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Advanced Singing: If You Want to Go Pro

Eve Williams, Music: Information and Inspiration

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89 Lessons (4h 31m)
    • 1. Introduction for SkillShare Advanced

    • 2. The Basics

    • 3. Breathing

    • 4. Range: The Siren

    • 5. Projection: Twang

    • 6. Projection: Arm Anchoring

    • 7. Retraction

    • 8. Posture

    • 9. The Break in the Passagio

    • 10. Pitching

    • 11. Diction

    • 12. Lightening and Darkening Sound

    • 13. Voice Qualities: Speech

    • 14. Voice Qualities: Twang

    • 15. Voice Qualities: Falsetto

    • 16. Voice Qualities: Sob

    • 17. Voice Qualities: Opera

    • 18. Voice Qualities: Belt

    • 19. Identifying Voice Qualities in a Recording

    • 20. Cool Down

    • 21. The Basics: Recap

    • 22. Performance Techniques: Introduction

    • 23. Improvisation

    • 24. Phrasing

    • 25. Whistle Register/Coloratura

    • 26. Vocal Fry

    • 27. Onsets

    • 28. Growl/ Purposeful Constriction

    • 29. Falsetto Vs Thin Folds

    • 30. Movement

    • 31. What You Wear

    • 32. What You Say Onstage (and What You Shoudn't!)

    • 33. Your Stage Persona

    • 34. Recording Techniques: Introduction

    • 35. Directional and Condenser Mics

    • 36. 'Comping' the Vocal

    • 37. Vocal Effects

    • 38. Consonants

    • 39. Harmony

    • 40. Studio Etiquette

    • 41. Care of the Voice

    • 42. Common Vocal Health Issues

    • 43. Recording a Demo: Introduction

    • 44. Preparing to Record a Demo

    • 45. Finding a Producer

    • 46. What to Include

    • 47. What to Exclude

    • 48. Finding Material to Record

    • 49. Writing Your Own Songs

    • 50. Do I need physical CDs?

    • 51. Recording a Demo: Recap

    • 52. Are you ready for a record deal?

    • 53. Do you need a record deal?

    • 54. What a Label Should and Souldn't Do for You

    • 55. Types of Record Labels

    • 56. Finding a Record Label

    • 57. Inside the Head of an A&R Rep

    • 58. Live Music

    • 59. Solo Gigs

    • 60. Duos

    • 61. Forming a Band

    • 62. Grass Roots Venues

    • 63. Larger Venues

    • 64. Cool Venues

    • 65. Festivals

    • 66. Promoting Your Gigs

    • 67. Your Fanbase

    • 68. How NOT to Get Airplay

    • 69. Local and Community Radio

    • 70. Commercial Radio

    • 71. Interviews

    • 72. Performing Rights Organisations (Getting Paid Royalties)

    • 73. Press

    • 74. Your Artist Website

    • 75. Your Artist Bio

    • 76. Branding

    • 77. Social Media Marketing: Do's and Don'ts

    • 78. Facebook

    • 79. YouTube

    • 80. How to Make a Cool YouTube Music Video for Free (from my YT channel)

    • 81. Twitter

    • 82. Instagram

    • 83. Spotify

    • 84. CDBaby

    • 85. Soundcloud

    • 86. Bandcamp

    • 87. Email Lists

    • 88. GDPR

    • 89. After the Course

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About This Class


I can help you get industry ready.

This course is a bootcamp for vocalists. It includes advanced and challenging vocal technique taught In a safe way, based on my in depth study of vocal pedagogy and anatomy of voice as well as my expertise as an internationally performing singer and recording artist. You will work hard on this course and stretch your vocal abilities using practical, easy to understand exercises. You will also learn the business information you need to build a career as a professional singer.

Do you want to learn the most advanced technicalities of singing? Are you ready to record a demo and get live bookings as well as to find out how to navigate the music industry? Do you want to progress your singing career in an informed, professional way?

Singing has taken me all over the world. I am a professional singer, songwriter and recording artist. I've had the privilege of working with multi platinum artists and producers as well as teaching music at all levels for more than 13 years including teaching singing at the prestigious Queen's University of Belfast.  Now I would like to work with you to help you achieve your singing potential. 

My Press as a Singer:

'Eve has established herself as an artist of considerable sophistication.'

-The Musician Magazine, UK

'A woman armed with a powerful, beautiful voice"

- YouBloom HeadroomYouBloom, LA

Following on from my Singing for All Abilities: Find Your Unique Voice course (though it is not necessary to take the basic course as we go over the basics at the start of the course, including breathing, projection, anchoring, diction, range exercises, cool downs. pitching, posture and lightening/darkening sound), this course goes into some very advanced vocal techniques such as

  • vocal fry

  • whistle register

  • glottal onsets

  • working with studio condenser mics

  • movement and vocalisation

  • an in depth look at voice qualities (the sounds associated with various genres of music)

  • retraction (singing without constriction)

  • improvisation

  • bridging the break in the passagio (blending chest voice and head voice)

We then move on to look at building your artist persona and your brand by covering

  • stagecraft and performance

  • creating an artist persona

  • recording studio techniques

After that we look at the business side of professional singing:

  • recording contracts

  • your online presence

  • getting live bookings

  • getting airplay

  • getting press

  • sourcing the right musical material

  • recording a demo to showcase your work to the industry

At the end of this course, you will be ready to face the music industry.

As well as the videos of the course, you will get personal, supportive feedback from me on any mp3s or videos of your singing you send me.

I'm really looking forward to being part of your musical journey. Enroll now for the next incredible chapter of your singing career.


