because if you want to change the text, then we need to go into text one. And here will be their crop and crop come to regional interests. Okay. And now we are animation position, Key frame for seconds and zero seconds. Would be Text out off our view on a key frame is the them. We are going toe. Ah, for seconds. I'm just copy. Key frames keep from assistance time. Reverse key frames. So there, move out. Also remember toe at motion blur and for tutorial were also crop the region off interests and the same position. The first we need to create text to one composition for changing the text. A position in the zero. It will be out for a second Key frame assistance Gopi paste keep from assistance time. Reverse key frames. Off course is E with two Weiqing the same tweaking for text one. Okay, so we move it to the left and the right. Okay. Emotion blue for takes. One animal text William. And this is how it's looked like. Okay, so now we are in lower first and we said that the correct position for our texts and lying one for line one. We also make some animation. You can do it directly in the a lying one animation or you can also create the pre composed . This is because, for example, toe change your shape. But in this situation, we are still being the line one any. And we create animation so and the anchor point, we must move them can point scale and the scale will be from zero upto 100. And as you can see, I unchecked the chain because I want to scale only in one direction. GOP different time. Reverse is the and we are in the find out a symbol. Okay, change the position and it's a great and we can see how it's looked like. So the text will appear and we'll disappearing in the few seconds. Okay, one more Think he's toe crop. Everything okay, s So now we are ready toe at our presets for color and for texture and for shapes. So we select our first on text after effects and we applied the presets. So we're going to apply animation and really just x color one and the same with the second text animation apply animation, precept, text, color toe and the same of the line. We said like the shape apply line color. Okay, so now we have finally my tower. Ah, second Ah, lower forts. And now we are going to mind preview. Then we are going toe preview start and we at lower efforts to Okay, We said the correct position for the first lower one and the for the 2nd 1 OK? And this you can see preview start will show all the lower efforts at the same time. And in the preview sequence, each lower efforts. We'll start one by one. So the first we'll start and we'll end and the second will start after the first will be finished. What's more, we need to also group this one, okay? And we just move on the timeline. The second lower effort. Okay, we are going toe for seconds and then the second Lawford's will appear and this is carried to look like in the next lesson, the next lower first. 10. 1_10. Lower Thirds 3 Glow Effect: this time I'm gonna show you how to create more advanced Lower Fourth. This would be lower for its free. So we create. So for others, a new composition. The name lower Fourth free. Okay. And we added to our forger. And next I'm gonna add some tighter. This with emotion design there, City. I mean, look. And the name of the instructor. Okay, so we have the correct position in the phone about babies on the size for 100 and then we create the new shape layer, and I will create toe rectangle, the higher one and a smaller one. Okay. And now we're going to create recomposed so there will be and text onion on the 2nd 1 takes , honey. Okay, we have pre composed on. We are in the name. So ASUs usual ous before we need toe the presets on the pre compose and a cropper toe the correct size. So far. So we're going toe crop home to regional interests. Apply animation. Preset school one and the same with the motion designed. That group. Andi at the preset animation. Okay, on the play animation presets. So now we are ready, and we need to assemble everything. Okay, Now we can forget on our shape layer. So first we create recomposed and at some effect, And maybe we're going toe one second for the position On and four seconds we moved. Just keep friends. 10 verse. Okay, so this is how they work. Off course of motion and the okay, it is e. We are too weak. The speed. Okay. And this how it's looked like. And it's going back. So this flu really good. Okay, So this is our final in view and we create the pre composed on the same for the second rectangle. All the same steps. The 1st 1 is the position. We need to adjust it maybe more. Okay. It is where you should be. OK? And for for two seconds, keeping time. Reverse is a E and tweaking the speed. Gruff. Okay. And we are ready. Most include off course, and this courage look like so you can see that the effect will be a quite nice. So now we're going it work with the shape we at the echo, echo or echo to it depends a disaffected. We lead to the shape and the same with gradient rump I would just elected the yellow cooler as the first and second. Also, it will be more orange. And we need to set where the Grand and Trump will start. On the top. On on the both. Okay, on we've echo set this value zero minus 0.2 21 in. You know 0.91. This? Yes. You can see now it's work Small. We were also at the globe or glow to it depends. What's version of after effects you have. Okay. As you can see, it's look quite nice, okay? And we need to do the same for the second shape. Your leg. Okay, So for the second composition, with fast second shape, we'll do the same. We just copy all the FX from the 1st 3 player on added to the 2nd 1 Okay. And now we are