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Affiliate Marketing: The Complete 2021 Masterclass

teacher avatar Coach George, Start Winning...

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

23 Lessons (3h 19m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class Roadmap

    • 3. What is Affiliate Marketing

    • 4. Why your niche is important

    • 5. An Email Address

    • 6. A Website

    • 7. How to Create a 100% FREE Website

    • 8. How to Create a 100% FREE Quality logo

    • 9. Creating a Custom Audience

    • 10. How to Create a Google Account

    • 11. Where to Do Affiliate Marketing?

    • 12. Picking Affiliate Products

    • 13. Creating Google PPC Ads

    • 14. Facebook and Paid Marketing

    • 15. Instagram, Twitter and Other Platforms

    • 16. Keeping Track of your Ads

    • 17. Creating FREE Reports (Best Technique)

    • 18. Marketing Basis

    • 19. Free Facebook Marketing

    • 20. Free Instagram Marketing

    • 21. Free YouTube Marketing

    • 22. Other Forms of Free Marketing

    • 23. Graduation

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About This Class

Learn how to create income with The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Class!

Affiliate marketing is a way to earn money where you promote digital or physical products of other people (affiliates) and get a commission on each sale. You are basically the owner of your time! no boss No coworkers! And you can work anywhere in the world just with your computer and WiFi connection, isn't that cool?

If that were not enough, let me tell you that in this master class we will cover everything you need and I will show you what the professionals are not teaching you

In this course, we will cover deeply

  • A Small Affiliate Marketing Introduction 

  • Everything You Will Need Before Starting With Affiliate Marketing: Business name, website, Email

  • How To Create A 100% FREE Website

  • How To Pick The Right Affiliate Products

  • How To Keep Track Of Your PPC Ads

  • How To Create A FREE Report

  • FREE YouTube Marketing

  • Webinars And Live Streams 

  • My Personal SECRET Affiliate Formula

  • Facebook Marketing 

  • Instagram Marketing 

  • Quora Marketing ( NEW )

  • Paid Marketing 

  • Guest Blogging

  • Growing Your Business 

Plus, I've included multiple books and reports to increase your learning experience.

And if that wasn't enough I will include as a bonus lecture, some podcast-style audio sections where I will be giving away some extremely valuable information!

So what are you waiting for? Join this course and let's make some money!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Coach George

Start Winning...


