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After Effect Toolbox : Plugins You Should Have #2

teacher avatar HU Shahir, Motion Graphic /Visual FX Artist (Polygon Motion)

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Introductions

    • 2. Video Copilot

    • 3. Magic Bullet Suite

    • 4. Mocha Pro

    • 5. Plexus

    • 6. Newton Plugin

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About This Class


Sometimes its hard to achieve the look or the effect that we want using built in tools of After Effect , Al tough they are very powerful effect but in some cases they are not as much as Third- Party Plugins and Scripts.

Adobe After Effect is one of the most famous and powerful software for Motion Graphic and Visual FX meanwhile its has a huge amount of Third party plugin and scripts library so knowing of each one of them are really hard but its fine to use most famous of them in our production pipeline .

Some of the Plugins for After Effect is as much powerful that creating motion graphic scenes without them are extremely hard ex: Trapcode Suites of Plugins . Magic Bullet ..

In this part of this  class we will have a brief overview to workflow of  Video Copilot Plugins , Magic Bullet  Suites plugin ( Looks , Colorista ,Cosmo, Mojo)  , Plexus , Mocha Pro and Newton Physic Engine .

These plugins are really helpful while we working on complex motion graphic and visual fx projects in After Effect without them we can not create some types of effect in AE.

If you didn't watch the Part 1 of this class enroll with this link :

PART 1 :

Features of this class :

1- Easy to Follow .

2- Project oriented .

Lets Get Started :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

HU Shahir

Motion Graphic /Visual FX Artist (Polygon Motion)


Hi, I am HU Shahir, Motion Graphic Artist and UI/UX Designer based in Germany.

I love to share what I already know and what I learned from other people in the creative industry.

I have 6 years of professional experience working with major TV Channels and Media productions companies in Kabul and Germany.As I always loved to share what I know and help people to achieve their goals I have started building my teaching startup Polygon Motion.

Polygon Motion is a provider of online training courses and tutorials in Graphic design, Motion Graphic, User Interface Design, 3D Animation and Visual FX Fields on different online training platforms.

Polygon motion helped those of students across the world to learn creative skills.

