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After Effects 2019 Basic CLASS 1: Introduction

teacher avatar Filip Gorzka

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. After Effects 2019 Basic

    • 2. 1_1.Instalation

    • 3. 1_2.Introducton

    • 4. 1_3. Interface

    • 5. 1_4. Composition

    • 6. 1_5. Create Composition

    • 7. 1_6.Missing footage

    • 8. 1_7.Keyboard shortcuts

    • 9. 1_8.Preferences

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About This Class

Adobe After Effects is a digital visual effects, motion graphics, and compositing application developed by Adobe Systems and used in the post-production process of film making and television production. Among other things, After Effects can be used for keying, tracking, compositing, and animation. It also functions as a very basic non-linear editor, audio editor, and media transcoder.

In this course you will learn all Basic information that will help you to start your work with AE.

If you already know AE you can start with After Effects 2020 Advanced School avaliable on my profile.

Good Luck

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Filip Gorzka


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1. After Effects 2019 Basic: Hi. Have you ever dreamed about creating video footage at nice looking text or create special FX? I have a good news for you, discovers a special for you after effects is, well, no standard industry soft war that give you a lot of possibility to work with video video footage and create video presentation after effects is, well, no in the movie industry or, for example, for agency that specializes in advertisements. So if you ever want to work for some off those company, you are on the good way to go. I divided. This'll curse into two parts. The first part is the basic one, where you will learn a lot about the interface about the timeline I will teach you and show you what is the composition and how to set correctly or basic settings. There will be also some basic FX like text or mixing layers together. This would be everything in the basic, so if you never work with after effects, you should start from this part. I also prepare more advance parts for more advance user. So if you work before in after effects and you would like to learn something new about the camera tracking a mocha blocking or how toe end some three D objects to your sin discourse is exactly for you. What's more, there is a more and more interesting topic, like color Grady and color correction or, for example, how to create lower first. What's more, I will add a lot off New Chapter every week, so you will be able to learn more and more new things and use it in your everyday work. So there is nothing more I can add. Just start, do that. 2. 1_1.Instalation: Okay, so our training will stop from downloading calf terrific and install it on our PC. So we condone along Teoh software from adobe dot com and on the website we need to search for after effects in discourse. I will use the after effects a 2019 and from the link you can download it. And when you entered the website, you have the free tree away button on the top right corner and we can click on it. After that will be redirected their new website with tow possibility. On the left side, you can see that you can instantly start toe down around the only after effect, and on the right side you have option toe. Donald. Creative Cloud elapse on the Left sites you have US information world is included, step by step tutorials, 100 cloud store on profile website and premium forms. On the right side, you have information that in creative clouds, you also get after effects. Prem Eun, Photo shop audition, premiere pro and character animation and more. And what's more, on the bottom side, you have the price that you can pay by month. In the $21 is only for after effects and 52.19 nineties. Four whole creative clout. And here we start with on the after effect, you need toe insert here, your in my address and from the right side you need toe select and what's will be your plum for bay. And you have monthly monthly plan where you can pay each month in war plan where you buy every three or four months and the last one ease. If you want to buy the whole Bryce for the whole year, so it depends what you are. Interesting. You can truce some off this A because it depends from your company or from your needs. Okay, and the results information that the first week is for free. So after that, we need to plead toe, continue toe down onto the software. There is also one more option you can and down the offline installer from in from adobe dot com, and you can I don't want it with your East other. So here we need to do the language and the localization off our installation. I recommend toe use the four to localization, and after that you need to click to continue on this blow bottom on the bottom and in the next lesson, we will start with working with after effects. 3. 