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Affiliate Marketing Side Hustle: A New Entrepreneur's Guide

Jules Tillman, artist | business coach | infp

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    • 1. Introduction to Affiliate Marketing Side Hustle: A New Entrepreneur's Guide

    • 2. Let's learn more about affiliate marketing

    • 3. How and where should you post affiliate links?

    • 4. Here are nine post ideas!

    • 5. Alternative places to post your links besides a blog.

    • 6. Success! Your class project, special notes and information, plus some side hustle inspiration!

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About This Class

Welcome to Affiliate Marketing Side Hustle: A New Entrepreneur's Guide!

Have you ever thought about starting a part-time (or even full-time) online business from your home? This class will give you a peek into just one of the many ways you can start a side hustle... In this case, with affiliate marketing!

In this course, I'll introduce you to affiliate marketing: what it is, what it isn't, some of the rules you must follow when using affiliate links, and so much more. Then we'll cover how to promote your affiliate links in a variety of ways online, and I share 9 ideas that really equate to endless ideas when used creatively! 

I even show you some real-life examples of other entrepreneurs who are using affiliate links in their businesses. In the end, I share the most important part about starting an affiliate marketing side hustle. You'll have to watch the class to find out what that is. ;)

Hope to see you in the class! 



1. Introduction to Affiliate Marketing Side Hustle: A New Entrepreneur's Guide: Have you ever wanted to make some extra cash on the side or start a part time or even full time online business from your home? Well, in this class is for you. Hi, my name is Jules Talman, and I'm an artist and creative business coach. At creating beautifully dot com. I specialize in working with introverted creative entrepreneurs at creative coaching for introverts dot com. But I just love working with creative people, and sometimes they might be busy for one reason or another, like maybe your state home mom or you have a full time job, but you still want to make some extra money on the side. Well, I've got an idea for you affiliate marketing. Uh, right. I mean, you did see the name of the class already, but what is affiliate marketing? Well, in layman's terms, it's basically a partnership between you and another business. You promote their product or service, and when someone buy something through your special link, you get paid in money either a fixed dollar amount or a certain percentage of the sale. It's also possible to earn free services in exchange for referrals or even earned like a small bounty just for poor referring people or leads as they're sometimes called in the affiliate marketing. Let me show you a quick example. So on my website, creating beautifully. I have this list of my top favorite books for artists and makers, and you see, I have them listed out here with a little picture in the little description. And if anyone clicks through and goes to Amazon to buy that, I get a small commission. Affiliate marketing is actually pretty easy, especially if you have a blogged or YouTube channel or sizeable social media following. But let's just discuss for a second what affiliate marketing is not. And it is not a kid rich quick scheme. If anything, is a make a little bit of money pretty slowly over time. Side hustle. The good news is there is a possibility for that income to grow over time as long as you stick to it. I personally just love watching my affiliate income to scroll and grow. So are you ready to start side hustling with affiliate marketing? I know it's one of my very favorite ways to make passive income every month, so let's get started. Shall we 2. Let's learn more about affiliate marketing: so I know I just gave you an overall idea of affiliate marketing is in the last section, but let's get into a bit more detail. First, I want you to know that every individual affiliate program is going to have its own unique rules, so be sure to actually read them. I know a lot of times will go through and you just click agree, and you haven't really read them. Or at least that's what I do. Sometimes in this case, you really have to read them, so you make sure you don't break the rules. For example, like with Amazon affiliate program, you're not allowed to send affiliate links in an email, even if someone has opted into your list. And one rule from the FTC that you must follow with all affiliate programs is that you have to disclose the fact that you are using affiliate links. Don't worry. I'll get into more detail about this later. It's not as complicated as it sounds or a scary. Also, each affiliate program is going to pay differently. Like I mentioned before, Some pay by percentage 3 to 50% being for the average but mawr, unless are not unheard of. Some pay a flat dollar amount, either like on a per lead or per sale basis, and some just give you their products or services for free in exchange for your referrals. Another thing to keep in mind is that you want to be sure you're including products and services that make sense for you and your brand. If you're an artist, you wouldn't promote dental supplies, but you might recommend some paintbrushes. Or, if you're a yoga teacher, you probably won't want to promote an email software program. But your favorite yoga mat would be a perfect fit. Choosing things that are in line with what you're already doing will be more likely to lead to more