Advanced WordPress Theme Development with Bootstrap 4

Marcelo Xavier Vieira, WordPress Theme Developer

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63 Lessons (8h 41m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Installing XAMPP

    • 3. Installing WordPress (Best Practices)

    • 4. Template Hierarchy and Template Anatomy

    • 5. Creating and activating our first WordPress theme

    • 6. Activating our first WordPress theme

    • 7. The three building blocks of a WordPress theme (part 1)

    • 8. The three building blocks of a WordPress theme (part 2)

    • 9. Enqueuing stylesheets the right way

    • 10. Ιncluding Bootstrap 4 (part 1)

    • 11. Including Bootstrap 4 (part 2)

    • 12. Creating Menus (part 1)

    • 13. Creating Menus (part 2)

    • 14. The WordPress Loop

    • 15. What are and how to use Template Pages (part 1)

    • 16. What are and how to use Template Pages (part 2)

    • 17. Adding Theme support (part 1)

    • 18. Adding theme support to Post Thumbnails

    • 19. Getting template parts

    • 20. Adding theme support to Post Formats

    • 21. Creating and adding sidebars and widget areas (part 1)

    • 22. Creating and adding sidebars and widget areas (part 2)

    • 23. Creating our Services Area Widget Area

    • 24. The powerful WP_Query class (part 1)

    • 25. The powerful WP_Query class (part 2)

    • 26. The powerful WP_Query class (part 3)

    • 27. The powerful WP_Query class (part 4)

    • 28. Including Permalinks

    • 29. The single.php template file

    • 30. Allowing Comments

    • 31. Search templates and forms (part 1)

    • 32. Search templates and forms (part 2)

    • 33. Search templates and forms (part 3)

    • 34. Handling pagination (part 1)

    • 35. Handling pagination (part 2)

    • 36. Creating archive, category, author and tags page (part 1)

    • 37. Creating archive, category, author and tags page (part 2)

    • 38. Including a 404 error page

    • 39. Basic SEO Techniques

    • 40. Creating a Slider with MotoPress Slider (part 1)

    • 41. Creating a Slider with MotoPress Slider (part 2)

    • 42. Creating Contact Forms with Contact Form 7

    • 43. Including a Map without Plugins

    • 44. Setting up a Social Networks plugin

    • 45. Including a Responsive Menu

    • 46. The Theme Customizer WordPress API in detail (part 1)

    • 47. The Theme Customizer WordPress API in detail (part 2)

    • 48. The Theme Customizer WordPress API in detail (part 3)

    • 49. The Theme Customizer WordPress API in detail (part 4)

    • 50. Theme Internationalization (part 1)

    • 51. Theme Internationalization (part 2)

    • 52. Theme Internationalization (part 3)

    • 53. Packing the Theme with the TGM Plugin Activation (part 1)

    • 54. Packing the Theme with the TGM Plugin Activation (part 2)

    • 55. Packing the Theme with the TGM Plugin Activation (part 3)

    • 56. Getting Our Theme Ready for Gutenberg (part 1)

    • 57. Getting Our Theme Ready for Gutenberg (part 2)

    • 58. Getting Our Theme Ready for Gutenberg (part 3)

    • 59. Getting Our Theme Ready for Gutenberg (part 4)

    • 60. Getting Our Theme Ready for Gutenberg (part 5)

    • 61. Getting Our Theme Ready for Gutenberg (part 6)

    • 62. Getting Our Theme Ready for Gutenberg (part 7)

    • 63. Migrating a WordPress Website from a Local to a Remote Web Server


About This Class

WordPress Theme Development is not meant to be rocket science

So, you want to learn how to create a WordPress theme, but you don’t know where and how to start. After a lot of research, you couldn’t find any decent material that can teach you exactly what you want.

Yes, I know how all that can be frustrating. I’ve been there before. That’s why I decided to share with you all I’ve been learning for seven years. Everything you want is within the 63 lectures of this complete, straight to the point class.

Imagine, earning your living as an official theme creator. Or as a freelance WordPress theme developer, working at home, being your own boss. In a month, or even sooner, that could all become a reality:

"Three weeks ago, I knew very little about WordPress. Today I am laying the finishing touches on a WordPress site for a client that they are very pleased with. This is all thanks to this course. Marcelo is an awesome, responsive teacher who was always quick to answer my questions. I can't say enough good things :)” (Walton Jones)

This is not a class with lots of projects. Yet, unlike other similar classes, there’s no lack of explanations. I'll cover all fundamental aspects of WordPress theme creation. At the end, you'll become a skilled and talented WordPress theme developer.