1_2.Introducton: so welcome one more time in after effects. A. But I was 19 and this time I would like to make you some presentation about this software. So after effects is a software it to create. It's mostly special effects for your movie. And from 2019 this software belong toe huge packets, which is called other be creative clout. A The beginning after effects Waas, developed by the company off Science and Art. And we have some version in history, and the first, in one, was developed by a company off science and art, and the version two was developed by Aldo's and from the version free. It's instantly developing by Adobe and what it's more before 2012. The full name Waas, after effects a CS and from Too Tired from 2012 The new name is after Effects CC, which is and mean a creative clout. So don't be creative clout. Offer four bucks. Ah, if we talk about the software so there is the photographing parked that include photo shop sissy and light from Sissy. For those people who have no light room is a poor version off photo shop, and it's of course much cheaper and it do not require so many knowledge. And there is also a single application, so it's mean that we can buy each off application separately. Unfortunately, we don't have possibility toe by its lifetime. We need to pay Teoh in a few different possibility, which I showed you in the video before. And there is also Creative Cloud, which means all in one, we buy all the baggage at once. And there is also the package, which is called All Ups Plus Adobe stock. And in this Beckett, we understand that we get creative clout and actors to the service, which offer Adobe, which is called Adobe Stock in the Adobe Stock Service. You can find a lot off useful image presets footage that we can bite and we can use normally in our work. Adobe creative clouds off a few different scategory. The 1st 1 is still image, so mostly work here with the image and the Reese, a photo shop, light room light from classic illustrator in Design and Dimension. Next, we have the baggage for video, and there is Premiere Pro After Effects and Premier Rush, and there is also a package for weapon, which is scored Acrobat Pro and Dream, Waiver and Spark and respected for animation. So the call for the software is animated character and animator fuse, and there is also some software toe convert, video toe other four months or, for example, toe organize work. So we have the bridge, which can help us in organize our files, Media Encoder, which is used to convert media from different form or the other. And there is also prote that we can insert in our video. So some metadata that we allow us in the future toe better work with our footage. And there is also one software which is very well known, very good, and two creates or Teoh Ah, edit our audio and the software is court audition. It's about this audition. It's work mostly like Premiere Pro for footage we don't create. Hear the music from the beginning because this is not software to develop the music, but it's rather software toe assembly, the music. And there is a one more section, which is for copywriters, and this software is called in copy. Okay, so the very often very swell question what are the different between after ethic and Premier Pro. So Aftereffects is software to create effects and premier pro East afterward. Toe assembly everything. So, for example, if you would like to add text for our footage off course, we can do it in both in after effects and in Premiere Pro. But it's easier, and it's give you more possibility to create a very nice to looking text in after effects. The same is with Assembly declared. So, for example, we can make some assembly in after effects and also improvement probe. But in Premiere Pro Pro, we'll do it much better, much faster. And there is much more user friendly interface about the competitors for after effects. So the biggest competitors er on the market for the after effect is nuke created by the founder. You can't aftereffect. They are both software, which are treated the standards in industry and some company use after effects. Other use new after effect. It's mostly used for agency that specializes in some advertisement. The new keys rather use for movie industry. There is also find out, cut a DaVinci resolve, Sony Vegas Pro a promotion or blender? Yes, I know that boundaries most used for modeling for D, but it has also possibility to create, if some FX for a two D video. So what are the base difference between after effects and the nuke? So, for after affair after effects workers a layer based. So it means that you create the layers like in photo shop it and the layer dart is on the top, it will be visible and all the layers that are under our became invisible. This is mostly how after effects work so you can assembly everything biting, masking core, other options that you will see in the curse. There is also one huge advantage for aftereffects. There is a lot off plug ins plug ins that we can divide into two difference. Category one. The plug ins are usedto make your work faster, and other category are. The plug is that are used to create additional FX. That would be very hard to do it without without it, with the standard stools in aftereffect, so practice. You can also buy Internet, or you can find some of them a za free because some fracking's are free to you, some you need to buy. And of course, some of the pregnancy are very, very expensive. And the New York is not based system. So it's mean that you create different note and after that you connect those no together we for footage. So it's mean that, for example, if you create some color correction, then you need you can just connect this note with different footage and you can them control, for example, color effects Onley in one note, and this wheel has impact for or the footage that are connected with the after effects, though come toe control, for example, color. You need Toko P there layer to the different footage, for example, after