Advanced eCommerce Strategies: Improve Your Shopify Store Conversion! | Rihab Seb | Skillshare

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Advanced eCommerce Strategies: Improve Your Shopify Store Conversion!

teacher avatar Rihab Seb, Digital Markter

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

22 Lessons (1h 46m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Branding: How does a professional store looks like

    • 3. Branding: Create a Stronger relation with your customers

    • 4. Branding: Tell your brand story

    • 5. Branding: How to design your home page

    • 6. Branding: Final tips

    • 7. How to make your store mobile friendly

    • 8. Review of the mobile view of a website

    • 9. Advertise for the people who know you beforehand!

    • 10. Email Marketing Introduction

    • 11. Email Marketing How to collect emails

    • 12. Email Marketing How the system works

    • 13. Email Marketing How to write emails

    • 14. Email Marketing Finishing up

    • 15. Collect your customers emails using privy

    • 16. Meet Klaviyo: Sign Up and link it to your store

    • 17. Klaviyo: Get Familiar with it and with creating emails

    • 18. Learn how to maximize your profit out of the same client 1

    • 19. Best Practices for your upsells and cross sells

    • 20. Best places to include your upsells and cross sells

    • 21. Upsell and cross sell apps

    • 22. Thank you for watching this course and more!

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About This Class

In this course, you will learn Advanced eCommerce Strategies that will help you increase your sales and your conversion rate.

The following strategies will be discussed in the course, you will learn the best practices to apply each one of them to your store and how to apply them:

  • How to make your eCommerce store look professional and trust worthy.
  • How to increase your customer average cart value , what are the best practices and how to apply them
  • How to create your Facebook ads retargeting campaigns 
  • How to collect your customers and prospects email addresses and how to create your back-end marketing system.
  • How to approach the ecommerce business with the right mindset and what are the mistakes you should be avoiding.


Below Are Links Of The Best Tool You Should Be Using To Succeed In eCommerce:

► Get a 14 Days Free Trial with Shopify: Click here

► Professional themes I recommend:

► Privy: Click here

► Klaviyo: Click here


Books I Recommend to acquire The Right Mindset:

►►The choose yourself guide to wealth (James Altucher) :

►►The Millionaire Fastlane (MJ DeMarco) :

►►Think and grow rich (Napoleon Hill):

►►Secrets of the millionaire mind (Harv Eker):

►►Influence : The psychology of persuasion (Robert Cialdini) :

►►Rich dad poor dad (Robert Kiyosaki) :

►►The personal MBA (Josh Kaufman) :

►►How to win friends and influence people (Dale Carnegie):

►►The intelligent investor (Benjamin Graham):

►►The 7 habits of highly effective people (Stephen Covey) :

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Rihab Seb

Digital Markter


Hello, it's Rihab!

I am extremely happy you are here!

Since finishing college, I struggled with being imprisoned in my 9to5 job! So I dedicated my free time to focus on one goal: Starting My Own Successful Online business!

I walked along a path of failures before I was finally able to earn my living online and quit my 9to5. And ever since, it's been magical!

I tried several online businesses, failed in many, and succeeded in a few. Failures were and still are my biggest achievements because through them I learned how to improve myself and my skills.

Here, I plan to share with you everything I learned and am learning. I hope this will benefit you in building your own business and quitting your 9 to 5!

