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Affirmation Training - Your Guide to Real Personal Success

Jeffrey Yeomans, Published Author & Leadership Coach

Affirmation Training - Your Guide to Real Personal Success

Jeffrey Yeomans, Published Author & Leadership Coach

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9 Lessons (43m)
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About This Class

Learn How To Become Better You With AFFIRMATION STATEMENTS In A Month

This Training Is For People Who Want To Build The Proper AFFIRMATION STATEMENTS But Are Afraid To Get Started.

  • This course teaches a successful way to do affirmations.
  • You will learn an entirely new skill set in acquiring success using your mind in the scientific steps of creating affirmations and attaining goals.
  • Understand how your conscience, sub-conscience and subliminal messages are interlocked and how they work.
  • Know WHY protecting your mind from negative thoughts is so urgent.
  • Know HOW to protect yourself from unwanted mental influences.
  • Add affirmation messages to your daily life in a safe and successful manner.
  • A process is provided to help you reprogram your mind so you can reach for more confidence, success and love.

Develop your conscious mind, sub-conscious mind, and Self-Image so they are aligned for optimal performance. When you complete this training you will improve your Mental Authority using the BE-DO-HAVE Affirmation Statement Technique.

Learn Exactly How to Improved your life in just 30 Days. Use this system to make positive improvements in your life by using your mind. Once you understand that your performance is 90% mental you will be able to do anything you set you mind to do. 

Build your own Be, Do, Have affirmation statement and start making positive change in your life! This training is developed and presented by your Leadership Life Coach in association with the Personal Coaching Center.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jeffrey Yeomans

Published Author & Leadership Coach


Scientists Say 92 Percent of People Fail to Achieve Their Goals! – IS THIS YOU?

Congratulations – You have just found a better way to achieve your goals!

I am curious, have you ever failed to reach any of your goals? Do you often start working on a goal and then get stuck?

Let me ask you; do you really want to achieve your goals?
If so, you would benefit from working with someone who goes the extra mile and always over-delivers!

When you follow our step by step coaching process you will see amazing results! Regardless of your goals – we are here to help you reach them! Moving forward is the key to SUCCESS.

Everybody knows coaching will help you achieve your goals, develop your personal development, and build your leadership skills.... See full profile

