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Advanced Yoga Practice

teacher avatar Rob Price, Online Educator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (1h 58m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Grasshopper Flow

    • 3. Bird Of Paradise

    • 4. Pincha Mayurasana

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About This Class

In these advanced yoga classes we learn how to reach Grasshopper, Bird of Paradise and Pinca Mayurasan poses. There are 3 classes in total. Please take you time to practice and take a pause whenever needed. Namaste.

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Rob Price

Online Educator


Hello, My name is Rob Price, I teach numerous subjects from Piano and learning to read music to Photo and video editing software.

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1. Intro: Hi, I'm Rachel and I've been a yoga teacher since 2006. I own a chain of yoga studios called Eden hot yoga. And I've just launched an online yoga teacher training company that's called Yoga I think together with Rob price to bring you these advanced yoga classes that are suitable for all levels and all abilities. But what I will do is encourage you to move intuitively with your body. So just move into the tight areas of the body with no force, no judgment, and just see where your body wants to move to today as you follow along. If you enjoy these classes, be sure to give us a thumbs up and will continue to collaborate and keeping in this content to you. 2. Grasshopper Flow: Hi and welcome to this grasshopper flow. During his practice, I'll be guiding you through movements linked with breath. The y that IQ your breath if that doesn't exactly match the way that you breathe in and just continue to breathe as you normally would. All give lots of variations of most of the postures that we come into, but really try to tune into your physical body, into your line today, moving into all the type ones of the body, I'm going to start to work towards that challenging on balanced grasshopper post. We don't need any additional prompts unless you feel like you need them. You usually practice with them. And so when you're ready, let's go ahead and meet in Child's pose in a center or towards the back of your map. Whatever Child's pose feels comfortable for you today, maybe needs together, maybe needs a little bit wider. Arms can be reached at inference or you can reach the armed way back behind you. Just bring yourself into a passive position as you come into this first pose. So this is child's pose, surrendering your heart towards the earth. The forehead melts down into the map and just take a couple moments to really check in with your body. So you know, if you're holding onto any tension, any heaviness in your body that's going to hold you back from takin flight today or moving forwards. So to starting to bring the attention to the breath without changing or shifting the depth of the breath at Old, starting to notice that natural cadence of the inhales, the x-height. And there's a breath becomes slow and steady and soft, noticing how the physical body responds to that and starts to follow to soften as well. And as you really starting to breathe into the body's intos anything that you're still holding onto any people, any experiences, any objects that are still holding you back and saving, give yourself permission to set that aside to let it go even just for this practice. And as you stay connected with your breath, maybe start to set an intention for this practice ahead. And take three more full breaths through really seal that into your entire being. And at the end of the third and final breath and something to bring their forehead away, reach the arms as far full width as you can even coming up onto the fingertips make and it'll tense for the hands. Taken the nasal wider if they're not already there. And then melting the forehead back down towards the ground, keeping the elbows lifting here. Yammer, walk the right and the left hand all the way over to the right side, stay connected with a forehead on the map, reaching a little further around, starting to open up the left side body MOOC in the thing, it's hips, backs, and then all the way over to the left side this time, keeping that connection with the forehead on the mat, opening up the right side body, breathing to any space of attention. Cumulated, stressing your body. And then we'll kinda hands all the way back into the center, back into the middle, and then making your way back up onto offers, shoulders underneath sorry, over the top of the risks, hips over the top of the needs, allowing the hot shines guy would drop in the valley down if the tailbone as you exhale, press Fermi dance or the palms of the hands running through the shoulders. Take a few more breaths and movements. Just the same inhale we opened and shoulders away from the ears, exhale, pressing down firmly to the palms of the hands and the tops of the feet. One more time, big inhale to lift the exhale. We ran protracting the shoulder blades, well-done, sitting all the way back again to Child's pose. Arms forwards again. Keep your left arm extended now ritual right arm behind you. Reaching the right arm forwards now we start to open and then rotate through the torso, reach not right arm all the way back towards the right heel. And let's do that one more time. Inhale, we sweep the fingertips along the floor open forwards and then rotate open to the right side, releasing a hand back down towards the heel of the foot, exchange in the hand over Regional left arm back this time sweeping the fingertips along the floor. We open out to the front and then out to the side and then rolling all the way down and back. He could flowing movement one more time in how slide the fingers along the floor reach forwards and then open acts to the left side body. Regional way back towards the left heel, extending the left arm forwards again, let's roll way forwards, dropped the valley down open into I modified Cobra. Bending at the elbows, but Hogan bombs into the sides of the body as you exhale, sitting all the way back again to Child's pose one more time. In higher way forwards to up the valley down, engaged the glutes open knot. And then exile sitting all the way back again to Child's pose. Good firm. He handled the toes underneath, shifting forwards, coming to our first plank pose position. Feel free to drop and 0s here if you need to pull up through the navel, up towards the spine. So hugging the front body, towards the back body. Exhale, rolling license lowly pushback to damage facing. One more time inhale we will full width to plank pose, separate the shoulder blades pole the navel in, softening into the knees have slowly Can you move back to your downward facing dog garden when you're here, take a moment to settle in. Take a moment to reconnect with the breath. Softening into the knees as much as you need to. Maybe a few orderable exhales to try to sink into the body. And the next breath in extending the right leg up towards the sky, I'm going to abandon a open at the hip, keeping the shoulders square. Man. We extend the right leg, will bring the knee towards the nose, compressing, pulling in able to spine X how we extend that right leg behind you. Compression again, that's when the needs to the right elbow separate the shoulder blades, exhale sending away 3x, then compress bringing the need towards the left elbow this time. Exhale, we extend need towards the nows again holding here just for a moment, really try to pull in the front body to the back body. And then as you exhale, set the right foot down, release the left knee down, inhale, sweep the arms all the way up and overhead. Softening into this movement. Now sharpen the hips a little bit lower. Thinking forwards into this first though, lunch. For me are what? Keep your left arm extended. Reach the right arm, backs. If you can reach towards the left thigh, the outer thigh, or even the cough. Lifting up through the heart. Reach up through the left fingertips. Read here. God, we're going to open out into a twist. So right arm reaches back, left arm reaches forwards. And then place in the left-hand down, right on lives up towards the sky, twisting out further to the right side. What should the back tos underneath lift in the back new way. Looking down to where the left hand is on the right foot is bring the elbow to the knee as you come up to stand at the top of the map, moving back to where you came from, opening and keeping that back knee lifted, taken the twist around one more time. Looked at the elbow to the knee, crunching open back to where we came from into that twist. Right hand comes down step in everything back to downward facing dog, well-done. Whether any expectations for the left side, give yourself permission to show up brand new on this side. When you're ready in her last like sweeps up to the sky. Bending at the knee, opening at the hips, square in the shoulders, back down towards the ground. Can we extend the left leg and then bringing the need to knows or 10x to the lips. Give yourself a little case here. We extend behind J, bringing the need so the left elbow compress, exhale away. Bringing the need towards the right elbow compress really hug in here, centered away. And then bringing the need towards the nerves compressed and hold here, press the ground away from you, separate your shoulder blades with your exhale. Step in this foot all the way through, released the back knee down onto the floor. In how open the heart skyward. Living the right arm lifted this time we reach the left arm back towards the opposite lag behind you. Lifting up through the hard, stretching out through the right side body, breathing into that space. And then opening into a full twist. Left arm releases back, right arm reaches forwards. And then placed in the right hand and left on their lives up towards the sky. Took him back tos underneath lift in the back new way since you can find a little bit more space as you Bree thicken the guys down. Elbow moves to leave the top of the math left elbow, right me. Coming back to where we came from, opening into that twist. Moving up to the top of the map, elbow to opposite may really try to quench in stuck in here. I'm an opening back out to where we came from. Girl lifetime comes down to is that everything back to downward facing dog, rolling forward shoulder, the top of the risk plank pose. Preparing for chatter, Reinders shift