I like what I do, and I would love to be in t... See full profile

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1. Introduction : we all dream about creating our own business and being financially free. And I bet you do. Starting a business can be very costly and risky, And that's why e commerce is currently one off the best business ideas. Thousands and thousands off people try daily to run profitable e commerce stores and Onley . Very few off them succeed. With the huge competition and the High S Coast, succeeding in e commerce is becoming more and more difficult. People failed with e commerce because they don't work on building a brand or on being a professional. They don't put effective marketing strategies to target their prospects and customers. So they fail at converting their prospects into customers and on turning their one time buyers into loyal raving fence. They don't work on increasing the average card value off their customers, thus increasing their sales and profits. They run ads, they fail at making sales and they give up day after day. Fewer and fewer people have been able to build a store and truly make profit out off its high. That I am. We have a digital marketer and the best starter online instructor with more than 26,000 students. I have helped hundreds of my students to succeed online and to start their own businesses, and in this course I'm going to help you do the same by giving you my top for secret ingredients to succeed in e commerce. I have been helping people to sucked it online for years. I see and review fans off stores daily and sadly, most off the stores I see don't have any chance of succeeding. Many people think that e commerce is easy and that they can build any store at some products to it around some Facebook ads and simply make money. Well, unfortunately, they are wrong. Building any commerce store is a business that requires a lot off work and research, and succeeding on it requires a lot off advanced marketing strategies and the skills that only very few people know and applied as those are the ones who succeeds. So in this course, I will show you how to succeed in e commerce and how to make your sore profitable by giving you my stop four secret ingredients to succeed. If you are not willing, toe put time and effort on your stores. This course is not for you. But if you are willing to do what it takes, you are in the right place, and here is what you will learn in here. First, you will learn how to create a brand, not just another e commerce store, and how to make your store look professional and trust vs Second. You will learn how to lower your marketing costs by learning how to market for the people who know you beforehand. Together we will see how to properly use Facebook ads, retargeting campaigns and email marketing campaigns. And what are the best practices you should use to transform someone from a one time customer toe a loyal one Third, you will learn how to maximize your profit per customer by learning how thank is the average card value off your customers. In this section, you will have a decent look on very advanced marketing strategies and how to apply them correctly on your store. After finishing this course, you would be armed with all the need of the skills to succeed. The only thing that will be standing between you and your success is your willingness to take action and the proceeds, so don't waste any minute and role in this course. Now start learning how to succeed in your e commerce business and how to make your store profitable. 2. Branding: How does a professional store looks like: Hello there and welcome to the structure. Looking professional is essential to build your brand and build trust between you and your customers. Always remember that your customers will be giving you their payment information so they need to trust you. They need to feel that you will not use their information in a way that my time that finances, so how to look professional and trustworthy. Let's start together. Point number one. Branding your store Your story. You are L logo name and email address should all be synchronized. Let's check out this store. For example. It's one off the top five Shopify stores worldwide. So now let's check an example from the real word. There's a very famous Shopify store. As we can notice, this is the title of the store. This is the U. R L. And this is the logo. All of them go together. The title and the U. R. L are the same, and this is exactly what you should be doing. And they have designed a very simple logo, which is very good. And it's enough if I scroll down to check out the contact information. So, for example, they have the contact us now in here. I'm going to click on it. It's a contact form. There's no email. I'm going to explore more. I'm going to check the about us page on. I'm going to check their Facebook and Instagram and maybe Twitter. So this is their about a speech. It's a very organized one. I love the story, by the way, Andi here because we can notice that all their emails are the same and they are branded with their store name. And as well, we can note that they have added there address, which is also because it also help in the branding and creating trust. And if I goto their Facebook page in here, I will check that it's a good page, by the way, it's a big one. If I check the about US page in here, I can notice that they have a branded the email in here. The same one they have their website link, which is very good, all of them with the same name. And this is exactly what you should be doing if I goto Instagram, also the same, branded the profile with the same name as the shop and their profile picture is like their logo and all always one instagram is the account is not a personal account. You should always put your logo if it's a personal account to put your photo. So this is an example off a story. This is how you should be doing it. Let's go. Also toe Twitter the same thing. So this is exactly what you should be doing. You should have your l and exactly as your store name, and you should work on your fabric gun. This is the faggot have again on this is that logo your fab again and your logo and your store name and your l should all go together. The store name I dip. It should be the same as you were store yet L this is a must. If you couldn't find the store name you want available in u R l you simply changed the name . Okay, so let's move on and let's compete with our video. So let's take another example. Let's say your store name is hooks and needles. Your story at l should be something like hooks and needles dot com And here a small note. Don't use special characters in your l. They are hard, Toby memorized Your email address should be contact at hooks and needles dot com and you know, go shall be designed with respect to the name. No need to go with complicated locals. Use a minimalist one so you can even design it yourself. And if we get back to our example, we can notice how simple the logo is. Also, all famous brands use minimalist, simple logos, so keep it simple and no need to complicate things on a side note and the bonus section at the end. Off this course, I provided a list off ordinary sources I used, and I have included the website where I register all my domain names and this website provide forwarding email for free with each domain. So let's say you both that domain hooks at me. Does that come? You get an email contact at hooks, and neither does not come for free with it. But it's only a forwarding email, which means you can receive on it, but you can send out off it. So let's go back to our topic to design your no go. I recommend you toe either pay for a freelancer on fiber. Or if you have some technical skills, you can do it yourself. When you start making say's and you are doing more and more sales and you found your winner products, you can contact your suppliers and ask them to brand the product by its life. So let's say if I am selling, for example, this bag off leaders, I can ask the supplier toe, add mine logo in the in the bag or to add anything related to my brand. This is something I look a bit advanced and you do it only when you find your winner products. Then you start blending your own products. 3. Branding: Create a Stronger relation with your customers: So now, after Brendan your store, let's move to the second point that makes your store look professional number to show your visitors that they are dealing with a real person. When your visitors land on your website, you need to make them feel that they are dealing with a real person or a real team. Shoppers want to know that they are doing business with a real person. So you was real contact information, including, and he made address physical address for number and or checkbooks. So you're shoppers can actually reach you, the easier it is for your customers to teach out for you, the better the quickest. You reply. Also, the better when your customers see that your estimated replied. Time is within minutes, they will trust you more so as we have talked so far, providing your customers with me is the contact. You is very important because it helps will trust between your story and your customers. When they know that they can compact you, they can ask you if something went wrong, they feel more secure and they trust you more. So now I'm going to show you this store. It's actually a random store I pick, but it has a good contact us page. So I'm going to scroll down and I'm going to take you to the contact. A speech? So this is that Contact us page here they have the form, which is very good, because if I have a question, I can ask them, and then I can scroll down here. I find that he made and I find everything I need about them. I find their company that had office location. They have a phone number, so I can contact that customer service and ask them if I have any problem. And here they have many emails, and also they have a chat in here if you want to contact them directly. So this is very good. This actually, and this is very good because they have provided their customers with many ways to contact them. Now I want to jump back to that home page, and I'm going to show you some few details, and here we can notice that they have the about us page. Their frequently asked the question page, and they have their instagram and their Facebook and YouTube shelter linked. So if I want to contact them. I can also go to Facebook or I can go toe instagram. This is their Facebook page and this is that is that Graham Page? And this is how you should be building your store. You should be giving your customers many ways to contact you. You should making it very easy. Very easy for them to find you and toe talk to you. So now let's go back to our video and let's continue with our topic. 4. Branding: Tell your brand story: Now let's move to the third point that will make your store look professional ad and about a speech. Knowing the story behind your store will help your customers trusting you more honestly, I want off those people who always check the about US page before buying anything online. Your customers don't know you yet. They need to know you. The more personal and authentic you can be, the better if you don't mind including your photo and name or your team's photos and names . If you have a team, this would be great. Some stores are based around personal stuff. Let's say I am starting a store that sells kids gadgets. It would be highly positive if I included in the about us section my name. And I said that I am a mother off twins with a photo showing me and my family. I know many people don't like to share their photos in public. However, this will boost your clients trust. If I trusted them enough to show my face and my family, they will be inclined to trust me enough to buy from me. Now let's see this example off a blended store that's based around some personal stuff, so we were talking about the personal businesses. Some businesses are build around a person. For example. This is an example off a crush, a designer, and her business is based around herself around her personality. That's why she uses her pictures parts off her lives, maybe photos off her family to include within her store and within her pages, in a way toe. Create a more personal relation with her fans. There's something very good, actually, because when you make your relation and when you create this personal relation with your customers, you can push them into buying mode. Because when you trust your customers with your own information with your own photos, they trust you more always when they know the person behind the business. Always that when when they know that there is a person person, one person behind the business, they feel they are more attached to this person and this person because baby becomes the brand image. So if you can do that, if your business goes with your personality. If you are passionate about your store, Anish and if you can use your own profile, your own pictures may be your only creations and sad your store. That would be awesome. So in this case, for example, this is a crush. A, uh, designer. She uses her Instagram profile to share her design, and she has a story attached to the Instagram profile, a Facebook page and a printer stage. They all goes with the same idea because Pinterest and Instagram go usually with the nation's like crush A and this kind off niches, everything relight related toe art. Let's stay. So this is her Instagram profile. It has a good engagement, a very good engagement. Actually, it's a very organized profile. She always shares a very beautiful photos, and she has people who love her who are fends off her. She shares for those of her product off productions affiliating for, but she always shares float photos off hers like she's the image off her brand on going to scratch a