1. Introduction for SkillShare Advanced: Ok. Hello, and thank you so much for signing up to this course on Advanced singing, aiming for a record deal. And this course is very much aimed at people who would like to be professional singers or are interested in the advanced elements to singing or the business of singing. So we're going to do some exciting things in this course. At the start of the course, we're going to recap the basics to make sure the regimen to write and to monitor how long you've been singing and high experienced GR, We all need to do that every now and then. So we'll look at things like breathing, projection, ranch warm ups, cool dogs, vocal qualities, which are the signs associated with different genres of music. The brake and the massage, or your voice goes from the lower part of your voice and to the higher part of your voice. And old fashioned terms, chest voice and head voice. And say with constriction, singing with retraction so that the voice isn't tight, will also get things like movement and posture. Then we're gonna move on and look at some case studies of successful vocalists, especially people who are currently successful, so that we can look at industry trends and vocals. Because the point of this course is to help you create your own unique, commercial solid, your musical identity. Then we're gonna move on to some quite involved performance techniques. We're going to look at very complex things like vocal fry, whistle, register. We're going to look at improvisation. We're going to look at stage presence and then move on to recording studio technique. After that, there's the business elements of the course. So we're going to look at things like getting life Gates, getting airplay, getting press, and we're going to look at record contracts for different kinds of record contracts, different kinds of record labels. And when I'm high to find one, they'll also be an element of managing your online presence. Look at things like social media marketing and maintaining an email list. So after that, we'll talk about further study and places that can help you if you need support and achieving your goals and your musical career. I'm always happy to hear from you at any point in the course. Feel free to ask questions, post questions in the Q and a or San Louis PMs. And feel free to send mp3s of your singing for feedback because I love to engage with students. So I hope you're excited to get going and let's dive in. 2. The Basics: I think in this section we're going to go over some of the basics off signed singing technique on Why are we going to go over the basics If this is a course for advance singers ? Well, if you're looking for a record deal, you're asking a company to invest in your voice, so you need to be using it properly. I'm looking after it properly. So in this section we're going to get things like breathing projection saying with retraction. That means avoiding a constricted style of singing which can damage your voice. We're going to look a voice quality, and that's the signs associated with certain styles of music. Ever gonna look at posture. So I know that you might think you've mastered these things already, and I'm sure that you have. But no matter how long you've been singing, at what point you've got to, we all get into bad habits. So I really highly recommend that you do use this section. So you ready to go? Let's get started 3. Breathing: when I every you wait way we're going to start with looking at an efficient method of breathing. No, we do not want a breathing style that sounds like this. I promised you that gas be signed in the studio. That's a catastrophe, because when the vocal is compressed, it will make the breaths even lighter. On performance wise, it leaves you with no stamina, and it's just not unpleasant Sign. So we want breathing that is basically silent. Also, you may remember back in the day they used to tell singers singing from your diaphragm Well , that's all. Well, good, but your diaphragm is the muscle that separates your optimal from the Jurassic part of your innards for want of a better phrase, you actually have no conscious control over it, so well, some people misinterpreted. This is Mai night was suck your stuff again for dear life. What happens if you squeeze the chip, the contents of the to come back up and then an opera singer's career was ended by acid reflux when they sucked in their stomach muscles on that acid from your stomach burned river Biffle's. This could be a serious injuries, the vehicles so the kind of breathing we're going to use is called intercostal lateral breathing without, basically means is we're breathing between reds are breathing my words Try not to have attention in the abdominal area and that is called split singers. Please listen abdominal attention. So the first breathing exercise we're gonna do is gonna take a scarf. A stretch Fat would be even better if you have one for more resistance. Go Tie scarf. Not Ron dressed not under your armpits but somewhere in between in the middle of your ribcage. So it is nice tight for a bit of resistance. What, you straight spray then the scarf means read it Well, I want you to avoid Is this do you see? When I raise my shoulders, my voice becomes pinched and I haven't actually done anything And my voice to calls that what talking your shoulders are get shot at least sure list to leave the nice list that's breathed into the scar on that. No, next time when you breathe guys, I want you to let your air your lungs in a gentle, hissing sound like this time how long you could do that for most people can do that for about 15 seconds. So if you can't do that for 15 seconds, that would be a sign of your perhaps a little bit. You need to do something to improve your lung capacity. If you have asthma or any kind of respiratory problems, that doesn't apply. So I want to breathe in NY with the style debris that intercostal natural breathing I want you to contact many times I breathe before I sing this song. What do the drunken say Way? What's you will not do the same day? City Rathod, your scarf on could be the river. Breathe at. There should be some breath left at the end. What I want you to do over the course of this week, using natural start really fast, said Montana. 20 BBM and slow so right until it becomes way. Nor Rome wasn't built in a day it will take. You may be awake a couple of weeks to achieve this. What you want to get to the point where you can sing about 65 bpm in one breath. Another thing. The house, if you don't have good breathing, is that pitch tends to slip. So especially if You're going to be recording a lot if you're performing a lot. You don't want that to happen. So working on everything, I'm working on it. The only basis is very important. Another little exercise. I'd like you today. Get rid of the star Flood. Wouldn't want you going public with that scarf tied. Roger. People, my ass fashions. I want you just to take a deep breath. It Then let the era right stand your breath Unnoticeable happens in your body when you get to the end of breath. So do you notice? Did. Sideways will just take a short break this time. Do you say my stomach muscles My stomach pop light on air was drive into my body because your body never wants to pay with oxygen. This is what to do If you're singing along for is a neuron breath You just let those muscles go. Let me go. I know we're normally to supplement that will drive air into your body. You'll be well supplied there on it will be silent So I'm gonna try this singing Fres I use this is called Splattered. That's Theo. No, that drew in enough breath to get me to the end of the next line. I didn't have to take a day gas be deep breath or a wrath. It was going to disrupt the timing off the phrasing. So if you want oh, rewind a little bit on practice doing that. But the important thing is to get used to what your own body does. It hospitalized, making sure that your supply Boston basically, we're going with those things rather than working against them. 4. Range: The Siren: exercise. Neither works. Your ranch also takes your voice through its entire ranch of movement, so any muscle that we stretch becomes more flexible. Also, this exercise will help you identify if there are any problems. Their voice of you maybe go cold coming on. Because if there are bumps on creaks as you do this exercise, that would be a little sign that your voice is just not in the best of health. The moment you can clear up the box and quicks quite often, though, by just having a glass of water as they can signify dehydration. So this exercise is a very standard, very important singing exercise called the siren. So first of all, I want you to say see, see so again soon see how that society in the nose take the ass off the start. If you hold your nose sign should disappear in okay tonight. That's move our voice up on dying through its range of movement in that inside. That's why it's called the siren. Try that one more time. It's important to move it through your own wrench movement. I'm not mine. I note that you can hum through your nose. You can sing. So if I can say you now, this will work your ranch Give your voice gets stretch. If you've watched those x factor kind of shows, you see people singing arpeggios. Ah, all kind of mad warmups. The siren really is the inmate warm up that we need and that it takes a boisterous school range of movement, especially if you're pushed for time. Obviously, this warm ups for other things, for projection for addiction. But this is the best form of exercise is another little exercise for increasing ranch is the sliding fifth and its eyes like this. It's not. It's sliding up. Don't want hear every note on the way at central etcetera. If you've got quite a wide range, it does take some time to do that, but very well worth it. You'll notice that we never just stop on the top. Note. The point of going up coming down again is that was stretching the voice but never leaving it on its highest point. We never want to push the voice of its tacit er out of its range that you can't injure your voice if when you get to the top or at the bottom. You just push it Wallet Note beyond where it wants to go. The voice is like the elastic in your pajamas You could never say today I'm gonna go to stretch one bit of it. When you stretch it, you must stretch it all. So if you go up, must come down. Everyone's aware that if you're singing along with something and you have no, that's a bit too high, you might have your voices of feeling sore, but you can actually injure your voice worse by pushing it too low. You can stand your larynx, which is no good injury. So when we come, dive becomes on a very small steps like this sings in soon. Sing, sing, zoom, zing, zing, zing, zing, zing When it becomes low on rumbly what we called vocal fry where it's break rookies at that point, you really must stop. Don't push it beyond that. So just to recap Saira, that is an exercise you should be doing every day. You can do it in the car. Any condition? Sure, you don't have to block out time to do it on If you possibly have time every day. The sliding 50 little sing, sing, sing, sing, Sing Exercise. If you're getting a lot of your recording, a lot will keep your voice very flexible. It will keep your wrench as broad as we can get it. I have had some students who have increased the range by as much as I opted in a month through easing siren exercise. 5. Projection: Twang: I think become I should know, I think. Really. Come on, you won't That Teoh I can take. - We're going to talk a little bit of back projection night, so, you know, that's about our twined. My voice is light nasal twice Hyatt signs much lighter, but I haven't changed the tone of my voice. I'm not shining out. You people sometimes ask why people adopt American except when they sing pop. And that's because American accent naturally has. That's why, and especially the nasal time on that is something that causes signed. Do you carry? No. If we want to get biological by that, Here you have a muscle in your lines. Culture ari. Ethical tick sphincter muscle. Don't expect you to remember that No, by sailors asked the tire. And what happens when you tighten this muscle, which you do by making about 20 side? Is that your larynx, which is normally one can long cheap, becomes two concentric chips. So you think about it. If you're a classical singer and you've got to fill the Royal Albert Hall full of people and self furnishings on, you're not allowed to use a microphone because a microphone is about former classical music . And there's a 103 pay symphony orchestra behind you. How are you gonna make enough side? And by doing this? Yeah. No. Oh, si. There's no more involved to the costumes. I'm not, but that's the Corbett. So can you repeat that for May? Yeah. Try it somewhere high on your list thing. Somewhere lower your voices get higher. Our focus als get longer and thinner and also get lower. Our beautiful is get solar. Sure, so behind it will always be louder than a low note. So naturally, the higher part of the exercise. It was a little bit lighter so that we're gonna practice doing trying to five note scale. So if you could say with May, do you guys through your own ranch? It will become especially important to do it through the break in the massage You the place where the voice slightly changes there. And in the higher part the voice Sorry can be slightly different, Theo. Especially important to do that exercise is not Ridge to keep the song consistent across all the registers off your voice. So if you want to play this video again on practice it. If you don't happen to have account or keyboard, you can download keyboard up for free onto your phone. But it is wise to do this knowing walk notes you're actually. 6. Projection: Arm Anchoring: - at six. I had to let it happen. I looking running around trying, but I know expected, and it don't drive way. So we've lived in Eugene videos. Very famous singers using a method called Are anchoring Our I bring What it basically does is it gets you to against your last in order to make signs bear. No mistake. A lot of people making by singing is that they think their voices, their instrument only partially trade. Actually, the whole of your body is your instrument, and I'm sure gonna use my custom. Max, down here, you've seen the kind of all zeros born stops like this or anything off the Shirley Bassey and Goldfinger. It's the use of the arms to make something bigger. So I'm gonna demonstrate that when you kind to it, I'm gonna put my arms back and forth, squeezing my lots together. Would he hear what house? 1234567 It So that caused a natural increase in volume. I'd like you to do that with me. 1234567 it. So do you feel your lots? My sitting edge last? You've got more time. 1234 567 It actually put about 500 for tonight. Sorry about that. No, let's do it singing rather than speaking. So it will sound like this. 1234567 It That's trying together. 12345678 Okay, so let's tried singing friends doing this. So I'm gonna swing from the chandelier here. So I did that. Newark's try. I'm swing around here A so you can try doing that with whatever friends you want from whatever. So you're working on. You can use that one from C is shot there if you like. This is called Are my great We're watching performers on YouTube this week look like just how many people you see doing this. There is another form of on call that night. It so happens that I have a form of arthritis that was fused my neck from the base of my skull to my seat forever. Right. So I'm actually going to show you Freddie Mercury doing this might be a better example May . But what it's like you almost pretending you have a peach of your gym you're later had bypass facets of 1234567 It my neck covering is more associated with classical music than commercial music. The reason I'd rather use our offerings also because of my neck, but also because it gives you that slight double chin, and that's very, very thing. I just don't happen to like that. I like the free movement of my arms a bit more, but if you want to try it the next time, right by all means, go ahead. 7. Retraction: you'll find that once again you long you. - So , as you can tell from the videos we just watched. Retraction is the opposite of construction. Construction isn't typing in your voice. A lot of people experience construction in their voice between A and F of F sharp five. That's the place where we have what's called a break in the massage, where your voice changes gear to go into your upper register so some people find the voice gets a little tight there on. The problem of that is it won't remain the minister that one area. If you don't do something to combat construction, the whole of your voice may start to get narrow. You could lose ranch and have construction and more places of your inch. So we're gonna learn high to loosen the voice. So just to demonstrate a principle, I want you to raise your shoulders handle. When we want to loosen a muscle, we tighten it first. So with your voice that signs like this on that exercise is called the Darth Vader, so we won't make it could start the hard K sound a bit like TV static, so just watch what happens in my neck. See it tighten and then listen with me. Do they are movement? Take It helps you visualize the closing and opening. What I want you to dio is feel what it feels like when there's no construction when you lose, since your voice that opens the way you want. Teoh Mantan that open feeling while you're singing. So let's try that exercise again. So something that might be useful for you to do if you do have a lot of construction and your voice is to sing a phrase such as, Oh on sing it again maintaining that wide STIs and you want to maintain that feeling of spares. If you feel the space closing over construction starting to kick in, then stop. I do a little dark, better exercise again. So very short exercise. Not a complicated thing, but it really is something important to master because, as well as construction melt, signing grit, causing notes to be swallowed affected your range if it goes on for a long time, that can cause Nagy ALS, which are like little blisters on your vocals and cause you to speak like this and may have to be addressed surgically So it's something we really want to avoid that kind of gravelly signs that we associate with singers like Rod Stewart and Tina Turner. Sometimes Boehner uses that that is actually construction. It's it's purposeful construction, and it doesn't a tall sign. But it gives support, unique quality. But some people's voices can handle it, and some people's cat will look a little bit later on high to make that gravelly signed hard dry on how to use purposeful construction. But construction should pay a choice in those circumstances, it should never be a default setting off your voice. 8. Posture: your posture can very much impact. Tired voice Sons member demonstrated earlier that if you raise your shoulders and we don't have a big space hair, the sign becomes pinched so we won't have a few shoulder rose backwards. Forwards will keep the shoulders last place that raises shoulders with the shoulders. Here, Children. My stretch here, your shoulder stretch here So we also don't obey. You know, Human crashed Mark. There is a rail, Thank Physio told me This is a real thing. It's taxed Mac, where we become very rounded because we're constantly using screens. And also guitarists are wild for putting their music on the floor in front of them and then practicing like this. Head up, back, rounded. This will do you no good. I will actually make your next door after a while. So there's a great exercise that may contain Teoh Carter. Volatile this. It's Pallotti's exercisable. So what I want you today is fine. Wall Lena against double band your knees like making me soft. Protect your back. See like half wall to panic on your height. I'm 55 works for May of your over six foot told Maybe about 2 15 Well, what we're gonna do is pretend there was a big strip of Celtic behind your hat on its being hailed. Oh, the wall. So your chin comes onto your chest, your upper back, your harass explain very gracious living things. We don't want Russia blood to the head away don. So your whole spine is off the wall, then just high. It's a deep breath and hear a kiss, Matilda. Well, coming up. So maybe you want to hit her head on the top and stuff your bird by soccer. Burn right one by one, back home to the wall. She got that lesion with a good singing posture. It's also quite comfortable. Nice. It feels like having your back iron. If you are a tourist like me, you're also a case there on your often sitting, dying to say Think of what we did in the arm on video. He your shoulder lives slid don towards your wrist. That open site, your shoulder and chest area lies. You breathe properly. It makes a song about stronger 9. The Break in the Passagio: so I'm going to talk not about the break in the past. Aggio. So that sounds very musical. Florrie Tarom doesn't know what that means is the place where your voice should scare into your upper register. An old fashioned singing parlance, not on a method of teaching argues, but some moral fashion. Teachers would use the phrase chance voice on half wars like I don't use that terminology because signed does not come from your chest or from your head. Your voice comes from your larynx. But if I try to sing a skill in a very speech quality sign close to my speaking voice, this is what happens. Do Rainy constructs it it, you know, because the voice travels up and it hits a wall. I need to be able to tell that for it to travel up further, and for that we have to make a slightly more operatic resident side. If you don't want to be an opera singer, that's fine. We're not talking about turning into classical singer, but everybody has to master this to get over the break in the massage. So and your finest, most polite voice. If you could sing me a scale do Raby, Teoh. Nothing stops it. That could also do that twice. Yeah, So we're picking a voice quality. We're gonna go on and talk about voice called these later that we can use through I syringe and keep the sign consistent. So if you want to practice scales, I don't actually like just saying scales up and up and up. It's best to do it this way. Yeah, Yeah, Theo, I crossed the breaking massage there. I went to G five on the reason we don't just sing a scale. And on the top is when we go to the high part of your voice towards the end of your tester of your range, we want to come back down again so that you're never leaving your voice on its highest note . What you want to avoid doing is jazz fishing at one little no tire than it really wants to go because you could hurt your voice doing that. So if you have some problems with the whole of your voice not signed, a consistent that's actually completely normal, because that's just the way biologically the voice is mad. But if you want that consistency throughout the range practice, that little exercise that I just done in TWI and in that more operatic son, and it's good to do that fairly often as well, at least a couple of times a week. 10. Pitching: way took a little bit in this video pitching. I can hear yourself saying, But this is a course for advance singers. And surely if you don't have a good sense of pitch, you couldn't possibly be an advance singer. Well, yes, I know. What makes a truly awful singer is someone who is quite frequently I pitch. But even the most dedicated singers with a great internal air can lose pitch under certain circumstances. If we start to get tired on the breathing isn't what it should be. If you support starts to go posters Brit, then you can experience lapses in pitch on. Some of the most successful singers in the world have on occasions being oughta change sometimes as well. The technology that you're working with can affect your pitch. If you don't have grid monitors from your onstage, you can't really hear what you're doing. You know that won't happen off a lot. So it s goods Teoh work of the breathing, which has an impact on pitches we discussed earlier but also to do little pitching exercises. So I'm gonna give you a couple of those. This exercise teaches some really basic intervals, and it's a good thing to do every night just to work in your That's a little three skin. Just three votes kill four note scale. I'm fine here, etcetera, etcetera. Another really important thing to practice because it will help you with improvisation on just with your general. Here is a chromatic scale. Very difficult. No, that waas beginning on sea on. I really recommend that you do different chromatic scale every day. That little Sammy tone intervals is obviously pretty fundamental in the whole of Western music because we have a mission difference. Tree Major minor is this. So it's pretty important that you can hear that semi tone, and actually, some people have incredible difficulty pitching a savvy toe more so than pitching and adoptive. So just to recap, the three note for five note scale exercises on the chromatic scale are something that you should be doing quite regularly at least a couple of times a week. 11. Diction: - so the whole topic. Addiction could be a course in itself. But we've just looked at the little example off hard, constant signs in English or won't make a sentence Make sense. Italian is the language of opera because it expresses emotion through vile sons. All right, whereas in English we have things like shock anger on If you've been listening to a song and you said yourself, I can't make out words It's normally because some continent somewhere is left. On the other hand, when you're recording, especially using a condenser Mike, you don't want to hit continents really really hard, especially as signs, because that just won't won't start for it. So we're gonna do a couple of little exercises here. They're like tongue twisters. So the 1st 1 is money making. Monday morning. Makesem Mary Mirthful mind. So I'll give you the works of this. Great. So just read the light light money making Monday morning mix. Um, Mary mirthful mind out of rhythm, money making. Monday morning Mix a marry my phone, my name making Monday morning mixing Mary my full, my money making Monday morning mix of Mary Martha mind. Great stuff. No, I will sing it. Money making Monday morning makes a merry muffle. My money making Monday morning Mary, My money making Monday morning bakes a merry birth for mine. I am side pose you, my forwards. Hopefully the signed comes forward tape on L side like lovely lotus lilies lie along the looting Linden Lea pulls here My back into a smile on it might pull your voice back to if you're not careful. So let's try that words on the screen. Okay, lovely lotus lilies lie along the lilting linden Lea. Lovely lotus lilies. Liar longer, lilting Linden Lea. Lovely lotus lilies lie a longer, lilting unendingly. Lovely lotus lilies lie along the looting. Linden Lea. Lovely lotus lilies lie along the left. Admittedly seven swans go swiftly. Ceiling to the sunset in the west. Seven swells. Go swiftly, Ceiling to the sunset. In the west, seven swans were swiftly ceiling to the sunset in the west. Hijazi on because no one I saw it. So let's sing those last two love May lotus lilies lie along the voting booth. Seven swans swiftly sailing into the sunset in the west. Seven watts. Those with please Teoh. So go swiftly saving to the sunset in the West. Okay, No. Going to talk a little bit. Abide vials. One thing I completely hit is voil modification when you never enough from the greatest showman thing of saying for May instead of for may I personally don't like that. I believe in going with the bottle as it is. I remember hearing someone sing once and they kept singing the words hail and bail instead of Hill on Bill. And it made the song seal taking away because it's not the way but people speak. So I personally don't go in any kind of modification. The one exception might be the death thought that is the I signed because it's made up of our on eight on where you change between eight has a great impact on the side. Some, uh, I am. Some time I wouldn't sign, right. It'll on with No, a tall would rack the sign. So the death thong is something that we occasionally have to think off. I think a bite, especially if there is an extended note. So this is just a little bit to think about. Objection. I have included a dive notable resource of your interested in this topic on I hope you enjoy doing the top twisters 12. Lightening and Darkening Sound: Let's talk about lightning darkening signed neither our thoughts and fashions for voices. You know, there was the Ami Winehouse stuffy period, right dark voice, especially for female vocalist. At the moment, read or a is very much in the Billboard 100 her voice is much lighter. No, people will naturally have certain songs voice, But you can learn to lighten and darken it for darkening assigned we you saw which we're going to talk about in the voice qualities but below lowering of the larynx. So just save me. I'm Saad. That's the whole Nina Simone side. So this guy, you know, another way of darkening signed is to simply pull your time back. Listen to this. So I'm making a nice sweet lights on there. I called my time back on the side door. Look, report or your account speak, but just slightly. So I'll put somewhere to do that. Hi. Going home and then my going home, it really darkens the side for a light signed. We use speech quality, a style of singing that's very close to your own speaking voice so that we access through doing this exercise. We're going to come into it on, start singing up. Five. What? 2345678 No large isn't tilted or more words in the status singing on that's really what dark inside. So let's try that again. What? 2345678 My said Teoh, May my mother won't my my slide you, for you kind of want to take a light area ethereal side. That speech quality is what's best we want to avoid pulling the time back. You want to avoid any kind of sighing, any kind of luring the larynx on then so it will be quite light. 