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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. 1.0 - course overview

    • 2. 1.1 - digital skills introduction

    • 3. 1.2 - podcasting ideas on the go

    • 4. 1.3 - tips to finesse your video sharing

    • 5. 1.4 - making engaging end credits with outromaker

    • 6. 1.5 - make facebook video overlay captions

    • 7. 1.6 - please engage in the project.

    • 8. 1.7 - the roundup

    • 9. 1.8 - please share and retweet (...)

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About This Class


i wanted to start (yet another) series about the 'making/doing/gettingstarted' of content making.

after listening to a lot of people at networking mixers and gathers saying they want to take up blogging and not realising what was involved or hearing people saying 'my mind goes blank' or 'i don't have the time' or 'i don't know what to talk about' made me question the WHY people don't get started. i've come to many conclusions but some of the main ones are the following. .

  • worried that digital level is too low and therefore will lead to frustration
  • wants to be amazing and viral straight away
  • first bit of content has to bring lots of subscribers
  • scared of being judged on anything they put out
  • don't have the equipment they THINK they need to put something out
  • worried about who sees it and where it goes

i've found it super interesting that it always revolves around some of this thinking and i've often noticed that it's the people that are not very social in the first place. they have the business processes, the contracts and the work, money, income streams but they have little applied social strategy and creativity when it comes to expanding that business online. it's super odd for a creative like me.

so, i've decided to make some content making courses, describing the process, what tools, what software, motivating you to 'have a play' - hell, send the content to your friend, family member or brother/sister if you don't want to put it LIVE on the internet. you used to play when you were a kid right? what part of ADULTING made you stop playing?

so yeah, that's the motive behind this course. to get you creating and open you up to realise that within twenty minutes you can have the bones of how to get started and to motivate you to at least have a go and maybe find a new skill or hobby in the process! :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Philip Campbell

web3, OBS Open Broadcaster, Screenflow


brand new for 2022 | let's decentralize our content into web 3

i'm an internet strategist teaching anyone that wants to efficiently learn digital skills and tools often with free software based in the cloud - twenty-five plus years of expertise with all things digital and covering the latest trends today (and weekly in our podcast!)

I make courses as often as i can (in between blogging daily that is) my courses are about things I've learned or already done online -- i never make a course about skills I don't have yet!



hitting the road, working mobile, exploring across the uk and america! remote working 