forwards, Ben, arms, HAVA, inhalers be open into a modified cobras, abandoned the elbows, took in the toes, exhale downward facing dog. Taken a few moments to breed here after reconnect to your intention of letting go, of finding space to take slight or MOOC forwards today. When you're ready to move again, right leg sweeps up way behind you. Bring the needs of the nose compress. We hold here, really press the ground away from you. Step in the foot forward between the hands in how lift up into full lunch. Right arm reaches back, reach out towards the left leg. Left arm lives up to the sky, sink in a level deeper, breathing into new space here. Opening out into the full twist towards the right side, left arm reaches forwards, right backwards. And then taken their gaze down. Bringing the right elbow to the left knee, left arm opens out to the side. Go step all the way back. We open back to where we came from. Twisted and lunch. Dinner movement again, right Alberts in Latin, a left arm reaches out and then opening everything back out into the twist. Girl. Last line can come downer, open out further to the right side, right shoulder moves on top of the left, breathe here. And then taken a right hand down on the steps of white foods through the gap that you have on the left side. Sudden also fall and triangle dropped the stone. However, in how to live find in most space, one more drop in the hips down to hover, and then lifting up, finding new space here. Now we are going to cross the right ankle over the top of the left thigh. And then open at the bottom. Let's move back in against the go-ahead bend the left knee and an open again. Keep this figure for shape with the likes, lifetime comes down. We're gonna open it up towards the opposite side is time into a Side Plank variation. And then right hand comes down damaged Facing Dog, keeping this figure for shape. Keep the left heel lifted. Cv can compress the chest towards that dies, and then released in the right foot all the way done. Damage face and duck. Again showing a brand new so this left side in higher lift in the left leg up towards the sky. Bringing the need towards the nose hold here, comprise stepping foot all the way through on the inhale, send you all the way up towards the sky lunch post secondary twist around, dropping the left-hand end towards the right leg. Write down lists up towards the sky. A moment to breathe and feel into this pasta. Opening into the full twist now laughter and bad white allosauroids. How would the valence, let's take a look down towards the left toes. Bring the left elbow to the right knee. Right arm opens out to the side. A perimeter where we came from in that salt waste. And then cover up towards the top of the map compress rounding to the spine pole enabling and in back into that twist. Well then taken the hands dataframe, taken their life right now through the gap that you have on the right side, setting up for fall and triangle right down this Schuyler. Lowering the hips, that's bring them into a hover in how to lift the hips away out of the shoulder. Low in the hips bring, gets a hover, exhale and press away. Well then create the figure for shape. So bringing the left ankle on top of the right thigh. It is a bit more Sicer, will start to open antibody again. We bend the right knee, take a moment to breathe, and then OpenID with the inhalation. Keeping a figure for shape, switching the hands over right hand comes down, we overnight to the left side now into a sideline variation. And then keeping that figure four shaped with the legs, push everything back to downward facing dog. Civic can compress the chest a little closer to the thighs. And the release in the less than finding your regular downward facing dog on an inhale way forwards to Planck bows, shifter shoulders, fluids. Then I'm shadowing in how cobra or upward facing dog. X how rolling over the toes. Downward facing dog. Nice big inhale through the nose. Or the whole exhale. Burst in the knees down into child's pose. Take a moment and reconnect with your body. Reconnect with your breath and your intention. So when you're ready making your way back to downward facing dog in her right leg list up to the sky, bend the knee, open a headband and square your white shoulder back down towards the ground. We extend the right leg, stepping foot all the way through the gates of arms. Inhale, sweep the arms up to learn, to think a little bit lower. Big in how to open the heart cactus arms. As you exhale, extend the arms, reaching forward, sinned unfolding over straight front legs, pyramid puffs. We bend the friend name is him back into cactus arms in the lunch. Exhales one more time we commit to pyramid pose, taken a fold over different like now we're going to walk the hands around to the left side, toes point in heels and sweeten the arms all the way. Reached arms forward. Snack, cross your right hand on top of your left shoulder. Your left hand on top of your wife shells, your left arm is on top in how lift in the album soften the knees a little bit here. As you exhale, soften the news more and more taken, followed all the way down towards the ground. Taken a moment to just smooth body from side to side, maybe even shake at the head of the shoulders. And then released in the arms. Then you can either case their right hand down, all the white forearm down and then take a spin around to the left side. So left arm reaches up and overhead as you Exxon open the elbow case and a hand on the lower back, just have a check in with the hips, try to ensure the ridership is level with the left as you take that spin around and they inhale, see if you can twist the vertebrae, twister torso a little bit more to the left. And as you exhale, finding some softening in the body somewhere. Keeping the nice soft released both hands down will come up to the very top of the map, inhale, sweep the arms towards the sky, bending the elbows cactus are. As you exhale, we're going to bring the right elbow to the left knee, left arm reaches ij or how that balance. And then opening back into lunch pose, take that one more time. So White Album moves to the left knee as you open. Compressing. Yeah, Paul, navel to spine. We've him back into lunch. Popes place my hands enter frame different footstep, everything back to downward facing duck. In her left leg lifts to the sky, bend the knee, open the hip. Where the right shoulder down. Step in that life or through the gates of the arms inhale, sweep the arms up, sinking though in the lunch. Inhale to open the chest cactus arms. Extend the arms extend the front like slowly released Dan to pyramid posts. Inhale we bend the friendly sweet the arms up cactus arms we open. And then exhale one more time. Can you commit to this pose here? Girl walking has around to the right side this time, slowly rise up in how speed the arms up this time the right arm, the right elbow will be the one that's on top. Inhale, lift the elbows high. As you exhale, soften the knees, take that fold down towards the ground. Sway from side to side. He yell at the shoulders, go, let the Hague move it into comfortable spaces here in the body. And then released in the arm down from that hug, the left hand can come down or left forearm can come down, will take a twist around to the right side this time. As you exhale, bend the elbow place in the hand on the lower back just to check in with the alignment and then twisting maybe a little bit further around if you can. When extended right arm all the way up and overhead now, placed in a right hand and sufferings beneath the hands around to frame the top foot in how will reach up into lunch Popes. As you exhale left elbow to write me right arm reaches out, compress, exile. We step all the way back nice and slowly exhale one more time. N0 and elbow connect here in the center and then open back into lunch packs. Okay, we're gonna take a fold near towards the very top of the map. Interlace your fingers behind the spine so we have a chest expansion, soften the knees if you need to as we exhales and the crown of the head towards the ground, reaching the fessed up and overhead. If you have that connection, do your best to keep the heels of the hands together as you push forward. Maybe a little bit more challenging, but starts to open up new spaces in the body that maybe you haven't discovered before. Bomb here, released the fingers simultaneously, bend the knees, speed the arms up. And then if you feed in pretty balanced Today we're going to just pop a heals the feed off the floor, pressing the nice forwards. And then slowly start to slide down, take your time moving down towards TO stand. Eventually, the sit bones will melt onto the heels of the faith and will reach the arms forwards for a little bit more balance. Now compressing the thighs towards the chest, see if you can roll them nice and slowly so the sit bones come down while still maintaining the compression, bringing the legs up to null vast inner boat posts. If you haven't within your practice and extend the legs towards the ceiling, still maintaining that compression there through the core region. And then in how we exams up and overhead, legs follow into play, oppose or modify play a couple breaths here. Make sure you're resting on your shoulders so that the body can breed fully and naturally still. And then to pay yourself a nice big in how we're going to walk up to ramp down. Just expansion. Thicker followed over the legs. Simultaneously, bend the knees, the arms all the way up and glow into j. In house. If you can lift up and out of the waste as you exhale, sink in a little bit deeper into the yields of the feet. And as we in how we're going to stay grounded through the right foot, left knee moves in towards the chest and then create that figure for shape with the likes the left ankle moves on top of the right die. But when the hands towards Heart Center, as we fully bend the right knee, the simple though. So this is kind of position for grasshopper. This is one of our star positions for this challenging on balanced. So we'll take a fold over the likes and the Nazi war, the hand around to the right side. So you can connect the fingertips down towards the ground. Maybe the outer part of your left arm can connect with the soul of your left foot. Take a few moments to be. This is maybe a new space for this practice or even for your practice in general. So we did try to breed into the left side body, starting to open up and explore the body a little bit more while emitting back