13. Voice Qualities: Speech: living on quite an exciting topic, and that is voice qualities. So we're going to start with speech and I'm gonna play it a little. Video off. What speech? Quality speech is a very pure signed. It's used in folk music a lot because folk music comes from an oral tradition. It storytelling, so it's within the range off the spoken voice. What happens if you trying to take speech a little bit higher? I demonstrated earlier, the whole door a B so already tight stops. We have to change the side. We want to go back higher, but within its context, it's a beautiful son being arrested, something we use a lot in our music. My mom said to me, My mother won't mind. My father won't slide you for your kind because it hasn't got it. So how do we make this beautiful side? I would like just to kind to it on start singing at five. So 12345678 So it's singing in a speaking style. Let's try that again. 12345678 Okay, so let's try singing Happy Birthday in that speech, coldly style as if you were basically saying Happy birthday to someone Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday Happy birthday Happy birthday to you To make it a little easier to make it feel speech Go ahead and use your own accent So let's have a good that again Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday Happy birthday Happy birthday to you on that is speech quality singing. 14. Voice Qualities: Twang: okay, Waiting through degree. It's not OK. They're fuckin empty in span on a breeze. Can't find their thought. You were sent from up above that you would be never had so much more. I have to say you may find a way, and I wonder talkto twine when we talk to my projection. But it really is a very important move. Equality, because it's the only way to increase volume safely and keep your voice protected. So let's again make that little 20 side that Yeah, no, you have observed in the video that we just played that when honest a shit changes are voice from speech called twice. It's almost like it's two completely different Sears. It really changes the sign. So let's try that again. Yeah, somewhere somewhere, you're this kind of signed. It's used in a lot of kinds of music. I talked Are there on my heart used in classical music, Music Theatre. Also all Sporn, you know, pure twine creates his side, um, station as well. Very much assisted with Music Theatre. It's not a big no no one's wife, but I nasal twine, the American accent. Australian accent. If your own accent doesn't have a lot of twice. If you have a very whole P English accent, it's actually easier to learn to put it all that is to take it off, do speech quality. So I'm like, twice. And if your accent housewife so gonna do another happy birthday night, we're going to sing Happy birthday As if you were in the stalls out of Sports match This is gonna be alive. 20 Happy birthday Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday, Teoh Yes, yeah, yeah Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you they do you, by the way, sing Happy birthday And what ever pitches comfortable for you don't follow my met some soprano voice if that's not what works for you 15. Voice Qualities: Falsetto: - So take a look at this image of the larynx. You'll notice that there are true vocal folds. I refer to the most vocal folds, rather vocal cords because they're not chords like you're getting a guitar, but they're the white things Basically on above them are the false vocal fools. So when you sing in fall Sadow the true vocal fools don't completely come to gather. Hence air is escaping. But the fault spoke of fools do, hence falsetto, creating that lovely, breathy signed that we've just heard in the Marilyn Monroe song. No, The next quality falsetto is a much misunderstood term. Fall saddle does not main men singing really high. The Marilyn Monroe exact That I just Played You is the most famous example of falsetto. See you and you speak or you say your vocal folds come together like this and above your vocal fools. You have a pair of flats culture. False poker falls when you useful settle because an awful lot of air is escaping. Your true vocal folds don't quite come together, but the false vocal folds don't Hence falsetto night. We need falsetto Justus. We need trying to control dynamic. It's really the only way to hit a high note quietly. Let me demonstrate. If I do, I get for seven C. So let's sing Happy Birthday like Marilyn Monroe. So what I want you to think is half voice half hour. In fact, we'll start with some Haas really helps. Can just, um Ah, brilliant. So let's dio the Mr President top a happy birthday and hopefully you enjoy doing that. Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday, Mr President, Happy birthday to you. So knock yourself like doing that. I had to breathe a bit more than normal in that style because a lot of air is escaping. So let's try live quiet light using that. So I'm that you've just made some like like what you say speech quality on seven speech quality on the higher you get, the harder will get. But fall setter is a sign we really want to master in the context of a song. If you suddenly go into falsetto, it could be very, very emotional. It can be sultry, like Marilyn Monroe. It can actually be very sad. It could be wistful. It's a rick color toe having your palate 16. Voice Qualities: Sob: you feel, son in this guy? You know how for you breathe drift and on by you know how few it's a new dawn is a new day . It's a new life for me It's a new dawn, a new day for me Oh, you and I'm feeling good. Oh, so we've just listened to Nina Simone singing, Feeling good on despite the fact the lyrics all are all about feeling good. Did you feel slightly sad as you listen to it? Was there something melancholy? But that's because she's lower your lyrics like she's going to cry. Can you just do the same thing? Say, for me, I'm sad, Not the larynx is what's called a sympathetic organ. So if you hear someone else, it was like looking up like they're going to cry. They've lured their lives on your lyrics. Well, there were two, so you will physically feel sad night there wasa period in history where that kind of sob side was very on. Vote O wins. Not so much at the moment. You wouldn't sing an entire so and so because basically you depressed the audience. But I think you could hear in the Nina Simone track that if you use it in the right place, it's very powerful. It has an emotional impact, so I won't. You know, I'm just saying Happy birthday like it's a terrible birthday. It's the most miserable birthday anyone could imagine. They they to you, they they to you very harmed up there. But you know what? I may see Policy Video singing yourself. Okay. As well as creating that side of motion. The salt also as useful in darkening signed It's flying high, you know? You know, it is a beautiful sign, very useful in jazz in all sorts of music, actually. So listen, I'm for it and see if you spot it while you're listening to music this week. 17. Voice Qualities: Opera: - So this next voice quality is referred to US opera or tilt. Because in order to make this sign, we tilt the cry cord cartilage of the front of our larynx forwards giving up side night. If you're not intending to be a classical singer, don't be scared by that. But everyone needs to learn to make this resident side on. It is sometimes used in pop not to that extent, maybe not to the extent of the Sarah Brightman video, but we just watched about the sign Is there exercise? We do better. You will hear it in a very recent possum. So in order to get this signed, we're going to start off with The twine is trying its component from all that. So could you just make a 20 sign through your nose? OK, Night Humphrey does 20 than ah, heart gust Signed Will close support forces side by three. My indie indeed that I want you to drop your jaw on July Teoh in the, uh, try somewhere a bit higher in your voice. The the Theo on the way. No, let's sing. Happy birthday In that style. I don't mind if you really hammered up take the Mickey out of Katherine Jenkins of you must , but let's go for it. Happy. But they to you happy? But they dio happy they Teoh. You especially want to hear it on the higher notes. Those should really bay, right? 18. Voice Qualities: Belt: way you know you make me want make them a strong, always down just paid on what more vocal quality on that is belt If you watch those kind of x factor, the voice shows there are people that believe bouncing the living daylights out of everything is good saying not necessarily. But it is obviously a really impressive signed where used in the right places. If you belted entire so it's been like typing in capitals, it will make the audience feel. Yeah, that no, there is a difference between twice on bet Twyman time like this way. It's a high intensity, high bone side, and it is completely safe if you do it with good for it is not safe, a tall if you do it with back for or if you just shut. So f one. You're doing this exercise you're attempting to about you feel any pan and he's scratching this in your voice. Stop message, mate, and I'll try and work out what's going on. But any discomfort, you just don't wanna go back, okay? But also, I get this safe. So what I want me to do is to look into the distance, find a spot to Sarah and say Yea yeah, let's just say that again. Yea, on that. Let's turn that into note. Yea, yea When we make that sign, what we're doing is tilting the cry ford carpet at the back of our larynx. Remember when we made the operatic son we were told in the firewood cartilage at the front so it might actually have to lean back a bit on your back foot. You Are you okay? Okay, So let's add some notes to that day. Yea, not you count Felt through the whole of your ranch. There is a point where your voice will just flip and tell fell Saturday because it can't go that high because tilted backwards, your legs can travel up that far So let's just try it somewhere but higher See if you can do this. Yeah, you can't also about to be a good stuff if I know is too high for you to about babe outing . Just use. Actually, I think about that. I just use twice the top because there was no way I was able to. So you should be able to bounce on afternoon belting Your voice should be clear there was one thing is contested on the X factor in the UK Bells. A light assault. Afterward she was speaking like this. That is a sign that you would have used. But for so people often mimic this song because that hard on recordings. But we really do want to pay attention to your form in this side. So if you want to break it down and do that, yea for a couple of days, if you haven't already mastered Basant, then wrestled Ali Morneau's Yeah, then grass all the same kind of contact and bounce, that would be a good idea. And remember, in the recording studio, Mike is just gonna hit bouncy. There are ways of recording it, but it is problematic. And sometimes actually to use a strong twine signed can be the better option. But life belts is very, very effective. Yeah, I know you 19. Identifying Voice Qualities in a Recording: through that with way to be no slave. I work all day You to me to just wanna make I push it down Bring my field Miss the mountain below Keep careful, Watch my brother souls. And should this guy be filled with fire and smoke Oh, keep watching over Jones. If this is Teoh, sure, together. 20. Cool Down: sure you're used to doing vocal warm ups, but you also want to be careful. Teoh, dime as well on hydroxyl Dine is like this, all right, so there's no real voice coming out there. It's just a book of fools coming together, tightening, seeing this day. This is your shoulders. We want to relax muscle tightening first. So let's do that creek again. Nice heart, Cappie, and you should see my Wesley's thing one more time. Hurry. So if you be recording for ours, if you've been on stage, it doesn't really take a long time to do that. Little come time. But it's really worth doing. It's an essential part of your voice care. 21. The Basics: Recap: So we've just had a look at the basic elements of second breathing projection retraction, vocal qualities, posture. Pitching on at this point before we move on to some more complex things is good for you to work right. Which of these areas are your personal weakness on a matter? Hi, good a singer you are. We all find some of the basics more challenging than others. So keeping working on that area is going to make you a better, more rounded vocalist. We're going to move on to looking at creating your own unique vocal identity. You all great singers, a great singers because you can hear them on the radio on you know instantly who they are, whether that be Frank Sinatra, Dusty Springfield, you know anyone who is a great singer. So we'll be moving on to look at things like recording technique, performance technique, some more complicated vocal exercises. But just keep working on the basics you need to work on while we're doing that 22. Performance Techniques: Introduction: welcome to the performance techniques section of this course in this section. We're going to move on from the basics of the last section and look at some more complex vocal techniques. We're going to look at things like construction and Greil phrasing, vocal fry, coloratura whistle register that should Mariah Carey kind of really high notes. We're gonna look in love end at focal technique here, but we're also going to look at who you are as an artist. I'm creating your own artists persona. So who you are as an artist is very much like to who you are as a person. But generally there's two different kinds off artists. There are people who are relatable, such as, say, Tory animals, who writes an awful lot bite her own life on there, people who are aspirational saying David Bowie, People here really like there that are legend rates, so it's really up to you. What you feel most comfortable with Are you letting people into world or in your bigger larger than life stays percent of there is no right or wrong, but we're going to look at the techniques to help you create the sides that go with both these things and help you explore the artistic persona a little bit more in this section, 23. Improvisation: may amazing like that she being able to improvise is a very important skill for singers, especially if you're singing covers a lot on their souls that people know well, you want to be able to put your stamp on them, creating your lex. I'm just mixing it up here. Nine them So they have some really great singers that Eva Cassidy obviously dead room. They have a novel reason, but that sometimes you can get a little bit too far the vocal gymnastics and actually irritate people. We don't want to go there. So it's pretty important that ornamentation any kind of improvise Ishan decoration to the song makes sense with the text and have toe add something to the sense of meaning of the song. If you listen to Aretha Franklin singing Amazing Grace, it takes like five minutes to sing one verse, but everything she does main something on how some kind of intended impact. It isn't just about showing off night. In order to be able to improvise, you need two things. One a very good here. You need to you have a good here, not just formality, but four chords. Harmonics, because to be able to improvise on, pull new notes into the chain, you're going to have to take them on the court. After this, you will need a bit of theory. Scales and chromatic scales are pretty important for being able. Teoh improvise at again a knowledge of chords. And that's not just major minor course, but things like, says, four chords your Nights your 13th Knowing what the effect of your having a certain note is going debate on the overall music. So as well as learning the chords, you're going to have to practice that you're gonna have to record yourself into your phone every time that and just say hi, you're harmonizing house work. So here's an improvisation exercise. I want you today. I'm going to play a series of four chords, so I just want you to sing something over the top of those four chords. 80 of the starters just pulling up the root. Note the court. But try and make up something a little bit more interesting, Theo. And here come the courts. GATT. Let's make out something different, so just keep playing if you can. If you are an instrumentalist, serious accords, I'll write these chords like for you have here E minor, a minor d NJ. If you don't play, then I'll just play the chords for you know, you could just keep playing on a loop and pull. I notice that you hear forming a little chain on that is helping you to start listening to courts. Because of the steak, singers make as to only think in terms of melody and never actually pay attention to the court. I'm not makes from not great musician shipped on. The likelihood of hitting a tougher when you do that is quite high. So that's just listen to these cords. You can make something up to the sleep. - Enjoy this exercise. That should be a really fun one. So speaking of Amazing grace, because it's a change that people know very well, I like to do a little improvise. Asian exercise arrived Amazing gris. So the first thing I want you to do if you know this song, is to sing the first verse of, um is and Gris just straight No ornamentation. Amazing Grace. How sweet the same A wretch like me Twas lost but waas But I see change the two anywhere that you want to change the change My feeling with me to do something like this. Amazing grace, How sweet The same Reg the Waas I see. So just saying it again by four times on every time you sing it changed something in one line. Add in some higher notes that are end the original melody If you won't Adamson lower notes . But be sure that you're keeping it in time on that. Your improvisations aren't throwing time. It might be a handy thing to use a matter no, for this level said to maybe about 65 just to make sure that you're not going on time using the phrasing. 24. Phrasing: sky way ST singing is all about freezing, Freezing mixed the text have emotional impact I'm really guides the meaning of the song So I'm going to sing the same phrase Three different ways I'm But I'm basically going to do a stress A different word in the sentence each time So I'm gonna take the second verse off Take another little piece of my heart made famous by Franklin I'm gonna slightly stress a different word Each time I say it Your street, uh, you know, do down in your heart That a ride So I was aiming for straight to that time. Second time, uh, on the street looking good and know deep down in your heart Aiming for no that time their time And I'm gonna end for hearts this time your street looking good And know deep down in your heart That ain't right So h time I signed that there was a slightly different sense Singers have to engage with text especially when you have a line that's very difficult to fit into the Joan Such as the example that I played from Adele Skyfall. The what you have to do is work like what is the most important word in the sentence. What is the emotion that's been conveyed here on really Am to reinforce that word I'm not will ship the phrase I Well, then you have to be careful off in phrasing is where you breathe. Because if you brave in the middle of a sentence, basically you break out the steps. That sentence did you wreck the phrase on by pretending he's beside may not good. We don't want that kind of thing to happen. So really goes very much with phrases. So when you have a text in front of, you have to think about where you're going to breathe. Teoh, carry the phrasing the way that you want it to go on. What phrase it is gonna constitute you where it needs to be broken up for effect on where it's got to flu. So these are the kind of things that we have to think about. So I like you know how to try to take another little piece of my heart exercise the first time stressed the word straight the second time stressed the word No. The third time stressed the word heart on. Just see which one feels most natural to you. There is no right and wrong. Just have some fun with this exercise 25. Whistle Register/Coloratura: way the notes about topsy are fire to. As coloratura notes, Coloratura can also affair and customize it to an awful lot of short nuts, all banded together. Mariah Carey is probably the most famous pop singer who uses Love those cholera turn notes . They are not usually part off the actual melody. The song. They're usually used as part of an improvisation, and it is good and improvisation to be able to use as much of your range as possible. You know, we all love to hear those high notes unless they're a bit too frequent. It's impossible to hit about topsy quietly, and it's very hard to articulate works up. There is just a little something to be aware off. So if you already have notes up there, that's grit. You need to use that. It's possible that you have on your not using that. If you do the Sarah and you just open your life at the top of Sarah, move the sign from your nose out of your mind. You might find that you can hit some really cracking. That's, uh, don't force your voice up really, really high, right to be at your voice and that open your mind. Basically scream, though, because then you will really damage your voice. I'm just demonstrating that if you could hum something through your nose, then you can sing it. It is very important that we use the whole of our ranch because even if you have notes up there, do you think they're Goche? You don't really want to use them, and you just sort of stick in the middle of your voice. Then your voice will continue to narrow dine a narrow dime. We have to stretch the voice both up on die, so I'm talking about Cole return. It's in this section, but also by local frying, which is the very bottom off the voice, some of what you hear, For example, Nicole Kidman and so on track to meet Bruce. There's a very high no, it's not, but they've been added digitally, so some of what you hear on recordings isn't the singer's own voice. There has been some studio enhancement, so let's not try and sing songs that were never signed by human voice in the first place. But if you want to extend your range, be able to hit these notes. Go back to the first section to the range exercises. And if you ever happen to hit 100 your voice that feels scratchy or tight or in any way uncomfortable. Don't go there until you've worked on your orange a bit more. That should basically never happened. You should be able to hit high notes comfortably, and there shouldn't be any kind of pin. The other thing is, they should, of course, be in the right. Kate and the right musical place for paces. They should be contained within the court if you're using them for improvisation purposes. So if you want to go over the improvisation section that's in this part of the course, perhaps out some of your color turnips and there you got them. That's great, not guys. You're probably thinking that this video is just for the girls. It's actually completely possible format dissing coal return notes that happens quite frequently in the shoji Jesus Christ superstar. There some recordings of that where you're here, man singing above Top C. It does involve a very specialized technique to do that which we're going to look at, and they all settled versus the fools section off this course and easy and safe way to hit cholera tower notes with a quieter dynamics here, not really blaspheme is to use. The siren exercise will be dead, so you're basically humming them through your nose also helps to fit them into the contact stuff off the soul. 26. Vocal Fry: way E uh, look at some local fried by the amazing, dominant sky late center of Gavardo. He would use vocal fry very much as a choice. That time, local side constricted sign as we start a note, which is really the use of the very bottom part of the voice should definitely be a choice and should not be a habit you fall into because there are certain risks associated with it . If you push your voice lower than it wants to go, you can just stand your larryk. She could basically sustained a very bad injury to your legs by doing that. That's why we did the range exercise before we could come up. And big jumps of the Fifth Way can dine in the very small steps. The singing soon sing, sing, sing So that kind of amazing, amazing amazing race. We'll