building out creative m... See full profile

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1. 1.0 - course overview: this course is around 20 minutes. Okay, welcome back to a new courses is about making content, actually physically getting started and making digital content. So this is version one. I'm kind of a bit of an experiment, but I'm gonna build on this idea of teaching you some tips of how to make the content people talk about. We need blog's. We need images, we need videos. We need content for our website to talk about our company. People are starting to realize that social media is more than just sending a link to a picture of some food or picture of a cat or a dog. It's actually how do I communicate my story, My brand two people remotely. And when they realize that they come to the conclusion we need content on website, who can make it in our company? Um, oftentimes, there's nobody or very little people who have the resources to make content within the company. So I wanted to share some skills because I think it's quite easy to get started. I don't think you necessarily have to be technically minded to do it, so I want to get into content making skills, making part of sharing part, finishing in the advertising of that to a client. So today I'm going to get into making a podcast on making a pack us on the go to speed up the process of getting it done. Just using your iPad and lapel mike and some software trying to make you feel a little bit confident about having a go with that. Also, I'm gonna be talking about video hosting sites, specifically ones where once you've worked on a video for a client, you share it and they see the draft making a good impression with your video clients standing out. Also gonna be talking about altro maker, which, if you're making YouTube videos or you have a company that is making YouTube videos for you , the really good ways of getting more feedback or getting them to view mawr images on your account is at the end of your video on. It used to be really hard to make, but now is a new thing called the outro maker for making end secrets is on your video, and you can get somebody in house or even do this yourself very easy to do now making titles in keynote as overlays on your videos. I want to talk about that because this is a massive area on Facebook. 85% of the videos that are played on YouTube don't have any sound. They just have these captions and people watch the captions on the video. So the Facebook has got intelligence in there Now that you can, they can see when you're looking at that video and you're actually watching along with the captions on the over like three main things today while fourth rings, actually the podcast, the video for clients, the outright maker and the keynotes in overlays. So I'm gonna try and do these regularly in different courses of skills for making content basically. 2. 1.1 - digital skills introduction: I'm often confronted by. A lot of people are really interesting in digital and APS and video blogging and blogging in general, but they just don't want to get started or less struggling to get started. Andi. Sometimes they're either an introvert or somebody who's not very confident about making content. That's what I find a lot. I find the extroverts are out there in the making stuff. So what I'm gonna try and do in these courses and I'm gonna be doing a whole series of them is showing you how to use digital tools. I'm just going to give you a particular thing, maybe video or audio. And then I'm gonna go through those skills with you and try and encourage you to have a go toe to test out your digital skills and try and find your own digital voice. I hope you enjoy this course. I hope youll supporters as premium users. If you're not a premium user already, go to my website at Devote E D V D E v o t dot e, and sign up on the mailing list, and then you'll get free courses from there and also give you some advice. How to sign up as a premium member. Enjoy the course. I'll speak to you soon 3. 1.2 - podcasting ideas on the go: So let's go on the 1st 1 You need an ipad. Obviously, IOS device would be the best. You could probably do this with Android with an android. I pad with a tablet, but I tend to use IOS products, so you'll need an iPad. You won't be able to do this on an iPhone seven because it doesn't have a headphone jack. Unfortunately, you might be able to get there. I think the lightning dock comes with headphone jack connector. Not I'm not going to say that to use it with that because I don't even know if that works. If it works with software, I'm sure it does. You might even get a better connection through lightning dock connector. So and iPad pro is probably your best option. I would go for his higher spec. One. As you can get something like the 256 Gig one. This would probably be really good for you for a year round, even mawr longer than that for no only recording the audio on the on the iPad, but actually editing it on the go on, being able to send it up. So I would say the iPad pro is probably the idea The way to go be enough to record interviews on the go and have storage. Have plenty of stories notto worry about, you know, having enough storage on your device. Go for the high level one is you can afford. You don't have to go for the iPad Pro. I just think you'll get a lot more benefit out of the productivity of using the highest spect iPad because you won't have the frustration off. It's slowing down or important file slowly on older. Our iPad, I would go for the the modern day one, if you can afford it, I would also then go and invest in two Road Smart Lab Plus Mike's. You can get this as a pack on Amazon right now for smartphones with S C six adapter, and it's only £100 right now. Now, what's great about this smart lab, Mike is you can plug this into your smartphone. Your iPad, you have to Mike's that come off, you can put one on you, and you put one on the on the client on the target so you could do really good interviews very easily. You don't have to book things in or get lighting or anything like that. You could just go to a venue with your iPhone with your iPad with this lapel kit, make sure. Obviously you got batteries on the actual microphones. I think