Advanced Ways to Make Your Etsy Shop Popular | Ashlee Geheb | Skillshare

Advanced Ways to Make Your Etsy Shop Popular

Ashlee Geheb, Entrepreneurship Educator for Creatives

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7 Videos (32m)
    • Welcome & Intro!

    • SEO, Titles & Keywords

    • Advanced Marketing & Ad Tips

    • Photography Tips

    • Branding & Telling Your Story

    • Passive Income Possibilities

    • Project!


About This Class

In this advanced Etsy selling class I'm teaching some more in depth techniques for making your Etsy Shop stand out from the millions of other shops so you can have more sales & meet your Etsy shop & business goals!

This is for current Etsy shop owners looking to really grow their Etsy shop as a part-time or full-time business income stream!





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Ashlee Geheb

Entrepreneurship Educator for Creatives

I started my first business when I was 4 years old - an "art brokering" firm run out of my Nana's house, using my cousins art as my business model. My first high paying customer was the UPS man - and hey, 25 cents IS high paying when you're only 4!! ;) 

Today I am an entrepreneurship educator full time, as well as a serial entrepreneur with several side projects, my favorite being the nontraditional photography company I run with my husband!  I am an entreprepreneur to t...

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