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1. Affirmation1newnal: Hello. My name is Jeff Yeomans, and I would like to welcome you to the course on your journey to really success. Mental authority and the B do have affirmation statement technique. So what do we mean by B? Do have the following information in this course has been designed to help you prepare for a success in any part of your life that where you want to improve your success rate. So why do we talk about the B? Do have Well, the primary reason is because your performance is always equal to your self image. So there's only one way to success. People always talk about success. Ah, but most people in 95% of people, I would say do it incorrectly. Let me give you an example. Many people blame their circumstances or there past on the reason they cannot achieve success. They make blame it on other people. That parents, for example, the economy not having enough money, uh, the weather, even lack of education, lack of skills. These are all excuses that people use to define why they can't be successful. One of the examples I like to use is around entertaining. So a lot of people will say, If I could have a new house, I would do more entertaining and therefore I would be more popular. Others will say that if only I had a new how house I'd be more popular and I do more entertaining. Even others will say, for me to do more entertaining, I have to have a new house and then I would be more popular. Do you see how these statements are all external statements? Their belief is that if things change outside of them, then they will become a different person inside. And that's just not true. You need to be the person who will do the things to have what you want. And that's what we mean by B Do have be the person to do the things so that you can have what other people do not have. So the only crew way to success is understanding this B do have statement. So the question is, is your self image holding you back from achieving your goals? How can you change that so that you can achieve your goals and these more successful well, again, you need to be the person who does the things to have what you want. The b do have a statement this point. I'd like to talk about why you should listen to me. Well, my name is again Jeff Yeomans and I have over 31 years of experience in industry, during which I've been able to go from a trainee to a senior manager at during that time. And in doing that, I had to make a lot of changes in my life to be the person who does the work to become that person that would be able to be moved up the ladder of success. You'll notice that in this picture, have me and my wife is a lot of great hair on top of my head. And I like to blame that on the fact that 19 out of the last 31 years I've been in leadership role, where I've had to implement a lot of change and guide people through that change in a way that was both beneficial for them and for the companies that I work for. During the last 12 years, I've spent over $27,000 on leadership training, coaching, training and change management training dollars to improve my life and to make myself a better person through personal development. In the last nine years, I've spent a lot of time focusing on helping other people through a coaching practice in which I help people both in their life and in business, primarily focused on life questions and becoming a better person in their life. So let's talk about changing your self image. How would you change your self image? Now that you understand the value of the B do half statement, you need to show yourself away of redefining your current self image habits and attitudes to create new ones that support the attainment of the goal that you desire. In this training, we're going to go over the mental authority and the B do have affirmation statement technique, which I believe if you follow it, you will be successful in obtaining the goals that you desire and becoming the person that you want to be so that you can have the things that you want 2. Affirmations3: So when we talk about self image, we need to talk about regaining your mental authority of your own mind because it is you that needs to control your attitudes and your approach to life, your mindset. So when we're talking about medalist mental authority, we're talking about a system of control that where you're controlling your own performance . It's how you perform under pressure that determines how you succeed and how well you do in business and in life. And, you know, everybody says 95% of the winning comes from 5% of the people. Another way of saying that is 5% of the people do 95% of the winning. And why is that? You know, in today's age it's probably higher than that is probably 97 or 98%. Uh, you know, our generator from 2% or 3% of the population. But the difference between the people who are winning in the people who are fallen short is not necessarily smarts or money or anything like that. It is how they think about themselves. They believe the achievers believe that when they start something, they will succeed, and they will complete. The people who don't necessarily succeed don't have that same mindset. A person who's is an achiever always, always, always believes that they will achieve their goals. They never doubt that fact. Winners are confident and they're in controls. And when that happens, you look at people who are in that confident control mechanism that they're they're projecting over outwards. You know that that's coming from within. You can see it doesn't matter what happens externally. They believe that they have the ability to succeed, and the reason they believe that is they've developed a habits and an attitude of winning, and that's encoded in their self image. And guess what? The mental authority system that we're talking about here can be learned, and it's possible for you to redefine your self image in his little as 30 days, one month. You have to understand that it is possible for you to change the way you're thinking today and the way you're controlling your mind, and you can do that in his little as 30 days, and about nine of those days you're not doing too much. It's the 1st 21 that matter. So think about that It's not as difficult as people think. However, it does take some repetition. So, as I mentioned before, 95% of all winners winning is done by 5% of the people. So what makes that 5% different? There's only one thing that separates winners. It's the way they think in the way they process things in their mind. Winners know that they'll finish first, while others are only hoping that they'll finish first. So if the seeds of greatness rest in all of us, which they do, the only change that you need to make is a mental one. So you need to think about it from a mental standpoint from from a