ready. So now I would like to make some modifications that the title will show after the yellow direct anger will go to the end. I can dough this with the I'll for might ah, option. So Ah, let's find Okay, let me find the animation. So maybe I will go just toe one. Okay, I moved just the layer. So now, as you can see, it's look quite nice before we are going next. I must mention about the plugging for after effects or the scripts because it is impossible to duplicate layer in after effects, because when we create duplicates and we will make some modification, this will have impact for or our life. So then we need to you some free scripts, which is scored through duplicate er on. We selected the first layer and we are going toe installed the script, so we start scripting after effort me to goto file scripts on it, the script and off. When you do this, you really see the new scripts in the file. So they're going toe filed. I'll script and through layer duplicate er. This script will duplicate everything and make it independence. So now I just duplicate laying. I will change the name to the mate on I'm going in sight, and this is why we need to duplicate because I really remove or the effects. So without, through duplicate of scripts, I will remove ethic for other layer also. So right now I'm going toe change the position off anchor point to the right side, and I really used the scale. Okay, so this is the position toe to second and just, um, modified the scale off this shape. So this is how it's look without end with this shape. So it will go to the right, and later it will go back to the left and the same for the second shape through a duplicate . Er, I need to go inside and meet toe might and we're going to the insights and I will remove or the effects and re scale it first income point to the right. Then we need to remove for all the effects. Okay, so now we have the scale on the FX, and right now we can use this shape layer s our might, so we need to move it down. And we need to go to the text one or text to and drug, say toe for mate. And the same would text one for might. And now you can see that the text we appear only if the shape would go the right end will disappear when shapes go to the left. So this is very nice and easy techniques toe mosque for example, the text and the final results look very, very a good. Okay, so now we're going to mind Preview to the preview start and we will add the second lower efforts and the same in the sequence On the for To lower lower efforts. Three will be on the right site. Okay, on were sited in the preview sequence. So this is how the lower fourth spree will look like and it's look really, really good. 11. 1.11 Lower Thirds 4 Stroke Effect: Okay, so this time the next type off lower efforts. I really some shapes also here. So we'll start with the text on the phone. It will be good. Electro mentioned that if you add more and more funds to your system them your windows were start longer. So remember to remove all phones from your system that are useless, or you and you will not use them anymore in the future. So this is good advice. Toe have only necessary phones. So I will put it in the middle. And this second ah, fixed. It will be done name. And this time I'm gonna add ah, copying phoned together with board. And we'll at also in your soul it it will be yellow. Okay. And now I will just throw the light. So the lion goes here, here, here. And okay. Now I will just move the text Re clue on the left. Oh, no. Okay. And I will add the stroke effect for my line and there will be a brush size five hardness 79. Okay, so this is how work final composition will look like. Now I'm gonna make some pre composed for the text text one onion on a text, William. And of course, separately, Composition for text toe one. And for next two. And of course. And we need to grow up our text and we are going to 1st 2nd and there would be animation for position. A key frame ski from assistance is in. Okay, maybe I be a little spit up it two seconds. And from the 1st 2nd I will copy the key frames. And now it's look quite good. I also on a motion blur and maybe with tweak in the tradition way Ah, our speed, gruff. And we can apply our preset for the color and the same for motion designed recomposed xto group. Okay, now the same animation position position will start outside our ah black books on a Hopi key frames from assistance that reversed week for speed graph motion. Okay, so this is how it to look like and we apply text Colotto so and now we work with our stroke s. So I might be I really name it into stroke. Recompose on it will be stroke and and for the stroke, no way will use the dream effects. Okay, so now we are in recomposed. So we are going. Ah, deferred seconds stroke. But start on here. The start would be for 100. And as you can see, it's work. But it's work in reverse, so we need to reversed the direction. So we will work with the end this time. So it will be zero and 100 after seconds. Motion blur. Okay. And now this is our final A composition. We need toe. Assemble everything together. Okay, Motion Little We would be here. Okay. And this is how it so look like. And now I would like to start motion for my text when the stroke will heat exactly a specific place. Okay. And the same with the second fixed when the stroke start and them appear the text. And OK, so this look quite nice, but we need also to reverse our shape on the way. Copy. Key frames. Is he time reverse? So now it's work. Great. So after when this heat 67 17 never were second text will start to height. Okay. Might be okay. And the same situation we've