Chec... See full profile

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1. Introductions: Hey, guys. H o shea from Polly in motion. And welcome to aftereffect toolbox, part to class. In this part, we will talk about other plans that you must have only wrath of it. These wagons are from different categories for color grading for reigning, sparkling different ways, physical James flavors and these other staff. Okay, if you're ready, open your aftereffect and let's get a start. 2. Video Copilot: okay in the first. Listen, I just want to talk about radio copilot plans If you were after accuser and you might hear about a video copilot. .NET. Redick Pilot dotnet. It's an online resource for motion graphic and visual effects artist that hosted by Angel Creamer. Onda and Andrew Creamer released several plans about We fix and the motion graphics and three D on on video. Copilot Dominant on There's a Lot Sof tutorials. If I go to Really Copilot, that net, um, you see that there was tons of tutorials and there's a lot of product beside of tutorials. Andrew Creamer released several plans for After Effect. For example, Elementary D That is just changing the way that we you're thinking about aftereffect, elementaries and a flag in that allows you to import treaty objects and create treaty shading on the tree rendering with great quality inside of our terrific. And also we have optical flair that that you will talk about it later on in this listen and also we have twitch. And there was some off free plans, like sabers, that allows you to create light sabers inside of African Also ethics Council that ah you condone Just in had that you can speed up your athletic workflow. So there was a lot off plug ins and also there is a lot of tutorials. If I click on tutorials and see that Ah, there's tons of tutorials that you can ah, watch them at the first I want to talk about optical flair and we will have an overview to Optical slayer workflow and this Listen So let's so at the first, let's watch their optical flair de Meriel to get a general idea off what is displaying Onda ? Then we will talk about it. - So now an aftereffect go to effects and presets and in vehicle pilot category you see, that optical flair is a fallible Okay, I just drag this to my image. I have this image and once I dragged this you see that all the things were gone to black and my images disappear just bc this simple article slab don't vary Weaken can figure this in a range of more. For example, you see that it is on black. It means that you it means that when you put this on black more, you don't see your background. It just all about optical. You just see optical flare. Okay, when I click in here and chooses to on transparent now entrees on transparent. Now we have an Alfa Channel. If I toggle down this, you see that it is Alfa. It's an Alfa mood and if I changes to black, it's black on. If I changes to on transparent, it's just completely transparent. And if I put anything in the background in this in hair underneath off the Slayer, you will see both of them. So on the last one is over original. It means that it just blend opticals lower with the original layers that you have applied optical flair on it. So now we just change. Render mood on in here we have their overall options. Ovral, um, settings, for example. We can change dip X and Y position contained the center position off this article fair and we can change the bright men's like there's we can change a scale and amount of ah effect in here and also and also we can change irritation just rotated down to create a nice looking, um, optical flair and like this and also we can change the color over color off this example this color. Maybe it will match the background a little bit like this. And also we have a color mode multiplying intent like this on to create a different style for your Kalamata Weaken enemy. This evaluation off these glaciers in hair and also displayed and use cheap EU for for creating its pdf and really fast random ring options. In positioning mode, we have source type fortuity. It's now 22 D optical flare. You can change it to treaty more. You have track line mode that you could just create a light and its track on all of your life in your scene. For example, if I create a lied maybe pint light and now and now when I change a source tie, for example, to track like it just track my light alongside off this optical flair. Now when I change the position of my life, the optical flares also changed. Their position on it is very interesting. You it's it's very flexible for you when you deal with a lot of complex project in athletics. So we have mosque and luminant so that we can just adjust it to overtime. Oscars, apple If I create ellipse on, uh, I just put this to none and go to ah optical forever and changes to mask one. Now you see that optical series goes around that mask and it's very nice to create different types of animation, and and it is good at all. So and also we have luminous channel that if I changed in mosque greedy, mask it just a find. There'll imminence channel off your layers. And according to that limits channel just generated lights. Different areas off your image of it. If it has a lot of women, it's channels. So I just put this to to remove and let's talk about options If I when I click to the options, you see that this Windows api in here on this A lots of things going on in here, and I recommend you to check out the video copilot tutorials about optical flare Complete overview. Tropical Flair is available on video. Copilot in here I'm just just ah, half on over you, Sharpe, over you. To some of them, for example, we have all those options and half, for example, weaken change the scale of their aspect ratio on weaken