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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Multisliding Text

    • 3. Outline and Fill

    • 4. Banner Slide Text

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About This Class

Hello People

As announced earlier I have made a class of Advanced text animation in Adobe After effects, this is going to be more of a complex text animation rather than advanced as this can be easily made by amateurs too. Also, the animation I taught in this lesson are social media ads oriented and they look super cool. Hope you like this and please review, helps a tonne.

Thank You

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Harshal Srivastava

Manners Maketh Man


Hello, I'm Harshal.

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1. Introduction : Hello people. So first of all, my name is herself Rostow and I'm a student at big spill on you had about campus and I'm in my parity at right now. And as a hobby, I do graphic designing and I'm doing it from a past one year, so I've got to go got a good hands-on, be swapped. So I'm invoking Minuit Photoshop After Effects and Premier Pro and also been starting used Adobe Dimensions. And so what they do for a hobby, I like graphic designing, alternate classes on Skillshare, as you can obviously see. And also I'm a part-time freelancer, Fiverr, and you can check out my profile and I'll be giving the links. So that's about me. Now come into the course, work will be toward you. You wouldn't want the slab. So you might have seen my last class, even though you have north, that is basically animating texts that are very basics of extenuation, the year, monster and emission. So it's not that you won't understand whatever you say. If you're not both the previous slides, you will get an absolute big note. Then also you will be getting the scores completely into the understanding it very well. And because I'll be getting it from the very basic culture you saw that that's probably not an issue. And this will be more of a complex texts and we shall learn how you can mix, mix, and match those to get a new and creative animation. So that'll be the main content of this class. I'll be uploading, I'll be pulling more classes if I'm not already it. So I think right now on that in my first class there are like cells. I'm recording now maybe I'll be uploading it later, but I have total of seven students side now and round. So also some manipulates also. So strange, I don't know it has reviewed, if you are watching this, if you're already, please review because it will definitely help me in getting more reach. So I think that's all. So my name is Joe and aggregating you. Complex text animation or adult section mission in After Effects. So let's go for a post class. Thanks. 2. Multisliding Text: Hello, We will come back with an underclass and grid. I'm going to tell you how to animate for social media and the Sylvian advanced version of the text. Whereas I'll be typing the text to manners, make it Man in which individually will be estimated. And it looks super cool for any kind of social media ad you will be running or anything, any sort of advocating on any animation for social media. This looks great on social media as it does Vandy, snappy. So let's head enrich. So we are already here in the front of the After Effects. We'll make a new composition of my n0 dn, dy width. Then at the high end would be you can choose whatever you want. And I'll be setting the duration to almost 30 seconds. So it okay. Okay, so now what we lose, now we'll type our text. This will be the first letter or false statement. So I'll be typing manners, make it man. So I would have been matters. Now, while you're pressing Control, hit on the WWE can defend me Hank, option to bring this anchor point and then send off the desk. Now I'll be aligning it so that it looks perfect. And here I think it looks good. Notes when taking the rectangle. And we'll be just making a normal rectangle, make sure it's long enough to cover any of you heard word in the sentence. Like suppose you have a really long word in your sentence, makes sure that the rectangle is according to that report, that will depend for that. So we'll be making almost as much because that will be maximum we're doing so. So as of now we are in the we are, we don't have any fill option. So we'll click on the Philly and really check a solid color. It doesn't really matter it because it's just not going to appear at all. But still I'm thinking it just look better. So this is our normal, I'll just align it where degree. So here. Now I'll select the Shape Layer and hit B to build up a position keyframing. And know when this setup given IM or you're heading down almost two seconds and align it horizontally as well. So why don't we have formed a key, we have found an animation. So again, I'm going to approximate the fourth again. And I'll just bring this while holding Shift, make sure that you hold shift so that can cause it straight length. And we'll bring it back. Now again, we'll be going to almost six seconds. And normal again, we'll be analyzing it, aligning it constantly layer. So it's been just a boring, boring animation grid. It goes in the middle and it goes back then again it