also talk about that in the video for offsets. It has a very earthy quality in the right musical context, such as we just see that used it can be very powerful, very effective. It was used quite a lot in the score off the grid. Show members some very low note. I'm going to show you how to do it. A lot of second teachers don't recommend that. I wouldn't recommend this unless you are a very event singer. You have a love performance experience behind you. You are exercising your voice regularly. I'm doing vocal exercises using the siren, etcetera On that you are properly taken. Care off your local health that you're having a SAS regulate that you're drinking a lot of water and that you have no pan in your voice. No construction, no wrath Penis hoarseness that your voice is in very good health. If you take all those boxes, I'm only if you take all of them we'll have a little look at local fried. So we're gonna do that same thing. Sing, Sing saying exercise gap so soon Sing, sing, Sing Starting at middle C soon soon Sing, sing, sing, Sing, Sing, Sing, Sing! Sing things incensing, sitting things, Things saying things you see when it starts to get a little rumbly That's what we call fry that is fried the very bottom of your voice. You don't want to sing there for any extended period of time, but the all note like that used as an onset does have a powerful effect, especially in the studio, but I would say Go lightly with it. Don't use it a lot. 27. Onsets: Let's talk in this video bite all sense. So we talked a little bit like Vocal Fry, which is arguably on old Sask. But there are three man types on set. There is a logical on set with vocal fold a very close together when we started. Note. There is an aspirin all set where the vocal fools are part on. There's a lot of Arab and we started Note. There's a smooth or balance on set. I have had a classical singing back ride on exams I did in those days, the only onset that was considered acceptable Waas a balanced or a smooth onset aspirin, all set on God. Long sets were diner in commercial music and hop. A lot long set can actually be very useful thing on our aspirin. Old set can be quite emotional side and a lot of different kinds of music, so let's start with a long set with booking photo type together. We're going Teoh, start with the ball so all I want you to do is sing on almost a slight twine. Local fools are close together. That is a global Let's try that together. It's a big start to note no aspirate on set. We're going to get into using exercise of, uh uh take the edge off the start. I'm still making aspirin. Okay. Another sweet are balanced on set. The beautiful is coming together in unison. Very balanced. A smooth start to the sign We're going to achieve this by using the yes side. But we're not doing it the same way we did in belting video. It's going be a quieter size Yeah, yeah, yeah, One more time Yeah, yeah, yeah A man would like the white start So let's put those all sets into a piece of music so you can hear how they change the side I'm going to use Amazing Grace used for love things This course it seems because it begins with a begin to the vile, excellent good friends to sing So with Gulf Amazing race with the aspirin Amazing race on with the bounce Amazing race so high you begin work or you begin Fris with the onset Really does invite the signs of the tone The kind of sense that you're giving 28. Growl/ Purposeful Constriction: No, no, I love that broiling site. It took me 20 years to learn. How did it simply because I had originally come from a classical training background where you were never really met to make sounds like that. But hopefully I can imparted to you in the next few minutes. Pledges and videos off. Do you know Turner other singers? You have that kind of gravelly Riley sign on that is basically construction. So I know you're thinking, but in basic section of this course you said not to use construction. You said, Learn retraction. This is true. Construction should never be a default position not, and some people's worsens. For example, Tina Turner Roger. It's that kind of gravelly voice. It might be a, but their particular larynx is equipped to cope with that most people aren't. Construction can lead Teoh damage to the voice that can lead to nodules. All kind of difficulties. So when we apply it, it should be a choice, a default possession. So that kind of troubling Riley side Very cool. It adds a little something Teoh. Some songs, I believe so we're not going to do an exercise. Teoh teach you to do the ground night. If you feel any kind off scratching us in your voice, any tightness were any kind of pan. We never do anything that hurts. Stop. Don't attempt this video. Are this exercise again without contacting me to describe what's happened to try and help you out as fast? I can God like any other form of physical activity, singing with incorrect foreign can cause injury. So always be aware that so let's do a little exercise to get that brought going. I'm gonna use a line from the Weather Girls song. It's raining, man. Sorry, labs of your no, into that one. But it's just a grit for his two used together. Brought you here. Why, in a second first time in history, history in history I'm not Start is going to help us to get the girls goes in the whole line on when you get to the Blue Air, a rocker blowing bubbles and slightly bring the book for fools together for the first time in history, the first time in history. Hey, sorry. So let's just trying Mastery, mastery, history. So really blowing the air history history Middleton tightening. But before the same time best to do this and twice it's OK. First of all, we'll sing it with twine in history in history, them taking off twice, blowing some air a bit in history, in history, not having the construction purposely. History has Hurry on That is home. We make Greil side use it only where necessary. Don't get habit of singing with construction all the time Just repeat scratching this pin Any hoarseness in the voice after doing that, do you use this video again? Message may describe to me what happens on. I'm happy to walk you through the steps of doing this but if you follow this exercise, you should be fine. 29. Falsetto Vs Thin Folds: - So this video is going to be especially good for the boys. But girls, attention here, too, because we're gonna be talking about the difference between fell Sata on, then fools. Now I've just played you the video off the inimitable Dominic Sky. The late Senator Gavardo, in my opinion, one of the passengers right there at the moment saying very high but not using falsetto. Because falsetto is the Marilyn Monroe Happy birthday. Very airy. Signed on as we talked about in the video Awful center. When you make a false set aside, the truth will force Don't completely come together. There's some space between them on air standing out of us Hence the breathy saw it But you're full spoke of fools above the true peoples are coming together. Hence thought center. This is a different side, but this is what's called then fold singing. So that's when we create a soft dynamic know 34 Saturday I'm through planning our escape, but just by along with Booker Falls to come together. So instead of signing my base, it's always like this, but it's delivering quiet dynamics. I want you to sing those two lines in a pitch that six year to feel the difference of breast with with Paul Saturday will start from an itch so that a lot of air comes. Uh, and I with Ben Folds where there is no air escaping, but it's still a gentle side. If the local polls are coming together thinly, if they're really pressing together, the sign will be to little side like this a which is not what we want. So one more time with Ben both. No, I want you to try the same exercise somewhere quite high in your ranch. Don't follow my range. Do something that's comfortable for you but quite high in your we're moving a bit higher. All seven then. So if you put your hand in front of your mind from the phone set, you'll feel a lot of Paris skipping and then fools You should Uh huh. So you know you've got the faithfuls going. Well, when the sign is quiet on, you can't feel air found Guys, this is a great way to access your upper register. It's what Dogs Guy was using their to hit some higher notes because falsetto is the first way that we learned. Teoh, get up to those high notes, especially if you don't want to hit a high note very hard. But if you're going to be singing an extended phrase in a higher pitch on, you just want a slightly different sign. You want a slightly stronger selling falsetto that enfolds us the way to go. 30. Movement: - So the first example of movement on posture we're gonna look out is Freddie Mercury. What a total star. So there's quite a lot going on and what he's doing here. He's using arm anchoring, and he's also using neck anchoring, which is something that we talked to buy a little earlier. So the way that he's moving his body is actually making the sign very big, but at the same time, he's shaping his body movements to the big drum and guitar signed that's going on around him. So it looks appropriate to the genre of music He's also responding to on interacting with the audience. When he swings his arm, he's building up energy in the audience and getting people to sing along. So interestingly here he has no shoes on, so it's quite easy to center. I personally find it quite hard to center on to help just the right balance for second when wearing really high heels, we're gonna look at Tina Turner in the minute she can sing and any height of hell that's maybe just may, but for some people, they need to find their center of gravity. And if you're one of those people is about finding what works for you. - So this is a very, very high energy track from Tina Turner, and she goes beyond movement into dancing, although you'll note she's not always dancing to the same extent that the dancers on stage are because you've still got to be able to sing. If your movement is so high energy that you become I'd of breath or you're not able to access the whole of your range, then that's kind of productive. Some people get over that by using backing tracks and my men, but we are not even going to think of doing that. Oh no, that is not good. You'll also notice, as well as her high energy body movements, that she's got grit, official expression, really engaged, aware that not only is she in front of a big audience, but there's also commerce on her at the same time. So she is, as I mentioned earlier, wearing really high heels nous and she can get away with, and she has brilliant legs. So what you wear actually has an impact on high. You can move and then that has an impact on your overall performance on on the sign, so that's something to be aware off. I had to let it happen. I so running around, trying everything. But I know expected it Don't drive. That's days, my man. I can't my don't keep your So I wanted to add in a quieter song, Nicole Scherzinger. And this song is not just standing still looking into space because that's what makes for a terrible performance. It actually makes you look completely terrified, even when you've got a softer sound saying, and it's not appropriate to be dancing all over the stage. So the way she's moving here is contributing to the sun. She's using arm angry when she lifts her arms that contracts her laps, not mixed sun stronger as we discussed earlier. It's also completely in keeping with the character because this song don't cry for me. Argentina is sung by the character of Ever Peron. In Evita, she was basically addicted tricks, so a politician celebrity of former actress and so someone who would have taken up a lot of psychological space. So I think her arm movement and taking up space with the arm movement mixed total sense without. She's also got a great use official expression like she's really engaging with the text and not something that we always want to aspire to to look like we're feeling what we're singing. I admit one small little comment, and that is a bite. Her dress. I feel sometimes like she's being pulled forward a bit and not able to stand completely up strip because she's scared of perhaps popping right of the dress. And as we mentioned earlier, what you wear will definitely have an impact on your performance on on your side. So something that has to be thought about very carefully. Also, the fact she's got the really big earrings here, which would mean that you couldn't turn your head to quick break. But that's fine because that wouldn't be appropriate in this song. So we've looked at some very different kinds of movement in this video. The movement that you make will be dependent on your own genre on your own personality, but there's definitely plenty of things to think about here. 31. What You Wear: way that the movement video high. What you wear can impact your singing because it impacts on your poster on your ability to May. So I want to talk about what you wear in the context off your brown day. I'm your artist persona. For example, when I did my master of music degree, one of our course tutors showed us a picture of his found on. They all were completely differently dressed. I mean, they didn't time consistent style going on somewhere T shirt somewhere in states. I meant no money because it wasn't clear who they were aiming at. What their message? Waas. Then they got some grounding in this. They decided what their artistic message walls. They have a dress code that was in keeping with that, and they also got a logo, which they featured on their Web site. Older social media got their branding in order. On in one year, they made four million U. S. Dollars. So I'm not saying you're going make $4 million by again in my life. It right, but as important to have a consistent message, I keep giving people consistent. I did who you are, what you wear is a big part of that. You know, if you're doing very classical music, you might want to wear really formal wear for certain kinds. Rock. You might wanna wear leather. You want to to work right. What do they is going to go with your branding? And we talked about branding, having the three words that most described you as an act and keeping everything consistent with that. There are some items opposing which, quite frankly, don't photograph well. Patterns, very small patterns. I know where you live, but it's a large powder. Dry, small patterns will come on sometimes confusingly or glaringly in a photograph. Light colors, unless you're very thin, can make you look bigger than you are on anything. That's a very shiny fabrics. Silks of saddens reflects. Lights will make you look a little bit bigger just because you know that unless he's the best, the condition that you can wear me photographed. It is old fashioned plastic because anything that hasn't asked me out on, of course, we should be wearing some scraping have SPF more makeup, but editing has an SPF can reflect light on may not be too flattering photographs, and that's just a little tip to follow 32. What You Say Onstage (and What You Shoudn't!): so performance is not just a bite singing. You're going to communicating with the audience in other ways while you're not staged. We've looked at the whole issue off the pavement posture. But you also have to talk. If you're the singer, your front person of the band, you're up there. You might want to tell us stories. You what might wanna who will be blanched the performance by really connecting with them. But you don't want to talk for too long between songs because it's really the songs that are the center of why people are there. And if you talk for five minutes between songs, you actually four people. Different performers have a different approach to this. For example, I want to see Baby came a couple of times and culture. He was an amazing rock, all tired, and I could talk for half nor would be fascinated. And then the other extreme. I went to see Eric opted, who really didn't talk a whole, but he's such a genius on a legend that you're there to hear in place so you don't necessarily need him to tell stories, you know? Yes. So there are certain things that you want to avoid saying? But when you're was, Did I heard artists that I was going to sign whenever I worked a day in our about that, Unfortunately, they would say things like, Oh, I don't do cheerful. No, I only do miserable souls. So you're telling me that you're limited on that you will make people feel bad because I want to sign. People are gonna make people feel good. I enjoyed the experience. I want to come and see you life. I want to use your new second ads because your Browns don't want their brown to be associative. With people feeling miserable. They won't upbeat positive vice. Which doesn't mean you can't do the occasional sound song. But it's not good to say that your music is always miserable. And last year, aiming to very specific audience also never get up on stage, and Holloway will be practiced this for half in our or any other little jokes that might actually make you look unprofessional on that. You haven't been the African kids don't forget most of the time you're only isn't paid to hear you on. It is disrespectful to them. You are basically paying you pay your Kate if you say yes, I took your money, but I didn't put any African even as a joke. Not usually doesn't go down, Teoh. So some people are absolutely terrified by the idea of speaking I even though they can easily sink to annoyance. But really, the kid is thinking that is a conversation. We saw Freddie Mercury in the video drawing people in. So what you want to do is get people on your side, have them rid of you how that feels that part of the experience. So may I call talk with different people in the audience. You can even pick someone from the audience and tell them you like the Schachter. They were pleased to see them tonight, but be engaging, be positive and let people have some. 33. Your Stage Persona: talking about your stage persona on who you are as a performer. That's got to be pissed, at least in part, on who you are as a person. So you basically won't be yourself. You may be a bigger, more flamboyant version of yourself, or you may want to completely be yourself be very relatable. I know we talked before. I was here. Two kinds of artists, really. There's the aspirational, those with larger than life. They David Bowie is the Stardust days that, you know, just take us to another world that's escapism. Or there's a Tory animals. Very, very visceral, emotionally wrong, really letting you into her world and into some of the private things that have happened her. So which one of those directions you go, and we'll very much be based on who you are as a person on the sign of your music and what you're trying to achieve through your music. What its messages. So again, we've talked to bite the grounding exercise a lot, but it's those three words that describe your music. Uh, you know, can you think of a mission statement for your music business, for your brand, for your stage percent. What is it that you want to make people feel? What is that you want to achieve? Do you want to make them feel hopeful? Do you want to make the realize things that are happening in the world? Right? That would be a little bit political or socially minded. Do you just want to make them feel good and happy and have a good dance? What is it that you're trying to achieve with your music? Because once you have the answer to that, then creating your persona as a performer and your browned as a music Mrs entrepreneur, which is what you're basically going to bay if you become a professional singer will be an awful lot easier. 34. Recording Techniques: Introduction: way section on recording techniques on high you use your voice in the studio has a certain technique to that's slightly different from life. Technique on the section's gonna be useful to you whether you're going into a studio to record or whether you're recording remotely un sanding vehicles through to a producer. I hope you're gonna find it useful. We're going to look at things like working with Condenser Mike studio condenser mikes, which is slightly different from the directional mikes that we use when we before live. We're gonna look at the kind of effects that are used on vocals when recording on things like coal by the vocal on having compression to the vote go high that dictates your initial performance. So I hope you're really gonna enjoy this section. 35. Directional and Condenser Mics: sure you're used to working with these kind of likes. This is what's called a directional life that we would use for performance. It picks up sign from the top on. You sometimes need to be quite close to it before it will have its full effect. I've got it set up here to record courses on you today, which means that I have a pop filter with that in the studio, we use a different kind of like we use what's called a condenser mic. So this is a condemned to Mike, the kind of mike we use for recording. It is slightly different from a directional mike in that it can pick up sign 3 60 other. You can set it to pick up, signed a different ways. We have a reflector shield with it. This room that I'm in, that the moment has a terrible echo, but that takes away the side of the room and gives the driest side possible so that effects could be out of digitally. And very important we have with this thing, which is called up hope. Filter on, not takes away that annoying parents kind of constant noise is the sign we call a Pelosi if and if there's a close if in the recording, it's an absolute nightmare to take back, right, So we want to use a pump filter to prevent that. Actually, a coat hanger with a pair of tights over it will have a similar effect. So when you record with a condenser Mike, if you stand a little bit too close to the mike, you get clipping. And here is an example of clipping you don't see day. So what you want to do is sing into the mic, thus, well, what to lean away at the lightest point off way to try and avoid. It also has to be born in mind that condenser mikes are very, very sensitive. So whatever signed is going on just outside the room or nearby will pick up on the mic, so we want to pay a little bit. Mindful of that, 36. 'Comping' the Vocal: the term comping. A vocal refers to taking several takes of the vehicle, normally beginning with recording choruses and then going back and recording versus I'm doing at least 34 takes of everything and then putting together the best of all those ticks to form the final vocal. So that's what we're going to look at in this video. So we're going to start by looking at a piece I've recorded. We're going to listen to two different takes on Then we're going to put together a comped vocal mm We will walk and not grow way will run and not grow things way will rise base on wings like Eagles Way Live again with we will wake and not grow weary Way and not go Thank way will run ice on wings like Eagles Way will heal and live again So say I decide I like the first part off the second track on the second part of the first track. This is Hi. I'm going to add them together. So I've put in a little addict to move it. I'm gonna move it up onto the first track, and then I'm gonna add in a little cross fed so that we don't get an ugly Abbott kind of jump between the first and second parts of the track. He's smart, too. Of course, this isn't a production course. We're talking more bite vocals. There's lots of very useful courses on D A W site there. This one is pro tools and kiss. I haven't mentioned that before. So here we have a vocal comped added Together you we will walk and not grow way will run and not grow things way will right base on wings High key way live again. 