they micro take take a small battery and then you just hook one up through your T shirt on the client and one for yourself. Fire the recording app on your iPad on you've got a person to person audio, which you can then mash up later on. For £100. £100 is a very small amount of money to get audio interviews with people who are pioneers in your industry. Might be people have just come out with developed a new product. It might be somebody who's very prolific in your arena of work, maybe your architect or a designer or even a fireman. And it's something that really random and abstract is that you might be going to a conference being able to capture content for your website interviews that you can use later on, even if you don't post them at it or know how to do anything with that audio after you've captured it just capturing it. Understanding, having ago, understanding the environment, listening back to the audio, listening back to your audio interview skills. What you said, the OEMs and AHL's. I think a lot of people are scared to have a go because they're worried that it's not gonna be perfect in the only way to get better. It nous is to keep having a go and trying over and over again. You start to get used to the environment around you start realizing that all this is a noisy area. I shouldn't recorded this somewhere else or the microphone was blocked. So this is a good way of actually having a go and testing out doing audio interviews with people. So one of the Apple want to suggest to you to actually edit these on the go. Maybe you would go to a conference. You flying abroad. You go to the conference for 23 days. You do 10 interviews with people. You have them sitting on your iPad. What can you do with them? Well, there's a great application that I've just found called soundboard studio dot com on its 30 bucks. So it's about £22.24 pounds UK on a. So far as I could say, it's the best way to mix together and post these two different destination different dogs on the web. So I use Soundcloud. I found Soundcloud of very good host Andi. It supports RSS feeds which allow me to point that toe iTunes so that gives me an iTunes podcast. So if you've ever listened to a podcast, you might have heard it from iTunes. This is the way of getting ready to be able to put that content onto iTunes. So what happens is is that you've got the audio from another app. You can copy that audio into the memory off the iPad and bring that into soundboard studio . Inside. It's soundboard studio. You can link this to a button, and you could configure yourself a podcast. So as you're sitting on the plane or maybe on the train on the way back, you can literally go through the steps off your podcast, record that podcast, and then you have a file to belt. It'll blow to soundcloud either from where you are, maybe on your for G connection or when you get home. So you're utilizing that spare time that travel time that downtime, if you like between venue and home toe actually make your content. A lot of people see business and content as I have to go and hire somebody for two hours, three hours at a certain cost available to deliver me this. This product will. You can actually make this product on your own on the go with the tools that are out there these days. So you could also maybe save these interviews to Dropbox. If you have a remote worker, maybe you got somebody like a virtual veet somewhere in the Philippines at $5 an hour, you could upload this from your machine once it's already put together. Put that into Dropbox on. They could pick it up from Dropbox. Edit it for you, put it onto soundcloud for you, right a block post around what's mentioned in the text. Even get it translated into the block, Post said. It's fully searchable on. Then. My time you get home, you have a block post with a piece of content in there on the interview already to go on. If you all, if you've just come back from that conference, is really useful to be able to get in touch with people who are at the conference and say, Hey, you know that podcaster did. It's already up that makes you look professional, makes you look effective. Have been after turning around these things really quickly. Maybe you'll get some input from somebody in your your industries. Like really enjoyed what you did here. Could you come to do this for us? So it's that word of mouth working for you. 4. 1.3 - tips to finesse your video sharing: All right, So another area gonna look at is doing video for clients. One of the best ways I found with interacting and go back and forth of the clients that are sending messages or emails is to find a dedicated video host online where you can upload those files and you can edit those files on they get a notification to say that you don't edit on the video is ready to be viewed. Otherwise, you get into a situation where you're sending stuff back and forth and you get it gets frustrating after a while, not only for you, but also for the client. You're not sure what the clients scene you're not sure if they've signed off on it, You don't know what their comments are. You might be doing lots of revisions and you might get caught up. And if it becomes frustrating for the client that it's gonna become frustrating for you in terms of managing it, so keeping the client happy is a huge thing to do. So there's two sites that I wanna talk to you about. One is whiskey er on the other one is framed io, and we're gonna concentrate on Friday. Frame I O. In this, but Wisley just does an amazing job of this just as good as framed I Oh, I just want to give you an idea of what's out there. This frame Ohio is the latest one out there in the moment, and it's for video collaboration. So you may go to an event you may should shoot some video for an event you might have been hired to shoot some video at an event on Did you have it? In a raw format? That means it's unedited. You haven't done any colorizing you haven't. You haven't cut it together in any way. You have got the arms and ours or any of the wind or B roll or anything like that put together, and you might want to send that to the client so they can have a look at it. So what you could do is you couldn't create a project now online on a website on upload that