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Affiliate Marketing Without Website For Beginners on Pinterest

teacher avatar Med heddy Kesraoui, Blogger

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Introduction to the affiliate marketing

    • 2. how to select the right affiliate program

    • 3. why you should start using pinterest

    • 4. how to create personal pinterest account

    • 5. How to manage personal pinterest account

    • 6. how to switch to a business account

    • 7. Why you should use a pinterest business account

    • 8. how to create logo for your pin

    • 9. how to create your first pin

    • 10. Why Shareasale is the best affiliate marketing network for pinterest users

    • 11. How to search and join merchants on shareasale

    • 12. how to promote shareasale affiliate product on your pinterest account

    • 13. Why commission junction is the best Affiliate marketing network

    • 14. How to select a merchant in Commission Junction

    • 15. How to share a commission junction affiliate product on your pinterest account

    • 16. How to use Pinterest Analytics

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About This Class

Hey world ! and welcome to the course

'Affiliate marketing without a website for beginners using Pinterest '

it's an online course that provides easy steps to follow for every beginner in the affiliate marketing business using social media such as Pinterest to start generating an interesting passive income on the daily basis using an affiliate marketing program such as ShareASale and commission junction.

After taking this course you will be able to :

  • to select the right affiliate program
  • to know why you should start using Pinterest
  • to create a personal Pinterest account
  • to manage personal Pinterest account
  • to switch to a business account
  • to create a logo for your pin
  • to create your first pin
  • to know Why Shareasale is the best affiliate marketing network for Pinterest users
  • to search and join merchants on Shareasale
  • to promote ShareASale affiliate product on your Pinterest account
  • to know Why commission junction is the best Affiliate marketing network
  • to select a merchant in Commission Junction
  • to share a commission junction affiliate product on your Pinterest account
  • to use Pinterest Analytics 

I hope that you will benefit from this short course ,if so do not forget to share knowledge with your friends !

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Good Luck!