mindset standpoint. So I'm gonna define a little bit here about winners winning an achievement. So winners are always saying I'm going to do it or I'm going to win today. Let me make it simple. If you don't expect to win, you're not going to win. You have no chance of winning. Therefore, you have to have that winning attitude that I'm going to succeed today. It's going to work the expectation that winning comes from an internal feeling that the winner has because of his own performance. He's not relying on other people to perform. He's basing it on his knowledge, his skills in his mental attitude. Achievers are in harmony with the idea that their expectations and their performance will be equal. And that is what we're talking about. When we talk about self image, expectations of yourself will equal your performance in every case. Therefore, if you expect to win, you will win. If you have the mindset that I'm going to win today, then you 99% there to winning today, so keep. 3. Affirmation 4: So now we're gonna talk a little bit about performance in regard to the mental authority system, so performance is at least 90% mental. So to control your performance in a competition, you need a system. You need to have a mental authority system built in to your practice and your competition mindset, and you're practicing to be successful. A runner doesn't continuously run, run, run, run, run. Uh, during training. There's a lot. 99% of that work is mental. Yeah, development. So that when they get into the competition stage, they're not nervous that they've run it through their mind 1000 times that they that they've won this race so that when they get up to the starting block, they're ready to run and they how we have it in their mind that they can and they will win . So when we talk about mental authority, what you were talking about the study of the mental processes of the mind and there's different types of mental processes. There's ones in business, and there's also ones in person's personal life. You know, weaken act like a business. Our business can act like a person and have a certain mindset of how you want the business to go, and that strengthens the social and the working methods within the business to enable it to grow in that way. That's not really what we're talking about here. We're talking about the mental authority system in your mind. So when you compete really well, you are in balance and in harmony with your efforts. This could only occur when all your mind components, including your conscious mind, your subconscious mind and yourself image are working in her. Me. So this is what we're talking about when we talk about the mental authority system. So we're gonna focus on those three parts. The conscious mind. This is where you have all your mental pictures. It's the images that you hold in your mind when you're looking at something or you're thinking about something. It's the part of the mind that is active and can only focus on one thing at a time. No, everybody talks about multitasking. Multi tasking is not true multitasking in your conscious mind. You can only have one plot or one image in your mind at one time. That means that if you're multitasking so called you're jumping from one image to another image back to the other image, and you're moving back and forth so quickly that makes you feel like you're doing two things at once. But in reality, your conscious mind can only have one mental picture at a time in your mind. In the in the conscious mind your subconscious mind, however, that's the source of all your skills in your power. You develop skills through repetition of conscious thought. So using your conscious mind repeatedly, over and over again until the actions in the mental pictures become automatically. And then they become performed by the subconscious mind. You know, everybody uses the examples of your body. Your subconscious mind controls all the activities that are going on in your body. It's helping you breathe. It's helping you look. It's helping you digest food. It's helping you, you know, helping or its controlling your heartbeat. It's doing all these things all at once. If your conscious mind had to do that, you you could breathe at one point and then beat your heart another point, and that really wouldn't be that effective. That's why the subconscious mind is so powerful. But it needs to be controlled by the conscious mind if you want to make change, and that's what we're gonna talk about. So when we talk about your self image, it makes you act like you. It is the sum of all your habits and all your attitudes and the attitudes that people put in your mind. Your performance and your self image will always, always be equal. You cannot become more than your self image will allow you to become, and that it's something that we really need to think about as you're developing. You know what change in the mental attitudes in which you 4. Affirmation 5: So now we're gonna look a little bit at the principles of mine management and how you control your mind. So there are principles and I've alluded to them already that govern how your mind works. Success is not an accident. Success and successful people follow a set course, and the principles on that path include principle one Your conscious mind can only concentrate on one thing at a time. This is great news if you're looking to make change, because if you're picturing something that's positive in your mind, it is impossible. But at the same time, you could picture something negative. And we're gonna use this as we develop affirmations and other things that we're gonna be talking about later on in this course to use this to our advantage because it's very important to understand that it's impossible for a winning pitcher and the losing pitcher to occupy your mind at the same time. Therefore, you 100% in control of the choices you make of the images that you're showing to your subconscious from your subconscious mind. And that's what you need to think about as we move forward here. So one of the things that you might want to start saying to yourself is, I will take control of what I picture choosing to think about what I want to create in my life. When you can routinely do that and keep thinking positively, you will make change. So principle number two What you say is not important, but what you cause others to say about you and what others picture of about you is critical . This is a fundamental principle of successful communications. I always give myself commands in a positive way. I will remind myself that what others are picturing as a result of hearing me speak is critical to proper understanding. So it's not what you speak to yourself, but what others hear you saying. That is very, very important, because that will indicate what's going on in your mind. Principle number