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Advertise your Shopify Store via Google - Digital Marketing From a Former Googler

teacher avatar Ben Lund, Founder - Rise Marketing Group

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Shopify Intro

    • 2. Google Search 7 12

    • 3. GA Creation 7 12

    • 4. Remarketing

    • 5. Shopping Udemy Upload

    • 6. Privy

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About This Class

Do you have a Shopify store and are looking to promote the products?

Look no further!!

There are a lot of courses out there that teach users how to develop a Shopify store and a lot of courses that teach users how to advertise digitally. However, there are very few courses that put these two concepts together, how to specifically advertise your shopify store, by leveraging Shopify integrations with Google Analytics and Google Shopping, etc. 

Specifically, though this course I'm going to cover the following.

- How to setup Google Analytics with Shopify (this way you're tracking all visitors to your site) and tracking orders from Shopify into Google Analytics. 

- How to create a Google search campaign, to promote your products.

- How to create a Google remarketing campaign (reaching users with a banner ad that have previously visited your site). 

- How to setup a Google shopping campaign, based on a product feed we'll create in Shopify.

- Refer you to Privy, which is a platform I suggest to integrate with Shopify to lower shopping cart abandon rates and acquire email addresses.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ben Lund

Founder - Rise Marketing Group


13 years digital advertising experience including the last four at Google. Previous to Google I was at major media entities such as RKG ad agency (since acquired by Merkle), Yahoo! and Monster.  Throughout my career I worked with enterprise companies (Nutrisystem, Philips, Aspen Dental, Weight Watchers, Equinox Fitness, etc.) literally helped companies make millions off of AdWords and now want to scale my expertise to benefit more people and businesses. 


Currently I'm the founder of Rise Marketing Group ( which offers full service digital advertising and a DIY marketing blog, DIY Digital Strategy (