our first, ext. We need to address Move it here. Okay, so now you can see that it's work quite good and this is the final result. And of course there is one more think that we need to do is screw up or the lower efforts on this how it so look like and off course we need toe make some modification for said the color for our stroke because already we have some process. Unfortunately, those presets are work on Lee for feel. But here we have the stroke. So we need to create the new preset for this situation. So we are going toe color and we connected with color control and we need toe add to expression. So parliaments. So we start that Ah layer and in the layer we will put colors and them we are in effect, Andi, in the effect we need toe set, we need to set line color one and there would be also ah, color. And now we are ready. So when we just change the colorful line color one, This will also impact on our stroke right now. So we say the presets and the process will be safe to the stroke Cooler one and you can save it. And now a were work without any problem. So if I will change the color for lying that this will also have seen packed for our stroke . And this is how our final composition look like. And we need to add our lower efforts. Let them ah, preview sequence and off course toe the preview start, and maybe we can just reduce the scale. Okay, so we have finished our rover farts for 12. 1_12 Lower Thirds 5 Mirror Effect: Okay, so the next lower efforts. Ah, we will start with the text and I will just select the phone B bus and I will enter motion designer off course. If you if you want to get have better precision how to set this text on your screen, then you can to run proportional greet or guides depends what is better for you. And And there would be also the second text with the name and this front will be bold. Maybe we will just spread it a little. Okay? And we will set it in our composition. Okay, as you can see, the emotions, injuries on bottom and the name is on the upper. Okay, so right now I will divide my name into two different text. So the name will be separately and discerning this thing. It will be desperately as a separately layer. So now we can control both of them individually. I will just set some line. Okay? And now, as you can see, if somebody ah have longer name them, the letter will go to the left and the same with discerning about this time. Because we have a line to the left the next letter will appear on the right side. Okay, Maybe I will just close them a little one. Okay, so now we can aim. Prepare pre composed for each layer. So there will be a text free any and inside. There will be text free and also grope as usual. Okay. And the position of the animation will be in that position. So the zero seconds on deferred key frame is the and off course there will be. Also, the text will go back. So time reverse and motion lower and little tweaking off our speed graph. And the same we've other text. Okay. It's look quite nice. Okay, So you can fix the position and the same with the next one. So pre composed Text one and him recomposed text one group. Okay. We need to leave more space on the left sites for their longer name. Okay. And the same. There would be full animation position. So outside. Okay, it's look quite nice. Maybe we can a little beat up this text because I ah, short name them. It should be quicker. Is the three second time reverse and tweaking the speed graphics Usual. Okay, so it's also look good and the position. And with the last layer so fixed free any pre compose text free grope? We've the we need to leave some space on the right side. This time group position we go to the If you've been framed position outside on the same with beginning time Reverse is e in motion blower as usual. So time reverse right now them Celik or And wicket in this pit gruff. And we said the correct position. Okay, so now I will find out and efforts look like this And we need toe also change the back animation for upper text because I would like, for example, toe motion designer first disappear and after dead and their name and this army. So we are going to hit the time where motion designer just disappear. And after that we go to text one animal just we need to move our key franks and the same We've take store off course we have ah, the issue with the name. So we need to rename the middle layer And first we will apply the text color one. Okay, so we need to rename it to toe textile. Okay, so now it's OK and he reapply animation, preset text color too. And we can do the same with the free. But we don't have right now the present for free. So you can do it manually by creating a new preset or dress copy and one preset entry. Name it in your computer and them applied to the motion design there. And now this cow, our final efforts look like So right now we can go to the mind preview and we can add the lower for its five on the right side and to the produce sequence, and we'll need toe. Okay, move it here and to the right side. Okay? And we are done. 13. 