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Advanced Reflexology To Treat Health Conditions

Mark Perren-Jones, Best-Selling Instructor, 100K Students

Advanced Reflexology To Treat Health Conditions

Mark Perren-Jones, Best-Selling Instructor, 100K Students

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28 Lessons (1h 40m)
    • 1. Welcome to advanced reflexology!

    • 2. It doesn't matter how you learned to stimulate the points

    • 3. A Closer Look At Some Of The Acupressure Points That You Will Be Using.

    • 4. Why the solar plexus area is so calming

    • 5. Which reflexology charts to use?

    • 6. How often should you treat someone

    • 7. The importance of the intake form and your assessment.

    • 8. Lets get to it!

    • 9. Stress disorders/anxiety/worry

    • 10. Treating lower back pain and sciatica

    • 11. Headaches/Migraines

    • 12. Treating Headaches/Migraines

    • 13. The local points on the face and head for headaches and migraines.

    • 14. Arthritis-Let's take a look at how to treat this common condition.

    • 15. Menopause and menstrual irregularities

    • 16. Treating Asthma and Respiratory Problems

    • 17. Insomnia

    • 18. Skin disorders

    • 19. Colds and flus

    • 20. Diabetes

    • 21. Fibromyalgia

    • 22. Bladder Problems

    • 23. Treating ALL muscle and joint pain throughout the body.

    • 24. Treating Alzheimer's disease

    • 25. Eye problems

    • 26. Working as a reflexologist

    • 27. The key factors you will need to work for yourself

    • 28. 29congrats 1 copy 2

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About This Class

"This reflexology massage course deserves 10 stars" D.W.

Take your reflexology massage to the next level with best-selling massage course instructor Mark Perren-Jones!

In this advanced reflexology massage course, you are going to learn the specific reflex zones and acupressure points to stimulate so that you will see great results in your reflexology practice.

Please note that this course is for people that have already done a reflexology course as I do not teach the basics on how to do it in this course.

In  this advanced reflexology massage course, Mark takes you step by step so that you will know:

  • how to question your reflexology client when they come into your massage clinic to get a better idea of your reflexology treatment strategy

  • how often to treat your reflexology client

  • the specific reflex zones and acupressure massage points to see excellent results in your reflexology practice

  • what to teach your clients so that they can also stimulate their reflex zones and acupressure massage points between reflexology sessions with you to achieve better treatment outcomes

  • how to treat insomnia, headaches, digestive problems, menstrual problems, respiratory problems, stress disorders, back and neck pain and so much more with advanced reflexology!

Your client base will grow quickly after doing this advanced reflexology massage course as word spreads about your knowledge and professionalism.

Mark explains about the conditions that you will be treating first so that you have a good idea of what the condition is. He also teaches you how to teach your clients about removing the causes of musculoskeletal pain and exercises to give your reflexology clients to help them further.

Your clients will be so happy and feel confident in your skills as you treat them and teach them what they should do between treatments and will be recommending you as they see great results from your reflexology sessions.

Take your reflexology to the next level!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mark Perren-Jones

Best-Selling Instructor, 100K Students


Hello, I'm Mark.

Mark Perren-Jones is a bestselling massage course and pain relief, instructor.

He is also the owner of the award-winning Isla Verde Spa, a highly regarded massage therapist, acupuncturist and Pain Specialist and his youtube channel has well over 2 million views. He has more than 25 years experience in the massage and acupuncture field and has worked in spas and clinics throughout the world. He has massaged Presidents and their families, Olympic athletes, professional sports people and celebrities around the world.

Mark's spa earned an incredible 100 out of 100 5 Star Reviews on Tripadvisor! ( 100% 5 STARS). In just 6 months after the Isla Verde Spa opened, it became the No.1 Ranked spa in his highly competitive. It was also ... See full profile