comes. So that's just the simple animation. So that's not be mean things. So let me make sure I select all the key themes and hit F9, known group in the graph editor. Make sure it's in the editor. Speed it off, and we'll select all of them. And opposite thing, we'll just bring it too dark. We'll just bring the score of the peak to the to the center so that not every exact center, it could be profit center. So the animation looks very snappy. So this has just been sick. So normally that I'll do is yeah, so this is the prepared when I'll be holding, I'll be selecting both bean shape layers as Alice detects layer, and I'll hit control D to banks. Okay, So now I've made 33 copies of each of E at the text as well at the animation layer. Now, what I'll be doing this Manners at the top, the water will later, whatever work needs to come first to make sure that you bring it to the top so that it's little easy. It's not really your Snort, extremely Nortel mandate to bring it at the top. You can absolutely do it. I mean, for in any order you want, but I'll be teaching you. I'm doing this because it will be easy to understand. So what I'm going to do is one, then I'll hit I mean, yeah, so make sure that there is a shape layer, then the text layer then shapely identically 0, then again the strip and then again the next week. Okay, So starting off, first of all, I'll be I'll be changing this. What's a four-level? Yeah. I'm changing this text. This will be our second Lego, which is make it. Okay. This is a secondary. I can make it and now comes to our target. Riches man, manners make it man, which is quite obvious, dynamic King spent. And so I chose that and it really looks or it doesn't matter What did you choose. So this is just for eating zinc. So no one such all of them on. And make sure that if you are in this mode, you people on the public switch mode in order to bring that back met. So non-word you gotta do is it doesn't none to Alpha matte. Then the forced, the forced will be the Alpha Matte, then the Alpha inverted, and then the last one to alpha, I'm back again. Okay? So as you can see now, the shape is not visible. And so basically, suppose you have a really long sentence which have an ortho board. So you can make this and you can change the track matte from alpha, alpha, then, then I'll find martin Dan alpha, then it'll find murder. You will be going on like this and your text will appear absolutely flawless. Okay, so here we are. And so now as we can see, we just have a simple text where it just goes and manners come again, make it again then. Yeah, so this is this is the same. Okay, So this is the same wearing tight Standards mark actually looking good. So matters immediate. Mat good. So now we just yet I think matters. So as we can see, well, first of all, make it as visible, which is dot a second. Again, an environment does not come, but there's no any mistake. So all you have to do is just take this and bringing it to the back and the last step and bring it back again. So now as you can see, manners, make it and just make it, then it will go back on me. So here we see that it is again showing us manners. So we're going to do is just ticket, head back a little bit. And while holding oil, a silicone be Bruce bucket. Now, Map, right-click. I can distance nor are aligned lead less than nine. This make sure that all of them I'm aligned. Yep. Yep. I guess nor does the name. So now will be pretty unit. So as you can see, now out of manners, then make it man. Okay? So this looks really like this doesn't make sense on itself. Okay? So what we'll do is we'll hit the IFM on I can so that we can see. And normally we picking up and do it and we can draw just a simple length, just this single line mix. Behold text. Pretty amusing. So you'll pick anywhere the top by holding Shift, make sure at the bottom it need not be accurate. It doesn't really require. And now we'll be picking on. I'll be taking US dollar just to add that stroke and I'll be taking a solid color. Okay? And now make this short blue. Okay? So now we have made distend and unlimited list. Hit on VM2 pattern this with the ship that you can add enter to any of the layer. All of them have the same motion. And yep. So that's it. For now. We'll see manners. Make it. And then man, so doesn't that books text look absolutely amazing? So this is just smarter data from my side. And I think this looks super dope and you can reanimate it anyway. So making an animation when more, I'll do it, I'll hit S aisle. Just go forward. I'll just make sure that to select all. And we'll dig takes to back so that we can give the time to be sheep. And what we'll do is we'll go forward and we'll make a P3 more here. And at the start, we unlink it. And we'll hit this yet. So we'll make this 1, 0%. And I will select it and we'll hit F9 to easy, ease out. So this admission, we looked more work. So as you can see the text, these does became big. And then again, start on the animation. So you can literally choose any of the text you want. So you add, just have to remember these that you have to make alpha and alpha and murdered then alpha L by this, if you look the shape from the other side, you can start from l, find Merton tan alpha. It will make, it wouldn't make sense. So