that is very hard to control all of them we for once bottoms or with one settings. And what is more important, the nuke is vory speeding hiss work. You can create really amazing footage with a lot off difference effects, and this work is very fluent and very, very fast. So this is why it's mostly used in movie industry. Okay, so I also prepare some screen on the left sites. You can see the layers from after effects, so, as you can see, there is a lot off layers and layers that are on top are visible. Everything that is under are invisible. With the new condo right side, you can see that we have the notes and those notes are connected together. And thanks to that, you can, for example, control with one notes a lot off footage at once. So this is also very interesting and very useful. So it depends. Some people like to work layers, other on notes. And, of course, the prices difference aside, remember, correct the new keys more expensive than aftereffect. So thank you for your attention and we can start it work with after effects. 4. 1_3. Interface: Okay, so this time we start with interface. When you first start after efficacy will get the home off a window. And this is the window where on the left side, you can start your home or since settings. If you have the account on Adobe Cloud, you can sense it here and there is our substrate. To start the new project, Opara, open your existing project under its also option to a new team project and open team project the team project also work if you have darkens on Adobe Cloud and you can exchange the information from your file between other people that you cooperate with so this window will open every time you will start your after effect. Okay, so now we will close it. And this you can see here we have the mind window off our after effects software. So in the center you have to mind button toe starting composition or new composition from ah footage. This is also a new option and this is whole or the window that you can see are set as a different. So every time you will start after effects on other PC or as a fresh Estelle this localization off window will be your 80 foot. So every time if you change something in the window, you can back to the ah, beginning and ordering those well, be setting again in the same localization as you can see right now so you can see that this is called default on the left sites. We have the mind window, which is called Project. Into this window we loaded or our footage or image on the bottom line. We have timeline where we can switch in time on our footage that we can lot from our project and this to Windows. Timeline in Project will be or my knee, and you will mostly use all of them. Everything that will appear will appear in this center window where you can start your composition on the right side, you can see that there are a lot off bookmarks or shortcuts. You lose it to start with some effects on the top, you can see or standards many like violated composition layer and many other that you would also use during your work. And below is the first and mind Tober, and here we have the most common function that will also use. And in ST Off the Fort option, we can also sweet toe other workspace that are dedicated to some work. So, for example, the 1st 1 he's learn when we switched to learn you can see that we have a new windows settings and on the left side's we have some basic information for our off. Terrific. The next one is the standard one, so standard this little difference from default in this will set your window in different positions. Next, we have small screen. This is mostly used, for example, for laptops because atoms has smaller a screen, and there is also libraries. So with the libraries you have fast taxes or toe or your file or composition that are located. They'll be stock or another, be econs if you have it. And when you click on this arrow, you have more work, spice like or partners. So right now you can see or the panels from the right side. You have work space dedicated only for creating Imation's, so we have all their necessary windows open for animations, essential graphics. So this is mostly when you will work with some graphic. There is also other works price bought mostly for discourse. I will use the default here, for example. We have telemetry scopes that are usedto correct. The colors, the next are for FX, the minimal if you only needs order necessarily in those in the paint. For example, toe draw something and for creating text. And there is also one more motion tracking, tow truck or the animation on our footage. So we have also workspace dedicated only for the's works, and we have also add it workspace where we can't make some modification in existing work spice, and you can add or remove some windows. Okay, so well, back to our default and assume I noticed we can change the organization off between dough by our Selves, which is very easy and intuitive. Everything will go just with the mouse. So when we left click on our windows, for example, that we sell it, for example, the project and we'll hold the mouse, you can see that we can change the position, and when we heat the mouse and keep it hold, we can switch it toe different or snap it toe different edge. So, for example, here unless you can see we have protecting the middle one and the rest of the windows has been automatically rece ice. We have also possibly to rest it too safe. Lay out our workspace. Safe changes to this workspace or safe as a new workspace are also edit existing core experts. So, for example, I will save this works price as a new one. And I will say it is the one I click. OK, and every time I'm go toe windows workspace, I will get the one. And if I will switch to other workspace, I have always possibility to back toe my safety workspace that for example, I prepared to my work every time you can rest it to your devote a personally, I don't switch much between workspace. I don't use my Safed. I mostly used the default and the same will before hold the cars 5. 