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1. Introduction: Okay, So welcome, guys, to this first video off the course. First of all, let me thank you for taking the course in the first place. You're definitely not going to regret it, and you're gonna learn a lot of stuff. So if there's something I'm gonna ask you before we start, everything is Get a pen, get a pencil getting notebook. I recommend this method because it's easier to just typing on your computer and get some notes. Get notes of everything, get whatever you take of the glasses and just type it in a new notebook. It's gonna be easier for you to handle the information. And it's going to be better for me because I know. And I'm going to be 100% sure that you learned something off this class. Enough The score. So, first of all, let me introduce myself. All right. The my name is Jorge Dry Hope, But I'm I go. Ah, lot of times as George because that's my, uh that's the English translation of my name. And that's just easier for me. All right. I'm a Mexican entrepreneur, a Mexican born However, I've taken America as a second home and I've ever travel and live in both countries simultaneously, Um, and Eminem. And I'm an entrepreneur. Okay, I'm I'm 21 years old, and I have being doing online business since pretty much since I was 15. So that's been a very long time since. And I've learned a lot. And, you know, that's still 56 years that I've been in business and things have changed fast, all right? And people want to make money, they want to make money. And a lot of what happens is a lot of the new coaches that are going out there. They don't teach what people need to learn, and they don't teach. Honestly, they teach a lot of methods that don't work and won't work for most people. What I'm gonna teach you in this glass and this glass specifically is something that you can apply today. All right. Not tomorrow, not the day after tomorrow. Something that you can apply to day. And that's gonna be helpful for the rest of your life. And most importantly, the technique that I'm going to be useful. The stuff I'm gonna teach you. Okay? It's gonna be something that's gonna help you, not only on an affiliate marketing business. Right? This is gonna help you on any business that you wanna open or any business than you wanna start with. OK, so that's why I'm gonna be teaching you a little bit about everything so you can build a very safe foundation and learn how to make money in this case using affiliate marketing. So I think it's very, very exciting. I can wait, start teaching you a lot of stuff. And if you have any questions, don't forget to tapping on the common section of this class of the scores tapping in Tammy in question. Or you can follow me at any of my social media's where I strictly answer people's questions . Okay, so Ah, we're not for to do Let's start this course. I'm glad you're here. And I hope you stick with me for the rest of the class. 2. Class Roadmap: Okay, guy. So welcome to another class. Now, First of all, before I start teaching you the good stuff and how you can start getting into it. Ah, when you take into account A we need to record they really quick glass road map, and this is going to be I'll lay out off the class and everything I'm going to teach you. So if you wanna see what you're gonna learn, so you can, you know, plan out your times And, you know, maybe this class might be a little bit long, so you might want to take this glass in a couple days. You know, maybe in a week, you know, have a long time. I mean, you can just watch it out straight as a ghost. So, um, I'm going to start with something very important. What? ISS affiliate. Marketing. Right. That's something very important that a lot of people don't really think about. And it's a point that you think about it because you need to learn again, bases the foundation. So we're going to look into what its affiliate marketing and all the concepts and what ISS and what's your task as an affiliate marketer And once you get the deuce and dance very much of it. So then we're gonna look at everything you need. T start, right? Anything you need before starting and then while starting. All right, So we're gonna talk about in each and how it you need to pick something that you like something good at. We're gonna go through your email address website. You. I'm gonna teach you how to create a very simple website that works. Every time we're going to go into paid marketing and how to create your Google account, I'm gonna teach you how to use the Facebook insides to we're going to create a free low going. We're gonna get toe all that to help. You said, you know, start setting up your own business. All right, then. We gonna now that you have everything up. Now you have you tools. What's next? All right. And then we're gonna look into, uh, when and how and wouldn't start. Okay, so we're gonna do where you can do affiliate. More getting when you can find online products where you can find physical products. All right, I'm gonna teach you how to choose the the way I choose my own affiliate products, I'm gonna show you some of the places that you can do affiliate Marketing in. We're gonna talk about Facebook and Google ads. We're gonna look into other platforms that you can benefit from in your business. We're gonna talk about keeping track of your ads, creating free reports and free and sent advisers to help your clients or wherever you want a target. Click on your business and, you know, buy something from you and we're going to get into my favorite part of the class. This is the marketing section, right? And this is where things get very real because we're gonna go into free 100% free. Okay, that's not for paid marketing this for free marketing. I'm going to show you my little secrets on how I got people. Um, buying and clicking on my leads and subscribing to my email lists and so on and so forth and again it won't cost much, if anything at all. Most of the things are gonna be free task incentive. But in the at the end of the day, they're going to be 100% free going to touch on you tube Facebook. Blogging, guest blogging. We're gonna touch about life streaming and things that you can do to push yourself in this business. And the best part is at the end, we're going to talk about what you can do next. I think of I think, personally that affiliate marketing is the business great to start in, but at the end that they you've got to continue with your projects and your own businesses . You can do if we have marketing forever on. And you know, the way I am putting together this class is so you can make some initial money, right? Maybe ransom paid marketing. Once you start making money and after some months, after maybe a year, maybe a little bit more, you can move to other projects, right and not get stuck in affiliate marketing so you can move on and keep your business. Keep your niche. Maybe expand your business into an e commerce side and instagram thing. Page. Whatever you want to do, I'm going to give you that option, and I'm going to be teaching you some of my secrets. So that was pretty much a very quick and a really fast road map off the class in a moment, we're going to start, and I'm hoping that you're gonna like everything you see. 3. What is Affiliate Marketing: Okay, guys. So welcome again to the class. My name is George. And again, if you have any questions, you can just ask me, okay? And we're going to start now with the classes, okay? And first of all, going to start with what s affiliate marketing. And I know this might look very simple and very easy, and you might think that you don't need to hear this, but here amount, you gotta get a foundation. And the thing about businesses a lot. People think, Hey, I can do it right. It's it won't be hard. But the truth is, just as you learn in school, you're gonna learn about business. And if you don't know what a few in marketing is, you might be confused. You might get into other business models, or you might not do it even Right? Okay, so it's very important that you are fully aware off your position in the entire affiliate marketing eco system. So again, you know your place. You know your time, and you won't be doing anything else that goes against the business model. And you don't you commit Ah, the less amount of mistakes. Okay, so first of all. It's I think it's very important that you understand the O. P. P. Concept, the right of what I call the O. P. P. Concept that means other people's products. Okay, And you know the way feeling marketing worse is that there's a lot of people that know maybe they're artists. Maybe there are songwriters. Or maybe they're musicians or a lot of people that have a lot of products, right? They know, helped to create a product, write a book, magazine, whatever they want. And there's a lot of people that know how to market products, right? They know how to market. They took maybe a marketing as a second class in college. Or maybe they just love instagram and they learn how the Instagram algorithm works. Okay, so there's a lot of people that know how do the marketing? There's no one of people that know how to create products but a Botham. They're not big, their small right. The person creating the product might not know how to market that product on the person that knows how. Do marketing minor be fully aware off how to create a product right? How to create? If I would write a book that's a long process, right? And they they might not know how to do it effectively so that the open concept is basically this idea, right that, you know, both of this sides were made for one another, right? They were made Ideally, you know, toe make a partnership together, right? And it's a it's a commission based system. So in this case, you're not going to be playing the role off the person creating the product right, because, let's be honest. Creating a product takes time, takes effort, takes money and takes, of course, talent and again creating a book. It's not. It's not decision, as a lot of people put it right. But the good thing is that on the other side, marketing can be learned. It's and it's relatively simple toe learn, and that's relatively simple to attract people to buy a product. Okay, and that's your task As an affiliate marketer, right? You are going to be looking for people or in this case, companies with some kind off product, and you're gonna drive traffic to that product. The rights, a very simple concept to understand you're going to be the person that's going to be driving old at traffic to the website. Okay? And that's so it's very important that you understand that port. Now, the good thing is that well, you might be asking yourself Hey, marketing costs, money, Facebook ads cost money. Instagram and YouTube rants it all. I mean, it costs money, George. So what's going on? What are gonna be doing? What are we going to do? So what we're gonna do iss and at me again? It's gonna be great, because I'm gonna teach you some techniques to do free marketing. Now, free marketing is a little bit confusing. Um, and it's very in, you know, tasking intensive, right? You're gonna be working. Ah, lot, right? Because you're not You're not putting in money, right? You got to reach those customers yourself. What? What? What Pain Marketing ISS, Facebook and Instagram and other platforms use their algorithms right there. I guess I'm gonna call them Bonds and to show that product to a certain kind of group at it . That's what he does. Okay, so they don't sell the product for you. They don't do nothing. They just show the product to the right. I guess audience the audience that you, by the way, have to put in right the southward in the face of gats You gotta put in your audience and they are going to show your product to the right people. Right? So you're gonna do what? The suffer, the Facebook software, those okay, the Facebook algorithm. Thus, you're gonna show with a product that you're gonna be a feeling marketing, uh, to the right audience. But you're gonna do it yourself, right? You're not going to use this hell for you're not going to use Facebook ads because that costs money. You're gonna be working, right? Obviously, because you're gonna be automating this and you're not gonna be automating this process in itself, bun. It's not gonna cost you nothing. And the good thing is that you can learn how audiences work, how people work. Okay, you're gonna become a salesman. And again, these are things that can be learned. These are not skills that certain kind of people have on their super rare. And, you know, you're not gonna be able to that. Okay, I don't think that because that's not true. These are skills that you're gonna be a learning throughout this process, okay? And again, you're gonna be dealing with small audiences, right? People in the YouTube video, people on a Facebook group, you're gonna be dealing with this small groups of people inside you. Niche. Okay, And you're going to learn how to target to them. So one thing in the affiliate marketing world that's 100% necessary our interactions. Okay, you gotta have interactions and interactions are key if people, you know see you in their timelines, But they don't really care about the product. They know the description of your product isn't good. That the sale of speech of the products and good they're not gonna click. They're not gonna have that interaction. Okay? And again, it's not always about the sales pitch, but it's a brown. It's about the brand surrounding that product. So they might not like the product that you're selling, but they might like a profile picture, and they might like your logo. They might click on your profile and CMO other post that you made may be talking about Instagram, for example. Right, So maybe you didn't sold a product to that person, But you had that interaction. Okay, You have an interaction with the client. They know about you. They know about your brand. They are aware that you exist. And then maybe Hey, maybe that first time it didn't work, they didn't buy your stuff. But on the second time, for me, that's the case. They're gonna be aware of you. They're gonna know about you. And that's what you asked marketer, you want? You want interactions. You are thirsty for interactions. Not all the way for for sales, because you're not there yet. You gotta be thirsty for interactions. People have to know about you, and that's very important. You know what's great when you create an audience with free marketing? Right? Let's say that you do everything I'm teaching you and you do it to the perfection. And you you create a solid audience, right? You create a solid foundation off people that follow you. Facebook cats becomes just sprees. E becomes the CPC. Why? Because you can create the ride The power off lookalike audiences on Facebook on instagram love on a lot of those platforms. You can create what people call where they call look like audiences. This is basically a new audience that looks I mean, it's pretty self explanatory. To be honest, anything I have to explain it to you, but and the beauty is that you're gonna be starting. If you start with a really saw the foundation, Facebook ads are gonna become so easy because of look like audiences. And that's why I tell people don't start right away with Facebook ads. Don't sign right away with instruments because you're gonna be spending a lot of money and not gonna have interactions. And people are just gonna buy from you, and you might. 4. Why your niche is important: Okay, guys. So welcome to these new I guess section that is called everything you need to know before you start an affiliate Marketing. Okay? And this is a very important section for me because a lot of people don't really realize that or don't really care. Especially modern day online entrepreneurs don't really care about what's necessary to become a good entrepreneur in to have a profitable business. And I think it's very important for you to have these knowledge. Okay? And now and we're going to start to talk about something. Probably the most important decision in your business life, which is gonna be image. All right, So what is an inch basically talking? All right. And it is a topic. Anything you like. Cats. That's a niche wine. That's a niche. Um, photography. That's Anish. Everything that you could talk about or you could sell products off. That's an itch, all right. And it's very important that you understand this concept because a lot of people starting businesses, they don't really know what it's an itch or they don't really care about image. And I'm telling you, natures are important, right? And the better the niche, the better your business going to be, Why picking in the edge, all right? Because when you start in business, hey kind of makes sense. If you focus on everything or you focus on everyone, right? You want to be the eBay off businesses, right? That you want. So everything right, Because it makes sense when you think about it kind of makes sense. If I sell ah 100 products on 100 different categories, that means that my part, my mind, the possibilities are huge, right? The market, the possible market. I could reach its infinite. But that's not true because you're trying on to focus on smaller products, not on the store or the brand or your business in general. You only focusing on products and people don't like that. Okay? And people don't like buying store buying stuff or listening to a podcast, for example, off someone that doesn't really know what they're talking about, right? And I see this a lot of times. For example, man entrepreneur tried to get into ah female clothes, for example, right, and they open a makeup store or a female clothes store, and it's kind of rare not because you're not able to leave, you know about the topic thing? Absolutely. Go for it. But most men don't know a lot about makeup right there. I don't know anything about makeup, and I wouldn't in my right mind open a makeup sore because it's that it's Ah, you know, it's one of thing. I mean makeup. It's selling like Bader, like if you are in the makeup industry, you might make millions of dollars like just like. But I don't know anything about makeup. And why would I go in percent myself on a Facebook ad on an instagram math? If I don't know what I'm talking about? Why would I do that in my right mind? I'm not right. I don't know if you know that you probably don't know is from me. But I'm a some of the and someone you It's why an expert someone that knows a lot about wine, licorice and other types of things. I did that because it's my hobby. I really like wine. I like gourmet products. So I decided, Hey, I'm gonna be a certified somebody. Applause. At that time, I didn't you if I was gonna continue with only businesses so I wanted to plan me, and it's great. Wine has brought me a lot of money and wind related businesses had brought me a lot of money, and a lot of the projects are gonna be continuing on my life. Are about why, on our about, ah, spirits and tequila and whiskey. Why? Because I like it makes me passionate. Just the way I'm talking to you right now about wine might inspire a little bit. My own might might show you that I'm actually very passionate about this topic, right? And I'm getting the WSC t certificated like I know what I'm talking about. That something. And you probably are good in something to writing about something that you absolutely like . Whatever it is, For example, I'm into wine. So it makes sense that there's just a little magnet that I ordered for myself. It is not real important. Uh, think about something you like. Maybe you like cats. Maybe you like dogs. Maybe you like food. Maybe you like guitars. I don't know. I think about your home is and I think you're good at all. Right. So combine what you like and what you're good at and boom. You're gonna have the perfect Mitch 40. Now, remember when you were in high school like, would you remember when you were a senior in high school and college was really closed and people did you oldest tests to find out, like your vocation and what you're good at and blah, blah, blah. Remember that? Like that part of your life, it's something similar. You're gonna really talk with yourself and figure out what you're like because the reality of it. And I don't care what any guru or or other teachers online saying if you no good at it, if you don't transmit that confidence, uh, people are not gonna buy from you. And this applies for a field marketing or in life. And this is the first very valuable lecture that I want to give you. Doesn't matter what kind of business it is. Pick an inch and especially something that you mean it. Orloff, like our you're good at or all three mind right is very important that you transmit that confidence. You transmit that report, people have that report towards you, right? Instant confidence. Do I look like a guy that would sell fitness supplements No, of course I'm not. I would you know, people would. Do you think people would buy fitness supplements if I sold them to you? Maybe. Maybe who knows? But it would be difficult. And we have to work extra if I wanted to make that sale. And I could save that. If, for example, if I were up with my like someone me outfit and I was with a bottle of wine and I was selling something to you and, you know, talking about the grape. Hey, this Caveney seven young from Napa, California There's gonna be a very high tanning wine is gonna have a mid range acidity, right forward talking to you like that. Hey, maybe I would be able to make a sail and sail them, you know, make you by either a wine or something else from, and that's that's that's dead. That's the essence. That's what I want you to do. I wanted to be confident about your topic, and you know a great way to be confident about your topic. Yes, to be to pick something that you are to know about, right? For example, let's say you like video games. Have you Have you seen those kids that talk about video games? Like four hours? This gets tend to be shy, frightening class. I tend to be on the Shire side of the spectrum, right? This might be introverts, but when they instantly talk about bidding and they're they're confident confidence of let's go up because they're talking about something they knew. They know that they mastered the subject of video games and they could talk about it for hours because they know about it. They like it. It's great for him. That's what I want. That's why I want you to do right. I want you to pick in each that you truly like that. You truly love that you truly feel passionate about it. And then, hey, you might be the next Papa John's or the next. I don't know about trying to kill out like whatever most businesses, our in hte. Okay, so don't try to appeal to the masses. Don't try to appeal to even the big needs. But the big knishes out there, for example, fitness fitness is quite a niche, and it's very hard and very saturated. Yes, it's a $1,000,000,000 industry, sure, but it's still pretty hard to get into. So maybe instead of focusing on that Barad label that broad niche of fitness you might focus on, I don't know, abs, Right you are the APP score. People go to you to get ah, six back. That can be a niche, right? Just abs. But six packs that zoo anything the year there. Six bad guy. And, for example, I'm a skinny dude. So if I were in the fitness nature people, I wouldn't have that report Bond if I were like skinny. But I have, like, my six bag or whatever and six packs when my thing on, I teach people how to reach a six backs within five weeks. Whatever. I had everything all the time that I don't really have a six pack. So that's just, uh, fantasy. And then people would trust me, right, because I'm not in SL like Super Bowl and super strong and whatever, but because I had 26 packs and saying, Hey, this guy played for himself. Um, I'm maybe, you know he knows what he's talking about. You, For example, would you trust me if I was talking with her? Ah, bad quality Cameron, if I was just in my regular room and just talking nonsense, No, right. You wouldn't really trust me, because, uh, it looks sketchy. However, I'm on my studio. I have my studio lights. I have my foam over here. My microphone stuff looks professional. It shows that I make enough money to build my own studio at home and to record the class with a good camera and good, like sing and good sound. That's Hedorah, right? So at least I got to make some money to buy a lot. This stuff that may be shows that I am indeed an entrepreneur, and I don't want to make money off it. That's report. Think about it. 5. An Email Address: Okay, guys. So welcome to another section of the course. Welcome to know the part. This one is gonna be quite quick on. Let's just get into it. So in the email address, Okay, I've always said since the very beginning since my very beginnings off business that an email address? It's kind of like your presentation card, right? Well, remember when maybe not you, but your parents, like, used to give their presentation cards with their name and their address and whatever. Yeah, I think that's now the role, the modern role, I guess of the email address, right to be your modern presentation card. So it's something that should be obvious. But for a lot of people that maybe they're new or they haven't had a lot of experience in this business world, Um, I know realise. I hope you all do realize it, but it's something that you can I need to pay attention to. Okay, because it's something that you're going to be using a lot. And if there's something, if there's a mistake, a lot off new entrepreneurs do is just use a personal email addresses, right? And that's a big mistake, or I don't ever use your personal email address? It's dangerous. It's not birth it. You're gonna get it. You're not gonna get anything out of it. Uh, you're gonna get a bunch of emails that you don't want in your personal email address. And, you know, just simply, people are not going to trust the guy with the Gmail address or with a quirky name. Because I'm imagined your email address is going to be very peculiar. So avoid using your personal email address. I get getting out of step. So now what you obviously gotta do now never use your personal account. Okay? You don't have to toe would report again. I'm not gonna go very deep into this object, but use a personal account. You Gmail. Their email addresses are very cheap. Try to buy your own email address. If for some reason you can't, maybe you're too young and you don't have a bank account. Or you can borrow some money for from your parents cards. Or maybe you just don't have the money to buy a personal email address. Guys, it's very cheaper, like, I swear it's super cheap in just a couple box, like from 2 to $10. All right, he's not something expensive, but I understand that a lot of you are not gonna be able to buy, or you might simply just not feel like paying for an email address. So in that case, create a new one, creating your email address and your Gmail account or whatever a server you want to use, um, and put your business name on it. If for some reason your email address is already taken by someone else, then if the name you want it, it's already taken. Use the prefixes of, like, contact and your business name or support your business name or something amongst those lines, and then you know the at gmail dot com address. Okay, so those are some tips. Be careful with your business address. Remember, there's something that you're gonna be using a lot. Maybe some clients are going to use your email address. Maybe again, someone that wants to work with you needs or wants your email address. So it's very important that you have the most professional email address possible, because that's going to give report not only to declines, but to your customers or to your partners. business bone. Whatever it is you do want to use any Madras if you can't pay for one, um, create a new one. But ideally, you should be able to have your own domain. Okay, so let's continue. 