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1. Introduction to the affiliate marketing: What is a Nathi marketing? The affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to make money online. It lets you earn a commission by promoting other people's products through an affiliate network such as Click bank Rocketed link share, share, a sale, among others. Nowadays, that is, some people are making a full time living with affiliate marketing, which can be seen also as the process of spreading products on your website or social media such as Facebook, Twitter, instagram, YouTube and Pinterest. In order to improve your sales performance every day, that is old law off. People are making thousands of dollars per month, even per day with affiliate marketing, which can give you the money you need to fuel your passion and keep blogging so you can build up a passive income. But this is not going to be something that will make your which overnight. A successful affiliate marketing campaign requires several key factors, such as choosing the right product commission, interaction with your audience, among others. So if you were ready to become a successful affiliate marketer, this course is a big deal 2. how to select the right affiliate program: how to select the right affiliate marketing program. Finding the best affiliate marketing program is crucial to your business. You can find a LOF affiliate products to promote in several marketplaces, such as Click Bag Share, Sale Commission, Junction, among others. But many affiliate marketers have bean. They're taking a lot off time to test different products without getting any sales in their account. Actually, that is no best affiliate program list, but you have to choose a product to promote, depending on you in your audience. So if you want to begin with making a great affiliate product selection, you get to take in consideration the following criteria. Number one Choosing the White niche. For example, If you love cooking, we can consider that building on affiliate website promoting cookware will be a smart decision because if you start promoting a product related to your hubby will be excited. And that's what we increase your audience to buy from you every time you put new product for, say, on your affiliate Block number two Commissions versus Conversion rates Marketers have a clear vision to make money online, and for that reason, good commissions are an incentive are focusing just or commissions is no enough. That is another key factor. Call it conversion rate. Which gives you an idea about how the clicks on your affiliate laying convert into sales number three cookies. A lot off affiliate programs are talking about cookies. Why is it so important? The cookies you need to know about our the trucking cookies, for example, if you will, for a customer to emotions website and he made the purchase, The cookie here gathered the information to award you commission and these information are their affair in your world and awfully, i d. Total sales amount the date and time off the say and the same order number Number four. The product's quality in the affiliate marketing business. If you want to earn a good reputation that will aid you to generally more sales in the future, the predicts quality is a key factor for a long term, awfully success. So before you pick any product to promote, make sure that it's good. In addition of the generate must be very low in order to make your customer happy and satisfying. Number five. The payment method, a good affiliate marketing program, has different payment metal that work bearer for different situations. The most requested payment methods nowadays are people while transfer prepaid debit card and paper check. 3. why you should start using pinterest: wipe intrest if you want to discover a new idea shared by millions off people every single day, interest is the big deal on Pinterest. People are not just visiting to search for new posts, but also to take action by spending a lot off time looking for topic. They are enters that end and then click on post, which are. Call it pains to make a purchase. Brooches. Yes, So if you start using Pinterest today, you will be able to help people to decide what to try next. In fact, more than 80 person off weekly peanuts have made purchase visit on pains. They so from brands. If you are running on a line business and you start today Pinterest, you can bring more free traffic to your website, getting discover through Google searches and making sales among all there. So if you are pretty serious about growing your influence online, vigorous can be the place for you. Compared to other social media, it seems to do so exceptionally will, especially when we talk about interest as the second highest social referral site on the Internet in 2014. Next interest is free. Like many other social media platforms. Pinterest is exploring MAWR options for pad and promoted pain, but you can't create a business account, fel free and start sharing your ideas on the platform to inspire visitors. Good point for women, Picturesque is a female dominated. That's why we advise you to take advantage off this platform to share your ideas for women . Like all the millions off users, you can't create a new account. Build an attractive profile in Bio section because Pinterest allows you to customize your profile appearance in order to fit your brand image. Finally, learning about an investing in Pinterest pays also start sharing your pains today, and let's see what happened for your company. 