1_4. Composition: Okay, This time I'm gonna talk about the composition in a terrific So every time you would like toa lot are, insert any of your footage image or five. You need to first create the composition, so toe any file. You can use the import, or you can use rock and dropped from your windows and you can with the most. You can input all your files directly into the project. The project is the one with the where you can insert anything and from your PC, and when you right click in the project, you have also optioned toe. Create new composition about dysfunction. I will talk in the next lesson, but there is also a possibility to create new further. So, for example, if you create new for their it's working the same way as in your PC computer. You can, for example, change the name and the folder and insert any other fight. You can also create new, other be Photoshopped file because after effect, very good cooperate. We've adobe photos up, and there is also possible to create the maxim cinema fortified because cinema eyes also worried software to cooperate with after effects in a few months or so, the model will be added here, but this is still no confirmed information. But if you know cinema, it is very good because they work really awesome. You can also import single file more people file. You can also import anything from your libraries from Adobe and Count. So, for example, from this bookmark on the right side and there is sort of pursuit to import any file from Adobe Premiere Pro Project directly into after effect and after Mike, any changes in Premiere Pro, it will automatically appear in after effects. You can also import other project that has been my teen after effects. This is also very useful, and you can also lot vanishing point Eventually point you can create, for example, in photo shop toe create, for example, surface that will be in the same positions as, for example, war on the building can. After that, you can rot this vanishing point into our traffic, and this is very good. If you want to place anything, for example, on building, you can also create their placeholder. Placeholder is something which is called missing name or missing file, and this missing file is created specially because now you can use this fight into your footage into your project. And when you are done, you can replace thes missing name This missing file with your finally project, for example, there could be situations that you create the project but don't have. Finally A. For example, record some project with the physical camera so you can start toe work with your existing, and at the end, you can also brought your final footage. There is also perceive it to create the soul. It's sort. It's our, ah, the frame, or it's the still image with some colors, so very often you will need some background. Then you will use. It is solid. It was a solid color to create. Ah, some image, and as you can see, you can also broken. Drop it any file from your computer window directly into the A project, you need to wait for a few seconds until it will be incorrectly loaded. Now I was skeptical of them and I will removed. So now we have footage. The footage Easy, straight clip that will be used toe our final work and after effects can rot a lot of different type of extension like MP four way our view, Manny Militaries really a lot of possibility and we can drag this footage directly into our timeline. And when I rock it and drop it with my most eight will appear on the right side. So this means that we are in the mind composition and this compositions right now has only one file. This file is directly from the GoPro s. You can see instead off my footage there has Bean also created the composition. As you can see, the composition is with different icon and this composition right now include only one file and I can a lot also a lot of different. And when I double click on my food that you can see that right now I am in the footage GoPro Editor. So this means that I can make some edits and some modification for my footage before I will use it in my final work, for example, I can just reduce the time or many other. So I just removed right now my composition, unless you can see, I can also create the composition if from this to mine bottom and there are two difference between create new composition and create composition from food. And so when I hit the new composition, I get the new windows pop up were I need toe set everything from the beginning. So its mean that I need to set some resolution. Background cooler, firmer at frame rates, a time quote. I can also set some advance option. But if I select my footage and when I drag and drop it directly into the timeline them, it's mean that my composition has been created from the and footage. I would just remove the sound right now. And, as you can see when I hit the plate, there is the green progressive bar that will render my footage and tow. Have the real time Prevue. You need to have a lot off rum in your PC because after effect is the software Dottie's vory rum consumptive, and it will use also your CPU. The GPO is in the better taste. You can also use the Jeep you, but mostly aftereffect use rum and CPU to work 6. 