6. A Website: Okay, guys. So welcome. Finally to this new section again. I'm I'm excited to talk about this, and this is gonna be your website. Okay? It's very important because a lot of people don't bother anymore. And if you're one of those people, I am here to tell me that you're a little bit mistaken, right? And now when I say all that, people don't bother anymore to create a website is a lot of people, especially again, you entrepreneurs thing. A website is kind of useless. Okay, they force for okay. So people forever recent and feel like creating websites anymore. Okay, Maybe it's too hard for them. Maybe they think it's just not worth it anymore. But the thing is, the thing is, websites are still very useful and helpful when it comes to businesses online and and in in a kind of weird way, it kind of serves the same purpose as a website. Okay, sorry. As an email address into that, it's gonna be a presentation card. Same way, right? If you are a freelance Oring, you have a lot of work that you want to show your clients. You're gonna do it in website right you're gonna put all those designs inside a website. You always need a website to at the very least, put your information your contact information, right? What's your business about? And people can go through website in simple top and see if they trust you that you like you said. And the best part is is that it serves as the core of your business, right? Think about it. You're gonna have ah, Facebook lead. Let's say for whatever business, not only affiliate marketing, but for whatever business you anyway, Asa business. Okay, you're gonna have a Facebook page of YouTube channel and Instagram page. Maybe. Are ah Shopify store, right? You gotta you gotta, you know, join them all together. So they work in cohesion and not, you know, as us. That's individual platforms of viewers. And you know what kind of what thing can do that website, right? Everything has to link to your website. Okay, All the dots have to link to your website and vice versa. Your website has a link to all those platforms, So people that want to see your videos go check out your videos. People that want to see your facebook feed go out and check your Facebook feed. People that wanna buy self from you, they can go to your store. OK, that's the main purpose off a website And the website is an amazing tool because not only does all that it can link all your platforms, but it can give you credibility. If you have your own website with your own domain, people are gonna instantly trust you a little bit more. It gives you credibility. People like to see someone credible. If they know that the person they're talking to rece credible, they are most likely gonna buy. And again, you're starting out. You can't afford any mistakes. You gotta be. It's credible as you can appear because if you don't, you're gonna loose. Okay, you're not gonna win in the business world, and it's very important that you can do it again. Everything you can to win the people's approval on people's will not approval, but just trust in general. OK, now ah, lot off comments that I've heard about websites out there, you know, expensive for their heart Teoh design, or that they're just mass to maintain. And again and again, I've heard a lot of those comments. But now with these guys, you can build a website not only free, but if you actually want to do this full time or seriously, you can do it variously. Very simple. Mean a domain cost. Clothes close. Nothing. Okay, the means are extremely cheap. And again, it's gonna give you that credibility that that you need as a business. Okay, You need incredibility. So I'm going to show you in the next video. Were very quick. Wait on how you can start, You know, with this brand journey and create your own website. And I think that's one of the coolest things that yeah, living in this day and age. Ah, it's great because now we can create the free website with very nice design, right? I mean, you can create a really good website would pretty much nothing. Okay. And that's the good part of all of this that you can create a website. Lo goes with a lot of tools. Now, guys, you have a lot of tools to succeed in the business world, so learn how to use them tools and again in next video, I'm going to show you how to use one very popular, very famous, Very wide tool. Right. Create a website. But it is your task to create a website. So your first task, I guess, of the scores. It's a create a website and you can send it to me. You can show it to mean that the and again. It's just great to have a website, you can do things like sales funnels. Okay. Again, I can't stress it out Enough. Guys, please create a website and a nice one. Okay. And again, if you want to do this full time, if you want to do this seriously, you're gonna need a really cool website. Okay, One that's optimized for mobile devices for laptops, computers, ipads. Because this is that's what people are using right now. Not really asked ups. Okay? And it's gonna help your brand a lot, right? I'm not saying this because I want you to create a website. Andi, I want you to bother you and in whatever. Uh, because I know guys, I've dealt with this. I didn't want to create a website. When I was starting out, I was like website Come on, dude. It's like 2000 for I don't need no website, but I did. I needed a website and, you know, I would be, like, a year ahead of where I am now if I had a website since the very beginning, but I didn't. And now I'm kind of paying the price while I guess I'm paying the price. But yeah, let's go to the next section, guys. 7. How to Create a 100% FREE Website: so hello, guys. And welcome again to another part of the course. I am really excited that you are still with me. And now we're gonna do go. Ah, three electro. That is relatively easy, but I think it's important that you take a smooch tips as you can. And I think it's important that you, um, take the glass. So again it's going to be super, you see. But I want you guys to follow through so you can have, ah, the best business that you cannot write. So I'm gonna show you how to create a free website. No money required. No credit card, No nothing. Now I always recommend people. And again, as I told you from the beginning, I'm going to be 100% honest with you. And I think you should pay for at least the domain so you can have your own name in your own website without the their domain from the server that you are creating your website with. Ah, but again, if you don't have 5 10 15 bucks available, they still works. I've made my first initial bucks with something like this. So, guys, I'm telling you that it's possible using this method. But I would really yours. You that you would just scrap as many books as you can from your wallet so you can have a lease. Your website running. Okay. So thankfully, we leave on a on a very nice time in history when we have so much tools available to us. So right, I'm going to show you the one I use and the one that I find people use the most, which is weeks. So you're gonna goto weeks that calm. Very simple website. As you can see, you can already see that's free website builder and guys, this is super simple. Like, really, really simple. So now, um, right now is you can see once you enter weeks that come. Um, And again, I don't receive any sort of commission from these. You can use WordPress if you're a little bit more experienced or any other. Ah, source that you like. I just use weeks because it's easier for you guys. But I mean, what press if you are a little bit more experienced, can work justice. Fine. So, as you can see, you can create really decent websites with the weeks billow the weeks builder. And you can see we have some samples, but let's get started. I'm gonna create ah, website from scrap, and I'm I'm just gonna show you how simple it is. So you're gonna Cleveland get started? I haven't done this in a while, so and the website, it's still the same. So you need to ah, sang it up. So I'm going to sign up without whatever account I could find. Okay, so I had a plenty of females on weeks already, but I used the business one. Okay. Ah. So now that you've logging, you can log in with Facebook, you can log in with Twitter. I really would come and use the email that you supposedly created, right? Um, but yeah, let's do it. Let's get started. And now I want to create aside for myself client a company I work for. Ah, someone else. I find that the one that works the most is myself. Ah, but you can use any off other options that there's not much of a difference. So now I want to create a site for myself. It should be ex side. Now, this is important. And this is really these really depends on what you gonna do. You can do a business. But what I found is that businesses the sort of generic option, right? That's why they put it on top. Ah, so you can be a little bit more more specific. And the more specific you are, the better the website that weeks is gonna create for you. So in this case, gosh, bloke is also kind of generic. So let's say I want to create a fitness website. Okay, so let's say that mine image is a fitness niche I'm gonna create if in this website. All right, so now they put us another sentence. This is new, by the way. Um well, relatively new. Um, and I've built size professionally, created many websites, build a few websites. Never done this before. Ah, you can pick other. Never done this before. Ah, and it's gonna be easier, but I also find that little bit generic, but it works just fine. So let's let's click on this again. If you don't have an experience, you can obviously, uh, do it yourself. And now talking about experience, um, weeks and the recent wise weeks is because they have like some artificial intelligence that they used to create a website for years. So you have to do a lot of designer work now. You can, you know, run and choose a template and go from there. But a view don't want to do the hard work. You can just use the artificial intelligence and again stop a big deal. To be honest, let's start now. Let's use the A D I I still use it, by the way, on some on a couple websites, I still use it, and it works just fine. Although if you have the money and let me tell you if you have the money, go hire someone in fiber here like let you go go hire someone in fiber if you have the money. And I'm gonna do this quite quickly though, um, I going fiber go one up work, right? Like if you have a little bit of cash like you can hire this person, this person for 20 bucks. Of course, the guys that are more professional are gonna cause you a little more. For example, this guy and I and I clicked on him because he has the weeks logo. Ah, my computer is celebrities, though, because I'm recording my microphone and recording this green amusing. Ah, like the website. So it xgo ing So? So this guy will create a one page website. We know this, uh, characteristics for 60 bucks for 60 bucks, and it sounds pretty good. You know, if you have, ah, well, over 60 bucks, you can go with standards and it'll go a little over five pages and you know, it will have a commerce functionality. And that's, you know, 100 10 bucks a little bit expensive from a lot of you that are starting out. But if you have the money, you should definitely consider this option because these guys do wonders. And now, if you have a little bit more money than that, you can go to this site that, you know, maybe some of you already know. Now, um, for the ones that have no money, which is probably going to be a lot of you be a little patient because maybe a couple of you do have the money to start out and you do want to start like big. So I want to show we show this to you Or maybe you don't have the money right now. But if you have the money tomorrow or day after tomorrow or in a year that you already earned your first couple bucks, you might wanna look into this option. Right? So, um so this is the site that I use in case I wanna do something real professional. Yes, I do. Up works up work. So this is basically a free a side that connects independent freelancers. Ah, with people who need a freelance or but, um, this different from fiber because they seldom been more professional. Right? People charge you more, but you find some top notch designers and you can negotiate the prize. Ah, And again, it's super super professional, so you can just type here. Ah, graphic designer. You can just type in here a graphic designer and you'll have a bunch off entrepreneurs then will show up. Sorry. Freelancers. Not with the entrepreneurs, anyway. So So now that we're back at the weeks website creation, as you can see, we they show us your personal trainer running a club that you running a gym here? All your job, your studio, whatever. All right. Now, if you're creating your own free laid marketing business. I think you should click personal trainer if you are obviously in them. The business off personal fitness. So now they're still asking you a trainer. Personal side, A personal Blaga personal chef. I'm still gonna click on trainer. Let's do next. Okay, so they have a couple designed to you that you can click. For example. Do you want to show videos? Do you want to have an online store? Do you have your instagram feed? Now, this would be really cool. If you have an instagram page, you can add your feet right now we don't, so we're not gonna add that It really recommend that you have a subscribed form, and I think that's it for now. Off course. On a future you want to have an online store, you want to add videos. You want to add maybe a fan beach that you have, But for now, anything just subscribe for him so people can give you your email. And we I have, uh, paid plans. Bookings on. Really? We want to have a blogger, though. We wanna have Chad. Um and I think that's it. Let's continue with next add your name or your business name. I'm gonna add just a generic name, right? Like now, you can, um, put either you the address of your local business or another website. Of course, we don't have that. So I'm going to skip that. So green Coach. Now, as you can see, there's nothing I'm gonna add a logo that I used to have. And it's very important that you pick your logo that I'm going to show you in a complex Cher's, um because what the artificial intelligence of weeks is gonna do, it's gonna pick. For example, here is you see the green, you see, like the dark. It's like a dark green, but it looks like a black almost, and it's gonna pick those callers and later on, the process is going to give you a palette of colors that you can use for your website. So it's very important that you put it Ah, you're gonna have your email address. You're gonna have your phone, any social links. I'm not gonna that I'm gonna I'm not gonna have any of that because, you know there's no need, but off course you're doing this for real. So you really need to put your information and you name and new logo that I'm gonna show you later. How to create. Actually, this is one of my first businesses fitness business, by the way, um, and I created the logo using them the the website that we're gonna use later. So we're going to click on next. And now the artificial intelligence is just doing its magic. And now here we get to the fun part, and this is where all your creative mind is gonna have the wrong while. Okay, so they're going to start asking us about a team a theme. Sorry. Ah, we have this one, which seems pretty chill, but I'm gonna I already picked this one because it can be pretty nice with my local and my my theme that I have in mind. So again, be thinking about your design about in about your company callers and about your business colors. It might seem like it's more business, but you still have to think about building a brown. So I'm gonna choose this one. Jet black. Let's continue. And here this is what I was telling you before used color from your logo. Absolutely create Palin. And let's see what they come up with. And as you can see, it's creating it. It has pretty It hasn't pretty nice colors. And as you can see, you don't have to do anything other than a couple quicks. All right, now we're gonna use these colors. Absolutely. So we have black, We have white. We have these bluish dark color, and we have always had the green right here and again. Guys, this is so simple. Like if you don't have a website, it's because you don't want to, because it's so we see the great one. And this could, you know, you'd be surprised how professional this is going to book. The next step is just buying your domain, and you're gonna have a full on website eyes so simple. Okay? And our website is finally coming to live. Guys, they have a couple Ah, home bridges that are showing us. And now I would pick something like this. Ah, but I don't know, I'm not I'm not too sure about the black. This one, on the other hand, looks pretty, you know, pretty neat. A little basic, because he just the white background, but sometimes they this would help you more. You know, something a little bit more basic. I also like this one, but I think I'm gonna go with this one, which is a little bit more minimalist. Because if I big this one, let's be honest. The colors don't don't look that good. For example, this one, I think, looks horrible. So let's let's let's go with this one. All right? Again, this more of a personal preference, if you don't like, Ah, you gotta pick something that you like. So I think in the middle one, you know, I think I'm gonna go safe and go with that. And now it's just gonna work. I'm gonna work on itself. It's gonna create the website, um, on a larger scale, and it's gonna give it to us in a couple seconds on. There we go. We have our website. As you can see, it looks pretty clean. Three aesthetic and then took us a lot of work. Now, using my computer is going, like, really slow so right about that guy's, um but now, um, this is now up to you. You gotta obviously change the text. You just click the edit button and change the text. You can change the pictures the pictures at weeks gives You are part of the company, so they're free to use, but you can change it if you want. There's a really good Um website called picks. Obey that I use. And this is pretty much to their free images for pictures there were that are on the public domain. So, for example, let's let's look for fitness. All right, so fitness and it will give us a bunch of images. For example, I like this one ride like the shy guy with the muscle arms we have, like the weights, have women training. We have again more weights. And again, you can just pick the ones that you choose. Applause. This are very high quality. These are not bad pictures. These are high quality images. I like this one. There's one is so great. For example, let's say you pick this one, and as you can see the quality, then you can get for free. Yes, I mean 1920 by 12 80. I mean, that's high definition at its best, and you can use it. Ah, you know, you can replace it here, and that's it. Now, another thing that I want to show you is the connect your domain feature. This is when you buy. Ah, I don't mean and I'm going to show you how to do that. We can just connect the manual re own. And now where you can get a domain. Ah, there, Oregon. Plenty off options. And you can choose whatever is best for you. But I am going to, uh, recommend you go. Daddy, I'm gonna recommend you go, Daddy, Because I have found, you know, for me, it's worked of the best for you. It's probably gonna work just as great. Okay, so I had no wait waits in the Spanish anyway, So you can just, um, have your domain. Whatever. Don't mean you want what's a That's a green coach alive. Let's say that's the domain I want again. This is obviously a fakes and Ariel and now they'll find you the price. 200 bucks. Ah, in national currency, that's about $5. So, talents for simple, you can add, you know he dot mx. If you live in another country other than the U. S for ah, buck, literally a book. And you know, I could buy any of these 4 400 bugs. I can use a bunch of these, and I think these are year yearly pays. But again, as you can see, it's pretty much it's pretty much cheap. Although, for example, this one that's a premium one, right Green trainer Mean sounds, breach and Eric and something that, um, someone would have already bought. This is 5 55,000 MX and which in U. S dollars should be like 2500 which is pretty expensive to me. But you can see this one's operate cheap. This one is Ah, 76 bucks, and it has green coach doubt life. So this could be great. I mean, I would actually bias if I was going into the business, but yeah, we're gonna close this already. Now. He also happened. You could also pay the, um, the plans for, um of weeks. They're socially premium. So you get you're gonna have to pay for example, 35 in em in Mexican pesos. That's like a dollar like, $2 a month. And you add the eso in a year, for example. Let's say to us dollars. Ah, in a year that's 24 bucks. And then you adding 10 bucks for the domain. You're paying 34 bucks a year for a very professional website that you didn't have to work that hard to get. So for me, it's a definite, definitely steel. I think you should definitely do it. But again, if you don't, you're gonna have the domain from weeks. Which end doesn't look professional, but a lot of people get it. And now, once you're ready, once you've changed Ah, whatever you want about your website, right again, I could go for a Nower. But again, this up to you guys that you can change the color of the fund, the animation. Ah, you can mention block and again things would take so long. But at least you got the basics. Once you're ready, you got ahead and publish your website and that's it. That's literally it. You have a website with a bunch of you can add a bunch of information. You can add videos you can later at an online store, or you can I have a new online story from the beginning, using pl our content and later maybe I'll show you have to do peel our content. Ah, that's it. Very simple, guys. So let's go and let let me show you how to create more fun stuff. 