1 13 Lower Thirds 6 Fill Effect: okay. And the lower 1st 6 this time of the field effects. I already have some text with a name and we've taken emotion design there. I would just create the pre composed for text one any and be composed for text toe any Okay , So insight we create text one apply animation effect takes colored one and the same for the second text and crop. As usual, we leave some space on the right side crocked, Ragen off interests. And now we create new shape, layer, and as a shape layer, I will create this color and I will fill it with the text. And then I will just move shape layer to the bottom in said toe Alfa inverted and you can see that has some efforts with their shapes. Now I'm going to 1st 2nd position, and I will move the shape layer left. A key frame is e on. Who? I'm going to the three seconds and time reverse. Okay, so it's look quite nice, but we need toe sweet. The difference. Okay, so I would like toa and go my shape. Their the right side. No, to the left. So instead, off time reverse. We need to manually at that position. Okay, I will add this text on the top and the same with the motion designer new shape, layer and the field call. Or this thing would be green shape, flair and the text do as a composition and apply the text color. And now we can crop the motion designer, and it's done okay and feel color for the sape and remove the shape layer to the bottom. And are if I inverted the same end. Of course, animation with position, cell position, left sites, easy motion lure. And ah, for second on animation. The right side. Okay, so let me see how it's looked like on the whole. And of course, we need to just moved emotion design there it will lower. Okay, so now I'd like toe to a kit. I would like to change the animation time and I would like to make that the blue will appear first them the gri one. Everyone will disappear on at the end. Blue shape layer will also disappear. So we need to go on our timeline and move the ah blue shape, layer and crop off course everything. And now you can see that we have done it correctly. So we are going toe produce sequence and move. Ah, our lower for six. And the same in the main preview. Okay, so we need to move it to the left up corner and we are done again. 14. 1_14 Lower Thirds 7 Follow Me Effect: okay. And our last lower efforts. This time we will use lower efforts for our instagram accounts with that well known tighter court. Follow me So, as you can see, I have Instagram logo here on his roof extension PNG. So this means that when I switched to the Bagram to you notice that this local east transparency this is because I have used being G format that allowed me toe at some transparency. And maybe at the beginning, Campbell just scale it a little bit and we'll add the text text will be standard. So on the top, we will follow me off course I will edit. Maybe he'll And in the blow I will add the symbol yet and my name on Instagram. So you can also follow me there. So my name is Philip Designer and I will change the font Maybe into returning or errors Bold eitc and I will add the bolt effect. Maybe we'll just put it here and off course I will scale my Instagram Icahn or local Okay, this is how our lower for to look like. So now I can add the pre composed text one ending and recomposed for text one. And I would apply the text color one and the same. We've textile, but now we will crop it. And at the position, Uh, it would be it'll cames from the right sites and to get way together with Izzy And Okay, so I would move the 1st 2nd and end time reversed together we've Is he and the speak graft Weiqing. So a suitable just at the left and right side. And that you can see this is how it's looked like. And the same we've my name recomposed xto any and also text to I plied text Colotto and off course crop motion lure and animation with position. Okay, so now we're going to the zero seconds outside from our area. Key time reverse. Easy ing and speed graph tweaking. Okay. And to the right. Okay, so they left the let's I and right to the right side. So this is how it's look like. And it's Rube. Quite nice. And for local pre compose And there will be a log one any. Okay. And for our logo, there will be also the position. So we are going to the 15 friends now to the zero. Okay, the position outside motion, Blore. And of course, for a second. And then reverse now. Ah, is e And of course, big graph tweaking. So I left and the right, This is how it looked like. And it's broke myself. Then we need toe assembly. Everything South Learning will be here and 402 left sites. Okay, maybe I just move. It hated one on our time line. Okay, so now we see the whole logo. Them we can just a line our text it A Okay, So what's more, you can see that I need to tweak it. And now they are both meet at the same time. Okay, so this is cause look like and we crop it. And now we are going to the mind preview. And in the preview sequence at the end, I will our last lower efforts and this will be located on the right corner and the same with the You sequenced the right the corner. Okay. And now we are ready with our mind preview and we've our sequence purview. OK, so first we have the preview start. We've all the and lower farts. And after that, we have and have preview sequence where each of them step by step are shown to the customer . Okay, So as you can see, we have created seven types off lower fourth. I will also dream work and we are done with Ah, well, lower fart. So police remember only toe organize correctly or your file on the left side. Because if you want a toe a cell, for example your projects to the client, then many shops, many online shops that offer possibility to sell your digital project. We also checked if your organized fight are corrected because customer, if they bite, they want toe have very fast and easy access. The wake some a basic A modification like change, text or color. So this is very important. And also remembered toe create a simple but elegant, slower fourth because those are the most common in the self. So people mostly look for over first to company, and those lower first should be simple, elegant and fast. Okay, so this is everything about lower foot