1_5. Create Composition: Okay, So this time I will explain you how to create a new composition in a correct way. So we click on the new composition and we have some setting. The 1st 1 is the composition name. This is right. Easy because you need toe put here some name advice to put their name. That will exactly describe what this composition is about. Because when you have a lot off composition, it is hard to find which is with it. We have sometimes basic and plans and three d render. We started the basic. So the first thing that we need to select is the precept. And we have present divided in tow, the fuel category. The 1st 1 is persuaded to choose between and the sea and parlor. So with the pencil system, use the next one. Our standards one like 720 p or then 80 the next we have some foolhardy. There were four K resolution or even eight Kato. For this reduction, you need to have really good a computer at the end to have some has seen him on a composition that are used to create the movie. So, as you can see in a very fast way. You can choose between many available presets. If you don't want to use the presets, you can, manually said. We've and high and there is also possible to look the aspect ratio. So if you, for example, have deception to known on by changing only the one dimension, the second will be automatically related to get the proper racial between the dimension. And of course, when you manually switch them, the preset would be also changed custom and the pixel aspect ratio. Here we have possibly to juice the different system, so it depends which one. We need them. We need to select the correct. Then we have their frame rate. Very important option, we said. How many frame right? We want to have rubber and composition and have toe systems, drop frame and non drop frame. The drop frame is not accurate. Ent. So this means that, for example, who are minutes will not be the same on our timeline. So this is when we use dropped frank and this system misused the probably United States and we have non drop frame. This is very accurate, so it means that with one minutes we have exactly 11 minutes on our timeline and non drop frame will use in the skirts and also advice to use only non drop frame a resolution for this composition we can sweet between different quality off our preview If we switch toe the full and then we off course need a lot of from to get the full quality prevue on our time Right off course this option We can also switch on our timeline every time. OK, then we have the start time coat we can set here when our composition will start on our timeline and duration how long it's will work on our timeline So we can also set the duration off our composition And there is also a background color so we can choose it manually or from the from this color selection. Or we can use the color picker color picker. We can select the color from other composition in the advanced up we have said the anchor point about the anchor points. I will talk about this later. We have also two option preserves frame right and presents resolution when needs a those off options are most used to when you import some footage with different resolution or with different frame. Right, So it is good toe. Turn it on only if you lot for digital difference value emotional, or you can set the motion blur here, but about the motion Blue rubble. Talk about this later and three d render. And because we can also at the camera to our footage or for the object them, we sometimes need to switch the render engine because the classic fruit virender are limited in some way and, for example, we need to switch it toe other if you want to get some difference. The result. A. The problem with their renders engines is that when you switch to other A, sometimes you will get a new option. New possibility. But you can lose some the other one from the privy ALS engine. So the engines are different will give you difference possibility, and they also have different limitations. So you must remember about this. For example, if you switch to cinema for you can see on on the bottom books what you will get a neighbor but what will be disabled? So this means that he will lose some off the option and possibility So it must be very careful about this. And the choose only this one that you that you are sure that you will need toe for your presentation or for your work. Okay, here we have also the short capture cut to creating further in the very first way we can rename it. For example, I said it to come and broken rope. I can select some footage and drop it, toe my father toe, get better organization. What's more, I can change the color for my further and for my footage, I can add some comments. I can check. What type is it? What is the size or so off the footage and the duration and the fact powerful where it is localization on my PC. When you select your footage, you can also check or the properties off this clip. So, for example, by selecting your footage and click on the first option, and then you would get the new window pop up, which is called Interpret Foot, mostly would. What you can do here is to switch their frame rate because you must know that or the footage should have the same