little bit to show you her profile. And yet this is her girl. For example, if you scroll down, we can see bits and parts off her life, and that is exactly what makes her profile very engaging because she created a personal relation with her fence. So this is her instagram profile. She has won 3,130,000 followers on Facebook. She's a little bit less famous because Facebook isn't really for this kind. Off finishes, uh, on Pinterest. She has 273,000 followers, which is huge. So because interest exactly goes with these kind off knishes now I'm going to jump to her store and I'm going to show you how her story is built around. Heard identity out out her face. So this is her store, for example. I don't actually like her story. It's a little bit crowded and it's not organized, but it gives you an idea. I'm going to start with the pop up, for example. Here you can see that she has her photo with her nicknamed The Hawk. Look, I'm going to close this. I'm going to jump to the about us page to show you how the about pages written it's written around her. If you can read here a little bit. Hi, friends. I am Jessica, So she's talking about herself. She's presenting herself, not her products, and this is what makes her strong. And this is what makes her business evolving with time she's, um, in my opinion, she's succeeding because ticketed a base off followers who love her and wait for her news and her products to buy. So this is her about us page, and it's all about her. This is her mission, and I guess these are people who work with her. So as we can see, the store is full off her pictures. I'm going to jump to the shop. So this is her shop. She's telling many products and its uses her own photos on many off the product because, as I told you before, she is the image off her brand. So, uh, also, I wanted to show you that on par interest, she has used her own image, and I'm going to make it a little bit larger. Yeah, she used her own image and also on Facebook and also on instagram. So if you can do something similar to that, if you can create a brand where your face is the image off this brand, that would be awesome. Because, as I told you before, people like always to interact with other people they like. When they see the person behind the page, the person behind the store. The story behind this business, everything related toe people. So if you can do that, that would be awesome. 5. Branding: How to design your home page: Hello there and welcome to this lecture. And this lecture we are going to talk about your homepage. Well, I hear a lot of people saying, but in my ads I'm leading my visitors to that product page. They will never land on the homepage. Why should I put time and effort and to my homepage? Well, I don't agree. This assumption is totally wrong. You will be asking me, but why? Well, I will ask you. Have you ever seen a successful e-commerce store with a shitty homepage? The answer is obvious, you definitely didn't. Your homepage serves as both an introduction to rant and a set of coded instructions meant to help both new and existing customers navigate your store to find what they need. In your homepage. You want to leave a good first impression for your customers and you want to lead them into taking actions. Your homepage is not a category page. Your homepage is not a product page. Think about your homepage as an entrance hall to store. And here are some small steps of how you should be designing your homepage. First, you should organize your menu tabs. This is something we talked about before and we have seen an example. Second, you have to create an attractive above the forest content with an attractive calls to action. Using the beautiful images can be very helpful. You can use websites like Pixabay to find free photos for commercial use to put them in your com page. Third, you should add your most attractive categories, such as your top sellers, Europe promotions. You'd highlighted items, your new collections and forth. You should remember that many customers use your homepage to explore what you are setting. So this page should reflect all your categories. And fifth, don't forget to add social proof like your customers testimonials and a very important not. Don't use the sliders on your homepage. They will slow down your sword speed for nothing. They are not that important, so avoid them. And if you can provide predictive search bar like the one we find in that theme, I would recommend you to edit to your homepage. It could be very, very helpful. And last but not least, don't forget to organize your footer links at customer service section like return and refund policies, frequently asked questions section, contact us and stuff like that. Hello there and welcome to this lecture. In this lecture we are going to see some examples of good homepages, well-designed homepages. And as I told you before, your homepage is a very important page on your stored. And you should be putting time and effort into designing this homepage because it's the entrance hall cured stored. When I land on your homepage, I should be able to access all the products or the categories that you would store selling. And I should be able to get a good first impression about your story. Your homepage is not a category page, it's not a product page. It's an entrance. So I'm going in this lecture to show you a few examples of well-designed homepage and my opinion. And you can use them to get inspired. This first stored as I store that sells shoes for babies and for kids. And by the way, selling your products related to babies is a smart idea because parents are usually very intrigued to buy everything for their kids. So the first story I'm going to see is the stored and it says boots for kids. As you can see, this is the store name and logo and this is diarrhea et al. They go together and that'll go of the store is designed in a way that, that goes with the theme of the story, which has babies and kids. So this is that homepage. And here they have the different sections of their stores. They have the booties, they have the new arrivals, I guess in here. They have the hat that shows the closing, the opportunity, and the S8. So just by lending in here before even scrolling, I can see all the sections. It's very good, especially that they have added vesting section in here. Which is a very hot collection usually. And they have added that Justin, which is as well a HOT collection because these are the new arrivals and these are the products on sale. And both these categories are very important. So as well, you can see that that call to action button is in here, just in front of me and it's red or something similar to it. So when I land on this page, I am directly I attracted by this call to action button. Contrast very well with the background. I can easily see it. I can easily read the texts on it. I can easily read what's written in here, what's written in here. It's very clear. I can easily spotted. And this is, in my opinion, a good job because they are giving me the first the first direction. And to go into that shop, they are telling me to shop booties in here, which is very good, that are giving me directions. And this is exactly how the homepage should be designed to give that actions. Now I'm going to scroll the photo in here is very nice and it reflects very well the needs of the store and what they are selling. So I'm going to scroll now, and this is the first two collections. I see. This is the sharp cut and what is in here. And the shop for shoes, as you all know, kids, where two kinds of shoes that cotton shoes and Anonymous was. So they have divided these two sections into two different categories, which is very good because the kids who were cottonwoods are still younger than these kids in here. So if I am my mother and I landed here, I know exactly what I should go. If my baby is still under one year old and he is not working yet, I go in here to the cotton booties. If he's looking, I go in here to the shoes. So this is very good and this is a very good way to make it easier for customers to access the different categories and to find their products they are searching for. So in here we have the threatening this month section, which is equivalent to the bestsellers. And this is a very nice and very important section because people like to buy what others are buying. So usually this is a marketing technique that many people use and this is very positive and this is a collection that attracts people. Now I'm going to scroll further here. They have their average review. Well, a very good thing to have in here, because as I told you before, reviews and very important to enforce social proof, people want to make sure that your store is reliable. They want to make sure that they can trust you, that your products are good. So when they see reviews, they feel secure, they trust you more, which is very good and very good for your business. If I scroll further, I have here and more social tools. They are showing us what people are talking about them, what I guess this on magazines where they are talking about them. And this also to enforce social proof. I'm going to scroll it further. Here I see a collection that many parents and many people might be interested in, which is organic cotton pajamas. They didn't, they didn't put this section at the beginning because not everyone is interested in buying organic stuff because they are more expensive, I guess. So they have put it in here on the homepage to tell parents that they have this option if they want to get it, if this section wasn't here, I wouldn't know that they have organic cotton pajamas. So this section is that I place. It guides me to what they are selling, what special items that I have. I'm going to scroll further here. They have the shipping information that returns the I'm not sure about this. So here they have the kind of affiliates who get a 10 per $10 gift. A few refer someone to the store. And here they have the secure checkout. And here they have that newsletter and here they have the footer section where they have included everything related to contact us to About Us to size chart, to gift cards and all these details. And Eve, they have their social media pages. So as you can see using this homepage, I can access all their collections. And not only that, this homepage gives me a very good first impression, because I have seen that different social proof in here. I have seen that they are professional. I have seen that there are professional. I can contact them. I can check them on social media and I can email them. And they have given me the availability time. They are dealing, they are acting and dealing like a professional story. So in my opinion, it's a very well organized homepage and you should be aiming to do something very, very similar. So now I'm going to another baby shop and it's a beautiful shot. I have a little bit of a problem with that. Colors because I think that they don't contrast very well. But usually these colors are very lovable with mothers. So I think that's why they worked with them. So let's check the store. This is their homepage. So as you can see, they have you the different sections. Each one of them is very organized and very detailed so I can easily access what I want. And they have that call to action button in here directly in front of me. And they are dividing the experience between girls and boys so I can easily go where I want to go. If I scroll down in here, they have their different sections. Well, for example, in here it's a little bit difficult to read the titles without hovering over the section, which is something bad and you should be avoiding this. I can hardly read what's written in here. For example, in here I can not read anything because the text doesn't contrasts well with the background. If I were them, I would be adding a background for each text and this way they would be easily readable. I will scroll further. They have these different sections, which is great, so I can easily go to where I want to go. The photos are very helpful because they can easily guide me to the things I want and to the products I need. Here they have the newest arrivals, which is a very good section, as I told you before. And here between in that tab section they have the same, which is as well a very important section. Here they have shop our favorites, also a very good section. And they are using the photos of their products to attract their parents, which is a very good thing because when I see the product, I am more intrigued to buy it because these are very nice products and they are related to babies. And everyone loves babies. Here they have social proof and reviews of their customers. And here they have, if you want to ask them for help, they help you. And he had you have to you can subscribe and you can subscribe to their newsletter. Here they have the blog posts, and here they have the footer section with all their pages in here and all the details. So this is as well a very organized homepage. My only remark around this page, if is that the text does not contrast well with images. So if I were them, I would be working more on this. Now let's move to a different example. This is, for example, a store that sells sports outfit. So I have chosen this story because I want to show you how much choosing the right photos for your homepage is important. For example, this is a store that sells sports outfit. And in the homepage, they have included a photo of a woman with each one of them is with a totally different size. So this is our guess size 2 or 0 and this is size may be eight. I'm not sure how much the size. But the point is, without saying it, are telling their customers, the woman, that we have all sizes, that you are beautiful the way you are. They are telling a woman that whether you are a size 0 or a size 12, you have, or maybe any other size you have what you want in here. And this is very important because just by using this photo, they have talked to women and they have sent them many positive vibes. So I use the stored only to talk about the importance of images. I hope this lecture will help you crafting your homepage. As I told you before, your homepage is one of the most important pages on your store. So you have to sit down to do your research, to go to Google, to check out what other stores are doing, especially Indonesia to try to do like them or maybe better than them. Organize your homepage, work on it deeply and in details. It's a onetime work to do so don't rush it out. Put the structure of your homepage, then start at building it on Shopify. So stay tuned and let's meet in the next lecture where we are going to discuss more important things related to e-commerce business. 