affiliate sales. There are at least two different types of affiliate programs. You can work directly with the company or through affiliate networks who offer affiliate programs with multiple companies. Here's sort of a visual for you, but for instance, if you want to be an affiliate for etc, you first have to sign up with their affiliate network a win. But with Amazon, you sign up directly with Amazon itself. I've included a pdf guide in the class project section about some of the more popular affiliate networks with links and more. And I have an in depth class about getting started with the etc affiliate program, specifically called etc. Side hustle kind of make money with etc. Without making anything. So if you want to watch that, just click on my name and you'll see a list of the classes that I teach under my bio. But for the most part it's pretty straightforward. So going back to the idea that you want to join and promote products or services that are in line with you and your brand. One of the easiest ways to find affiliate programs is by going to sites you already use and love and looking to see if they offer an affiliate or referral program, let me show you how that might look. So being an artist and working with a bunch of artists, I love shopping at Blick Art supplies. It's kind of my happy place, so if I were new to affiliate marketing, I would go to their website and scroll down to the bottom. It's almost always at the bottom, and I would look at the small print links So you go down and they see affiliate program. Click on that, and that takes me to the page where I can join their affiliate program. It also gives me an overview of what the program's all about who is eligible again. Information about the FTC guidelines, etcetera, etcetera. Let's say you want to do some fashion blogging and you love shopping at Nordstrom. So you head over to their website and you scroll down to the bottom to check to see if they have an affiliate program and you look through all the small links and you don't see anything. It doesn't say affiliate, program or referral partners anything like that. You might feel bummed at first, but don't be. You just head over to Google and search. Does Nordstrom have an affiliate program? And guess what? We're in luck, they dio. So just click on that and you can see their rules and how to join. Now you might not always be that lucky with every affiliate program that you search for, but it's worth a second look. If you don't see it right away, don't give up hope yet 3. How and where should you post affiliate links?: so now that you might have some ideas floating around your head about who you might promote or become an affiliate partner with. Now let's talk about how and where you're going to promote your affiliate links. For most people, blogging is going to be the best way to create and promote affiliate links if you don't already have a blob. Not to worry, I've included a link to how to get one started in the PdF in the class project section that I talked about earlier in that link. I sure how to get a blawg started in under an hour for less than $4 a month, so it's pretty doable for most people. But whether or not you have a block yet, let's think about how you might use affiliate links in your book posts. So let's say you're a food blogger. You could link to things like the ingredients with the Amazon affiliate program now that they have that Amazon pantry. But also, let's say you shared this photo. You could also linked to the pretty pie dish that you used or the lovely handmade napkins via the SC affiliate program or, if you're ah, wedding bugger. You could link to things like dresses, shoes, wedding day core rings and even honeymoon travel ideas. Yep, you could be an affiliate for companies like hotels, airlines and more. So your travel blogger? Well, not only could you link to many of the travel related affiliate programs I just mentioned, but you could also take photos like this and include affiliate links for that amazing watch or the super cute hat you're wearing. Even if you don't want to make a ton of block post with affiliate links and or just join a bunch of affiliate programs, you could really specialize. Maybe even make one epic post around your niche. For example, if you're a photographer, you could create a long post about all of the equipment that you use in your business. And all of those links could be affiliate links. I'm not going to say this will happen for everyone, but I have a friend who did something similar, not in the photography niche, but the one post that she made with affiliate links made her $1000 over a year. Now, $1000 over a year may not seem like a lot of money, but it was one block post that she wrote, and she continues to make money from it to this day. So I think that's pretty excited. I mean, how many block post do you need before you're actually making a full time living? And actually, in the next section, I'm going to cover nine different types of block posts that can include affiliate links, so you'll never run out of ideas for what to post. And if you don't want to block, still watch the next section because I'm going to share how to use those same nine ideas in places besides a blawg as well. 4. Here are nine post ideas!: So in this section I'm going to cover the nine different types of posts you could make. But really, they add up toe endless ideas and possibilities. The first blogged post type I'm going to cover is a gift guide. This could be used in so many different ways. It could be for a certain holiday like Mother's Day, Christmas, Valentine's Day. Or you could get creative and check out the list of fun and wacky holidays and the pdf I've included in the class Project section. Some of those holidays air, like everything you do is write day or record store day, eat what you want day or even make up your own holiday day. Yes, that's a real thing. You'll have to check out the list. It's really funny. If nothing else, you'll want to read it for a good laugh. But it could also be a gift guide based on the recipients like gifts for her gifts or him Gifts for kids. Or you could even get more specific, like gifts for your feminist best friend or gifts for Capricorns or gifts for minimalists, etcetera. You could see how this idea alone could provide all the ideas you could ever need. Roundups are another post type that are virtually endless Here. Does a few ideas 10 sweaters you'll want to wear this winter. 