right to get the better results and to avoid any issue and problem in the future. And we can also create the new composition from footage. When you choose this, option them after effect, automatically take the resolution and frame rate from the orginal footage. Don't need to put it manually on your work. So, for example, here way have in composition from footage and, as you can see and we have our composition, we four k resolution because after effect, automatically take it from a footage and you can see that there is with 3840. But for example, if we sell like the comp one, this composition that we make manually and I will insert you my GoPro sleep, you will see that the composition is too small for my a clip because Sleepy's in four K resolution so you can see the difference between them if I will switch. So we must remember that two different resolution you need toe scale sleep into your composition setting. So, for example, I have one composition sentence. We've higher reception and the 2nd 1 with the lower one. What it's more important for the video editor or personal specializes in video, but it's much better to have order footage in four K because, as you can see now, I can change the position. And I still see the footage on my screen is why four que ese vory good and reasonable resolution that should be used every time you create your or the problem with the four K resolution is that when you buy the footage with this resolution, they are very expensive, expensive? There is not mark hardware like camera that you can create the video in four K. If there exist, they're also very expensive. And with the four K, you need to have really good computer PC with many, many rum because without amount off from, he will not that this green Progress bar will render very, very lower. You will not see really time or rendering. Okay, So this is everything about the creating composition. Enough terrific. 7. 1_6.Missing footage: it. There will be a lot off time that you will just try to open some projects from other computer or when you just sweet localization of her fight. And when you open the project, you will see that footage will get this I come. This means that the and fight with your footage has been moved to a localisation or just has been delight or or many other ISS. Starik would be situation. It's mean that the link between the fight and Dr Effect has been broken and we need to fix it a very Serrato for possibility to fix it. One of the most easiest East toe right. Click on your footage and there is open toe reload footage. Sometimes there could be situation that after effect in the wrong way, right toe rock The foot is so you can reload it again. If this won't help them, there is replaced footage. And after a leak, replace footage and select the file. You will see the Explorer windows pope up, and from here you can select your file. As you can see, the missing file is 1991. So why you selected And there is information that after effect also found the rest of the missing file, and we'll replace it. So this is very good situation because you don't need toe individually. Select. It'll missing file. If they are old in the same localization aftereffect, we'll do it by himself and we'll replace Or your file he just in a blink overnight. So this is very useful and very good. A. When we wrote our footage, it is recommended toe secular fight. You can say it with a different name. You can just say it is a copy or as an excel file, or there is also a possibility. Toe save the lower version off after effect so you can save it toe 2015 or 2014 because there is other encryption off the file and you cannot directly a lot of their files from upper version in tow, the lower 17 to save it. Okay, so this is everything about missing files 8. 1_7.Keyboard shortcuts: This time we will focus on keyboard shortcuts because the software, like aftereffect or, for example, Premiere Pro, have a lot off difference. Keyboard shortcuts and keyboard shortcuts are very important to speed up your work or sometimes to find the correct options if you I don't find it in standard Tolbert. So we're going to keyboard shortcuts from edit and in a new window you will see that there is the keyboard off on the right side. You can switch to your language if English is not your default. And at the beginning we always start with aftereffect, defaults, keyboards. If you want to use our own first, we need to save it. So here we just put some a name for our keyboard shortcuts, and the first thing that we need to do there is also switched to the correct command that we are interesting. For example, I will show you and the timeline panel termine partner, and this is the window on the bottom that you can use to move on your footage and tear Quincy or the short that so we'll go back to the application and, for example, if you want to check all the shortcuts connected toe control button. So you sell like the control and how you can see all the short skirts enough terrific that are connected with the control key port bottle and Teoh. When you, for example select, see them, you can see some more information and for example, if you select Onley, see, then you will turn on the camera in a terrific if you hold control plus C, then it's mean that there is the copy common. So this is standard copy that we know from windows and in the below you can see or other combination with the sea keyboard. For example, when you heat the arts Placide the recent, then nothing will