Affinity Designer for Beginners: From Screen to Print, A Simple Colour System | Heather Lee | Skillshare

Affinity Designer for Beginners: From Screen to Print, A Simple Colour System

Heather Lee, brand identity strategist

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9 Videos (16m)
    • Preview - From Screen to Print

    • Avoid These Common Mistakes

    • The Professionals Toolkit

    • Step 1 - Colour by Numbers

    • Step 2 - How to Test Your Colours

    • Step 3 - Have Fun Colouring

    • Bonus #1: Colour Match Your Printed Card

    • Bonus #2: Colour For Website

    • Final Thoughts & Class Project


About This Class

Choosing colours can be a challenge whether you are illustrating, designing patterns, icons or branding for print projects.

Not understanding the print process can cause stress, waste time and cost you money. If you want your work to look professional, you need the right tools and a proven system.

If you are new to the print process and not sure how to match screen colours with print colours, this class is for you.

In this class you will learn:

  • How to avoid 3 common mistakes
  • Get results by using a Professional Colour Toolkit
  • How to colour by numbers
  • How to test your colours
  • Tips to make coloring fun
  • How to colour match your printed card
  • How to colour match your website

NB. Tools used in this class include Affinity Designer and a Pantone color matching system. This class can be adapted to other software programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign which use Pantone color swatches.





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Heather Lee

brand identity strategist


My classes:

Affinity Designer for Beginners Series: #1, #2


Kia Ora, I'm Heather.

I help entrepreneurs get clarity on communicating their brand personality.

Much of my background has been in the book publishing and advertising industry. I have a solid knowledge of creating files for high-quality print which can als...

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