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Advanced SlideShare Marketing - Generate High quality Traffic and Leads

teacher avatar Nagarjuna Ageer, Entrepreneur and Digital Marketing Manager

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

28 Lessons (1h 19m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Introduction to section 1

    • 3. What is SlideShare

    • 4. Why is SlideShare different

    • 5. Introduction to section 2

    • 6. SlideShare account creation

    • 7. Filling up profile information

    • 8. Linking social profiles

    • 9. Keyword Research - Introduction

    • 10. keyword Research - Tool 1

    • 11. Keyword Research - Tool 2

    • 12. Keyword Research - Tool 3

    • 13. Coming up with powerful Headline

    • 14. Working on your content

    • 15. Overview of Popular SlideShare Presentations

    • 16. What should be the size of the deck

    • 17. Using PowerPoint to create Presentations

    • 18. Where to get free Resources

    • 19. Inserting Images and Logos

    • 20. Creating Charts and Graphs

    • 21. Rules for adding Call-to-action

    • 22. Tool you need to correctly save your presentation

    • 23. Creating a Call-to-action

    • 24. Saving your presentation in a correct method

    • 25. Uploading your SlideShare Presentation

    • 26. Promoting your SlideShare Presentation

    • 27. Embedding to wordpress

    • 28. BONUS !

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About This Class

Learn advanced SlideShare Marketing to generate high quality traffic to your website and Leads.

Topics which we cover in this course includes

✔ Learn to create the best content for your SlideShare presentation

✔ Create stunning presentations in Microsoft powerpoint and correctly inserting the links

✔ Rank your SlideShare presentations in search engines

I will also show you how to correctly add call-to-actions in your SlideShare presentation. 90% of the marketers out there don't know how to add a call-to-action correctly.

This course is designed for anyone who wants to generate traffic to their websites and get quality leads.

Note: Please check the class project for additional resources

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nagarjuna Ageer

Entrepreneur and Digital Marketing Manager


Nagarjuna Ageer is Growth hacker and Digital Marketing Manager. He helps startups to get traction using Digital Marketing and Growth hacking Strategies.