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1. Welcome to advanced reflexology!: Hi. My name's McLaren Jones, and welcome to my advanced reflexology course. Now I want to be quite clear from the get go. To do this course, you have to already know how to do reflexology. It doesn't matter whether it's the hand or the foot will both because what I'm gonna teach you in this course is how you can get much better results from trading your clients because rather just do a cookie cutter a treatment each time you're God. You know, when you finished this course like if someone comes in for rheumatoid arthritis, one of the areas the reflexology that you need to focus on for rheumatoid arthritis or menopause What the menopausal symptoms, What areas apart from doing said the whole hand of the whole foot what areas do specifically honing in on because of the menopausal symptoms but headaches likewise, So I'm their teacher. All of that now, more than that, I'm gonna teach you acupressure points have been used thousands of years to treat things like hot flashes or to treat migraines, headaches. So I'm gonna teach you all about this so that then you could not only use them as well in your treatment, but you go to teach. Your clients had a press them between treatments. You get them to do the reflex zones and focus it on the ones of the most important which I'll teach you and also acupressure points. So what does this mean? It means they're going to get better, quicker, which makes happier clients and obviously a happier you because you're going to see much better results from your reflexology treatment. All right, let's get started, then. 2. It doesn't matter how you learned to stimulate the points: Okay, So I just wanna go through For those of you who have done traditional reflexology and those students of mine have done the Thai reflexology, just so you know, the difference is what's going on now. Okay, So where we going to stimulate areas? Mawr for the traditional reflect. You do exactly like you do normally with the thumb walking your finger walking. But you just use those area work on those areas more than you normally would. Okay, for the Thai students. So we're gonna use depend there of tastic. And you just used to stick just like it normally do. And you work that area more. OK, so for those of you who haven't done thymus AJ and you want to kind of give it a go well, these you could buy on Amazon. And you could really adept very, very quickly to what you're doing currently with your thumbs. Because it's a great way, Teoh not only a great way to treat, but also a great way to save your thumbs a little bit. Especially when they start to get tired. That's a great way to put good pressure without having to go. My you know, Now, all you need is something you don't have to get. You can get these remembers on if you want to have a little go with it, really? Three bucks or something. But in the meantime, if you want to, you could just get something like a shopping anything with around it in. And you could stop practicing if you wanted to. Just want while you go through that as well. Yeah, because that you go through the court, you might be getting a bit sore, so this is just a great way to to work them as well. But anyway, I just put that out there. You could do this if you got good, strong thumbs and fingers. No problems at all because you've been doing it for a long time. If not, you want to give that a go little time style by our maze. All right, let's keep moving on 3. A Closer Look At Some Of The Acupressure Points That You Will Be Using.: Okay, so let me teacher. The acupressure points now we'll start with once in the hands. The hands are very obviously very easy to take your clients. They could do that waiting for a bus sitting in their office, work from what have you. So we'll go through those. Okay, so the 1st 1 large and test time for now. The way to locate this you get, Get the forefinger together and you'll see there's a high point on the muscle there. That's right there. That's at the end of this crease here, and you're pressing towards that finger. OK, just remember persons pregnant or your pregnant. You can't use this point, but this is large and test time, for it's called the Great Eliminator. It is a great point for pain, no matter whether it's muscle pain, joint pain or even like stomach pain. Menstrual pain. This point, you really wanna works If someone's in pain? Absolutely. It's called the master point of the head, so anything to do with the head. So if the person's got tinnitus ringing in the ears dizziness, vertigo, red eyes, Ereck, nose bleeds, headaches, obviously anything to do with the head red eyes dry eye, sore eyes. What in the If it's to do the head, that's your point. The master part of the head. Big because of the large intestine channel. It's also good for large intestine disorders. So your constipation, this sort of thing. So that's large intestine four. All right. Oh, go through it through the courts will keep reminding you so you don't have to worry too much, right? The next one, we're gonna look at his heart. Seven. So on your wrist crease on the little finger side. Right there. Now you'll feel attendant there. It's my side, this side. Maybe aside right there on the wrist cruise right there. This is hard seven. Now it is fantastic. By the way, You want to do these all these points bilaterally both sides and get when you're teaching your client, you want them to do them both sides as well. Oh, yeah. So this point is great anxiety. Great for insomnia. So that's what person saying