37. Vocal Effects: so I want to add some reverb to the track. We just come to give it a little bit of sheen and spark up. It's the green track marked Vox's three you can see in the middle of your screen. My this is not a production course. There are many production courses like there, but just to give you some idea, So it going toe box three on I out of the bus. You can't odd reverb owned the track straight onto the track, but it's better to use bus. Have a bit more control. So I've outed a bust, and then I've added an ox. So I've got ox three to go with Box three on. I've added as you can see a Little River program in here, and I can turn the reverb up and die by cooking on the bus. So let's hear what that signs like way on the way. Way. So the next thing I want to demonstrate is panning, and that is when you move the signed ICT right or left. So I've just gone in Teoh the mix window here. Andi, I'm gonna basically Tweddle the little knob on walks three to take it way I'd semi Let's hear what that signs like. Way I can not go way, way, way, way There are some other effects for you to be aware off. This is not a production course, so I'm not going to go through the mall on pro tools. But just so that you're aware a very common one you might find, maybe auto tune or melody line. Melody Line is a better program in the auto Gin just tunes the voice to the right pitch if it's gone off a bit, and that gives you a sort of Tenney Saand, Where's Malad? Ein mimics the way a riel voice work. A real voice by breads. It doesn't just hit one note at the time. Serve icing. Ah, I'm not just singing that one note. There's a lot of little notes involved, and that's what Melody line does. So that's something you might in current. In contract. There is an effect called T panning, which gives you that really, Elektronik signed. I'll play you an example of that later, and certain genres of music you might want to use T panic and ah, host of a whole other effects that can be abs the voice such as auto harmonization. So you may encounter a number of these shoddy its final cut kings. I'm on a boat swing. I'm on a boat on a boat. One blame it on the 38. Consonants: way protection section. We talked about confidence, and high words don't actually make sense unless you could make out the continents. When you hear a song and you don't know what words are, it's usually because some constant somewhere is missing. But there's certain constants to be very careful off when using a studio condenser. Mike Sons are very irritating. We want to keep essence short. The pop filter is there to take the close of pay. We just want to be careful by a lone getting consulates at the end of words. The producer can fix that digitally, but it's better to just sing it right. The first is so Sayigh align music all the night so we have the hard singing Hard T there instead of singing, Help me make the music off night. That's not gonna side great and recording cause a recording context. So you want to hit those continents, but in a very short way help me make the music off 39. Harmony: lacks imagination, him in Asia. So from the examples that I just played, do you realize that mostly singers horrible lies with themselves in the studio. Occasionally you may have other singers and session singers to create a certain signed and and something about recording that I love. I love to do harmony parts. We're gonna look in a little minute at high harmony. Parts are recorded and balanced, mixed in with the man vocal on the effect that that creates. We're going to listen to my voice and three parts. But first of all, let's just like a little bit of a theory of harmony not going to go into too much depth. Some of you will be great harmonizing, but we're just gonna do a little bit of the basics. So basically, harmony is based on courts on you don't just want to sing roundem thirds and fifth some pill Harmon out of thin air from the Malad eight. You want to listen to the cord when you're coming up with a harmony part, so it won't do little harmony exercise. First thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna play a chord in several different versions, and I want you to pink light the tonic, the man note off the court each time. So here we have seen Major how you sing the same. Did you say the O automatically have, Darlin? That's what a lot of people think. So that's playing a different version and see if you can still hit the same way. No, I want you to hit the dominant, the highest note, but playing it in the last inversion tonight, Let's try on minor chord and see if you can hit the men, noted the court. This is just teaching your air to Po notes I the cord. I want you to hit the fist again. Keep playing this video back in back. Another match report. I want you to hit me. Oh, you that this course it's repossession. Why I would like you to harmonize the simple melody that I like to sing with the cords on. Remember, listen to the courts, not to the melody that I'm singing to create your own harmony line to this change. Is that so ? Keep going, practicing that on, have some fun with it. So let's look at recorded harm and a Here we are again in pro tools. You can say I have a compressed vocal us a box and I have a low harmony and a high harmony labeled here. So these harmonies have bean compressed on. They have bean hand right. So in a minute, we'll go into the next window on Look at that while we listen to the tri s So you can see here we're in the next window. You could see the high and move harmony near the left. You can save little knobs. Turn so that their mom died on you could see that they had buses in the river. So they have. Bean worked on as much as a man vocal with Bay on, then lowered in the mix slightly lower than the man Virgo. So it stands right more so. That's what I've done here. - Way wins like way 40. Studio Etiquette: Let's talk about studio catch because we have to remember that studio time costs money, so we have to be even away. That's considerate in the studio. I'm trying to not unnecessarily waste time, so always be on time. It really annoys producers on a deathly annoys. Record labels. Whenever people are late, be properly rest. You don't want to win. Be learning songs in the studio. Learn everything you need to learn before you go. You also want to have your voice that bass Snicket can't base of dehydrated have had a proper night's sleep. Don't go into the studio half cut or hung over that goes. That's a very small thing. Remember to turn the signed off your mobile phone. Very annoying when you just on a grip take of something and all of a sudden a Facebook message alert goes off. That's just, you know, a great feeling. Take an interest in what the other musicians are doing. It's not just by adding your part on, then disappearing off for a T brick bay. Part of what's going on. Engage with the producer. Follow the producers directions. Even sometimes you might have a difference of opinion with the producer. But you know, being willing to try different things and take direction, and that's gonna cast you in a good light, hopefully help come out with the best product that you can get. 41. Care of the Voice: Let's talk a little bit like care of the voice, and this is important because your voice is going to be your livelihood. If you're a professional singer, if you're expecting company to make an investment and your talent basically in your voice, then you have a responsibility to look after that voice. The same. The most important thing you can dio to look after your voice is to drink plenty of water and keep your voice hydrated, especially if you've got a gig or you're going to be in the recording studio. Your vocal folds that come together when you speak or say are covered with mucus. Men, brands, culture Miko's up. They are fluid member rants. Where do you drink a glass of water? It's got to sell to ride all the different parts of your body that needed. It might take a couple of ours to get to your mucosa, so if you go OK, you should be drinking water all day, or at least a couple of ours before the gig. If you just have a big glass of water before you go on stage, all that's likely to happen is that you need to pay during the performance on That's never good. That's a very unpleasant to be stuck on stage and not situation. So you also want to avoid certain things at far may have made to tell you what you should do with your lifestyle, but just so as you're aware of the consequences for starting Thanks if you smoke, whether that bait cigarettes or any other substance that you smoke, you are passing hot smoke over those mucous membranes, which will completely dry, which will leave your voice siding. Horse. I can't overtime do damage. So just so long as you're aware that if you are a smoker, drink a lot of war. But you also want to avoid north love caffeine. And I'm a total hypocrite, saying that because I have a complete diet Coke addict. When I studied to be a singing teacher, they always told us that for every cup of coffee that you had, you would need to have four glasses of water because caffeine is a diuretic that causes your body to lose flute and anything that causes you to lose Flute is far for the voice we want to avoid yelling scheiding on whispering any extreme use for the off the voice, which might damage it. We can make big signs through using twine for using belt through using falsetto for the quiet Westbury side, We want to avoid anything that actually puts a strand all the voice. The sign of a healthy voice is clear tone, a clear son. That means the vocal folds are coming together properly when you find it. When you speak already, say if any hoarseness appears in the voice or any air is coming, like when you speak or saying that would be a sign that the local folder not coming together properly. That would be a sign that something was wrong with your voice, and at that point you really should consult a doctor, especially if it persists for any length of time. 42. Common Vocal Health Issues: there are some common problems with the voice to look for. One would be that she suddenly lost the top part of your range that that suddenly cut site . One possible cause for that can be acid reflux if you've been eating a lot of spicy food. If you had stomach upsets have been vomiting for any reason. That asset can produce more mucus, which blocks your larks, his ability to travel upwards. Or it can actually burn your vocal folds, which is a very serious injury to the book of Fools. If that happens, consult a doctor. Tell him that you're singer. You've noticed a loss of range. I once went to the doctor and said, I could no longer hit G six. Your average doctor will not see that as a medical problem, So sometimes you will have to consult someone who specializes in the performing voice. As we talked about in the last video, any kind of hoarseness can't be left unchecked that must be checked by a doctor. One cause of horses could be what's called modules. Julie Andre says. You remember a few years ago had surgery for Nigel's. They are. Adele has also have problems with. Not just they are little bumps that grow on the vocal falls on those little growth stop the book affords from coming together properly. Hence the hoarseness. They are a serious problem of the voice, but they're totally treatable. Sometimes they do have to be removed surgically, but there are exercises speech there, the exercises you can do to burst them so they can be addressed. If you get a little bit of resident to your voice, a little bit warble, I would call a wobble in your voice that isn't normally there. It could be that you have stranded on that. You must rest your voice. But basically, if your voice signs a little different in its tone than it has in the past, this is something to run past a doctor or to run past your vocal coach just to work out what the cause of that might bay to stay aware of the health of your voice. It's good to do the siren exercise every day. Oh, if there are bumps on crackles there, then that might be an indicator that your voice isn't completely healthy. Usually it could just mean your voices dehydrated or you might have an infection coming on . Not one word about infections of the voice. Don't sing with a sore throat. You may have a big gig arranged. You may have a day in the studio. You may have something you don't want to mess, but it's no worth risking permanent damage to your voice. If you have a spread uncle, you would not go. Ight, I'm gonna rests on it. So it's the same kind of idea if there's any kind of pan rest you can say through flab if you have a chest infection, but you cannot saying through any kind of pin. And actually, if you've got any kind off respiratory infection, any kind of off problem going on that it's probably best rest on then reserve singing whenever you feel better. 43. Recording a Demo: Introduction: in this section, we're going to talk about recording a demo or making some kind of recording on their several reasons when you really need to do this. You don't want to just be emailing promoters, record labels and anyone you'd like to work with. Say, I say You need to give them some example off your signed and you want that to be the best representation of your side that you can possibly get. We're gonna look at the section about high. You achieve that. You're also going to want to have something Teoh sell or give to your fans to the people who are interested in your music. You what tracks that they can listen to you and share on you. Turn your funds into your marketers, let them sharing your stuff, bringing other people into the world of your music. You must have recordings to create a presence on like Spotify on YouTube, the places that people go to look for music. You can, of course, play life on you. Chip on live on Facebook on a lot of people, create a found this three J three live recordings, but you also really need to have studio based recordings as well, because the signed a live performance unassigned over recorded work are different when you need to cover both those bases. You also need to have tracks that you can use to get airplay, possibly starting like on local and community radio. But if you're aiming of actually to have national airplay or international and play, then what you have recorded must be recorded to broadcast standards. You might also want to have your recordings and several different versions. You need to email links to people because it's generally annoying. People send you MP threes, waves. If you get enough, those of the day crash your in box, so you're gonna have to post them somewhere online on if you're getting a lot. It might be worth looking at having physical CDs that you can actually sound, but we'll talk about that a little bit later on. I hope you're excited to get started with the section 44. Preparing to Record a Demo: There are several things you'll need to have in place in order to record. The first and most obvious thing that you'll need to have a place is the pieces that you're going to record. You probably want to start with, say, three or four tracks. I'll sleep maximum five. You're sending out demos that shouldn't be a full out like that. Listen, Teoh on, you need to be careful that you don't run into any kind of copyright infringements problems . So you can't be posting things online that weren't written by you, To which you don't know the copyright with I acknowledging, because the right owners So we're going to talk a little bit later. A bite summer saying original material for you to record I want to do if you're recording cover supposed covers online. The second very important thing that you have to work up the recording is who is going to produce the recording? The producer off side recording is like the director on the film. The final product will very much mate their vision, so you need to find a producer who's signed tallies with your own idea of what you would like. The recording to side like or who might take it in a different direction, but you're going to love what they say. So this is going to involve listening to a lot of stuff that's right there on finding kind of production side that really works for you. Also, if you want to get airplay with your demo, you want to post online. If you're selling it to people, really want to have it. Broadcast standard really doesn't necessarily main standing off a lot of money or traveling , but we'll talk about that a little later in the Finding producer section. The next thing that it's going to be important to have a board is the right musicians, the right people to play. No point having a brilliant set of salt to the great producer. If the people who are playing on the recording art baking the signs that goes well with what you're trying to date night, it doesn't necessarily mean going on. Sources. Blues musicians yourself Producers will often use session musicians, or you might have a band that you're used to working with that you'd like to bring on board . You understand your signed the really important thing that you need to think your bite before recording is the brown date we talked before. Like I keep mentioning three words that describe who you are as an artist. Dude, the songs that you've chosen represent who you are as an artist in the direction that you want to go in. And do they represent the nation that you're trying to fill with? Music Industry Day? They signed a little bit like something somebody else could have produced. It's something to take a bite, or is it unique to you? Do the quality off the tracks reflect where you want to go. In the music industry, these are all something Teoh think. Bite very carefully. The production again has to make the brand I because if they production signed, if you're aiming for acoustic song you wanted country artists, there's no point going, Teoh, Needy and producer. So does the production of the mix reflect two years an artist? Does the album or they release artwork reflect to you, Arsene artists that reflect your brown like you want to keep everything consistent. All message 45. Finding a Producer: hi. Find a producer and it's possible in this itch. Teoh work and a local recording studio was someone who works nearby or to work internationally sent files off to be mixed, so you would need to be running on the double your digital audio workstation in order to do that record your vocal and sent off to be mixed. I've personally done both on you know, there's pros and cons off both, but finding a producer is one of the most important tasks and making a recording and getting your music right there because they're ultimately going to be in charge of the final son. Now it could be that your position yourself, which is great. But if you're not, there's several ways of finding a producer finding other artists whose songs you really like. Discovering who it waas that mixto master. Their work is a great way to start, right. It's also possible to go on sites like Signed applied on. Just listen, Teoh a lot of different artists in your genre and you try and find out what you really like . And production what you don't like Introduction. What sign you're actually going for can also find producers to work with on sites such as music, gateway, music industry, networking sites where you find Producer and you like their side approach. Other artists who were the I make sure that they were happy with their services on that they were happy with the final production. It's also good to find, like high good. Their relationship was with the producer. Some producers have very much about their idea of what a signed off the side should be like , which is great if they're very experience. But they might come in and bulldoze over the way that you want to decide. And if you're the artist and it's going like in your name, you want to make sure you've got some input over the final product. I always think of producers as being a bit like hairdressers. More expensive does not necessarily mean better. Neither are some big name producers who might charge quite a lot for a track on. There is no real standard fate of the musicians. Union Ritz in the UK are 30 to 50 and are on, so one song should generally work. I'd at a bite 2 to £300. It could be considerably more than that. If you're using a big man producer on, some producers will ask for 20% of the royalties. If it looks like the release is going, Teoh make money, so that's just something to be aware of. You will have more face and just the way to the producer. Though you may have to pay session musicians, you may have to pay see day duplication. You may have to pay for artwork. So before you enter end Teoh understanding that you're going to make a recording, be sure that you can afford it on. I know that that signs really perfunctory, but sometimes people get themselves into trouble through Agree to make reporting on that, discovering halfway through I can't afford Do you have this finished and I have no that happen. Just want to talk about that night like home recording. Working in the studio may seem like a better option, but actually, with the progressive technology Co recording and programs like Protons of Logic, you can actually get a very good side from a home recording. It really depends who's behind the digital audio workstation. Who's doing the producing what Sanjay get like you don't turn your nose up if someone says what I have a home recording set up because in some instances you can't get baggage signed that learning to produce yourself is a great thing to do because it seems an awful lot of money on production face. There are lots of courses available. Teoh help you choose which D. W would be best for you and to help you learn to use that. W It does take some time to refine your skills. Producer. I have been working as a singer and songwriter night for, oh like 15 years, and I have to say, if I was going to release something as a commercial release or I wanted it released percent , which means that it would go into a TV placement or online advertising or TV advertising, that kind of thing. I would never think of mixing and mastering it myself. I might record it myself, but I always get somebody else's air. And but for the point of your sending demos and trying to showcase your side, if you can record it home to a decent standard, there's no reason why you shouldn't do that. But it's good to run it past somebody and just for their faith back all the quality of the production on another good thing to do after you produce this on yourself or after you've been sent songs by producer is to include those songs in the playlist of songs in a similar genre. And ask yourself, Is this stacking up? Does it signed similar to commercially released songs that I would like my music to be able to sit alongside, or is there anything really glaring in it that needs next? 46. What to Include: So what to include in your recording? If it's a devil, I would say like four tracks would be more than sufficient on these tracks. Should really show Kiss Your ranch is a book list they should show. Kiss your position in the genre that you're aiming for. They should be the strongest tracks that you have, the ones that you get. Strongest audience reaction Teoh when you play them life, but they should be all message with your brown like they should really describe who you are as an artist. Put the strongest track first on the collection, especially your burning it to see date because quite often, and I know this from working in an or myself, I'm If I'm sent, elect to four tracks receded for attracts. I'm actually quite likely to list 1/2 of the first track because you know people and not area very under pressure. So always put what strongest first when you're deciding what are your best tracks? Yes, go on your own opinion because you know you're an artist. You know what your day. But see other opinions, too, on informed dependence so you can ask anyone you know who is an established artist. You can ask a music teacher anyone you know who's a producer. Just get something back on what are your strongest tracks before you go into the studio? Understand, Molly Ball reported all the text. Whenever you're producing a CD or you're posting tracks to sign pied in the description, be sure to acknowledge all the writers of the track, the producer of the track. And it's also good for to acknowledge the musicians who have played for us well, so these are all things that you should really pay, including 47. What to Exclude: So what to exclude when you're making the report, I very importantly, exclude anything that you're not sure about. Copyright if you don't own the copyright or you haven't got the permission of the Kobe my owner to record the soul than dote put it like there could lead to a world of trouble, literal. Exclude songs that you personally really like, that you give old off. But I have got a great audience reaction or nobody's really sharing much online. You want to go with the songs that are the strongest and the broadest opinion that you could get in. And we talked a little bit about that in the last video. Exclude anything that is insulting to any group, and I know that signs crazy, but I have actually, when they work tonight are being set songs reckless until the thought No, if if I released this, if I put my name behind, this is just gonna be around trouble in certain genres. It's totally fine to have a bit of it, I swear. But in other jobs, it's not on quite often cos they're looking for something for sick, which is when music is placed in films TV at Skins, that kind of thing. They will specifically say No swearing. So if you go with the swear e soul, have a clean Abbott off it. And it's better to Sendai the clean at it as a demo because it can just be used in a wider range. Off opportunities absolutely exclude. I never put anything under your name that is less than professional. Signed, dying If there's crackles and there's click blade if there might be the old Duff note. If the production just isn't that claim that hasn't being masters, then don't sanded light. Just make sure everything is the kind of quality you would want it to pay to make you same as professional as you compulsively. 48. Finding Material to Record: Let's talk about finding material to record because we've mentioned the whole topic off copyright in previous videos actually high. I came to They assault writer by profession Waas that I initially when I was trying to find gigs Singer I'm going out there as an artist. I didn't want to get into Kobe right. Problems by releasing covers of I Will Always Love You, whatever. So I realized I was going to have to create my own material or find people who were writers to create material for May. And so happened. It turned out that I loved writing, and so I became a singer songwriter rather than just appear singer, what may happen to, you know, be brilliant. Maybe you're already writing stuff, but if you are getting a loss, so writers are going to want to work with you because every time you perform one of their pieces in public, they're gonna be paid royalties at no cost to you. So that was you. Remember to log your performances with what's called a performing rights organization, or you tell the songwriter when you perform yourselves in that, do that so people are actually going to want to work with you. So if there's been a great song that's been released especially locally to you that you loved on you, even on the right hand side I mean, I love this song. Would you consider record with May? Unless there's some contractual reason why you can't do that? Nine times out of 10 are gonna bite your hand off to be able to do this. I personally love working without becoming singers. I've worked with three so far this year. I enjoy every minute of it. This is a songwriter. There's nothing nicer than working with a really good voice, being able to help do something that really showcases that voice so you can find people on Facebook groups that are look local to musicians in your area. By Alexis Psych Lodge, where you can message people you can basically just look up solves that you love. See the Kratz who's writing the Google? Those people email, though, and your what is certain. Reasonable limit. I mean, if you're emailing people like Calvin Harris, who were working with very major labels, you know what the start? That's probably not likely to pass tonight, but there will be plenty off songwriters like that that you can find her going to want to work with you. You can also approach publishers in the UK Was Web Cycle Music Publishers Association online, MBA Online. Things don't work, but it's in the list of useful organisations. They're similar organizations. Internationalism. You could actually approach a music publisher and say, I'm artist, I'm getting artist. Have you got anyone on your roast? Would be interested in writing thing, so this should be a totally achievable. Be sure when you're looking for a writer that you find someone who really understands your genre on. It's good you're a singer to find a writer who really understands voice. Some songwriters are principally guitarist sir. Pianists on their vocal lines can be a bit tricky. The lyrics could be a little bit crushed. You want to find somebody you feel really understands voice, and it's likely to understand your voice 49. Writing Your Own Songs: writing your own songs, which is enormously exciting to make us. As I said in the last video, I was a singer became a singer songwriter. I absolutely love some reading. I'm just gonna talk very briefly in this video by what to do. If you'd like to try your hand, it's starting to write your own stuff on. This might not be applicable to all gay. Some of you might be writing your own songs for a long time, but one of the first things you need to do is learn the song forms in your genre. So if you're writing commercial pop were commercial country. Those songs tend to be an adverse course first course Bridge course for a B A, B, C. D, otherwise known as the national formula and say jobs and swing. So I always tend to be in a verse first bridge first. So for which then repeat, sometimes the bridge on they last verse. So folk change quite often don't have a chorus of them, some to go there, and what's called a for learning sold forms is really the first place to go on. You might find if you listen to a lot of music in your genre that that actually comes quite instinctive late. We've got to think of things like harm alecks and what fits to remove the song on the kind of language that you're using in the lyrics. Are you aiming at your target audience? Well, are the lyrics appropriate for the genre of music you're using? Do they reflect you as an artist of the kind of messages