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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (1h)
    • 1. AMFN Introduction

    • 2. 2 WhatIsAffiliateMarketing

    • 3. 3 WaysToAdvertiseAsAnAffiliateOnline

    • 4. HowToCreateAPlentyOfFishAd

    • 5. PlacesToFindOffers

    • 6. FacebookAdvertisingIntroduction

    • 7. PickingAnAffiliateOffer

    • 8. OtherPaidAdvertisingOptions

    • 9. PlentyOfFishIntroduction

    • 10. PlentyOfFishAdWalkthrough

    • 11. HowToWriteAnEffectiveAd

    • 12. HowToSplitTestEffectively

    • 13. JumpstartYourOnlineAdvertising

    • 14. SocialAdNinja

    • 15. TrackingYourLinks

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About This Class

This is a no BS, filler or fluff course and was created to teach and introduce others to online affiliate marketing.

In This Course You Will Learn

✓ What is affiliate marketing?

✓ Different ways to advertise online?

✓ How to pick offers to promote?

✓ How to write an effective ad?

✓ How to split test ads?

as well as a number of other tips, tools and resources

By the end of this course, you will have a basic but solid understanding of online affiliate marketing, you'll know what types of offers to select and promote, and you'll have the information you need to go out, take action and begin to see results.

Take this ultimate course right now and learn affiliate marketing.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Greg Jeffries

Designer • Entrepreneur • Internet Marketer


I'm passionate about online marketing and teaching others different strategies for creating simple, scalable, and sustainable income steams.