8. How to Create a 100% FREE Quality logo: so Hello, guys. Welcome again to the course now. I previously just showed you how to create a 100% free website, and I think the video worked out pretty great, actually. Ah, but now, as you realized on that video, I'm going to show you how to create a 100% again. No money required free logo. Okay. So, ah, before, before doing that, let me just show you again. If you want to do a pave logo, you can do it to waste. You're gonna go to Fiverr. Ah, the website. I just showed you right. Well, I showed you in the past, and I think a lot of you know what fiber is. And as you can see, you know, it's one of the most popular requests local design and is going to be super simple. You can pay from 5 to $20 to have a very decent logo, but again, you know, it's a lot of money, right? When you add up the website and the Loeb, or like you know, it, it adds up quickly, so I don't want you to spend a lot of money. Guys. So, uh, I told you the website was kind of necessary, I can tell you that this level design is not that necessary. All right, if you have the money, do it recommended 100%. But if you don't have the cash, we can create a pretty badass logo. We've C $0 so I'm gonna show you how do it. So you're gonna go to this website called Camera that come camera that come is a design website. So I'm something you're gonna have to signing. So let me do that. And now, as you can see you, we are in and you can create a Thanh. We'd come by now. You can go to camp a pro. Sorry, had Aboriginal descent a Zaken, See? Ah, but you can You can try Camba. Ah pro, which I really recommend if you have the money. Ah, but again, that's not necessary. So as you can see, you can create a gift. You know, animated social media like thing you can create post. Sir, you can create a Facebook cover. I mean, you can create pretty much everything, but let's look for a logo. Ah, which you should be right here and again. This website is Oh, Kerry's. This Web site is amazing. I use it for everything. Now, um, I also do, um, you know, personal designers, because I think it's better. So you, when you reach a certain income point, you start hiring your own signers because it's far more professional, right? I'm not gonna lie to you. There is going to need. There's gonna be a point where you you're gonna need to start thinking big and thinking professional, right? But, I mean, this is how I started the his helped. Plenty of people have started, and again, I really want to give you a solid foundation. So this mainly focuses on R squared logos, right. So let's look for some free designs. Some of them, some of them have a price, But as long as it says free, um, you know, it looks just fine. So, um, actually, the first logo that you saw, like, the loot, my loose 80 business that I sold, You know what from Camba. I created between me like, five minutes. So let's see, You know, I'm gonna follow the the fitness theme that I did on the past, right? And I think I saw one with a football. So as you can see, it used gonna click on it and dragon. And as you can see, it will automatically place itself. So, no, we can modify this, right? So first, we're gonna obviously change the text. So our past nameless green code trading green coach, there we go. Now, on the lower text, we can add something like the year we started or we can, Ah, as something like, for example, feeding this expert right just to check in. Now we can leave the football, but we are not football experts. So as you can see, camera gives you plenty of options from the background to, you know, to put a video in case you want to create something animated. But the ones we're gonna use are the basic ones, which is text elements. And maybe if you want photos. But I'm just gonna use elements just to show you how easy this is. So I'm going to raise the football now. I'm just gonna go for fitness now, As you can see, a lot of these are free. Now there's a lot of them. That agency are either paid or acquire a prim Unisys subscription so we can drag it. And again it will automatically place on your mat. So I'm gonna lower it. And again, this is about you getting creative. And if you understand your niche if you understand your industry, your motivation. Uh, you know, you saw your start feeling it. You'll get really creative. If you know how to use photo shop. It could be really helpful. Oh, man, I'm getting inspired. I'm getting inspired their eagle. Okay, so now we cannot more. For example, we can add this one right here. Let's see. Let's see, we one. Which one looks better? I think I think the weight looks better because, you know, there's this thing, you know, reminds me of a doctor, and we're not really doctor were trainer. Well, these hypothetical business that we're creating now against very important that you ah, go with themes. All right, so we have a white, black, green kind of theme. We can change the background, by the way. So I don't like this green. Uh, we can create our own green, and that's what I'm going to do. So, uh, and again, this is much You know, this about playing around guys playing around and see what you like. All right. I think I like something like this, All right. I like something like that. So, um, we can leave it like that, but I don't want to leave it like that. So here's what I'm gonna do. You just to follow our our theme. I'm gonna put this black. I'm gonna do this black as well. And now I'm gonna look for a square again. Get the shape, You know, something like that. And again, you distracted. We want to put in the center, Harry. Do we center it? We send it to the back. There you go. Maybe maybe a little up. And guys Oh, sorry. I just need to change the call on when I was going to change the color. And there we go, guys, we've created from nothing. A very nice logo right from nothing. And as you can see, this doesn't look bad. Now again, this this has to be quick. So that's why I just created, like, in five minutes. But if I have more time, I would spend an hour just finishing on publishing the details. And maybe, you know, I would go to photo shop and actually, maybe again, do even more details. But this is I mean, this looks good. I don't know about you guys, but I think this looks pretty decent for a standard business. And now you're gonna click and don't load Now, you can do P and G. You can do the transparent background again if you pay, um, and how you don't load it and you're ready to go. And that's it, guys. 9. Creating a Custom Audience: So how you guys and welcome again to another part of the course so happy that you're still here with me. And again, I think this video, it's gonna be so important. And it's also gonna be great for a lot of people that, you know, I don't know how to do market research. Don't know how to create an audience, You know, this is going to be so great if you you don't need that help. All right, So I want to show you this free tool by away. It's 100% free. It's by Facebook and into the audience inside. All right, So you can google it, you know, just Facebook audience inside toe and you know, it's gonna show up, just log in through a Facebook account, and and, you know, it will look something like something like this, right? You're gonna have obviously Ah, you're add account number and your facebook profile over there, which again I I can't really show. But anyways, as you can see, we have a very interesting layout that my look confusing for people that don't actually know it. All right. Um, so, yeah, we have again abroad. Example of what? The tool? The also, As you can see, it has people on Facebook country, United States. So everyone on Facebook, that's from the United States. So that's about 150 to 200 million people as a lot of people, right? So it divides it up, it breaks it up between gender. Yeah, women, men and H groups awaiting to 24 25 34 35 to 44. 45 to 54 55 to 64 then 65 plus year olds. Right. And I will show you the percentage of actual users between each age group. Right? So you have right here. You also have things like Page like so what people are like in the US While they're like brewery, they like American restaurants. They like shopping. They like food and beverages. They like pizza places. And you again, you'll see like Budweiser and Bud Light. I don't condone it. So I'm gonna guess Group on team oval, Coca Cola. It's a hot Icheon, Samson Auriol. But these are, you know, pages most lagged by Americans. And you have a location and they can go, you know, Phoenix, Arizona, Los Angeles, you know, 0.7% of the public and you have a bunch of cities Jackson before them. And again a bunch sees. As you can see, New York City. New York accounts for 2% of Americans on Facebook, right? You can go to countries a visit with us top languages. You can do English, Spanish, French, green, Portuguese. You have, ah, again Spanish. This when it's general Spanish, these one is from Spain and then activity. So the average American on Facebook likes one page Ah Leafs. Eight comments in the last three days elects 12 posts, shares, two posts. I had redeemed one promotion and click on 17 adds, That's pretty interesting. And again, it changes between countries. So as you can see Americans than to by a lot of stuff on Facebook, right, So you have the devices you have. Ah, Mobile, obviously with iPhone dominating I android and Allah using desktop. So this is all gonna be very, very useful when you are creating your own app, right? So let's start creating our our own, our audience, right? So I'm gonna use the same example I used unfitness and, you know, we're going to see what? Can we come up? Okay, so let me You raised the US, right? I'm gonna click out the U. S. And now here on demographics, you'll have over a 1,000,000,000 people, right at more than one billion, right? You know, I think to they it's something like two billion, like 2.2 billion, depending on when you're seeing this. So let's see activity. As you can see, the average person arm Facebook clicks 12 ants instead of 17. Like Americans, they use a lot of mobile. You know, they used a lot of a lot more android with iPhone Onley being 17 14%. Oh, yeah. Um, I'm gonna had again the u. S. Because, you know, that's target country that me personally wanted target. So that's quick. United as against is going to give you United States. What? We also want to, um you know, um, at people on other countries. Right? So I would add, for example, let's do I'm gonna do the English speaking world. Some of the other, the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom, it is. I'm gonna also at Canada, Bush So Canada, the country. I also want to do Australia Australia. There we go. Let's add, you know, new soon. And I think, you know, let's just go with that, okay? So if you're gonna see, you know, the age group, it remains remains pretty similar. Ah, you have information, like relationship status, but yeah, let's continue. So we have the countries that we wanna locate, but we can also exclude locations now. What do I mean with that? So, for example, here in the U. S. Ah, there are certain areas that are more expensive to promote than others. So, for example, on New York City, my God exclude locations from the US and now we want I exclude maybe some expensive cities like, for example, New York City, which is you might know. It's expensive. I want also exclude Chicago. She can go, she gavel noise. We might also want to exclude San Francisco. We could also exclude Los Angeles, but in my personal niche, anything I want to keep l. A. Because I think l A is big on fitness, you know? And so are New York and Chicago in San Francisco. But these are real expensive. Los Angeles is expensive as well, but I think it's a little bit more necessary. It right? Because of the weather, for example, people do more outside sports and things like that here in New York and Chicago. It's a lot colder especial in the winner. So, yeah, I'm gonna click on exclude. And as you can see, my demographics are just changed. So I don't know why I had that error, you know, like the charts were in the purified did exclude their locations. But you get my point. Right? So, uh, you can exclude certain CDs. For example, if you wanted to Australia, you might want exclude Sydney in Canada, maybe like a Vancouver with Toronto in the UK I London would be Ah, Bedouin. Right. So now, age and gender in my niche, I think you know, young people are very interested in to fit in this. Ah, and I obviously wanna, you know, get certain age. So I'm gonna dio 40 right as my limit. And as you can see, it changed the gains from, ah, 300 million people. Now we have between 101 150. So that's a pretty big chunk that we took out. And as you can see, No, my biggest audience would be men between the age of 25 34 but still overall in majority are still women, right? So you can target only men or only women. However, I think in my personal niche, I want to include but right And, as you can see, for example, relationship status Ah, lot more or single a lot less are married a lot of more. Half colledge well known. A little more. Ah, a lot of more are in a relationship, lnc. You know how it changes. A lot of them work in the food and restaurant industry, and this again is going to give you a really nice inside into market so that see a lot of homework on sales, production, food and restaurants, transportation and moving. So again you might want to target one of these industries. Let's see how up Page Likes changed. So now they like things like the Pape glow sticks, pop tardes, Coca Cola Re Z's adult swim location, every one of the location. You know, Chicago. Still a big one. Long gone. Toronto. You know, the big cities I mentioned, um, the U. S. Accounts for 70% of my audience right now with the UK for Dean Canada eight, Australia six In New Zealand, one never go to top languages. English is obviously the biggest one with, of course, a bunch fathers. If we go to activity, as you can see, they click. Ah, more ads than the average user on Facebook, right? About 18. They like more posts and well, they use more phones, more iPhones. And now here's when he gets Prange Sting, where he gets even more niche down, you know, hear words has interests. So, for example, I want to do fitness, fitness and well being. I made me. I want to be a little bit more more specific. Maybe I also want to do, let's say gosh cycling, Right? So I also wanna have, you know, maybe people that are interested in bicycles. Langan showed. And as you can see now, my audience is between 90 and 100 million people. That's still a lot of people. Okay, let me let me choose a little need something that's a little bit more niche, you know, because this is really brought. So I'm going to do wine, you know, because I I specialized in the wine industry for a very long time. So as you can see now, it's 35 to 40 million people. Maybe you can do some are like food and wine, meaning wine for five wine, right? If you know people are into Portuguese wine and we can look into fortified wine, lets you foot on mine, for example, and again still 35 to 40 million people. And now we have a pretty broad audience that we can analyze very neatly, right? We can see what pages people that like wine might like. So, for example, other than wine people that are intertwined like ah and again glow sticks make neos has to do with makeup. Now, people you know, this company changed. So again, these are interest that I could take into account. And again. It's so detailed for examples Laura Piece therapies, which is, ah, thing in America, where it's like a frosty and he has an audience off 1.3 million. 18 blows are 18 x relevance on off the average Facebook audience force lower piece like 1.2 of those are into wine, so I might take that into account. Um, I take into account their locations rise. For example, if I look into countries when I clicked wine, the U. S. Went down a little bit. The UK, I think, went down a little bit as well in Australia and Canada. Sorry, Australia and New Zealand got a little increase with Canada remaining. So I might, you know, I might take into consideration to increase my budget spending on Australia and New Zealand . And again we can see how many ads they click. For example, as you can see, the average person that clicks into wine, um, stuff clicks in 32 ads from the average of 17. So we found now a really good niche. We see people that are more active, right, because that of course, they're young and they like wine. So they post a lot more like they like a lot more posts. And they comment a lot more. I can see the devices so I can target. Hey, maybe I'll just target iPhones for people that like wine, who are 18 to 4 years old and again, you can create your own Arctic audience and it's not necessary, right? It's not necessary that you are, you know usually don't Facebook alone. You can use this audience, and you can use this information through Ah, for your advantage, right when you're doing YouTube, When you're doing Instagram, you can use thes three advantage. And obviously you can. When you do paid marketing, it's gonna come in handy so again you guys can go more into detail. But I think now it's just like, um, your own task, right? Because I could go on, but I think you guys should definitely check it out. 10. How to Create a Google Account: Okay, so, hello, guys. And welcome again to another video. So why I want to make this video assured as possible, because I know a lot of you guys might already know this, but I know for ah, you know, a fact of experience. A lot of people don't really know what start. And, you know, this is where you want to start. So I talk. I built I've already talked about creating a une email account and you know your own personal emails because there's gonna be a lot of people out there that might long to their own business with their own email address. And that's wrong. So I just want to show you the easiest way to create a personal email account free. Of course, it's not gonna be 100% years writes. Gonna have the at Gmail address. Ah, but if you know, there's already, you know, you can just skip it. But if you don't like a lot of people asking me about this, then yeah, you know, you can stick. It's gonna be a very simple, very city. The thing I just did, it just I googled creating a Gmail account. That's how I Google lead, and you know it launched me to the Gmail support website. Right? Or you have this bone and called create an account. So you're going to create an account. It's going to send you to a different page. And here you out the basic stuff. All right, so we're gonna add our own like name. You're gonna add your own, use her name, and this is where you want to put. Ah, the name of your business right now. For example, if I put Green Coach, uh, this might be already taken. I don't know, because right now it's not appearing, but it might be taken. It's probably taken. So now that you've created a password, right, you've got to create a password. You know, using your own numbers, whatever you want. Ah, we can go click next. And as you can see, the user name is already taken. So what you can do in this type scenario is you know, you can add like, contact like contact green, coach, or you can also put, like, help green coach or support. You know, right. That do sound as much of a business as possible, right? And you're gonna add. There we go. So now you click next. Ah, the use of name isn't apparently allowed, so let's go with help. So now the thing that you yeah you're going to do is to, you know, put your phone number, put a recovery email address, put your birthday right. You can use your real birthday. It doesn't really matter. You finally gonna put your gender right, Male female. Oh, are you know, you rather not say and then you click on next. And that's basically it, guys, Really quick video. Just to show you where and how and what to do, you know, to create the best user name possible when creating a Google account. So, yeah, let's continue with the next electric. 11. Where to Do Affiliate Marketing?: all right. And welcome guys to another video lecturer. I am so happy that you're still hearing the course. And yeah, welcome to another video that I think this one is going to be very interesting because it might give you a lot of inside. Yeah, about the affiliate marketing business and the affiliate marketing industry. Because, you know, it's quite a strategy anyways, so I want to give you, ah, three websites that I have used on the past, Right? I've used more, but these are the three that I can cough confidently, I recommend to you are none of them are getting me any affiliate wings or any commissions. These are sites that I'm recommending out off the bottom of my heart. And I think that you're gonna find useful. Um, so let's go right into it. This is the 1st 1 It's called more niche, actually. Higher up. Ah, previous name going. I forgot about the previous name, but this had a previous name and it changed fairly recently. And this one is one that I've used a lot in the past because this one is his mother site. That's then some of the others, right? And because of that, you know, that's gonna have a lot of benefits. You know, that's gonna have higher commissions. It's gonna have higher rate off a men's. It's gonna have very sweet and actually profitable offers. And you might find out hidden gem between those offers. And I abused this one in the past. Let me just give a little overview off the website. Like you know, again, for example, we have something that I like. It's called bi weekly Payments. Instead, off monthly payments or bi monthly payments, you gotta have every two weeks with which I think it's pretty sweet. I mean, if you do your first commission, you're gonna get in a couple weeks enough to pay for, like, a shop five pretrial or something like that. Again, the commissions are generally high higher than some other services. Ah, they have very high come covering offers again. I've used the same in the past. Um, it's very professional, and the thing I like is that they focused now. They focused a lot on the held offers. So, for example, like beauty, bodybuilding, health and weight loss, this is now something that they focus on. So if that's not your industry. You might not benefit a lot from it, but I think you know it's still really cool. I really like it. And again, you know, you have, like, high commissions and you can actually seem I go What's what's the commission's about? So it could be 30 to 80% which is pretty amazing. So again, Ah, that's something that do like, I mean, imagine 80% of the sale. Ah, you know, you get the commission and you don't even build a product. That's pretty cool. That's pretty convenient. Again, you can join. It's pretty easy, pretty simple. And, you know, if you want, we can clicking one of the offers, for example. Up I've checked this one like these air snore There's no program and again just to check the offer. And as you can see, these are bad products. This is to help you sleep. Ah, you know, you can earn up to $36 per cell with the average order off 56 bucks. I mean, you can have a 40% commission on this one. And even if you know someone, just creeks, you mean you still and make some money not a lot. And they give you the average conversion, which is 8% off 7.99. So, again, you can make just you can add up numbers. All right. Just imagine. Ah, how much Greeks are you gonna need? Ah, you know, I'm a get out of 100 people that, ah, view the website. The product eight are gonna buy and out of those aids. Ah, you know, off the average order of 56 books, you might get a 40% which might look about 36 bucks. And again, it's free. Ah, you also want to buy stuff like this. So, for example, these are physical products. All right, These are e books, the thesis, physical stuff. So you want to check things like shaping? Uh, you can see it's free. Worldwide shipping. They have, like, multi buy offers. It's mobile friendly. Like you want to check all this because I remember you are Ah, I like the one going to promote the products that you want to make sure that the ah, like the product is good and the company's good. Imagine it like you be You're gonna be partners. So they have the little calculator. So if you can see if you have a traffic per month with housing people through this website 40% commission at a $56 average order and an 8% of conversion rate, this is how much they claim that you can make. So these promote this per year again. I'm not gonna promise you anything like that. Um, but that's that. That's what they claim. Okay, On this game again, these things could be very easy. You know, you just make a couple ads or some free content about this and you promote Ah, with marketing techniques, I'm gonna teach you and you can make your first your first box. All right, They have multiple language as they give you information about your demographics. Which again, is something that I also like the side for, because they give you a detailed, um, um, like detailed information about, like, the customers, the country's etcetera, the demographics in this case. So now something you might want to look for. For example, they have candidates as a za largest markets, which is interesting because generally the United States is number one because they have the most people so they have, like New Ceiling Canada, Australia. I might give you a little bit of where the company's from and where they are selling. So if the U. S. Is not number one, I mean sparely, at 16% it might be because they don't have that strong for presence. So take that into account. Most of the visitors are male between the ages of 25 54 most of them use more while phones . All right, um, as you can see, that's pretty sweet. A lot of information. They have, like a bunch banks and companies. They only accept Bitcoin, which pretty dope And they, uh, except US dollars, pounds and euros. So, yeah, and that's that's That's just an example of one other offers. Um, as you can see this website, it's pretty nice. Let me show, you know, the one that you might know. All right, guy. So we are, um, you know, going Ah, step up. Right now, we're going to go to a larger company, and in this case, it's click Bank. So, um, you probably might hurt about click Bank. This is basically like on affiliate market place for a bunch of people are contact, ah, content or videos or courses or things that you can generally do online. They I think they do have, like, physical products. Um, but we can check out, for example, food, wine and cooking. And, for example, in my case, if I farming toe wine and they have, like, discover the secrets off home winemakers that that doesn't sound pretty good. Ah, 100 healthy raw snacks and treats. That's what they have about wine. So we're going to go through the affiliate marketplace because that's where they have their affiliate products and the products that you could promote. And again, they have planning for information. So I'm going to use the fitness example again. I'm gonna go to hell, the fitness and you know it. You'd be surprised a little. The platform has changed over the years as what? Something I like, you know, it's still fairly familiar. Ah, you know, since I used it, um, they have, by the way, the pace other the way click bang pays your lease. They used to pay you in. They use fiscal checks. It's not something pretty cool, you know, receiving your first fiscal check and my before, like three bucks. But the supreme, you know something really, really nice. So now the thing you gotta do is ah, you know, grabbing offer that you might be interested promoting to promoting so we don't let back to life. Ah, and as you can see, these are people that create the product, right? They know how to create a product, but I don't know how to sell it. So what do you what do you know how to do? He sell a product, But you don't want to create a product because it's it's hard. It takes time. It definitely text money. And you know, it's just easier to sell instead of creating. Although I always recommend people to create their own Prague. So you know, let's let's look for something like this, right? Custom care Kato Diet off. All right, I know that this type diet is very popular and again ah, it will give you information about the the offer again. It has multiple languages, so that's something to consider. They have Spanish, they have French and they have ah, the U S. So you might be able to promote this in France in, um, French the French Port Canada, in Spain and Latin America. So you have here in a decently. A big market who could potentially by the average sale is not as high as some of the others , right? It's 35 bucks. But again, you've got to remember the product is cheaper. It might be more accessible toe far more customers. Right? So, you know, we can check the website, and it's probably something about, you know, your custom diets. People pay to get Qassam diets, you know, Let me that might be something big, right? And you receiving a commission so they might have the percentages over you about the commission and again similar to the other website. You just pick the offer you like, quick promote, and they'll give you Ah, you know, you obviously have to signing with your account and you're tracking I d. That again. You gonna have to sign in. Ah, in order to get the sort off information. And once you do it, you know, they'll give you a link in a fairly link. And you knew you just go from there, right? You're going to use some of the techniques that I'm gonna give you to sell these type of these types of products. So now let's go through 1/3. What website? I want you guys to check out. All right, so now, off course, they had to be Amazon. That come. So as you can see, and I am a Sony is the world's biggest online retailer. And it is for a reason, especially now, in Q four. There's a lot of products that are going to be sold on Amazon. And you want up a piece of that pie, right? I mean, now Amazon is in multiple countries. So if you're from India from Germany, like you're gonna be able to do this as well as severe from the U. S. They have off course. Very sweet deals, amazing promotions, fashion, fast shipping. So why wouldn't you want to, uh, take part on Amazon? So, as you can see, you just going to go to Amazon. That come right and you're gonna go down home where they have, like, becoming a few elite. You could sell product products on Amazon. You could affiliate your own business to Amazon. Uh, but again. Ah, good way to start with how much money is you know, with the affiliate system with the commission based system, which I think it's pretty nice and pretty clever as well from Amazon. Um, but yeah. So, as you can see, the commissions are in this high ass some of the other rights on how the others were from 30 to 80%. So it's not high, but you got to remember, these are physical products, right? So you're going to sell physical products from a trusted website because everywhere everybody trust em, Son, you are gonna be able to offer fast, fast shaping, right. And if the order waas from, let's 100 bucks. I mean, you can get 10% of that, which is 10 bucks, and you can make a decent living, and it's going to increase your conversion conversion rate because every again, everybody knows Amazon. So which could be different from the other two past websites that might look sketchy for new people. So again, Amazon will give you the the advertising tools that their name like the commissions and everything. The only thing that again you guys have taken to account is that Amazon is very picky when it comes to their tax policies. So you got attacked. You gotta have your tax information on point because they're gonna ask for it. And I have been in that situation. So if you're, like, younger than 18 or 21 if you're in the US and maybe, you know, have that kind of information like your tax information, this is gonna be a little bit harder, but if you do, I mean, you're in the dolt. You already you're overly working and global bomb. You'll repay taxes like you. It's gonna be fine. And again, there's just so much things that you can promote from the Amazon website That is just so great. And we're going to get into it in our next lecture. 