that you want to get there? So So writing yourself is amazing. It's a whole world. The best way to start after you learned those basic things is to get their co write with people with singer songwriters on soul writers in your local area. Or you can make people online by music Gateway I've mentioned before they set up a lot of collaborations. It's great to meet people, so I applied to collaborate with, You know, it's It's a really fascinating world to get into really highly recommend a little note. If you're a singer, annulled an instrumentalist, so you're not going to be writing the courts. But most of the chicken, the melting. That's great because people here singers tens write things that are fun to sing that say was enjoy singing so and they tend to write boulder intervals with. Sometimes people start writing and say they're guitarists. They tend to pick like the root note from the court of first. So it's not a disadvantage to primarily be a singer, a non instrumentalist. It would be good to find an instrumentalist to work with so that you have the right syriza courts going with the melody on the works you've created on. It's always a good thing, and I'm primarily a singer. That's my management. I also play piano and guitar on I know a genius pianist or a guitarist. I really love piano, but it's good to just get that knowledge, of course, going so you can start tonight by just learning what note school intercourse, what cords go into key. I'm not basic music theory. We'll set you up well because I think singers think they don't really need to understand cores wrong. In the studio, you will be expected to harmonize, and if you're going to write, you have to write chords. Singing is no big karaoke. A star on everybody else who's playing is just back to back you. You are a musician, So I'm gonna plate a love. A theory information with this video on talk a little bit. A bite. What notes go into accord? What course? Go educate that kind of thing just to help you start with the writing on. I really hope that you have some fun with this. 50. Do I need physical CDs?: So a question I get asked. Do you really need to have physical CDs? Well, I often, when you're approaching music industry professionals, you'll be emailing licks because posting see days all over the place is just gonna cost a lot of money. And it's much easier for people to get email on the phone, just play track. But if you're right getting a lot, you want something to sell to your audience. It's good to have a physical CD, and also some really presenters would much rather be sent a CD and sent a lot of links. They just play it. It's good when you're sending music off for various opportunities to just check what the submission processes are. But you don't need to have a certain number off physical CDs so you can sell those and make some money back from the coast of the recording. Other of course, CD sales are a lot less than they used to be. A unreeling that something, but you may achieve if you're getting quite a lot. If you have a CD, you want it to look good. You don't want to be sanding silver CDs task of scribbled on a pan, You can actually buy a CD printer. I have one sitting beside me here. As you can see, it just looks like an ordinary printer. It has a little trying it, which produces C days that look a bit like this so you can see what I've done here is I've got an image that's off center, and I've used what is basically the cover off my album so that I could have a demo version with Sand Brown Day, but with fewer tracks. All that when I will send I s Deborah. If you're sounding CDs having printed out well, professionally, there's a good idea you could see my CD there. It's being bar coded. That's very important, because if you want record stores to take your CDO on, sell it that it must have a bar code on CD Baby online. Well, the CD duplication for you, a good Ritz. You can upload all your artwork on. They will supply you with a bar code. Also supply. You go what's called. I asked Marcy codes for all of your songs, which are important because that that played. If you remember the right organizations, you can make royalties and we'll talk about like performing Rosie's in a later video. Another thing that you can have created if CD duplication of the extensive art John. These are Stein load cards off my last album. So what happens is people pay me for these. They're much, much cheaper to produce and see days. You saw those two person or you give it to them for free, and it has a diamond code on the back of that. Yeah, go ahead and use that download code Diamond This album if you want, and the person can go online and have the whole CD so you can pass those light at music industry events. You could sell those, and it's much cheaper than producing CDs. But some people like to have physical CD. They like to have all the artwork, so it's useful to have some of those. The one thing I would say is, usually when you have CDs, princess, there will be a minimum print run. You might not be able to get last Sunday by 200 maybe 500 see days, so make sure that you actually are going to be able Teoh, get rid of all of those on that. You're not just gonna be tripping over them? Why? When you first released a recording, you might need about 30 CDs to send two radio presenters. Bloggers. You might want to give it to certain people. So it's It's probably going to pay easier to get rid off those CDs, and you think a certain number of them you will be giving away for free. So you then got to work out what you're going to charge Teoh. Make up the cost of the rest of them. I dio get some physical CD seals through my website. I offer physical CDs Almere on. You know it doesn't happen all the time every night, man people rapidly by them from my website. But the most effective way to sell CDs is to get regularly because people are in the moments there enjoying music. They quite like it. If you sign the Sea Day, so it's really at live events that people are most likely to buy CDs 51. Recording a Demo: Recap: the process is a really fun one. It's collaborative, its artistic. It's something that should be really enjoyable, but just a few things to check before you jump into that process. Versatile, be sure that you can afford it. Cost to properly in advance. I make sure that your whoever you're recording with but you sign a contract and you have a very firm agreement of how much it's gonna cost so that they can come back to you and say, I spent more Arsenal mess and I originally thought I was going Tonto. All spiral out of control and anyone who's a reputable professional in the music industry will be happy to sign something. Run a 1,000,000 miles from anybody who vote if you can't currently afford us. Thank off launching a crowdfunding campaign on the likes of Go Fund may slice the pie. There's also a great site called Podrian Patria. When you think back to musicians and classical days like hiding and looks, heart would have had patrons is sort of the modern idea where people can give you a handful of dollars, but it's every month on. They get rewards for that, so you might give them T shirts and merchandise. You might send the tracks that nobody else has access to. You might send them sign postcards from wherever you're digging, that kind of thing. Subject to cite. Well worth looking into. Also, before you make a record, I don't just make a recording for the sake of it. Have a plan of what? You intend to do that. Who do you intend to market to Salad to? Who had the industry do you intend to send to? What contacts have you got? And with those two things in mind, what will you do with side? What tracks will you include? Do you progress your current music industry goes? 52. Are you ready for a record deal?: I think this section we're going to look a bit at Hy to find a record label on whether or not you actually need a record label. Let's first of all, look at the kind of things that you would need to have a place to be approaching labels or toe have labels approaching for a start, you need to be able to draw a cried Imelda May got her recording contract well into your thirties, which is unusual because she was able to bring 3000 people light on a Tuesday night in London. So can you draw cried? Are you gigging? Is there clearly on market for your music that something A and R reps will be intensely interested in? You also need to have a strong brown people roaming. Think a record label will do all this for you? You need to have a brown going, a clear message, some kind of indication of what you're a bite on. Then, on A and R rep, artists and repertoire, the people that do the signing can work out high. You would sit alongside their current roster. Do you have an online presence? So not just a lot of people following your own fist book on Twitter on instagram. But are those people actually engaging with you? Does it look like you have basically a tribe People who are willing to support your music and spent money on coming to see you? You need to have a full gigging calendar up on your website on up on your Facebook that shows that you're aren't working regularly, that you are basically not just sitting at home dreaming of music career. But you're out there doing the work on that. Then use your happy to work with you. People are happy to Comite and see you. A very important thing to remember about an R reps is that they look for a reason not to sign you. So I think to think you bite at this point is what are the reasons that they might find not to sign you on. What can you do about those things? Are you know gigging enough? Is your grounding on imagery not strong at the moment? What is it that you really need to work on 53. Do you need a record deal?: big question. Do you really nature recording contract? Because it as possible to self release there are services like CD Baby who will help you get your musical Spotify I chains Amazon. So really, a record label needs to be able to help you in some way and make you more money than you could just make self releasing on your own. A very small label mayor may not be able to do that, and you will be signing away a certain amount of your rights of income. So you really need to work I if what you're being offered is actually worth it. 54. What a Label Should and Souldn't Do for You: are there certain things label should do for you and certain things they definitely should not do? A label should be responsible for producing on releasing your music for arranging life performances for you. For Gavin, you press and promotion. Getting your interviews. All that kind of thing would be the responsibility off a reputable level. They will take up to 50% of your income for royalties. Let's just be aware of that. Sometimes people are offered record contacts and think they're being ripped off where that is actually completely industry standard on. A lot of money is spent on producing promoting your music, so they have to recoup that loss some way. There are certain things the record label should definitely not do. They should not ask you for any fees. Up front, there has been a sort of scam that's still kind of operating within the law, but it is still a scam that's been happening of recent years, where companies will say yes, we like music, sighs Great, would be interested in signing you, but it needs to be produced better. So we want a couple of guys and pines for you to produce an AP with our producers. That is basically a scam that shouldn't happen. You shouldn't be charged up front for anything. So just to make sure that any company that you come into contact with is reputable contact artists on their roster or former artists on ask those people high hoppy they wear with their services. And just remember, if anything seems too good to be true, it probably is. 55. Types of Record Labels: so there are different kinds of record labels on you've probably heard off some of the major labels such a Sunni BMJ Island Chrysalis Virgin. You're very unlikely to be signed Teoh, a major label when you're just starting light when I have discussions with a major label. A few years ago, the A and R rep said, Come back to me when you saw the 100,000 units, and that is the kind of money you would need to be making to be of interest to a major label. Sometimes if you do well in independent label, a major might come along and buy up your catalog. A majors have sort of priority lists from 80. So a might be the likes of Beyonce, and you're actually sometimes better to be signed to an independent label. Rather than be a low priority at a major label. There are some amazing, quite big independent labels. One of my favorites is Rough Trade, too. Released likes Eddie Reader and some artists that I really like on. There are some amazing small independent labels I love. One called Ribhi works best in Ireland, but the label that will be of interest to you will be dependent on your own genre. And of course, we never want to approach a label that doesn't work in the right genre. The independent labels tend to be more specialized. Where's the majors will have departments for everything. 56. Finding a Record Label: wait. So the big question is, how do you find label on you? Probably heard this before, but it's more likely that a level will find J. If your eyes gigging a lot. If you have built up on audience online, if you go good social media interaction, then it could be that level will approach you. There's nothing wrong in your approaching labels, though, so long as you approach the right level. Don't employ these companies that just send ICT, your details willing nilly. Teoh a database of contacts Because if you're a country artist on your details are being sent to a mata labels that's really not going. Teoh reflect well, so there are some music services online, such as Music Gateway. The details for Music Gateway are included in the useful organization section of this course who will tell you which labels are currently accepting submissions. My most record labels don't accept unsolicited material because they would just be completely swamped on most of them are even though they don't accept unsolicited material, but some of them do so if you're interested in approaching a label, just be sure and check their submissions policy if they ask for links Don't Santa CD and vice versa because it makes it look like you haven't paid any attention on Also, never just send like a blanket emails, generic emails to a whole host of labels You want to look like you know something about they label that you're approaching on. What kind of artists are signed to that roster. So there's some things you should include in the email. If you're approaching a record label, the very important question you have to answer is, why should they sign you? Do you fit in with their current roster? Very importantly, do you plug a hole in their current roster? What is it that you have to offer them? That's something to really sit dine on. Think about then. You want to send links to your music unless they specify otherwise. Some companies have a dropbox. Some would rather have a CD. Mostly it will be links. You don't email MP threes airwaves, because if someone gets enough those in a day it will crash their inbox. So it's a pretty antisocial thing today on again, you want to show that you know something about their business when you email, I'm give a bit of background information about yourself on who you are trying to drink this as briefly as possible, though, because A and R rep scat many, many emails in a week on. They're not going to wear through something that looks like it's going to be a thighs and worked long, so that's just something to be aware off. 57. Inside the Head of an A&R Rep: I haven't seen an A and R rep myself. I thought I'd give you a little bit of insight into high and our reps think and R stands for artists and repertoire. That's the people that actually do the signing. They are very, very concerned, a bite money because they're responsible for spending. A lot of money on that money has to be earned back, so they don't want there to be any risk involved that the project might lose money. So you need to prove that you have an audience to sell to already up and running. And we talked about high. You do that by having good interaction online by gigging frequently and having an audience who are willing to come on and hear you pay for tickets on to buy your music. Basically, they want everything to be as low risk as possible, and more reps are also very concerned with commercial viability on markets. Know that might sound very cross. You might be thinking, Ah, but we're artists, and if I, a gifted artist, should not be about enough, no, your music will have to follow some kind of trend because they and are wrapped, Haas to be reassured that it will actually sell. So it has to fit into some nation within the music industry artists who say I am unique. I don't have a nation generalists and are actually dumped like that an awful lot. So that's just something to be aware off. Of course, you should have original signing music and you can't be a carbon copy of someone else that's just a bit pointless. They do look for originality and something fresh and you, but there's also got to be a clear market for your music. After all, the music business is a business on like any other business, it exists to make money. So that is something to be aware off another thing and our reps with the guys Heidi, behave. Are you professional? Are basically are you going to be a nightmare to work with? Are you considerate person who turns up on time? He replies to emails on his behaves and a professional manner. Because it's not just your talent. Your behavior is also something that will give companies and under business people, basically, who are thinking of working with you. Some idea off high professional, you're gonna be high, easy. You're gonna pay how much they're going to be able to market you because no one wants to put forward someone who's going to be representing their business if they behave in a way that is rude or unprofessional. So these are just a few little things to think about when you're thinking of approaching a record level. 58. Live Music: The most fundamental thing you need to be doing to pursue a career as a professional singer is to be right there digging. So if you're not doing that at the moment, it really is essential to get started. With sales of CDs and downloads falling live music is many musicians primary source of income on I do know singers and musicians who make most of their income through having residencies in local bars and restaurants. So never look down on that kind of gig because a good living can actually be made that way . So different values you might want to consider. It bars nursing homes, which is great because you're actually providing an essential community service. Ah, lot of studies suggest that when our short term memory starts to go, the music on the words of songs are so and grinned and our long term memory that it connects people with earlier parts of their lives. Unreal improves their sense of well being. So it's an amazing thing to do. There are online sites like Concert Window, where you can basically bus go online on. People can tip you on by your music. On those sites, they're a bit less popular since the Advent Office book on YouTube life but still well worth considering on they can help you to grow your farm business. Support slots for other artists either on tour of the local venues are a great way off, patching into quite big artists audiences on growing your own farm vis record stores. I've played in a Chevy and had a great time, and all that involved was contacting the manager off my local itch MP coffee shops. And I've put here If they pay, there is one well known international chin off coffee shops who recently posted on Facebook in my part of the world that they were looking for musicians to play. Please post a link on all these mostly young people were posting links to their YouTube. But what are you getting out of it? You'll bring along your friends and family. They'll completely fill up the coffee shop so there won't be any new audience for you there . They'll be buying coffee and kick, and you don't get paid. That's basically exploitation to May, so there are ways of finding gigs. Approach venues yourself, my friend. He makes a good living from during residencies Always says Never email. If you could just walk in and chapter somebody. If you're going to do that, though, dude, at a considerate time. I mean, if you go into a restaurant at lunch or dinner service, you're just gonna make a pan of yourself. So in for a bite three in the afternoon or pick up the phone. It's harder for someone to say No cheat when they're actually speaking to you. You can use a reputable promoter on the way to find a good promoter as to find out which promoters other artists are using. Or you can hire a Moloch jer to help manage your live career supporting on the basket possible. We talked about this a bit and the performance technique section, but play with the right musicians for you and for your signed on have the right set up for the venue. For example, if you're in a small coffee shop, a five piece band is just going to take up half the floor space. So dress appropriately for the venue that your end, unless the people booking, you know that you've made a bit of an effort. I'm very importantly, no the audience. What kind of people hang right in this venue on what are their expectations likely to bay? Thinking of working for free? Do you think it be great exposure to play a certain gig for free will think very carefully about it, because when people work for free, it actually damages the whole of the industry. If values can get people into play for free, why should they ever pay anyone? They know they can get someone else to do it for free. On that way, music is devalued and live music, which is one off the strands of income and music, which is actually doing quite well, will be damaged. So the musicians union in the UK have this handy little chart for working like whether or not you should do a gig for free. Of course, it's a close friends wedding if its a charity you support, there's always exceptions. But I am going to include first little chart as a dilute herbal resource with this lecture 59. Solo Gigs: so the Asia's kind of gigs to get are going to be solo gigs on. The great thing about solar gigs is that you don't have to share the money with anybody else. If you don't play an instrument, especially guitar or keys, you can use backing tracks in some parts of the world that's not really considered very good form. It wouldn't so much be where I live, but it really depends where your best. And if they're good quality backing tracks, so long as they're not sort of cheesy MIDI. You can actually find some really decent tracks to go right on to dig with. So you need to build a repertoire off things that you can play and perform on your own. Then do you up a little menu of those songs, which you can present to venues on. Have some videos of you playing these songs life because if you're looking for life gigs, what you start like on a recording is not as important as whether or not you can actually pull off the live performance on some people saw in great Mr Do on live, they don't cut the mustard, so you want to prove that you can so have well kept, regularly updated YouTube site where you can show the people who will be booking you videos of your live performance. So don't look done on any kind off solo gigs. You know, be it nursing homes, coffee shops every time you play your refining your craft on your exposing your music to new listeners. So it's well worth thinking right side off the box. And we talked a little bit about busting websites such as Concert Window. They're also a great thing to get involved in as a solo performer and just be sure that you actually ask people for tips. Another great thing to think of is Bus King, and in certain parts of the world, you can make quite decent money and basking. When I lived in Bath in England, buskers commit 200 pines in a weekend. It's more like £40. Now that I've moved back to Belfast, it will very, very depending on where you live. But it's something well worth doing because of you can make people stop and listen to you when they're very busy on the street. You know that you've got something that's working 60. Duos: in my part of the world. They changed the licensing laws in recent years. That means that venues have to pay more money to be able to hire a banned from the solo or a do artist. So hiring Jews in the UK has become quite a popular thing to do because you can get a little bit more energy than you might be able to do with a solo performer, Andi. It's still a cheaper licence, so it's great to form a Jew with someone, especially if you don't play an instrument. You can also get a bit of vocal harmony going when there's two of you, which really adds depth to a performance. Joe's at the moment are actually really popular on Cray's ship sous Well, so I've seen a couple of cruise ship entertainment providers looking for Geo's. So that's an interesting thing to get NT. Ah, popular do at the moment is, of course, Gavardo, who we've looked up a bit earlier, points in the course. So if there's someone else that you know who's willing to form a partnership with you, it's a great thing to do. You can share each other's contacts. That should be a easier way of getting gigs 61. Forming a Band: If you're looking for gigs, a great thing to do is to form a band on their several ways that you can look for bond members. First of all, of course, by asking people you already know that you've worked with in the past, you can also meet people through Facebook groups, especially in your local area and through the likes of Gum Tree or Craigslist. So don't be afraid to turn people away, though. When you're looking for about members, if they're signed, isn't what you're looking for on. Do you feel that it's going off in a different direction than you'd rather go? So you have to have some common goals with the people that you're in a band with, So just make sure that you all have the same goals, because if you want to say tour on, there's someone there who maybe has Children and their circumstances won't ally them to travel. You know, at some point there could be some conflict, so it's good to make sure that start that everybody has common goals. So when you are the singer in the band, you're the front man. You're communicating with the audience, but do you remember that you're a musician. You're not just a karaoke East are on. Everybody else is there to support you. So think like a musician. Be part of the band. Be interested in what everybody else is doing. Andi, have a great time. 62. Grass Roots Venues: let's talk a little bit about grassroots music venues, and it could be that when you first start gigging, you'll be doing open mikes and free gigs in small venues. That should really be at the start of your career. And you don't want to that to last too long, because if you want to be a professional, well, a professional miss someone who gets paid. But it's a great place to refine your craft. Unusually, these venues air open to contact from artists themselves. Just be aware. Sometimes they do offer slightly odd time slots. I know there's one open mic in my time, which is great, but it doesn't kick off until about half 10 11 o'clock at night on a Wednesday night. On If people are working, there's likely to be quite small audience at that time. It's a good thing to bring an audience with you, to bring some friends and to bring some sounds of your music. But it's not a good thing to be expected to bring the audience. For example. I once stood again, Gray was told, Will only let you have this gig if you bring at least 12 people. I wasn't being paid for it. So I brought along people. They feel like the value. They bought drinks and I didn't get paid, and I ended up feeling pretty exploited. It was quite a kill Vanya, and I got some nice photographs, my website. But, you know, was that really worth it? But something to think about. In fact, with any gig that you're doing, you know there's a certain amount of work involved in rehearsing on getting there setting up. So you need to ask yourself, What are you getting ICT of this gig high? Is it advancing your goals and music? But at the start, any gigs Great, refined your craft lets you see which for your songs are the most popular. On high strong, your stage presence is 63. Larger Venues: Let's talk a little bite. Progressing on Teoh larger than used on. The best way to do that is to find a support slot. There's a lot of advantages to doing that. It helps you to expose your music to that. Artists found this so hopefully you'll find someone similar enough to you, but different enough that you don't side to like them, and that's really gonna help you grow your audience. You might need a promoter or a manager to help you, but out of it like that, so you should have a really well constructed E p k Elektronik press kit on that's press quotes, photographs bio. You know, something that says that you're going to be able to work in a large venue on come across his professional. And again, you should have some grit footage of you playing life up on YouTube that you can include in your e p. K. Not you're going to need a bigger sign for a bigger venue. So it was just you and your keys and you and your guitar. That's great. Just make sure the signed is high energy enough for a bigger venue or else maybe get a bomb together or a couple of other musicians to come in on back? A. So you need to be very, very well rehearsed to play in a larger venue, pull things off as professionally as you can, spend some real time pulling things together. No, the audience. So if you know who you're going to be supporting or the gig that happens in this larger venue, the kind of people who attended I am your music at that specific audience. 