15. Engagement rings. Your girl will say yes to 12 business books. Every new entrepreneur should read four masks that will make you look 10 years younger. Three. Green juice recipes Your kids will actually want to drink 11 illustrations for your daughter's college dorm room. Seven. Fund White Elephant gifts under $30. As you can see, I could just go on and on, which is why I love round up posts. How twos are another popular post idea. They could include ideas like how to make the perfect pumpkin pie or how to quickly and easily curl your hair. How to create a smoky eye Look for your date night. How to build a doghouse out of recycled materials, etcetera. Tutorials differ a little bit from how twos, because they might be something like easily used board booster to schedule your pins on Pinterest or drawing a portrait and colored pencils using Adobe Illustrator to make your wedding invitations. D I Y. Christmas ornaments, etcetera. You might have noticed that on a lot of blog's, no matter what the subject. The author will include a list of their favorite tools, and resource is on my own side. I offer 14 tools for introverted, creative entrepreneurs, and most of those are linked to an affiliate program, of course, their actual tools that I use in love. So I'm happy to promote that. But a fitness blogger could have a list of their favorite exercise equipment. Or a fly fishing blogger could have a list of favorite lures. Um, and I'm make a blogger could include the seven items that they always have in their purse. No matter what your niche, you could always come up with a list of tools and resource is review. Posts are great, too, as long as they're honest. I think just because you're endorsing something that you're going to get paid on, in fact, because you're endorsing something that you're going to get paid for if someone clicks through to buy, it shouldn't just be all bubble gum and rainbows. Pretty much anything you're going to review will have some pros and cons. So mentioned all of it. When you talk about the good and the bad, your authenticity will be appreciated by your readers. Comparisons are kind of like reviews, but with two or more things you're reviewing in comparing like this, I shot over says that eye shadow or this camera versus that camera. This app versus that app you get the idea who who doesn't love a good before and after? This is another one that can be used in virtually countless ways, like adding art to your living room wall A. Before and after using this moisturizer A before and after using filters from this app A. Before and after I took this course and it exploded my traffic, maybe with some before and after screenshots of your traffic stats or my website before it . After I took this branding course. Number nine is interviews. I love doing interviews on my own website. One of the ways that I do them is that I interview artists who sell their work on sites like Etsy or Red Bubble, because Etc. And red, but will have affiliate programs. So I interview them and in between the questions and answers, I have links to their artwork, and if anyone clicks through and buys, I get a percentage of the sale, And the great thing about these kinds of programs is that it doesn't take anything away from the artists themselves at sea or red bubble. They consider it part of their marketing expenses, and so it doesn't reduce how much the artists themselves make. But you could also interview the author of UNE book You're an Affiliate four or a jewelry maker on, etc. Again, You want to think of things that fit your brand and your website and you, as you can see. Even with just these nine post ideas, there are virtually limitless ways to promote your affiliate links. 5. Alternative places to post your links besides a blog. : whether or not you blawg, Here are other ways to promote your affiliate links real quick. Before I get into this, I want to reiterate to you that you should check the rules of any affiliate program that you're promoting, as well as the platform that you're planning to promote on For a while. You couldn't pin affiliate links on Pinterest, but now you can. And like I mentioned before, it's a no no to email Amazon affiliate links. You just want to make sure that you're not breaking any rules. You wouldn't want to get kicked out of the affiliate program or be banned from a certain social media platform. But so you don't want a blawg. Um, you can also just share your affiliate links on social media, for instance. Instagram is kind of like many blogging any way I could totally see a fashion lifestyle or makeup account doing really well promoting affiliate products on instagram. And although at least as I'm recording this, you can't put a clickable link in the description. You can add one to your bio or use a program like Link Tree to link multiple products. To