Advanced techniques of working with bone-based 2D characters | Vladimir Limarchenko | Skillshare

Advanced techniques of working with bone-based 2D characters

Vladimir Limarchenko, Game Developer, Unity3d and C#

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11 Lessons (2h 5m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Making a Bone based Animated Character

    • 3. Resolving Sorting Order Issues

    • 4. Sorting Order Fix Script Part 1

    • 5. Sorting Order Fix Script = Part 2

    • 6. Scriptable Object Assets in Unity

    • 7. Applying Outfit from Asset

    • 8. 108 Outfit Applier Script Basics

    • 9. Displaying Unique Items

    • 10. Character With Joints Part 1

    • 11. Character With Joints Part 2


About This Class

Making a 2D platformer game is a nice way to start learning about Unity game development. In this class we`ll cover some of the advanced techniques of working with so-called “bone-based” 2D characters - characters that are made out of separate body parts. We`ll start off the tutorial with a pre-assembled simple bone based character and we`ll focus on these topics:

  • Resolving all the sorting order issues when you have multiple bone-based characters in your scene.
  • Creating ScriptableObject assets in Unity to store data about your character`s outfits.
  • Applying different looks to your character from ScriptableObject assets.
  • Displaying extra outfit items like bracelets, necklaces, belts, clothing items to decorate your character.
  • The concept of “joints” that will let you describe characters that are shaped differently with the same animated model. For example: one character might have shorter legs; another might have wider shoulders and they`ll still both be made out of the same prefab in your project.

This course provides a complete guide on making and managing 2d bone-based characters in your Unity project. It is very beginner-friendly and I try to explain everything that I am doing as much as I can.

Additional information:

  • The files showed in the course are downloadable from the link that you can find in the "Class Project".