into sent, taken any with you as you come up to stand, insulates the fingers now behind the spine. As you extend the left leg. Keeping the face together, if you can use about this together, flex the backward aeroplane and then see if you can move really slowly, nice and slow. Gently place the left toes down into lunch POS, pressing the FIS now towards the left leg, sink in a little bit lower, maybe even lift the gaze. Exile is u and y left hand comes down right on this all the way up and overhead. And then take an a followed up to the very top of the map. Right hand comes down, left joins the ride, or have a little bit of space between them. Interactome, inhale, halfway, lift, hands-on, Shinzo dies, extend your spine. Exhales, UFO soften into the knees now rendered with the spine license thoroughly externally arms all the way up and overhead, seek Low into Chair in how pull up and out of the waste acts, how sink in a little bit deeper into the heels of the fee. As you come up to stand this time, I'm gonna bring the right knee in towards you. Can stay extended or bring the hands to Heart Center as we create the figure for shape with the legs. A little deeper into this position, redesigned to open out the outer thighs and hips. So we're coming to the grasshopper pose and a little bit more, placing the hands down on the floor he can or just reaching towards is fine. And then we'll start to move their hands around towards the outsides, around to the left. I have a part of the arms can connect with the soul of your right foot. Team had it feels on this side of the body in comparison to the other side. And then we can ask vacuum centers become up to stand, taken the right knee with the if, and then insulates the fingers behind the spine. Chess can just expansion into aeroplane MOOCS. Seen her balance you've built a day. Less side is very different to the right side. So checking in with the body. We can any adjustments that you need to to be here. And a nice and slowly we gently place in the back for Dan keeping their hands. He oppressed of the style and the way towards the right leg, maybe even lift the heart. Sink a little bit deeper into this lunch powers if you have that space to move into. And then we'll take our hands, does that everything back to downward facing dog, good and give everything you oceanic Edna, The body is nice and warm and definitely ready to head toward that glass helper. So in how right like leaves to the sky, bend the knee open a poll, they lead towards the nose. Hold here, press the groundwater, step a foot all the way through in how sweet the arms up, left knee comes up as well. Figure for shape with the legs sink lobe in the hamster heart center. Let's take a fold over the legs here. Feel free to stay here and just play around with this a little bit if you want to, or we work the hands around again to the right side. We've been here before. So take a moment to brief coming back into center in how sweep the arms up as you do that left knee moves in. Take a fold over fingers together, interlace your fingers. Tape forward vote. Placing a hand dataframes that everything back shifting for us through that in IASA. So let's prepare. Left leg lifts up, bend the knee, open the hips, square the shoulders, then bring in the knee towards the nose. Hold here in this compression just for a moment. And then step the foot all the way through. As you come up to stand, we bring the right knee in. Costs enough but open to Figure four hands mu to hot sentencing allowing sat left knee. As we exhale will fold over the band in this left knee. And the moving hands around to the left side. Be here for a moment. Feel that opening to the right side of the body. And you feel back into Stanford. Let take the knee in with us as we come up to stand. And then exhale Tiger rag doll all the way over the likes. Go suffering to the shoulders at their head from side to side. Halfway, lift. Exhale deep, fruitful. Place my hands dataframes. Downward facing dog. Let's take that right leg up to the sky one more time. Bend the knee open the hip. Bringing the knee towards the left elbow. Step the foot all the way through fall and triangle. Lower the hips down to hover. May be reached that left arm forwards is time. Think it answer hover. And the left arm reaches all the way up, lift up. Good. Lifetime comes danced back them with facing. Last time left leg lifts up, landed at the me overnight the hips square in the shoulders. We extend the left leg, let's meet the needs to the right elbow. Old stepped through into fall and triangle lift the hips nice and high, reached the right arm overhead, bring it into a hover. In how price out of the left shoulder, right arm reaches up. Coming into that hover one more time. And the price of everything away. While the right-hand comes down, step in back, downward facing dog roll forwards to Planck, pull in the naval, shift the shoulders forwards, poverty data wrangling. In higher opened the front body. Well there was a toast rollover the toes again. Downward facing dog. Ok, so we're going to have a play with grasshopper now. So right leg lifts up to the sky, stepped through the gates of the arms to stand. Lightning moves in towards the chest, will start this with their hands had Haas Center and then also crossing the left ankle over the right thigh. So you might just want to move your foot a little further over so that you can really put your hands down on the man rather than being on the floor. The answer at Heart Center, in this position there is a deep twice through the torso. So bear in mind how it feels in the body. If it starts to change your breath at all or makes you feel really uncomfortable than just moving towards it rather than aiming for that Soul post today. So hands are at the heart center and we'll take a fall towards the ground. So it's important that you take your time with this as well. Bleed into every stage. No expectations. It's having a little play here, seeing how it feels in the Bali today to be here. So familiar, deep bend in the right way, but book the hands around to the right side. So I'm aiming for the soul of my left foot to meet the twice that of my left arm. Let me combine to the center of the mass and you can say, so my left tricep connects to the sole of my left foot. Ok. If you want more of more of a sturdy structure here, as you bend your right arm as well, you can take the elbow into the crease here of the hip joint. I could shatter Angus shelf type thing but just gives you a little bit more stability. So back in his powers here, take twist with the TOR cell. Lifetime comes down, right hand comes down and spread the thing that is nice and wide here. As you bend the elbows, See if you can just lift your right foot away. If you have the space will extend the right leg and just have a little play here. I'm super sweaty so am sleep enough. But just have a little play taken that twist around. Squeeze the fingertips, maybe a little lean forwards. So you can lift the back leg off balance here. Maybe extend the right leg as well. And then once you've had enough, let's release Stephan back to downward facing dog keeps everything will shake of in-house exhales, let them keep flowing. Try your best to keep them equal and Eva. And let's have a governing the other side. So left leg lives up to the sky. Then do the hip, let's open here. Before step in all the way through towards the hands. Coming up to stand right knee moves in. And then we cross over into that figure four, shake hands outta Heart Center. So you may just want to readjust yourself on the map or comeback into centers to show you this side of the body. So Figure four, shake hands to heart center. You'll feel that one side just kinda moves a little easier into this position and the other side, depending on what side that you'll dominant on. So again, no expectations, no ego, no real intention of being that just kind of enjoy the experience and the journey towards it. So we'll take a fold. Fully bend the left knee. Will can answer Ryan to the left side. So the tricep with my left arm connects with the sole sorry, twice it with my right arm connects with the soul of my right foot. And then as I fully bend their arms, someone a place the left-hand day, maybe just slightly wider than shoulder distance as a band not arms. Now when you start to lean forward with backlink lift away and starting to slip on the sweat. But if you have the time will extend the left leg out. Super sweaty. This practice that does have a little play with this pose that we come into it one more time. Sometimes it's better to come out of the Post completely and then re-enter. So fully bend that left knee would see Rivendell left knee. Tricep moves to the sole of your right foot. Hands come down as you bend the elbows, lean a little further fluids into the fingertips. Keeping the hips nice and high. Uv extend the left leg. If you have this. I had to go play with that when you're ready. Let's come back to downward facing dog. My role for what's like a wave comeback to bend at the knees, slowly push back down, which facing. One more time. Rolling forwards like a way to soften the nice, nice and slowly moves him back to downward facing. Released the knees, then extend the arms forwards towards the chance to reconnect to your intention. Again, we commit your intention of letting go and finding space. If you gave yourself permission to set aside anything that is holding you back at the very beginning of this practice, then just take a moment to reaffirm that in your body and in your mind. And then when you're ready and moving back to downward facing dog, his take the right like backup to this guy bended than the open the hips glare, the shoulders, compressed when the knee to the nose. This timeline of all to the outer edge of the left. Take the right search just in front of you from modified side plank ride on, lives up to the sky. And then with your pace fingers take hold of your right big TO soften the left knee. Big in how to lift your wife it away into a happy they the side plank. There's a bit more Stacy, I used the inhale to lengthen. And then releasing, switched their hands over, set the right foot through the gap full and triangle. Left-hand comes down, flip the dog over, acetate the right side all the way up over the top and then open an unwind lift up here. Pushing everything back slowly to downward facing dog. Showing up brand new on the left side in her left leg lifts up, bender the NEA open the hip. Left