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Affordable Planning Tips and Digital Planner Stickers | iOs and Adnroid

teacher avatar Daisy Marie Productivity Geek, PlanningPrintsCo

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Intro | Easy Palnning tips and Stickers

    • 2. Goodnotes Basic Planning Tips | Part 1

    • 3. XODO Basic Tips | Part 2

    • 4. MEDIBANG Paint - Sticker Tips | Part 3

    • 5. PROCREATE - Stickers Tips PLUS Next Topic| Part 1

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About This Class

Hello and welcome to this week's class. The final for the “Set up my Digital Planner” Series of 2019 here on Skillshare.

In this class, I will share the steps I take to decor my digital planner using a variety of applications. 


You can follow the majority of this course using your iPad

I will be using the following applications;

  1. GOODNOTES to share basic and functional tips to decor your planner.(For iOs users.)
    1. XODO, to share a few tips to decor your planner. Also available for android users. 
  2. MEDIBANG PAINT, to create and export stickers to our planner (Also available for Android users) 
    1. PROCREATE, as an alternative way to create stickers for our planners. ( For iOs users) 


I wanted to make this class as easy as possible while also offering alternate FREE options to consider.

I focus here on the basics of setting up your planner. To help you get started, while focusing on actual planning rather than “just decorations”. However, once you know the basic steps the options are limitless. 

  • Before we get started, please make sure to have the following applications installed accordingly.
  • Goodnotes: to follow along with our planning set up.  
  •  XODO, if on an android device. 
  • Medibang Paint, if you are on an android or apple device.
  • Procreate if you will be completing the class with an iOs device. 

We will continue to use the planner we created in this course. If you have not completed that project. I invite you to take a few minutes to get that one ready in order to follow along this class a bit easier.

Don't forget to join in next Thursday, for the first class of our October series on Travelers Journal.


I will love to meet you and share our projects and planning tips over at our social media channels.

Follow us at @productiveplanning & find out more at

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Daisy Marie Productivity Geek