64. Cool Venues: there are some venues aren't particularly big, but they definitely have the cool factor somewhere where there's real kudos to playing, they ones that come to mind are the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, the alley cat on the Water rats in London, the 100 Club in London, Club AO and Dunny Goal in Ireland. And I'm sure, in your country and in your area, there will be venues like that somewhere where people really want to play and it's quite competitive to get in. It's possible to contact these values yourself and ask about paying for some of them. You need to be touring internationally. You can't get a gig in the Bluebird Cafe unless you're touring internationally, and I heard that from the mouth of the manager s there. But if you apply for the open mic, which you have to do about two weeks in advance, you can play at the open. Mic gets a great photographs. Great thing for your website. Great. Think today. So the thing to do when you get one of these gigs is just get lots and lots off photographs and videos to sound like to your mailing list and put up on your website under Social media . Another really cool, please. To play, I think, has the cool factor. Is it envy? The record store on? There may be other record stores in your area that might be open to having artists player have artists play a lot. The nice thing about playing in a record store is that people actually go there to buy music, so it's filled with people who are willing to spend money on music on. That's not the whole of the population at the moment. So great thing to Dio. I played niche envy a few years ago. It's great being photographed in front of the HMP logo because it's a known brand. So if you've got a kill Vanya Coupal is to play near you. Why not contact them and see what happens? 65. Festivals: It's a great thing to play at festivals, even if you're not one of the headliners of the festival because they tend to draw cried. It's a great way of exposing your music to a new audience and generally a very enjoyable experience. So you need to apply in Iran, December or January for the Summer Festival season and there as a whole host of festivals that you can apply from from the small local ones, right the way through to the big national ones in the UK, the biggest one would be glass timbre on. The bigger festivals are not impossible to get a gig at because they don't just have the massive stages. They have some smaller stages and things going on during the day, so it's worth finding about the about those on applying for those in the UK Air magazine. The magazine off PRS gives a list off festivals that are happening with their websites, so but mostly involves just going on giggle on finding art, which festivals are realistic to apply for. There are some festivals, such as the Edinburgh fringe, which has a real cool factor, which you can actually pay to play at so that might be something you may or may not want to consider two, depending on what your stance is. For that, you definitely want to join a P r O performing rights organization before playing out of festival, because the way royalties work for a festival is that you will be given a percentage off ticket sales. So P r O. Czar for songwriters rather than for performers. But I know many of you out there will be. So writers also look for a support slot. If there's an artist playing of the festival, you really want to play, maybe they'll let you do a five minute opener. That's always possible, but have fun during the festival season. 66. Promoting Your Gigs: If you're playing life, you are going to have to promote your gates. Don't expect the promoter today everything, so creating a fist. But combat is obviously your first port of call for promoting gigs and this damage. You don't want to do that too close to the gate like no two days before gonna lose people. You don't want to do it too early. Otherwise, people will forget Make other plans. So bites two weeks before the gig is good. Time to start promoting at them. Sort of gently remind people in run ups the gig offer people an incentive to come to your excite it be great to see you there. I'll sign see day for you. I'm looking forward to chatting to you, You know, interactive people and make them really want to come and see you in person. Your life career is going to be a man. Stay off your income on. Also, you need to have the ability to pull people in life to get a record deal so you can't just leave that in the hands of other people. You really do need to have a strong James for promoting it. Talk to my Facebook also very worked up mailing list. We'll talk about that later to have a big calendar off your website, and we'll talk about that in the website section. I'm just so that people, though it is many ways as possible that you're right, they're playing. 67. Your Fanbase: Let's talk about your family. You really want to use your music to connect to people. That's what music is all a bite. So you want to have a certain lines interaction with the people who come to your gates with the people who chopped you on social media. You know, people like to know that they're dealing with an actual human being. I'm not just a music marketing, but so that's very important. I want you for those positive relationships with people. They will basically become your marketers. So start sharing your tracks. They'll start inviting people to your gigs so it's worth investing that time and actually getting to know people. So there is a time commitment on that. It's time controlling to maintain your social media toe answer. People back can keep telling people, so it's good to block out sometime every day or at least a couple of times a week to be able to do that 68. How NOT to Get Airplay: touched with this section, a resource that's based on some interviews that I did with radio presenters. And they told me what really put them off playing somebody's music. So I'm gonna introduce this section by looking at ways to make sure that nobody ever wants to play your music the first way nobody's gonna want to play music as if you sand right. Hurley produced tracks that art broadcast quality eight that aren't mastered super there really quiet that just haven't had enough attention Go into them. That's obvious. That's not gonna get played. The second thing is to send ICT tracks that are pearly packaged, for example, sanding, play in silver desk scrolled all in pan and The Post. That's not going to get the most professional presentation off your work. Something that really presenters I spoke to fight really annoying was what someone sent a track three or lick, but no background information like who they were So no biographical information whatsoever . And I'm not saying sand really long emails, but a little bit of backward way. Who you are and what you're currently doing is helpful to presenters because they don't just want to play attracting want to be able to introduce it properly and introduce an audience. Do you sanding or generic emails you've obviously just sent? Writer who Loaded stations is very off critic. You want to show in your email that you know something about the show, but you're sad that your tractor and it doesn't really take they're able to do that. For example, you might be able to say, I heard you play to track by Carrie Underwood last week. Well, I have a track that I think is a little bit similar. Or it's all the similar thing, just some little indication that you actually listen to the show. And if there's any kind of running joke on the show, are like competitions, I oh, I trained them for money, question, time or whatever. The gimmick of the show might be sending tracks when you have nowhere presence, so that when the present looks for you online, they can't find anything. That's frustrating said, because they want to be able to let to you all marrow where pitches on point, other people towards you. So one of the radio shows that play my tracks all the time quite often tied me on physical or Twitter when they do that, so it's going to be all those platforms. So it goes without saying. But, you know, just a guess. One thing that will definitely stop people from playing music as if you are route to them. So being rude in could sanding wigs or MP threes instead of lakes at first because enough those in a day will crash somebody's inbox. So that's been after social, not saying thank you when you've had airplay. If you know it's a make polite, when someone does something for you to say, thank you, not showing any interest in the person show a career. Just what I can do for you, not from oday The airplane yourself on your own social media platform is also very enraged because, after all, you want to return the favor by drawing attached to the show and getting a few of your listeners into the show. So these are all things to think about when you're sending tracks. Two radio presenters 69. Local and Community Radio: your first particle when you're starting to look for Apple is probably going to be local community radio stations. They could be very supportive of local artists. They might have you in an interview. You let me play live so great to reach out to presenters. There are formed good relationships with them, so don't look down on really small radio stations. It's not realistic to think you're going to start with, you know, massive national airplane competence. I thought there's something wrong with Aunt May for that in the long run, so community can main local community or account me across the world with the offense. Off the Internet radio station, there's a radio station I really love Best and Glasco called Celtic Music Radio. They do a lot of roots held in music, but their timeline is serving. So writers and glass go on across the world on they do You have a listener ship across the world. Great thing they which smaller radio stations are able today CMR have a listenership of about 50,000 people is that they have Facebook pages on while certain shows wrong. People are on chatting on Facebook pitch, so there's sort of a community element. I didn't get quite a lot of feedback on what people thought about your track with. That makes it really good to be involved in those kind of shows because it is a radio. Also Do live showcases in Dublin. In the building I have so writer circles, there are other community stations that do this on. There's more than likely one near you be asked professional where contacting local radio stations as you would be one contacting national radio stations. After all, they are also getting a lot of people wanting their music played on. It's not just the quality of your music that will get your music playing as discussed in the last video. It's whether or not they feel they want to support you as a person and as a brand 70. Commercial Radio: everybody wants to be played on commercial radio. This is actually fairly hard without a record label behind you. If you get record, label behind you grit. If not, presenters on commercial radio are really tied to what the station waltz on its roster on. They don't have a lot of flexibility, but having said that, it's not impossible to get track played on commercial radio. If you get enough of your farm miss to a male and on request your track, that should definitely be helpful, just something to think about it. Also, it's not true across the board, but they're starting a lot of truth in the notion that it's easier to get an update song played than a slow ballot, just something to bear in mind. 71. Interviews: So if you score an interview on radio Hi, do you comport yourself in an entry in order to present your brown's the best that you can ? Well, you want to mostly be yourself, Really show your personality off says that people want to support him. They want to support your music. It might be a little nerve wracking before your you start the same with TV activities. But the more you do it, the more you get used to jail with, the more relaxed you become. So just consider as a chat between France. Nice thing about radio interviews, people maybe last night. But, you know, you can see that they are. So just have some fun in the studio. You want to be sure to stay on message, and we talked in the video of Mike Brown and high. When you're doing interviews, you want to still convey the message off your music. Keep that message right there. If you've got the release of your dirtbag Attar, you want to be sure that you get a call to action that you ask the listeners to come and see you or to listen to your music online, get them a place where they can find you. Don't forget to mention your website details. It's quite likely that the presentable do that, but it's not a bad idea if you did, too. 72. Performing Rights Organisations (Getting Paid Royalties): If you're going to be getting airplay, it's good idea. Teoh, sign up with organizations called PR, owes performing rights organizations. They pay royalties. No hay road days, mostly to songwriters. But there are also organizations that collect royalties. Poor performers in the UK When I missed the so writing P. R. O. Is called PRS Performing Right Society on the organization, Collecting your rotates is the singer is called PPL, so you would want to be signed up to both PRS and PPL if you're a singer songwriter, so each time your song is played, you will get royalty. If you're a plate of local radio, it might be about 79 pence through too well about separate piles per play on national radio . But PRS half a list of Brits on their website. The American PR owes our ASCAP B M I. C sack on their RPR owes every part world the normal Norwegian Biaro, which I've done somewhere, whether it's Noro. So I'm going to put a link with this section by PR owes on. It's worth investigating the conditions of signing up to the one in your local area. PRS costs 100 times to join So if there's gonna be a fade to join a PR Oh, there's no point in to get until such point as, you know that you're going to earn that money back, You know, only gets money from airplay. Don't you also get royalties from live performances if you're so writer? So it's something that's very much worth day. 73. Press: getting press is very important for artists. There's a verse in the Bible that says, Let another man praise you are not your own lips And that should actually be in the music. Marketing Bible is well because what other people say about you is much more important than what you say about yourself. If you say you saw it like Aretha Franklin yourself, not just signs a bit arrogant for somebody else, does it. That's quite impressive. So this is the reason we want to get press on. We want to get as much press as possible. So this is my top tips for getting press follow. Blog's local blog's in Your Own Area and International brought blog's comment where you can of it's a WordPress bug and un actually interact with people. But it will let you know what artists are right there. Getting attention on War is current and what that block is interested in. Focus on your story. Why should people be interested in you and the newspaper article I showed at the start of this video. They talked a lot about the fact that I happen to have rheumatoid arthritis. What have you got going on in your life that people will be interested in. What is it that makes people connect to you? And it's not as hard as you think to get national press. The likes of guardian music in the UK well accept submissions from unsigned artists so approaching. Bloggers on journalists form relationships with people you keep chatting to them. I have bloggers and journalists that have covered my stuff here of my friends on Facebook that I chat to all the time because they love music. I love news like, you know, we get on with them, but big business like at the same time. You know, when you send an email sent a professional email showing that you know something about the publication that you know something about the journalist on, that you are a serious professional. You right there gigging on use, business like language, A nice thing to do Once you get to a journalist, it's a sand the material before it's released. I have one guy that I sent all my stuff to before it actually goes out because I like to give him that little trait on. He's always the first person to review everything tell them about your gegen calendar. Let them know that you're out there on the scene. A mention previous press Because that mix journalists and bloggers feel, oh, people are actually interested in this person. Other publications are interested in this person, so I should jump on that bandwagon. 74. Your Artist Website: Let's look at something very important and that is musician websites know some of you might be thinking, Can't I just have a Facebook page or a Twitter account? But on Facebook or on Twitter, you don't control the experience off the visitor, whereas you do on your own musician website on your own website allies you to put your music, your images, your calendar, debts, everything that people would want to know about you in one place. So I thought the best way to start looking musician websites was to have a look at a few famous examples. So here's a little screen cap of Miley Cyrus's website. You see the really bright colors, which says something about her as an artist. You'll also notice here that she's only got home events news video shop. She's only got five little tabs. We don't want to have too many. You can always use sub menus, otherwise you'll just confuse people. But if you want to pause this for a second and look of the brown doing here, the pink stars and that kind of thing and just ask yourself what kind of messages is this website sending light? What age ranges. She aiming at what? Jan dress she aiming outs? Where might the people she's sending out live? That kind of thing. So Jennifer Naps Website New album, Love Comes Back Around ICT ni on very importantly, a little button where we can buy it. Because sometimes if people have to go off and look for a place to buy it, they'll say to themselves, Oh, I'll do that later. And then they will do what you want to make things easy for people, and you can see that you can actually play music quite easily at the bottom of the pitch. I don't set tracks toe auto play because it's genuinely, really annoying when you log onto a website and it just sort of plays music without your having asked it to. That does annoy some people again. Not too many tabs, um, clear image. Swear, you know, she's really at the forefront. So again, if you want toe polls this video and think a little bit about the different messages that are coming actually from the homepage of Jennifer Naps website, one of my favorite bands, The Divine comedy. So no to the divine comedy The Font That's used very elegant. And of course, they have that very elegant, witty style on were left under no doubt that they, at the moment have a release. That site tonight on again, the button that says purchase so you can buy it as soon as you hit their website. If you're looking for their new album, you don't have Teoh Hunter. I'm front. You just Google Divine Comedy. Go on to the website. There it is on Click Forever Land. You know the artwork, clearly conveying the kind of message to kind of sign that you expect to go with the divine comedy if you haven't heard from them. It's very sort of sharp wetting lyrics with an almost neoclassical signed all the social media icons very easy to find so that you can follow them online and various places. And then we see the little menu icon in the top left hand corner. So it's all easy to navigate. It's very clear. Notice the lack of text. There's not a huge mind of text on any of these artists websites. When you first hit their website, everything is very clear. Easy to navigate on the messages air mostly coming across via image. So if you're going to start your own website, set up your website, there's certain things you're gonna want to include. But before we move on to that, I would just mention that host Beibei here related to CD Baby, offer a service for $20 a month where they have great templates that you can put in your own images in your own black. Branding to set up your website or WordPress for free websites is one of the the bigger services on the Web. There's also a site called Con Va, where you can buy images to use in your website. That means you own the copyright on. It's fine to use those images. So what to include in your website? You want to have a simple menu with only a bike, four options so you can use sub menus. So, for example, on my website I have a menu option that says news. Andi, under news I have pressed for all my press that site on calendar, and I also have a widget for the calendar elsewhere, so we want to make it simple so people can advocate it easily. You want to have your bio on. We'll talk a little bit later about high to construct a bio and high not to construct a bio calendar of gigs on interviews or any kind of events you're going to be a involved on if you know your track is being played on a certain radio show. If you're doing a live gig, put all into your calendar because your website should be somewhere that people can go to find out where you're gonna be in when Leadsom tracks up, but not whole albums. You know just enough music for people's Get a flavor of your music. YouTube videos Life are also good embedded into your website because record levels and industry professionals, we want to know what you signed like live as well as on recordings news. So having a news page and keeping up dating it is a great way to improve your ass. T o your search engine optimization when people are looking for you online and you know if your news page isn't regularly updated, if it looks, but I did it, people will wonder if you're still in the music business. A sign up form to your email, lest completely essential and, of course, widgets to all your social media on a store. So I love it when people buy my albums by on my website rather than when they buy them on, say, Amazon because I don't owe anybody any condition. I just make the money, so that's a nice facility to have. 75. Your Artist Bio: I have to be honest over the course of my career when I've done a little bit of work for music blog's and when I've Bean recognized and are I have wrapped some truly shocking bios that have more put me. Often artists and interested may in them. So let's have a lick it harder. Right and effective bio. It should be a bite. Tan lines. People don't want to raid a war and pace sized bio. They just want you to hit the high notes and tell them what's different about you. Your USP, your unique selling point. It's not supposed to be a work of art. So if you were writing a CV, if you were applying for a job, you wouldn't write it in the form off on epic poem, say, because there are some people that view their bio as a work of art and it's almost like they're writing an autobiography. But professionals like mate just don't have time to weird through that. I'm not saying it should be billet pointed, but it should be to the point. Include your men achievements. Have you worked with anyone killed? Have you played any major gigs? Do you have any special talents such as, you know, playing a really obscure instrument? Or can you sing 5 October? You know, tell us the man core off your skills and achievements. Quote should be by other people are not by you, even if the quotes or by someone have bean to gig rather than by a really fearless music magazine. But I've read things in people's bios, such as Their music has been compared to the Beatles. Well, who compared their music to the Beatles? Because if you don't tell me who said that, it comes across like you said it yourself and that's, quite frankly, a little bit of noxious. Give contact details for press and bookings as ever. If you'd like any feedback or you've got any questions, feel free to post them in the Q and A section or to send me a PM on. If you'd like me to give you some feedback on your website, I'd be more than happy to do that 76. Branding: so speaking by branding, this is my logo. As you could see, it's Eve Williams and I have singer on songwriter, as opposed to singer songwriter, because singer songwriter suggests a certain signed which isn't really the sign that I'm making my signed as much more high energy much filler than that. That was my longer on my website. Here I have it as a banner on you. Chip on. I'm gonna