Affinity Designer for Beginners: Design a Unique Business Card | Heather Lee | Skillshare

Affinity Designer for Beginners: Design a Unique Business Card

Heather Lee, brand identity strategist

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9 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Preview

    • 2. Your Message

    • 3. Print-Ready Files

    • 4. Images

    • 5. Vector Logos and Icons

    • 6. Typography

    • 7. Colour

    • 8. Composition

    • 9. Class Project


About This Class

Showcase your unique brand personality by designing a business card as your marketing tool.

In this class, I am going to show you an example of a unique business card design. Explain how to create one that is unique to you and that expresses who you are and what you do.

I will then take you through my step-by-step process creating the same design using Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo.

Watch my process from setting up a print-ready file, through to finished concept using images, logos, typography, colour and composition.

At the end of this class, you will be able to design your own business card concept while using the provided template available for download.

Requirements: Affinity Designer is not necessary to learn and apply the principals mentioned in this class. 


1. Preview: are you wanting to the trick Corado audience so that they take notice of your business In this class, I will show you how to design a unique business card that you can use as a marketing tool. High. My name is Hidden Leaf and I'm a design strategist, and I love helping entrepreneurs create the unique brand personality in the first listen, I will show you how to clarify your message so that you will be able to express who you are , what you do. I will then walking through my design process. Using affinity designer in affinity photo. We were looking at how to set up a file for your printer, how I use composition, images, logos, typography and color to create a design that's not only eye catching that could be replicated into various four minutes. At the end of this class, you will be able to design your unique business card by using the template which is ready down life. It's have fun learning 2. Your Message: I'm gonna teach you how to design a unique business card using affinity, designer affinity, photo Kwan's use business cards to put into people's hands to remind them of Julia and how to get in touch with him. I designed this is a pick fictitious card to show you the same principles apply to any industry. This is my puppy. I love my puppy, but I'm not really a puppy trainer. Before we start designing, we need to get a message. Right? So who is your audience? What are you offering? Where will you find your audience? How was I hear about you? What is next action you want them to take in this case, The Who is Novice Puppy Highness, I offer house training tips solving the pain or problems which might be no more crying. No more accidents. Where will you find these? Novice poppy anise talking from experience House. I've it's and dog clubs. How would I found you by phone? Facebook email website. My say ta or court action is Watch my free buddy eyes which I will applied to my website and share on my Facebook Corland pages. As you can see on the front of the card. We're using imagery, color and wording to emotionally attract Puppy Highness, appealing to the panel problem, providing a solution. And on the other side of the card, we have the details about myself, my contact information in the cold direction. Sorry, that's what we're going to make today. So let's jump right on Twitter. The next video explains how to prepare file that your printer will be happy to accept. 3. Print-Ready Files: we're going to show you how to prepare files for your printer. Using affinity designer, we will cover printed specifications, bleed image, also inferior and export options before we prepare at work for the print house, we need to ask a printer What the final trim size of the Carters on whether they require bleed with crops for press really output. Once we have that information, we can move forward and creating artwork. As you can say, you've got the dimensional safe area, which is is this area here? It may in states that you have any time it is to fall within this area. You. This outside age is the trump shining here, this outside age Miss Oblique area now again to export the smile so you can actually see why we're looked like when we send it to the prom printer with blade and crops. While that's it, with print requirements. In the next video, we were looking images 4. Images: I'm going to show you how to convert an RGB image seeing why K in affinity photo. We'll also check the resolution of the images that they, uh, 300 dp on which is required for printing high resolution images. But this type of work that pace for the fall sides to be at least one megabyte. We want to make sure that our photos are sharp, not funny looking. How will then show you how to resize and crop a photo in the layout using affinity designer - Well . , now you can hear fun with design. See you in the next failure. Look at Victor Logo's. 5. Vector Logos and Icons: going to take a quick look and victor low guys. Victor ad is the most pursued far form A for printers as opposed to pixel at. It's because you can scale up large or juice down small without losing the quality. You will see what I mean when I put them side by side in the land. You will notice that the pixel will look jagged on screen, and it will print fuzzy on paper next to use a pencil tool to trace a pixel pool and turn it into a victor for the lager. It does take practice to use this tool, so I have a play. Use the handles a kids to find the look that you want. Now is the time to create your own Victor Lengel icon. She work in progress. Post your work in the product gallery so you can get feedback from me in the other students . So the I we will take a look at typography 6. Typography: we're focusing on typography. I recommend that you just used to typefaces for you bringing. I prefer to use one Syria who won sands here, maximum choose font that has a selection of whites in the family, for example. Normal, I tell a bog bodi talk eccentric. The headlines can be in a display front like Realist has shown on this card, and I like to keep the some paintings and ticks funds and sincere as I find it easier to raid across print material and on screen, it's your turn to experiment with the time toll. Try a different point size leading paragraphs basing and then surely a work in progress. Post a screenshot about your work in the Park gallery so you can get feedback from a and on the other students and the next video were you kind of look at it color 7. Colour: we will be looking at color and vanity designer. The sixth includes color correction for photography, so we can focus on that seem like a in painting global color system. Justice with typography. I like to keep my color palette simple. I tend to use only two or three colors maximum when I'm deciding on a brain color palette to ensure that the color looks the same on each device. We use color profiles to tell the device had a display or into the color information. Images without color profiles may not look the same across each device. I like to use a pen tone, solid coated color simulation shot, and I use it as a design tool to specify Pantone colors. When I'm printing, I asked my local productive supply me a printed digital copy off there. Colin shot. Um, I find Xerox color lasers. Give me a feeling you cure it. Mitch, when I use a pen time global color, such in both affinity designer an affinity photo. Use that swatch. You can also you seem like a color sliders to gets the color. But I like to stand with Penton Global color Sorge because I can see all the objects with that color change simultaneously. It's also a time saver when you need to duplicate layouts and documents. Consistency makes for a strong brained image. Now is your opportunity to showcase your brand personality. Post a screenshot of your colors in the product gallery so you can get feedback from May in other students. In the next video, we'll look it arrangement or visual elements or, in other words, composition. 8. Composition: in this video, we pull it all together. In summary, I quote Robert Lane, the graphic designer who discusses composition and lay out in this way. Composition is the manner, pieces or components that are combined and arranged originally to tell a story once a proper audience and purpose have been determined. The in composition, components and concept can encompass that identified poopers allowing successful design. Your business card is a means to achieving your intended poopers, and so reach your intended target audience. You're well on your way to designing your unique business card is your marketing tool. In the last video, we will wrap up this class with a class project. 9. Class Project: for your class project, you'll be creating a business card using the template provided you can use any photo or photos If you just want to use the ones I provide. That's fine, too completely class project. With these easy steps from the case, study that a young crank your me such pick, a photo font and color that reflects your unique brand personality. Post them together as a screenshot to your concert project. Incorporate your photo formed in color choices into your affinity designer business counting plane provided Post your final out work to your class project Any questions? Feel free to ask in the discussion of this class months again, thanks very much for taking the class.