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1. AMFN Introduction: Hey, Greg Jefferies here just want to welcome you to my course affiliate marketing from Nub's Just just give you a little bit of a rundown of what's going down with the course. It's going to start out by introducing you to affiliate marketing, defining what that is, showing you a couple of different ways to advertise online. And then we're gonna focus on the ones, and then we're going to concentrate on the ones we're focusing on in this course, which is going to be the Polonia Fish Platform and Facebook. I'm going to give you a rundown of each of those, um, platforms, show you how to pick an affiliate offer. Then we're going to talk about how to write an effective ad so that people will click it and how to split. Test those ads effectively. And then we're going to go into Facebook after you know, playing fish will be first, Facebook will be next. Then I'll give you some other additional information on tips and tricks and then show you some places to find more offers and some other advertising other paid advertising solutions online. Then I'll show you a resource for a place that I recommend online. If you're in the US, you can use this resource to jump start your marketing budget if you don't have much of one and then whenever you click and go through each of the video lectures and tutorials, there will be a tab on the side. It says Extras is the middle tab. Once you click in, start to watch that video, and sometimes there will be links within that tab. So I just want to make aware you aware of that there will be typically just a small description about what that videos about, And then, if there any links mentioned, I'll try to drop those and that extras tab as well. So be sure to keep an eye on those That's just to run down a review of this course what to expect. So I look forward to sharing what I know with you about affiliate marketing and helping you be successful at it. 2. 2 WhatIsAffiliateMarketing: all right, so we're just gonna jump right into this. So first we need to talk about what is an affiliate and affiliate is someone who represents or promotes a product or service on behalf of the product or service creator. And for every successful sale or conversion, that company or person in charge of that product or service agrees to compensate the affiliate by giving them some sort of a commission. So here's how it works. So you, the affiliate or promoting a particular offer or product to a particular group of individuals who are looking for that item that would go through your affiliate link and then purchase when they purchased that product or service, you know, the company and then the company, in turn, would rewards you by compensating for that. So it's no different than on offline business. Say, if you're friends with a an auto mechanic shop, maybe your customers of them and you refer Ah, friend or a couple of people to them, giving them more business and more revenue. They may agree to give you maybe a free service discount on your next service or, um, you know, Compensate. You would like a gift card or some money or some so it's no different than off line was just taking that same concept online. So basically you're referring others to a product or service, and then when? After they purchase that product or service the company will then re. The company will then compensate you for that because it's tracked with an affiliate link, and that's how they track it back to you. So basically, I don't need to over complicate this or anything. You don't have to be a salesman or anything. You're basically just kind of the middle man. You're driving traffic. You're pointing visitors there seeking these products and services, and you're pointing them and connecting them to that product or service. So you're at actually just acting as sort of a middle man. And a lot of times, if your direct linking to that particular offer, these users don't even know that you exist. So that's affiliates explained in a nut show, and in the next video we will talk about some different types of traffic and the one that we're gonna be focusing on in this course 3. 3 WaysToAdvertiseAsAnAffiliateOnline: all right, so let's talk for a minute on the different ways to advertise as an affiliate online. So, just like on the in the offline world, there is a number of different ways to advertise your business or your product, whether it be a billboard, a newspaper phone book, a postcard, um, as an affiliate online that there are a number of different ways you can advertise as well some of those being email marketing. If you have a website or a blogged, you can advertise through Twitter. You can pay other people to advertise through Twitter or where there is called what. There's what's called cost per view, which is per impression every time somebody views your particular, and you can pay for it that way or cost per click, which is, as the name suggests, you pay for every person that clicks. That particular ad and this course we're going to focus mainly on a cost per view and cost per click, because as someone starting out, it doesn't require a lot of overhead. There's not much you don't need a website. There's not a lot you need to buy, so it's very quick and easy that doesn't require a lot of overhead to get started. And, um, it, in my opinion, it produces the quickest and results for you. So those were what we're going to focus on in this course mainly costs reviewing, cost per click. And that's just an overview of a couple of different other ways to advertise. But in the cooling lectures, we're going to talk about how to select an effective ad, how to write an effective ad and what those sites that we're gonna be using to promote our offers on. 4. HowToCreateAPlentyOfFishAd: All right, So in this video, I'm gonna walk you through the plenty of fish platforms so already have an account. I'm just gonna log in real quick. And this is the screen you'll see when you log in. Just some things I want to point out. If you come appear to help and click that you can will give you some more information about plenty of fish if you click the frequently asked questions section don't give you some or information that I think it's helpful for you to review and then last under here over here where says advertising guidelines. This is also important to take a look over before you ever start advertising. So you can see what you you know they do allow you to promote what and what you don't what you're not allowed to promote cause you don't want to, um, get banned or you don't want You just want to be aware of what they do allow and don't allow, so that you don't promote something that they you know aren't going to approved. So this is a very important document to look over the advertising guidelines. Once you've done that, we could go back here. It's kind of obvious, very simple layout here. It's obvious to how you create your campaign. Just click this big green button here and let's go here. And so you will give your campaign and name. Just give it a name. There you can. If you want to run for a specific amount of time, you can select an in date. Oh, or when you wanted to start a swell the budget there, The way you bid