now, so this was all about British colonial. When a door do you, how do you make, how to make this absolutely amazing decks which a look dope on any of the social media. So I guess that's sort of it. So thank you for watching my video and we'll see you next lesson. Thank you. 3. Outline and Fill: How did we build her? We are back in our next class. So today I'll be teaching you how to do the outline effect in which our lane animation is getting, gets filled one-by-one. So I think I forgot to mention one thing in the introduction that it had long with the advanced tech and emission, this is going to be more of a social media ad, what you intended because I've seen lot of Acts. They have radical text effects. So that will be Edmund miss this way or mislead and advanced text effect animation class. But also you'll build a new whole leg. Social media ads basically advertise, been uptaking their creative ways. And I'll show you how to do that link so good as you can see. So in my side and getting this page, so I mean, doing something like that. So let's do, so. We are already here in Adobe After Effects will create a new composition. We'll take about 30 seconds buried on black, but it okay, no more piano, move on. We have to directly type in the text. Make sure the text box up to your full frame. Because if it is for the full-frame, I'm taking for the flu frame tool. So now that pin of the shoe, now I go and hit Control a, Control C. I'm just copying the same text. The same name. Okay. So this is my text. And yeah, I'll hit Control a and I'll just decrease increase this by Ingredient text spacing by 125. Yeah, I think. Yeah. I'll just use this a little bit so that there's gender little fast. You've got to do it her. Okay? So when will align it to the center in this middle, actually what we, so this is our text layer. So now you have to duplicate this. So after lubricating, basically we are duplicating so that we can have one outline text effect and when will be the solid the filament. So one layer will be having a failed x and the second one will be having this short only stroke and only fit. So in the second one I'll just make it to, I'll go to characters and then just hit this small icon of swap, fill and stroke. So it will just swap my fill and stroke. Okay, So now we have two texts and we can see, yep. So now what do I wanna do is hit this small icon. Go to animate. I will go capacity, make sure to would go up by opacity. Now in the range selector, what we would call Lewis will be tending to three settings which are normally found in default. These are Lula understand markets. Okay? So in the unit circle to index because we want the text to be like we pause, play, pause play nor designated smooth motion 2 we are going to index rather than percentage. In the end will be going based on length. That mission will be based on lines as if you want it. It can be as part of your characters too. But I want my animation to be asked but lengths. So I'm taking in that. Now. I'll dig the smoothness. We don't want any smoothness, so I'll just bring this funkiness to CDO. Okay? No, Let's start at 0 and you have minus one, okay? Now, um, what we Lewis, we'll create a keyframe. You're on the offset and we'll go to seconds photo and then hit. So as you can see, we have total of five length. So if whatever number of times you have, you may select offset more when more than that. So R5 number of lines, I'll be taking 46. So I'm taking offset S6 and you don't have to edit that. It will become like opacities increasing the denominator. It's going to be very, very unsmooth or higher-order way you can see. So I'll just call back so that you can see what actually happens. Yeah, no, sorry, I forgot to maintain the set of paths that could decrease the opacity all the way to see the polio. So quest for you so that you can see, oh, no, I hit play. So as you can see, our text has been animated like it looks about good. Okay, So because this is a very popular social media ad, so you might more than one, this feels like I told you you weren't you weren't that are always true and you want to be fatal invaded, you just do a small tinge that could be in the mood. You have to just click on, add and subtract. You know, as soon as you get to subtract and you played. So it is outlined in order to refer to one layer. So I think that's one of the coolest animation I've seen in social media ad. And you have learned something new. Let's see next class. Thank you. 4. Banner Slide Text: How do we build on backward another class so ingrained in our class, who means less than? So? Basically in today, I'll be teaching your great effect like you have shown, you must have seen in some social media acts like a virgin, there is a travel agency type of athlete that is traveling through, then it goes from one place to another slide stone. And so I did tell you how to do that, as you can see, yield. So I think that looks super cool. And I think they'd be doing that. No good. So that looks about me. So I'll be teaching you how to do that in this full loan, plenty of things. So separation of mosque and old. So let's do it for you. So here we are in Adobe After Effects. We create a new composition as usual, I'll be taking okay with taking the frame rate