they can't sleep. You want to get them working that can anxious. Absolutely. Get them working that. So that's heart seven. I just showed you small intestine three right here on the end of the maker Soft fist right then did. So this point is great for NEC pants and major, major destroy point for neck pain suffer first got next. You're gonna work the neck and you gotta work this and you're gonna get them to work. A swell. Now, the last point I'll show you is long. 10. So great for lung disorders asked me respiratory disorders. And that is right in the middle of this muscle on your thumb here. Okay, Right there. So right in there and will generally be sore. So this point someone comes in with, you know, shortness of breath, colds, flues work this. Okay, Asthma. So work this point as well. So whether it's pressing like I've showed you those points so largest on four long 10 you don't have to worry about knowing the extra pressure number points and so forth. Heart seven. Right there. It's more test on three. Okay, so that's for the hand. No, By the way, if you're treating someone on their feet, you can still give him these hampers. Still work visas? Well, no problem doing that as well. Okay. On the legs. I'm gonna come back, and I'm gonna show the ones now. The 1st 1 is called Stomach 36. Stomach 36 is known as three mile points. It's been used for thousands of years to give more entity. That's why it's called three. My point. You stimulate it and then you'll be out of walk. Three extra miles. OK, stimulated again. So three mile point. It's just It's a fantastic point. First, any stomach problems that his major function is for energy. Stuff you've got, Someone comes in, run down. You want Teoh, stimulate this and get them to stimulate its four. Thing is down from the kneecap Where you with Shin by and then one finger with lateral show You bottom of the kneecap. Pull things down. There's your shinbone. Come out. One figure with that. And there it is. There. All right, so you get the person to be both sides. All right. Both sides that stomach 36. Think stomach problems. But think energy for persons are energy? Definitely. Definitely. Do that. Okay, the next point, we're gonna look at this plane. Six. Now this is called three intersection. It's where the three une meridians or interesting only find the body where the three Turgeon female. More female aspect of union. So it's a really powerful points. The major point for any menstrual disorders. I called the gonna logical point. It's great for menopausal symptoms to bounce the system. Any menstrual disorders? Dis Minnery A a venereal PMS pain. So it is four. Think of it's up from the center off the inside ankle, so measured from the center of the ankle, which I'll show you and they just up behind the show. Full figure, which up now we got there. I just come back. So off the bar, that's it. There it's explain. Six. And of course, you get the person to do both sides, or the next point is kidney. Three. So kidney fruits. It's one of the major points on the Kidney Channel, and it is great for any kidney and bladder problems and but also the lower back issues. And that is center of the ankle again, right between off the bone, right into that run into the Depression there. But it's often the Achilles tendon right there. Santa center of the ankle rocked it. Okay, so this person has a few doing reflexology. You'd work that work that. And then you get the person. Get them depressive for a minute or two. All these points are gonna give the person time. Get them to press it, press it for a minute or two. OK, Okay. Final point that you need to know which have already shown you is liver three. Liver three is another great point for any pain throughout the body. It is really amazing point for the people of anger in Chinese medicine. The organs have an emotion attached to them and the liver, the emotions attached to the liver. Anger, frustration, irritation. So if the person is really stressed and frustrated, then you absolutely want to do that. It's between the first and second toes. Don't Canopus eyes about minutes right up, nestled next about and it will be sore. Okay. And then, you know you're on it. So that's liver. 3% Emotionally frustrated, stressed, irritated pain. This is a fantastic point. Two years. Okay, so there, there, there the acupressure points that I'll give you. We'll go through in the course. Don't worry. If you can't remember them by the time you get through the course, you know them by heart. No, problems at all as I reinforcement throughout the course. Okay, so there they are there in your notes, and we'll start utilizing those as we go through the course. 4. Why the solar plexus area is so calming: Now this is just an aside. I thought you might find it interesting to know that in reflexology, you know, we're always taught was stressed to work the solar plexus and diaphragm area. Right? So we get there and you know, it's always but just a problem. People stressed out the solar places A diaphragm is incredibly relaxing. Well, it just so happens that this point in traditional Chinese medicine is kidney one. It's actually the lowest point on the body, and it's specifically used for calming. It brings the yang down. So if you think in traditional Chinese medicine, when we're stressed, everything's in ahead. Everything's so all the yang. The heating goes up, up, up on. So think of person with high blood pressure stressed out, you know, getting headaches and this sort of thing. Outburst of anger. That's what we call liver yang, right? So the yang is rising, this