Affinity Designer on the ipad volume 1- Basics and boot camp

Jeremy Hazel, Education Through Creation

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11 Lessons (1h 2m)
    • 1. Introduction for the Course

    • 2. Opening your first document and introduction to personas

    • 3. How to get assistance and difference between shapes and lines

    • 4. The basics of the interface

    • 5. Basics of Layers in Affinity Designer for ipad

    • 6. Basics gestures in ipad

    • 7. Making the Smiley face part 1

    • 8. Making the Smiley face part 2

    • 9. How to save export and share your work

    • 10. Making the Smiley face part 3 - Completing

    • 11. Interfacing with dropbox

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About This Class

In this initial course we take a look at the basics of the new Affinity Designer for ipad interface, included in these 10 lessons we will be making a smiley face icon used in popular emojis. Included in this module you will learn 

  • How to create shapes and vector art 
  • How to use layers and the basics of interface 
  • How to shade and highlight using pixel art 
  • How to save export and share your work 

This is the perfect starting point for ANYONE looking to get into the world of mobile digital art, no experience required, ,we assume you have just loaded the program and are looking to go from zero to hero status with Affinity Designer 

This is part of a weekly release series designed to take a massive program and break it into smaller digestible pieces, so don't forget to subscribe, we will be releasing one new module a week exclusively on skillshare 

All the downloads for the course are included and the project is outlined below.....don't forget to email or message with course questions ......and above all enjoy