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1. Introduction: 2. Introduction to section 1: Welcome to the introduction class Off this section. In this section, we will see the overview off selection, the topics covered in this section in glute. What is Sly Jer all about? If you're already familiar with Slater, you can skip this class on. We'll see why you should use slighter for your business on. I wouldn't give you the overview off. How slighter is different from other social media platforms. See you in the next lecture. 3. What is SlideShare: Hey, so what is lighter? Slight share is a leading professional pendant sharing community. Slighter is a social media platform where you the skin upload presentations on any topic. This website is considered to be similar to YouTube, but only for slight shows. All load of absurd is primarily a slight hosting service. It also supports documents infographics webinars on Redus. I will show you how to upload all of them in upcoming lectures. Slighter was founded in the year 2006 by Rush Me, Seen her on Later. It was purchased by Lincoln in the year 2000 well and now Lindenwood, acquired by Microsoft recently in June 2016. Slighter is a rapidly growing platform on, with less competition compared toa other famous social media platforms. In the next light, I have least ilo few fax aboard slide share on why you should start slighter marketing for your business 4. Why is SlideShare different: Hey, guys, why you slide your different from other social media platforms? Your presentations on flight share gets wrangled in search engines. If you think your block post are not getting enough traffic from search engines, slighter is the best toiled in it do for you. You were post on Twitter or Facebook. Do not hang in search engines, whereas slideshow presentations do rank in search engines. Slight share has very high domain authority. There is a good chance for you to ranks like representations if you currently create on optimized your slide share account. Slighter needs more work in other social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook. You are sharing content, which you have posted in your blog's or website. However, you might create customized images for your Facebook post. But most of the time you share your block posts on Facebook or Twitter. You cannot do this on flight shared. You're making content, especially force lecture, just like you make for your blocks on. You shared this lecture Bush on other social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn or Google blanks 5. Introduction to section 2: welcome toe at once. Slighter marketing cost Section two. In this section, we are actually going to work on our slide share profile. The topics which we're going to cover in the section includes creating a business account on how toe filled out the profile information correctly to optimize your slighter profile. I will also show you how to link other social media profiles like Facebook Twitter on Google Place to your existing slight shirt business profile. I will give you the overview off popular slighter presentations so that you can get some inspiration on. I will explain you the important off having attracted Tomales See you in the next lecture. 6. SlideShare account creation : Hello, guys. In this lecture, we will see how to create its larger business account. Please go ahead on visit www dot slighter dot net after the page has loaded click on the Sign of Britain. Now instead off directly signing in Please scroll along the beach. Here you can see Are you a company or the university? If you are using sleight shirt for your business, please click joined. Now enter your email. Attar's in the user name under your business name on Enter your passport on Glee Joined. Now that's a day Do you go? You have successfully created slide share business ago. See you in the next lecture. 7. Filling up profile information: you have successfully created your slideshow profile. Let's head it over. Provide information. Make sure you have logged into your account. Click on Edit Profile. Slight shirt will automatically send a verification email to your email address. Please go ahead on. Verify your email. Lidless. Now go to your profile. Click on Edit on Upload Your profile picture. It is recommended toe. Applaud your company logo or brand image as a profile picture. Make sure you crop it correctly on Glick Globe and say this is a company called on by default. Enter your organization. Name on right about your company. Information givers are very important. Please. Hi, you're targeted keywords in this section and there you are, the side name. If you have any on glee, set your targeted industry. Please select the number off employees in your organization on Blix Eve. That's the next lecture. We'll see. How do I social profiles to your slighter com 8. Linking social profiles: in this section. I'm going to show you how to link your at their social media profiles to your slighted account. All you need to do is who do your slight conflict. Ing's under a concept ings. Goto profile Details Click on contact the days here you can and tell your Twitter handle. Go to the Twitter business page. Copy the Twitter handle, which is located just below your user name on Based it over here. Similarly, go to your Facebook page. Facebook business page, copy the link on base. You know what here? Similarly, go to your linguine beach. Copy your linguine, you honor. This is just on example having I'm giving you hand. Baste it over here. You can also enter us a dinning country. I know it so you can enter your phone number over the years and you can choose whether whether to display it on your profile. Ordinary on click Seem no. Go to your account settings on click on privacy. Make sure you can share your data with Lyndon on glitzy. See you in the next lecture. 9. Keyword Research - Introduction: the first thing you need to do for successful slight share presentation is key. Will result. Keeble Research helps you to find out what people are searching for in different locations . You can find out most profitable keyboards on. Try to run them in search engines if search engine is your main priority. Even if you're not trying to write in search engines, it is always a good idea to do keyword research. It gives you more ideas and topics to explore. In this section, I will show you how to do keyword research on in the upcoming lectures. We'll see how to add these. Give ERTs in your title. This keyword research works for every other content Marketing like blog's You too on websites. It is not just for a slight shit. See you in the next lecture. 