12. Picking Affiliate Products: All right, so hell, guys. And welcome again to the next video. So right now, one we're gonna do is I'm gonna try and teach you a little bit Will give you a little bit of advice on how to get the best affiliate products. Um, for you to promote ones. You are an affiliate marketer. Right? So things that you've got to consider, right? Well, as I told you in the niche section, you gotta know your niche. Okay? It's a super super important And that you know your niche. Because if you know the niche, you might know the market. And if you know the market, you're know what, when and how and who to sell it. Okay, so I think it's very important. I think I want you guys to answer those questions. Who, When? Where and then what? And then to who? Okay, So I think it's very important that you answer those questions. They might seem a little bit basic, but again, I was reading a book. The book was called The Science Off Anointment. And there was talking about deconstructing experiences north to meditate into meditation and stuff like that. If you know how to deconstruct your own niche right again? Asked those questions when Where? So let's say, for example, when where? Sorry, when I might say, Well, Q four, Right? I want to target people in November. People in December, maybe January 1st days of January. Um, after that, I might want to say where so Okay, maybe in the English speaking world, like the West or maybe certain states in the US like California, Washington, Oregon. Like, why floor that Texas? Whatever. After that Ah, you might want to say All right, do who? And then you describe your ideal client. All right, so maybe a 25 to 35 year old male who's into fitness and Jayme lifestyle. And then if you deconstruct your nish and your market that way, it's gonna be very should find a product that you might want to sail, right? So again, we're on Amazon beside that I told you about, And once you look for a product, So, for example, I look for something extremely un aged for example, fitness, right? Very simple. Think t look for And the first thing that appears is this sponsored product from an awesome right. So this is a very relatively new product. Ah, that you can see. It has very little reviews, although all of them are five stars. But again, this is a sponsored this people pay in order to get a better chance at getting a deal. So I wouldn't really look into the sponsor deals online, as they have, like a decent amount off. Five star reviews. Okay, again. Now we have the Amazon choice. And again, this is a way of Amazon to charge ah providers for money in order to get better search results. Results. Because, remember, Amazon is you know, it is a search engine, just like fiber, for example. Ah, it had a search engine as an algorithm. And of course, the people that appear on the top are gonna be far better than people that appear at the bottom. So as you can see you right now, we have a very diverse group off products from books from elastic bands to yoga pants. Uh, anything this, like, another book or ah, video again, more or less. Advance so and like dumbbells. And this is just a whole, huh, kid? So for example, me personally, I might be interested this one, right? Because it's a full kid for you to exercise. It has, like, a math. Ah, there's little thing to do our exercises again. There's this this I don't even know what the names are. But I think you know, this seems like something that people would save money on because this is not gonna be that expert as much as expensive us other gym equipment. And they could be, you know, relatively feed using something like this. Ah, the reviews are in grade four stars with about 400. So again, I might want to use the Dumb Bell kids. Or I might wanna go for the sponsor deal. I don't even know what that is. As you might find, I'm not really into fitness, but something I like to do is sword. The products by reviews, right? The people are happy with a product. Um, why would a nice led? So we have something very interesting here because, as you can see, these are all books or e books. And what does it What? What is this telling me this is telling me that people really like to read, at least on my nish about fitness So, um, this this one is really interesting because, as you can see, you can see grandma and a little Children like giving her a kiss in the chick. And this is about, uh ah, cancer. So a very complicated subject. And this might be very popular, right amongst people that have, unfortunately, cancer Or, you know, like mothers or maybe older people that then to have this kind of problem and they might spend the 15 bucks on it. So again, I wouldn't really touch on sensitive subjects like this one. But for example, I just saw this one that I also liked. Ah, glued laugh. The art and science off strength and physical training. This one. It's 35 books, 35 box. It's a hardcover. So they say a book that you're going to send to someone's house. It has plenty of five star reviews. I mean, 99% of the reviews are five star Ah, with about 319 customers. Right? And and this is about exercising and either at home at the Jame I'm not I'm not sure. And again, it's a decent price. 35 boats of you sell Ah 567 of these you might get. Ah, wait, somebody some dollars. Right? And because most of these are e books, I mean, let's find a nun book product. A known, bookish product. I mean, they are. They are all up, but books. But again, the guys, it's old, depending on your niche, right? My this personal image fitness is always the filled with books about with information and everything, so might be really hard. But again, any of these should be fine. You know, I would look for something that's above 15 bucks of, for example, something like above 30 would be ideal if I'm selling books, which I've done. And they were great, especially on Amazon. Guys like you might not be interested on books, but yeah, I mean, Amazon started selling books, so you might wanna check on that. And how old books. Okay, so here we have something that it isn't a book. It's 19 bucks, and it's a jumping rope, right? Ah, very simple product. It can't fail. It looks nice. Looks quality. Like like this red accents TheStreet details might catch, and I and people might find it interesting. And again it zits rope. It gets the job done right? So why wouldn't have positive reviews again? Thinks about losing weight. Anything that helps people would be amazing. I don't like getting into sensitive subjects like any sort of Cygnus. Um, but if you want to, you could definitely do it. I mean, it's a good margin. A. It's a good market. I didn't do it for morality reasons, but you can't. So, for example, here we have another like Stretching, Bound. I think it comes with a book and everything in about and taken $18. This one will be pretty sweet. I think it just more books, guys. So I think you have you. You got the point. Hopefully, you find the the advice a little valuable, and let's continue with the videos. 13. Creating Google PPC Ads: Okay, so we're going to start recording in 321 Hello, guys. Welcome again to another video. I I'm so glad that you're still here, still with me and that you've made it through a very long part of the course. So as you can see, I'm not my old studio. I had the opportunity to move. It was pretty cool. And I'm still, you know, I'm so following up with the move. But anyways, let's stop talking about me because I'm sure you want to keep writing, keep working hard, and, you know, I want to help you do that. So let's talk about, you know, let's talk about different platforms that you can benefit, all right? And I'm going to touch far more better on this on the marketing part, which is going to come a little bit later than this. But for now, we're going to know the different platforms and different types of advertising advertised advertisements that we can use for our affiliate marketing business. The 1st 1 is Google, right? I think we all of Google and more specifically, PPC at there are different types off at by the ones that are at least for me personally, that the best ones are PPC ads or paper. We all know that Google is one of the biggest platforms out there. It has billions of monthly users and, again, billions of monthly Google searches. So, of course, there's plenty of advertisements from ASIO ranks to these PPC ads from other, some from some of the other companies that Google's Google also owns. So there's different types of advertisements that we can apply our methods. What I'm going to talk to you about PPC ads because I think they're the best ones. Now I'm gonna tell you that the Google platform as please, at least at least our cities right now it's not. It's not the most fun. It's not. It's not the most user friendly, and again, it's not like easy for beginners. But it's again achievable. It's possible to learn, and, you know, again, everything is possible. So just keep that in mind. Maybe I would recommend that you give it a check, right? Yes, neon like, um, Google at account, and you'll have, like, your own account and, you know, just give a tour of the website, so it's a little bit of a complex platform but its various well, when you know how to use it, something important to take in mind when we're talking about PPC ads is again Just read the name paper. Quick. There you are gonna pay for the creeks you get not for the sales. So it's important to take that into account because you might get a turn off weeks. And of course, you're gonna get charged for you, but you might not get a lot of sales. So it's important that you have a very nice so quick to sail conversion, right? It's very important to have that number there, because again, if it's not, you're gonna be in the paying for a lot of clicks and not really a lot of sales. So that's something to take into account. And again, this something for maybe not beginners, but against the one mentioned to you still want to talk about it? So there are two main components, right? Two main components for Google ads. We have the key words right that you're going to use for your app, and then you have the placement. Where are you gonna put you out again? Those who are very important. So how can you get your placement? And again, it is up to you. There are many different options from devices from operation systems to, you know, literally win. Do you want a banner on a website? They want a side banner. They want a little pop up. What is it that you're going to do with your house? And you're going to get these by analyzing your market Pretty much understand your audience and, you know, okay, if you're doing, uh, for example, maybe older people 55 to 65 year olds, maybe you want something a little bigger and maybe a little pop up? Uh, you know, with the right keywords may be again if you're doing younger people, Maybe one aside banner or something that might catch the eye Ofem, Lanyu All, for example, for reading through a website, you know, aside, better might be interesting. So again, take that. Take old out into consideration when deciding what's gonna be your placement in your Google out. So once you thought about the audience ones, you've analyzed your market and think about your client and again, once you've given a tour off the Google platform now It's basically about experimentation. You know, analyze your own click rates and based on that, decide what you're going to do. Maybe you can do a sidebar. Maybe you can do an upper bar, right? Maybe you can do a pop up. Maybe you can do Android vs Iowa s. Maybe you can do this over that. Maybe you want to advertise in this website with this many views. Again, you have many, many options because, remember, Guru is the world's top search engine on. That gives you a lot of leverage. And at least to this day it's not really expensive. That's actually relatively cheap. If you know how to do this and this gets me to my next point, never, never be it on super expensive top ranking keyboards, right? You got to remember, you are a beginner. You are a small business. And once you're in Google, right, a lot of big businesses, right? Ever talked about Apple, Nike, Disney, all this cos they go very seriously now and take the Internet very, very seriously. So you're not gonna compete with them, Like even with some medium sized already established brands, you're not gonna compete with them that's not your goal. You're going to compete with other small businesses. So you what you gotta do is be different from all of them, the big to medium sized and small sized companies and, you know, be your own type of creative. That's why I always recommend to you guys niche down, right pig is more niche that you're an expert on that has a relatively high, you know, those moments with the highest people in the last competition. That's like the perfect spinach. And I know it sounds far simpler than it actually is, because there are, You know, as time progresses, there are less and less of these niches, but there's they still exceeds, and even if by some reason you can or you're not an expert on a small niche, and you're like a nutritionist and you are focused on fitness and I mean it might be slightly harder, but it's not. Not impossible. It's quite achievable. Okay, so that's why, when you're reading own keywords, you should bet on the most expensive or the most all of us, right? For example, if you're on the fitness business, maybe you shouldn't really be or pay for the fitness keyword because there's gonna be plenty people already doing that. So maybe, you know, uh, beat on the yoga classes on image or a key ward or, you know, yoga classes nearby. Or maybe your students, right? And maybe you can go your way there. So it's very important that you consider this and because, remember, you know, going to compete and even if you are able to compete, is gonna be very expensive, right? And a lot of these keywords have huge price tags. So you don't really want that you want, um, something more to your budget bride. And again, you might not get that huge piece of the pie as some of the others, But you're going to get enough money for yourself. Remember, you are probably one guy company, so any revenue that comes in is pretty descend, right? These companies are seeking millions of dollars. You're you're you know, you're a woman band you. If you get $50,000 a year, that's pretty great. That's gonna be incredible in life. So I think you can go your way doing that. And another tip that I like to give and it's a little bit altruistic and maybe sound a little cuckoo. Ah, but make your I feel real, right? We've seen so many Internet ads already. People are already very used to advertisers online. Right? And you got to stick out. And the best way to stick out nowadays is just be, really You know, if you're a small company, be open about it. Say, Hey, I'm just a guy selling products. Uh, this is me. This is my face. This is my AB. These are my products. And that's what I did and something that's far more honest than people would actually trust you and have a lot more reports. If you don't know what reporting is, it's kind of like, you know, like, trust, like I trust the person in front of me. And if you do that, if you make your wrath feel, really, you're gonna make people feel comfortable and they might trust you and they might buy from you and that's what important. Let's continue with the videos 14. Facebook and Paid Marketing: Okay, so we already talked about Google, the biggest platform in the world. Now let's talk about another important platform, and that's Facebook, right? We all know what Facebook is. Most of us would have an active Facebook accounts, and at least all of us know what Facebook is on again. We're talking about 2.2 billion users that Facebook cast, you know, 2.2 billion accounts that you can benefit from. I mean, that's almost 1/3 of the population of the world of the planet and a lot of them from our country's right from Western countries. So again, you gotta think that into consideration. Most people in your country, right? Probably have a Facebook account, and most of your clients the people that you wanna sell to have Facebook accounts. So it's very important that you take Facebook as your main platform. And now what's different from Google is that Facebook. It's actually very user friendly and very easy to use. Now. I'm not going to say, you know, it's just like your prez. One border, then you're at It's gonna be up, but it's very easy to use and very intuitive. And if you keep practicing with the Facebook app platform. You're really going to get good at it and you know it. Just about testing, remember? So once you get that, you know your first box, your initial revenue invest invested on testing ATS and testing your market and testing your our audience. And again, I'm going to show you some. You know what? The best part about these classes, the marketing section? Because I'm gonna teach you how you can get an audience for free. And from that audience of maybe a couple 100 people, maybe a little bit more, maybe a little bit less you can get I custom audience, right? And that's gonna be very, very important for you to analyze the data, get the data and actually use it when you do private advertisements or paid marketing on Facebook. You know, Facebook is also a very sales oriented platform. It might not look like it, but remember, you have everything from Facebook marketplace right where you can sell a product and meet the people and then, like, give it to them, kind of like a craigslist, but with 2.2 billion people and then you have the ATS platform. So again, Facebook, believe it or not, these very sales oriented. And it's going to be great and crucial for your success as an entrepreneur. So it's better than even though you're starting learned how to leverage from Facebook because you're gonna need it. Another thing that I love telling entrepreneurs about, you know, entrepreneurs my age, maybe even older is that you can benefit from the Vire ality fact right. You can go viral on Facebook, right? So if you have a very nice video, a very nice photo, even a very nice AB you can go viral people start sharing it, and those friends are sharing as well, and they share it to their friends. And you know, this Heikal continues, and all of the sudden you have, like, a 1,000,000 shares. Um, union likes and like, 100 K comments that might sound crazy, and it kind of is, but it just show you what's possible right out of 2.2 billion a 1,000,000 shares, its not that march when he's hit 1% less than 1% eso. It's quite attainable, actually, especially if you're like, for example, in the English speaking market is there what 500 million people speaking English that are actually on Facebook so you can get really get that leverage off viral convents. That's why I'm you know, it sounds repetitive, but people, it's always about content, content, content, content. Because you have, you know, the more content that you post. And I think I'm sounding like Gary V. Ah, but it's true, like the more condom that you post more chances, you get up getting viral right, and you've got to get good at it. You know, again every nice to remember the first time. I just push the button on my camera and I didn't know anything. And now I learned about audio. I learned about video and lighting, and I still I'm still learning. I'm still waiting for you guys reviews and comments about how can I improve my classes? And this is something that you're gonna learn posting viral content from Facebook. So it's very important. So think about your niche right when you think about your own age and think what viral content exists on my niche. White. What kind of content I share, right? If I I I as a Facebook customer, what kind of stuff I share, right? Funny videos, interesting videos, you know, video with a bunch of fact. Something that's creative, right? All that kind of stuff. So use that and then replicated And again, as I told you, we're gonna learn how to get a free audience because the difficult part off doing Facebook marketing is getting that getting that audience right, getting that audience that's gonna be that's for you, right? That's what a lot of people struggle. But you're gonna be one step ahead of used the techniques that I'm gonna teach you in the marketing section. So ah, wait for that video. And without further ado, let's continue teaching you some good stuff. 