change the blend mode off different elements. And you see that And the cool thing about optical feared that you can compound different um elements. For example, in here we have this multi iris. If I sold this, you just see that elements. And if I closes and bleat, you see all of them or disappear. And all of this are just edible. And you can apply linds object, different lens object in here just clicking here and you see that it's apply. You can change. Ah, brightness off each elements and scale of them on increasing browser. There was some priestesses that that is available for you, that you can just use it and click and hair. You see this already pre made optical flares like this and you can you can save your own presets like, for example, if I change the color of it to maybe this color Onda se freeze, adjusts like you're a appreciate fuller and present name and click OK, the presentable will be available in precinct browse or aim here custom presets. So in here we have a lot of other things. We have mad box controllers and that this was not just for this flare. It's available for other F layer. We have text remote. We can add a fixtures through. That's to create this kind of look weaken. Adjust it. We can color crack fees on Beacon just under under redo. Duplicate all of these options that are there is no need off that there was no need to explain all of him and just click. OK, now you see all of those, um, a jasmine and your optical flair, and it is very good. It's very, very nice. It helps you to create beautiful and artistic optical flair, and Chris Optical Flare using this flagon on. Also in have you have flicker flicker nous and you can speed of the flick illness. It just kind of create this types of fame on. Also, we have forgotten for four grand layer that you can control each one of the four compositing and other staff. And like there's, there's a lot of other things that I recommend you to check out a video copilot tutorial Ah , for optical flare playing. So then explaining that I want to talk about in this listen is twitch. Let's watch the twitch Dema real, and we will jump back to our perfect tohave An overview on twitch black and Iranian athletic and twitches. A planning from beautiful violet that that allows you to create chaos kinds of effect inside of half Perfect. Okay, once I drag toe which to their land, adding is happen actually because we need to enable some of the chaos effect. For example, you want CASS for black area one Did that effect toe color Moto like motor skills line in time and you can control each one of them. For example, if I own Chick owned this bladder now, if I go over the time you see that this kind of effect is appear to my layer And if I play this issue this kind of cause Onda, if I changed if I check on color, you've seen Calor mode also, if I change to light, it's kind of cool flagging on a scale in a scale. You see this kind of things over two time and slide like this and also time the change of time off your blind. Now you see that you can create a cinematic licks chaos effect that you that you might seem in a lots of movie. So let's chick check off thes things and just ah, I ate thing. The scale is good like this on in here. You can control the amount of skill, for example, can control the mound to zero to very last two very high like this and you can just control the speed of it. For example, if I put this toe one speed iss very rich low. If I put the increases the that SPS go up on in behavior, you can change different types of ah animation properties for each one of these um, behaviors. For example, you can ease out out just how these enemy from out these animation to start these these and these out like key frames and borrowers mirror tiles. I can you example, expanding our the barters if it's go off the screen on different other tools, you can you can control operators, for example, in a scale you can just control the amount of scale differently. For example 12 and a skill skills to which sickens scale of original pines and for example , in lights there was a lot of other control amount of flight like this brighter or darker, and in color. You can change the color on hand. For example, blue color amount preaching to brighter change This a nice effects off chaos inside of Africa. This blagging is not so complex has the optical fleas or other planets? If you do quality, it's very easy to use. And I recommend you to check out some tutorials from video copilot and also at play with different values off this planet. Okay, the Knicks plac ing is element treaty that I have already mentioned. That element really allows you to create to create different types off three objects and import them from other ah, pretty Softwares. And on in this Listen, I don't want to talk about this plaque in because there's a lots of tutorials from video copilot that go in depth off elementary de Onda. Um, there is no need to review again this plan and you can just simply go to video Polident net and also and the tutorials You see that element pretty features on also, and hair let me find us. Um, all of them are richest about amateur idiot realistic Replicator Elham element really animation engine on also all of them or about element really. And you can find a lots of tutorials 3. Magic Bullet Suite: okay in this. Listen, I just want to talk about other plaque and sweets from red drying magic Bullet Sweet magic bullets. Weed is sits of flying in the delouse you to create different kinds of correction. Two colors off your video footage. It means that magic Bullet suite is a color grading and Khaleq reaction sets of flag ins. At the first, Let's watch team reels off red trying magic bullets weight and then we'll talk about him. Magic Bullet Sweet 