in plenty of fish, it's not cost per click. It's a cost per 1000 impressions. That's just the only way to bid. And the minimum bid is 16 cents per 1000 impressions give you a recommended number here. I always just start with 16. So and then the max daily spend. I just recommend it's very important to have a budget and, uh, probably make a separate video for that. But I recommend starting somewhere between five and $10 when you're testing out. Just Teoh because you don't want to blow your budget testing every as gonna Carson split testing. See, I want to keep that low, and then once you figure out a winning ad, then that's when you want to put more money towards that particular ad. So I suggest starting somewhere between five and $10 as a daily limit for your campaign. I just usually leave this when I'm testing out ads or when I'm starting out to distribute as soon as possible. Maybe as you discover winning ads, you can just like this, distribute evenly. So little. Distribute your funds evenly throughout the day. Frequency cap. I usually just leave this blank if you want to change it. Um, it's change it anywhere between one and five. Basically, that means how many times that your ad appears, Teoh Particular visitor. So I usually just leave it blank. As for as the I'm gonna come on here to the ad creative, and then we'll go back up so creative name. So you've got your campaign name, and then you get the creative names, even name, uh, this particular creative Ah, a particular name. Have you got two options here? A Sfar as the the different banner sizes. I usually just leave it set toe 1 10 by 1 81 10 by 80. It's kind of similar to Facebook's sizing. So, uh, that's that It's just a kind of a small rectangle. And then you've got a title and then description and Scott, you know that they have limits. So just be aware of that when you're creating your copy and you don't have to be like an expert copyright or anything, and we'll go into a separate video about you know how to write effective ads very simply. And then you've got sure click through your L, which is basically your affiliate, u R L where you want to point the the ad to when they click it and then let's go back appear targeting. So with targeting we spoke in a previous video about how this is a dating website. So they have a bunch of data about you on your specific interest. So we're able to target to each of those specific interest here. Um, depending on the ad that you're promoting, you will want to target for different things. I generally just target minimal things to begin with, and I'll tell you why in a future video. But I usually the ones that typically stick with our start out with our country. Uh, the amount of clicks don't see the ads clicked on. The reason I do this one is because, you know, I always start out with somebody who has generally like 045 to 15 clicks. Basically, it means they've clicked ads before because if they've Cliff guys ads before, there's a good chance that they might click mind, you know, as opposed to someone who hasn't ever clicked on at before. And then, as you find more and more successful, you know, adds, you can maybe remove that targeting option to people who perhaps haven't clicked at before . Maybe they'll, you know, who knows? Maybe they'll click your ad, but just as a safe bet when I'm starting out, I usually target country Add clicked a tely sta someone who has clicked at least some ads and then, um, a lot of times off target gender, either male or female, depending on the ad. So those are the three that I really stick to starting out, and that's how basically had of creating ad and we'll go into how to create an effective ad . Basically the breakdown, the different parts of an ad in a another video 5. PlacesToFindOffers: all right in this video, I just want to cover a couple of different places. You can go to look for offers to select kind of the more networks rather than the individual sites. So one is offer vault dot com. If you go to offer vault dot com and click on here joined networks. It lists from a dizzy all kinds of different affiliate networks here. C p A. Which means Cosper action networks here, basically those kind of offers that's like submitted email. Or does those type of offers Basically, that's what a. C p A at it is. So you've got all these networks here. You can join. Click Bank is very, very popular. It's one of the more popular it's Public Network. It's got a bunch of different, uh, he products on there. It's probably the largest, I believe, seller of digital products online. They've got product pay, which is another awesome list. Got a lot of great offers, not as big, but the quality is very good. It's free to sign up, and, uh, there's also nana cast dot com in a in a c. A s t dot com. They have a lot of great offers and things to promote their. And then there is e hyphen junkie dot com. That's another site that you can go to that toe, find some offers to promote, and then also don't forget that pretty much I mean, any major product or service that you can think of has an affiliate network out there. So our referral program that you can sign up on yourself if you think of something, chances are you know there will be a link to their affiliate program on their side. If not, just use my search method of just using the name of the product, followed by the word affiliate. And you should come across that, if that, if one. If a program exists for that. So those were just a couple of other options I want to share because I want to give you some options as far places that you can go to look to find a variety of different offers to promote online 6. FacebookAdvertisingIntroduction: but this video is just introduction to Facebook. I'm sure you've probably have a Facebook account. There's over a 1,000,000,000 people in the world that do. But in the rare case that you don't, you'll need to create one. You can just if you have no interest in being on Facebook but you want to use lives, their ad platform. Just go down here to create an ad and guide you through the process of creating an ad for yourself there. But I already have an account. So I'm gonna come up here and law again. Once you have your account, you can either come over here to create an ad or ads manager over here. Then you come to this page. I've got a couple of different fan pages, so I can either advertise one of those pages or a particular you Earl, for our purpose is we're going to be direct linking meaning we're going. Teoh, take our referral link from our program and I'm plug it directly in here. So I'm just gonna do an example here, quick. Um, let's just go into share a cell. I'm an affiliate of them, so I'm just gonna come in just gonna come in and grab my affiliate links. So I'm just going to I like this real quick. Copy it. Come over here. Just so you can see in every every you are l is gonna be different, obviously. But for this example, would be promoting prosper dot com. I'm just gonna pay set in there quick out of the box. That's going to kind of generated populates this automatically, but it if it doesn't, it's much like plenty of fish. Basically, you've got your headline. Um, which is the attention kind of grabber. All right, as well as your text. I mean as well