brings it down. So by treating kidney one, it's incredibly common, has been used for thousands of years to calm people. So, yeah, this is, if any condition where your training someone and then a stressful compartment. I thought you might that find it interesting that yes, you use the solar plexus diaphragm area in traditional Chinese medicine have been using it for centuries for the same reason to calm people s putting a compound opinion there are using acupressure. So it's a good one to treat to teach your clients as well. You know, just to press that point there showed birdies and so it's very good for dizziness. It just draws an energy. And this is why in massage, I always always work the fate when I started massage. So yeah, a lot of people to start on the back. I always start on the fate because for that reason, it draws the energy away from the hit. As soon as you start working, someone's think their energy goes, Wow, that was really good. My think so Suddenly, when it was scattered in their head and down goes the the energy towards the fate that what's going there So the energy goes there. So that's what brings it, bring too much better balance between Yin and yang. Take that gang from the head. So the other thing is, this point is classically used for people that can't sleep because they thought you going your thoughts just, you know, their minds racing. All right. So, displeasure put that in the back in mind. It's well, toe minds racing. Someone's, you know, not even just was sleep. But just someone wants to combat a teacher what, right through the course of other coming points. But this is a great point for grounding on drawing that energy down. So you know that as a reflex ologists that this sort of places die friend is great. To calm people down is one of the best points on the reflexology signs for calming. And if there's any stress, you doing fella plexus and Die friend, which is kidney one. 5. Which reflexology charts to use?: okay. I just talked about the charts I've gotten. Your resource is now these charts are selected because you're some chance of just way too cluttered. I like these charts. They make sense to may be nice and clear up the hand shots and the picture on, so you might be working from a completely different chart. So the reflexology chart, if you have a look, if you Google reflexology charts, you're seeing so many of them differ there. I say there are a lot of similarities, but at the same time, there a lot of differences. So use the chatting you're already used to, but I put these in into the course they can have a look at. Also, if you've only trained in foot reflexology, you've got the hand reflexology charts. You already know how to do reflexology on the feet so you can incorporate doing hand reflexology. I should love doing reflexology in a session, do their feet and then do the hands as well. So that's entirely up to you can do just feet or just the hands, whatever you like. But I always found doing both hands and feet. That's just a personal thing that by doing hands empty. I'd get much better results, but entirely up to you could have a look at the chance there, and it's a user's. If you want to, we'll stick with the ones you already using. It's entirely up to you. 6. How often should you treat someone: now, One thing I do want to mention is how often you should see the person. So if someone comes in because there, let's say the person I was just talking about so much really stressed out there. Stuff from headaches got tight, neck and shoulders, this sort of thing. Well, I suggest you see them. If you get him in twice away for, say, the 1st 2 weeks, could you really want to get result maybe once a week? You know, for that start from when you were first see them you're trying in 1234 and then taper off once a week because once we just tends to be too long. So if you can give them which is your professional opinion, you recommend that they come back. Today is Monday, just a great comeback on Thursday. We follow up on this treatment. That's what I suggest you do, alright, because you'll get better results and they will be happy because they will see results. So this is really important because not only reflexology but also a massage. I see this all the time where people come in for treatment and then you say, OK, great that felt fantastic. Thanks. Bye. And so it's really important that because you as a healer, you want to be able to help them more. So if you could give their recommendations, if they just say what, I'll give you a call. Well, fair enough. But recommend them to come back because you could get your you could do a lot more and getting another second treatment and so on and so forth. So it's really, really important. Likewise, if someone wakes up with a crick in their neck, Well, that I want to see you in seven days do that. So if that was a case that I'd get them back in 3 to 4 days because that you get that person working on their neck points and come back in, You know, they say today's Monday come back on Thursday from Stirs. They come back in Monday, What have you So this is really important. So they get follow up treatments with your clients, Okay, so obviously it's gonna be better for you financially if you're charging money for your treatments. But more than that, you're being better as a practitioner because you're getting him back, which means you can help them, or which means they're gonna feel better. Appreciate what you're doing a lot more 7. The importance of the intake form and your assessment.: now in your resource is I've given you an intake