13 is a set of tools for color correction. Finishing film looks for filmmakers Together they bring intuitive, powerful, real time color, correction and beyond. Right to your editorial timeline. Magic Bullet Looks is the easiest, most powerful way to make your video look great. With over 200 fully customizable presets to get you started and an intuitive set of tools for creating your own unique looks, you'll experience just how easy and enjoyable color grading can be. Magic bullet colorist. A. Four Bring streamlined professional color correction directly to your editing timeline. Call Arista gives you easy access to the powerful and essential tools needed to correct and refine color in your shot. Call Arista four also includes a new guided color correction workflow and a powerful adobe panel that makes creating your footage easier than ever before. Magic Bullet Denoix Zehr three is your solution for incredibly fast, easy video noise reduction with no fuss, just a flighty noise er on your footage instantly looks better. Magic Bullet Mojo to makes it easy to give your footage cinematic color Grade of a Hollywood film in seconds Mojo to emphasizes skin tones while giving your footage. A film like Contrast and the unified complementary color palette of a big budget movie, Magic Bullet Cosmo To is your secret weapon for perfect cosmetic cleanup. This simple but powerful tool helps you quickly correct skin tones and remove age or blemishes from your on screen talent. Magic Bullet Re Noise ER gives your footage a cinematic texture and green whether you've Dean Oyster Video created C G. I or motion graphics or if your digital video is just to clean the noise, ER gives your footage a truly cinematic field. Magic Bullet film gets your footage, the authentic look and color of riel film emulating not just the film stocks themselves, but the entire photochemical process from the original film Negative to color grading film , grain And then yet finally to the prince Stop Magic bullet Sweet 13 color on your time line . Okay, here I'm an athletic on The first thing that I want to do is go to Magic Bullet and in magic bullet you see that we have these Baggins we have colorist are we have Cosmo denies or film looks, motor and mosey to and re Nizer. So I just want to talk about some of them. Some of the famous ones on the the 1st 1 that I want to talk about is look, let's apply, like to this footage And what looks Daz is to create at different types of presets and, um, controllers to to control different parameters and different things off your video footage . For example, if I go to edit on, do you get this kind of window is appear on and we have different things in here. So in here we have different presets, dreary color corrections, priests that you can just apply them. Ah, and see which one is matched to your layer on. You could just apply that and okay, all things you said I behind like this. It's very easy on uh, you can also create your own presets from thes tool Spar, for example, you have at controllers from exposures export spot exposures, Contrast, color contrast. It's you situation in the different hours controllers you have made controllers de fusions lens controller, for example on, for example, it's Draco. One of them. Just click an exposure. And if I go to exposure and if I go to exposure, you can see that I can simply change different values off this and we can just It's like from presets like this. Now, while you can see before NAFTA is it before one and now it's toe after on. Also, we can just apply different other things for example, and subject. Ah, we can control, weaken, add Corfe and in car of can simply a jazz different colors on our footage, for example, we have read we have green controllers like that traffic controller curve effects like this . Now you see that before now for on Do we have different other things in here? We have ah re nizer. We have warm and cool colors and black and wide fathers talk like this and the front other cool defects like this do tomb created cinematic lick to our ah footage, and you can also on. You can also use thes presets that I've mentioned. For example, if I just simply drag this and you can control different other parameters, so and once you're sitting there, finishes click here on all those ethics that you've created or apply to your foot, and you can control the restaurant of this in here. So let's talk about other plaguing. We have ah, motor too. Motion to is a color grading planning from a magic bullet that it has a little bit off parameters that you can just control with these that you can just control color grading and color correction off your footage With these parents, for example, you can just control amount of mogul and magic motor taint like this Korea cinematic look and punch it like this effect. Bleach leak can effect like this on DFI. Aid it, feed it out. All of them V in eight on. Hold these things in. Just one plaque in, and it's very cool. It's very easy to use it. It doesn't have any complex Parliament was in here. You can choose presets, for example, pre grief. Things like this unmade and these other staff. Okay, the other one is cost more to Kozma. Two is a plac ing that allows you to remove blemish and clean up the face off your character. In here, I don't have any face footage or I don't have any character foolish. But if you have any, um, footage that has a character and you want to clean up the face of your character and you want to clean up D Blemish and other staff at the distract audience from your character face, you can just apply the Cosmo to Dad. Ah, footage and you can just control the skin is smooth. There's the priest of details and different other staff in here. The other play, Gin, is