Advertise your Shopify Store via Google - Digital Marketing From a Former Googler | Ben Lund | Skillshare

Advertise your Shopify Store via Google - Digital Marketing From a Former Googler

Ben Lund, Founder - Rise Marketing Group

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6 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Shopify Intro

    • 2. Google Search 7 12

    • 3. GA Creation 7 12

    • 4. Remarketing

    • 5. Shopping Udemy Upload

    • 6. Privy


About This Class

Do you have a Shopify store and are looking to promote the products?

Look no further!!

There are a lot of courses out there that teach users how to develop a Shopify store and a lot of courses that teach users how to advertise digitally. However, there are very few courses that put these two concepts together, how to specifically advertise your shopify store, by leveraging Shopify integrations with Google Analytics and Google Shopping, etc. 

Specifically, though this course I'm going to cover the following.

- How to setup Google Analytics with Shopify (this way you're tracking all visitors to your site) and tracking orders from Shopify into Google Analytics. 

- How to create a Google search campaign, to promote your products.

- How to create a Google remarketing campaign (reaching users with a banner ad that have previously visited your site). 

- How to setup a Google shopping campaign, based on a product feed we'll create in Shopify.

- Refer you to Privy, which is a platform I suggest to integrate with Shopify to lower shopping cart abandon rates and acquire email addresses.





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Ben Lund

Founder - Rise Marketing Group

13 years digital advertising experience including the last four at Google. Previous to Google I was at major media entities such as RKG ad agency (since acquired by Merkle), Yahoo! and Monster.  Throughout my career I worked with enterprise companies (Nutrisystem, Philips, Aspen Dental, Weight Watchers, Equinox Fitness, etc.) literally helped companies make millions off of AdWords and now want to scale my expertise to benefit more people and b...

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