video to the site, and it automatically converts it in a format called HTML five, which people can view inside of their browser. Now this is huge didn't exist sort of two or three years ago because we didn't have the technology, the Web technology to enable us to do this. But you could do this now. So imagine going to an event, recording some video, uploading all of those clips into a folder and then sending that to a potential client. Say, Hey, I shot this video. Are you interested in any of this video? You wanna collaborate on it? Shall I put a video together on you can basically comment on the individual video pieces. So as you see on the right hand side here, you can see some video clips here from a fashion sort of fashion walk in Times Square. And these are individual shots. Wide shots, close up shots, little incidental shots that will use his B roll on. What a client would normally do is they would say, you really like this piece. Could you edit this piece down that will give you some feedback? Some comments. I like it from this Section two, this section and you keep everything in one in one place. What I really like about slack sorry. Framed io is it has slack integration. So if you have existing clients or people in your team that are already part of your slack channel. You can actually get those comments back and forth between frame I owe on slack. So this just creates a really satisfying environment for people to communicate about the video and how it needs to be edited. So you end up with a location where people can preview or even upload content. So if you've got four or five of you at an event, your recording, different bits of video, maybe you've got one person just doing B roll. Now the best thing about this, when you start to collaborate on video, you start to finally tune. You finally honed the experience of what is required from an individual at a venue. Instead of just sending groups of people from your company to a venue and sitting in a conference, you could be utilizing that those people to not only watch the information that's being shared in the conference, but between the coffee breaks being after interview people, pioneers or even speakers that have been on stage getting there, getting an interview with them on being able to upload that content into here and then have people remotely editors remotely, even ended that content back at base to be able to even send it up same day to Twitter. I mean, it makes you look incredibly powerful as a company if you really got almost real time video editing capability so you could use YouTube instead of a dedicated website like whiskey or framed i O. But you have no real way for the client to interact with you. They could comment on a unlisted video, but after the first revision, it's not skill a bit clunky on, I think with this you just got a really nice lightweight interface, being out to comment individually on each video, being able to put up revisions without necessarily notifying that there's a new revision that could just see it in the folder appear. I think it's just a easier environment toe working on unless friction between you and the client. So maybe you've set up a podcast. You get people to send in videos around topics you set, so your podcast doesn't just have to be an audio podcast. You could create one a video podcast around your industry. Maybe you're doing I don't fire shelters or emergency shelters on. Do you want people who have actually clients or testimonials come in from those clients, getting them to record a very simple video on their iPhone and sending it into this folder for you to then to be able to edit that and put it into a final clip. So getting people to send in videos around topics that you decide to set for your company hugely powerful. You don't have to spend the money on hiring a company to go and capture these testimonials . You can actually use your audience, your climb basted to bring those testimonials in. 5. 1.4 - making engaging end credits with outromaker: So let's look at Outro Maker used to take a very long time to create Altro videos. What you're seeing in front of you now here is Ah, lady on YouTube called Candy Johnson. There's also this guy very simple end seen on YouTube. What happens is that you have these overlays at the end of your YouTube channel on each one of those little animated videos. There is a new video on YouTube, and the reason why you would create an outro on your video is you want to get some feedback from people, and you also want them to look at your other video. So this is a really good way off sharing your social media accounts. You know this one, particularly with one day go or two days ago. You can't you click on them and jump back to a video watch. That video just keeps the user engaged in starts going through your videos more. The more time they go through your videos, the more time they spend watching them. The more adsense, the more money that you're going to make from your YouTube videos. So and sequences in a video to Sir used to be an absolutely nightmare. Now you could just edit these super simply using this website called Outro Maker, So you use a template system. You can now display recent videos and build sequences, and you can bolt them onto the end of your your video that you make. You could download the video drop you have. Download that a drop it into your video at the end, and then there's a great little bottom that you compress that you could drag and drop into your chrome on this altar magically sinks the end of your video with the clips and what that what I mean by that, is it. It goes away, finds out the YouTube videos that you've selected on links them up automatically. You don't have to go into the editor any longer to actually highlighted area and link it to a video. It does all of that automatic, which speeds up the process. No, and it used to take, probably if you if you only had, like three videos like this example. Two videos like this example maybe take you. I don't know, 25 30 minutes. Now it's like a five minute job, and so if you have a video editor be enough to put outro sequences on your videos. Even putting outro secrets is on your own personal videos. This is a really good skill to learn because it's also a skill that you can offer your clients. It's not free, but if you're posting lots of videos is well worth it. Just getting those imports clicks from people at the end of your video to go watch another one of your videos is huge, so less is more. I see a lot of people putting maybe 10 or 20 videos, really slows everything down but also looks really, really confusing. It doesn't entice the user to click on your video. In fact, it's kind of overwhelming, and they kind of want to get it off the screen so less is more. Don't over fill the screen, but instead shared the best of your content the content that you know they're gonna watch on. They're going to spend time engaging with 6. 