as well as your image, which we can choose from image library of actually going to use the same image that I used before. We can just stay with the red. It's very similar proportions to the plenty of fish ad. So I've got the attention grabber, which is the headline here, and they've got body coffee here and then which describes the offer and call to action. Sense of urgency. Basically, those were the things that you have to remember. So it's very much the same. Um, you basically you give your well Let's just keep going down here. So once you've created your ad appear you'll just continue scroll down. You can target by location that I'm in the U. S. So it automatically populates to the U. S. You could target by a different country state zip code and what's cool about Facebook? It actually tells you kind of the reach of the audience that you're looking at promoting to right now. So basically promoting to everyone um 13 and over in the US I've got about 163 million people that I could potentially reach with that. And you have suggested bid here for that range of people so we can change up the age I usually do 18 and over. Since those are the people that have the ability to buy things online, I always split test between men and women because you know, you're losing out a lot of potential clicks and money. You're just wasting money. Rather, if you just select also, you always want to split test between men and women, you can select precise interest, you know, here you can just start typing stuff like Internet marketing, and it's like that it will give you some other suggestions. You know, you can select those and each one you select. It narrows down your audience here, which is a good you actually don't want to target a huge, huge number of people because you want to, um, target people that are interested in You don't want to show a no lose weight. Add two people that really have no interest in that. So you want to kind of narrow it down a good bit. But not, I mean, not like 1000 or less, because that's obviously a very, very tiny market. May not keep it at a you know, 10 out tens of thousands, 1,100,000 is much less than 160 million, you know, So you select your interest based on what, your ad, What it is you're promoting, I've got some advanced targeting down here. If you want to mess around with that and then much like bony fish, you would name your campaign or you can use an existing one. You would set your budget for your your campaign, and I recommend 5 to $10 a day. I usually leave this run continuously starting today and I always start my as optimized for clicks because if nobody clicks it, I mean, you don't have any money. But if they click it, obviously you know somebody you're doing something right with your ads. So So it's a good way to start with car optimizing for clicks. And then, as you have more successful, adds, you can take those ads and create new ones and are duplicates of them rather, and then switch to optimize for impressions so that you know you're paying per 1000 impressions. But people can click it however much, many times they want. As far as the suggested bid, I never go with this populates with 72 cents that definitely don't start that high. I usually don't even start with anywhere. In the suggested bid, I start a little bit below the suggested bid here on the low end. So 49 cents had started. Maybe, like 30 or 35 or something like that. When you're done, you can either review the ad or you could go ahead and place the order. Now let me go ahead and go into one. That's already I've already created. So once you create one Once you create an ad, you can it will be here in your campaigns. And once you click it, you'll have all your different ads here, and you can name them whatever you want to keep better track of them. But once you click it out here, you got a button, says the on site Oregon's Click This. Create a similar ad. Basically, it's gonna duplicate this ad, so you're not gonna have to go through and click and make all the suggestions. It's gonna populated automatically with all this information. So if you just want to switch out and testing different things, or if you just want, keep the same targeting options. But just what? Just image. That's a very useful tool. So whenever we created at, if you want to create 10 ads, same copy, same targeting, you just want to switch out the image. Whenever you get done, you just click create a similar ad. It'll populate a similar ad with all the exact same targeting options, and then you can just go and switch out the image, save a place that order and then create another one. Create another one created no one, so it's very fast, and usually you're as generally get um approved within 24 hours. So that's Facebook advertising in a nutshell. 7. PickingAnAffiliateOffer: this lecture. We're gonna talk about selecting and offer. Now, you may want to just go through this entire course first and then come back to this. But I just want to give you a few examples in this lecture. So when we come to selecting an offer, basically, um, pretty much every site out there are service or product has their own affiliate program. Sometimes there are links to the on this side itself. You can find their affiliate program to sign upon their actual website, and sometimes they're affiliated with other like networks of, like, affiliate networks and that sort of thing. So I'm just gonna run through a couple of examples to show you some differences here. So first off, I just want to throw out this suggestion. You probably want to pick and offer or service that you really believe in, or convince yourself that you believe in you don't always have to like what you're promoting, but at least kind of psych yourself up and get into that mindset of like, yeah, this is a great product and because it will help you craft up a better add in the end and, um, figure out a better way to better ways to promote that to your target audience. But with that said, this is one example. This is get response dot com. This is in email, marketing, service and auto responders service. So I'm an Internet marketer. This is a service that all Internet marketers need, and so this is a very good platform here. Get response and, as you could see appear partners. That is where their Philip program is. A lot of times, if they don't have a link up here on top, you'll generally scroll to the bottom of the page, and they will have a somewhere down here. The leagues here at the bottom generally have links to their affiliate programs, where you can sign up a lot of times it free. Here you just click partners and gives you some options. He would actually have a number of different options to reward you for, Referral said. That's just one option and a lot like like I said, any pretty much any product or service out there. Even a lot of ones that you're familiar with have their own affiliate programs that you can sign up. It's just a lot of times. It's free and you just enter your personal information there and sign up and then they'll give you. They'll tell you what your referral link is, so that's one option. The other one I mentioned is a lot of times programs are services. They will I applied to be in these networks. He's like affiliate