knee moves towards the nose, compress and hold. Moving to the outer edge of your right foot. Taking a lesser don't just in front of you left on this sky. For me, your piece fingers take hold of the two big tubs. Begin Hadza, lift your left foot away. Happy valuate. If there's more space there, go ahead and open the body a little bit more. Reading. And then released in the toast, switch the hands over, we'll set the left foot through fall and triangle, lifting the hips up skyward. Let me you're ready to unwire, switch their hands out was the final time. Flip the Dog. Lift, squeeze the glutes. Opening the heart. And the left hanging come down. Downward facing dog pose. White like bring money to the right wrist. Fly your foot out towards the left side. Coming into pigeon post. In higher lift the heart. Exhale OK in the hands foods. And this is a really challenging practice today. Maybe we've started to explore new parts of the body that maybe you haven't been in before. So take a moment to to try to equalize the inhale, exhale again. To really bring your attention inward. Conscious breathing. In how lift up to halfway. My arm reaches for his left arm reaches through the gap that you have. Side of the face can condemn, maybe the left shoulder can come down. This feels a little too much for, you know, just stay with both arms extending forwards. Left hip a little bit low. Fitting quite an intense openings through. All right. Hip, knee and ankle. Keeping the foot flex so it helps protect the knees. It bends and disposition. And then unwinding case in both hands down, lactose underneath they pushed down into the palms of their hands to step back into damaged facing. And then we'll go to pigeon on the left side in her left leg sweeps up. And the neoprene, the hip may be a little bit here if that feels pretty good. And then taking them and what's the wrist flatter foot out towards the right wrist. Extend your right leg behind Jay. Lifting the chest of taking a nice big breath in the chest, exhale, unfolding forwards. It's nice just to find a stillness during their practices as well as really challenging. And the intense twist is just nice to find a little bit of stillness Silver space here. Lift the heart. Left on, reaches full as fight off threads through side of the face comes down, right shoulder comes down to challenging and we'll just continue to reach both arms forwards instead. To unwind time cuz they're lifting the chest up first, then firm is for the palms of the hands and the sit bones up towards the sky. Then the knees for les take both heels off the mat, compress the chest, the wood, the thighs, and then descend the heels, bison them down towards the earth again. Welding. Speed the legs along the side. Bring yourself back into the center of the mat and a nice and slowly rolling all the way down through the legs. Spring enemies in towards the chest, holding down through the spine to find a little bit of comfort here. As you lie on your back, squeeze in the knees into the body, and a little bit more space through the neck and through the spine. Just simply bring the chin into wards, the nice curling into a little tiny ball here, but well-deserved hook as well. And then slowly release. And they had done. So we can hold onto the outsides of the feats or that uncles or the big toes. Kuhnen Sue, half p baby pose the full reclined Happy Baby. It feels good to take a little sway here, go ahead and do that, or maybe even just staying stationary. Being that grinding effect with the spine to the Feels Pretty good for you right now. And then finally they bring in the knees back in towards the chest. Release and the likes Dian arms can mess by the side of the body's hike up as much space as you like. Yeah. Let the feet naturally. Relaxing into the hips and sufferings of the shoulders, back the head feel secure and rested. Tokenize big inhalation. And a full exhale all the way down to the lower ballet. As you do that, closing down the eyes, feeling the breath again, moving through the body. Feel up physical movement of the breath. Maybe it's the rising and falling of the abdomen or the diaphragm or the chest rubber that you feed it the most direct your attention to that. So why have really anchoring into this present moment? Your mind feels quite fuzzy or distracted at any point, yes, Jeremy, guide it back to the breath again without interfering with it judgment just generally guiding your mind back to your breath again. You can stay here for as long as you want. As long as you need. Right? Thank you so much for joining me in this grasshopper flow today. Now mistake. 3. Bird Of Paradise: So today we're working on a flow leading up to bird paradise, which means we have to start to work in towards our shoulders, working towards our core, and working into some balancing postures. So you may need some blocks, you may need to strap. I might use them today. I may not, but depending on you and your body, use props where you need to. So we're going to begin this class in working into opening our hips, moving into shoulders, working into some salutation where we are going to have some different cross family arms. Then we'll go into some Warriors and some standing postures down into abdominals, and then playing with the Bird of Paradise flow. Okay, so we're going to begin this class in lying down. So all the way down onto our backs, bringing the soles of our feet together and opening out into a reclined butterfly. Now if you need support underneath the knees, you can use blocks or bolsters. Your hands can be wherever you choose to be comfortable. I'm gonna place fine on my heart and on my belly, closing down the eyes and just taking this first posture to become grounded. Feeling all the sensations in the hips. Starting to connect to your breath. Taking the breath in and out through the nose. It's time to find the constriction at the back of the throat. Finding the UW GI breath. I'm surely beautiful. Practice. Push pause where you need to take a child's pose and come back whenever you feel ready. We'll do three more breaths here. Now on this. Drawing the knees together, knocking them in towards your body. And just having a little rock from side to side, massaging the back in towards keeping the whole of the right knee extend the left leg away, extrude. Touring the right knee and a little tighter. Flexing through both feet would take a hold of the big toe or the outside of foot coming into a half Happy Baby. Fitting the stretch all the way in towards the hamstring and towards the hip. From here, just opening out towards the side to let the left hip race. Lifting a leg up ANOVA. Opening out the right arm, coming into a twist, filling stretch all the way down across the shoulder into what's the lower back? Can we back draw the left foot on towards the crust, the right ankle over the left side, right the hands through the gap, and around the left shin or hamstring into reclined Pigeon. This allows the hip to open the abstraction towards adults as well. And from here, like it across the right side of the left. Maybe even wrapping the toes around, coming into eagle pose, bringing the Left Forum in front of you, wrapping the RI on around in the back. Who hands touch or counter for rap on your next inhale, lengthen through the body. The acceleration to crunch and draw the elbows in towards the NEA work into some abdominals. We need to start to work the abdominal so we can get into wars are Bird of Paradise because you need the core to lift the leg. We'll do two more here. Unreleased, drawing both knees back into his body, giving a hold of the left, extend the right leg all the way out on the mat, coming into that half Happy Baby again, again feeling the stretch down hamstring. Maybe that nice elongation through the spine and through the right leg. Beautiful opening out that side stretch Gagnon towards a hip, making sure the right hip doesn't lift. Wonderful. Lifting up and overtaking. That left me over to the right. Opening on a lifetime in towards a twist. Don't forget to bury. Bringing all the way back. Again, drawing the right foot onto the map, crossing left ankle over, threat the hands through the gap and around the right shin or hamstring. Again, there's a lot of variations. You can always straight in the leg. I preferred to hug it in a little tighter. That way I feel stretch all the way on the outside of my head. Beautiful. Crossing the thighs over again, the toes can wrap. It doesn't matter if it doesn't meet. Right forearm infantile left wraps around, finding the acceleration to crunch the inhalation to lengthen, the acceleration to crunch, the inhalation lengthened. Inhale, exhale. We've got two more. The last one while the release drawing and it is in, give yourself a little break. Now you can either roll to the right or left side or rock and roll yourself forwards and backwards. I'm going to roll myself. And make our way into tabletop into 4 kneeling. So stacking the shoulders over the wrists, hips over knees, knees, hip distance apart, working into middle astronaut, cat, cow. And I really like to work from the tailbone. So lifting the tailbone, tilting up, sink the belly down, shine heart through finding your inhale. Exhale tailbone underneath navel to spy and press through the hands, chin to chest, founding, kept pose on your exhale, inhale, coming forwards. Exhale to contract and around. Inhale. And exhale. Two more inhale and exhale. Last one, the inhale and exhale. Starting to work in towards our shoulders were going to come into thread, the needle raising the right arm all the way up, finding the inhale, exhale to thread and reach towards the left. Two more, Abraham. And the last one in him. And on the exhale threat, the arm all the way through resting the shoulder, the cheat, the arm all the way down. Option to book the left-hand to the top of the match. Option to raise the left arm up and bind it behind you. Holding on to the right thigh, opening up as much as you can, draw the navel in towards the spine. Maybe have a few more breaths here and even close down the eyes will move. And the exhalation jet be released, come back to table top, finally left hand on the inhale and exhale to thread. Golgi guts Rameau, aim them. Exhaling tumours. And last one, aim. And as you exhale, you surrender the on the cheek, the shoulder option toward the right arms, the top of the map or raise it up, take it behind you and threading and finding the left thigh. Really opening up through the chest, feeling