Advanced SEO 2020 - Schema Data Markup For SEO - How To Increase Organic Search Traffic With SEO | Jim Bruce | Skillshare

Advanced SEO 2020 - Schema Data Markup For SEO - How To Increase Organic Search Traffic With SEO

Jim Bruce, SEO Expert, Book Writing Coach, Marketer

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14 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. What You Will Find In This Advanced SEO Course

    • 2. Introduction to Technical SEO

    • 3. SEO Basics - Choosing Your Keywords

    • 4. SEO and Keyword Integration

    • 5. How To Write Page Menus for SEO

    • 6. Schema Markup Primer

    • 7. Schema Markup for Blogposts, Video and Audio

    • 8. Schema Markup for FAQ

    • 9. Improving Trust and Authority

    • 10. Creating a 'Useful Links' Section

    • 11. Website Internal linking for SEO

    • 12. Combining Website Pages for SEO

    • 13. Essential SEO - Ranking Images

    • 14. Advanced SEO Course Conclusion


About This Class

Advanced SEO For 2020 - Increase Google Traffic With Advanced SEO & Schema Markup - Real Site Case Study

Increase Organic Site Traffic - Advanced SEO Training - Google SEO 2020 - On Page SEO - Double Google Search Traffic

Many SEO courses are simply theory, which is OK, except that nobody knows how the Google search algorithm works!

The only way to confirm site attributes is by testing with real-life sites . The aim of this course is to apply each step of the optimisation process to a live site, and then show the effects over time.

This case study features one of my sites which has gradually lost rank and traffic over the past few years, mostly due to the changing requirements of the Google search algorithm.

Each video lecture shows and demonstrates how to implement various strategies to improve site visibility is Google search.

Full details are given, with tools used to implement the improvements.

Google SEO is changing fast. As a webmaster, you need to keep one step ahead of the competition to maintain your web presence and profitability.

Here's what you will learn in the course:

  • Researching a Keyword Cluster for SEO directly relevant to page focus keyword

  • How to identify and correct Technical SEO issues

  • Correctly integrate LSI keywords into your content for SEO

  • How to create a page menu for SEO

  • Add Schema Markup for Blog Post, Audio, Video, Images and FAQ

  • How to add a 'Useful Links' section optimised for SEO

  • Increase Brand, Trust and Authority

  • Optimise SEO for a page's mini-FAQ section

  • How to improve image SEO for Featured Snippets

  • Optimise Internal Linking to improve site SEO

  • How to combine several pages into one for an SEO traffic boost

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