networks and stuff and share sale dot com is one of those who even sign it for share self free and within share sale you can. There are a number of different products and services and companies that you can apply to be an affiliate off, so that is another option. And these are just a few examples here in some coming lectures. And at the end of the course, I will give you a list off a number of different places that where you can go to find offers. So don't worry about that too much in this lecture. And then another way you can look for offers another way that you can look for affiliate programs as sometimes the affiliate program. There isn't a link to it on the side, or maybe you can't find it, but you really like that property service, and you're curious if they have an affiliate program. So I just typed in here LegalZoom affiliate not to say that their program is on the website , but this is one of the ways that I find, you know, if there is a affiliate program associated with that particular product or service, I'll just type the name of the product or service followed by the word affiliate. As we can see, First result here comes up to the LegalZoom affiliate page, and it takes me to the page where I can sign up for the program to promote it. So those are a couple of ways and examples of affiliate programs as's forces pointers of what to promote. I can't really, you know, tell you what's right and what's wrong, cause a lot of people have success with one thing, and, you know, some people may fail promoting the same offer. You It was just a matter of split testing the ads, and we will go into split testing in a later lecture. But what I can point out is that there are three niches that are considered the Evergreen inches, which means that no matter what state, the economy is, you know, is in all, people are always going to desire these three types of offers. And those are the dating, niche, dieting, niche and money making. There's always people looking for love and relationships. There's always people looking to feel better about them, their health and their their weight and the way they look. And there's always people that are looking from ways and other ways to make money both on and offline. So if I could give you any pointers as far the ads toe look for, that would be it you know, dating, dieting and money making niches. So it doesn't have to be directly related to those. But even if you pick something that's kind of an offshoot of one of those. So those were some pointers. There s a waste. Look for ads and in the coming lectures will talk about how to create out to create an effective ad and how to go ahead and get those plugged in. Toothy sites will be advertising 8. OtherPaidAdvertisingOptions: right in this video. Just want to highlight a couple of other paid advertising options for in addition to plenty of fish and Facebook, which we've already gone over in this course. So one is neo books dot com this one. Basically, it's a site where people click and advertisements. They have to view it for a set number of seconds, and then they get credit for they earn, you know, pennies for each ad. They've you basically. So that's one way to get your offers in front of people because they're click them and they have to sit there and watch them or her read it for a couple of seconds before they go into the next ones. That's one option. Another option is stumble upon. If you go to stumble upon dot com, forward slash p. D. That stands for paid discovery. Stumble upon is an awesome, awesome way to get your and an offer or a website in front of people because people are using Stumble Poem because they're bored, you know. But they're they're engaged. They're looking for new things on, so you can target Teoh somebody specifically and really, they don't really even know they're being advertised other than up in this bar and have a little thing that says Sponsored, which I don't paying attention to that myself. So it looks just like a regular normal page that they were just happen to stumble upon. So that was another option. There's a sponsored tweets. Stop Kong. You will need a Twitter account, but on then it's free to join you. Would you just click law again and you'll? It'll connect your Twitter account using your information, and you can. I'm not actually sure if you need a Twitter account to advertise, but you do need a Twitter account Teoh earn if you want to you. If you have a large following and you want to earn, you can use. You know this is a way to monetize your followers. So a Sfar as advertisers that you probably don't need a Twitter account. But you know my as well set one up for in the future. But that's another option. Sponsored tweets. There's buy sell ads dot com. Basically, this is a platform. It's a collection of websites on these air, the different categories, and you can pay to have your advertisement displayed on their websites either in the sidebar, wherever they have their ads at and also you can some of these science they have large Twitter followers. You can pay them to send out a tweet, Um, do their following. So that is another option. And then there's re visitors dot com. Basically, this is a very affordable solution to get, um, traffic to. So if you want to send you trying some of this traffic out, I've tried it before. If you want to try this out to your offer, you could test out a one of these traffic plans get a decent amount of traffic for, ah, very affordable rate. So that is another option. There is direct cpv dot com that is pop over or pop up advertising. Basically, some people have pop ups enabled on their computers or have enabled told the browser that they're in that it's okay for them to see offers for certain a variety of different things . So direct CPV capitalizes on that by basically you can target your ads to specific keyword or specific websites to kind of pop over that that particular website on and show your offer instead of the you know on top of the website that the person was searching for so very effective way to advertise you Do I need a minimum of $100 to start with, but it is a needle option that not a lot of people use, so it's a cool option, and that's direct CPB dot com. And then they're seven search dot com, which is It's considered a second tier searching, and it's kind of like Google or Yahoo. But the traffic isn't his premium, so you're gonna It's a much lower cost per click. Then you would pay for being on being your Yahoo or Google. So those air seven more options. Just a couple more options to advertise paid advertisements, paper click, in addition to plenty of fish and Facebook. 