happen with the shift and see. Then you are so switch to camera and many other functions that you see. You can also see the listed below. If you, for example want to search for some comments, you just put it in the search bar, and here you can see that and we have that open and the standard is control. Plus Oh, so this is standard shorter that issues only for open eso. Right now I will click on it and I will add, for example, space Ah, bottom. So this means that right now toe run the common open project. We need to heat space on Contra plus o if you want to. Under you can't do it on the right side, or you can sell like the clear and to set the foot option for your function or comment. So, as you can see, the Commons keyboard short card are very useful on, and they interface here is very user friendly. Eso I would commend to use the test more as you can, and sometimes if you will use some function very often. Dent is good toe. Attach it to some shortcut. 9. 1_8.Preferences: Okay, so right now we will talk about the preferences, Professor in 19 edit preference and to restart with General Top. Because, as you can see, there is a lot off topping aftereffect. So when we hit the general, we will get the new window. And in general, we mostly use option connected, for example, with timeline or with some options, that would be You sit during our work and the next on the left side, we have the preview. The preview top is connected with our A preview in real time. So we can choose for, for example, the quality off our view and to what will be used to generated this view in real time. We have to option. We have CPU and GPU at the beginning. We see that how maney without memory we have them. There is open GL and Cuba, a Judah ISS used for generate real time and therefore so the right racing. And we can use CPU process or from our computer or GPO. This mean that graphic art with bills. As you can see, the Jeep, you is much faster, but it is untested and sometimes un support for some graphic cards and this can also generate you some issue or errors during real time. Because GPU is still in that artist or something like this. So and mainly for your finally meet, you should use Scipio for preview. You can switch some things to keep you and this play. And this is mostly to set some options for key frame motion park. How they should look on our project import how our footage will be important output. How to say for our project, we can set here some option a greets and guides. This is very useful during our project. If you, for example want to add shape, them can use great or guides. And we can set here that I mention the corridors and all the options connected to that Labour's. If we want to have better organization for our files, we can add the labels and here we can set the name and call for our labors. So later we can, in a very fast way switch between them a media and this sketch and this is it. Here we can set the information. How many storage from our disk on PC we can reserved for after reference right Now you can see that I have almost 40 gigabytes. I also recommend Teoh to use this amount. It was also localization, or I can said the empty the sketch. So, for example, if I have a lot off information, I can be like them. But it is not recommend to delight it until your project is, and because sometimes, and to speed up our work after, if it just safe everything on the media. A video preview This is mostly use. If you have more than one monitor, then you can and change how the other B will work. For example, for two monitors for one apperance. This is for Gumpel, for brightness darker so you can change the view off your aftereffects here. New project. So, for example, if you want to learn to some templates for your every new project have the same and options out of safe, it is due to have other safe. For me, it's 20 minutes because sometimes could happen. The after effect will crash because we use sometimes footage 34 K for example, memory teary and we have information. How many round would have instruct and how many rum will be reserved for other applications like Photoshopped Be premium. It is good to add as many rum as possible for aftereffect because after effect, he's a huge amount from consumptive. So, for that will be after effect. Should has possibly get s more as it only possible. So, for example, I have most full after effect and something for premier pro or audition because I use in the same time together. Maybe we photo shop. So this is why I reduced the room reserved for the application only toe six gigabyte. So it depends how many room you have instead. But for example, if you have something about 42 like on the screen here them it is good to have six gigabytes resent for other applications. Toe work quite small out your hardware so we said here, or the hardware information about our audio out output. It's also connected with the outdoor settings, since settings would want to simple nice with our adobe clouds, a type about the text engine and forms, and scripting an expression because in after effects, you can also just write some scripts and expression in and language, which is used in after effort. This is he have a script and we can dress. Adjust some colores forms for this expression here. Okay, so I showed you or the options. And you can also switch toe exactly some bookmarks by going to preference and selects each off these sub many individual. Okay, so this is everything about the preferences.