form and also a soap notes form, which is your subjective, objective assessment plan. So I want to go through some of these things because it's important that you know the importance off these things, questions that are asked. All right, So the start of the the intake for you've got, you know, just a normal details that then you've got the question. How did you hear about us? So if this important in the fact that if they're referred from many your marketing that you're doing Facebook marketing, maybe you sent out a promotion, maybe email list or maybe was there from feral from a doctor and natural path or a friend, Another client of yours. And if it waas some of the referred, you must must must call them up and thank him and tell him how much? How about you? Appreciate There are thorough and you can let them know how you got on with their client. You have Mr coming from the next bathroom someone, maybe the recommendations that you gave them, and so on and so forth. So that's really important. Always get back to a person refers. Where is a professional or friend? Another client of yours. Okay, so that's really all right now, are you taking any medication? Now, this is important. If you're treating someone, let's say someone comes in and I've got Cy Erica Now they come in the outside. Attica. Lower back, pain. So you're treating them And they stepped down yesterday on, um, Corsa or your profit or whatever. So they're taking something for that. So let's say they come back in a few days. And so when you're questioning, comes back to them. When would I come back to you and you have a question of again. And, um, they say, Oh, yeah, I still got a lot of back. It's better than you can ask him. You're still taking the ibuprofen and the pregnancy. Oh, no. Now I should I haven't need to take one of those sensor. Okay, so that's great. That's an improvement. See? So you're getting a picture off improvements because the biggest problem is people forget. So if you didn't, if you don't sort of become the detective and put the Pacers together, this is what happens. Someone comes in. Yeah, I would like to do? Get reflexology. My lower back. Lower back pan. Got a bit of science. Okay, so they come back four days later and had, you know, a back pain does still goto Well, is it the same as before? Is it still keeping you up? Like it? Not Oh, uh, no, hang on. How did you know I haven't been waking up with Great. So that's an improvement then. Because if you didn't do that, if you weren't and say like that, Detective, where you wanna question them, you know, they sort of things. You just think how that person is a sign that's treatment hasn't worked at all, so it's really, really important. Do you find out? They don't? Well, maybe this on medication, but they're not taking it is often and so on, and so that's important. All right. Are you currently pregnant? Very important. If you're gonna be using large and test on fourth to make sure you don't, you don't press that point. And have you had any region injuries, injuries, and then it has been the difference of the conditions on there as well. What you say? So what you're trying to do is get a picture of what? The person complaining. Then you'll see on the bottom of this in tape form, it rates their quality of sleep. So then you are somehow you're sleeping. You're So if they said calling asleep was to what does that mean? You're not sleeping hard to get to sleep or you do wake up several times a night. So you want to get all this information. So when they come back to see you now, I'm a state. That better? You still waking up like six times or not? Actually, no. They are maybes to now. How sets improvement. All right, the other one's energy level. So you've got the stomach. 36 points will look at you. Get them, see if their energy levels have improved. All right, stress levels, quality and nutrition. So you give them, find out what they're eating. Give them some nutritional advice. You know, if you qualify, do that. But it's really not that hard. Try to cut down on your fast food, fatty foods, highly processed foods. You know, it's really strange. None of us, really when it comes to good nutrition, are fooled by now. What's going on. You mean account? Have, uh, you know, hot dogs and deep fried such and such. And so does Is that not good for me? I had no idea one. None of us like that. We know what's good for us. All right. The final one exercise Have it now. This is the important one, because study after study, all the research that I'll put a book it in, which just shows the unbelievable effects of exercise. Just 15 to 30 minutes a day. It could be just a walk. It doesn't have to be the gym, nothing like that. So that person put one down for exercise habits, Incursion to go for a 15 minute walk or swim or whatever they like to do to get that done. Because it will help so much more with their pains on there. Just a whole system. Cardio vascular headaches. Everything would don't does so much better with exercise or out. So there's that. What do you go to? A decision. So that's important to know what they go. So what do they want to get out of this? Maybe they want to feel more relaxed. That like, to get improvement in their head eggs. So then you start looking at your the main complaint on then you Taylor in your treatment with that. So let's say that they don't feel so stressed. I don't feel so irritated. Right? So they get them to work Heart seven for calming and liver three on the foot. So, you know, I would have more edgy. Great. Okay, so what? Your book, Stomach 