Aerospace Engineering: Introduction and Fundamentals | Lluís Foreman | Skillshare

Aerospace Engineering: Introduction and Fundamentals

Lluís Foreman, Aerospace Engineer

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13 Lessons (1h 41m)
    • 1. Aerospace Engineering: An Introduction Workshop

    • 2. Presentation of the Course

    • 3. Introduction and Structure

    • 4. Basics of Aerospace Engineering

    • 5. Classification of Aircraft

    • 6. Aerodynamics: Airplane Forces

    • 7. Lift and Drag Description

    • 8. JET Engines Operation

    • 9. Control Surfaces of an Airplane

    • 10. Airline Description and Business Models

    • 11. Airline Strategies

    • 12. Airport Description and Elements

    • 13. Airport Types and Operation

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About This Class

The Aerospace Engineering: Introduction Workshop Course is a multidisciplinary course where you will study aerodynamics, mechanics and engineering of Airplanes, the Operation of Airlines and Airports and what Aerospace Engineering looks like Today. My intention is that you get a good overview to what Aerospace Engineering is Today, focusing on Aircraft Design and Dynamics but also getting a complete insight into Airlines and Airports.

The structure of the Course is the following:


Classification of Airplanes

Airplane Engineering

Airline Models


We will discuss topics such as Aircraft types, Flight Mechanics and Maneuvers, Aerodynamics concepts, TurboFan Engines, Airline Models and Businesses, Airport Operation as a function of the number of passengers per year and much more!

I want you to fully grasp and comprehend Aerospace Engineering and to break it down from Complex and Broad to Simple Key Ideas. I want you to feel confident when working with Aerospace Engineering projects in the future or when discussing topics with other people.

I deeply encourage you to begin this journey into Aerospace Engineering, you won't regret it! If you have any doubts during the course contact me and we will solve any questions that may arise!