three. Your subconscious mind is a source of all mental power. When we touched on this before, all of us have within us the power to achieve anything anything in this world that we desire. The reality is that most people only use 5% of the power available to them because there's very few people who are willing to put in the effort and gain the knowledge to rise up to their full potential. That is why 5% of the population controls 95% of the wealth and businesses in the world. So one of the affirmations that I use is I am so well trained that all my performance is subconsciously done. I trust my subconscious to guide my performance in life and in business principle number four. The subconscious mind moves you to whatever the conscious mind is picturing. So being positive in your conscious mind is your only hope. Positive demands from your conscious mind will result in positive results from your subconscious mind. So when you're worried about money, don't worry about money. Think about the positive side of things. Never think about the negatives. Because if you're thinking about the negative and you're picturing negative things in your mind, you're some conscious mind will continue to try to provide those negative things to you. So it's counter intuitive. It's it's really can work against you, and it can work for you. So you need to realize that my subconscious mind is enabling me to perform. And then I am consciously picturing what I want. I control what I picture and picture only what I want to see happen. That is very, very key that your conscious mind develops the pictures, and your subconscious mind tries to get you those pictures. And when I talk about pictures, I'm talking about thoughts. I'm talking about what you picture in your mind through thoughts through what you hear throughout your mind is saying to you. So think about that. Principal under five. Self image and performance are always equal. To change your performance, you must first change your self image. The self image is a makeup of you, all your habits and your attitudes. They make you act like you do your self image directs your behavior. The boundaries of your comfort zone are defined by your self image, and that's why a lot of people can't break out of their comfort zone is because their self images is holding them back. So if you are truly you know, going after something that exists outside your comfort zone, then you need to reach the higher purpose and redefine that self image. Until this breakthroughs realize nothing significant in your life will change. You have to remember that. So you need to break free of your self image. Grow your self image so that you get out of the comfort zone and you start developing yourself. So one of the things you could say is, I'm aware that my performance and self image are equal. I am eager to change my habits and attitudes to increase my performance principle. Six. You can replace your self image you have with self image. You want, therefore, permanently changing your performance. Nothing is going to change unless you change yourself first. Some of the things that you can say is I am responsible for changing myself. Meech. I choose the habits and attitudes I want. 5. Affirmation 6: principle Number seven. This principle is balance. When your conscious, subconscious and self image are in balance and are working together, great performance is easy. One of the affirmations could be I caused my conscious, subconscious and self image to move forward, being in balance, thereby increasing my performance without frustration. Principal eight. This is the principle of reinforcement. The more do you think about talk about right about something happening more. You improve the probability of that thing happening. That's one of the biggest reasons why When you're thinking about things, talking about things or writing things down, always put them in a positive note. Don't be negative, because when you're negative, you're going to bring about negative responses. So your affirmation for this is I choose to think about talk about and write about what I wish to have happened in my life, what I wish to happen in my life. So you always want to think about things that air positive then that you want to happen. Don't. If you're thinking about the future and what you want to change in your life, don't think about the past and don't think about any negative ah situation. You're in in the current, I always think about positive things happening in the future. Principal nine. Your self image cannot tell the difference between what is actually happening and what you vividly imagined. So what you can visualize in your mind and what has actually happened are the same thing to your subconscious and your self image. Therefore, mental rehearsal, when used properly to reinforce good habits and then winning attitude, can greatly improve your chances of success. And that is what this entire courses really built upon. It is built upon, you know, rehearsing and repeating over and over again, positive mental attitude and improving good habits so that you could improve your chance of success. Rehearsal is often use in changing your mind in the mental in your mental mind, because it's logical. It's easy to use. It's convenient, inexpensive and most importantly, because it works 6. Affirmation 7: Now I'd like to take a couple minutes and talk about goal setting. Goal setting is the one thing in the one habit that separates the top 5% of the people in the world who are winners from the others. That is what gold setting is. And when we're talking about changing our mental mindset and and improving our our attitude towards life and what we try to picture in our mind and changing our self image, there's a simple goal setting system that I like to talk about and and use. And when we start talking about this, I believe that you should be writing your goals down, writing your you know, your your system that you want to use, whether it's tasks, whether it's steps, whatever it is, you want to write everything down so that you can visualize it a lot easier and and you don't have to just remember it in your mind when you look back at it the next day. So the first thing you wanted right down is your goal. Describe exactly what you want. The next thing to do is describe when you want it to occur by so right there you're making it specific and time based. Now that the next one is what are you willing to do to get it? So list your pay value. So what? What are you gonna get from achieving this goal? And what do you believe? It's gonna cost you to achieve the school list. All the reasons, feelings and emotions that you have related to the school. So write those down. The next thing is write down. What you believe is the obstacles that are in your way. What habits and attitudes must you