4. how to create personal pinterest account: how to create a personal interest account in this video, I'm going to show you how to create a personal Pinterest account. Firstly, to star, visit the following Web address. Www dot pizzerias dot com. SIGNALLY has you have three choices to sign up by providing number one Facebook account information number two Gmail account information in number three by using your email address to create new Pinterest account. Third, once you have signing user, for example, your Gmail account you need to fast five steps to start managing your account. Step number one. Welcome to Pinterest. Windows shows up on screen informing you that you should answer a few questions toe. Let interest find original ideals for you. Click next to pass to the Signals tab, which is I Don't you find your gender step number three. You need to pick your language in country. Now let's pass to the step number four. Be dressed. Suggest you at the Pinterest button on your browser. In order to save quickly any new idea you find around the Web. Step number five. You shall choose your five topics off interest like design, home dicker, trauma o men's fashion and women's fashion then click Don. Once you have finishes the five steps, you will be directed to the home page. And as you can see here, the pains shown on the screen are choosing, depending on your selection off the five different categories. Home and Dicker. Men's Fashion Woman's Fashion Design and Trouble Note. If you want to save any pain first, you have just a click on the red button to save the post. Secondly, you need to select one of the following boards suggested by P interest. 5. How to manage personal pinterest account: how to manage a personal Pinterest account. In this video, you were going to learn how to manage and optimize your personal Pinterest account. First click the three Dots icon Singley. Click Edit Settings, As you can see on the screen. Here you have the edit profile option, which gives you the possibility to number one. Change your first or last name number two to set a new profile picture by clicking on Chance Picture Command number three. Creating a new user name for your account. Note. This update will affect on Lee your pages. Web address number four. The about You books this alos you to type some information about yourself. Number five. The location. You can use this books to type in where you live. For security. Reason. We advice you to limit this to estate and country, and so don't write your full address next the account settings. This will affect your general account in privacy settings on Pinterest. The account settings option gives you the possibility to number one to type in new email address that you want to use to Logan. In addition, off receiving in use and notifications from Pinterest number two, the country menu. It allows you to select the country. You are from number three, the language drop down menu. It permits you to select what language is displayed on your Pinterest account. Number four. The gender. Here You can choose between male female and I'll specify it. Number five. The Logan Options. This permits you to connect your Pinterest account toe other social media accounts such as Facebook and Gmail. Number six. The account chance You can use this to dill it your account user. The close account option. Hiding your pains and profile using the executive eight account. Compare. And finally, you have the possibility to convert your personal Pinterest account to a business account using the convert account option. 6. how to switch to a business account: how to convert a personal account to a business account. In this video, you were going to learn how to switch to a business Pinterest account. First click the three dots option. It's again. Click Edit settings. Third, go to the account settings. Fourth, in the account changed section, you will find the convert account tool, which permits you to switch to a business account without losing your pins and boards. Fifth Glee Convert Account Option. You will be directed to a new page informing you that you can get for free the business account. Just follow the following six steps. Step number one as your personal accounts E main blankly. Continue Step number two. Create your business name that is easy to remember. No it. Make sure that your business name aligns with your business and is consistent with your other social networking platforms. Step number three. Add your website link in order to help people creating new content from your side. Step Number four. You can connect your Pinterest account with other platforms such as Instagram and YouTube in order to distribute your Peens and get new Pinterest features. Step number five. If you were interested in running ads on Pinterest, you can check the first option. Yes, I am interesting in advertising. If not, you have other two choices. No, I am not planning to advertise or I am not sure yet. In this case, I will select the last option, Then click next the step number six. After adding your website link in the step number three Pinterest gives you the possibility to create your first teen using images from your side. If you want to do this later, click Skip. 7. Why you should use a pinterest business account: why should use a business account on Pinterest, a personal or business account on Pinterest? Which one is the best choice for you? Millions off Pinterest users start Luke and understanding the main reason behind the sexist off several people on a daily basis on this huge platform. And the common answer is the business account. So what makes this type off Pinterest account an asset for anyone who is looking to create a successful online business? Number one Analytics venture is the lows you to use this freight to analytics, which permits you to track your boards, including your data audience. In addition, off measuring pains performance as follower growth traffic referrals among all the options . Number two. Your Pain stats. This option is Onley applicable toe those who have a Pinterest's business accounts. If you look on the butter off your pain, you will find your peons tats, which are showing on Lee to the business accounts owner. The number showing on the bottom off your pain means how much engagement your pain has received. Number three Promoted pains Promoted pains are pains that businesses pay to promote, so if you need to use this bad advertising option on Pinterest. This is your opportunity to promote your brand and which your audience in order to get more social engagement leads and why not sales? 