10. keyword Research - Tool 1: as I have already told you in the previous lecture, you can use the same Cheever research process for all your content marketing needs. You don't need to take separate keyword research. Course I will cover all the basics on show you everything you need to know. Please post in the discuss infection. If you have any questions regarding keyword research, I will show you how to use three different tools to do keyword leases. The first tool which we're going to cover is Google keyword Planet Social Google Adverts in Google Search engine and click on the first link No logged into your Google AdWords. I can't using your G Millican to Launch Giver Planet. Click on the tool section, which is in the Dogma Nouba and select keyword planner. No, enter the keyboard, which you want to search for over this section. I would suggest you to enter long. Gilkey would like finance books for beginners rather than just enduring one war. Like finance, long tail keywords tend to give better on more accurate results. On their most profitable. You can also target particular location who fear targeting all over the world. Just leave as it is if you want to Endor particular location. Click on the pencil icon, which is visible all year. No, enter the location you can. Also there. You can also remove the location by clicking, removed and saved. No search for the details. The first thing which you can see is the graph on Below that you can see the number off. Searchers are made in Google for the Cheever Finance books for beginners. Below that, you can see the related. Give ALS. You can explore all these keyboards and get more ideas for your project like this. You can also see the competition so just out bid. When you hover the most icon over this graph, you can see the varying results for every month for that particular giver. You can also keep this in mind while doing your project. You can also added your location. Over here, you can do the quick edit if you want. If you want to search for multiple keywords at a time CO. Two tons keyword planner toe ender multiple keyboards Click on get search volume data and trends. Over here, you can enter multiple kibbutz by separating each covered by a comma. If you have an exception. You can also upload your files on take search volume so you can see the results which I have got by entering multiple Giffords. So thank you for watching See you in the next lecture. 11. Keyword Research - Tool 2: another tool which we are going to cover is Mance keyword exploded. For this, you need to search for Mosque E with explorer in Google and click on the first link. You see, Moss Keyword exploder has been launched in early 2016. If you are serious about searching and optimization, then I would suggest you to go ahead and approaches the paid version off this tool and your long tail keywords in a search area on dried for free. Now you can see the metrics given by mosque. He would explode. You can see the number off Searchers Month Onda difficulty level of the Cheever. You can also see how potential the keyword is using this mosque e with Explorer. Uh, no. If you scroll down, you can see the search, sir. Analysis sort is search engine ranking beach. You can see the top 10 results which appear own search engine for this particular keyword. You can also see the page authority on do mean authority For the particular result. You can also export this in the CIA's we fine for your convenient. You can also change the location off Google like Google, United States, Google, United Kingdom or whatever you want. If you go back to overview, you can also see other keyword traditions. When you click on other Cheever traditions, you can see 1000 more keyboards, which are related to the key would which you have search for on. You can also see relevancy. Volume Exeter. You can also figure it out the way you want. That is how you do keyword research on Mosque E with Explorer. Next lecture, we'll see another tune called Some Brush. 12. Keyword Research - Tool 3: Another tool which I'm going to show you, is some brush. Sem brush is the most comprehensive searching an optimization tool which every marketer needs. Although it is a Paitoon, it is worth the every penny you pay. So it's for assemblage in Google and click on the first link here. You can enter the domain name key would or you are which you want, Owen Allies. I will enter the Cheever on Glick search. No, Here you can see the metrics. You can see the metrics off organic search volume for this keyword, and you can also see the related keywords. So the best books for entrepreneurs is getting eight a. D. 880 soldiers. Results on books for entrepreneurs is getting 3 90 reserves per month. So compared toa. Put this. Give it You can go for this cable. Insure off this keeper. You can also see the Serb results like the 1st 10 desert in search engine. For this particular keywords, you can also see the competition. I would suggest you toe go ahead and purchase the pain to. However, if you are looking for basic metrics like search volume on certain Brazil's or related keywords, you can do this for free in Temblor's 13. Coming up with powerful Headline: Now that you have successfully, then your keyword research, it's time for you to finalize the title, which includes your keywords. Having a powerful headline is very important. Your headline is your first point off connection with your prospect or customer, whether it is a bait, traffic or organic traffic or whether it is a social media traffic, almost any other form of traffic headline is the first thing people read before visiting the landing page. So make sure you have got a powerful headline people make most off their decisions. Using emotions you were headline should trigger their emotion. Andi should make them click on it to make more in back. Always try to include numbers. Courts on names in your headline research have proved back. Having members in your headlines increases the click Druid on, therefore, increases the rank in search engines, which helps you to get more traffic. Your headline should be easy to understand. On should match visitors expectations. Powerful headline also helps you to get featured on slight share Home Beach. Let us search for something in Google and see. I will search books for entrepreneurs. So here are the results. You can see that almost all there isn't starts with the number. So the first idol is eight books every entrepreneur should read in 2005 15 and you can see the word must re must read is a very powerful word. You can use words like these