6. Branding: Final tips: point number five maker store, 100% more by Responsive. In the next lecture, I will show you have to make your store mobile friendly. There are many things to say about this point. That's why I am dedicating the next lecture for it. And now let's move to the sixth point that will help your store look professional. Point number six. Create a well organized home page. I will not be talking in the days about your home page in this lecture, because there are many things to say. That's why I have dedicated a small lecture on Lee about your home page. So not Mr Lecture. And don't forget to watch it. I hope this section will help you to craft a professional store. Stay tuned with me and let's meet in the next section. 7. How to make your store mobile friendly: Hello there and welcome to this lecture. And this lecture, we are going to talk about how to make goods store 100% mobile responsive. It's now proved that it's much more likely that e-commerce customers will be interacting with your website from smartphones or tablets, then desktops. If you don't believe me, maybe it heads. If I told you that almost 40 percent of all e-commerce purchases during that 2019 holiday season where made on smart phones. People are using their smartphones instead of their laptops. Pcs, to do almost everything and shopping online via mobile devices is becoming more and more common. So if you want to build a stone that has serious chance of succeeding, you should be building a mobile friendly store. How to do that? Well, let me tell you, your website should be 100% responsive, means that it should adapt to any device. And you can use this to add l to examine your store, or maybe this one or even this one. And here is an example of how a store should look and different devices. You store should also be that friendly. Makes sure that all buttons, links, and calls to action have the appropriate size and margin to prevent errors. When a browsing your store on mobile, I should be able to click easily on all the links and buttons. In your store. You should avoid sticking pop-ups that cannot be easily closed. I see those more often. Please avoid them. You don't want your visitors to leave your website, your store, because a puff up was blocking their way. Then you have to make your content easier to be checked. Since people who will be checking your store on mobile will be usually in doing this on the goal and on much smaller screens. Utilizing visual content, such as videos, will be preferred over reading lengthy text. Also, oil phone numbers on your stored shall be clickable on Mobile. Make sure all phone numbers, our text, ad not images. So users can tap to call or copy and paste the number to share it with a friend. Then you have to make sure you are showing your strongest points first. Remember, mobile screens are limited, so you should be showing them maximum amount of valuable information about your products in the above the fault section and in the first screen that comes after scrolling. Also, don't forget to add a frequently asked questions section because it improves your customers experience and it provides quick information that reply to your customers come and questions and thus help your customer make a quicker decision to purchase your product, thus boosts your sales. Also, this page will reduce the time you need to answer simple questions and it will help you increase your online visibility on Google and other search engines. Then you have to organize your menu items and make sure they are all easily clickable. And you have to use bigger phones and bigger fields and your contact page and the checkout pages because mobile screens are smaller. And finally, you should not forget to optimize all your images. I know you want your store to look perfect, but you should be optimizing good images sizes to help your store loads faster on mobile. Mobile viewers precisely prefer to deal with websites that loads faster. Finally, I want to point out something. If you use a mobile friendly theme, this will honestly reduced 80 percent of the work. Using a professional theme will save you all this pain in the head. Now, after summing up what you should be doing to make your store mobile friendly, Let's look at some examples. 8. Review of the mobile view of a website: Hi there. And welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, we are going to see the mobile view off some stores and we are going to discuss them. So let's start with this first store. It said, and, um store that I pig. So this is the story. Now it's opening. I'm going to give it a few seconds. So I guess this is it. Okay. So as you can see in your do you have, I'm going to close this first many too many things that pops ups. I'm going to close this first. So now I have my home page in here. We have the logo, We have the search bar, the account, and we have the tabs in here. We're going to see them in a few minutes. So the first thing we see is Ah, that's lighter in here. This is Slither, I guess. Looks good on desktop, but it doesn't look good in here on mobile because the text is very small. I can barely read it. The bottom is very small. I can click on it. This button is meant to take me to the shop. Currently, I can't click on it or I can't even read it because it's not meant for mobile. It's twas meant for desktop, and I guess the section should be hidden from Abide. This is an example off buttons that that's not applicable. It's difficult to click this bottom. This is not how you should be doing your buttons. I'm going to scroll. Furthermore, so these are the products I can read easily the titles. I can see that if use I can see that prices, which is good. And he, for example, they have put two products on the same row. That text is still readable, the price the same, undulating the same. And the images are still and visible, and this is good and you can notice that the items on sale and we can notice that for the item on sale and they have put this blue badge in here. This is also good became because it can easily catch the attention off the customer, especially if hey is browsing the store on mobile. And as I told you before, mobile users are usually on a hurry and they are usually walking or maybe doing something else, so the more we can catch their attention and the more we can make it easier for them to know everything they need that better. I'm going to keep scrolling in here on more items. So this is a good example of how a button should look on mobile. It's easily clickable. It's big. The text is easily, ah, readable. And I can not. This this button directly. It's a very good one. This is how you should be putting your button night. Not like up in here. Okay, so do you see the difference? I'm going toe. Go back toe in here. Here they have the footer with all the length. I guess they can make this section a little bit better on this is it. Now let's go back to our tabs and let's see how we can navigate on the store on mobile. I'm going to click on here. Oh, so this is a pop up that showed in front of me They are giving me. It's gone because I guess because I have clicked on the back button This is an exit intent Pop up. They are offering me a discount so I don't live. This is nice. They are. They are asking for my for my email toe. Give me a discount code, which is something very good for a later marketing, and I'm going to check if I can easily close it. So this is it. I can easily close it. Now let's check out the menu tabs. This is the first step I'm going to click on it here that are the sub categories inside this category. The text is a little bit small. Um, I can I guess I can click it. But it's not that easy. I would prefer if the margins in here we're a little bit bigger, so I can easily click on the text. However, I will try, and I will go to a stab knish. So this is the sub Nish. Same idea, Same thing. Let's go through a product page Whoa! And others another pop up too many pop ups. I'm going to close it. I'm going in here. But the good thing is that perhaps are not are not getting on my way, and I can easily close them, which is the most important thing. So here I can't check out the different photos off the product. Not all the photos are nice or attractive. However, this is OK. This is the title off the product, which is good. This is that if you so before scrolling, I can see the title, the images and the review and I can see that there are still items I'm going to go further . I can see as well that this item is on Sade, which is something good. This is something very important because when a customer land in here, he can directly notice that this item is on sale. I will try to access another product that's not on sale and see what's the first thing they see. I'm going to scroll down. So this is the list price, the price now, and they are telling us it's free shipping, which is very attractive for many customers for old customers. I can say here they are telling me how much I'm saving. Then they are giving me the different options. And this is the add to cart button green, very clear, easily clickable with the right margins so I can easily click it and go to my cart or at this product to my cart. Here they have the product details, and here they have that eat things. Uh, and I can in here read the reviews. I can't see any product recommendations in here. I can't see any frequently. Both together. I can't see anything like that. This is, I guess, Andrew, But well, but I'm not sure why this is happening. Maybe they are only using the after sales marketing. Um, what else? Distraction is very good because they have told me how much I saved and the percentage and because the actor call button is very clear and easily clickable. So this section is very good. The only thing that I would have changed is that I would have added some bullet points in here talking about the benefits off the products and why people should be buying it. So let me try to click on it to card. Now let me try toe click on the search. But I'm going to search for the same product, and I'm going to see what will happen while this is good. It's searching within the store. I guess that is a little space. While I'm finding that product. This is good. This is a good search by now. Let's go back to the card and let's see if it's good. Well, it's it's good and kids. So this is a good store with a good mobile view. They have only a few things to fix, and now let's check out a different store and see what we can find out. 9. Advertise for the people who know you beforehand!: Hello there and welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, we are going to talk about how to advertise for the people who know you beforehand. Do you know that statics show that 89% off any store visitors will not buy from their first visit? I am sorry to say that, and I know how hard to work to get trafficked your store. However, bringing this traffic is not enough. So how to solve this? You use retargeting. Retargeting is a marketing strategy which stargates visitors who have previously visited your e commerce site retargeting, works because off a psychological principle known as murder exposure effect. So let's need what is the explosion effect together? Some marketers call this the road off. Seven. The rule off seven say's that prospects need to see or hear your marketing message at least seven times before they take action and buy from you. People are daily exposed to send and send off. Adds leading them To buy from you is not easy. They need to know you be familiar with you before they buy. That's why exposing them to product several times will highly increase your chances off making saves well it might help you to know that website visitors who are retargeted are 70% more likely to covert. And here's an example off the power off retargeting. So now I'm going to show you an example of the importance and the huge effect retargeting campaigns have on any business. So this example is provided by Facebook, and it's about a jewelry store that started using retargeting campaigns and Facebook pixel at some point. And we're going to see the huge improvements they have noticed because off these campaigns . So this is the story and the school. It's called the Blue Steel. So after starting to you with a Facebook pixel, they have 58% increase in return on adverts spent. They had 61% decrease in cost per acquisition, and they're stays increased 3.25 times. So this is a huge. These numbers are huge. This number what the number means it means that toe acquire clients. They were paying a certain number. Now, after using the retargeting campaign, this amount of money they used toe acquire one client decrees now by 61% just because they are using retargeting campaigns, so they are acquiring new customers foot a much lower price. This means that they are making more sales. They are paying less to acquire the customers, so they are making more and more profit. Uh, you can read everything about this example, And if you want, I will leave the link off. This example in The resource is off this lecture. In here, for example, you can see the retargeting ads. It's called. I saw you checking me out. So they are running ads to target people. Who is it that they're store and check the rings. So in this way, they are going toe push those people back to the to the store and hopefully they are going to make sales. Because, as I told you before, the more people are see, the more people see that store, the more they would be willing to buy. So this is it. This is a very nice example provided by Facebook. I'm going to leave the link if you want to check it in details. But this example shows you very well. The importance off using retargeting campaigns, and you should be starting to use them in your business. If you are planning to make sales. And if you are planning to make a profit in the in your business, so your new marketing strategies should look like that. You start running ads, you bring a traffic to restore. You start collecting your visitors data. You can either use Facebook pixel all you can be collecting the inmates off your visitors. Then you start your retargeting ads or your retargeting emails, and then you bring this traffic against your store and you make these people your customers and you build your brand. So the next lecture you are going to explore what is Facebook pixel and how we are going to use it to boast your business and to start your retargeting campaigns so states would and lets me there. 