8. how to create logo for your pin: How to create pinchers graphics with Camba In this video, you were going to learn how to create a logo for your pain using Camper, which is a free online editing program that helps millions off photograph furs to create beautiful designs. First visit the full week Web address. Www. John camba dot com Singley Here you have the possibility to sign up using Facebook, Gmail or your email account. Third, when you open Camba, you will see this section. This allows you to select the optimizing former for your desire, a platform which is Pinterest in this case. Fourth, go ahead and use the Pinterest graphic option. After clicking, you will see your blank canvas, which should look like this. As you can see on the screen here, you have already made some place to choose from the layout tab on the left. Let's consider that your Pinterest account is related to the food business. In this gaze, click all to see all food stamp plates. Next, scroll down to get more eye catching pincers graphics. Once you have chosen one off the suggested freedom plates, click on your favorite logo and it will instantly come up on your blank campus to edit your text. Do double left click, for example. Here we add the word insane to the paragraph so we becomes eight insane things to remember for your backyard barbecue party. If you were satisfied with your design, great. Your first pizzerias. Graphic Israeli Next. If you want to download your work, click on this command can VA gives you the possibility to select your best find? Former In this case, let's take this. Suggest to form A, which is P N. J. Then click download. This is how you can create a custom. Pinter is graphic for free in just few minutes, using Camba. 9. how to create your first pin: how to create your first pain in this video. You were going to learn how to create your first pain that generate interaction. First, from your profile, click this command at the top right corner off Pinterest Cygan. Click Creates pan, third Click Drug and drop or click to upload images to find your file on your computer. Four. Add your title. Fifth. Make sure to add an interesting description with user friendly language. Note. Usual Jews Keywords in your description, such as barbecue and party, in this case next, a lot off Pinterest users are using hashtags, which you can also add in European description, in order to which more people note hashtag is composed by the symbol plus keyword, for instance, food, barbecue and party. In our case, once you have written its title and description, you need to add a neuro. You want to link your pain, too. Next, click select to Jews aboard where you can save your pain. Note. If you didn't find any bird that is related to your pain, you can't create in you one. Then click publish. This is how you can create your first pain on your Pinterest account in few minutes. 10. Why Shareasale is the best affiliate marketing network for pinterest users: washer. Exhale is the great affiliate marketing network for Pinterest users. People always ask why we thank Share Sale is the best network in the affiliate marketing business because off large number off affiliate programs to choose from and many are structure and differently. Who we have some useful tips to keep in mind while looking for a good network like Share a Cell Number. One Real Time report is one of the best affiliate network is that it offers real time reporting. It permits you to see how your campaigns are performing in real time. Number two Tools for affiliates Comparing toe other affiliate networks. Share Sale offers the best tools for a fee. Eights from Make a page tool for storefronts to video tools, widgets, deep link tools, etcetera. Number three MAWR Protection share Sale offers more protection for their affiliates than any other network. They have leap frogging, better adware protection timelines for merchants to see who should have got in credit number four repayment method. All payments are consolidated from the programs. You participate in an art pad with one check or direct deposit by share a cell number five commission tie share a sale has about 4000 merchants and is robust in Khost for action, cost for lead and cost. Purcell offerings 11. How to search and join merchants on shareasale: how to serve. Enjoying immersion programs on share sale In this video, you are going to learn how to find immersion programs to join on share sale. If you do have immersion in mine, then the surf process will be easy. But if you don't know what you were looking for, let's jump to the explanation Right now. After looking into your affiliate account, first go to immersion Stab siguen click on Search for Motions. Demotion Search page has tons of information in ways to find brands. Select or scroll through the top icons to browse by future categories. If you have a pretty solid idea about the type of product to promote on your Pinterest account in this case, use dessert bar. Let's say that you want to join a clothing program like Shane. Next click the Blue I can't join program burning on the far right. As you can see on the screen, an application form appears as a new affiliate marketer who need to join this network, which is receiving does and even hundreds off applications in a given time period. If you have a Pinterest account, tell them how the shame program wings will fit with your visitors. If you come up with a good description, your approval percentage on this application will go through the roof. 12. how to promote shareasale affiliate product on your pinterest account: how to promote your share USL affiliate product on your Pinterest account for free. In this video, you were going to learn how to use your pictures account and an affiliate marketing programs such as share sale to earn a passive income. In this case, let's consider that you were promoting products related to the clothing business. For instance, dresses, jumpsuits, see parades, among others. And Jay Got Frey is one of the best share sales Mersch in which is providing good commission for each product you promote. Before you select merchants product, you need to create an affiliate marketer account on share sale. But if you have already share said it cannot for affiliate marketer, you can start now choosing your favorite project to promote for free on your Pinterest profile and start generating a passive income. First, go to your share sale account. Cygan. Click Mersch in, then Mersch in stages. Third. As you can see, you know the screen here, you have all your share sales. Mershon. Let's promote a product related to the clothing business, and for this reason we are going to select this Mersch in fourth to stop promoting your first product on your Pinterest account. You need to create your custom link, which permits you to earn your first commission. And to do this, you should open the get links command in you Tab and the merchant website in another tab. Next, let's consider that your first product to promote on your Pinterest profile is address. First go to dresses, then click miney dresses, for example. If you want to promote these dress, first click on the product signally CO p The page you earl Third, return to the motions page on share sale, then click create custom link and passed your dresses. Link here and click. Create custom link GOP your affiliate link and use it for your Pinterest post, Then click publish. If any Pinterest user is looking for money, dress and use a Joe rolling to buy the product, you earn a commission. 