9. PlentyOfFishIntroduction: All right, so this video just want to introduce you to plenty of fish. This will be one of the platforms that will be advertising on this, the one that will be beginning on plenty of fish or p o f dot com is the largest online free dating site out there, and what's cool about it is it allows you to target very, very specific interest, similar to if you're familiar with Facebook's advertising platform, which we will talk about coming lecture Facebook lets you target pretty pretty specifically is for his interest. Well, what's cool about plenty of fish is it's a dating site. So when you go into a dating site, they asked you a lot more personal questions because they're trying to match you with someone who's compatible with you. And so they have mawr specific criterion things that they asking for. So since the plenty of fish has their own advertising platform, we as advertisers get to target, take advantage of those specific interests and target specifically to those interests. So there's plenty of fish dot com is the actual dating site. If you go over to ads dot plf dot com, that's where you'll sign up to be to advertise on their platform. It's very simple. Just click this green never dies advertised. Now Button and I would recommend downloading this getting started guide. It's going to take you to this page is just going to show you a brief overview of how to get started using their platform. I was just let that load for a minute. So here we go. It's just going to give you. It's just a very brief PdF of how to use their platform. A couple of pieces of information, things you shouldn't know. So go ahead and going over to ads dot p o f dot com. Um, and go ahead and sign up and they're following lectures will talk about how to set up your ads on their platform. 10. PlentyOfFishAdWalkthrough: all right. So I just want to give you a kind of a walk through of an ad being set up. We've already talked about how to set an ad up on plenty of fish, but I just want Teoh kind of walk you through it again just to kind of get your feet wet. And, um so you can see what I do. So I previously had an ad. Uh, this was the an and from it, you know, I got a couple of clicks. I just ran it for a couple of days and just kind of target did Sort of generally, but what I did, I just created a new one, and, uh, I used the results from this clicking conversion report report. I clicked it, and I saw that, um, between men and women, the most people most age group that clicked it were the 18 through 30 year olds. And of course, I can't targeted people in the U. S. And then I also found that students were the ones that clicked that the most. So what I did was I took that information and I created a new ad, and I don't know if it will show who is targeted. I don't think so. Yeah, I don't I think so. Yeah. But, um, I didn't show it Target, too. But what I did was I went and I copied this exact same ad. I'm about to run it again, and I'm targeting it to the US again. I left male and female blank, so it's targeting them both, but it's targeting 18 to 30 year olds, and it's targeting people that have clicked. I believe it's five or more ads and it's also targeting students, the profession being students. Since that's the ones that created, that's the ones that click the add the most. So basically, I mean huh, that is the ad itself. I just went up here to create campaign, and I said a new campaign name. I just left this in date blank. I believe that's just runs continuously. If you would leave it blank from my Mac span, I just put $5. I always but I'm testing adds initially disc. Leave this to distribute Asep, the max maximum bid. I always put always start with 16 and then I filled out their creative information here and then for gender I left it blank age I selected aged between 18 and scroll down here and selected. Um, you just select 30 as well, and then we go ahead and add it. Add target, because if you don't add it, if you just selected over here and never cooked at it won't actually be targeted to that particular demographic. So I did that went over here too. Country. United States added that, And there it's the came down here to add clicked, and I chose for now I'm start just chose to go with five through 19 and then I also chose profession to be student. And so that was my cry My targeting criteria for this from second ad that I'm running right here. So will, um, you know, see what that gives me. But it should. I should get more targeted clicks. More people clicking it because it's going to be shown to that demographic of people that shows to click it are the type of people that were typically clicking it and the previous ads. I should get more clicks per impression, this run. So that's all you're doing with split testing ads and hope that's pretty straightforward. and simple as far as how to set up a campaign with plenty of fish. Now you've seen me do it. It's very simple, and you just go out there and create some ads. Find something offers and services that you like to promote and go ahead and grab your Senate for their affiliate program and promote, You know, drop your link here and they click through Eurail and I just go ahead and put some ads on there and go ahead. You know, I would start again. Start with the title and description being the same, and then once you have when she had that in place, you could just swap out, change up the images, create a couple of different images for each campaign, and then you'll be able to narrow it down. Which image is the highest converting one, and you can go from there and to, you know, trial or phase number two 11. HowToWriteAnEffectiveAd: all right. In this video, we're gonna talk about the exciting part which is writing your ad. Now, you don't have to be a stellar copywriter to create an effective ad that converts what I'm gonna teach you in this lecture. It's going to give you an overview off copyrighting and basically a crash course in how to write an effective ad. So once we log in, this is what the page will see. And if you've already created an ad, you'll have You should have one running over here. You'll just click it. I just right click open in a new tab, Come over here and this is the ad I've created. We're just going to kind of break it down, analyze it real quick. So it's important when you're writing an ad I mentioned in an earlier video to To select adds that you either are excited or passionate about, or you can kind of you get yourself in that mode where you're kind of sector about that either offer, and it kind of put yourself in the shoes of the buyer so that you can better relate to them , appeal to their desires and emotions, and that sort of thing because remember this people, they're always gonna buy on emotion and then they rationalized using logic so they never typically by own, you know, Is this a good deal or not? They're all everybody is selfish at their core. They all wanna, like, look better. They all want to make more money. They all want appear beautiful and things like that. So those are the reasons that people buy So you want to appeal to those? So that's why people buy. Let me break down Theo elements of this ad that you're looking at right here. So I've got a couple of different elements. One is the image number two is the header text here, and number three is the caption or a description. The most effective element is the picture here that you see And the second is the header Tex. Most people just the look at the image. Read the header, Click it. You know, a lot of people don't even read the description, but it is important because some people do read it. Um, so it's fours. Parts of an effective ad number one. It's gotta grab attention. That's why I have to have a compelling image. This is just a very simple image. However. It's red. Red is the most vibrant, is the most powerful