the stretch. Wherever you feel it the most, roll different. Beautiful exhaling and releasing. Coming in towards our chest, shoulders a little more into puppy pose attacks and at melting posture, you can use blocks underneath the hands. If not, walk the hands out infantry still keeping the hips over the knees, sinking the chest down, either the forehead or the chin comes to the floor, surrendering your heart. Again, just breathing here. Three more breaths to mobile. Last one. Come back into the chest, coming down on the forearms, sliding down into stinks pose. Now instincts pose, does have a little move from side to side, getting to us. I let you had go in a work into some core. So it's very different here. It's now a Sphinx pose. Normally you would draw Oriane abandoned in any way. I want you to activate through the quadriceps, drawing the navel in towards the spine, pricing into the forums. Rounding into the shoulder is picking up the belly, lifting just the hips to activate the coal holding for five, for four, for three, for 241 and release. You should have that Jen to little shake in. Your body goes into it one more time. Naval him towards spine. You pulling up through the on the panda. Again, picking up the pelvis, activating the inner thighs as well for five for for for theory. Footing for one. January release. Good. Bringing hands underneath the shoulders, tucking the toast, anything they hit back towards the heels in lifting up to downward facing dog. Now, let's walk our doled out. A link to the feed is maybe the first I'm a dog at the day. Again, just allow your body to move. Good. Walking your feet towards your hands. Again, allowing you body just to have their simple movements. Keeping the feet, hip distance apart into lays the fingers behind the back. Taking hams overhead. This is where you may need a strap. Again, if the hands don't meet, that's fine. Just allow your body to have those simple movements. Waking up shoulders, waking up hamstrings. Beautiful. Slowly releasing, taking the feet a little widest heel, toe them out. Sinking, leaps down towards the floor. And what me in Malaspina, Yogi squat. Your hands can come into hot centers and have a simple movements. Can open out the knees, really squeeze and lift open the chat. Two more breaths here. Beautiful Jan, evenly walking it back into downward facing dog. Beautiful. Raised the right leg all the way up towards the sky. And we're going to just have these little pulses posting up for 543. You can take chess towards the thighs to one step, the right foot to the outside of your right-hand option to drop the back me if you choose to, totally up to you. He'll tell the toes out towards the right side, placed a right hand to the heel of the heel, the hand into the belly of the psi, coming on to the plate and the footing jazz coming into little truest here, opening up your hips just a little bit more. Good. Placing the righthand back on the flaw. Tap the toes of the left leg, walk your hands around the left side. The leg stay exactly as they are. We just gonna reach and open the side body. You can still stay on the heel or even the blade of a thirt. One more breath. Beautiful, slowly releasing heat. Heel-toe, the right tos to the center of the mat, dropping the back knee. Good, released in the toes. Again, you can have blocks here if that feels good. When a push back into a half monkey, just have a little dig at the here in towards the map, waking up at the top, the hamstring, coming back into low lunge, finding your inhale, finding x hat option to stay here with Docs, options to raise arms up, finding your income, taking the arms back behind you, finding your exhale, inhaling forward to lunch, eggs healing, taking it back to half monkey half split, were more inhale and exhale. Find half split. Take your left hand towards the floor, raise the right arm up. Taking new right here into the mat, fixing through the feet, opened up the hip towards the wall, finding an inhale exhale threat the arm over the top of the leg and were more inhale. Exhale. Last one. Just for luck. Exhale. Good. Planting hands back on the mat or even onto the blocks. Finding our way back to lunch, took photos of the left pressing hands and towards a map Georgia, right me towards your nose, but you've gotta find space. But really protracting due to shoulders, stepped back to plank pose, shift toward dropped you knees, chin, chest, act on the scoops through and up to Cobra, back to down facing. Wonderful. Left side, raise the left. I got pulsing the leg site for chess can permitted 321 foots the outside of the left-hand. Again, remember you can drop the back Ni You can have your props handy if you need to. Heel, toe the toes out, heel of the left hands, the bellies of thigh, wing open the knee. Sinking a little further in towards your buddy. Wonderful. Left-hand flop, tomatoes at the back. Walk the hands over to the right side and reach the left arm over against the feeling that beautiful side stretch. Imagine someone's pushing the near away from me, pulling the arm to side as well. I love this stretch. Beautiful. Bringing all the way back. That left her heel, toes, the inside of the hands drop in. And remember, you can have the tops here. Staying in your low lunch could release it tos as well if you need to push back the half monkey came back into low lunch. So just moving between these two movements, reducer flexing through those front toes, digging the Helium at the very end, inhaling, maybe raising the arms and the exhale take back. Good tomorrow. Let's do one more for luck. Because you notice how the balance can sometimes get thrown by taking the arms behind you, right hand, the floor, left arm lengths. And then we're going to open up the Hippias stretching to the inner hamstring. Exhale to thread. Don't worry if become wobbly here is totally normal. Having props always helps to find that space. Beautiful. Let's find our way back to London. Remember, you can keep the blocks underneath the hands or you can move them out the way. Took intos left foot. It's going to come off the flocks. Oppressed hands need to know's holding here. Goats, sheep forward. Asked Hamiltonian. Up to Cobra, back to downward facing dog. Beautiful, look forward. Step jump for joy at the top of the mat. May have props handy, halfway lifting, hand, create length. Halfway lift, exhale, deep fourfold. Beautiful Benny, sit low chair pose, inhale. And the acceleration deep fourfold, halfway lift on the inhalation, exhaling, stepping back to Planck popes. Shifting forward, option to drop your knees Charter under damped Astana, skipping through and up to upward facing dog. Back to downward facing dog. Good. Now we're just going to play with a different variation of tsunamis. Copy, raise the right leg up in him. Ni towards knows on the exhale. Inhale, lifting up, three-legged up, exhale need towards note, keeps shifting a little bit forward. In this time as you exhale plant foot onto the floor, grounding the backflow into n1 in how that's changed the arms, bringing the left more I'm in front of you. Right wraps around finite ecologic inherits lift. It's time to open up the shoulders a little more to help now, Bird of Paradise shoulders. Good, well more press. Gently, release its debt back to plank pose shipboard, Charter under Upward Facing Dog. Downward facing dog. Well-done. Left side in him. Neat towards knows. Aim him, see beacon lifted, it'll high-end, take it towards the nose and little close. One more. Aim him. Shifting forward, plant foot onto flow ground back, flip, a inhale, worry one. Beautiful, Bringing the other almond friend, finding it EU law trumps. Lifting chess fine in the back bend drawer, naval toward spine. Don't let her hang out. No soggy elbows. Eva, while mobile. Wonderful. Plant the hands stepped back. She forward chatter, I'm going upward facing, dug down Facing Dog. Beautiful. Two more breaths here. Maybe open method. Ok. Good race, right, like all web in him. Bring it through the gates of the arms grant back. He'll cover the arms up to worry to do enabling toward spine, role, shoulders back down around, flip the pumps. Ribs shift forward, forum to fat, down to flow back home up and over, extended side angle. There had always come onto the floor as well. Engage in the back of the arm and the leg, leg into the arm. Opening up side Body, Beautiful, bringing it back to where it too. The poem's rib shift forward on the inhale, exhale to reverse worry. Good. Make sure that he doesn't role in opening up that backlash. Wonderful. Back to worry, to straighten the front leg, healed photos in interlace your fingers behind your back, come into the lungs out of the map, rolled shoulders back down around inherit the chest. The exhalation you're going to come into why Blake it forward volt. Taking the arms or the headship the way in towards the toes, tilting the pelvis up a little more so you get more of a stretch in towards your hamstrings. Relaxing into the arms, allow the shoulders to open. Timo breaths. Well then use the arms used to chord, bringing up, softening into the knees, turning the right toes back to the front of the mat, back into warrior to finding a exhale. Good, shifting now further forward, the right arm is going to come underneath the right side. Right-hand wraps around taking the left behind you. Option to use your straps here if you can find your hands great. Revolve the chest up towards the ceiling. Again, drawing Naval Intelligence, buying one more breath here. Well-done. See if you can straighten that front leg a little more. Again, coming into a bound trick on us in a super hot rebind back into that warrior cart willing the answer flaw pivot on the back so it's ditch bat apply pose shipboard option needs to ingest all chatter on the upward facing dog, bags down face. Adopt Weldon. Who walk it out. Beautiful. Let's try the left side, a1 hair, raising the left leg, bring it through the gates of the arms ground the back foot, carpooling, neon's worried too. Perfect role the shelves back down and ramped, flip the palms, rape shift forward, forearm to back them up and over again. Remember the hand can come to the block on the floor. Just make sure the hip is open, shoulders rounded up to the ceiling. One more breath here. Coming back to worry to flipping the palm rape shift, our comeback to reverse worry. Fin stretch all the way down at front side but don't lean back leg. One more backstory to straighten their fun liked her and a tos alongside the mat