me, Pinterest actually makes the most sense for affiliate products because its 200 million active monthly users are there for a multitude of reasons. But one is to collect things they want to own. Personally, I know that most of my own website traffic comes from Pinterest like 60 to 80% of my traffic, depending on which one website we're talking about here. But that equals tens of thousands of people each month. Imagine them clicking through to your affiliate links as well. It's pretty awesome. Of course. There are plenty of other social media platforms you could use, like Facebook, and I even heard about someone crushing it with affiliate links on Tumblr, though I haven't tried that one myself. And now that you can include pictures and video on Twitter, that might be worth a shot, too. I feel like visual platforms will most likely work best for affiliate program promotions, but it's very social. Media goes. I like to think about where you like to hang out, as well as where your target customer likes to hang out. Those are the places that you want to be. And, of course, if you have an email list that people have subscribed Teoh. That's another great place that you can promote some affiliate links. But regardless of what social media platform you're promoting on, those nine ideas could still fit. You could do, say, on Instagram. You could do gift guide Fridays and every Friday, put out a different gift guide or round up Tuesday's and round up your favorite jewelry. I think you get the idea. So earlier in this class, I did mention that you need to disclose any posts with affiliate links. This is an FTC rule, and they want you to clearly and conspicuously their words. Disclose your relationship to the retailer so that your readers can decide how much weight to give your endorsement. They suggests writing something like, I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post on social media. It could be a little bit shorter, and I'm definitely not a lawyer and what they suggest to include in social media, it gets a little murky to me, but I'm going to include a link to their website in the class pdf so you can review it on your own and decide how you're gonna want to disclose. I'm gonna be totally honest I don't always disclose. Sometimes I forget and it happens so far. Knock on wood. I've been OK, but I suggest trying to follow the rules if you can, whenever you can. 6. Success! Your class project, special notes and information, plus some side hustle inspiration! : Okay, we've made it to the end. Well, almost. I have just a few more ideas I want to share with you before we go. In order for affiliate marketing to actually be profitable, you have to take it seriously. It will take time. It's kind of like planting a garden. You plant seeds and you water them any water them, and you might not see anything sprout for a long time. But don't worry, and certainly don't give up. You'll have a beautiful blooming garden before you know it. And in fact, just to give you a little bit of motivation, let's look at some Blogger income reports. Specifically, let's look at their affiliate marketing income. So this income report from Pinch A P M. A food blogger, is a little bit older. That's because they actually stopped doing them. But I still feel like it was important and exciting for you to see. So we're just gonna go down to the November income totals and you will see that a good majority of their income comments from advertising or sponsored content. But let's not forget the affiliate income that they're making. Here's $5000 just from blue host. There's another almost 5000 from Amazon. I don't know what Scoop is. I know it. A Weber is another affiliate program. So even if you weren't making all this other money, the affiliate income alone is nothing Teoh be bad about and this income bric report from believe in a budget dot com. I think it's great because she talks about how she's been reporting her income since April 2000 and 15 and her 1st 1 she said. She proudly stated how she made $60. And let me tell you, as a person who has made little bits of money here and there from affiliate programs, I can tell you that that $60 or in my case, one time I remember it was like $2.64 that I got from the etc. Affiliate program, and I was like, I'm onto something here. This is exciting Anyhow. Weaken go down Teoh, where she breaks down her income and she talks at revenue. That's not what we're talking about. She talks about partnerships and sponsorships. We're not talking about that. We're talking about affiliate income. She made almost $13,000 an affiliate income in one month. So while I don't, I can't promise you riches beyond compare. I can say that there are examples of people who are making a very decent living online with affiliate income. And last but not least, I just want to give you a big congratulations for completing this class. I wish you luck with your new affiliate, Side Hustle, and for your class project. I would love it if you shared a link to a post you made with your affiliate links in the class project section. And if you liked this class, please do give it a thumb's up review. It helps other students find it, too. It also encourages me to make more classes, which I really enjoy. Also, I know that there's room for all of us to succeed, and I truly look forward to seeing your success. And if you'd like to stay in the loop about my future classes, please hit the follow button by my name. It's either above or beside this video. So where Somewhere near my name, depending on how you're watching this class again, Congrats for completing it. And I hope to see you in the next one by