10. Email Marketing Introduction: Hello there. And welcome to the structure. In this lecture and the following ones, we will be talking about a male marketing in this section. Off the course, we are going to talk about everything you do to collect your customers in males and how to use these remains for marketing. Well, this is somehow advanced a little bit as you can start your store without this, however remain, marketing is one of the things that will make your store profitable. It's a back front work that you do. Once you build the system ones on, then it will work. And the green you states. So what we will be discussing and the following lectures how to collect emails, how the main marketing system works, how to write your remains, how to stay out off span folder and what campaigns you should be running. And we will start by talking about how to collect your image. So get ready and meet me in the next lecture. 11. Email Marketing How to collect emails: Hello there and welcome to this lecture. In this lecture we are going to talk about how to collect your viewers, are your customers images? Well, you can do that through different ways. The first one is the newsletter sign-up, where you ask your users or your customers to join your mailing list. And you add this form either on your footer or on your sidebar. The second way is to ask you to viewers or your customers to contribute on your promotions. So you can, for example, collect leads by running neither generations offers on Facebook, you give people something in return of their images. Or you can connect to a customer's needs by using apps like the spins are we offered app in which you will be offering people a discount in exchange of their email. They spin the wheel in which you will be offering people discounts in xi's of their email, they spin the wheel and get a discount. And this is actually a very smart thing to do. And to understand why we just have to look at the sales typologies and intact the color red O of reciprocity. When you give customers something for free today, that to you, and they are more likely going to buy from you. And so this is what we are going to do. We are going to give them a free discount coupon codes, and we are going to lead them into buying from us. And you can add this to store using some apps like 3D for example. Or you can pick any other app on the store that does the same thing. The third way you can use to collect your customers lead is the exit intent pop-up. This is something that works very well. You capture the e-mail addresses of your customers when they are about to leave you store. You can write something like, Wait, don't give us enter your email so we can give you a special discount. And also to do that, you can use the same app 3D. The force source to collect your customer's e-mail are the abundant cause delays. This is when someone reached the last step of your order process, but don't finish. So he didn't enter his credit card information or he entered drone information. So now we have his email and you can send him an email telling him that he forgot some items on his car. The first source you have to get your customer's e-mails are the placed order. And this is something I like a bit obvious. All people who purchased from you left that e-mails. So you can use these emails to send, to do more marketing and to do more safe. So now using these five methods, you would be able to build your email list and you will be able to run promotions and to contact your customers and you can get them to purchase more items from usto. So as I told you before, for the exit intent and the spender, when you can use preview and for the e-mail marketing or for sending him a letter on, you can use Claudio. Feel free to use any app you want as long as it does the same work. The most important thing is to build your email marketing system. So now you know from where you will be collecting your customers or the visitors in days. And the next lecture, we are going to discuss how to build your email marketing system and how Earth works. So seafood and let's meet in the next lecture. 12. Email Marketing How the system works: Hello there. And welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, we are going to talk about your in Maine marketing system and how it works. So you will be collecting emails via Shopify from your newsletter. Sign up your abundant cards and your placed orders, and you will be collecting emails via Previ from your exit and 10 on your promotions, and you will be collecting all of these emails inside off. LF you and you would be building your email list. Then you will start sending e mais to those people. And here there is two types off, amazed that you can be sending the first ones are the automated in maize or the flows. These are triggered when some action happens. Like if someone placed an order on your store or someone abundant the card or did any defined action. So they are amazed based on rules they are automatic. The second type off in May's are the one off emails or the campaigns. We use them for newsletters or special news or special offers like, for example, Christmas offer or Valentine's offer or Black Friday offers. These are special image that recent for one time these are not every green image. So now, after understanding how the system works, let's move on toe. How to write your name is stay tuned and let's meet in the next lecture. 13. Email Marketing How to write emails: Hello there and welcome to this lecture. In this lecture we are going to discuss how to write emails. Many people find this is a little bit difficult. Well, the good news is that you don't need to be perfect. It's okay. You will leave improving your emails through time and by experience. So be easy on yourself and just start by building your system and you will be able to improve it day after day. In this lecture, I'm going to give you a very important tips about how to write your emails so you don't be intimidated by them anymore. So let's start with my top tips of how to write your email. One, right? And engaging subject lines. Always keep in mind that people receive daily emails. They skipped most of them and they check a few of them. So you want your email to be checked. That's why you're subject line should be very engaging, should be very attractive. I'm going now to give you some examples. You can be using. Number 2, having a good book. A hook is something that throws people. So they continuity. For example, if you are sending any made and offering them some kind of discount, you can lead them to read the whole email by keeping the discount offered until the end, by telling them through the email how they are going to get that discount. So they will be motivated to finish all the InMail and to take your coat. Number 3 include one and only calls to action. Don't ask your customers to do multiple things. People get lost when they are offered many options. So stick to one call to action. If you want to push your customers, you, your products, ask them to do that. And only that. If you want them to get a discount code, ask them to do that and only that one purpose per email. And that's it. If you want your customers to do multiple things, sell them multiple emails, day after day or week after week. And remember, you should be super quickly about his call to action. You should tell your customers what you want them to do. How do they do it, and what would they get if they do it? You need to make them understand your message very clearly without doing any efforts. So you should give them all instructions in a very clear and very straightforward way. Number 4, right? As you are writing for a friend and this is something very important. You should talk to your customers as repeated. Number 5, use tools to double-check your texts like Grammarly, for example, in this way, you make sure that you will encourage and new world and our own gray or something like that. Number 6, know your audience, know to whom you are writing and speak to them accordingly. If I am setting instead of yarn to NAD, I will talk to a different way from if I am sending a bicycle to parents who have kids, you an e-mail, cheese, and vary depending on the audience you are targeting. So you should define your audience. You should know exactly with whom you are speaking. Number 7, make you inane personnel. And that's why having any store is awesome. Because when you know exactly your audience, when you know what they love and where they don't love, you can easily speak to them, you can easily feed with them. You can easily talk as their friends. You can easily make the email personally. And also I recommend you to send you an e-mail from a real person, like one of your team, for example. So let's say for example, I want to send emails for my customers on my hooks and needles store. I would create a person in made for me under their name and he hub at hooks and In this way, my maid would be more personal and also it will help if you tell a story within your email, people like stories and they are more likely to continue reading if there is a story included. Number 8, use deadlines because they enforce scarcity and urgency. And we have discussed the importance of scarcity and urgency many times in this course and on my other courses, I'm going to give you an example. First, you send your customers and you made selling them that you are doing a flash sale, which is available for three days, for example. Then you send them an e-mail the second day telling them that the offer is going to expire in two days. Then you send them another reminder few hours before the end of the safe. These emails will increase urgency and we'll push your clients to take action. Number 9, create images for your email. And you can use for example, to create these images. Now after knowing what other things that you should be respecting while writing good email, let's move to the next lecture where we are going to talk about how to stay out of the spam folder and what are the automated image sequences of flows that you should have on your stores? So stay tuned and let's meet in the next lecture. 14. Email Marketing Finishing up: Hello there and welcome to this lecture. And this lecture we are going to talk about how to stay out of spam. And what are the automated image sequences or two floors you should have on your store? So let's start by talking about how to stay out of spam folder. I know this something that you might be worried about because you don't want your emails to go to that junk folder and not reach your customers. Well, there are many things you can do to help your e-mails reach your customers. The first thing to do is to update your DNS records. I'm going to leave a link at the bonus lecture at the end of this course where you can check out how to update you as an Claudio. It's a link provided by Cloud view and it's a very straightforward procedure, nothing complicated. The second thing you should be doing is to don't buy in May addresses, be authentic, collected emails, don't buy in May lists. It's actually something stupid to do because you will be getting images of people who are not interested in your news or in your products. So there is no meaning of buying any mainList, just build your own list. That third thing to do is to ask your customers to add your e-mail to that contact list. You can add a div at the bottom of your email where you saw your customers or your clients, how to add your contact to that contactus. So when someone adds, you'd be made to his contact list, you can be sure that you will be receiving all your future images in the inbox folders. The first thing to do is to clean your e-mail list all the time so you can remove all people who are not often in good emails and they're fast like 90 days for example. Also, I'm going to include a link in the bonus lecture. This thing is provided by Clavier and it shows you how to clean up your e-mail list. Now let's move on to the automated it may sequences of flows that you should have on your store. The first one is welcome flow. It's when someone signs up for the newsletter. The second one is the abundant carts law. The third one is the post-purchase floor. This is when people buy from you. You can offer them, for example, a discount on that. Next versus number for engagement flow. Vsb OD, email sent to keep your list engaged. Oh, you are not selling anything, you just to creating a better relationship with your customers. Number five, promotional one-off campaigns like special sees and holidays or something like that. So in the next lecture, I'm going to show you how to use a privy and how to use Clavier. And now stay tuned and let's meet in the next chapter. 