1.5 - make facebook video overlay captions: all right so quickly. I want to talk about Facebook video because Facebook video is absolutely huge. Nowadays, if you're not putting your company's Facebook, if you're not putting your company's video on Facebook that you're missing out on a really engaged audience, especially if you have a Facebook page, you really should be putting content out there. There is an issue. I say. It's an issue. It is just the way that they're advertising works. They have a 20% over latex rule off Facebook. That basically means that you can't have too much text or too much of a logo over the top. Your video. They have a application on Facebook to detect. You can upload your video and they will work out or your image work out how much of the the images covered with text on so that if it's over 20% obviously there won't allow you to upload it. So there's a huge opportunity here with Facebook video to capture an audience that is just driving by your content. 85% off Facebook video is watched without sound, which I find that to be a huge statistic. But I think is people who don't click through the video, but that's sort of scanning by, and they see the video. It's moving. Then they see the captions so they don't have to have the audio because they can read the captions and get what they want about the video. What the video entails, maybe their work and they don't want to click through. Don't want the audio coming out the speakers or they just don't want to focus their minds on the video that much, but they're willing to read the tech. So having captions overlays on your content is a really good way of capturing some of that 85% of audience on Facebook that is watching videos without sound, taking your existing content on adding overlays. Using something like, You know, very, very simple. You can just drop your video clip into Kino Auto play and build up a standard template sequence with timed animation. So what do I mean by that? I mean, just having animations are on screen for five seconds, just in different frames on the left hand side, and you just all to them to suit, depending on what's on screen at the time, it's another job But it's also another digital skill that you can learn Being held to video captured videos for clients is something that can make you money, an additional income stream on the side. You could also make a shorter preview video and linked to the bigger file itself. So getting the capturing, the user click from that being out to make these for Facebook? I think it's gonna be a massive area of a business in the next couple of years because everybody seems to be moving drastically to Facebook. There's got some great tools for Facebook advertising, and I suggest this is a skill that you learn. 7. 1.6 - please engage in the project.: so I would really love you to take part in the five step project, Go to your project in the bar below the project. Put on Awesome Project title there in the project Work space, you know, be creative. Include pictures of the steps you took. I would love to know how you got through those particular courses with a confusing What did I give you? Enough information. Did I talk too fast? Probably did out too much coffee. Tell me what you did. Where did you fall over? Why did you not get started? What are the problems that that you faced? Let me know. Sharing this stuff. It's a rating on. That is a way for you to get better at this stuff. I can't expect people to just jump in and be experts on this stuff. You have to play with the content. You don't necessarily have to upload to the web. You can share it to me privately. Picker. Sweet cover image from nomad dot Pictures On this as well. Click Save and you have done. It literally takes a few minutes. I would love to help you out. And putting something on the project also helps May in terms of getting the course discovered, so do take part in the project. 8. 1.7 - the roundup: So the round of then we looked at four areas where you could be creating or displaying your content. So look out for other versions of my courses. For all the tools, methods and tips, how to get started making content will hope you feel inspired to at least have a go. I know what kind of could be scary to try something new. Maybe you don't have a good relationship with technology, maybe scares you, or he's got a breaking something. The Web on Internet tools and recording and hard wearers got a lot more friendly in the years. So if you tried something maybe five years ago on did you just got frustrated with it. Please, I really want to inspire you to have another girl want you to be a creator. More than modern consumer, you have these digital skills. You have the ability to use them with a company that you work for. Or maybe you could set up your own company as an entrepreneur. If you've ever wondered about having your own company, this is a way of having those digital skills to be able to tell your score your story. Don't forget to share anything you made with me using this course, go to the my project section. I'd love to see in the projects. I will feed back to this. I will. I'll give you feedback on any of the videos or any of the podcast or anything that we talked about this course. Andi, I will catch it. Be soon. Take care. 9. 1.8 - please share and retweet (...): while I have you enjoyed the course, Please share and review the course. It really does. Help me out. Click on the triple dot button. Leave a review shared with Twitter and Facebook. I'll catch up with you.