change within your own mind to make this goal a reality , Then, on the same piece of paper on the flip side, outline your plan to achieve your goal. Keeping in that in mind asked some very important questions about about the goal and your plan that you've just developed. Do you believe in your plan? Can you work? The plan is the goal or prize worth the price that you have to put in to achieve it. Once you've decided that that is all positive and you want to actually strive to reach your goal, you need to put a schedule together that takes your plan and puts it into action. And when I talk about this, I always tell people, Start rate now don't delay. There's always a small step that you can take at this point that will start you down the road towards your goal and break down your schedule in your plan of action in two steps and then write down what actions are required to meet each of those steps. And once you've done that, it'll be much easier to break down everything and put a timeline on all those steps. But a timeline on all those actions, and you will be able to achieve your gold in the time frame in which you've stated that you want to. One of the key things has never reached your goal that you set in and at first without setting another higher goal. That's just personal development. And the key, The key. The key is to never quit. Follow your plan. If something gets in the way of your plan, revise your plan 7. Affirmation 8: Now, I'd like to show you a practical way to set goals and integrate them into the mental authority system, which we've been discussing. And in doing so, we're going to read to find your self image again. I repeat that your self image is the sum of all your habits and all your attitudes. Your habits determine how you act. Therefore, changing your self image is the most important skill you will ever, ever learn. When your self image changes, it changes performance, and it also changes your results. So there's four important task to think about. When you're talking about changing, you're self image. You must be willing to undergo change and move beyond your comfort zone. You must set up a new self image that is in direct conflict with the old one more positive one. You must identify and write down the habits and attitudes that you need to change, and you must adopt the new self image through repetition. So nothing again is going to change unless you change the fastest and safest way to change yourself. Image is using the B do have affirmation technique. The B do have affirmation. Statements are a paragraph written in first person present tense that describes your goal, the pay value of the goal, a plan to reach your goal, the habits and attitudes affecting the goal. It is rehearsed repeatedly, repeatedly causing yourself image to change. And when you look at that statement right there, it looks like it's a large statement. That would be, you know, ah, very large paragraph. But in most, most times when you're developing a me to have affirmation statement is, you know, one or two, maybe three small sentences that you hear rehearse repeatedly in order to make the change and what you've done that then you can add on that the next next section and do more. So it's not something that will be overwhelming, is what I'm trying to say. So to change your self image here, just a few steps again, we're going back to the goal setting statement, so you need to define your goal, but self image. Do you want to change? Set a timeline to achieve that goal list the personal pay value for reaching the goal. Both the cost and the benefit of reaching that goal outlined your plan to achieve the goal and write all this down then the next step of the processes, right? The B do have affirmation statement in the first person present tense beginning with the words I am and this is going to take, you know, a few tries It always does for me. Anyway, when I write out an affirmation statement, I like it to flow, um, and not be cumbersome. So I develop a statement and then I refine it and refine it and refine until I have something that can easily be repeated. And it doesn't, you know, stumble me up when I'm trying to repeat it and repeat it. Repeat it because you're gonna do this many times a day for, you know, a few days. So you want to make it least five copies of this of your of your be Do have after make a statement in your own handwriting on a large post it note cards. So you wanted. Then place these cards in five prominent places and I call these key points, you know, ones usually beside your bed ones, usually beside air in the bathroom. Besides your mirror ones in the car ones at work. Uh, you could have one of the gym depends upon where your key points are. You No one could be in the, you know, besides your lazy boy and nose. So each time you come to one of these key points in your in your daily activities, you want to read and visualize your be Do have after mate mation statement with feeling and emotions. You want to repeat it at least three times each time you come to one of these key points, then you want to run this b do have affirmation statement for 21 days and then rest for nine days. So 21 9 equals the month that we talked about it the first and repeat it, if necessary, with her out, with or without modifications if required. Or you can replace it with a totally new be do have affirmation statement. And I suggest you always have a new one to deploy every 30 days so that you can always be continuously improving your life. So this is the steps that we're going to use and we're in developing a change in your self image, so defining your goal of what you want to change. Set a time limit 30 days Ah, and then right out 8. Affirmation9: So once you've done this exercise for the 1st 30 days, you're gonna notice that there's gonna be changes in your self image. You will become that person described and b do have affirmation statement. If you take the time and consistently do it and you don't give up, and every time you reach one of your cards, you repeat it three times your subconscious mind. We'll see the change that your conscious mind is suggesting, and once it moves into your subconscious, it's going to be there permanently. And as a result of that, there's only two outcomes of using this technique. Either you will become the person you want to be or you will quit and continue to get the same results you have in the past. It's that simple. It is totally up to you. If you focus and repeat and do the exercise, you will change your attitude in your mindset. I There's no question about this is work too many times for me, for people I've coached and people around me that I know it works, but it's not a quick fix. It does take 21 days, and you may have to repeat it a few times, especially if there's a lot of negativity around you, and you