15. Collect your customers emails using privy: Hello there and welcome to this lecture as I told you before, too collector customers email. You were going to use different kind off offers or, let's say off tricks to need your customers to give you their remains. One of the things we are going to you is is to implement and exit intent. Pop up on your store, which is a pop up that shows when someone is about to leave your store, and the second thing to do is tow adding the spinning wheel to your A spinning with offer to your store, which is an app that will help you get your customers email in return off, offering them cycle some kind off on offer. They spend the wheel and I get the offer in the turn off. The inmates always remember that people don't give you their amaze easily. They need something in return. So in addition to all, the image will be gathering through Shopify from the purchases and the people who abandoned the card. You will be getting emails from people who almost at about exits your store and from people who want to get you a discount to collect. These emails were going to use and have called the Privy. As I told you before, many times feel free to use the app you want as long as it gets the job done. So this is another that I recommend. But you can't find any other ab that there was the same work. It's fine with me. So now let's jump back to Shopify and see how this app works. So this is the up. We are going to use its called Previ. It's an app that's very famous on Shopify. It has 24,000 reviews and a very good rating off 4.6 and that several things and you can use any off its features. It's up to you. So now I'm going to add this upto my store. But before doing that, let's check the process off this So this app has a free plan on two other plans. You can pick anyone off them that suits you, but for now we are going to go with a free a free plan to work with. So I'm going to click on add. So now the APP is added to my it's a senior. So now the APP is here on my Shopify and I just have to click on install app. So I'm going to a stole this app on my story. And now I have to sign up toe Previ. And now I have to confirm my business. My business information I'm going to click on confirmed. So this is that Previ dashboard. And now I'm going to show you how to add the new campaigns one for the spent, win and run for the exit intent for Pop. So let's start by adding coupon codes at the beginning because we're going to use them in our spent to win. So I'm going to click in here and I'm going to click on New on. I'm going to create the 1st 1 Let's say it's 15% discount on going toe. Put their aim in here. It's a percentage off 50% on. I'm going to apply to all my products and I'm going to click on safe Now. I'm going to create another one. Let's say now it's 20% that in here I'm going to click on. It's a percentage, which is 20 Okay, and I'm going to click on safe now. I'm going to create the 3rd 1 Let's say now it's 10%. Andi, I'm going to edit Edit in here. Percentage 10% on I'm going to click on safe. So now we have to see the friend coupon cause Went for 10 1 for 20 and one for 15. I'm going back to my dashboard and I'm going to click on New Campaign to create a new campaign. You can choose between different options. I'm going toe pick this one and I'm going to show you how to make it. I spent the wind campaign So this akufo court you can't pick between the coupons. But we are going to do that later when we choose a spent went and played here. We can specify when we when we want our pop up to show. Is it after 10 seconds after 30 seconds after three seconds? So when someone lands, for example, we can make the pop up shows after 10 seconds. 15. It's up to you, Andi. Here you can. So you can specify how much time you wanted toe. You want to show it? Is it every day It's every 10 minutes. It's all the time. Also, it's up to you every day. I guess it's fine and I would say 30 seconds in here or 10 seconds this fine for targeting . You are targeting customers who didn't sign up because you want to get that in May's and here you can choose between a maze and phones. Getting good customers for numbers is very important. However, It's difficult because you really people are very cautious when it comes to giving therefore numbers. That's why I always keep the option. That's the only option off emails, because I know that many people are, and I don't like to give their for numbers and I don't want to lose them. I don't want to lose these potential those potential customers, so I simply skip the phone. However, haven't having good customers for numbers is very important that it's like the perfect scenario. However, if you have a strong brand and if everything is going fine and if if you are not saying that people are truly very trustful when it comes to giving you that information you can true is the fun option. However, for now, stick with the email option. It's more safe and I'm going to click on design. So in the history section in here, I'm going to tow clicking here on Template and I'm going to click on to stamp late and I'm going to click on Spent 21 so you can hear it. Pick any off these templates. It's up to you. Let's say, for example, I picked this one the most simple one, and I'm going to click onto selected. And now I'm going in here and I'm going on to modify it so he can modify everything about this spent. When we can modify the text in here, you can modify the colors. You can modify all the cars in here. You can modify the colors off the weed. Let's say let's start with the text. You can modify the text if you want. For example, feeling lucky. Get a discount. I'm going to make the text in white on. I'm going to make it bigger, more big, bigger. Let's say, um, well, this is too big. I wanted over one line, so let's go to 30. Okay, so this is it. Here. You can change this as well. If you want. You can't change what's written here on the bottom. If you want, you can change the bottom color. If you want to make it, for example, orange. You can change the color text toe black. It's up to you. You can't just change everything related to it. As for better background, you can change that. Or you can choose to add a an image as a background for your for your for your spent when as well, the all these options are easily changeable. So here you can pick a color, get pickin image. So and here you choose what's in the real and what are the different discounts available, and you exchange also as well the winning probability. So if I click in here, for example, these are the different things I see on the wheels on the wheel, and these are different winning options. And here are the finance couples, for example. I have frequent balls are advocated 3 10 15 and 20 in here. I can't pick toe choose one off my safe football, which is a 10% discount, and the wind text is 10% off because this what I'm offering and this is the one racial. When we change the win ratio, you changed I likely would off privy choosing at this option. So the higher the when racial is, the higher the probability that people will be getting this this accord. They will be in this option. So if I put it to it's now 28 put it for its now 44. If I put five, it's now 50. So it depends. How many, how many, how much the number is in here. It depends on that. So if you want an option, Toby, always soon you put the highest number in here today, zero for all of these. For example, on you put a 10 for this so you will get 100% off your customers, winning the 10% off. If you want this one to be shown as well, you can put 10 on a night like this, so it's up to you to choose, which is that offer. You want to be shown the mortar customers what you wanted customers to win. It's always better to make all your customers when because investment went and force as the principal off expressed its people and people feel that you are offering them something. They are more likely to buy from you because they feel grateful because you have given them already discount code. So they feel grateful to you, and they feel that they should be buying from you. That's why it's always better if you make your customers went something, and in this way you can push them into buying from you. So always keep a good discount and higher when ratio. So in this where you would get more six. So this is that you click in here on I'm going to click on cancer for now, and he just how you change these options? If I go back in here, I can change that. Told you everything related. Toe this pop up. Now I'm going to click on Save On. I'm going to move on to the thank you page. I'm going to click on edit. So this is the pop up that would be showed your customers went. I sent up to your offer and I get that scout I should add here in here an element. This'd the element I'm going toe add on, going to fix it, and I'm going to put this in here. In this way they will know what they are winning. What's the what? They will. That's what they want on. I'm going to add it in and I'm going as went to add something else. Another text as well. On this is it. I'm going to modify it and add this text on. I'm going toe up. You can change the the order off these of a piece of the text as as you want. I'm going toe delete this one. I'm going toe with these. Like that. Uh, this is it. I'm going again for four. Organized these in a better way and then in a more organized day and make your thank you pop up look better. It's up to you. These are just designing issues. So now I'm going to click on Save and I'm going back to my store and I'm going to show you how this coupon code work before, But before that, I'm going to activate the campaign on Now it's published, the campaign is published. I'm going back to my store and I'm going to show you how this campaign looks on my store. So this is the first in here. I can click in here if I want to see it directly. This is my spent A Well, I can't put my email in here and click on, Try your luck. So now the when it's spinning. So I get a 10% discount. And this is my thank you. Put page standing me that I have won 10% discount on this is the coupon code name. So an hour. Thank you. Pop up. We have seen two things. The 1st 1 is 10% off. The 2nd 1 is that the couple name is example. If I go back to my real in here and click on cough for good spices, I can notice that this is the one text. So if you want the win tax to be changed on your thank you for pop, you have to change the wind in here. And this is the name off the coupon because I don't enter any component here. So it it was left as different as example. So here s when you changed these two things in here, they are changed on your Thank you. So this is it for that spent to be in a pop up. Now let's see how to add an exit intent. Pop up using pretty So we have seen how to add I spent win campaign to your store. Now let's see how to add an exit intent pop up at your store. It's very easy. You click in here on new campaign and you click on exit email. Capture on. Do you change the settings in here? They are very simple. You show you tell privy. What's that? What are the triggers? You want this pop up to show after and you very five. For how you specify how much time you want this pop up to show and you specify which fields you want this pope upto capture. Are they a maze or phones on you here? You can assure for four. Specify that you want to target customers who have not signed up yet, and you click on design and you change everything toe related to this pop up, as we have done with us spent to it. It's a very easy procedure is a It's a straightforward procedure. You just have to play around with TV, and this app is very simple and very easy to use. 16. Meet Klaviyo: Sign Up and link it to your store: Hello there. And welcome toe this lecture in this lecture we are going to see club you club you is the up we are going to use to send emails to your clients and your prospects. So in the previous lecture, we have seen Previ and how it works Now we are going to see how to work with clap you club you is as well a very easy platform to you. So there's nothing complicated As long as you know the basics, you can proceed. It's very easy. So this is the Shopify App store And then here I'm going to click on an up and I'm going to add a cloud of your toe. My store. Now I have to sign up to club. Yo, I'm going to clip on. I'm going to write my passwords and I'm going toe click on get started. So now I'm signing up to, like, love you account. So this is the clavier. I'm going to log in. I'm going to enter the verification code. So this is the verification code. I'm going toe click on log in. So now I've looked into my clap your account and now they are connecting my Shopify account to the club, your account And now I'm going to click on Continue Now they are asking me some questions that I should be anything about my store. And here there are more information that you have to fill. And here you can add a logo for your brand if you want. I'm going to click on Continue for No. So here you choose the colors you want to work with. They should be going. They should be the same ones you are using on your store. So you pick them and you click on Continue. And then here you can add your social links on your l and we're going to click on. Continue on, then you have to confirm your email. I'm going to refresh this page and I'm going to click on Continue. So now, after at the club you and the Privy Itude store, let's see how we are going to link club you toe Previ. So you go in here, you go under account, you go to settings I p keys and you create in. You ate my picky you copy thesis key and you go back to your previous account in here And you go in here entered under anti integrations. On in here you go toe class view and you put your email address and you put your I p key. And this is it. In this way you would be linking your club. You account to your privy account. 