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1. Shopify Intro: What's up, everybody? My name is Ben, founder of D. I Y digital strategy and and this course I'm gonna teach you how to promote your shop If I store, uh, with proven tactics that work really well and occurred in this course just because there's Ah Ton, of course, is out there that give the user's information on how to create Shopify stores, which is helpful, ineffective. And there's also a ton of courses that teach users how to advertise websites and businesses . But there I haven't seen many courses out there that link both of them together of If you have a Shopify store, this is how to advertise it and integrate everything together through Shopify. So your shop, if I speak with your Google analytics and your Shopify, is powering all of the marketing and everything is just in harmony on and also just break it down. Teoh top three or four advertising strategies that work really well. So hope you signed up for my course for those that already did think so much for the support and let's get into it 2. Google Search 7 12: What's up? Everybody s in this section. I'm going to share how to create your Google search campaign. Will Search campaign is on ad format. A text only add that only serves if someone is searching. Ah, your products and services on Google. So with that, let's go to my screen because I want to show you. Okay, back inside Edwards. So just a zoo refresher. What? Um what search ads are anyone who does search. You can have ads just like this. Pop art from your photos. You know, that's ah, good ad right there. But these are add that you conserve and you only pay if someone clicks on your ad. Same thing goes for shopping and same thing goes for remarketing. That's why Google has a very interesting telling proposition when you only pay if someone actually clicks to visit your site. So with that was jump in its creator search campaign will do new campaign. I want sales. I want search. I want website visits. I'm saying name my budget would say $5 per day. Audiences. It is interesting. I like it. It's so we're only gonna target people based off of key words that they're typing in. But this is a dit additional, um, targeting that we can add focusing on in market. Just see if there's anything that would be relevant to add so that these air users that are in market for certain products or services based off of information that Google has on them . So, for example, if I go Teoh no, there's a home decor coming garden. I do home decor home for machines. And I would do that and I would start off as observation, Which means we're just gonna get data on how these audiences perform. Pulled off on doing targeting for now. But what you might find is thes audiences perform really, really well for you, and you might want to change your settings to just target thes audiences. But right now we're just going Teoh, we're not gonna narrow the reach of our campaign. We're just going to collects the data. And if we find out these audiences perform really well, we can increase our bids or just hurried them all together. Uh, next air different Add extensions. Sophia, you have deeper pages that you want to go to. You might want to create some site links. So let's just take a look at pop art wall art. So there's a few things while are paint by number kids while our cases and what you can do . I'm not gonna go through all of these because I don't want to waste your time As I create this campaign, I just want to show you how to do this. Who do your site link extension You are around. So this is while art. And then you can add in descriptions If you want, you could just put it right from the site. You have to recreate the wheel save and then say I want anyone and I just simply go through the site architecture and then you can go dio derive came by number numbered. That's maybe copy a line or two descriptions from that in turn, the u. R L in this case, it colored extensions. This is where you put more information of your business. So, you know, think of any selling proposition. So in this case, output free shipping on purchases over 20 $25 free shit over dollars and then take a look of Maybe I'll be diverse selection. Our great selection something like that. And then, uh, if you have a phone number, you want people to call your business. You can put in a phone number right here, so I am going to save and continue after name this search campaign. Now it's gonna want some keywords, and Google's great, it's gonna suggest, but I want to be so specific. So we have just kind of I really want pop art because that's what this whole say it's about . And as you're going through at a plus sign in front of every keyword that is required to be within the search query, don't ever just put art because if you don't have a plus and in front of it, it could just map out to anything. And you just want to be a specific as possible cause you're paying for these cliques and be very specific. I'd rather be super targeted were casting a wide nights. I'll do pop art. Maybe Art Post earns Art I'm not even gonna do that can start off with pop art, and then the girl is pop art Wall are dot com headline. I always put the business and first headline are all Friends and then put put together a quick description. Um, top our brains for your home or workman. Great selection and prices and then always included. Now always include a call to action because you want them to take action. Saving Continue. And what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go into the settings. Few critical things. You're always go to the settings. Make sure the Google Display network is not checked. If you have that checked, your ads are gonna be served on just random sites not linked to exact searches. So make sure that is off good Google search burners. It's fine. That's other, um, search engines that