mixture, you happy with the stamps interlace the fingers. You may want to try something else here with the shoulders is not a problem. Rolling that back, inhale it in the chest. Forward fold. Again, smile. Beautiful, stretch through. Strings through the shoulders, chin to chest. Often the needs in your body all the way back up. Turning a toast to face the front of the mat. Check in with the back, so that makes you happy with that as well. Bring it back to worry to roll shoulders, redshift further forward. Taking the left-hand underneath the left leg, Finding Your bind, interlace the fingers, rolling it all the way back, holding on to everything here, revolving everything up towards the ceiling. Now when you feel ready, maybe strengthening was that front leg. Don't worry if you wobble. Feeling definitely today. Beautiful read bending, pivoting, placing the hands aren't floor stepping back to charter or under what? Facing down. Now if that fell enough. Perfect. Continue. Let's do that again. Or we're going to try our Bird of Paradise. So when you're ready, stepping that right foot through the gates of the amps, grounding back, finding warrior two. Now, when you shifting forward, bringing that arm underneath the thigh, you want to try and get that shoulder underneath the knee. Everyone seems to do is it's going to seem to go for their crotch. We don't want that and definitely wanna go underneath me. Finding the arm, not the hardest thing now is to step that back foot to join your front foot. Squaring the body. The weight shifts into my left foot, coming onto the ball of my right foot. This is where your core is really important from here, this is the hardest bidder promise, gonna turn face on them so you can see what it looks like face on. Now, joined by enabling towards my spine, shifting my weight, lifting up my body. Now if you stay here and you have a wobble there, worrying. If you can extending through and finding that beautiful stretch, maybe pointing through the toes of flexing through the toes, however feels possible for you. Beautiful one more big stretch. And when you're ready, slowly releasing. Now gonna turn back to face the front of the mat. Grounding down to that right, he'll step the left foot back against shoot back. Wonderful reef finding y two. Well then milli-amps, stepping back, she fought option to take that thing. Emsa backed down face and dark. Wonderful. Let's try the left leg. Stepping through the gates, the arms grounding the right heel, combi arms wearing to shifting forward, finding your bank. Okay. Now remember, stick that back for it to join the front foot. Coming on to the ball of the foot. And I remember we've all got favorite legs. It's not a problem at this size, not your best. Now, you could always play, which is lifting the leg, playing. We're trying to get up here. Now remember this is your call at lifts you up so as the core to bring you up, straightening through the body and then straighten through the neck. Holding a here as much as you can. Pulling up. Wonderful, releasing slowly, not slamming down as much as I did. Stat ping your right foot back, lifting and finding warrior to perfect code or the arms stepped back. She forward, chatter, I'm wonderful. Downward facing dog. Pedal. Well-done. So let's start to bring us down a little. Raised the right leg all the way up towards the ceiling, bringing the shin parallel to the risks, sliding back. And again, we can stay here. You can always prop up, will come down into pigeon, flips into that front leg. Now remember working to get that shim parallels yet, but we're working to get there. So all about the journey. How the body feels. Slowly bringing your body backup. Sliding that front leg up towards the top of the mat. Bringing the right soldier for end towards the left side, squaring the hips in her axe. John sheets on finding your length, finding your stretch. Slowly releasing, crossing legs, rolling over, stepping back down face of docx. Lets go. Left leg, Pigeon pose, inhale, breathing all the way through. Now Rooney working into that three-legged dog, you're more than welcome to take the leg higher. I find the moment. I'm trying to get my hips nice and square. So instead of taking the leg as high as possible and the hips turning out the lower the leg. I've got more control on my hip. Again, see how you feel. Bringing yourself down into Pigeon pose. Making sure you're not sitting on the one hand. They still grounding down through both. Really well-done. Now if he felt we went a bit fast, remember you can always or push, pause, slide that right leg all the way around the front. I like full thing is orifice between the solar for MSI, squaring my hips, inhaling, creating lengths, exhaling, finding the fault can either interlaced fingers. You can find a more Dre. You can use a prop here. But really hinge from the hips, create length through spine. Don't come into this roundedness. Create length. I can think of it instead of my nose coming towards monies thing about nose going over the totes. One more breath. Really lifting up, stretch and the legs. How that beautiful release. Bending the nice, that's just stretch out our shoulders. Taking the hands behind you think is pointing towards the glutes. Now this is not always accessible for everybody. You can have fingers out towards the side. It's not too, it's not my favorite Should I say to have the fingers pointing away from you? Because we want to be able to get a stretch in your shoulders. Okay. Joint naval in towards the spine option to just lift the chest, open up the heart and stay here. This is enough. If you want more, lift the hips, squeezing and lifting, opening up just a little more, you can release the head. Coming into that reverse tabletop. Law, show us just have a beautiful stretch would be working super hard. Tend to chess, to slowly release, squint your bottom towards your heels. Roll all the way down to join the knees in towards you. Well done. Keeping hole well, the right knee extend the left leg all the way out. Take the knee up and over towards the right left side. Opening out your right arm. Coming into that supine twist Lauryn shoulder to stretch, back to release. Beautiful really. Left knee joints and right extend the right leg. Always me. Moving any props that may be in the way. Take the left leg over to the right side, open out the left arm. In that beautiful stretch across that shoulder, down and towards lower back, maybe even in towards the leg. Rural different, wonderful, slowly release, journeys in towards your chest. Come into a happy baby or any pose that feels good for you. Really well-done. Slowly released during the season, placing the soul's Free ontos Matt. Now let it come in to show batsman. Now, you may leave the knees bent and just not the knees in specially if you have any pinching and that all back, you may come back into that reclined butterfly that feels comfortable for you. Or maybe even taking up space and then in heels roll out inside the palms of hands up towards the ceiling and a sign of surrender. Closing down the eyes and taking a full deep inhale through the nose and the mouth and exhale. Create a smile. Be proud of this body. This body that's just work super hard for you. Then let go of any breath that you may have. Allow the natural rhythm, the natural cadence of your breath. Just to takeover. Started. Notice the warmth you've created. Start to notice how you feel. Maybe the sounds that maybe around you. Traffic, door slamming, people moving and doesn't allow it becomes distraction. Allow it to be part of letting go. Just soften. Soften the face. Racks. Now you're more than welcome to stay here as long as you want to. If you'd like to join me. Adding they'll movement into the fingers, toes, maybe having full body stretch, rolling over to either side, right or left. Maybe staying here. Opening the eyes, using the halves to bring you back up. And coming back to wherever pose feels comfortable for you. Withdraw the hands in towards the heart centers to remind us to have kind and loving intentions joined us on this ellipse. Remind us to have kind and loving communications. And the thermostat space between our eyebrows to remind us to have kind and loving thoughts. The lighter meat on us and sees the light and you stay. 4. Pincha Mayurasana: Hello, welcome to this class. My name is Kelly. I'm going to be guiding you through to the post pinch Ameri Astana, which is 04:00 AM stand. Now, I know this is not accessible for everybody and I'm going to guide you into how to get into that posture, how you can progress to that. You can also use the wall. You can also just take modifications and build your strength to that point. You've gotta get into shoulders behalf to get into core. And we have to be able to get into hoards legs as well to be able to pull everything together to allow length through the body. No sinking in the chest, no sinking in Shoal is you've really got to pull up as much as you can. So remember, you can push pause, you can go back. You can take any modification you want, can have propped handy. So let's get started. So we're gonna start this posture or start this class in Charles person. So coming into tabletop, bringing the big toes together, knees. Why I prefer to have a wider Child's pose to because it's a less pressure in my hip flexes allowing the arms to extend out in front view, resting forehead down onto the mat. You can have a block underneath you. You can always have anything that makes you feel Constable. Take a moment to rest. Take a moment to feel the breath. To feel the sensations in the hips and the back. Take a moment to feel your heart beating. Taking the inhalations and the exhalations through the gnomes. Taking this time to check in and notice how you feel. What's going on. Your mind busy. To body tense. If you had a busy day at work or maybe you've just woken up. So take time to Barre to check in and relax. Connecting to your breath, maybe just finding an equal inhalation and exhalation or even finding and oh Jai, breath. Start to walk. The thing is to talk to them, not lifting the elbows off of the mat, extending through the arms. Keep reaching and little more. Good feeling the length. Walking your hands all the way over to the right side of the map, taking your body with you as far as it can go. Left hand on top of the right squaring the shoulders, sending the forehead to the 10kg, creating length. Will can hands over towards the left side of the map, taking the right