Aesthetic 101: Creating Style in Your Photographs | Indeana Underhill | Skillshare

Aesthetic 101: Creating Style in Your Photographs

Indeana Underhill, Lifestyle & Travel Photographer

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6 Videos (40m)
    • Introduction

    • Looking at Styles

    • Technical vs. Aesthetic

    • Revisiting Iceland

    • Continuity in Korea

    • Next Steps


About This Class

Once you have the principles of photography in mind, it's important to learn how we can apply the theory to our own work. Many of us starting out want to be able to create a beautiful blurred or out of focus background- also known as a shallow depth of field and bokeh. But, how do we create it and how do we style it?

Finding the niche you would like to develop is crucial when looking at your style as a photographer. How do we create & define our own aesthetic? Whether it is an interest in portrait, landscape or pet photography- the choice is yours. Once you have experimented- it is time to find your unique style & perspective.

A great way to explore our own work is to critique it in post. Review what you like and don’t and ask yourself why. This class will challenge that why and push you forward for your next shoot.

Testing and shooting is the only way to find out! So, join me to learn how we can make the right choices for our own look.

In this class, we look at:

  • How experimentation helps you create continuity in your aesthetic
  • How I define continuity
  • Reviewing & critiquing your own work in post-production through practical examples
  • Editing your in-camera aesthetic on location

Finally, your project will be to look at one of the first photos you have taken & how you may shoot it differently now.









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Indeana Underhill

Lifestyle & Travel Photographer

Indeana is originally a Canadian photographer that now finds herself constantly on the move. 28 countries & counting- she is always trying to capture the identity of each country. Her classes aim to explore the principles of photography and what comes next.



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