color on the spectrum, so it's very attention grabbing. Very simple, but it draws your attention immediately. And then they see this headline it says Make money on eBay. Hey, who doesn't? You know? Know what eBay is? Who doesn't want to make money, you know? Say they're going. Typically click that ad number one Scott your ad to get a grab attention number to describe three offer or whatever you're promoting. Something to kind of piqued their interest. Number three. It's gotta have some sort of a call to action. This one actually, doesn't it just kind of peaks there? Inches make my only. But hey, you know they're gonna click that they're interested. But a call to action is always very helpful. Like if I would have said to click here now, at the end of that, there would have been very helpful. And also last thing is very essential. To increase Conversions is having a sense of urgency. So not only a call to action so called action would be click here since of urgency would be the word now on end of it, exclamation. So click here now, Exclamation says a call to action and a sense of urgency. Or click here today. Limited time offer. You know you had some sense of urgency. Another famous acronym is Ada, A R D A. That stands for attention, interest, desire and action. So the picture would be the attention, the headline, and it would be the interest, the desire, you know, if there it would be the headline slashed the description and then action that would be called action. The reason you know, for them to click that at, and so that is basically how to write in effect about a nutshell. You can see that basically, anybody can write an effective ad with those couple elements. You don't have to be Ah, wordsmith or anything. I just like to keep things very simple, and I think with that formula, pretty much anybody can write a compelling headline description and pick and effective ad. I'm picking effective image over here. Another thing to keep in mind with the header a lot of times just adding a simple question mark to the end of it, like asking. Ah, very simple question gets a lot of people's attention rather than if I would have. So, for instance, if I would have put make money on eBay question more that typically just that one character would convert a lot better than just the text itself. Without the question mark or exclamation. And it's just people like questions they like. It gets their attention. So that is an effective AB. Another thing. It's very cool. I want to show you. And this is the reason why I just kind of target generally to begin with within Polonia Fish, because over here it says view collected conversion report. And if we click that we can see now. I did target some, I think, a target to us and then, ah, a couple of other interests. But right here, that's really, really cool because it has. The demographic breakdown basically tells you all the demographics of the people that clicked your ad, so it basically helps when you're split testing. I can see that 21 students clicked on my ad out of all this professions down here, and, um, you know some other very important demographics here, so this really really is an effective tool here, because when you're you know, if you start generally it will tell you who's clicking your ad so you can use that information to not waste is much money in time. The next ad, you could take this information plug in a new ad and target to specifically to students that live in the US And, um, you know that our ages 18 to 30 we don't have to worry about, you know, these guys 30 through 31 to 40 that nobody flipped the ad, So that's a male in us, So these are who we want a target. So it reveals to you some very, very important information there that you can use and writing effective out. So that's how to write an effective ad very simply. And in the next couple, videos will talk about split testing. Those ads 12. HowToSplitTestEffectively: right in this video, we're gonna discuss split testing ads. So we've already created our ad. This is what it looks like. Once we click on it, we can see that we have one and created. And so, in order to create mawr, we can basically, if we want to do it, wanted to tell him we can come appear. Add your new creative for that new name for that creative. If you want to be a different title, different description, image or different euro, you can add that in there. Click. Add creative. When you're done, I recommend going appear to this bulk upload er basically opened up this page, you'll have the option to upload up to 10 creatives at a time. Creative, No image number one corresponds with creative tip text number one and so on and so forth. And if you want to upload, you know 10 different images do that are 10 different sets of creatives and when you're done, you click ad creatives down here. So let me just give you ah brief overview of how I recommend to split test. So that's so let's say that you've got campaign number one within campaign number one. You know you're promoting a particular product or service within that you've got a number of different ads. You got to say four ads in there, all with different, you know, same copy, different images. Your split testing. Turns out that ad number four has the most effective, highest converting image. So you take at number four and you concentrate 75% of your budget on at number four, and you always continue to split test. So your split testing a new ad with a percentage of your budget, but the majority of it it's going towards this ad that you've already found to be high converting and as giving you some success. But you always want to continue to split test because you may find that your split test you discover a new better add that converts higher than your existing one this fourth, what to split test? If you're gonna upload multiple creatives, which I recommend, rather than just having one you're going, I would recommend keeping the same header, keeping the same description here, just switching out the image. The image is most important part of the creative. Um, So with your first phase Basically, you will be nearing down the image that gets the most clicks and conversions, and then you also you can use the click and conversion report to see, and not only what image you know is getting the highest conversions, but which demographic is clicking those image. So in kind of face to of your split test, you can go in. You move forward with the you've got image that converts well, and you've got a demographic who is, um, clicking at more than the others. So you can basically take that move forward. And then if you decide, you can continue to tweak that the text itself. But you've already got a converting offer with that first split test. So that's what I recommend is for split testing. And that's just a general overview off of what I recommend to split tests. Remember to always keep a budget I recommend short now keeping a 5 to $10 a day budget, and once you find a successful ad, you can pump more money into that add scale it up, but always remember to continue to split test. And again, this is just an overview kind of split testing. In a nutshell. 