15. Instagram, Twitter and Other Platforms: guys, I'm I'm so very happy to see you here again. We've already went to many different platforms like Facebook, like Google. Now let's talk about some of the others that may be slightly smaller but so very helpful and that people have become millionaires and in some cases, billionaires from leveraging from this platforms. And I think you're gonna find this step celebrate interesting. And again it just ah wild range of options that you have. And this is the beautiful thing about living in U 2019 2020 2021 like there's so many things that we can do. And if you mix them together, you can really create your own little world and your old little audience on and, you know, I don't know that. I just think that's great. And I think you can really benefit from that. So let's talk about what the 1st 1 of these platforms and that's Instagram Instagram honestly is my favorite platform right now at this moment, toe advertise and a lot of people are going crazy about instagram because not only, you know, just like, uh, Facebook and go, go. You know, Instagram is part of that circle because Instagram is owned by Facebook. So you're gonna have a very similar platform. I very similar algorithm. Very similar sales technique and very similar. Have platform, actually. And you can, you know, post an app to instagram and Facebook at the same time. And you know it. It's very useful. Honestly, I'm not gonna lie. It's very useful I like. And something great about Instagram is that you can create what I call fam pages right, which is basically again. If you're for example, in the wine nature, you can create a site about wine, right? And you can, you know, just start re posting other people's content, right? OPC I think it would be oh, other people's content, right? So if you if you can't create content because let's be honest, you know, taking photos. And you know, as more and more people create content on instagram, it's hard to, you know, stand out as a regular person. Even me To this day, I don't know how to create great photos, right? So what you can do just reposed other people's content, right? Viral that he using the fire ality factor and then you just obviously give some credit to that person. That person is going to be happy because their their content gets shared. And that's, you know, an extra outlet that their content gets viewed. So they're not gonna have any problem with you sharing their content with. Of course, credit, right? You wanna post the user name of the creator of the photo? Uh, because, you know, it's not only moral moral thing to do because it also goes against instagram therms terms of service. So you don't want to do that. You don't want a piece off and you know, to be honest, I mean, if we're honest, instagram is one of the most popular platforms out there amongst the young people and young people. You know, click on a lot of fats, especially right now, Q four. You know, it gets very popular and very crowded, so you definitely want to use that to your advantage. You know, create is more fan page, niche down a bunch content and take advantage of Instagram's something that you can do and that I don't know which recommend, because again, sometimes it goes against instagram terms or service, and you don't want to go against the rules. But there you have the option of automation. Now that's not the same as buying likes and buying followers, which is in moral. And it's wrong. And it's really not gonna take you anywhere if I'm honest. But automation is basically posting. Ah, software that posts for you likes pictures for you, comments for you and that a ways that way creates some sort of traction, right in that you're gonna get a bunch of followers interested because they're gonna be like, Oh, who's Theis Page? You know that, Like the punch my photos and commented something. And no. Then I look at your content. Hopefully you re posted content. There is a you know what? I'm I folded this guy, and that's how you really grow on Instagram. And again, we're gonna talk about that later. But that's something that you really want to leverage for. And last beet about instagram is that is a mobile. You know, sometimes about Facebook. You know, it's maybe not as used Ah, by young people, you know, But instagram is not only very young free, but it's also very mobile friendly, like most people. Actually, I'm pretty confident that all people use instagram through their cell phones. I've never really known people that look through Facebook on their debts. Stops are handled TV or whatever right that they use their phone, and that's when they want. So it's pretty cool. I really want you to check out in scram and again it's gonna be great platform for you. So if our past platform was owned by Google, Sorry, my Facebook. This next one is owned by Google and we're talking about YouTube now. I am a huge fan off YouTube. Actually, you know that's the social media I I use the most. And that's the case for most people. People spend 1235 hours on YouTube per day. I mean, a lot of people are replacing their TV by YouTube alone. I mean, you'd have alone is killing a big part of the media and big part of the TV industry, and that's a big enough recent for you to start working on your creative career and YouTube channel. Now I'm not telling you that you got to become a YouTuber because that's not only not a wise career path, and you know you don't need that. You don't need to become a YouTuber, but you really wanna have a duty of portfolio off information about your niche. So I'm really good friends with ah ah, friend of mine off high school that now she's graduated on, she said. Nutritionist. She graduated from neutrality and she started her YouTube channel because I told her to do so in order to post more content. And now she has her is more local business and you too fast, really help her career. And she's kind of like a small celebrity in our city or the city I used to live in. And that's because you divide right. She posted a bunch of useful content on YouTube, and I used for videos on YouTube about losing weight, gaining muscle like all that good stuff that most people seek. And because of that, she was able to gain some traction gain somebody is gonna get. You don't need, like, a 1,000,000 views Justin, maybe 5 10,000 people that are really loyal and engaged with your videos, and I know that you can earn a living, and that's just YouTube. Alone and again. YouTube and Google are synchronized so you can get plenty of data from your creative audience. Same thing that you can do with Facebook and Instagram. So it's really helpful. And more thing that you really want to take into account is that nowadays video kills photo . That's just the truth. People rather look at video ads. The photo adds that just the reality off it. So if you have good audience retention, right, for example, think about it this way. How much do you really think people look at a photo? One second, maybe two seconds, three seconds and best and then they will, you know, keeps wiping down. But how much people, How much audience retention? That's a video half 30 seconds, 50 seconds, two minutes even more. I mean, we're talking about longer videos and videos that are useful information. You might retain your audience for five minutes, and that's good. You know, having people watching your face for five minutes is going to give him a reporter that, like I trust this guy. This guy selling me a product. Sure, I want that and you're going to see these. You know, a lot of YouTubers. How many youtubers do you think they pose? They are fairly. It links from Amazon. The platform that I just showed you. Ah lot. So, for example, again, if you're into fitness and you are at teaching people how to exercise, for example, I have my own brother teaching other teenagers how to exercise because he's very into the game and whatever. And he was leaving his affiliate links off Amazon, and he made some disembarks enough to pay college. And if you're in America, you know how expensive colleges they're expensive them. He was able to pay that through his his little videos, right? A lot off his friends used to make fun of animal. Oh, you little videos. Well, he may get this and living with a Philly links if you live products. If you were programs right from Click Bank or from more nish, for example and he was able to do that through YouTube videos on again, you don't need a lot. You really don't need a lot. Most cell phones, record age, high definition, right HD or four K, right. You can get a lamp. You know, you're a desk lamp and a little tribe. Although you can, you know, stacks on books. If you really want to go on body. It stacks on boobs, get a water bottle and you know, you built a little tripod and that's it. But again, I'm going to talk about all these later. This just like a little introduction to the other platform. Another platform that a lot of people don't really think about. But I would actually recommended a lot of Twitter, right? I like to think about Twitter as the text version of Instagram because people just simply post what's undermined. And you'd be surprised again how many people how much time people spend on Twitter. You know, it might be a lot of time, and I don't personally use Twitter other than maybe, you know, for news, right? If some big global event event happened, I will go on Twitter. But other than that, I'm not a big on Twitter, but I definitely used my like business. Fourth, we're right because you can buy tweets from influencers the way you do on Instagram. But Twitter is far cheaper, right? An instagram and you get similar results. So you gotta take that into account and again if you or someone clever, right? I've know so many people that have used Twitter and they post Joe's and they post means on . They got a lot of retweets, and they gain a lot of traction for their business. For example, if I'm into the wine business right, I would retweet a bunch of names or in a funny quotes about wine, like how Winston Churchill Drin drank a lot on again that would get me traction and people would know more about my brand. And again, that's just a bunch of examples that I'm trying to give you guys so you can get any sort of idea on what to do. You can use many of these platforms you can use only want another one that I would like to mention his twitch and other life streaming services. Now I know what you might be thinking, George. I'm not a gamer. Why would I go on twitch? But lately I've seen a lot of people that aren't actually gamers that go on twitch, for example, in the politics niche, I've seen plenty of people and new life streams daily, and you know what? You want to know something which pays really good. I mean, you have people paying you on the life chat and, you know, fight books. 10 bucks. I mean, you name it, they can pay you something. I just were speaking your mind and talking about your opinion. So again, if you're an expert, uncertain image, you can just go out, do a life stream and say, OK, I'm gonna talk about the Caro diet and this and you do a one hour life stream. And again, you can use webinars as another example to promote your products. So you talk about again one hour about that Keto diet, or you know how to feel less tired or how to get better asleep. And at the end, you might use a program like the ones you saw on more niche and promote. Maybe I know pills for sleeping. Better write something that, of course you saw on in the mornings website or you can sell probiotics on Amazon. Right and again, you can make really decent back for you pocket. Now that's pretty cool. That's an interesting concept that Onley while them entrepreneurs try. No, a lot of people do live streaming zahn webinars, And if you are good at it and again you don't you can record your screen computer, you don't even need a camera. You can record your ah power point presentation on your computer. You probably thought about that one and another one. You know, the last one that I want to give you guys is logs or four rooms or other sites, like where you could answer comments or questions I cure. For example, so the great thing I like about forums is that a lot of people again asked a bunch questions, and you are going to be the guy that's gonna answer those questions because remember, you are supposed to be an expert on your niche and whatever need you pick. So, for example, you go to a side like Cura, and someone has says like, Oh, I don't know what to do. I'm gaining a bunch weight and, like, I don't know, whatever Right? And you're going to go and you're gonna answer. And maybe you should try the kettle diet because it's good for you. Maybe try to read a Solomon and more vegetables and maybe, you know, take Omega three peels right again. That's just another example of what you can do. And in a lot of people would appreciate your answer. So you know what? You actually changed. Ah, Happy that I have a doubt or something again. If you I've seen countless cos actual companies answering questions, right, They will have their logo and the company name. Or they would have you be a person like you and me and he would say, Oh, x person CEO off probiotics blood. Right. So that's something that you can definitely no, not count you must do. Or at least you must fly, because again, you can earn traction after you finish answering the question, you can definitely You definitely have the right to put. Hey, by the way, I have a small YouTube channel. Yeah, I wish you could check it out, because I could I post a lot about a lot off diet tips, right? And that person is gonna be like Hell, yeah, I'm gonna gonna check channel help her channel out. And that's how you you gained one Lloyd loyal fan. And again, it doesn't sound like a lot, but if you this if you do this 20 times a day, let's say half of those become fans or even five. If you do these over one month, you're gonna get 50 100 people extra that are gonna become truly loyal because you helped them, right? So it's a small, complicated way off gaining traction, but it's definitely the most, and it's free. I mean, you just need a computer, a cell phone, you enter, cure or you create your account. And while I you can start answering questions right away today you can start answering questions on cure. I'm promoting your business for free, and you can do the zone four rooms on blog's. You can apply the technique that I, you know, it's called guest blogging into If you actually created website and a blogger, as I thought you on a previous video you you can go to. Maybe it's bigger block and say, Hey, can we gets blogging? Maybe they will charge you so money, but it's you know it's worth it because your article is gonna be posted on somebody else's block, right? Or you're gonna have your name on a big website. But I like for somebody enough. Let's imagine something like fitness dot com. Write an article reading by George Travel and you know, people going to check you out if you wrote an interesting article, right? So that's something again. Just a couple of advice is that you can apply. There are many more places and techniques that you could apply. Ah, but this is just some based on my own experience as an entrepreneur who has used every single technique that's out there. So let's continue with some other off some of the other videos that I have planned for you guys and hopefully you'll enjoy them. 16. Keeping Track of your Ads: Hello, guys, Out what's going on? And welcome again to another video. I am really excited. I really love making these videos for you guys. Now I want to teach you how to keep track of your at now. Remember, I've always recommended to you throughout this course to the free marketing, right. That's one of my main objective. Is that you to learn how to the free marketing? But again, there's gonna be a point sooner than later that you're gonna have to start doing paid marketing and you're gonna have to start paying Google Facebook, YouTube for them to promote room products. But how you do it, how to quick you keep track of on because it's a mess, right? You pose the AB. That's one thing. What's what's after that, like, What do I do now? What's next? And the next thing is keeping track of your ads. Now. It's very, very, very important for you to take into account. Even rats go wrong or rats don't go as expected, or they don't get as successful as possible. Don't get a lot bunch conclusions to it. You know, you might think all my products socks, my description socks. My video sucks, but that's no, no, no, that's not always eat. In fact, I think, from based on my own experience, that have the ways. It's not that it's not the ad itself where it's not the product itself. Well, maybe it's the audience, right? And I remember I think I watched these on dragons then, which is like the British version of Shark Tank and one of the dragons. In this case, Ah said you might have the best product. How there And this is so true, You might have the best product out there. But if you don't know how to market it, it's worthless. It worths basically Ciro, right? So you can apply that to your own ads. Being to the saying, Okay, maybe I have a good product. I have a good AB, but I'm just showing it to the wrong people, right? People that don't want to see my abs, while the reality is that there might be millions off people that want to see right that are waiting for your AB. So that's the first thing that you've got to consider instead of crashing and the leading your product and your at immediately. Maybe just about your audience and your placement. You have the right product and you have the right path. Maybe you're just showing it to the wrong public. And that's something that you definitely have to take into account because you're gonna deal with this sooner than later. You're gonna deal with this, and I rather be the one telling on giving you the advice. So, for example, let's let's pretend that you have, um, a product for a computer, right? But when it comes to placements, you are showing your ads on both desktop and mobile devices. And because there's a bunch of mobile devices out there, 80% of your ass is going to be shown to more while phones just 20% or less it's gonna be shown to actual desktops. Actual computers, Right? So, you know, it just makes sense. You're you're wasting 80% of your market and 80% of your money because you're paying for those mobile phones to view your out off desktop accessory off a laptop accessory. Right? So you want what you want to do is change. The audience changed the place. Men's to Onley show on computers right because it just makes sense. And now you're not gonna be using 20% of your money. You're gonna be 100% of your money to the mobile computer. Sorry. Mobile to the computer market, right? That's very important. Or we can go the other way. You have our mobile app. You want to show it to phones, To cell phones to mobile devices, right? Not computers. And again, you're gonna be wasting a bunch of money people that are on a desktop that can download your mobile app or we can go even smaller than that. I know you whiz up, right. Ah, lot of people. And I mean, a lot of people have Android and Samsung, whatever other brands on Android has, and you're gonna be wasting a bunch morning to it like 70% right? So you don't want that you want to show you you're out on Lee to people that have an iPhone and iPad. I mean, you can go even niche down and in the IOS ecosystem, choose only ipads, right? Because you had a very interesting ipad notes, app or whatever. I don't know. That's just an example of how to create keep track of your abs. Don't waste money on people that don't want to see your out. Don't waste money on placement that don't work for the type of fat that you're making. And finally be smart about your product. Right is very important that you understand your market. That's task number one, understanding your market big. For example. I remember when I started out, I was, you know, for me it made sense to spend money on a bunch country so I would advertise to the US I will advertise to Canada, Australia, Europe, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Germany and, I realized, is specifically Germany, that it's a very tough market, winder and again, 80 million people. It's a big market. So I was spending 10 15 20% of my money on a country Germany that wasn't really buying my products. And I didn't understand why I thought the U. S. And Germany and were like at the same level. When they're clearly not, they are not at the same level. They are different. And again, if you are a German speaker, then maybe you should target Germany. And again I I even in the US I went even smaller. Right at the time I lived in Texas, I was advertising to other Texans, right? My service. Because again, tax ends think differently from Californians and Californians in thing different from New Yorkers. So you can You can't make that mistake. You gotta have geographical understanding. And if you don't, do you really have to get into it? Because again, me, I made the mistake when I was new in the States that everyone were just like Americans and they were the same when they're not. Ah, certain products work better on the urban centers of L. A. San Francisco, New York and other products. Work it better for the rule. Far months off Texas and Oklahoma. Right? And I've had, you know, I've lost so many dollars advertisement advertising to Californians, right while you know, very near Via had stayed called Utah, where advertisement war was far cheaper and what's actually far more successful for me. But because I thought California was like where the big bucks were. I lost a bunch. Morning, Right. So when you're talking about region, you gotta have that geographical understanding off of the people and that language, and just like the context. Sometimes even politics have to do with it, right? Uh, depending on the political time, you living a product might or might not be successful because, you know, it's like the stock market. If people get a very paranoid the stock market goes out, people get very positive and very hopeful. Stock market goes up. It's like that when people get paranoid, they might not buy certain products or their mind, for example. You know, I don't know, survival kids, uh, go up when paranoia goes up as well. So you got at really taking that into account, understand your market police, Because if you don't you want you're gonna waste a lot of money, a lot of money that you don't have and a lot of time that you really don't wanna waste because you got to remember. If you don't do that, there's someone on the other side of the planet trying to be better than even trying to build a bigger business than you every day. So you want to take that into account. All right. So I'm gonna see you in the next video 17. Creating FREE Reports (Best Technique): eso. Hello, guys. Have welcome again to another video. I am so happy that you're still here in the course and hopefully you'll keep enjoying whatever we have ready for you guys. So in this video, we're going to check one of the most important techniques that I've learned throughout the years. And this is something relatively recent that happened in my life. I waas uncertain business, and I learned that during what I'm about to show you is incredibly powerful, and it could be one of the best decisions that you make. All right, So the title of this section or of these video is creating free reports or something like that. Right now the thing is, guys, we've all have have a Nath for. Don't noting a book, right? How many ads have you seen? Ah, on Facebook or another Social media as that require you to don't know or a book or a free report or a free e book, Right? How many ads have you seen like that? Plenty. And their truth is that they work because people love free, remember? Always remember these guys People are free, no matter how good or how bad your book years or report is people are gonna don't loan it if it's free, because, hey, it's free information. And if we don't have to pay or put out credit cards like we literally don't lose anything other than a couple minutes, Um, so it's great, and it works great because, you know, people are free again and they have very high conversion rates, because again, it's it's so you can see I have right here. Ah, little book. A little e book that I got as appeal are material I'm and I'm gonna show you what pl r is in just a a couple seconds. Um, but this is a book. As you can see, this is almost like a report you know is very short. It's about 40 pages in a pdf document on this school. This could work out great, because you can put links in a pdf now, I can do it right now. Ah, but you can go to a pdf editor website and you go, you can put Ling's inside your either book or report. Okay, Now, I know you guys are gonna tell me, George, and when I create a book, I don't want to create an already call, A robbery worked, So I'm going to do it. It's very simple. So you're gonna go five height and you gotta look for for Pilar or I p l r and whatever you niche ISS. And as you can see, there are people selling this type of material now, P alarm. I don't remember what it actually means, but you know, you can get It's not about copy ride. It's not, You know, you're gonna be nothing wrong. That's why these people are selling it in on the first place. And ah, sorry. I forgot that the meaning off pl heart. But it's something I'm alone like Oh, yeah, I'm not gonna humiliate myself, but and you can see if you look for a person like this guy, for example, and I have it on another. So I This person is selling eight million people are articles by over 5000 even looks pl our videos, and he has, like planning you things about this game. Over eight million people are articles. Ah, email data vase pill on mmr m r r e books, images, quote, giveaways, hundreds of bone says etcetera right and there. These people are going to give you full resell rights, right? Which is something that you want for posting Pilar convent. Um, so these are some of the natures. As you can see, most important nature's have Pilar content. So health and fitness, Internet marketing finance is a Fareed Marketing s seo self help, weight loss, travel, business making money and millions more. Right. So most of our natures are gonna be we think this list, right? And even if it isn't like, you can just go online and typing like you can just go to sites like this one that's actually sell Ah, Pilar material. Right? And there again, they're gonna have on whatever niche you cream you could find right from instagram marketing to, you know, start up kits for whatever about depression. Low carbs. All right. Positive thinking, yoga. So you just go to sites like this one. And, for example, modern twitter marketing. What's this gonna cost me? And you'll have information about the product, and then you can just don't want it. And no, uh, for some, you gonna have to pay for something. Someone actually free. And that's it, guys. It's just that simple to get actual material. And after you garden, for example, let's say you buy from this person or someone similar. I mean, people sell these all over fiver A So you can see, you know, on the fitness needs you that popular this person is selling 12 million, you know, over 70 gigs off day around, You know, that's actually see that one. Um that what? That one sounds rather interesting. I mean, I would I would I would actually buy this for five bugs. And he has, You know, all these things and as millions of articles, boobs. Ah, it has themes for WordPress. It has, uh, already calls. Yeah. As you can see, this is pretty much everything you would need for five U. S. Dollars. So there's something very cheap in a horrible And then you can create something like this, right? You can merge a bunch of those articles, and you put it as a PdF document as a book as your own book. Right? And because remember, this is Pilar material. And then what you do is let's say you so like the sentence and then you type in or you edited on. Pdf documentary. You're actually creating one with Pilar articles. You do this onward and put a hyperlink to whatever affiliate lean you have. So let's say if you want more information, read these extra book where if you have ah, you want to buy products, for example let's say that you're in the fitness niche and you are, uh, telling people how to get great six backs or whatever. Ah, you put links to Amazon, right? And people are going to see your free report that they don't donate it and they're gonna say, OK, maybe I need some of these Hammerson products and they're gonna buy. And you're gonna get your commission same thing with other pl our products or, you know, some book from Click Bang or some program for More from More Niche. And Again, guys is just you being creative men, you know, having your own I ds. Ah, but this is what I do. It works great honestly, and you're gonna get out plenty of people to at least consume your content, right? That's first. Then you're gonna have plenty of people clicking on your links, your affiliate links and then where you're also gonna do he is. Get an email, right, Because that's a if you have a system Ah, and ad on Facebook. For people to donate your free content, they're gonna put their emails on right. Or, for example, you're doing a YouTube video and you leave on the description. Don't load my free eBook or my free report on the 10 best ways to get a great six pack. And people are gonna consume your material on. They're going to give you their email as an exchange, And now you're gonna be starting toe build your own email list, and that's great. That actually works wonders. So any guy anyways, guys, I hope you enjoy this little video on ah bunch tapes when you could do to improve your business and you're feeling marketing business. Well, let's continue with now. The marketing section, which is my favorite section of the mall 18. Marketing Basis: Okay, So, hell, guys, welcome again to the course Now he might be seen