are much smaller than Google. But they still work pretty well. Bidding maximize conversions is OK if you expect to have at least this campaign to at least drive 15 conversions per month. If you're not sure, or you don't think that it will just do folks on clicks and then have a, um, top cost per click that you want a bid and put a dollar 50. If I'm hitting my daily budget at that cost per click them willing to pay, I'm gonna lower it. And if I'm not even getting close to daily budget. Well, then I know I have to increase that, uh, and then and then as I go through, I might even just, like, add more keywords because you're gonna think of more later on. You might even say, Oh, you know, I didn't think of, uh, art sprints, something like that. Then I'll save it. You can add, like Andy Warhol. Friends like whatever it iss. Um, so that's your search campaign, and it's always it's going to launch as soon as possible, So make sure you pause until you are ready. So we have our search campaign. We have remarketing campaign. And then lastly, we have our shopping campaign, but at this point, it's still pending, But I'm gonna pick that up in a separate section. 3. GA Creation 7 12: What's up, everybody? So in this section, I want to share how to set of Google analytics. Now, Google Analytics is critical for any type of advertising, and Shopify is no exception with Google Analytics. You'll be able to track everything. How many people are going to your site? Where they coming from? How many sales that you're driving and this is critical. So when you start advertising, let's and Google, for example, you'll be able to see how much it costs and how many orders that you're getting back in return. And that's gonna be critical. So that way, as your advertising, you're gonna find campaigns that work well and you're gonna push the gas on that those and campaigns, I just don't work well. And for those you're just going to say, all right, I'm gonna pull back on how I'm advertising or turn it off completely. So it's a multi step process, So gonna go back to my screen eso enjoy. And I was always reach out. If you have any questions, thank you. So now I'm gonna share how to set up a Google Analytics account and then link that over to Shopify. So that way we're tracking. How many people are going to your site? What they're doing on your site and how many orders that were driving. So to start, you need to go to analytics at google dot com, set up an account. I already have an account set up, so I'm not going to go through this process but set up in an account. And once you're in the account, what you're going to do and I'm just gonna update to my property once he haven't account, What you're gonna do is we're gonna go to admin and you're going, Teoh, go to tracking info and get your tracking code. So this is just a little piece of code that you're gonna put on your shop if I store. So that way Google is gonna track everything. So once you have that code urine chop. If I go to online store, go to Preferences and go go to Google Analytics account here, you can add the code. I already have this link, but if I wanted to, we had new code. I would just paste this in. And that's how that's I would work. Okay, so we created Gulalai. Unlike Scout, then we said sync it up with Shopify. But there's one more step in this last step is crucial. A lot of people could miss this, and I'm sure a lot of people do. But what we need to do is within Google analytics again. It this ah little gear icon, go to e commerce settings, make sure these are enabled. I'm gonna undo this just so you can see that workflow neighborly commerce enabled Will, um e commerce reporting. This is critical. If you don't have this enabled, you're not gonna be recording on the sales. Eso That's it. Pretty simple. Created Google Analytics account. Put the code on Shopify and then go back to Google Analytics and make sure that e commerce reporting is set up. 4. Remarketing: What's up, everybody? Uh, so have you ever been Teoh on e commerce site? Say it was Gap and you're looking to buy a pair of jeans. You're looking at a product and looking at that site, But you didn't end up by. But then what happens a couple days later? You see those genes that you're looking at, um, or that site that you're looking at in an ad several days later on the Internet. That is one of the most powerful ways to advertise because you're only reaching folks have previously been to your site. This is called re marketing. And we can set this up through the integration that we just did of Google analytics with Edwards because we're now sharing all the people that have previously been to the site to Edwards. So in this lesson, I'm gonna share how to create that remarketing campaign that traditionally works extremely well. Okay, so we're gonna set up this re marketing campaign. So is always go to campaigns that go to plus new campaign. Um, our effort is to drive sales. This is going to be a display campaign because it's gonna be a display banner ad across the Internet go to standard campaign. Uh, well, enter in our website and just make sure you get it right. Proper while Come, calm. Continue. We marketing? Yes, I want conversions, Let's say, and my budgets $5 per day. Add group is within a campaign. That's just simply a combination of your targeting plus the ads that we're gonna be serving . But we're only gonna have one ad a group for this marketing. Now, this is the interesting. This is how are we gonna make sure we're only reaching the audiences that have previously been to the site? It is re marketing. Click here. Go to website visitors. All users. Right now, my reach is very low because again, we don't have many website visitors visiting the site. So people that we can reach tiny. But as you advertise more and promote that list is going to go up. And these are awesome users that you can reach out Teoh