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1. Intro | Easy Palnning tips and Stickers : welcome in this class. I am going to share with you some tips and ideas on how to create a digital planner that feels more yours or how to decorate it. We did have a class. We do have a class where you can learn how to create eight the actual bones off your planner. And I'm going to include the link to that below as well as the link where I teach you how to age only else in this class. However, we are going to use that planet that we've created before the layout. So we already have made. And today we are going to decorate it to make it feel feel hours. Hello. My name is Daisy and I am a productivity coach. I focus on helping individuals like you to craft a productive life income before we get started. I do want to invite you to follow us on social media by searching predictive planning and also learn more about our programs at predictive planning coach dot com. Let's get cited 2. Goodnotes Basic Planning Tips | Part 1: All right, So we're going to go ahead and get started with the planning in through the good notes application. I'm going to start right from scratch, so I need to upload, um, the clean copy off my planner. So I have to go to Google's lights where we created the planner. I make sure I select the copy that I want to send a copy, Pdf. And okay. And it should ask me where I want to send it to. In this time, we're going to select good notes. Okay. So from here, you will find the application you're trying to get your copy to. We're going to select good notes for the course, and I'm just gonna go on categorized. And here's a clean copy off the front. So we're gonna open that. And now we're ready to get started on our planning. I'm close this one. And now I have a clean slate. So again, like I said, you have all the tools that you need within the application. So you don't need anything else as long as you have your planner and the application of your choice so you can go ahead and add a A dick or to the cover. I like to add a picture here most of the time. Or maybe the year. This is something that I will do our at something to the cover. And then I will add some decorum here in the front. I could add my name. So let's go instead. Do Hello. I love to lean. So to me it's no problem to go over and do my my titles. So we have a title right here, and then we can start decorating our monthly job. You. Before I do that, I am going to add my copies for my weeks. And if you recall from our previous class, we've created A and insert to use as our weekly layouts. In our case, we created a double week view. So now we have this copy right here. And I mean this light right here in this one. These are the only two that we have. So you do not want to select this one and move it around because the only clean copy that you have you do want to copy this one and then insert a copy wherever you need it. So to do that you will do. Edit. Sadly, the one you want to copy and copy. And then click Done. So go navigate to where you want to place it. Press the plus sign right here and then place it wherever you need it. I want to have this copy right after my monthly overview, and we're starting in January, so it's gonna be over here. Pays copy page. And now I have a clean copy of it, but I still have the original down here. Okay, so that is something that is a step that you want to remember. Because if not, then you gonna used a clean copy. The only copy you have. And then he might be a little bit more complicated if you need in a new one for the other months. And you ever used it is not like you cannot feel as though everything and copy and paste it somewhere ales and have a clean copy. But it's it's just gonna be more hassle to do all of that. All right, so let's go ahead and start running or remotely over. Okay, Now, this is January, and I like to have a theme or a caller for the month. So I like to use the highlighter to do that. And over here in the shapes. If you click on here, it's going to allow you do straight lines, regardless of how you do it. So even if you do this, it's still gonna make it straight. Okay. All right. So now I want to created a color for my headers. So right here, it's going to be my monthly calendar. E want to color this one? Let's make it a little bit wider. Okay? That'll be my head or for the monthly overview. And then I'm gonna have another one right here for my goals for the month. Remember, this spread is meant to be for the overview of the entire month, and then he jumps right into the first week of the month. Okay, Now you want to on select the shapes area. So right now we are working on January. I would just add color to the batter's off my boxes or my areas for my planner. Then I'll add titles such as I have January right here. I have my goals. This will be my to do. And this will be my projects. And then I will continue with my weeks and then for the weeks. I like to use a lighter color just to kind of have a difference between my monthly overview in my week. So I'll do this again. And this time, instead of doing one by one, I will do maybe the 1st 3 just like this. Then I will. Coffee thes. Okay, so and this is how I will decor or at color to my to my planner, using the same tools with thin Aled the tools within the application. And it's dis case we're using. Good note. So everything that you have available in good notes, it's perfectly fine for you to start planning. So once you do that, I copy and pasted my colors of my banners for many weeks, and then you can just go ahead and start planning. Now if you wanted to create stickers, so let's go ahead and start a simple sticker using the application Medi Bank. So you have an idea on how I do that 3. XODO Basic Tips | Part 2: all right, So now we are in Sodo and I have already exported vile to Soto application. However, there's a few things that we have to mention when you are using Sodo on Apple, an apple device. There are few features. There's a less features. I want to say that if you were using it on an android device or in your computer, and one of the most important features that we are lacking and end in an Apple version is in the duplicate off the files. So in this case, if you have made the final with just one coffee of the weeklies, then that will be a problem, because you will not be able to, um, scroll down and duplicated to insert those so that it's something to keep in mind if you are deciding to using soda an apple. However, if you, for example, did have all of weeks already made for each of the months, then you don't have to worry about that. And then everything else should run into snugly, just as we did with good notes. So pretending that we do have our were weekly layouts already here and we don't have to duplicate pages he threw using Apple. Then you can go ahead and start decorating your partner. If you were using this an app and android, then you will be able to duplicate pages so that step you can go back to good notes and do the same step, which is the same thing we are actually going to decorate. It is very simple decoration. There's plenty of tools within Soto and again, a good thing of this act is that you it is completely freed for apple or android, and you can act said. You can create an account and accent your documents from which ever devised you use, and you can also use it on your computer, which is a great