saying me a little bit different, and that is because I had this video already recorded, but something happened with the audio and it got kind of messed up, so I had to repeat it. But anyway, eh, So let's repeat this section. This video is going to be mainly about marketing basis. So a little tip Ah, some tips when it comes to marketing. And so the marketing concepts that might be out there against some tapes that I have used in order to build friends because, remember, guys, it's all about building brands if you want a long term successful business, because if you don't know, then you can build whatever you want. But if you want certain success inside whatever niche you actually want, you need to build a brand inside whatever nature you picked. So let let let let's start with some of the concept off some or some of the things that set goading. Ah says about marketing, because you know, if you know, set going, you know that he's one of the best marketers out there. His very mainstream, his books are also very some of the best selling books in in terms of marketing, and I would highly recommend that you read some of his books. So accept going. Used to say that we used to ask this question on one of his books out. What is your story? What is the story that you're gonna tell? What is the story of your business now? Having a story could be defined by pretty much everything. So let's talk about talking about your brands past or talking about your brands present. Okay, so there are a lot of brands, especially when you look at, like wineries or luxury brands or sometimes food brands, that they have a pass right? Some of the businesses I know in that you might know, you know, are open to the A dilating 100 try, and they would have it on the logo like, Oh, our brand is open since 18 55 and I would give him some sort of respect, because how that that might be interesting, because these guys apparently have been in the game for much since the since the dawn of times, and that's a very helpful we a lot of brands. I have an example of one of the biggest wineries in Mexico back in Mexico when I was learning a bunch stuff about wine, uh, one of the biggest wineries back that back there. Waas. Actually, the 1st 1 we ever opened eso Their winery was opened in about 14 in the 14 hundreds, like 14 37 like as long as the Europeans have bean in this continent, they is when we have has produced wine. And, of course, they use that fact to market their product and market their wine as one of the best wines out there. And, you know, it works the great marketing technique. The problem is that probably a lot of you guys are gonna have a brand that has been opened since a very long time, a very long time. But you might have the control over your brands present and what you do with your brand right now at this moment in time. And it's also very important because, for example, a lot of now they, uh, business, especially business, is coming from millennials. They have these very exciting social concept about charity and a lot of online businesses nowadays, would be into charities and wouldn't be into. For example, I know a certain Shoob around that is relatively new, right has a couple of years on. They sell shoes, but for every show you buy, they are going to give a pair of shoes to a homeless person. I mean, I think this one is in the US more specifically, and it works. It works great as a social concept, and he worked, works great as a way to distinguish their brand from all the guys that just makes shoes right, because there are going to make the quality could choose. But they're also going to be the guys giving way shoes to a homeless person. That's something good that you can maybe applying your room business or your own brand, right Or, you know, think about how you can become a character pretty much because you represent your brand. It's incredibly important than you take that into account. Because, for example, think about how Steve Jobs protected his brand right. There's a lot of people that know who Steve Jobs is because he did so much stuff and a lot of people know he's story and know how crazy. He wasa about quality control and how he was focused only about building Apple and how he went from this He p kind of guy, you know, guys was extremely focused and he pretty much lost his friends. Almost lost his family, his wife, his daughter. Um, and he risked it all to build apple. And now Ah, lot of people know Steve Jobs even without owning, uh, on Apple device. And he built such brand that people fight make lines off a couple days just to get the new the newest Apple product. And that's how insane he carefully built his brand around the product, but also around himself. And he sort of become a gimmick for Apple. And, you know, same thing, Bill Gates at what people know how who Bill Gates is. In fact, I was reading an article about how Bill Gates is one of the most known folks in the entire planet, right? I mean, he was up there with the pope, and like it was, it was crazy. How much how many people know who Bill Gates is, and he built like he is brand around the products, but also a little bit about himself and again think about these huge brands. You probably know some of the people behind the brand, and it doesn't only have to be on big brands, like OK, George, you're talking about Apple, Almost a $1,000,000,000 company. How does that apply to me? And there are plenty of ways that it could apply to you in a thing like you to write. I mean, a lot of YouTubers have built a brand around themselves and around the person because, remember, you know, gonna be owning a lot of products that you've got to be careful because you can't really build the brand around your own products because you're gonna use OPC other people's product. I'm sorry, o p p o other people's Bryant. And you know that's that's gonna be hard, because you're not gonna have a lot of control over the product. So you want to be able to brand around yourself, and that's why I'm gonna be asking you Open and Instagram fan page open and screen a YouTube channel, open a Facebook fan page because he's got to be useful for you and to build a brand around yourself. I know a lot of people are not extremely comfortable on getting behind a camera or sorry in front of a camera and talking. Or, you know, that's just an example of it. Ah, but you can become a character or a part or our brand a spokesperson with a block or behind an instagram page, so you don't even need to show your phrase. But that's just an example. And why Why would you want to do this? Okay, why would I want to build a brand around myself? Because it's very simple. You're gonna be selling a lot of products in a very saturated market, and people, you know don't really trust of the people, right? How do I trust? And my product is a quality product and some not something that came out from a factory on China, right? And your product Mining Abbey, coming from a factory on China. But if people see you or see who you are or see the character, maybe a physical person, maybe a logo or maybe an instagram fan page on, they trust that person or that page, they're gonna trust the brand. And then there's okay. Everything that Georgia is selling me is gonna be good has to be good, right? So it's far easier for the person to trust another person that the person to trust a product that they don't know, because you let's be honest, you might build the best business, but no one is gonna buy. If no one buys your product, you're just gonna be another guy selling stuff on the Internet, right? Richard? There are plenty of those. So you I don't think you want it everything you want that because it's very simple to open a business. I think most people have opened business, but building a brand is a complicated thing, right? And you, I think you want to be able to brand if you want to get people's trust and people report right. So I think the questions I would be asking myself is, I might first worthy. Am I relatable? Can people relate to me in my niche, for example, and the recent I stopped working in the wine industries because not a lot of people really related with me, right, because, you know, wine is a very a elitist industry, and you know that sore off there there's a certain stereotype when people respect someone that knows about why. And I apparently didn't fit in that stereotype. So it's very hard for me to sell wine, you know? Sound credible, Bernie, I've done other things in the past that made me more credible. And that made me make people trust me a little bit better on I made more money there. So you gotta be relatable. You gotta be trustworthy. Think about it. Would I trust someone like me if I saw my ad? Or if I saw my YouTube video? If I saw my instagram post, would I buy from myself? Honestly? And maybe that could answer a lot of questions that I like A lot of you guys have a my You know what I buy from a guy like myself, you know? Think about how I approached you in the beginning, right? I told you. Hey, guys, out. This is me. This is why I am I'm just guy just like you, who has made so money in certain industry sensor in ways. Ah, including a feeling marketing and online marketing. And this is what I know. I'm not gonna promise you were gonna make millions. I'm not gonna promise you're gonna make I have a $1,000,000,000 company. But what I could promise you is that you're going to make some money and then you might make a few bucks and you might start from here and then get to another point by either yourself or with help or off more people and more books or whatever, right? But I am. I want to give you a very solid foundation. And that's how I approach you. And hopefully that worked because, you know, some people might find me relatable were maybe. I know there's a lot of people in my situation young, they're passionate, they're hungry. And, you know, that's that's the people I want to appeal, right? Because I'm just like, then and they would be so much harder for me to start selling wine. You know, being in the mining industry, it wouldn't really work. So think about that. And once you've done that, once you build a brand, people are gonna become found. You're gonna have a lot of friends, a lot of people that are loyal to you, right? And the next day that you might start selling instead of just affiliate products. You might go to actual products that you've developed. They're gonna be the first ones to buy. That's great. You already have some clients that for your future products, I'll see you in the next video. 19. Free Facebook Marketing: so hello, guys and welcoming into video. Now, as you can see, the the sinner, the scenery has changed slightly because I needed Teoh. Well, use my board because I think it's a better way of teaching something, especially when I get so passionate about it. So as you can see right now, we have a bunch of ways of free marketing. We have Facebook, we have instagram, we have YouTube, and then we have other ones, like a CEO or life streaming. That again we're gonna touch on those ones is likely. But the 1st 1 that I wanted to talk about is Facebook, obviously Facebook, because it's one of the biggest social media out there. Well, I think they'd be a social media out there. So now when we're talking about free marketing that that means that we're not going to spend any money novena for Facebook ads, it's not gonna be really right. So we gotta get creative. And so these are some of the ways that I figured out, you know, when when I think something out of someone I give credit on. If you know these techniques are not unique to me, this or something that I definitely used myself and I I did not invented them, but at least discovered for myself. And I think you're gonna find very useful. So I like to think about Facebook. Free marketing as invited. Took groups. We have, ah, Facebook groups on Facebook pages. And you can do this to, in order to get some traction for your brand, for your affiliate marketing business. And it's just gonna be great. So let's talk about Facebook groups first, okay? And now you probably already are in any Facebook group. And what a Facebook group basically means. It's a community, right? A Q A community off people that, like, you know, sharing the same content about certain topic, you know, talking about maybe wind. Maybe politics. Maybe those are some off the ones that I like the most outside business, of course. And what do you want to do as an individual? Right. Think about it. You are an individual right of a person and supposedly an expert on whatever niche do you pick. So there's two things that you can do without really annoying anyone or becoming a true seller, and this really kind of centers about the same thing answering questions and being a community member. So what I want you guys to do is ah, going to a Facebook group, right? About whatever need you are. So if you're fit, may, as you would goto fitness groups, groups about getting APS or maybe groups about, you know, women's yoga or stuff like that, right? Things is more Maybe, maybe, is Moeller niches that center around your big Midge and you want to answer questions. So obviously a lot of Facebook groups, a lot of people have questions, right? It works like a Facebook forum s so to speak, because people are gonna ask questions of, for example, if you're in the weight loss need a lot of people say, like, Hey, what about the Cato diet Doesn't work. Can I apply it from my own life? I have any of you have some sort of experience with it, and you asked so called expert, you're gonna go out and answer this person's question about it and say, Hey, you know what? The kettle diet is great. Because you can taste in this and these are you gonna eat this and this and this and my personal experience as I expert on fitness would be that you can apply in bought a certain Manz or whatever, right? You're gonna answer that person's question. And by doing that, believer now that person is going to notice him If the news is important and big, and in this case, you know, life risky, right? People take their fitness and their health very seriously. They're gonna be super grateful about it. And they're gonna be like, Hey, are you answer my question. That's great. Like thank you and, ah, lot off groups, especially nowadays, unfortunately, how strict rules about selling and posting links. But they're not completely against it. I mean, if you, for example I have done, is myself, I posted a bunch of videos, my own videos to a Facebook. Other fine, because I give useful information about it. For example, with wine, I was in a lot of Facebook groups about wine, and people had a lot of questions about wine pairings more specifically. So I made a bunch of videos talking about wine pairings and said, You know what? You get a sham Bung goes well with caviar with some other types of fish because of the acidity on the bubbles in the mouth. And that's basically how I made my first bucks. People find my tapes helpful, and then I sold wine accessories I sold. I remember some lights that went inside the bottle and it looked pretty cool and people love them. And I used to sell those and listen. Ah, lot off at means are not going to be okay with you selling a promoting a branch. But the best thing you can do is the m them. Send them a Facebook message and tell them Hey, listen, this is me. This is my brand. I really want a post helpful, helpful content to help people in this particular niche. And if I make any money out of it, I would like to share it with you. So let's let me give you some sort of percentage for you, letting me use your audience and a little times people modes are gonna accept that more traders are going to accept that it because, you know, they're gonna make a few money on the side and you're gonna become partners, guy. So remember this. If you don't ask, you don't get okay, and if you don't gm the Facebook moderators there? They might say no. They might deny you from posting on that group. So really, I diem them, tell them what's going on. Tell him. Yes, I want kind of want to promote my brand. But I also want to give useful tips, post you through content, and you truly help people as faras. So if I make any money on it, let me give you some 4%. And you'd be surprised how many times they say yes, and they accept your deal. Okay, So once you you've done that, you want to go to number two and basically being a community member. And this is very similar to question number one. Ah, being someone that posts constantly, some of that may be daily, hopefully daily. You can post. Interesting article is not from your own brand, but from, you know, interesting articles that people might find. Handful posting photos, quote funny means, right. You want to be a community member. So when they tell Oh, that's George. You know, this is the guy that's always posting content. And this is the guy that has helped me with this. This this, uh you're gonna be known on a Facebook group. I believe we're not in my town, silly. But it's very helpful because you're gonna be that guy. You're not gonna be the guy. You're gonna be that guy that's always posting helpful information. And again you can promote Maybe not some sort of product, but room brand, your YouTube video, for example. It's a great way to promote your YouTube videos on Facebook rips on. Then you pose the affiliate being on YouTube video. So you're indirectly promoting your content and sorry of products, but you're is really sharing YouTube video so that that's a good way to think about it. It's It's a technique that has worked wonders for me like I've made so much money. Uh, on Facebook groups, that is just great technique, and I hopefully guys, you could appreciate that the 2nd 1 is creating a Facebook page. Now you might be telling me, George, I don't have any ads to promote my page. I don't have any money. Why would I do that? But, guys, the truth is you can grow a page from Syria without a lot of money. And for example, if you're again in the Let's say you're in the pets niche, right? You have a cat and hopefully you have a bunch friends that have a cat have cats or other types of pets. So if you post ah, Facebook page about cats, right, maybe you post a mim some quotes, but under those used are selling stuff and you just share it with your friends, right? Those friends that have a cat would probably ah, you know, follow you, share your content and you just grow from there you post useful information. What you can also do is work together with other Facebook pages as I hate. Listen, man, I don't have a lot of followers. I don't have any followers at all, but I think we can work together. Maybe you can charge me some money. Or maybe I can give you some content for your post, and in exchange, you give me a shadow. Guys, it's about business. It's about negotiating. It's about being tough on asking for what you want. You got to be certain about what you want, and again, if you ask other pages toe work with them and say, Hey, listen again, I don't have money. I can't pay you with cash, but I can pay with content, right. So you don't have to produce content of your own. I can help you with that. And I just want to shallow right. I just want o for you to tag me, and that's it. And that it works Well, believe it or not guys a lot. You're going to receive a lot of knows. But you gotta remember you don't have to quit. And if you ask 10 pages, you just need one. Yes, to give you a shadow in exchange for a video or an article that you wrote and that's gonna work Great. It's gonna work wonders Andi. Finally, you can comment. So there's an option on Facebook that you can post content as a page and comment as a page on by doing that again. For example, let's say that X page with 100,000 followers posts on article. But you realize that on that article there's a lot of questions. People in the comments have a lot of questions. So what are you gonna do? Ask the expert of your niche? You Can I answer those questions right? And people are gonna notice your brand that you're a page that you have a logo as a profile picture. They're gonna say home. That's interesting. I want to know more about this page. And if you answer those questions, people are going to check out your profile and they're going to check out your page and they're gonna hopefully follow you. So Yeah, guys, I know it sounds. It doesn't sound easy. It sounds like a lot of work, and it kind of just a lot of work. But you got to remember, it doesn't call any of these cost a single cent. You just gotta ask and message people and actually taking action and being different. Now, a lot of people are doing this, believe me. Not a lot. A lot of people are are spending their savings on Facebook ads and whatnot, But not a lot of people are using this. So if you are one of the first, you gonna have great success. Cardinal guys, if you don't ask, you don't get Let's continue with instagram marketing 20. Free Instagram Marketing: Okay, So hell, guys, we are back with this amazing video. And now Now we talked about Facebook marketing, and I think I give you a lot of valuable advice when it comes to free our Facebook marketing. And I think you know, Instagram marketing is a very similar not the same, because it's different. You don't have instagram groups or you have a very different form off instagram pages, but I think the concept still the same. So let's go through it again. These are free techniques that I've used over the years, and I think it works. It still works. I know for a fact that a lot of people do it and it's going to give you great success. So first of all, let's talk about Instagram Uh, guys just like Facebook, you gotta create a family. Okay, so what I wanted to do, and that's a part of a project of this glass is create an INSTAGRAM account because I think instagram is so important for you. I create an INSTAGRAM account with your logo with your business name with a nice brand description and then with a link to any of your affiliate marketing links so way it could be a program. It could be an Amazon product. It could be whatever I already thought. You okay? And I want you to apply this technique. So once you've created your fan page, you need content for that family, right? So I have three techniques that I abused in order to get content without actually taking photos and having a nice camera or just having a nice head up overall. So what is re posting? All right, you got a repost other people's content. OPC We already talked about this, right? You're gonna find a bigger page, okay? With 100,000 followers over a 1,000,000 followers, whatever. A lot of followers with viral content. Okay, you gonna You gonna make sure to find viral content because there's a lot of pages how there. But there's one that have higher engagement. And there's one toe have lower lower engagement, and you're gonna find either a balance. But I would go all the way to the pages with higher engagement, and you can check the engagement by a number of likes that our photo has right. For example, there may be an INSTAGRAM account that has 200,000 followers, but the photos get 3000 likes 4000 likes. That's not a lot of engagement, but on the other hand you might find a page with Onley 100,000 followers, but their photos get 10,000 likes 11,000 likes, right? So who would you want to share the content the most? The bigger page, but with little engagement or the smaller page, but with more engagement, right? I think the smaller pitch with the best content because their continent is succeeding because it's getting shared and it's getting like that. It's getting a lot of comments. So you're gonna get the instagram repost up right? There's plenty on the APP store or the placed or you don't love the app and that abscond let you repost whatever photo you want, whatever photo you want and you re posted, you put you put some interesting text. You put a funny quote. What are maybe an interesting fact right? I've seen this one is very popular, re post a photo with an interesting fact, and then obviously you want to give credit to the rial author of the picture. You might have to search for the author because there's a lot of re posting on Instagram. So you might have to go through a couple accounts to find the original author off the picture or the video. But again, it's worth it. They're not gonna be mad at you because again they're getting free exposure from you and you have free content. So it's kind of a win win situation. It's one of the best things to the one instagram and people just love content. So do that. I really want you to get serious on re posting content. It's great technique. Another thing that you can do is post stock photos, free photos, right photos that have no copyright claims whatsoever that are free to use for common, for process, not really for selling, but maybe just for common purpose, it right for commercial use, as some people call it, what this basically is. So I used our websites like Pixar bay dot com, Pixar Bay that come, it's aside that allows you to get free. Photos are from photographers that need exposure right so you can find real quality photos on sites like picks obeyed up com or again their splendid more sites unleash that comets another one, and you just search pictures on your niche. For example, wine, and you'll find a bunch of photos about glasses of wine and grapes. And people find a lot of creatives way. Are all creative ways to take pictures about wine or about other licorice on it. Just posted. You could agree you could give also credit to be for photographer, but it's unnecessary because it hasn't come on purpose license, and you're not gonna be having a sort of cup right claim to it. So it's nice I give it. I give credit to the original photographer that took the picture or the header. Whoever. Ah, but you don't have to do it, and that's great, because you could use him for free and any time you want. And they're not the most engaging. They're beautiful photos, but they may be, are not the most engaging right, because there's plenty of beautiful photos on Instagram, so maybe you want something that's funnier. So that's scary or something like a mean. Some of that stands out, but stock photos are grateful just filling that space off your instagram page people for looking empty on the third technique that I use our videos you can find. You can repost videos you can. You stuck videos and instead of stock photos. But you can also create videos yourself, and that's something that I've done myself in the past. You can