has 30 seconds. I don't require 60 FPS right now. Non-word, I'll do it. Now. I just create the same clear text and create text. I'll create just not already simple text to be L. Sorry, traveled to. That's it. That's my text. I'll just decrease the sand bed. And for them to do this. I'll hit Control D in order to, in order to duplicate this and bring this. And by working hard to bring your anchor point and descended by holding control, you have to hit the band Gang. Bu, left-click depending on price, control or command, whatever you're using. Now let's align it in the middle. Okay? And the name this also integrated. Now I want to change this normal again. Now I'll drag this one by holding Shift and drag this to this. And and so so that you maintain proper alignment. Okay? No, no. And double-click on the text and I'll increase the size of the textbooks as we'll be having 45 countries. So while we doing in the output, which is my inventory, then we say the UK, and then Japan. Okay? So I think that's it. For granted that enough you can take as many as you want or you have taken phi out of them. I think my small text box is a little bit smaller. Yep. So no, we haven't Japan in the heap for him to 0. So normally it just normally selected. So the system, no way to just drag it a bit to make the spacing even. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Oh, or you can do is hit Control Plus. Okay, we'll get these ruler and just drag it here for marking. So this is a line because I was holding Shift, make sure to have a horrid shift that's very important formerly alignment. But even you feel northern end just hit us. And we could do axons ruler and you can just simply drag down whatever you want. I'll get this back here. So, yeah, I think that's perfect. I'll hit the controller to make the logo. We know what the Lewis. Now we'll just animate this one. The layer having the countryside b and the style makeup normals B. And this is my first keeping. And again to meet the same keyframe, hit this button. From here, I want to start the animation. I want for a few minute second iPhone, the India public display. So now I'll go to this algo few frames for now, I'll just simply, I'll click this. We're getting shocked. Make sure to order chipped in this one because we definitely need so I think it's just mapping them back. Yep. So that's that's my new position. I think that's a bit drawers and use this number. Yeah, It's perfect. No more than do is I'll go for a few frames. I don't want it to go and exciting, so, and I hit, again, hit the keyframe. What you, okay, So this will create the scene, give it seems wrong. Same value of keyframe to another value of keyframe. So it will not change them, okay, but it will help in our animation. More three Lewis will again head and go further. We'll change the value to the UK. That's perfect. We'll go through frames forward again with the gifting and department. Okay. We've had the keyframe at the back-end to maintain that position. Again, glucose few freedoms forward. No real or Ingo, few frames forward. And just Decrease the value del Japan. Yeah, yes, Jahan means particles have an indifferent. Okay, So now that's, that's how that image, okay, so I'll just preview it. Let me do this. I will hit, I'll just drag this and you can move it out. Okay. I'll see. Okay, So this is the text stay bonded. But the problem here is that all the text is coming means together, but we don't obviously Concord that. Great. So what we'll do is we'll just click on the country's nail, will take this rectangle layer and simply draw a rectangular here or Moscow area, sorry, to get us. We'll make it little bag as some countries out there, the longer the textile know your adenine T, the text goes along with the motion. We obviously don't want that. So the easiest way to skip all this testing you on to coiled or their modulus. New solid layer. Create a new solid layer. You will create on the mask masculine hit Control C, go to the, your solid layer, hit Control V. Now, after doing that, you have to delete the mask from you. Okay. Did you tell your mass come over here and you will put your hand, maybe just drag a Moscow. Smart should be. Or I don't know for some reason actors will understand the position that will be a better option for addition. But change the position from your door exactly where my works out. Okay. So yes, my text, I'll just go few pocket. So that's my new animation. Now still don't see the problem that we solved break. So just what you have to do is make sure that if you are not seeing the option for that Matt, just to go and search mode and you will get from them. You have to get alphabet. Yeah, that's it. That's okay. So that goes the symbols like a bird and you get this awesome event. So item this is not an ion in the center, I'll just wait a bit of the right. Yep. Perfect pocket. This looks good to me. Okay. So as you can see, oh no, no, no. The mosque is HIO. I'll just took Moscow that index it. So you can basically are you can, you can take it out and you can put it anywhere you want. You can change the position and you can play with this condition two. And I can record the basic concept behind this. So this was all about today's video and I hope you like it. Thank you.