After Effects 2016 - Essential Motion Graphics Techniques - Class 2 of 18 | Louay Zambarakji | Skillshare

After Effects 2016 - Essential Motion Graphics Techniques - Class 2 of 18

Louay Zambarakji, After Effects & Motion Graphics

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11 Videos (1h 22m)
    • Essential Motion Graphics Techniques Intro

    • How to use Masks on Shape Layers

    • Masks on Text Layers

    • Create Custom with Masks & Solid Layers

    • Animating with Track Matte on Text Layers

    • Use Alpha Inverted Track Matte

    • Another way to reveal Text - Animating Track Matte

    • Pre-Comps Animation Methods

    • Practical Animation Using Pre-Comps

    • Practice Project Overview

    • Practice Project Tut


About This Class

CLASS 2/18 - After Effect 2016 - Complete Tutorial from Novice to Expert

Essential Motion Graphics Techniques

In this Class you will learn essential techniques to bring your graphics into view in your videos and other techniques that are very important to create your animations.

You will learn

How to use masks on Text and Shape layers.

How to to Create Custom Shapes using Solid layers and Masks

How to use Track Matte and their inverse on Text Layers. Simple methods to get your text pop up on the screen.

How to animate Track Matte to create a different motion.

One of the most important techniques is creating and using Pre-Comps. pre-compostions play an important role and this will be a basic intro with direct applications.

You will dive into the Practice and Together we will create a full project.





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Louay Zambarakji

After Effects & Motion Graphics

From 30 years plus of business experience, more than 15 years experience in training people to succeed in their personal life, career and entrepreneurial undertakings and as an avid entrepreneur, Louay believes that the right personal development is fundamental to accomplishing the very best in anything that one is committed to, passionate about and driven to achieve.

The personal development concept comprises; managing one's emotions, always being in an up state, creating empowering b...

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