either buy a microphone or, ah, tripod and create your own videos, and you pose them on on instagram. And again. It's not as hard because people don't look for the same quality and technique off a photo than just sharing a video and recorded with your cell phone. And that's why taking videos on instagram it's so much easier. You can also apply instagram stories and post stories about your daily life and, for example, again, if your pages about fitness and you are in the fitness niche right you met, you might wanna pose videos of you training and posting your trainings and posting your meals. That's a great technique, and you only need your own cellphone and not anything else. And that's great. So instagram stories again. If you're in the fitness and posting your training's both in your meals. I When I was on the wine business, I posted wine tastings that I did so I would open a bottle off line and I would serve myself a glass. And I would record a very quick instagram life with the tasting at the wine blah, blah blonde, and I would then I would save those life streams off those stories as highlights. And I would have different wine tasting. White wine tasting is a wide wines. Red wines, sparkling wines, LABA, right? You get the point so you can use video toe extremely to get great amount of leverage from instagram and get very easy content. Relieve your own. Your meeting your cell phone on may be an interesting, an interesting life. So another thing that you can do same thing like Facebook is worth together with other Instagram pages again repost content from other pages and say, Hey, you want to do a shout out by shadow or if you don't have any followers at all, you can use the same technique. Hey, man, I have a lot of followers. Could you give me a shout out in exchange for some content or, uh, you can actually pay for the shout outs and they're not that expensive or if you want to do an actual atthe right now, you can ask the influence or the bigger influencers on your niche. Hey, I don't have any money to pay you right now, but if you post my affiliate link, I can give you 20% of my revenue, 30% of my revenue. And that means if I make $500 you can make 100 right? And it's a win win situation. So a lot of them are going to say yes, because none of these influence especially there's Muller and they have, like, 60 70,000 followers are going to tell you Yes, because their fees for reporting content might be like 20 bucks, right? But if you actually get to give them a percentage of the revenue for posting your affiliate link, they might be quite happy to do it because the revenue is going to grow and they might get some extra bucks. So a lot of them are going to say, Yes, guys, if you don't ask, you don't get go talk with some influences on your nature and tell them Hey ah, would you be willing to post my affiliate drink if I give you some cash from part some percentage of the revenue. And you'd be surprised on how many say yes, a lot of them would say, actually, yes. And finally technique to get more followers because, remember, you can have the greatest content. You can have the best affiliate technique, but if you don't have followers, you know, it's just people are not gonna have that same report that they have to you, so you can use some automation software. But I don't always recommend that because it goes against Instagram's terms of service, especially nowadays that they're getting better. Strict. So I don't want you guys to violate the rules. I'm not gonna recommend it to you. I used to in the past, but I'm not going to do it right now. I don't want to get it. I don't want you to get in trouble. So what you can do is the follow on follow technique. So where you What you're gonna do is you're gonna follow a page on your niche when you're gonna follow the page and then you're gonna click on that page. Is followers right? They might have, Let's say 60,004 lowers and what you're gonna do is you're gonna follow a bunch of those. So you you might want to get inside a pages posed, right, a photo, a video, and click on the likes and again follower Bunch of people full of a bunch of people. And you know what? If you're in the same Mitch and have pretty dope content, those guys are gonna follow you back. I would think out off out of 10 34 If you get lucky, five might follow you back. And if you do this 100 times a day, you might get 30 40 50 followers today. And if you do this over a month, you're gonna get hundreds of followers. And again, this technique is getting harder because people are doing this a lot. People are actually over using it, and it's getting old. But stew works. It's wonderful. You don't get in trouble with instagram because, you know, using any source off work to do it and you get again a bunch of followers right after, obviously Dio you follow them. But after a few days you don't follow them. So you're not following 10,000 people, right? Ah, you So you want to follow them. Wait a few days and then actually armful. And that's gonna be the best technique for you to apply. And that's pretty much it when it comes to free instagram marketing again. Same thing with Facebook. This is all free. Dawson cost a penny, and it actually works great. So let's continue with now YouTube marketing. 21. Free YouTube Marketing: so hello, guys. Welcome again to the course. We are going to continue to give you some great advice is when it comes to marketing. And again, I just want you guys to be too careful now on you to marketing. So it's very similar again. Kind of the concept remains the same, uh, content and pushing out a bunch content. You know, I think it was Gary V that used to say that, You know, if you're not pushing a bunch of content, you're losing a lot of real state, and that's true. So let's go right in it. What is you to marketing or what consists off? YouTube marketing? Well, it's very simple. You are. You obviously got to create a channel, right? A channel about your niche. So same thing, like Instagram or Facebook. You put your logo as the channel photo or banner. You also want to put your name brand as a channel name. Maybe you can add ah worth of your niche. For example, George Strait, a wine or George Trejo, Freedom Channel. Whatever something like that, right, just to make you stand up and again to have a little bit off as CEO when he comes to optimizing your channel, right? So you want to open a channel and you want to post a bunch of content right on again? Might seem hard and sometimes it is, but it's not impossible. Most cell phones record great quality BDO right? You can grab your cell phone and if you don't have lighting, right Professional lighting like the ones I have right here You can go outside and record on your garden or on the terrorists of your apartment. Whatever. Right? Something like that. You can go out and take a walk and record the video there. You have no idea how many channels have started that way, right? I still follow channels, big channels that record with their phones outside on a garden or on a park or something like that so you can have plenty of natural sunlight. And remember, lighting gets its about 80% of your content of your video quality, right? So if you have a good lighting, you're gonna have a good video because most cell phones. Now with a record pretty decent video, you can record with the webcam off your laptop. Although again this one is not I'm not a big a huge fan off, and you don't even need great audio because people really focus a lot on video. All of you can afford Ah, microphone. There's a lot of microphones that connect to your phone, and they cost like 5 10 bucks on Amazon or eBay or Ali Express. You can buy a bunch of cheap are your gear on those sites so you won't oppose a bunch of content related to you? Niche, obviously. So again, if you're into fitness, you can dio five busy exercises to grow your basic 100 times or you can, ah, best abdominal exercise there. So, for example, mean the wine industry, I would do the videos off pairing white wine with fish or red wine with certain meat. Or, for example, instead of a pairing red wine with meat, which is a classical pairing with red wine with chocolate cake or red wine with red fruit salad. And I would be creative like that because he was the thing I do. It was my niche and yeah, you can do that, and again, you grow your content by posting daily right. It's very, very important that you Post videos daily. If you can't pose daily for whatever reason you work. You go to school, you have a lot of things to do. Uh, you can post wants every two days once every three days, once a week, the more the more consistent that you are, the better your videos are gonna work on the YouTube algorithm, and that's something very important. Then you've got to take into account the YouTube algorithm gets with the better content. It supports the better content because there's a lot of people doing YouTube and you don't want to be just another guy you want to stand out. And if you can't stand out because the quality to set up, you're gonna have to stand out by the quality of your content. And if you give truly helpful information, channel is going to grow despite beauty recording with your phone, it doesn't really matter when you post high quality content guys. That's all I'm asking. High quality content. If you have that high quality information on your video, you're already on the other side. You are going to be successful on that, but you gotta take that into account, post useful content guys. And of course, you want to share your content on your Facebook page. You want to share your continent on your instagram page. And if you realized it, it all makes entire ecosystem. You're gonna have your website. You're gonna have your instagram page and Facebook fan page your YouTube channel on. They all gonna work as their own ecosystem. And again, if one of those gets traction, all of them are going to get traction because you're gonna be sharing your your things around across the ecosystem, right? You're you're gonna talk about your block posts on your Facebook rampage, and you're gonna repose your Facebook fan page images on your instagram site and then your YouTube videos on your website and on your Facebook fan page. So again, it all works out as one big family off things that you wanna have on point on again. It's gonna take a lot of work. Nobody told you it was going to be easy, but it's definitely definitely worth it. OK, so you're gonna post you content on your Facebook page Rinse grand page on whatever forum you can share it on cure. I've you want on Facebook groups on everything that I thought you and again useful, useful content. Right? And another thing that you might want to do is coming and other channels, right? If you're posting as a brand, if you put posting as a company and maybe again you see video, I'm going to use the fitness niche again. But if you see a video about the kettle diet, for example, and you think there's something wrong with the diet, you might post a comment saying, Hey, I think your video was wrong or have a doubtful information because this this and this and this. OK, and you oppose that comment and maybe a lot of people are gonna find it useful, and I'm gonna like it there. Come, you're coming. Then maybe if you're lucky if you did your job correctly, they're gonna change your channel in surprise A price. They're gonna find your videos. They're gonna find that just as the original video, you also oppose the punch content. And if you're lucky, they're going to subscribe or they're gonna watch a couple of your videos where you have your affiliate wings, right? It's obviously very important because, remember, we're still in affiliate marketing. So it's very important that you have your affiliate links on YouTube videos. So again, the other people checking you out from your good, useful comments are gonna enter your channel. Some are gonna enter to your videos, and some are just going to click on your links. And if you do this every day for a span of six months, am I gay? Some sales and you might get some traction. And again, I always talk about the buyer ality concept and how the more content you posed the higher chances you have of going viral. You just need one video that goes viral for you to blow up one in six months. How many videos can you post if you put post once a week? That's what 24 videos? That's not a lot. But if you post every day and you know it's gotta be you over 150 videos, you know you see the difference, right? If you if you post 24 videos and one of them go viral, your chances are is nowhere. You only have 24 chances. If you post 150 you have 150 chances of going viral, and that's health one. And I completely understand that not a lot of you could post daily or cam post at all. But you really have to put in a forum, posting a little bit of content just a little bit right. We'll know a little bit about something. And, thankfully, humans. Most humans have a necessity off learning. Learning how to cook. It doesn't need to be something professional. I know a lot of you maybe didn't go into college or maybe haven't gone to college because you may be younger, but maybe you know how to cook, right? You're a great cook and you cook really nice. I don't know Italian food, right? You can share that. You can definitely share that. And you can post a feeling of things to cooking programmes, to cooking books to cooking products on Amazon. Do you see? They see the excitement because the possibilities are limitless. If you know how to play the guitar, there's some really good courses on you. To me, our skew sure that you can have an affiliate link right. You can have guitar, a failure link from Amazon, every every talent that you have counts. Do you don't help speak another language? Reiner posting. I don't speak Spanish. I could post my own content on learning Spanish and posting a few words. I can t see the you know it's my native language. It would be so easy to create a bunch of content about the birds that noun sentence structures, right? There's a bunch of people wanted to speak Spanish, and then I could post on a feeling to a Spanish learning course, little Spanish learning product, and I would give my again my commissions. So that's why I get so excited about YouTube in about all the social media's, the possibilities are limitless, and I think this content is so valuable. Hopefully you will get the most out of it, so I think that was enough. As you can see, it is also then and cost a penny on less. You want to buy some equipment for your videos, but other than that, it shouldn't cost you a dollar so still free marketing. Let's continue with some of my next technique 22. Other Forms of Free Marketing: Mm. Sohel guys, welcome again to the course. I'm so excited that you've tolerated my voice for this long and not a lot of people are able to That s o I don't want it, Did you? Ah, few techniques that are smaller and maybe I don't I wouldn't really recommend you to this daily, but I just wanted to add them all up in one video. And I think on the Roman they might be a little bit weaker. But when you mix them all together, they make up a pretty strong case. Okay? And I still guys, I still want to mention you. I still missed out on some platforms like Twitter, but I think you know, you got experiment on your own. And again, the longer these classes, the less chances people are gonna finish it. And I really want you to get all the information you need. So, Twitter Marketing, for example, it's easy. Just point. Just post a bunch off for either funny tweets or informally tweets and your speaker to go. Ah, but yeah, we have ah, life streaming slash webinars. Very explanatory. We have CEO so changing optimization and then we have guest blogging and forums. I wanted to mix it all all together. So let's talk about our first technique that we're talking about life streaming and webinars. So Asai talked us us. I told you on a pass section there is the option of using tweets as our platform, and I know it's not for all nature's, but there's a lot of daily blowing on twitch where people gives very valuable information. And I've seen a lot of munitions arise on twitch like politics, which is getting huge because people just open their computer, open their laptops, start recording, and they talked their minds. They pretty much is like I'm doing, but with just a computer and a laptop and a good webcam, and that's it. That's how people make a lot of money. Because, remember, Twitch allows donations. So if if you pose useful information, you're gonna get donations. Some people, the people on which are a lot more open to find new channels, And if you promote your twitch link around your other platforms, you can become great, very successful. But George, what if my NHS a small or it can really be posted on which you can still do some form of life streaming called webinars. There is a lot of platforms and I love you to the Webinars. These are basically life videos. Technically, if you do a Facebook life or an instagram life, that could be a webinar. Ah, but again, I would really be a little bit more careful with that. I would use a webinar software. You can go some of the webinar platforms other out there. I don't only have my name's out of my head right now, but if you pose, if you do a weapon or you can record your own screen, you can create a power point presentation, and you can record your screen. And use are that powerful point presentation to explain something of you. Niche. So, for example, if you're talking about pets and cats, and you can talk about how the best ways off grooming your cat and you can do a live stream off 30 40 minutes talking about the best way the best ways to groom your cat or do I know cut his hair for nails, whatever. And after that, after the 40 30 minutes of life stream, you have 20 minutes to promote an affiliate link or an affiliate product about pets and CASS on the best toys for cats, I don't know. Or a cat toys on Amazon, right? You can promote your feeling link through a webinar and again it's not expensive you only need. You probably have either a laptop or cellphone to through stuff like that. And even if you can't get out our webinar platform, you can run a Facebook, live with your camera, and you can make people ask you questions about your niche and then you answer them, and after that you can and directly promote your family link or your product. You start posting you link and direct people from your life stream to your link, and hopefully you get a couple clicks and a couple cells, so that's gonna be very important. I really recommend that you check in life streaming or webinar because they are very useful platforms, and they've helped me a lot. But I I acknowledge that it's not the easiest thing to do, and most people are are not really gonna do it. So let's talk now about Seo search engine optimization. Um, it's it's kind of hard skills to learn. I haven't actually fully comprehended it yet, but there's a big aspect on optimizing your YouTube description, your motive titles, your Facebook posts. You can optimize it by searching keywords. So, for example, you can use the Google Keywords tool to get some great keywords dollar people used to in your niche. So American, if you in yoga people use our beep asana are, ah, yoga nearby or yoga for women or yoga for pregnant women. And all those are key words. So what you want to do is used those key words on your YouTube title on your YouTube description on your Facebook post, right? And the more optimized all of that IHS, especially talking If you're gonna make a block which we're gonna talk about later, you want to optimize it, and you wanna at least, uh, use keywords like that's the very least. We all can do it. We can all take 10 15 minutes to look up and write some keyboards down, and after writing them down and you pose them on your YouTube video, your diet of title uh, your description, whatever you can do, and it's going to be very useful because you're gonna be better off in the algorithm that some of the newbies that really, really don't know how to do s CEO and there are more ways off making s yo like, you seem back wings. But again, we would be getting into more complex things that I would need more off a small board to explain. And probably a lot of you are gonna really be interested in that. But again, guys just research keywords and use those keywords for your dilutive titles, YouTube descriptions at cetera. And I think it could be great. And you might have great success by using the right keyboards and it's gonna be super fun. And finally, we can talk about guest blogging and forums. And I touched a needs a little bit on the past section in a previous video. Basically what guest blogging is. First off, you gotta have a block or you gotta have some block posts. And it's very interesting because if you go on fiber, you can find people that sale blawg articles, right. For $5 they would say we are 100 pl our articles. So what you can do is buy for 5 $10 on five or I know it might be worth spending some money , but you buy some articles and you do guest blogging. You approach bigger blocks on your niche and tell them Hey, listen, I'm a new block. I'm starting out. I don't have a lot of followers, but I wanna I one more follow or so I would exchange you on article or two in exchange off a shallow ride. You shut up. You post my name, you post my blawg and hopefully I could get more followers if you do that. And a lot of people are gonna accept it because all of those owners of those big blocks, you know, they're probably BC Already, they might have other things to do. They might have another business to run, and they wanna have free fast contents of them. I say, You know what? It's okay. Fine. Let's do gas blogging. And that's pretty much what gets belonging is posting your own article or your own content on someone else's block. And if you have a book on you the free website I thought you have to agree. I told you how to create. Ah, you can have good success with it. You can have some follows on your website and you're gonna have your affiliate products May be on your website or on your YouTube videos, so it might great. You know, it's a good technique to grow and finally forums again. I touched on this Ah, a while ago, and you can go in size like you're and answer a bunch of questions and hopefully you would be indirectly or directly directing people to your brand on you. Grab them to your eco system of you to Facebook Instagram, you blogged. They're gonna become fans of you, and they're gonna like what you do, and they're gonna think you cool. And they're gonna think your brand school And that's what you want. So and these are all the think techniques that you can apply again. I know a lot of people gonna find this may be a bit harder. Or maybe they might find that, you know, just three social media ones are enough, but, um, no, these are some things that I like. So what out for the do, let's continue. I think we're almost over 23. Graduation: Well, hello, guys. I know it's been a really long time, and I know it might. You know, it wasn't the easiest thing to do to start this glass and watch over two hours videos and resources. And I know my voice is not the rate is one I know my accent is not the lit less noticeable , But after all, you've completed this glass. And I remember when I graduated, I'm gonna show you a picture that I still keep to this day because it's fun. And as you can see, this waas about, I think almost four years now Ondas, you can see I wasn't really happy. I wasn't happy because I knew that I was graduating just because of my parents. And I wasn't doing what I wanted to do. And a symbol of that is this thing that I'm wearing right now. This is a taste on. This is used by sommeliers and wine tasters, and it's basically to pour wine and to taste it. And it's just more of a fancy kind of thing. And they gave this to me today of my graduation and for me, this for me this was the same thing for me, it was the same old at it, really didn't want it to to do what I was graduating for, and for me it was a symbol of independence. My desire to get some sort of independent and again wasn't the easiest thing, but that they realized, you know, I don't want to be working for someone else. I rather be making 25 grand a year, but for myself, then getting 50 60,000 but from somebody else's. And I think that kind of mindset drove me toe work 17 hours a day, seven days a week, 352 weeks a year. And that helped me a lot throughout the years. And I wanted to show you show it to you because it's very symbolic for me and I always tell people everyone can do it. Everyone can achieve financial independence. I don't know if everyone can become rich. I don't know if most people are actually prepared to handle a lot of wealth, but But what I'm really certain off is that we can all make money and we call make money outside the traditional ways of making money, and I know that it's just at just effort and how hard work. And sometimes you need both of those things plus a good idea to actually, you know, get something done and get an actual business running. And that's why I want you guys to do. And I want you guys to work hard, right? At the end of the day, I'm just another guy behind this dream. Uh, people from all over the world are gonna be watching this, and it doesn't matter where you live. If you put in the work, you can't do it by now. I think you should have You have the tools that I used when I first started, started putting much, nothing. And again, most of the things that I thought you are 100% free and you can do it with just a computer , a phone and Internet connection and maybe just a couple gadgets out. I'm more. But I know guys, I really don't know what else to tell you. Hopefully, you enjoy this class. I certainly enjoy recording these videos and trying to help us much people. It's possible, I think, the people behind the platforms that have allowed me to upload this and I think? Definitely. Thank you, guys, for getting you to three hours of your time to be with you and try to, you know, listen to some of my advices on tips that I could get it right. And I wish you guys the best luck. Actually, I don't wish you luck. I think I was your success. That's why not. One of my first mentor is backing where I used to live. Told me why I don't wish you luck. I wish you success. So I'll see you in the next course because I'll be posting a lot more content. Ah, in their next week's and base.