to drive either more business from or to help close that sale for that for that item that they were looking at. And let's go through some of these settings, I say, Do you know automated targeting only because If we're gonna have any of the automated targeting, it's gonna reach people outside of that list. And for this effort, don't do it. It's not gonna perform as well. There is a time in the space for this, but not, uh, not for remarketing. Put a bid, I would say. Start off with anywhere between a dollar and $2 per click. That's Ah, good enough range where you're going to see some traffic if you're heading your daily budgets, Um, you can even lower those bids as you go on and then you create an ad. It's super easy to create. You might think you have to hire display a shop or excuse me, creative shop and that at all you just upload some images. And what Google can do, which is awesome, is just scan the website, some for some images. So it's doing so right now, and we'll give it a moment, which is great. You don't have to outsource to creative shop, and it's gonna find some some images for us, and how it works is we append text to it, so let's see what they have. These are very much product images, but I love some of these things like I don't know why, but I like this dog. So let's do that. And then do you need a square and a landscape image? So let's see if there's any landscape images. Perfect. I'm just going through in selecting a few different images just to see what would be would be right. So there's a few options. E. I am just going to go with the flowering characters is Reason is is within the image we saw . We saw Papa pop art, um, staying on your wall and that in this image, that's exactly what it's doing. So let's just say I'm going to go with the lowering characters. I don't think it saves. Let's try that one more time. Perfect. Can you show you how it works? Awesome. So we create a headline. So I would say, Put your store name are all right. Well, are pepper are great art? All right, but meat proper are that's for, and you can just go through. I'm just going Teoh put a few things in here and this is what they had look like. Not too bad, huh? Pepper wall are unique. Proper. That's affordable and boom, just like that really need stuff and then and to the aid group. And you can create new ads and just go through the exact same process. I'm not going to go through this with sake. This video. Create the campaign, continue to campaign and done. I'm gonna turn off just because I'm not ready to launch everything yet. And this is key. Whenever you create something, it will be enabled to run. So I always make sure you turn that off on. And that is how you create your marketing campaign. And as you are as you are running, these ads go to I'm gonna go back a little bit, go to columns and what you can do is go to conversions and then apply. So that way you can see as thes as these orders are going through. Additionally, within Google analytics, it has a treasure trove of data. And what you'll be able to see is how many If you go to acquisition channels, how many transactions that you're getting right now, we have very little or minimal within this time frame because this is just launching. But you'll be able to see right here how many transactions air going on eso really cool stuff so I can end this section right here 5. Shopping Udemy Upload: everybody. Um so this section I'm going to teach you how to create a Google shopping campaign. Google shopping is Google's comparison shopping engine, and what I really love about Google shopping is it displays the actual price and image of it, um, of the product, the price of the product, all affront to the user. Or so before they even click on the add, they can see what you have to offer and is always with Google. You only pay per click, so you to give the user all the information that you have. And if it's not relevant, that's what they're looking for. They're not gonna click that. So ah, with that, I'm gonna now share my screen and ah, it's great this and just to give you a better visualization, this is Google shopping. See, all these things are all adds if I click on it. Those advertisers are charged a cost per click, but I like it because the images air right there. The price points right there. So if it's out of my budget or out of my taste, I'm not gonna click the add, Um, so let's get started. How do we get started Let's log into Shopify for the store pop art, Wall art and we need to download an app. So let's do that right now. So it's gonna app, You know, we're gonna download the Google shopping and absolute billets. Visit chop. If I store and do a search for Google shopping, click this one right here with the giant G. That's the one that we should be using. Let's get it's free. Awesome. Love it. And it's just integrating with Google shopping or excuse me with Shopify. Say yes. Let's add this So this way again the reason why I'm create this courses. We're doing everything there were. Everything is totally integrated. And and it does say you have to add contact information of your store. Great. Let's and that. So now we need to and connect to a Google account. So I'm gonna log in, um, my Google account that we set up just a little while ago. It sounds good. Excellent. So we have Edwards connected. Now we need ah, merchant Center account Merchant center is the platform, um that fuels Google shopping. So a platform that hand that will list all of your products, the images, the price the description, etcetera. So I'm going to create a merchant center account. You guys, I've just chime in in for a hot second. So in that last screen, I said had an option of great Merchant center account. I'm gonna go into this on my next video, but I just wanted interject real quickly and speak directly to you guys. Create that Google Merchant Center account. Um, just followed