You’ll learn, from start to finish, how a WordPress theme works. So, say goodbye to third-party or ready-made themes. From here on, you'll become independent and ready to create any theme, or even tweak others' themes.

You won’t find such an organised and complete material anywhere else. And it’s all here for you, at your disposal. Here are some of the things you don't need anymore:

  • You don’t need to read “bloated” documentation to understand how to build themes

  • You don't need to waste time scrolling through lengthy tutorials on the web

  • You don't need to get bored searching for meaningless content on YouTube

Everything is at your fingertips in this class.

What exactly am I going to learn?

We’ll start with the very basics. You’ll learn how to install WordPress the right way, something that not everyone knows how to do (trust me!). And, step by step, we’ll delve into more complex and exciting topics, that would take you months to learn on your own.

You’ll learn things like:

  • How the basic theme structure works - from scratch

  • How to integrate the theme with Bootstrap - any version

  • The essential inner files and pages

  • The functions and the native tools that make the whole theme mechanism come to life

And more... You’ll also learn how to deal with some specialised tools and APIs, such as:

  • The Theme Customizer, an incredible tool to empower your clients and theme users. They will thank you, as you’ll give them the power to become the "real owners" of their own websites!

  • The new Gutenberg editor

  • The powerful TGM Plugin Activation. If your intention is to redistribute your work, it will help you bundle all your plugins with the theme

And, to wrap up, you’ll also learn how to localize your theme, making it ready to "speak the language” of your clients.

You’ll have access to all the files we’ll be creating along the class, so that you don’t feel lost in any way (see Projects & Resources tab). They will be your guide and help you solve the problems you’ll come across while writing code.

How is this class different?

What my students like the most is the excellent response time to their questions. You know, long waiting times can slow down your progress. So, I always try to reply within 24 hours. You can be sure you’ll never feel alone in this class.

I’m not sure if other classes have students who say things like:

“I'm almost done with my own theme, ran in to an issue, and Marcelo has responded back with very detailed, quick help. I don't know how he does it! (…) Marcelo has laid this course out well, when you come up to a snag do everything you can to research and fix it on your own, but if you can't he's there for you. That's huge for me and may be for you, too.” (Ryan Johnson)


"Marcelo has been amazing at explaining everything and has been extremely responsive when I ask questions while doing the course. I am not 100% done with the course yet but due to his diligence and quick and thorough responses I could not wait to give him a 5 star rating.” (Adnan Usman)


“Marcelo is very knowledgeable and makes the course enjoyable. He answered my questions in the forum fully and within a few hours time. Frankly, I would buy any WP course from Marcelo!” (Christopher Moldrickx)

And the list goes on…

Who’ll benefit?

Web designers, web developers, programmers and IT students will find this class a good match.

Remember, this class IS NOT for non-techies. If you already work with HTML, CSS and PHP (even with little PHP experience), you’ll feel confident in this course. All lessons are straightforward, with thorough explanations and at a comfortable pace. So, as I try not to rush on things, you’ll be able to follow the content without much problems.

People wanting to create themes for themselves or for their own clients will benefit a lot. As well as the ones wanting to sell their creations. WordPress themes are a gold mine for the ones who master the art of developing them. And this is what you’ll get in this class.

WARNING: if you don’t know how to write a single line of code, please, avoid this class. This is not a regular WordPress class and, YES, you’ll be writing a lot of code as the class moves along.

Does this class work?

Again, I’ll let my dear students answer this question:

"Love the course! I had no clue at all how to convert my HTML/CSS website to Wordpress even though I had some beginner experience in PHP. Now my website is completely converted in Wordpress and it's amazingly simple. (Melvin Idema)

"Excellent class! The pacing of the lessons is ideal for people who have never created a Wordpress theme before, and it's very satisfying to see the example theme developing as each lesson adds a new feature. Highly recommended. (Fen Glyph)

Remember, this is a Skillshare class, so you’ve nothing to lose in case you don’t like it. So join me right now. I can promise you this will be a journey that will change your professional career for good.

Are you ready? So, let's get started!