hand on top of the left, squaring the shoulders again, feeling length through the right side of the body. Walk towards and coming up into table top. Taking the shoulders over the wrists, hips, over the knees, knees, hip, distance apart. Let's do a big circular movement around the wrists, round the hips. Maybe even get the whole bodies moving, just adding some free movement here, that intuitive flow in your body. The Iraq forwards and backwards. You can turn the fingers out inside the mat and rock side to side. Could even turn hands around to face, fingers to face the knees and rock forwards and backwards to hear. Good. So we're gonna be working in towards our cardio here today. So just be aware of how you breath is. Make sure you're breathing as best as you can. Beautiful. Okay, let's work into kept count. Lifting the tailbone, sinking the belly shine through finding the inhalation tailbone underneath navel to spine, press the hands chin to chest. Finding your exhalation. Beautiful him here forwards. Exhale back. Inhaling forwards. Exhaling back. Good. Finding tabletop gonna work. Protraction, retraction of the shoulders and shoulder girdle. Pastor, move here. So not like cap cal that we've just done. I want you to imagine that you're pressing the arms away, rounding through the shoulders and then press it in the shoulder girdle down towards that map. So kinda looks like this is not the ribcage that's moving. It's in the shoulders. Okay. So coming back into that table top, press a matter wave around and don't do shoulder blades, really pushing as far as you can. Then as you let the shoulders sink down, the chess comes down through protraction and retraction. So really try and get as much as you can in towards those arms. It will take time because you'll notice that you'll come into natural cat cow. But it's not, it's through the shoulders. So it's almost as if you're shrugging shoulders but the arms or out in front of you. Okay. So just like that will take time to get that feeling to just working as hard as you can. Come away from working the ribs like you normally do as a normal cat cow on. Beautiful. I can really feel that firing up in my shoulders all the way down and towards the arms as well. Okay, now from here is really simple. Make sure we don't rock too far back. We're just going to walk the hands out of furnaces later, further, drop down to the forums, draw the navel into spine and come back up again, dropping down. And pricing backup, really working all the way to the fingertips much as you can maybe what the hands in closer, make sure you don't rock back and drop the elbows attitude, it just sinking down. Pressing backup. Maybe walk them back underneath your sinking down. Pressing backup to more, down and up one more. Beautiful, well-done. It's come to thread the needle, inhale, raise the right arm, exhale thread and reach the left. Tomorrow, inherence, lift, exhale to thread. Last one in hell to lift. Exhale to thread and surrender the cheek Yam all the way down. Take the left leg out towards the side of you really grounding down, raised left arm up, wrapped that around. Really take the chat up towards the ceiling. We feel lucky you could always come into little balance raising the leg or just stay down here with me, totally up to you. Homographs. Release the arm, slide the lab back-in, back to T-O, top left arm inhale, reach the sky. Axial too. And we thought to my aim held to raise. Now remember you can do as many as you point here. Last one for me. Before I read all the way down, it's running the cheaper option to book the hand out in front of you. Taking that right laid out towards the side, reach in Yom up. Now remember you can always lift that leg or keep it down. But me, working your challenges, make sure you don't Rowley Poli here, you've gotta work on hold as much as you can. Good. Jangly releasing, bringing backup. Took you to tolls, worked hands in front of you, lifting up into damned face and doubtless pedal our feet. Or kidnapped. Good, let's ripple through a body in towards pan poets in her rippling through, pressing the shoulder blades up towards the ceiling, draw the navel in towards the spine, create one line of energy. Exhale back to down facing, good to more, inhale, rippling to exhale back. Last one. Plank pose holding it here. Option to or is Japanese remember, exhale back. Good. Walking up towards the top of your mat. Good paddling out you seat. Shaking your head. No. Walton. Soften knees, roll up through the spine. Just taking time to roll shoulders back. Coming towards the top of your map. Now we are going to be working some sanitation name. And then I'm going to add some press ups in the middle when we come to chapter on that. That way we starting to work the core working shoulders, getting a whole body activated. We're also gonna be working into chair pose into all quit chair to working in system balance, firing up your legs, firing up the whole body ready for pinch up. Okay. Big toes together. Little space between the heels send shoulders back down and around palms facing, either out into Topamax, the body, wherever feels good for you in your Jasmine. Engaging around, abandon, gauge everything and just hope. Inhale rates, the amps. Acceleration d foreshore ranging from names, halfway, lift, create, leg, inhale, exhale, step, jump, float back in towards charter on Gunderson. Good. Is time will load down to the mat and was up to top coat. Move in the fine except the toes. Back to downward facing dog. Beautiful. Walk, step, jump Top of your mat, halfway, lift, create income. Remember, Hans can always come to the shims or the bags. Exhale deep fourfold, inhale, raise, lambs, look to them, exhale Hands hot, center's good or more in how race the hands. Exhale deep fourfold, halfway lifting him, exhale, step, jump, float back. Charter on that. Good straight backup plan post good one more Charter under straight backup plate PO That's a toughy already down up when facing dark. Back to down, face it DOC. Remember the knees can always be dropped here. Can always pedal the seat. Whatever works. Step jump, flow all the way to the top of the mat, halfway lift, exhale D, footfall, One more round inhale, raised their hand. Axial hadn't taught santos on this. Didi he run more, inherit raise hands. Exiting from the hips, folding that half loaded in here. Eggs house to add, being back to plank pose, shifting forward Charter on the straight back up. One more. Charter on depressant, straight back up. This time shift further forward to put racing down. Back down facing doc. For breast yet. Opening MasterCard, the tone line, breath. Two more, one more. Turn that back into the mouse, finding your breath. Wu jive, that feels better. Last one. Looked at Topamax, step jump, fluctuate. Halfway, lift, acts out D fourfold. Beautiful abandoned champ palms inhale. Sinking down into his mat, squeezing in the side, draw the navel in towards spine. Make sure the bottom isn't sticking out too far. Beautiful holding him. Well mobile. Beautiful, ticking the arms behind you, creating wings. Take the better towards the thigh. It's like you're gonna go down a ski slope. Option to stay here. Option to challenge yourself a little harder, but coming up onto the bowls of feet, squeezing as much as you can. Ski slope down, hold a hip, tumor, breaths. Beautiful plant Hansel flow, step, jump, float back, Charter on the up but facing down, facing well-done. Raised the right leg all the way up. Bringing the light through the gates of the LMS. Raising up to high lunch, beautiful. We're gonna work into cross families here. Right hand behind the back, left arm scoops around. We find our cow face arms option to use a strap here. Michelle, ribs are flaring. Draw everything in. Beautiful. Holding here. Opening up the chest, opening up shoulders. Shift the weight forward, creating a long diagonal line. From the elbow all the way out to the heel. More breath. Cartwheel in the arms as you release grounding the back heel, finding warrior to well-done. Rochelle was backed down and around. Take the hands behind the head, interlace your fingers. Good. And working to side crunches, shift, right elbow to write neat crunch, backup. And again, formal. Three more to more. Beautiful releasing role. Shoulders, flipped the palms, ribs, shipboard. Combat was a Sumaria. Sinking. Don't lean in that athletic. Coach helium's pivot Bachelet, shift forward. Option to drop your knees Charter on the upward facing. Facing. Penalty. That good. Look forward step jump, fluctuate up the mat halfway, lift. Exhale. D, footfall, bend the knees, sit low. Champ, hours, Angel. Two more breaths. Draw everything in. Squeezed the inner thoughts. Last one. Jd, arms behind you barely towards your thighs. Leaned forward. Finite ski slope Walden option to make it harder to remember squeezing and lifting up onto the balls of their feet. Keep holding your hand, squeeze, squeeze, beautiful, plant and step back, charter and the dander up and facing dog. Downward tasting dark. Left leg through the gates of the amps. Raising up high lunch. Good. Working in towards that cross family. Right arm, left arm behind your right arm scoops mankind. Option to use your strap. Now if you're using opposite arms, it's not a problem. You can always use the opposite arm that feels more comfortable shifting forward, create that long line of energy. Keep putting up, fire up the core, firing up the shoulders. Two more breaths. Good. Release and cartwheel the arms. Worry to roll the shoulders, the palms, hands behind head intellect. She forward, find in that side crunch and up. And again five more. And for more. Beautiful three to fill it right in my legs and in my side buddy, last one. Good release. Flip richness into reverse warrior. Well-done. Chameleons, step back, chattering of perfect city. Remake it. Take a child's pose here. It can keep you downward facing dog. Push, pause if you need to. Very well-done. Work a little bit of core here, okay. Rays, if I like nice and high, as high as you want to, it doesn't have to be all the way up as high as you want. It can be keeping with the hips square. Again, it doesn't matter. Join me towards knows. Step up, what's the outside of the right-hand? No weight on it. Step back to planck. Back two dogs facing, left knee towards knows step. It's the outside of the left-hand, no pressure. So you want to be able to lift up and back down facing, again. Need to note, Touch, step, downward facing dog and again, lift. Need