denies. Er, if you have a four digit as a lots of nice on it, you can just simply add denies or to it. It's a little bit hey V effect. It means that it takes a lot of time for rendering and these other stuff. But if you need to remove, NYSE is from your footage, denies er is the big strives for you is not so complex. Just apply, denies er on your footage and you could just reduce You can just I trust their amount of nice reduction and you can just a smoothie colors, perceived details and these very, uh, ese staff so on we have Cal, Arista and Cal. Arista is a planning that just allows you to create color grading and color correction on your footage in very easy ways. For example, you have a color correction in here on uh, you can just simply drag and you can adjust and change different apartment, which you were footage, for example, the shadow shadowing here and also make tone like this. It's it's very nice and you can just creating highlight, highlight effect. Then you see before and after very nice and also in in hair you can just in here you can adjust temperatures. Ah, friend like this and also on different other problems was Dad, you will find tutorials from Red shines. Okay, that was a brief introduction to magic billets weight Plagens. And it's not a complete it was not a complete overview. There is a lot of things going on on this planet is that allows you to create different other staff, but I recommend you to check tutorials about these plans from Regina and other resource is . 4. Mocha Pro: okay in this. Listen, I want to talk about mocha pro plaque and mocha Pro plaguing is up lagging That allows you to create toe any great at tracking information between aftereffect and mocha. Mocha is a star little s tunnel. Mocha is a stand alone application that allows you to extract tracking information from your forage camera solving and rotoscoping. And it is the famous ah, playing a tracking software in the world on board before releasing off mocha plaguing. For aftereffect or other Softwares, you have to just install mocha pro. Or you can just use a mocha e in here tracking mocha e from after Vic. That comes with aftereffect itself, Andi, that the procedure is a little bit complex. For example, you have to track their forage on the mocha and then copied position data. Copy the con a pin data and paste it out. Sometimes it doesn't work. And these staff, it's a little bit time consuming bad. After releasing off muka prop LaGon, this procedure is a lot easier than before. What I mean is that by applying mocha prove on your footage, you can simply extract information off your tracking. You can simply integrate Mo Cowan aftereffect in very artistic way. So before going in depth off mocha pro pagan, let's watch Dema reels off mocha and then we'll talk about it, - okay ? Or I'm naff traffic and I have footage in ham and just simply drag Mocha Prue to my footage . And once I drag mocha Pro, you see that different perimeters available for Muka on the 1st 1 is lunch mocha Prue. And if I click in ham, it will lunch Mocha onda. We will frank our food. It can hair, so it's prompted by softer but no later on. So you see that usually the inter fees off mocha pro plying. It's a little bit complex and need a little time and needs time to Africa row with all of these parameters. But simply in here I just want to create a simple tracking hair. Just click this pen tool and make sure that you're in the first frame. And, um, maybe I just drag, uh, tracking from maybe this side just to show you the work full off this planning. Now I have my tracking shape and and here I just simply click track forward. You see that the tracking is good. Not bad, because our forage is not high quality on also in some areas, we need a little adjusting, but I don't want to go invest off tracking. I just want to show you the workflow off this. Now we have to tracking information at the past. We have to export this tracking data, um, and copy to clip or and then imported back toe after effect. And it's a little bit time consuming, and it will make some problems on some cases. But now, once you have to tracking information, if I close this and safe now you have your tracking information, Uh, on your mocha pro flagon, you doesn't You don't need to copy that. For example, if I go to Matt and view Matt, you see that the tracking area is extracted by a mad and you just on you just create a mask who figure out feel wrapped it, Matt, like this, creating a mask from the tracking information that you have on DNA. Now, if I Zabel this, you see that the mask it's already tracked and this level of integration where are perfect makes your life easier than before, and you can create amazing things in less time. On dim. Here we have modules, renderers. You can render different things. You have your tracking data. You can control that. That I recommend you to check out some deep tutorials about a mocha pro Onda. Um, it's very important if you want to composite or if you want to rotoscoping in these, otherwise, we'll fix terms. OK, in the next listen, I will talk about play Quispe lagging in aftereffect. 