need to focus your mind a little bit more. So it is totally up to you whether or not you want to succeed. So now I'm gonna show you a few examples of B Do have statements, and some of them will help you with the implementation of the mental authority goal setting system So you never want to lose sight of your dreams. You want to be one of the 5% people in dream big. Follow the format, which we described, and you will be be do have be to have be. I am so grateful, happy and grateful now that I am and then insert your stated goal. So I am so happy and grateful now that I am and then do it is like me to be, and then right down what actions and objectives you have and then have. As a result, I haven't enjoy and insert your goals and benefits. That's the way you write your affirmation statement be do have I'm so happy and grateful now that money wants me and comes to me in increasing quantities for multiple sources on a daily basis. That's an affirmation statement done. So here is a another be do have affirmation statement. It's one of the ones that I've used in the past, so you can copy it. It's all up to you. I say. Don't copy it, but there's no reason why you can't. I guess if you're not a leadership life coach, you wouldn't. But if you are, then you can easily copy this one to make it your own. So this one goes simply like this. I am so happy and grateful now that I am a leadership like coach and able to help people improve their life. I am a top earner in the life coaching industry, period. Then you want to set a time frame. SE June 2020 Step three list the personal pay value of reaching your goal, which could be I will be financially independent. I am financially independent. Our family home is refuge for living, loving, learning and leaving a legacy. I am recognized for being one of the peak performers in my industry. I experienced the greatest joy of helping other people achieve their full potential. I have time, freedom and desire to pursue my passions. Step four outlined a plan to achieve your goal. Examples include I have implemented and live by success principles. I take massive action in my personal development every day. I have a workable daily method of operation, and I worked my plan. I monitor my key performance indicators each week, review monthly and replant quarterly. I give back to the community by always acting with integrity and contributing freely. I exercise and work my mental authority system daily. I read and visualize my be Do have statements daily. Step five right out your b do have affirmation statement for your new life for business. Here is an example. By May 10th 2020 I will her. I am so happy and grateful that I am a leadership life coach and able to help and people improve their life. I'm a top earner in the life coaching industry. I am well, I am abundance. I am joy. I am infinite possibilities. There is nothing I cannot be do or have. It is like me to meditate daily and visualize my goals being achieved. It is like me to have the mind set and habits of a peak performer Because I am daily student of personal and professional development, working on my mental authority system. It is like me to take action daily every day, marketing my business. It is like me to follow the system of success. It is like me to mastermind with leaders in the industry and to cook, collaborate and pay forward values to others. It is like me to be consistent and persistent in my actions and being a leader that expects and achieve results. It is like me to exercise my body, mind and soul daily to maintain peak performance. It is like me to read and visualize my be do have. 9. Affirmation10: So when you put your affirmation statements into the B do have process, it becomes a little bit longer and it turns into a statement that you can repeat several times a day. So here is ah, completed be do have affirmation statement I have and continue to enjoy financial and time freedom to be present in my family's life. I love the shelter of our family home and feel blessed to provide for my family through all stages of their life. I enjoy serving other people in helping them to live with purpose and passion. I enjoy the recognition as a performance coach and a top leader in business. I am so happy and grateful that I am a leadership life coach and able to help people improve their life. I am a top earner in the life coaching industry. I am wealth. I am abundance. I am joy. I am infinite possibilities. I am everything I desire to be do and half that is a complete statement that you can write down and repeat making minor changes to fit your life and by repeating this daily for 21 days, you will see your mind and your attitudes change. You also have to consider your why when you're doing your affirmation statements. So one of the examples I use for my why is I haven't continue to enjoy financial and time freedom to be present in my family's life. I love the safety of our family home, and I feel blessed to assist my family through all stages of their life, and I enjoy serving other people and helping them live with purpose and passion. So what is your why it needs to be infused with passion, purpose and raw emotions to speed up the process of bringing it into inspired action? Here are a few more affirmation statements that might help you think about what you want to put in yours, so I enjoy. I am joyfully driving my new red in this un convertible down the east coast of Florida. That's one. I am so happy and grateful that now that I am celebrating and achieving my idea way of £187 that's a weight loss. One I enjoy living in my beautiful beachfront villa on Malle or somewhere else better. I am effectively delivering my first talk to an audience of over 1000 people who affirmed my message with a standing ovation. I am so happy and grateful now that money wants me and comes to me daily. I am celebrating how easy I breathe through strong lungs and healthy lungs. I am joyful, really celebrating my graduation from college with a master's degree. I am confidently checking the balance of my bank account as I make a deposit of $1 million . These are all affirmation statements that you can model. Your affirmation statement from this is the end of the presentation. I hope that you can use the information and the steps that I provided here to build your own after mating or be to have affirmation statement outlined everything that you want to change in your life. Set the proper goals and change your mindset to a winning mindset because that is what you know. We really wanna have happened for each and every one of you. Is that you become that 5% that does 95% of the winning, and again it all comes from within your mind. Don't let anybody tell you differently because you have to change who you are to become the person you want to be. Thank you for your attention