36. Explain. Six. So these points, I gotta help between treatments. Okay, so let's get into the soap note for all right. So preferences hot occult therapist. This is really important as well, because some people are more year, so they prefer warm. So you might want after that person you are rug if it's a bit cool, or they just asked, They warm enough, that sort of thing. Other people, you're that diverse. It's way off after top. Especially people that drink coffee and smokers and drink a lot of alcohol. And so they about what? A fan or something? So this is good. Plus, if you put a hate pack on a guidance generally guy that women as well, but yeah, they're already warm when they come in. You know, You gotta put him back on the tummy for some reason. For comfort reasons Why going electric blanket on a naked now be first. But they will not enjoy this treatment because they already have overheated them. Okay, All right, so that's important. The other one is music. That's also important because something might love chanting. The next person drives them nuts, something like classical. So preference with music is really important as well. Or a so you can have another that its objective goals clients goals from what their symptoms are, it gives you a good understanding of what they're expecting. What they come to you with, OK, and then you got objective so visually you wanna look. Look at them. You know, one of their eyes, they look right there are What's the general demeanor? What's the nail health? What's this skin like? You know, you're having Look how they hold themselves and they got poor posture. Do they sitting like this with the tough boys? All of these things you want to start, you know, just bring into the picture as to the clients and rounding out your diagnosis and getting a really good picture off the person. All right, so areas of focus. So that's gonna be important for you when you hear like, Okay, this person's got headache for energy stressed so on and so forth. So that's going to make up your your areas of focus, your acupressure points and you're areas on the foot to focus or out and then changes and gold and a treatment plan in a self care plan. So all of those things you put down there and then really important it shows you one not only care but the two that you are above and beyond the rest. All right, so shows your level of professionalism. So you might need to practice this practice with the family members, you know, doing the soap notes and that sort of thing. So you're really going to want to have a well oiled machine you don't wanna be stumbling over. But these things when you come out with this, so the person knows they're not just coming for a foot, rub your they're getting a professional person. That's not only treating them today, but they will want them, which I talked about before. I want you to come back so they could follow up on the changes or lack of changes. And the mother treat a change of treatment. Plan that or just needs more time and you explain to them it's just the first session and so on and so forth. All right, But this, as you say, raises the bar so they look at you Go. Wow, this person really knows what they're doing. 8. Lets get to it!: Okay, So in this section, what I've done put together lots of different conditions, the most common ones that you generally like to see. Likely to see that you have someone's gonna come in for. So you've got the conditions. I've also give you the points and the reflex science, forcing acupressure points that show to make a really complete treatment like I talked about before. So, for example, if you're treating someone in the next few months and they've got five my Arjun, you can come back and go. What did not say about fibromyalgia? Okay, so I concentrate on those particular points or its headaches, or it's stress related disorders. What have you. So this is a big compendium, so you always have it. There has easy access to reference. So this person has this condition. These are the things I need to focus on by doing the whole treatment, doing all of the foot or all of the feet and hands. But of course, of these areas are really focusing on 9. Stress disorders/anxiety/worry: stress a little bit of it. It's good, gives you that competitive edge. A little bit of stress, really good for you may do better on exams. Just a little bit of stress. Too much stress. Very, very bad. It sets off the fight flight response in your body. So what that means is the high part elements goes into action instant through nerve signals and and since our hormones adrenaline floods your system through adrenaline and cortisol. So this chronically happening is very, very bad. It sets up digestive problems. Would be cost a passion, headaches, muscular tension, skin disorders. It just basically, anything can happen with chronic stress. And this is going to be the one of the clients that most commonly see in your in your practice people that are suffering from stress. It stressed out. And so you see him all the time. And reflexology, thankfully, is one of the most powerful modalities and helping stress related disorders. Right? So So when you're doing your question, you want to find out, you know, do the other any digestive problems and find out like I talked about before getting a really good case history. What is going on with the body. So you treat you know, seven headaches treat for the head eggs in separate several. So when it comes to the reflexology judge, you definitely want to work the adrenals. Absolutely. You also want to work the maturity pituitary gland