show you, Sam branding unsigned client. Yeah. So it also comes up on my Facebook on my twitter on all my own line. Platforms on the raisin by logo looks wet. Does as my name is Eve. Hence the silver apple trade. You know who Aiden story. I have the leather because it's very earthy on the silver because it's a theory a, which I think describes. My sign is both heavenly and earthly, in my opinion, and that's really what I'm trying to convey with the logo. The photograph is, of course, also part of the branding. I have a sepia photograph because I'm trying to present an image that is classic, timeless, slightly old school rather than something that's very, very cutting edge. No, let's talk a little bit a bite formulating your branding. So the first thing you've got to work I'd is What is your business? Mission statement. What are you trying to achieve with your music night? I can't after that for you. What kind of message? You want to give that something to sit down and think really carefully a bite. My business mission statement is to comfort, inspire and form and connect. And that's across the music that I write release when I'm co writing on also the educational aspect off my business. These are the kind of things that I want people to experience when they have contact with my business. So what do you want people to experience from you? We're going to look at the three word exercise again. I know I've really hammered at home, but it is very useful. So let's three words which describe your brand or artist persona so say you want to work very much in a commercial pop genre. Maybe you would describe yourself as energetic, fresh and current. Well, that means that there are some things that your music is not going to bay. So let's also list three words, which define what you definitely don't want to be seen as on that might be classic old skill and elegant on. Obviously, there's nothing wrong with being classic old school and elegant, but it just isn't you on. You want to avoid things in your brown doing that just aren't you. So grounding includes images. It includes the fonts that use, which would tie in with the images. We looked at The Divine comedy's website. You could see the very classic ease of faults. Their Miley Cyrus, the bright, energetic use of Taunton image. It also includes the use of language you'll notice on Jennifer Naps website. She had a buy button for her album on the Divine comedy's website. They used the word purchase because that was more in keeping with their very literary branding. How you dress as part of your brown dying on part of the message. Rounding should be consistent across your website on all your online platforms on printed materials when your life you should be keeping to the message of your branding on. Also in interviews so branding doesn't mean an actual logo, but it is good to have an actual logo. You've seen mine you've definitely seen my teaching business logo appears the start of most of the videos on this course and also my music logo on. You can actually have a logo designed very cheaply on five dot com, And that's fiver as an f i v e r r dot com. You might have to pay a little bit extra for certain extra services or for certain kinds of files, but you want to make sure you get a logo that will actually work with fizz book with YouTube that you could do that little banner ship. 77. Social Media Marketing: Do's and Don'ts: something you need to think about it before you post. Anything online is who is your ideal listener In the business world. There's this concept of the ideal customer avatar. The person is going to most want to connect with your business. So how old is this person? What gender is this person? Where do they live? What are their interests? Very importantly, what of their needs on one of their wants? So it's good to take out a piece of paper and job died. All this to get an idea of who you're really targeting when you're using social media or when you're using any other form of marketing on everything that you write online, all the pictures and videos that you post should all be targeted to gain the interest off that person the dues conducts of social media. Okay, let's start off with the things you should do. Have a specified musicians prove I separate from private accounts. We all want to keep our business lives on our private lives, separate as much as we can create content which drives people to the music and don't just post tracks every day. So if you have blog's that you've written or that have been written about you interviews, pictures, any kind of media. You want to get those right there, use media because basically large blocks of text are very off putting. If you go off onto a rant on your Facebook and right, you know a couple of 100 words, you can't expect an awful lot of people to pay attention to. It replied to comments. People will stop following you or stop taking an interest in your work if they feel they've made the effort to contact you or to give you some feedback and you simply haven't responded. Ignore Truls Night. If no one has ever posted anything nasty about your music, that just means you haven't got very far yet. Everyone will pick up the AJ detractor here and there. But don't get into runty arguments with these people. Cause only upset. She at twists time, and it doesn't look particularly professional. So you conjoined grapes, especially on Facebook. I'm a member of groups in Northern Ireland such as Northern Ireland, musicians and songwriters on as discussed earlier. Don't just post your tracks and run. You really use it as a networking opportunity link to your website on updated regulate night. You can't control the sort of online atmosphere of Facebook or Twitter, but you can control your own website and we'll talk about that a little bit later. So you want to ultimately encourage people to visit your website, where you're sort of guiding the experience that they'll have have consistent branding across all platforms on that is important. So you've got a consistent message. Everywhere you are online, your signs and images should give the same messages on only post high quality profile pic. So yes, your profile pic should be something that's really representative of your business. It shouldn't bay drunken self A or something very blurry or something, which really no thought has gone into ni. Let's look at the doughnuts, so don't insult individuals or whole grapes. So if you've got your ideal customer avatar and you got a very specific group that you're targeting, you still don't need to be offensive to other groups. So we avoid trying to be offensive to people of specific ethnicities, religions or sexual orientations. That kind of thing. I once was added by someone who worked for a record label to his private fist book On on there. He had a little prejudice against a specific religious group, which he decided that, you know, Facebook waas the place to vent. But ultimately, you know, those of us who are running a business, who are business people don't want our business is to be associated with any kind of prejudice. I'm not saying you can't have your personal opinions, but just be a bit sensible in the way that you expressed um, and try not to be bigoted in any way. Don't ignore interactions, because fans will be pleased if you thank them for commenting. They like to think, you know, that they've got a bit of a relationship going with you. An interaction creates mawr interactions to the more comments that you get, the more people will actually see the post. And after all, music is all about forming Relationships don't post material to frequently so that people go, Oh my goodness, that's the 10th post from that person today or two and frequently, so they forget they ever like to pitch in the first place. Don't add people to groups without permission. It's genuinely, really annoying. Don't go into streams of consciousness and start sharing your life and inappropriate detail . I think we all have friends that do that when they're a bit drunk on what we usually do is wrestle their phone away from them. So really don't do it in the business context. Off your music. Facebook Pidge don't post only songs on nothing else whatsoever. People want to connect with a human being and not a marketing machine because, as I say, it's all about building relationships. Don't post in public what should be emailed. And I talked about this in the Twitter section that a fade that rates please listen to my track over and over again just doesn't cast you in the best light. Don't use low quality profile pics, and we've talked about that before. 78. Facebook: So let's look at some of the more popular platforms that you're definitely going to want to get yourself as a writer and artist right on. So we'll start with Fist Beck because nearly everyone who uses the Internet users fistic. So you want to open an artist page and not just use your personal profile for promoting your music, so keep taxed. Short, unused images is often as possible. They're more more eye catching. And when you think about it, when you open up your Facebook up on your phone, you've got hundreds and hundreds of messages that you can scroll down, which are the ones that really draw your attention. Usually it will be the ones with a strong image, so don't post videos and tracks too often. But do post them. The thing is, if you're asking someone to listen to a song, you're asking them for between three and four minutes of their time. But a dozen other people are also asking them for that, so you don't want to over burden people by posting tracks every other day. So, you know, maybe sort of once awake would be often enough to post a video or a song Clyde Link Post regularly, you need to make sure that you're keeping up to debt with your Facebook page. Otherwise, people would give up on it and stop following it. Used targeted ads. Night FESPIC allies you to target out that people best on their geographic location, their edge, their interests. So it's a way of targeting the people you actually want to reach on when you're online on Facebook or on any other social media platforms, you still want to keep this idea of an icy A on ideal customer avatar at the forefront of your mind. So every post that you write, you're trying to engage with that person, that idea listener join grapes because it's a great way to meet other musicians and be in the new about what's going on in your local musical community and in the wider music industry. But don't just post your own stuff and run, which is genuinely rude, you know, if you just stick up, attract every couple of months and to agree. But that's your involvement in the great, you know, great comment on other people's tracks as well be a community member Now. I realize there is a time commitment on that, but it does pay off. No, I want to look at a really good example off a fistic bond pitch. This is Gavard. Does found pitch. You can see they have this great background artwork that they use across their social media . So scrolling dime. We can see that their videos they've posted have been well edited on are of high quality. Their photos, similarly, are of high quality. They alive people to review them. Script, encourage interaction. You can see I've reviewed them there and here we see them actually interacting with people thanking people for coming to hear them, making themselves accessible again, well edited photo and you can see they have a lot of comments and likes. 79. YouTube: YouTube, not YouTube, is actually the second biggest search engine online after Google. So it somewhere where people go to find information and it's somewhere where people go to find music quite a lot. You probably do yourself. This is where agents, if you're looking for live gigs on fans, will come to look for you. They'll expect your music to be on you chip, but only post high quality videos on. I'm not saying you have to go out and spend a lot of money on professional video production , but don't post you really shaky videos taken on a mobile phone on your official YouTube pitch because that doesn't look great. You can have a separate pay list for fun recorded videos. So if people have filmed you on their phone at a gig, you can have a little playlist without if anything, that says, that people are paying attention to you. But I wouldn't have that as the man focus off your YouTube channel. Going live on YouTube night. This is a quite recent thing. You can, of course, go live on Facebook, but going live on YouTube is a good idea because it can help you build your YouTube following and get some more subscribers in. So having a brief look at my YouTube channel, I'm not setting YouTube a light. I've just recently come to it, but you can see here I've selected a video to uses a channel video, and I have divided my channel page up into different playlists so people can see official music videos. They can see my music education videos. You know, I've just tried to make it as easy to navigate as it can be going to talk a little bit later. A bite, thumbnails and that kind of a, I've said YouTube automatically play another video of mine in the left hand top corner of the screen, just as a video ants reviewer. So I'm going to let you know how you do this. We are in the creator of Studio. We go into, added the video on. We go into aunt notes and annotations that goto our element on. I'm going to add a video or playlist, and I'm going to select fast for viewer. So you triple calculate which video the person may be most interested end on then, of course, remember to save the changes, something vitally important on YouTube is tags, and it's important to target. It is so that people can find them in searches. Perhaps use artists who signed similar feud to you to help fight describe what the song is . Is it a piano ballad? Is it on up tempo country song? To be quite specific? Another great thing to do is to create a tag like I use the tag Eve Williams music. You could use your artist name because YouTube doesn't realize that's not a thing. So think, Oh, there aren't very many videos tagged this on automatically play one of my very er's at the end of the video that somebody is watching. So it's as a good way of making sure that one of your videos is what comes up next for the beer. The title you use for your video on the thumbnail are actually really important because the title is going to make it easy or difficult for somebody to find, so you want to use the most important words in the title first. Now you might just want to tight or the video the title of a song, but it might be a good in this start. While people are still getting to know you to write something like Piano ballad Nobody wins . That's one of my songs. Just get the important words aren't there and you want to use really eye catching images. And it's good to use really right lettering with back runs and order to get people to actually click on the video. Because YouTube has brize features that bring up suggested videos as well as the search features on it, it's really ones that are very eye catching that are most likely to get attention. So here's an example of my thumbnails. I still haven't perfected my thumbnail style yet, but you can see I'm using red lettering and trying to keep a consistent style. Very importantly, remembered out of subscribe button on YouTube actually gives you an option of adding a little subscribe icon to all of your videos on your channel. So that's a very wise thing to do on. Actually ask people to subscribe. Asked them to subscribe somewhere in the video itself, on also very importantly in the text in the description of the video night you want to link in the description of the video back to your artist website to your Facebook to somewhere people can buy your music, you know, give people as much information as possible there so that if they're enjoying what they hear, they know where they confined more. 80. How to Make a Cool YouTube Music Video for Free (from my YT channel): Welcome to this video on High to make a really cool YouTube music video because lyric videos can be a little dull for the audience. Go to start off a showing you one I made earlier my escape justice. I was a damsel in distress. I was happy. This is to be free last way. So you get the idea. It's by finding some really cool footage that goes with the fame off your song, creating a story. I'm putting it all together, so I'm going to show you high. I did that. I went on to a fantastic site called Picks. Obey on on thick picks. Obey. You can get both images on video by searching by keywords. So my songs Who needs in light? So I searched for the keyword horses, and quite a lot of stuff came up. I used this the over here in my video, although I muted it and I made it black and white, so it looked very different from the original, so you can see that says free download on it. Some off the footage on this site. You do have to pay for such ours. This video. It depends whether or not You think that you know it's worth paying for the film, so it's good to have a story that you're working, too, but also add your own footage. It's good to have your own fists somewhere in the video if you're the artist just to get it right there. On, added the footage to go with the lyrics. You know, we want it to make sense that can be really time consuming, like the little clip I'm about to show you. It took up by our to pull this off. You can also add it the video, dine and have 32nd versions for Instagram on For Fist Back where people maybe don't want to invest a whole three or four minutes into watching your video. So have fun with best, and I hope it works like well for you. If you find this useful, please do subscribe. I've got lots of the news right. There are music careers, Andi, music, education, especially on singing and songwriting on. I've got quite a few courses up on you to me in music as well, so you'll find links in the description 81. Twitter: Okay, We're looking at Twitter, obviously also a hugely popular social media platform. So good way of writing a tweet as use short text on. Obviously you can't write too much and Twitter, then post link and then post to hash tags. Any more than two hash tags on the Tweet will look incredibly cluttered on a little bit unprofessional. So tweets with pictures look better in people's feats. So I've given you an example here, basically the images saying exactly the same thing that the tweet itself does. But the image is more eye catching. So if you can imagine this in my Twitter fades, where I've got dozens and dozens of tweets to rate, you know, the bright yellow of this image really stood out to me, which is why I chose it to share with you. And as you can see, it's got 2.5 1000 likes, so you know people are paying attention to it. Hashtags can help you reach a much wider audience. You need to choose them carefully because, as I say, it doesn't look great to post about six of them at once. If you're only going to use to, they have to be the right to choose your time tweeting carefully as well. Otherwise your tweets just sink. They get lost. There's a certain amount of research that says the best time to tweet is around dinner time when people have just finished work on you can sh agile tweet So you can, you know, opt for it to be posted at the time of your choosing during the day. Don't post tweets where it would be more appropriate to send an email. I looked at one artists Twitter profile, and it basically said, Hey, Mr So and so please play my track. Hey, Miss So and so please play my track About 15 ties on that doesn't look great. 82. Instagram: Instagram, not This is the former social media that I feel does best for my music. But of course, everybody is different. Only use high quality pictures. So anything really blurry, not fast image. You sort of falling out of the pub drunk with your mitts. Maybe an instagram that's there to promote your music isn't the place for those particular photos. So choose of Filter, which represents your browns on. There's something to be said for consistently using the same filter. The video facility is actually really good now. You can only really post about a minute of video so you can't fit in a whole song. But you can fit in enough of a song to get people's interest, and you can get some of your live performances like they're on. If you use the right hash tags on Instagram, you can get quite a lot of attention. And it's not like Twitter, where you would really only want to be using two hashtags. You can use quite a lot of hash tags on the instagram and get people noticing you and finding you that way. Post plenty of music related pictures. Now that might sign silly if you're running a channel dedicated to promoting your music. But, you know, you might end up posting your cat or a particularly interesting dinner that you had last week on INSTAGRAM. Everybody doesn't just make sure there's plenty of music on there from where you are. Who, when you where were you go in? There's no cannon calling given O R E. 83. Spotify: So the most popular site for prising music online is Spotify on. You can see here that it suggests playlists to the listener. Here's one of mine. The Discover weekly on your real goal is to get your tracks into these playlists. For that, you need more than 250 followers on Spotify. So once you have a Spotify a kind you're gonna have to get out there on really promoted. So the Billboard top 100. If you want to be working in music industry very important playlist to follow, as it will tell you, a bite commercial Trans at the moment. So we're gonna look at it, see what the big tracks are, the moment we'll talk in the next video about high to get your music on Spotify. 84. CDBaby: a really useful service online is CD Baby on CD. Baby can help you get your music onto Spotify onto Amazon iTunes, Deezer. They also put your musical on YouTube just basically anywhere where people can reach it where you can be paid for it. You can select an option that says anything that pays, or you could basically put it anywhere online with CD baby. They also provide a little widget for you to have a store on your website or Facebook on. They sell your physical CD's plus. They'll give you barcodes on my SRC codes for your CDs, which are pretty much essential if you want to sell music in stores. 85. Soundcloud: So this is my sign Clyde. Profile on what I really like about Sign Clyde is that it has a social media dimension, so you can see here on some of my tracks. There are quite a lot of comments, and that's great when you're sending links to people who might be interested in your music as it shows that people have taken an interest in it. I pay for a pro version of song part so I could do It's called spotlighting so I can choose which tracks come up first in my profile. If you don't do that, it will just be whatever track you last uploaded. So it's worth doing that so that you can have a bit more control could also see I've got a detailed bio there, with plenty of links to places where people can can get connect with me on where they can buy my music. So this is the home pitch of my Spotify. You really want to comment on other people's music on share other people's means that use the social aspect of it because of you support other people's music, then they will support years, and that's really what song Clyde is all a bite 86. Bandcamp: another popular service online, where you can sell music is bomb camp on. As you can see down the right hand side here, it's showing you what's popular in certain genres, it suggesting artists. So it's a great place for music fans to find J. So let's go in on a search for an artist. Just so as you can see what an artist profile looks like and what Oh, deviates Archie Athol. So if we cook on him, it will bring up all his releases, as you can see here so you can set your own price on bomb pap for what you want to sell your music for. So let's click on one Wiltshire winter on. You can see that he has that up for £10. Blomkamp will also give you a little store that you can use on your website or on your social media as well 87. Email Lists: Now let's talk a little about email marketing, so there are some very good reasons tohave an email mailing list. According to CD Baby email remains the most effective way of reaching people online. On when you think about it, when you go onto your Facebook a kind or you're on Twitter, you have post after post after post rate containing videos and articles and tracks. You're kind of overwhelmed with messages, whereas if you send an email to someone is just a bit more of a direct, personal way of contacting someone. The most popular HTML email service is male chimp, and that enables you to do some quite killed things. You can sound emails that contained tracks and images. You can keep lists, a monitor who is opening your emails on who's clicking on the links, they contend, so you can see who is really engaged with your work, and there's a whole host of other useful stops. Importantly, it gives subscribers an unsubscribe option and every email which keeps you in line with data protection legislation. You can choose music related templates for CD launches for tours and for calendar death, so you know you can pick a template that suits the news that you're standing ICT via email . You can, of course, on should use your own logo on your own. Branding within male chimp e mails. You can post sign up forms on your website and social media, or ask Fonds to sign up at gigs. One thing you must never do, though, is add someone to your mailing list who hasn't given you permission because that is against data protection legislation. It's nice to offer an incentive, such as a free track or an exclusive video to people who sign up to your mailing list because you're mailing lists should be a little bit like your fan club on. There should be a reward for being part of it. Try not to email to frequently, or people might report you for spam on unsubscribe, but not so infrequently as people. Forget about your music once a month. This is a good M or when you have really big news that you want to share with people 88. GDPR: musician mailing lists. Like all other business mill, Inglis should follow G D. P R General data protection regulations. So that's things like never adding anyone to your mailing list. Who hasn't expressly given permission to be on your mailing list, never sharing anybody's contact details on storing people's contact details safely where they can't be accessed by any third parties, and it is actually really important to comply with these regulations. So I have attached a resource along with this video, which is the incorporated society of musicians. Guidelines for musicians on GDP are on. If you're running a mailing list, I highly recommend that you read it. 89. After the Course: very well done on completing the course. I hope that you've enjoyed it and it's useful to you. If you have any questions or comments, you like any feed back on your voice. Feel free to send me a message with drop up links to MP three, and it would be really genuinely lovely to hear from you. It would be really kind of you to leave a review if you possibly could on I hope to see you again on your musical journey.