5. Plexus: okay in this. Listen, I want to talk about play Coast flagon. Politicos. Blagging is a ranger engine particulary your engine for aftereffect that you can visualize data and manipulate the sparkle in different ways. Okay, To get the general idea of Plato's planning, if you didn't hear about a play, cause let's watch demon reels off, play goes and then we will talk about a workflow off this plane. Okay? A Rheiman athletic. And let me create a new solid for applying click, wasn't it? Play coast. And now in Robert category just drac, dis pliant. Now you see that nothing has happened because we don't have anything to generate particle in it. For example, if I create a masking here around shaped mask and put it in ham, Okay, once you have your a mask and changes to Nan and here you have places. Tokyo. You have different defectors from play coast, and I will show you what they meet, what they do. Actually, the 1st 1 is that if you mattering because we don't have anything, we need something to Orender on. If I goto adieu, Metarie, we can choose different types of ah, geometric real select layers we just tell Play close to generally particle according to layers According to path these mastered we've created according to O B J malls that were you just import treaty mall from an hour softer Zor pragmatic for any other instances. Objects. So Okay, I just want to talk about path if I choose path. Now, you see that we have some tiny particles based on on our max that we have created. Okay, once you create, if you matter, you we have effect. Or what kind of effect, or you need Ah, and here we have nicest. For example, if I collect, denies is denies, disappear and we can just change and create nice effect to the sparkles like this on. We will create a sphere, kill Feld and let me add Ah, renderers in render we have pines. We just add a pines weaken. Ah, Add a line in here. We will have weaken. Add a face. It triangulation beams in these other staff. But I just want lines and maybe strangulation on a one on a chain, for example, in nice places. Nizer, Victor change. Nice amount. Like this. You see a very nice looking particle system in here on. And if I change amount of it like this, you can chain different pattern matures in here where you have Spiritus vehicle Feld's that I've mentioned. You can adjust the value of it 200. You can add at different points during Galatians in here like this, and also you can at different adverse effect works. For example, transform container about your father. Coolest half that I don't want to go in depth off display. And so there's a cold black and you can you can create a lot of things in with this plaque in. I really recommend you to check out tutorials on YouTube. Hardest flag in Ondo also, and there's lots of tutorials about this flagging. This is famous black and that most of the artists used on your production pipeline at the last. Listen, I want to briefly talk about Newton physic engine plaque in inside of after effect 6. Newton Plugin: Okay, let's talk about Newton Plaque in an aftereffect. Newton is a two D physic engine inside of half perfect that allows you to create physical interaction. Physical the reaction between your objects, for example, you can create you can add forced. You can add realistic forces at two your objects you can create ball falling from from up and down on you could you can create different types off physic interaction inside of after that window. Displaying in creating this type of effect is very, very hard and very time consuming. So at the first, let's watch deal reels off this plan, and then we will talk briefly about this. So here I'm an ass traffic. I want to create this ball to fall down at the this rectangle, and we want to create a realistic ball falling in this scene on the what key framing weaken . Do it, but not in reality away. So we have our shapes, and once you installed the Newton planning, it's available. Unlike other flag and it's available in composition, you tend to and just click and ham. Once you click, just accept and click. OK, now we have a, um then doing here. That has a lot off perimeters. Okay, I don't want to go and lift off this because there's a lot of things going on. And the first thing I want to do is just select this bag, this ground and in general, in body properties. I want to change the type of it to ecstatic because Because we don't want this ground toe. Ah, fall down. Or just any other animation. We We want this to be ecstatic like this and change this to a static also, because they don't have an animation back. The only thing that has animation is this ball on. We put this to dynamic on. Once I play this, you see that it has created default animation with default values on has a lots of things going on and a great result. Not bad. But in here we can just I trust that density off this ball, for example, fight. But if I increase it up, you see if I change the fraction 20 and you can change policy bounciness now you see lots of bouncing isn't here Very great on you know that creating this time of effect at what Maliki framing t takes a lot of time, you know, and misapplying and makes our life so easier. Um, we can adjust our gravity and direction like this and also nice things. You can enable motion blur and hand for this. Okay. And also in advance, we have colliding grows. For example, if you have different types of objects to interact with this object, you can put it in this collision groups. You can add it drying between your objects and different other things in Nugent flag ins and once all of things is sit up, just click to render. And now you have a separate composition from Newton planning on when I opened this. You see that all of those animation now available And if I just extend my composition, we'll see other seek an animation incomplete mode. So that is from Newton planning It is a shark over to new ting. There is a lot of tutorials on a huge Baron Nugent playing in Iraq. Man, you to check out those and, um, if you need a physic engine after Frick, that is the only tries that you have. Okay, that was from Africa, Toolbox part to class and hope you guys and dry from this class. And don't forget to check out a poly in notions dot com for more classes and also check out other Polly in motion at classes on a scale share on my name is H afraid from polygon motion we will see next time.