now, because you don't know in the endocrine system, the pewter perpetuity regret gland is really the master. Glad it controls all of the rest. So this is the big Daddy. So you absolutely want toe balance out the endocrine system with that? So pidio glands, hypothalamus, eso working with endocrine glands, head brain most definitely. And your solar plexus die friend calming them. So these are really important. Of course. If they got shoulder and neck pain, which I imagine that probably have, then you gotta work more along spider and cost trade that Jurassic cervical area and so on and so forth. So for stomach complaints, you're gonna look the stomach if they've got constipation, work the coal and these sorts of things. So it's gonna be different for every single case. Okay, Now, when it comes to three emotions and then what you want to be doing is because, like the person could be stressed because they were worried or on that could because they're scared of some of their fearful. So there's lots of different reasons from why that person might be stressed. So you want to find out what? What? What's a stressing factor. Maybe there's dressed, working. They're frustrated. So this is where you're gonna Taylor in your Chinese medicine. H The organs have emotion attached to them. So I think I said you early in the course. The emotion with the liver is frustration, irritation, anger, this sort of thing. So if the person is frustrated and irritated, angry, that sort of thing, then you're going to work. Liver three. Okay, you gotta work that and get them to work it now. So So that's it. That that's the core, you know? Emotion. Yeah, just really frustrated. I just matter now, just stock can keep going on here of young, always irritable Think liver three. Now, when it comes to the you can also give them heart seven as well to work at home as well. And of course, you're going to work them hard seven and said You before is very calming. So if someone I would still add in heart seven. But the heart, the emotions related to the heart Joy So sorrow. So think, think, sadness, heartbreak, these sorts of things So so much has had a break up, just not positive in their lives. I have joined the life then really think hard seven. Of course. You worked out hard area as well. Okay, If they're excessively worried, then worry relates to the spleen and the stomach. So you again Work explained stomach on the hands there and also go back to split six. Remember Spain six Because that point there. So we're strengthening the spleen function. So you want to get that person to work, displays this player And they could also do the stomach function. Israel Stomach 36 I could do them at the same time. All right, so you show the person how do both of these at the same time or to help this stomach and sprained function? So that's if they're excessively worried. This happens a lot with students and gives him poor digestion because you're having lots of exams constantly worry constantly thinking and this overthinking over worry really fixes sprain and stomach. So you're going to work those as well. Okay, if it's from fear, like the person's scared of something, they're fearful of something that relates to the kidneys. So the kidneys. So remember kidney threat? Right? Right there. You're goingto get them to work the kidney kidney point there. And, of course, you concentrate more on that as well. So that's it. The stress is related to to fear and finally with the lungs that lunch would like to loss and grief. So someone's grieving. Then get your work, the lungs and that lung. 10 point on the thumb here, right in the middle of the thumb lung. 10 there for loss and grieving. So, as you can see stresses, it doesn't tell you a lot about the person's condition. Yeah, I'm really stressed. Why you're stressed that what do you feel about what's what's the overriding emotion that is stressing You. Okay, so that's what you want to do when you don't stress get to the bottom of the distress, what, where it's at. And I know by the way, if they're probably not sleeping well, so then bring in your heart seven as well. So if they got headaches, of course, large intestine four. So you started to get this picture. You know, you had a trip with a much better You have been a focus on really on there. Not on the physical level, but now also on the emotional level as well. 10. Treating lower back pain and sciatica: Okay, so let's take a look at treating lower back pain. So of course you're gonna work the spinal region, work the whole area and concentrate on the area that's most effective self. It's lower back pain or mid back pain. Then you just work that area much more. So okay, Now you also want to work the hip hearing a hip knee area. If you've got a lumber point area on your child's, like doing this one or lumber help area, think it's called definitely worked out as well, so it's not back. All the law back here is the Sadiq nerve. Definitely do that as well. So you're gonna work all the affected areas on the spine, construct that and take the hip knee, especially if they've got Cy, Attica and now do decided area as well. Whether they've got Sayaka or no, definitely the hip areas. Well, most definitely adrenals for information, and you really you could hold this point for a minute, just working the adrenals and what we do release endorphins. So it's a really, really fabulous point that you can use when it comes to now. If you like foot reflexology, spend a lot more time on kidney three. All right. The kidneys are in charge of the lower back. So Chinese medicine. So kidney