Affinity Designer : Design a Vector Easter Greeting Card | Jay Mayu | Skillshare

Affinity Designer : Design a Vector Easter Greeting Card

Jay Mayu, Illustrator & Software Developer

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6 Videos (39m)
    • Intro final

    • Draw rabbit

    • Draw the tree branch

    • Draw the little Bird

    • Draw some eggs and finishup

    • Add Greeting Text


About This Class

You will learn to draw an Easter Greeting card in this lesson. We assume that you already know the basics of Affinity Designer. If not, please take the Affinity Designer for Absolute beginners course first and come back to this course. 

We'll learn how to design your own customised greeting card at home and take a print out of it. Anybody who has a willingness to learn something new can take this course and explore the world of opportunities available in the wonderful vector drawing program "Affinity Designer" 





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Jay Mayu

Illustrator & Software Developer

Hello, I'm Jay. I'm an Illustrator and a Software Engineer.

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