Affiliate Marketing - Rollout and Strategy Development - Chapter 1 | Dan Grijzenhout | Skillshare

Affiliate Marketing - Rollout and Strategy Development - Chapter 1

Dan Grijzenhout, Over 35 years of business experience

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5 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Affiliate Marketing - A Good Idea

    • 2. Amazon Affiliate Revenue Generating Tip

    • 3. Amazon Book Promotion Overview

    • 4. Affiliate Marketing Rollout Strategy Development

    • 5. Congratulations


About This Class


Affiliate Marketing - Rollout and Strategy Development

This class introduces my series on Affiliate Marketing.  Chapter 1, the first class in this series, discusses overall strategies for affiliate marketing from two perspectives:  Marketing products and services from third party vendors and starting to build out your own product portfolio coupled with developing and growing your own affiliate base to sell your products and services to the Internet world.

There is one lecture in this first lesson you should pay particular attention to as I lay out for you the ancillary products, services and support infrastructure you will need to create when starting to build your own affiliate sales organization.  

The bottom line is, you can make a good income selling the products of others, but to make a great income in this space, you need to start giving serious thought to building out your own affiliate network for your own products and services.

This first chapter in this class starts you on that journey so be sure to check it out.

Best wishes,
Dan Grijzenhout - Class Creator