13. Why commission junction is the best Affiliate marketing network: why Commission Junction is a great affiliate Marketing network commission, Junction or City for Short is one of the largest affiliate marketing networks. Nowadays, CJ continues to develop new technology to improve affiliate performance tracking and to improve advertiser and publisher collaborations, which will resolve more sales, more relevant solutions to promote higher elite quality and overall more money. Commission. Jackson is easy to use. The main think about this network that affiliate marketers will absolutely love that is really easy to both. Navigate a news. Also, joining serious network means that you will get access to an incredibly vast selection off advertisers. Compare it to other affiliate programs. Commission Junction has the upper hand when it comes to the number off available advertisers in various and district degrees. Next, let's talk about the reporting features due to commission's actions up to date reporting features. Our affiliate marketers can easily see how your site is doing At any point in time. City provides you with a deep, well off options that let you get into the funder. Details off your stats, partly to the fact that reports includes week over week, month over month and year over year reporting another good point for publishers is that all of the commissions are paid through Commission Junction directly and not through the advertisers. This gives an added sense of security that you will receive payment. 14. How to select a merchant in Commission Junction: how to select immersion in Commission Junction. In this video, you are going to learn how to look for an advertiser that interest issue motions on Commission Junction expect you to have website log or even a Pinterest account that dress traffic on a daily basis toe they offers. You need at least one off these three options to prove that you were pretty serious about promoting advertisers products. So to search immersion on Commission Junction first click on advertisers. Cygan. Go to advertisers Country, then select all countries in order to get all motions. Offers third Click Search to get more than 2000 and 800 advertisers. If you have the specifications toe work on like Woman's fashion type in the keyword field fashion. Thank Leak Search as you can see on the screen, all clothings immersion artists playing. Next. Let's say that you need to join a durum a program to do this click joint program. Then you need to wait until adore me. Advertiser, approve your application as a publisher. Thank leak close. Once you have been accepted to any program, click on Get planes to start promoting your favorite products using a failure planks 15. How to share a commission junction affiliate product on your pinterest account: how to share Commission Junction affiliate marketing product on your pincers. To count in this video, you are going to learn. Have to share any commission Junction product on your pinchers. Two counts. First, let's consider that you were running an online business related to the clothing niche. In this case, you're going to take Mulberry 55 as an example to show you how to select and promote ISF acidic product using affiliate links. But before your first product selection, you need to add the D plank Senator option to your bookmarks toolbar Note. Supported Bowser for this option are Crow, Firefox Safari and Internet Explorer nine and 10. So all that you need to do is to visit this post. How to use deplane Janitor Junction by City affiliate. Once you did that, scroll down until you get CG deep links and then at the green button. Next press, then dragged the button to your bookmarks toolbar. Now let's say that you need to promote a woman dress on your Pinterest account. As always, Mulberry 55 is our advertiser in this case. First click on your favorite dress, then click on deep Link Senator to get your affiliate leg. It's again. You can use Protect image and I just its highs using camera dot com in order to fit with Pinterest images specifications. Once you did there, click on Publish to share your first City product on your Pinterest account. Note. You can feel the description box off your pain using the product description on the Inter Tizer site. Do not forget to write an eye catching title in news Hashtags in your description to drive more traffic, thank Lex. 16. How to use Pinterest Analytics : how to use Pinterest analytics, Beatrice and Analytics is your best tool to measure Europeans performance on the platform. First, To use this option, you should have a business accounts again to interview an analytics dashboard. Go to banality extent Klay on overview. As you can see on the screen here, you have many metrics to track with Pinterest in and it takes such as impressions, engagements, close ups, laying clicks, etcetera. The impressions are the number of times your pains appear in the home feet and search results. That means one impression is equal to one of you. Close ups is the number of times visitors have tap ID your pain to take a closer look. Next link clicks. This is the number of times Pena's clicking on pins that are created from your website. We advise you to learn how to create a high quality content and eye catching pains because if you do this, chances are higher that visitors will lie what they say when they reach your site content, especially when you are running in a line business. Click on pins can convert to sales on your e commerce website saves. This is the number of times someone save it a pain toe One of their boards using the save button Dis option is the best tool to increase the ridge off your posts. From Pinterest notes, you have the possibility to track this metrics during the last seven days to 90 days.