in your title. Let's search for something else when I search for benefit off green tea. Even the first result for this keyword starts with a number I think, understood by no. How important is to have a number in your DyDo You can see here the words like surprising. Surprising is another powerful word. Make sure to use words like these in your title. I have included few tools, which helps you in creating powerful headlines. Please do check them. 14. Working on your content: After finalizing your tidal, it's time for you to work on your London. Always start with the people or no time. Not with the power point or president. Content is everything. Design on visuals are secondary. Tell a story crafts stories that captures both heart and mind. Spend 50% off your time in creating great abundant on another 50% off your time in creating presentations. This rule is applicable for every content marketing platform, not just for its lighter. Spend more time on preparing your content. Give your audience what they need. Focus on giving value to the audience rather than promoting your products. Also, this nobody wants to listen about your product. Arzalluz customer will automatically buy your product or service when you helped them in some way or the other. This built trust in them. Whenever they are in need off a product, they come to you because they know you on. You have already had them by providing valuable information in some way so focused on creating good country. No matter how good your presentations are, it is not going to work if your content is not good enough. So as I have already told you Creating visually appealing slides is secondary. Having the great content is Granderson Shell. It has to grab people's attention from beginning to the end. So good luck for creating the great Guntram. 15. Overview of Popular SlideShare Presentations: hello and welcome guys in this lecture, I want to show you some popular slide shares. Onda de mystify the factors that led them to become popular. If you see this presentation, which is about tech and media outlook, it got around two million views in just their own 8 to 9 months. You can see that they got it on two million views on thousands of shares. It has been uploaded last year in the month of October. This is pretty big presentation with over 100 flights. The first and foremost thing you notice is the attack to cover photo. They also mentioned logo on website. On the cover photo, you can see the logo at the bottom on their website link. It's not a Lincoln, just a text. The title is also clearly visible with big phones. If you check out slides, they're mentioned the brand logo on every slide. If you look at the bottom off, its light mentioned their brand logo on almost every slide. This is a good practice. I would suggest you to put your company logo on the bottom or in the dark wherever it is relevant, according to their design off your presentation, you can see that they have pictures, images infographics on almost all these lights. They put very minimum text on. It's like which is very clear and easy to understand. They have not made any slide look understood. The linger message or information is the key skill you should acquire for successful flight share presentations. If you look at the last light, they have included a call to action. They have included a link to their website which helps audience to visit their website. So let's see another example off a popular slide shapers invasion. It is a slight shared on growth hacking. Even when you look at this slide share, the first thing you notice is attractive. Cover photo on the slight surface. Live it infographics on images. You can hardly see any text. It doesn't mean that you shouldn't put any text on this light. It only means that what I'm trying to say is put minimum text as possible. Convey more with images on infographics. Even the slights are very aesthetic. So if you look at the last light in this light show, you can see a call to action. This is the best example. I can give you on how to generate leads on slide share, although they have added the link to download their presentation, I would suggest you to put a lead magnet in this place instead of just giving a link to a website. They have asked us to download something. Put your lead magnet at the end of this light share or give a link to start a free train off your product. Chances are very high to get lead if you put lead magnet for free tiles rather than just putting a link off your website, let's look at another popular presentation. This one is on branding and marketing. Even I think yeah, even they have a track to cover for dough. Even they have minimum Next on the Legislature's on at the end off their slight Schepers invasion. They have included their Twitter profile so that you just can click on this link on follow him on Twitter so you can do all these things. He also included his website ling at the end of this light here. The common thing in all the popular slight shoes is that they have a track to cover for Do they have put less text on eats light on day conveyed more with images on infographics on they all have is the dick design, and many off these popular's light shoes have more than 25 slides. You need to keep all these metrics in mind before starting your presentation. I hope this helped you see you in the next lecture. 16. What should be the size of the deck: So what should be the size off your deck? There are two main commonly used sizes available, like the standard size, which has the ratio off forties to three on DWhite screen size, which has the issue off 16 is to nine. Let's look at the slight share upside on DSI. How these two different sizes looks like the slide ritual thing right now is off standard size, which has the reach you off for these 23 on the slide of which you are seeing now on the page is off white screen size, which has the issue off 16 inch tonight. It's up to the individual to choose who are the oversized Davis, but I personally prefer to use standard size because it looks bigger than by its screen size in the browser. And, uh, standard size will give better user experience. Even when you're something from a while, I will show you how to select standard size or white screen size in Power Point in the upcoming Legis. In the next section, we will see how to use forward point to create slide share, present visions 17. Using PowerPoint to create Presentations: so you don't need to be an expert at designing to create standing slighter presentations when you have tools like our point at your disposal. If you don't have power point, please