Affirmation Training - Your Guide to Real Personal Success

Jeffrey Yeomans, Published Author & Leadership Coach

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9 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Affirmation1newnal

    • 2. Affirmations3

    • 3. Affirmation 4

    • 4. Affirmation 5

    • 5. Affirmation 6

    • 6. Affirmation 7

    • 7. Affirmation 8

    • 8. Affirmation9

    • 9. Affirmation10


About This Class

Learn How To Become Better You With AFFIRMATION STATEMENTS In A Month

This Training Is For People Who Want To Build The Proper AFFIRMATION STATEMENTS But Are Afraid To Get Started.

  • This course teaches a successful way to do affirmations.
  • You will learn an entirely new skill set in acquiring success using your mind in the scientific steps of creating affirmations and attaining goals.
  • Understand how your conscience, sub-conscience and subliminal messages are interlocked and how they work.
  • Know WHY protecting your mind from negative thoughts is so urgent.
  • Know HOW to protect yourself from unwanted mental influences.
  • Add affirmation messages to your daily life in a safe and successful manner.
  • A process is provided to help you reprogram your mind so you can reach for more confidence, success and love.

Develop your conscious mind, sub-conscious mind, and Self-Image so they are aligned for optimal performance. When you complete this training you will improve your Mental Authority using the BE-DO-HAVE Affirmation Statement Technique.

Learn Exactly How to Improved your life in just 30 Days. Use this system to make positive improvements in your life by using your mind. Once you understand that your performance is 90% mental you will be able to do anything you set you mind to do. 

Build your own Be, Do, Have affirmation statement and start making positive change in your life! This training is developed and presented by your Leadership Life Coach in association with the Personal Coaching Center.