Affiliate Marketing - Starting Out - Chapter 2 | Dan Grijzenhout | Skillshare

Affiliate Marketing - Starting Out - Chapter 2

Dan Grijzenhout, Over 35 years of business experience

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5 Videos (23m)
    • Affiliate Marketing How Should I Start

    • Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Bulletin Boards

    • Earning Money Online Starting Out

    • Finding Your Business Niche and Chasing SEO

    • Congratulations


About This Class


Affiliate Marketing - Starting Out - Chapter 2

This class, chapter 2 in the series, takes the student through a recommended place to start if you want to become involved in affiliate marketing.  

The next lecture then discusses various bulletin board sites such as Clickbank and others that takes you through your growth periods as a marketer.  The sites that I list herein are sequenced - as you grow your skills and followers in this world, you progress to the higher end affiliate marketing sites that I show near the end of the next lecture.  

The last lecture shows you sites where you can earn money for services provided - so you can stay afloat financially as you grow your affiliate business. Note that some of these recommended sites have affiliate programs as well that you can sign up for.

Enjoy the class.

Best wishes, 
- Dan Grijzenhout - Course Creator





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Dan Grijzenhout

Over 35 years of business experience

About Dan Grijzenhout: For close to thirty years, I've been a professional business and information systems consulting professional working to executive levels for both private and public sector organizations globally, a number of which were "Fortune" level enterprises. I've built from scratch, operated and sold an online global payment services company that moves millions of dollars on behalf of its 100,000 plus account holders annually; I've been interviewed on the show "World Business Revi...

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