Affiliate Attraction Hacks; How To Ask Authorities To Promote Your Products

Mike DeVincent, IT Nerd And Experienced Marketer

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13 Videos (56m)
    • Affiliate Attraction Methods

    • Prerequisites For Making This Work

    • Make A List Of Your Affiliate Dream Team

    • How To Ask People To Promote Your Stuff

    • The Main Goal Of Getting Others To Promote For You

    • How You Can Easily Break The Ice In A Super Cool Way

    • How To Follow Up

    • What To Do If You Get Ignored

    • Finding People To Promote Your Stuff

    • What To Do If Nobody Wants To Promote Your Stuff

    • The Importance Of Marketing Angles And How To Switch Yours If All Else Fails

    • The Methods In This Course Are The Only Luck I've Ever Had Getting Affiliates

    • How To Go Forward


About This Class

In this class you'll learn how to attract joint ventures and affiliates!

So if you're a product vendor who wants to attract joint ventures and affiliates, then definitely enroll!





Mike DeVincent

IT Nerd And Experienced Marketer

Thanks for checking out my bio!

I'm an IT nerd who lives in the greater Boston area. 

My main goal as a Skillshare teacher is to share some of the cool marketing and tech stuff that I've learned after spending countless hours blogging, writing, publishing, and messing with all kinds of online projects over the years.

So... Why should you study alongside me?

I've worked IT for some of the biggest and coolest organizations on the planet. I've also been building websites and marketing them since I was a kid. I have over 30 books published on Kindle, and teach thousands of awesome students from all over the world.

I'm also an email marketing nerd, and have been email marketing my own permission-based email list since 2010/2011.

My only intention is to share my knowledge and experience with you.

If I can share with you just one thing, and make your day better even if by a smidgen, then I'm fulfilling my deepest core desires.

You rock; the world is yours.

And always remember, that life is glorious.


See you in class!