plus. So let's go ahead and start decorating here. Very simple on this case on this application. Instead of having to tools for your note for your pen and your highlighter, it is DeSanto just kind of changed the sickness and the capacity of the color of your choice. So let's go ahead and use T maximum capacity or dark color and sin line and use it as a handwriting tool for the decoration for a cover. Frankly, from saying so this text is already saved in there. And, um, let's use some highlighter highlighter a little down on the A. Pass ity higher on the thickness and switch my color to a different one. Just go over it, I can't say, and that is the decoration for cover and this application. You want to navigate the planner with your finger instead of the pen because depend just rights for you. So let's go and add some 24 to the first page. Let's go back to can use this anyways the school. Do we backwards in here again? Like I mentioned before, I like to keep it simple, so I will just add probably my name and maybe contact details just to have or whatever I want to. Maybe the word of the year or a quote. Um, but that will be a simple decor for me. And then this is the first month we are down January and just kind of like what we did on good notes. We are going to do about the same thing here. Let's go ahead and do some of the core maybe color. Let's change the color this time to get and start decorating our banners and again, you don't want to go, Teoh, don't you get on your core? You want to stay focused on your golds and your to do this for the month, so try to keep it simple. And if you have stickers and you think that it's easier for you so you can get it done quicker, then that it's also a possibility. So this will be our banners. And then we have our this week and the other headings. So this is how it looks when you use the tools within the application, and this is again in soda on Apple. Um, do recommend to if you have an apple device. I do recommend using good good notes because of the interface is a bit more easier to use. However, if you do have an android, then Sodo could be a great option for you, all right, and this is how the decoration goes As far as using the tools within the applications. Now, we are going to go ahead and jump into creating our stickers and how to import some to my fighters 4. MEDIBANG Paint - Sticker Tips | Part 3: I have many bank here installed that it's completely free so you can go ahead and install it to follow along with this simple project, I am going to create a simple bo sticker that then I'm going to export to my planter in good notes. So to do that, I opened Medi Bank. Remember, we have a camera or been selected in square shaped and, uh and now I'm gonna use the tools within the application to create or draw my a little sticker. And I'm just gonna go with a simple bow. Nothing fancy. Make sure you use like the tool that you prefer. I like to use pen. And then then I started. But the middle, something like this. And then you can use the little bucket up here. Select your color by going to the colors. Option here, and I am gonna go with pink. Make sure your bucket it's selected and they touch where you want to include the color. Now I'm gonna go with darker shade for the inside of the vote and that it's pretty much it . You can obviously go more in debt with the details. And if you want to add more things some people might like to add a little drawing right here to make it look like a clip. Perhaps let's go ahead and do that, actually, so we can create a the illusion that we have a clip on our bank finder. Go back to Black and it's not gonna be perfect. Just leave it like this. Let's leave it like this. And now I'm gonna add some yellow here to pretend that it's a golden tone. I see that works for me Now maybe go ahead and add older details that you want that Actually, I'm gonna go with White. That works for me. So now we have ours jiggered made. Now that you're ready, once you're done with the core of your sticker, you can go ahead and click up here with three lines with car, and it's going to show you some options. Now we want to export this as a PNG and you are going to select transparent, then safer where you wanted to go. I'm gonna save it to my pictures. That's complete. Now you can go back to your planner. Let's go ahead and open that and I am going to add it here. So to do that, you press home the plus sign up here. Remember, we are in a good notes plus sign image. Then go to your pictures. That's where I saved that. You can go to wherever you saved it. But I said it to my pictures. So it is in my camera roll in the as you can see it right here and he has a black square. That means it's transparent. So now we have our sticker and you can go ahead and arrange it wherever you need it or whatever you like. I am going to just leave it here for now. And how cute is that? So easy to do it with the free application. So you do not have to invest anything unless you want to do this with procreate. Now let's go ahead and do the same thing with procreate. 5. PROCREATE - Stickers Tips PLUS Next Topic| Part 1: procreate is a application. It's a paid application. So it is all based on what your preference is right here. You have Theobald City to kind of see it's easier to see the brushes that you have available. I am going to use it to Studio Pan And now Mom, Group E eight. I'm gonna create the same bow that we just made in the other application. So let's go ahead and start doing that. - All right? Now I'm gonna go to my colors, and this number may create this one with a different color. Just don't have two options, all right? No. Or bow is ready and we can export it. So let's do that by going to the range up here. Okay? Transparent image. And we have our sticker ready for us to use. And how cute is that? It is so simple again. It's basically the same thing, whether you use procreate or Medi Bank again if you want to get started with it. But you don't not want to invest much on it on the planter, on your testings and all that stuff, I will go with the free options. So let's go ahead and open this really quick and soda, which is free option for, um planning. Let's go ahead. And death sticker that we just created to do that, keep impressing the screen, then select image and go in front. The sticker did you just created? Then if you just click on it, you can arrange it, Reese. Ice it and place it wherever you need it. Okay, That will be the same with the other stickers, regardless of whichever you made. Wherever you made sticker. When it's time to import it here, it's going to be this way. Went in depth on the decoration with tools in goo coping in good notes. So in here I just wanted to show you how important this sticker will look. And it's just basically the same thing. All right, so that will be pretty much it. We decorated the planner. We went over and kind of saw how the planet looked in Sodo and good notes, and we created stickers with Meadowbank and procreate. So now it is time for you to upload your own creation. I want to see how you create how you decorate your partner and I want to see what stickers you made. All right. So I hope to see you next week for our new series in about Travelers journals. That will be very exciting. We're gonna get hence on creating our very own planners and all of that stuff. So hopefully I'll see you then. Thank you so much for joining.