17. Klaviyo: Get Familiar with it and with creating emails: Hello there and welcome to the selectors toe after I think love you to your store and after laying linking it with your previous account in this lecture, I'm going toe take you in a tour around the club. You. This court is not Matt meant to teach you clavier and details. It's not a course about Clavijo and this course to learn how to use email, marketing and the importance off main marketing. So it's like you learned how to drive and the club you is just only the car. So feel free to use any other car, any other app that does the same work as club you if you prefer it. Most of them work at the same logic with the same way Clavier is one off the best. That's why I recommend it. So in this ah lecture and here I'm going to give you a tour around the club. You and there are many things that you might need to investigate more while you should be issued. Not worry, because the club you has many articles to help you and a club you as well has many videos on YouTube on on the Clavier Channel. that can help you with setting up everything related to club you. It's very easy. That's very logical. And with time you will get it. It doesn't it's not that complicated. So this is a clear view dashboard in here, you can find your settings that set up withered in case you didn't set up. Certified before Clavijo in case the sign up signed up for club you. Then you want toe link Eklavya to Shopify. You can click in here and it will take you to the procedure. It's just a few clicks from here. Nothing very complicated, but we already linked our Shopify toe Clavero in here on the left menu. You have all the different options. First you have that campaigns, which, which are the images send like on holidays or for special offers, or for something that you want to tell your customers and your clients now about. These are thes are the campaigns. We have talked about the scores so you can create your campaigns by clicking in here and you can click create your campaigns based on the Frontex or nude with attacks, the different text you have given your customers. I'm going to tell you a little bit about Tex. Here are the tags you create these tax toe different shade between some clients and the other. It's like some kind off filtering, so it's like you create sub categories off your off your customers. It's like, Let's say, for example, I teach Shopify and I teach Facebook. I can tag my students who study Shopify by attack called Shopify, and I can tag my students who have both my Facebook ad scores by Facebook. So in this way I am defining my lists on into to the people who both Shopify and the people who both Facebook same logic apply to your customers. So to create that tag would just have toe click here on Create tags on you. Add like take name, Let's say, trying one and you add the tag. So in here you can. This is the first day I can hear Katie Click on edit. If you want to change that tag name that you can't create several tags on the list in your lists, you can assign the tag. You won't assign it to the list off inmates, so you create campaigns based on your tags. Campaigns are important, especially when you want to reach some target. Let's say you decided that you would be made making $30,000 this month on sales and don't make them yet. So you can, for example, start every day of sales and you can send campaigns about this state. The flows are the campaigns that you want that you always sent. These are the usual campaigns, like the Abundant card browser. Benton The Welcome. Siri's the customer. Thank you. The product Review Welcome series is the series off email. You stand when someone a sign up to use in your newsletter. Let's say I want to add it. This flow I click in here on edit flow. Andi, I start anything this flow so this pro is triggered on someone is when someone subscribe to my newsletter. After subscribing, he will be receiving I thank you email than after that. After three days, he will be receiving. I follow us on social media email. Then after four days, he would be receiving any male selling asking any mail offering bestsellers products. So in here with me making sales. And here we have the exit. So Ah, thank you. You can change everything in this floor, starting from the text off your first message, the delay between the first and the second message and as well, the delay in here. Let's say I want to change the follow us on social media in made. I can change the subject from here. I click in here and I changed the subject. And if I want to edit the email, I itself I click here on edit on. I can edit everything related to that he made from here. So I click on edit content, and here I can edit this email, and I'm reviewing the email while editing it. It's a drop and drop. It's a drag and drop functionality, so I just have to. For example, if I want to add an image, I just drop it, drop it in here, and if I want to remove it, I just remove it like this. And this is the the same for all the other elements. You can check them, abide of you from here, and you can check the best view from here. Always make sure that you are checking the mobile view and making Children. Inmates look great on your on mobile devices. So after finishing this, you can click on safe content and or save and Return, and you will go back to your flow and you can end it more items from your floor in here, you can see the different analytics off each email. Let's say, for example, for this email, you can see how much how what's the percentage off the operate? How many people opened your email, how many people clicked on your legs, How many people received you amaze and all these kind off settings? And here you have this more sendings. More tending is away. It's a clavius algorithm to send emails to some people who are not sending them to other people. So in this way it's like a small technology toe. Make your delivery your delivery rate high. I recommend you tear it off. I turn it off always because I've tried turning, turning it on several times, and it didn't work. Fine. Then I turned it off and things were better so turned off or do your own test. Keep it on, then try to keep it off and see the difference and decide. So this is it in here. I'm going toe exit. Let's say I want to pick on abundant cart on abundant card to flow. I can click in here and I can modify this this flow in here as well. It's very easy. Uh, this is the trigger when someone checked out when the check out procedure has started. If you want to add, any man can just drag and drop it. If you can. You want at a time delay, you do the same. And is it? You can as well. Um, modify everything in here. These are inmate in place that you can be working with. You can pick. Let's say I want toe pick this email complaint. You just have toe modify it. True that and working on it. It's a template provided by Clavier itself. Let's go back under list and segments. You will find all your lists and segments you can segment can create segments from your made lists. For example, you can create a segment off people who have been added that makes your store from one year from three months on this kind off segmentation. These are given by default from club you, and you can create any lists or any segment you want in here. Segmentation is very nice because it will help you toe ascend your campaigns. Depending on a more detailed information. It's like kind off targeting on Facebook or something similar to that on bits like filtering off your audience off your email list. This is something that we would be doing at an advanced stage after being familiar more with email marketing and after having at an important list off image is something that you should be doing. Now you have your profile. Yeah, your contact list. Now I have only one contact. It's a trial account. Here you have your metrics, which means what happened on your store and on your club. Your account, the metrics. What's happening? You can check them here. Here we have the diffident integration. If you want to integrate anything with Clavero, for example, I have integrated Shopify with club you here You can integrate other things in here. Here are the different integration you have after ship. I was on market place. You have different kind off mitigations. So at the bank, integration will go to the coupons Here club. You can create coupons to your Shopify customers unique coupons to each customer with something not everyone does. Only Clavijo does. And you can add a component here if you want. Here you have another couple name Here you add like attack for each couple and here you you specify the discount type off each off the capo and club. You will be generating automatic coupon codes for your customers. Here you have the sign up forms and these are the forms. You would be addict. Your store with all the forms you add at the footer if you want or if you want tohave Ah, a sign up form anywhere else. This can be done with class view. I didn't install any because this is only a trial account. But you can do it in here. Here you have the setting spades on. Ah, here you have the image library with all the images you have other toe Clavijo. And here you have the tags we have talked about. So as you have seen club, you has many advanced the things that you will be learning with time and that you will be using with time. For now, you are the most important things to focus on is to creating your campaigns and your flows and to start working with them. So, as I told you before, this course was is not dedicated to learning Clavijo. It's dedicated to learn email. Marketing Club is just is just a software, and you can use any other software that does the same work as Clavero. And if you decided toe go with club you, which is something I recommend. You can check their support and that articles They have a way wide range off articles that you can use. They have explained everything in details, so feel free to explore it more and to see what other things you want to use and what other things that you don't want to use. So this is it for this lecture. I hope you enjoy this lecture, and I hope you will be applying email marketing to your store and your business state you on and let's meet in the next lecture 18. Learn how to maximize your profit out of the same client 1: Hello there and welcome to the structure in the structure. We are going to talk about how to maximize your profit out of the same client. Well, you are running an e commerce store, so your top point aim or goal is to make sales and to make profit. Everything you do is to serve this one and only purpose. Making more say's can either be done by recruiting new customers all the time or by increasing the amount each customer spends on your story. Well, getting a new customers is stuff, and it's costly. So you are left with one option, and it is the option number two. Not long ago, I wanted to buy a new Kindle paperwhite as a gift for my husband. I went to Amazon with this purpose. I want to buy a new candid and is it? And guess what? I ended up buying the Kindle a leather covered and they power a doctor for the Kindle. And guess what? I was almost almost going toe by and only new kindle noises, which cost much more than the convertible paper white. So why I ended up buying all these things? Um, I a shopaholic Well, no. Amazon simply offered me exactly what I needed. Amazon didn't force me to buy another product. He didn't have arrest me into doing that. No, Amazon simply showed me related products that I'm most likely going to buy. So let's see what happened with me when I landed on Amazon. So here I am on Amazon and I'm checking the Kindle paperwhite page because I want to buy one. So this a kindle the price off. This Kindle is originally for $149.99. We are going to start to spot the things Amazon put to increase my average card value or, in simple words, the absent on the cross sets. The first thing we notice is that I can save 20% if I buy two Kindle devices. So this is the first Upsell. This is the first crossed and actually they are using. So they are giving me an offer to get 20% discount if I buy two kindles and it is very important because I can buy one for me, one for my husband. So for many people, this offer might look very attractive. Let's scroll down more here I have two different kinds off storages, each one for a different price. On he I have the abundant, which is the thing I have both the bundle and safe. I have both my Kindle plus a leather cover plus a power adapter. And I have saved 20%. If you click in here that page open for the bundle. It has the Kindle, the adapter and the cover and there are for $169.97. So I muscle increase my average card value from this price toe this price by simply offering me toe get a bundle. And they have given me a reason toe pick this bundle, which is to save $20. Amazon here offered me something often me things I really need. I need an adapter and I need a cover. I might not have been noticed that if Amazon didn't suggest these needs, but they are actually needs. So in many ways I felt grateful for Amazon because they offered me this thing. And this is very nice because it's very important to make your client fear, as if you often him or her exactly what they so I'm going to scroll further and I'm going to show you what Amazon off in addition So here are