that process and then use the same log in that you are creating your Edwards account under so whatever Gmail address or whatever that might be. And, um, and that's just the final work through just to make sure that you have a Google Merchant center. So, as always, if you have any questions as you're going through, this hit me up. Hopefully, as you watch through the Russians, videos could make complete sense, but if you have any questions, hit me up. I'm always happy to help you out if you want to and the errors, let's jump on, hang out and you can share your screen. And on the last screen I did get in the air. So if you get that same air literally what you should do is just go toe. Ah, Google Merchant Center. Um so Google Merchant Center and law again with exact same log in credentials as the Edwards account that we created, Um, and then this is what it looks like a gold merchant center. But once I did that, um, if I can open up the right tab, you'll see the error totally disappeared. So if you get that air that you saw in my last screen, just log into the account and it should realize like, Oh, it you are the owner. So we're good. So this is just general settings. Um, I'm gonna skip all of this configure account man is going to update. Excellent. So now it's we go right here. Is ghoul testing optimize of all your products than Google Marks Center. When you create, so what? We're we're now it back into Shopify, and we're going to start the products Inc and what this is going to do and it takes some time. Um, it will start pushing out all the products that you have that are in the shop. If I store to Google Merchant Center right here, which then goes into AdWords sounds complex but it's really not. And that's why I like this course, because it's linking everything together. So you see all these awesome, awesome products that are being sold. Those will be moving right into Emergency Center and it's gonna take a while is he concedes , is contained 3 to 5 business days for Google to approve a pending products. So I'm going to stop this video right now. Um, but and then we're gonna pick it up later on once these are approved, and then how we can create that shopping campaign. Okay, so now it's been a few days. Let's just see if, uh, the items for within Google Emergent Center and within Shopify are approved for Google shopping to the home screen. You all channels go to Google shopping. Let's see. And sure enough, all of the products are approved, which is a really good thing to see all the products. Awesome. So and we can even double checks. If you walk into your merchant center account, you're gonna see that start You had a bunch of products that were pending, but now we're all green here, which is amazing. So now it's we just have to create our shopping camp. So you go to plus new campaign or plus campaign plus new. This is within Edwards. Uh, then re ones campaign for sales Go to shopping the length of marching center right here, which is great to standard shopping campaign shopping, pain manual. CPC is the best way to go when you're just starting off. Enable hand CBC of the best practice. So you have a budget $10 Her day delivery method standard. That's great. Who will search network and partners is fine United States. Excellent. I already had a campaign created as that. So do number two. Create a few campaigns for demo purposes. Uh, add group Name comes, do who will shopping. I'm just going to the standard product shopping I recommend for anyone who's getting started. Just do that. Start off with a bit of dollars. 75. What happens if you're not? If you're not getting gin in traffic, then what you're gonna want to do is increase your bids. But if you're getting your daily budget earlier on, then what you can do is lower your bids. So I'm just gonna pause this right now, and eventually what's gonna happen is you're going to see a bunch of what you should do with an AdWords used to adjust your columns to just say, Let's say I want impressions having 10 people saw my ad. I want the average cost per click, how much it cost per click. That's what you pay for the cost. And then, um, and then conversions that you have set up that's integrated into Edwards. And then, as time goes, you can see how much you're spending on each, how much per click and how many conversions so that ends this section on shopping. If anyone had wants to know what shopping it looks like again, just goto shopping dot google dot com. Do a search for whatever products that yourselves in this case, pop art. And these are the ads. It just builds directly from your product feeding. If you click, you'll go directly to the store. So that's what that looks like. We're gonna make sure that everyone is aware. Thank you 6. Privy: everybody less thing before I let Ugo is one thing I highly recommend to do to make the most out of all their advertising efforts and all the traffic that's going to your site is is adding a plug in cold privy P R. I do why you can check out their website. I'm including a link within the resource is blow, But check it out because what is its integration That helps you get more out of people that go into your site to capture emails as well as, um, lower cart abandonment. So even though this course is straight out on how to advertise, if you install this, you're gonna get just better performance by nature what this product does, I can include a link to this full disclosure. It is a new affiliate link. I'll get a very, very, very small cut off of anyone who signs up for it. The price is the exact same, but I just get a little extra credit for referring this'll program to you. But if you do sign up, I highly suggest, or I'd appreciate if you went through this link and I am sharing this with you only because I believe in this product and believe anyone concerned for a free trial. But try it out on D. I think you will enjoy it.