Aeropress made Simple | Max Pienaar | Skillshare
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6 Videos (11m)
    • Aeropress Intro

    • Aeropress What You Need

    • Aeropress The Unboxing

    • Grinding Your Coffee

    • Making Your Coffee

    • Aeropress 3 Ways


About This Class

I love coffee… I love it so much that I setup a coffee shop onto my leather studio… we love to demonstrate alternative brew techniques like V60 & Chemex pourovers , Syphon, French Press and Aeropress, but the one method I get the most comments about is the Aeropress… so many people tell me that they have been given one as a gift or they’ve bought one, tried to make coffee in it once… or they are not sure how to operate it and now it lives in the bottom of their closet…

Its important to note that coffee is so subjective, theres no wrong or right... there actually only what you like or want to drink - so I encourage you to experiment - take notes of volume of coffee vs volume of water and you'll see that pretty soon the flavour profile you enjoy will become more consistent... play around with various bean roast and origins... have fun... 

I make aeropress coffee pretty much every morning… before I get to the shop… its coffee in less than 2 minutes… lets do this…





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Max Pienaar

Designer maker / Founder of Savior Brand Co

Hi my name is Max, I'm the founder of Savior Brand Company, we based in Durban on the east coast of South Africa - Beauty in Imperfection.

Our focus is on making leather goods the old fashioned way, by hand. We offer a range of handmade work bags and also ladies and gentleman's accessories. Our offering also includes Corporate Gifting and custom / bespoke enquiries are welcome.

Im also a lover of all things coffee... this passion birthed the Savior Coffee Co. our offerings are...

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