the things about the Kindle. So this is this is here that three options off the Kindle Mrs. I don sell This is my kindle I want to buy. And this is the up sell This is the better Virgin off my kindle So I wasn't here. Told me that my product is fine But there's a better one if I want to pick it if I can afford it This product is awesome And it has many things in addition to my chosen product. So this is a absent offering. A better a more upgraded virgin off my original product. I'm going toe scroll further. Here are the specifications the reviews on what as we can find And here we have the customer favors and kindle e books. This is cross L they after they are offering me books to buy directly after I buy the Kindle. So these are crossed and I buy the Kindle and I buy these books with them I coming to scroll down and he'd I have my history off surge on this is it So in here we had a look about how to implement Upsell and cross sell in your product page. This is a very nice example. Amazon is one of the most important e commerce stores worldwide. It's actually the most important one, so you can always learn from now. Let's jump back to our topic, and this is what we call recommending products in e commerce. So I entered Amazon to buy an item for $149.99 and I ended up paying $169.97. Amazon increased my order value, and that's what you should try to do in your store. You should work on increasing the average order value off your customers. The higher it is, the more money you make. This means you should try to sell your customer multiple products. Why he is still on your store. So how do you do that? Well, you do that through using two extremely powerful marketing techniques called Upsell, and cross that. And before discussing how to use these techniques, let me start by explaining that the difference between them first you have you main offer this is the initial product your customer wanted to buy. In my case, it waas the Kindle paperwhite. An up sell happens when you suggest a better product than the one you're customer were originally purchasing. Like when Amazon here suggested to me to buy a higher storage space or down here in the EU leaders comparing table where Amazon showed me that there are a better, more advanced reader than the one I am buying. So you're upset product should be Anapa grade off the main offer. It should be covering the functionality off the main offer while providing more advanced options. On the other hand, a cross happens when you suggest your customers to buy related items that could complement the main offer. Like what happened to me? I bought a cover and on a doctor. These are add owns toe my original purchase. So in the next lecture, we are going to discover the best practices. Twinkly is your customer order value and how we are going to use Upsell and across that so stay tuned and let's meet and the next lecture 19. Best Practices for your upsells and cross sells: hi there, as I promised you in this lecture, we are going to talk about the best practices twinkly Israel customers or their value, or, in simple words, how to use Upsell and Crestor. If you are still not convinced off why you should be using upset and cross sell in your stores. Maybe these facts will convince you acquiring a new customer is 5 to 25 times more expensive than setting for an existing one. Fact, number two in 26 Amazon reported that 35% off its revenues were a direct result off their cross selling and upsetting efforts. Fact number 3 40% off any commercial stores. Avenue is created by only 8% off the customers. So now, after checking why upsetting and across telling are essential for your success, let's see together have to use them in your business. You're upsetting or cross selling should be relevant. Your customers shouldn't even feel like we are selling them. It should be like you exactly knew what they wanted next. So I have to do that. Well, following are the best practices I recommend you to other number one Plan Europe Cells on the Cross cells, keeping in mind that you want to improve your customers experience. I'm not exaggerating when I say that If you know exactly how to use up selling, your customers should be grateful for the choices you gave them. They should feel that they got a better deal. Put your customers first. Think about how to satisfy their needs. That's how you succeed. Number two. Don't up cells with a huge price jumps. If your customer is about to buy a $10 product, don't Upsell. With a $100 product, you will most probably scare your customer with this huge jump and price. So always keep your apps selling all crystalline value realistic. 25% or 30% or 50% increase in the price should work fine. Sometimes you can go upto three times the original price, but this is it. Point number three. Don't make your customer confused by offering too many up selling and cross telling options . The last thing you want is to push your customers away. Number four. Make your up selling and across selling an easy procedure. Your customers should be able to take your offer by a simple click. Nothing complicated Number five upset Onley, your most reviewed or most soul for most relevant products. So these are the best practices you should be adopting. Why canning your Upsell and cross? I know they seem a little bit too much now, but if you put yourself in your customer's shoes, you will be able tow, succeed in your upsetting and studying. Just think about what your customers need and do that. So stay tuned with me and let's meet in the next structure where we are going to talk about where you should be, including your up cells on your cross sense. 20. Best places to include your upsells and cross sells: Hello there. I'm very happy you are still with me in the structure. So now we are going to talk about where you should be, including your up cells and your cross sense. The first place to include your upsets and cross cells is your product page. Let's go back to our Amazon example and see how the upsets on the cross cells were implemented. That so, as we have seen, we have different options, like bundles related products, frequently both together. People who bought this also bought this. Compare with similar items on you might also like these are all options off how you can include Upsell and cross aisles in your product. Now the second place is toe Upsell and cross sell during the check out process. Let's take an example on the Apple store. - The third place toe Upsell and cross sell is in your email receipts. Purchase receipt's a Mais get a knave ridge open rate off 71%. So if you want to do in male marketing, your receipt emailed is one off the strongest places. To start with option number four, stop sell through offering free shipping for a certain amount off purchasing on. This is something you can easily do through a Shopify app or, if you're seem already, support that option. Number five is toe offer upset After payment directly, your customers decided that to deserve their trust, they gave you their influence already. So why not trying to make a new saying? At this exact moment? Option Number six is toe incorporate product up cells on the cross says in your car. Abundant recovery, a maze. So these are the different options where you can include up cells on the cross and remember upsets and the cross eyes are very, very important toe. Increase your say's and to make your store profitable. Now the at cost is very high, so it's very difficult to make profit out off the first product your customer by. That's why you should be working on your back and marketing. You should be working on your product recommendation hacks on your store to increase the average card value off your customers and thus make profit. I hope you love the structure. Stay tuned and let's meet in the next one where we are going to see some Shopify abs that can help you to implement up cells and cross cells in your story. So stay tuned 21. Upsell and cross sell apps: Hello there. And welcome to this lecture. So in this section, we have seen why you should be using product recommendations and why you should be working on increasing the average card value off your customers. We have seen the defend between up cells and cross cells and how to use them in the best way. In this lecture, we are going to talk about APS. While there are many abs on the Shopify App store that can help you add crystal and Apsell and frequently both together and these kind off hex your store, feel free to use any app you want, as long as it has good reviews and good ratings. And it does that job you need. No, I'm going to show you three APS that you can work with if you want. They are highly reviewed on on Shopify and Shopify Up store and they have good ratings. This this is the 1st 1 is it's called bold Upsell and upset smarter. This is the 2nd 1 frequently both together and this is the 3rd 1 This committed upsets and the cross sells All of them has good ratings and a good number off reviews so you can't pick anyone you've you want or you can simply go to the shop. If I app, store and search for Upsell and cross sells up and use the one you want, you can. Let's try to add this after our story and see how it works. So I'm going to click on Add up. Now I am on my Shopify, their sport. I'm going to click on Start up and the APP is now installed. It's not for free. It has 14 days trial, but it's not for fee. And as I told you before, usually up cells and the cross cells abs are not for free. I'm going to click on start pretrial, but if you both a professional theme like Shoptimize, for example, it offers you cross sell and Upsell options within the team, so I don't need toe. Add the end up unless you want to do advanced upsets at the cross cells to your store. So I'm going to click on accept and continue on. Now. I have added this app to my store and this is the boy. So here is the dashboard off board. I'm going to add an offer in here I'm going to give it a name. Let's say my special offer. I'm going in here toe. Choose my up sell trigger. This is where you choose When the Upsell is shown in front off your customers, you can choose to show the upset when someone add a product to his card or before that check out procedure. Let's go. Let's say I picked this. Are at this set option he do to us if you want to cross sell or to Upsell and here you truth the products where your offer is applied. So I'm going to click in here and I'm going to choose this product, for example, and this one and I'm going to click with On this. You can choose any products you want. You can choose all of them if you want, depending on what you want to do. And in here I'm going toe set my offer. What I'm offering my customers. I'm going to pick a title for my offer. Let's say Don't miss that. This title should import scarcity and urgency and should push your customers into buying more. So pick a title that enforced these criterias and here you at the description. Let's say these products are awesome together and then he do select the products. Let's say I'm going to select this one and I'm going to click on Continue on. I'm going toe klik in here on safe. Now I'm a jumping back to my store. I'm going to the products where I have added the up sell in that cross, l I mean, I'm going to click on at the card and this is my offer. So I have tried to add this product, my card, and now they are asking me if I want to buy this product as well, and I can through the different variation if I want, and I can click on Add to cart. So this is one AB that you can use. You can work with any app you want, as long as it does the job, and as long as it has good reviews and good ratings, So now this is the second app I'm going to show you. It's the frequently both together at this app has a very high rating. It's 4.9, and it helps you create a bundle or frequently both together products. So I'm going to show you how that so let's see how this app work. For example, this is a yoga store where they are selling yoga leggings under the product image and description you can find the frequently both together offer where they are showing the customers. What are the products that people use really by with the first product, you can truth remove one off these products if you want, or you can choose to keep all of them. They're frequently both together. App is important, and you should be adding it to your store because it will definitely increase your saves. Its some kind off cross telling you are offering more options to your customers and you are offering them toe. You are pushing them to buy more products from you. The third up I'm going to show you. It's an app that also help you to add upsets at the process to store, and it has a very good number off reviews, and they're very high rating, so you can as well at the your store and work with it. As I told you before, feel free to use any abs as long as they do that job. I hope you enjoyed this lecture. ST Joan and let's meet in the next one 22. Thank you for watching this course and more!: Hello there. And welcome to this lecture. This is the final lecture off the scores. And I'm very happy you are here. So I hope this course will help you building and boosting your business. Thank you again for choosing the scores and for watching it. And before leaving. Please do not forget to review and trade this course. You're feedbacks mean, too much to me and they help my courses rank higher and they help them to reach more people and help more people. Please do not hesitate to contact me any time. I will leave all my contact information at your disposal. In case you need to contact me. I tried to reply to all the emails and all their messages as fast as possible. So I hope you enjoyed the scores. Andi, I hope we will be meeting in other courses and you will be enrolling in other courses by me . Stay tuned and less meat. Hopefully soon