13. JumpstartYourOnlineAdvertising: in this video to discuss funding options for to kind of basically jumpstart your pay per click and paper impression advertising budget. So it does take money to make money on our and what we're doing here in this course. If you already have some money to start with some seed money, great. But if not, if you're in the US and you have a credit score of over 6 40 or higher than I recommend using a site called prosper dot com, if you visit auto profit dot auto profit income dot com forward slash prosper that will get you signed up under my referral link. If you choose to go that way, it is free to sign up so anybody can sign up. But in order to qualify for a loan, you you need to have a credit score of at least 6 40 or higher, and, um, you can get anywhere from anywhere from 2000 to $25,000. It's very simple, very fast. I've gotten a number of different loans through prosper, and I highly highly recommend them. I've personally gotten three loans myself, but the last one being 15,000 and it got funded in less than 24 hours. Um, and then it took another, You know, three business days for that to be transferred to my account, my bank account. But it's very, very awesome solution. If you're looking for some cash and you can you have all these different options. I usually just select other and like it says, free to sign up for basically what prosper is. It's kind of it's a peer to peer lending network, so I know it can be very, very difficult to get a loan through a bank or get credit either through a bank or through a credit card. You know, it can be difficult to raise your credit limit. So prospers an excellent solution for people in the U. S. Basically, it's network, our community of people who are you've got lenders and borrows that if you're borrowing money, you're borrowing from other people, basically. So if your goal is to raise $1000 maybe Johnny would put forth 100 Susie a put for 300. Sam will put forth another 300 basically until you reach your goal, and usually that happens very, very quickly, and the reason I do that as because they are going to earn Ah much higher interest return on their income than they would if they were put in traditional investments like the bank or CD or a money market account. So if you're looking for Teoh, get money prospers an excellent solution. If you already have some seed money, you may consider sign it for prosper on becoming a lender. You know, just a za somewhere to put, um, some of your money if it's not, you know, it was just sitting in this checking encounter of savings account. I recommend checking it out as a lender, you know, and again, it's free to sign up. Eso remember, go to auto profit income dot com forward slash Prosper on Ben. Check that out. If you're looking for some seed money to jump start your online advertising 14. SocialAdNinja: done this way. I just want to let you know about a really cool tool in regards to Facebook. You know, basically, for any effective ad, you just gonna have to split test to find out what you know what's profitable, what has high convergence. But this is a neat tool that actually kind of spies on your competitors, and you could duplicate their campaigns. So you can bet, you know, if somebody is running an ad for, you know, a number of days or number of weeks and keeping you continue to spend money on that, that it's probably producing some results. So you can go to social ad ninja dot com and I'll bring you to this side. I'll give you a little introduction video. If you click, learn more. It will tell you more about this tool. I believe it's like $97 a month, but this is kind of what it looks like inside you can just gives you the, you know, the header, the the description of the ad and the image itself. So basically scrapes Facebook all day and all day long and scrapes all these ads for different target. Different targets. So It's an awesome tool. I encourage you to check it out. You know, if you're kind of lays eerie, like, you know, I'm not very good at this. You don't really have any idea. Maybe it's a good tool for people. You know, if you're if you consider yourself one of those kind of people in your like, I don't know where to start on the you know what kind of adds to look for? Um, you might could get to my ideas and say, Hey, you know, I see casino slots popping up. Is there is some kind of an affiliate program out there for us? Some clear, like casino game I can promote, Um, so that is Social Ad Ninja and just want to bring it to your attention because it's a pretty cool tool. I thought you should know about it. 15. TrackingYourLinks: But in this video, I want to talk about tracking your links with your ads. Tracking your links. Is Justus important as split testing your ads? If you don't track them, then you don't know when you could have a bunch of ads out there and you don't know which ones are getting the clicks. Don't know which ones are going to come versions and are making sales because just somebody just because somebody clicks it doesn't mean there make a sale necessarily. So tracking your ads is a is an effective way to, you know, narrow that down off, which adds air getting the most sales. And that way you can spend more time and more of your budget focusing on those ads that were so many, many, um, networks out there they have on affiliate programs have ways to track ads if they don't have a ah system for you to create A you know your own add links to track the particular adds that you're promoting. Um, there are some other options I'll introduce you to in a minute. This one I'm promoting. Actually, I could make my own links based on you know, where I'm going to promote it, and I can create that link down here. But if if your program doesn't have that, for some reason, here's some other solutions just to give you some ideas and you would basically I would use instead of my default referral link, I would basically use. I'll just show you here. I would use this generated link, and then when I make a sale, I would come over here to my link tracking stats, and I can see that, um, the you know, any opt ins would have come from here and then that you know, the opt ins. How how many of those would have converted to order said. That's why that's effective. So here's one solution it's called Prosper it. Say something that you host on your website, something you may want to check out has some documentation on how to use it there. There's some other options. There's, and I haven't used all of these. I just did a quick Google search so you can just try em out on figure out which one is best for you. There's hits connect dot com that appears to be free, or at least call. You know it's free to begin. It looks like there's clicks. Track C L I X T R A c where you can track you're your old to And then I found the Southern called Link Track Info, So those are a couple of options for you to explore. I just did a search for free link tracking software. There may be some other better ones out there, but that's just a few. And I highly encourage you to track your links because otherwise you want no where. I mean, you'll see which one's your ad. You're getting clicked, but you won't be able to see which ones are converting into sales. So that's a very important thing for you to know so that you've been scaled the ones that are