go ahead and download the free version off Power Point. I'm not going to show how to don't know Power Point. I think you can do it by yourself. If you have any questions, please post it in the discussion section. I will personally help you. So when you open border point, you can select the pre defined templates available over here. I would suggest you to go ahead and click blank presentation. You can select them by dragging the Left Mosque. Click on President it icon to change the size off your leg. Click on the design icon in the menu bar on Glick on slide size. Here, you can select the size so you can select whatever size you want. You can also change the background color off this deck, but looking format bag room on. By selecting this color icon, which is visible over here, you can also select a Plato all button toe, a play this background color. Do all these lights to create new slight. Go back to whom? On Glick on new slide. Here you can select the type off slide which you want. You cannot text over here. You can also change. This packs too. Smart art by selecting all the text time by clicking on right? Most button and convert was martyred Here You can convert this text in Do this martyred whatever you like. You can select order what you want in this I will tell it this on you can I did this ice. You can also change this toward the work Gallery one. You can also change the background color off the type by clicking the right most Burton and selecting for my Baghlan. I'm similarly selecting the color icon which is visible over here. That's it. You can also click apply to all. So that's it for this lecture. I will show you some more cool bricks in the next lecture 18. Where to get free Resources: in this lecture. I want to show you from where you can download free images, vectors or pictures for your slideshow presentation. I want you to go and visit picks obey dot com. You can see the website. You are a lower here on dive there. Type off image, for example. I will type business so you can see the images which you can download here. These are the royal different images we can use in your slideshow presentation, and if you are particularly looking forward to our graphics, go ahead and search for a big darts. Victors are very useful in Power Point. You also need social media icons. See you, you can know nor descriptor icon Facebook icon. Another website called free pick dot com. This is the best website to download traffic resources for your slideshow presentations so you can see the graphics over here. These have three deals. You can download them for your presentation. One more beautiful website. I want to show you, which is called pixels. Go ahead, go and visit pixels dot com and you can see on the Landing Beach search party. You can search for whatever for does he want? If you want to use background pictures in your slideshow presentation, you can search for texture. Frontal. You can select one off this picture for you at our point. Please check the resources section where I have listed out the free website where you can free vector graphics on images for your presentations. 19. Inserting Images and Logos: Welcome again, guys. In this lecture, I will show you how to insert images, icons, locals inside your power point for this, all you need to do is in the top menu. But click on insert on Glick on pictures. First of all, I would suggest you toe insert your logo, so make sure your logo is off PNG format with no background. This is very important. Many people forget this. Make sure your images off PNG format and put it on there at the bottom, left or side off your screen. And again, you can change the background color at any time you want. If you want to change the background fell off this text. You can click on this text on Glick on shape. Phil. Here you can change the background color off this text. You can also duplicate this line as many times, and from here on you can just and other slide and the late war. There were parts which are unnecessary for you and start working on this slide once again. If you want to insert other images, go to insert tab, click on pictures, so let the image that you want to insert. I want to insert this graphic picked out. You can tell it this on. I want to add some text beside this for this You need to go to insert and you can hold. You can add text works or you can are border guard so you can edit this text. You can also change the foreign size. You can also select different points. You can do there directly from here or you can go toe whom on you can change it over here, all toe In the next light, I will show you how to create charts on graphs for us. Lighter was invasion. 20. Creating Charts and Graphs: Welcome again, guys. In this section I will show you how to insert charts in Power Point. For this, all you need to do is go to the insert section on Glick on the chart here, you can select different kinds off charts which are available for you. Please select the one which is relevant to your presentation on I'm gunned annd to give an example. I will select this first column here. You can choose the category cities once. That is to say history. You can add it. All the details in this actions excel Shit. I will lose him quick at it. If you don't have three different cities for your content, you can select one of this series on click on delete Icon. If you think you are, you have one live in cities. You can delete the other column as well. To change the color of these parts, you can simply select the graph on Glick on styles. From here, you can select the color, change the color to whatever color you want. If you want to change the color off this title, select with completely here you can change the color of the title. Similarly, you can change the collapse off all these text, which is visible over here. To drag this graph, select the graft completely click on the borders on Drag It with your left. Most Britain To delete this chart completely select the chart and click on Delete Icon. Similarly, if you want to add another charts like pie charts and all, you just need to go to insert section on Click on charts. Then you can tell it the pie chart. There are different types off grafts styles available for you. You can select one style on did the deed is. 21. Rules for adding Call-to-action: before moving on to the next lecture. I want to give you the rules for adding call to actions to your slideshow presentation. The first rule is you cannot add links in the 1st 3 slides. Yes, the length to which you add in the first trees lights and do not work. As for this light Sherels, you