to knows the side, back, down face. Beautiful world. Coming down to sit back into Child's pose. Now remember, this is where you can have a little break if it add some more core exercises here if you want to, as long as you've got everything fired up. Okay. Weldon, within a work in towards dolphin pose now. Now dolphin pose obviously is a lot in the shoulders, a lot in the core. Now just see how you get going on with this. If you need to soften the knees and relaxed, not a problem. Remember you've gotta take everything at your own pace now. Okay? Yeah. Coming into or coming onto you forums, I'd give myself a bicep check, keeping my elbow's at a number 11, tucking me touts, spreading the fingers, make sure you're working all the way towards the fingertips. Imagine you like a little frog is hanging on for dear life and a little leaf. You've gotta hang on as much as you can. Okay. Sucking the tote, lifting as it burns up towards the sky. Now the knees can stay soft here. Taking the chest back towards the theists, make sure you're not sinking in the shoulder girdles and the heads touching the floor. No. Lift up as much as you can. If the legs constraint and great. Lift up as much as you can't draw audio on a Monday and stay here. Very well done. Two more breaths. One more breath. Okay, nice and cool. Walk defeat back behind you. Making our way into forearm prankster here, links and through the Carnegie had draw up through the whole body option to drop the knees to make this a little easier or stay with me two more breaths. Good lifters, hippos, ice and high walk the feet back in. Beautiful dose and two more breaths. Beautiful lower down. Sit back chairs, poems. Now while you Intel's poles and discuss and tell you what you may be feeling, especially when you come into dolphin, you start to notice how much you're really balancing on the Alberts. Now try and and not concentrate on the pain per se that's on the elbows or hands. Try and lift up all the way through the body. I find when our work into pinch, especially on maps like these on hard floor, I start to get a nice little bruise. It's like crow. It's the journey of getting there. So it's like the progress. And eventually when you get it, you know, bruises, mature, skin doesn't peel away. Don't worry if that happens. Now. If you're thinking, I'm going to fall. Then you are going to form. Ok, I'm probably going to have a few wobbles when I start to get into it's per share or to see how it goes. You could always have a bolster or a pillow out in front of you. So if you do face plant, then you've got some interface plant. On. The other thing is it's auto noticing or how to fall out of the pasture. You can always cut IL-2 aside. The legs can come back down. If you find yourself that you're going to roll the Poli specially in forearm. You make sure you tune in towards your chest so you don't learn headfirst and you brought it polio out of it that way. You may be little when did, but don't worry. The other thing is as you could practice this at the wall if you take yourself to the warm and again, have the wall to kick up against, right? Let's get us go and see how it is. Okay? So when it come down, bicep check. Some people also like to interlace your fingers and keep it like this CENP-A dolphin. Again, if that's your preference. Perfect, go-ahead. Not a problem. I like to have minor number 11. That way I've got my fingers working as much as I can write. So lifting up into dolphin, you may want to just stay here and list the legs and trying to shift further thought. Now, that is absolutely fine. Remember take your time just to see how it feels. Maybe shift the weight forward. You can even work into these little things here to work little more strength. Again, take your time for myself. I come on up. I set my left foot and he's going to now pick ups, just little kick cups. You can even tap a little taps and just see how that goes. I always recommend to switch over and try it with the other leg. Although we have a dominant leg that we'd like to use to kick up to c out those I don't try my left side. So in the half leg, left leg, maybe going all the way up and just seeing how the legs go switch, you know, shifting, lifting up, coming on down. Take a break. Now when you get up there, you may feel that the weight conscious down, you've got a pushing towards the forums, push up through the shoulders, draw the navel in towards the spine, and keep lengthening up. You're gonna find that you sink down, up, down, up. But keep working and try it one more time. Step in the right foot. Just lifting up and tapping and bring it back down. Lifting up, tapping, bring it back down. Try again. Lifting up, tapping, bringing it back down. Now I can feel in my body then that I was probably quite far back. Your trend shift your weight as far forward as you can, get to try the other leg as well, mixing it up and see how that goes. Looking back up to dolphin, left leg in, right, up and down. Up and down. One more lifting up. Beautiful and coming down to rest. Now you can stay there for as long as you like to see how you get going. We're trying to attempt the pose now, don't worry if you find that you go over, you may come into a bridge that way. Illinois kick yourself over, come down and try again. I might end up doing that as well. You could carve out or you might find that your legs come back. Let's see how it goes. Let's attempt it. And let's just go with the slow. So coming back down, sucking up, lifting up during navel to spanning. Lifting up and tapping back down if you need to. Switching urban legs. Lift up, up, up, up. Nice deep breath in and deep breath in through a back up. Now remember you can always attempt that at the wall. Having wall then obviously makes you feel more comfortable. Incomes of all, again, do the bicep check and just kick up and we'll catch you. And then you can balance. They're pressing up again, you've member you can always do those as a kick ups like we were doing just kicking up and bring it back down. You could switch over her legs. You could always do those little dolphin shift forwards and backwards to create more length. Again, totally, totally up to you. Beautiful. Let's take time to relax. Stretch out, maybe sitting on the shins, sitting on the bottom, however, feels comfortable for you. Just taking arms behind your role shelves back to hang around. If the chin take the arms over the head. Just haven't did or at least initials. You weren't super hard. I definitely feel it. Slowly releasing here. Release and come on to your bottom. Stretch out the legs. Again. You may want to have a block here. You may want to have straps to see how it feels for you in how to raise the Amazon exhale reaching forward, finding that deep fourfold hinging from the hips create length through the spine. Again, try not round through the body sitting by on top of those sit bones, finding length here. One more breath, slowly releasing. Well-done. Don't worry if you follow them. To worry if he face planted. Just takes time to get their journey to pinch or some days you'll have a beautiful balance. And some days it just won't be there. Patients is what we practice. Roll up through the spine. Beautiful. Bend the knees. Switching yourself closer towards the heels are wonderful. Roll down through. Draw the knees in towards you. Have a nice release here. There's a rock from side to side. Shattered legs up towards the ceiling. Roll out the ankles, rollout your risks. My arms feels super fired up sort of my core, my legs to actually just take or at least drawing nice back in when relieving pasture. Little Rock from side to side. Take the arms out towards the side, palms facing up, tip the toes down on the floor, shift the hips over towards the right side just an inch. Chosen these backup towards you and take the knees over towards the left side. Now, I want you to try and stack the knees on top of each other. That way you'll notice the right shoulder lifted. It'll try and ground that shoulder blades, that floor, increasing stretch in towards the arms of downside the back. You'll notice that difference when you should really try and pull that right hit on top of it that are more bright, beautiful. Lifting, tip toes down, hips, shift over to the left is an inch. And up and over to the right side. Again, try and stack the knees upon each other. Notice how my shoulder sleeves and trying to ground. Well, to be super proud of your body today. If you managed to get a kick up, great. You fell over. Perfect. Don't worry. You've taken up and back. Join, isn't. You're more than welcome to Eukarya with any postures that you feel that you want to do, you can go into shold stand, you come to victory, to Carney. You could come into some bridges, whatever feels good for you. I'm going to bring the soles of my feet together and then I'll open up minis and I take my left hand to my heart and my right hand and the Valley. I'm gonna close down my eyes and just start to notice how I'm feeling now. How my body has changed over our practice. What's open sales worked, and allow my calming breaths to enter into those muscles, into, into my mind. And just take a deep breath in and out three of them. Relax. You are more than welcome to stay here as long as you like to. You could release and make your way into Srivastava. Whatever shove asthma feels like for you. Forced underneath the knees, bending the knees and knocking them in. Stillness to enter into your body. Move in towards the mind. And just allow yourself to relax here as long as you like. Push, pause and stay here. And very, just take the timer. This may be the only break that you have in your day. More more breath option to say yeah, or you could roll over to the side of your choice. Pushing up, renews itself back up to ceded. However that feels for you. The hands can come onto the knees. Panama jovial choice. Hands can come on to the belly, can come back to the heart and the barely wherever feels good for you. Thanking your body for all it's done. Remember we don't just come to yoga for the physical. You come for the mental and emotional side to to enhance the heart space. Thank you very much for practicing with me today. Numstat. Now, don't worry, if you found that class hard, I definitely do. It's a journey to that posture. You'll notice how your elbows may be feeling. You maybe noticed how your shoulders or feeling. Or maybe you really fired up that core. Keep practicing, keep going and just see how it goes for you. Older.