should not add any links in the first of these lights. On The second rule is hard call to actions at the center of the presentation and me links added on the sites of the presentation. Do not work. For example, if you see this presentation, the look of the mosque or so changes when they take the cursor towards the right sort of the presentation or the left side of the presentation, but in the center it remains unchanged. This is because if you go to the right side of the presentation, the image becomes clickable. It will show the next light when you click on the image, but it the center, the image is not applicable. Similarly, if you go to the left foot off your presentation, the images clickable get back to the previous image. So any link which yard in this area. The Lord work, so make sure to add link at the center radio off your presentation. The old rule is send them to the correct landing pitch. So many people missed this point. They just our link to the website. Then they leave it. No, you shouldn't do that. You should send them to the correct landing beach, where visitors can enter the name and email address. You can send them to your lead magnet or you can send them. Tie your product for free so that they can enter their name and email address before trying your product or downloading your free e book or water where it is. 22. Tool you need to correctly save your presentation: Hello, guys. Before moving on to the next lecture, I would like to tell you something you cannot upload your power point presentations has it is because it may not display your presentation correctly, has told with a slight Sheraton's unique forms or compressed images can lead to a plots that don't appear as clear or as sharp as the original file. So to ensure the best quality for your files, I applaud your slide share as a PdF. Pdf's will also ensure that custom front images on layouts. Ari Dane for So for this reason, you need to upload your power point presentations as a beauty of fine. So what many marketers do is the simply export. Their power point presentation has a PdF on applauded on flight share on day. Wonder what happened to the links, which they have added in their presentation. What they don't know is when you directly export your power point presentation as a PdF file, it will not carry out the links, which you have added in the presentation. To retain all the links you have added, you need a new tool called our Dope Acrobat through what this does is it pretends all the links ritual added in your presentation on, we'll give you clean and beautiful. Pdf, please go ahead and download the free version off this software. 23. Creating a Call-to-action: hello and welcome. In this lecture, I will show you how to add called the Actions on Links in your Power Point presentation. Let's assume that this is your last slide. I will change the background color for the last flight. If you have any local, then feel free to enlarge your logo. You can insert next on. You can always read your text and contoured this text into its martyred, converted into a smarter to make it look like a bottom. So if you want to add link to this Burton, all you need to do is click on the text or the button. Go to insert on click on hyperlinks in the address bar. Please enter the way burgers. You can also add links to your images. For example, go to insert Anglican pictures. Hi Vlad. Another image. One more. Let's align these images to insert link to an image. All you need to do is click on the image and go to insert and click on high burning. Here you can add link. You can add the link to your Facebook peach. Similarly, you can. I dueling toe the twitter on Glyndon pages. I go these images from I can find their dot com, make sure you look out for the images which are free to use commercially. 24. Saving your presentation in a correct method: Hey, guys, In this lecture, I will show you how to correctly save your slideshow presentation. In the previous lectures I have told you to install Adobe Acrobat proof. If you have not yet installed are tobacco back? Please download our job, Acrobat Prue on install it. If you really want to save your links. If you really want toe, get good quality. Slight representations on def. You want toe? Retain all your links. I don't Acrobat pro is must please download our job. Acrobat Prue, Once you have install Adobe Acrobat Prue, all you need to do is goto File section in the top menu bar. You can see an option called Save as Ardo Pdf, you will never see this if you have not installed art of acrobat proof as soon as you install ID the free version or the pro version, you can see this save, as are the pdf. So you want to have saved your pdf, You are ready to upload your presentation. Give a name to it on trade 25. Uploading your SlideShare Presentation: after successfully saving your presentation, it's time for you uploaded onto slight shared in order to applaud your presentation on slight, all you need to do is click on the upload button, so let the files, which you want to upload. So what should be the title of your slides? Representation. In the previous lectures, I have explained you how to come off it a great title. Make sure you have givers in your title if you have found any great long tail keywords like leave management software or attendants, management software or water where it is. If you have phone such a great Cuban, which has low competition on the highs number off searches per month, then you can enter your long Pilkey word as the title itself. For example, I will for this title and had one slight share. Marketing After and during the Titan, you need to write a brief description about two a slideshow presentation. You just need to write 5200 words good description on. Make sure to include your keywords in the slides representations, for example. Make sure you get your keyword at least once or twice appear in the description itself. On variation off key votes also works better. If I consider advantaged slighter marketing as my long del key word, I have put this keyword at the beginning off my description. Andi. I have also made sure that I got this keyword again in the description as well, so you can also very your keywords according to your tidy lower. According to your presentation. After writing the descriptions, it's time for you to choose the category, choose their 11 car ticketea and make sure it is public. For dags, you need to add as many taxes possible. For example, I beleive you can add many such tax. Please act there. 11 tax. Which other presents your presentation? Don't our tax, which are your 11 so tax place an important role in search engine optimization or whenever people search for flights in slide share website it sells, and it's time for you to publish your presentation. You can see this. Our links are working correctly. When it click on this, you're redirected toe you dummy website. Even when I click Facebook page Facebook icon, it is redirecting me Toby Facebook website. So the acting for this lecture in the next lecture I will show you how to make your slight representation go viral 26. Promoting your SlideShare Presentation: it's time for you to promote your slighter presentation as much as possible. If you have spent do this to create a slight representation, you need to spend the rest of the fighters in a week to promote your condiment. These are place not only for slide share but also for blog's. You need toe, promote the content as much as possible and gain maximum visibility to get more views on. Go get around in search engines. In the results of Section I have added a list of website where you can share on from what you're slide shirt was invasions for free. Please do check them. If you are an organization with more than fight and employs, you can always ask your marketing team or sales team or develop Christine to share the slighter presentation on their own profiles. If you have any other questions regarding promotion, please feel free to post it in their discussion section. I will respond it as early as possible 27. Embedding to wordpress: in this lecture, I will show you how to embed your slighter presentation in your website or blow out. Suggest you to embed your slicer presentation in your website or blocks or even in the guest books if they love you. Somebody knew slighter presentation in your website. Oblong is very single. Go to the slights representation which you want to remember on. Just click on this share button. When you click on share button, it will give you some short codes. You can copy these sharp coat on and place it in your website or blog's. If the shot courts doesn't work, you can also copy this high frame court Hi frame called Hello. So you do. I did your height and weight off This lighter presentation in your website simply copied is cool. Go to your WORDPRESS website, creating a new post on go to their texts section on Based your corn? Simple. No. When you click on this visual time, you can see this light representation. You can also addict the height on birth off this presentation by going to text how you can see the wit on height. Over here, you can edit these numbers. Andi change the height and width off this presentation. As per your requirements, you can also ember this like representation on guest blocks as well. So that's it for this section. If you think you have benefited from the schools, then place feel free to leave a good review reviews help me to create more useful and amazing courses for you. Thank you. 28. BONUS !: hello and welcome. In this lecture, I will show you a free all gonna do to Microsoft Power Point. If you do not have power point, you can use this tool for creating your slideshow presentations or other business presentations. If you already have power point at your disposal how to adjust you to go with power point Because Power Point has more customizable options. Then comforted. So this tool, the tool which I'm talking about is Canada. To use this to go toe cannot come. Canada is a free designing toe which you can use for all your designing focuses to make presentations in Ghana. You do not need to have God wants designing skills. Anybody with basic knowledge off design can make stunning presentations in Gambia. I want to visit the upside Click on more. You can also use custom dimensions for creating your image or presentation. But they're not going to do that. Once you scroll along under documents section, you can see presentation. This is a white screen presentation on this is four by 3% Asian. Click on your desired dimensions. I would choose this. So here here you can see the different kinds off Leo, you know that you can use for free. There are also some big layouts, his have and a enough budget. You can poaches the bailouts for the sake off example purpose. I will choose this freely out. See, you can see the pre defined designs for your presentation. You just need to click on it to appear it on your leg to add more slides. You just need to click on hard and you gauge that's a You can use all these pretty fine designs. Once you have selected the designs, you can edit the text. You can also add custom images on lose inside the presentation at the left side of your screen, you can see the uploads section click on this. Ah, protection on. Upload the images. You can upload your images on locals inside your camera presentation. All you need to do is click on this. Upload your images. Pardon otters. You can directly drag on. Drop your images. You can see here the measures uploading. If you want to delete something, you can just like the object with your left. Most button on breast delete button, or you can select the object. I'm delete you can directly and your uploaded images. By selecting the image, you can resize the images. I'm ed it as but your needs. You can also change your bag, Runkle. Just by going into the background section, you can see all the pretty fine colors. There are hundreds off colors and actions that you can use. It is easy to act text using Canada. All you need to do is click on the text section. You can choose the pre defined designs for adding your next on. You can change the color off your next, and there are other options available to it. You're next. Harding Links in Tampa is very simple. You just need to click the text or image haulage. You need to add the link. Click on this link icon. Enter the landing peach. You are where you want your visitors to go click on Apply. That's it. You can also search for millions off images in Canada, for example, having search for I will touch for business. See, you can see the images which problem. Most of this images are paid images. If you have enough budget, you can opposes them. Sometimes you can also find some three images. See, this is the free image. There are many elements in Gambia that you can use for free. For example, lines, illustrations, charge icons. I'm frames go down or this presentation. All you need to do is click on the download button on download as beauty of standard not to now. Let us test over. Don't noted presentation. You can see you on the call to action is also working correctly. Now you can upload this file in your slighter account. Thank you for watching.