three here work both sides of the ankle. You see that? So we do this side and the other side because the other side is Gladys, 60 of the opposite side to this on the back side. And that is the bladder channel goes down like the bladder meridian that goes right after the lower back. Down where the side of brought down the back of the the backs of the legs. So both sides. So you work both sides. Really? Really concentrate just on the back of this take on this side and that side as well. Now, of course, you're going to want to do liver three for pain. So most definitely be working Liver three. And also large and test. I'm fourth. If you want to get the person to do this at home. So they're starting to work Large intestine four. And of course, you can show the adrenal points on the hand so that could work that as well. Tell him to use it for you to press it for a minute or so which will release endorphins 11. Headaches/Migraines: So let's take another. Treating headaches and migraines Now, there are lots of different headaches, different types of headaches. The most common is that when you would have heard off a tension headache, which generated be mild to moderate pain, no other symptoms associated with it. And but these are the most common. You with teenagers, adults who will get these and they just lots of tension. Then you've got migraine headaches now. Migraine Headaches Day. Well, they could be pounding there, could be throbbing on the person, have other symptoms with it as well. Now that this person might have a sensitivity to light or noise or the smells and they have to get away and they probably want to go to a dark room, you won't see someone with the full on migrant. They will want to be, you know, like, say, in a dark room. They might have associated symptoms such as nausea, stomach pain as well, so these tend to be really, really bad headaches. Now, speaking of bad headaches, this a headache you would not wish on your worst enemy. These are the least common, but the most painful. These are pounding, throbbing headaches that called cluster headaches. People get woken up in the middle of the night with his headache. Now they might get never called cluster headaches because they come in classes and groups. So they might have might last 20 minutes to upto four hours, and they might get it three times in a day. Now, this might last for a few days to get them constantly each day. But mine myself 2 to 4 months, they consistently getting these air so painful that the person will be seen a time they want to walk the room, paced the room to try and deal with his pain. It is that severe and decide off the headache to the right side. What what will happen is right. I will get rid. The IRS withdrew, and the nose can either get blocked or start running. So that is, those are cluster headaches. So then you've got Sinus headaches now Sinus headaches a due to infection so the discharge will be yellow or green, as opposed to a clear discharge in same migraines. Well, cluster headaches and it will be, you know it'll be in the Sinuses. These frontal headaches, because they blocked up as well, hormonal headaches. There's another coming when you may see change due to change in hormones, There's menopause, period. Pregnancy and birth control pills could also cause headaches as well. There's several quarts of headaches, obviously, with attention had a stress, and tension causes those headaches. Illnesses cause things like Sinus headaches, but then they could be environmental problems. Smoke, you know, smells bad. Perfume or something cause a headache. Food triggers noise. All these things, external factors. You can also cause headaches when it comes to migraines. In the United States alone, 36 million people suffer from migraines. Now women have fought on four times more likely to get it than men. If you and had parents that you have parents that you had parents and both suffer from migraines. You have a 70% chance of inheriting that in your genetic pool, because genetics also have a role in why people get headaches. So if your mother and father suffered from migraines, there's a 70% chance that you're going to suffer the Mylar, and you can also inherit the same trigger. So your mother a chocolate you got a chance of inheriting, inheriting the same genetic trigger. I know it's weird now. The other thing is, if only one parent suffers migraines. As a child, you were You have a risk of about 25 to 50% of suffering from migraines as well. So it really is a bad roll of the dice, unfortunately, genetically. 12. Treating Headaches/Migraines: So when it comes to treating your client with headaches and you want to find out through your questioning, if you could find out more of the court's the core factors of why they're getting headaches , is it stress and tension? Is it? Sinus is a hormonal, so you really want to get a good understanding as best as you can. So you really with all of these with all types of headaches you want toe work, the endocrine system. So thyroid pituitary with all of these headaches. Okay, so really hitting the end of crime system. Now, the other thing you wanna do solar plexus area, you want to work that as well. Now, course you want to work your spinal area in particularly wanna work your neck areas and upper back shoulder areas as well. So or that you can imagine any hidden, no matter what type it is, is going to cause tension stress for the upper back and neck area. So definitely work that shoulder, upper back neck area. And, of course, your head area. More work. If it's a Sinus headache, more work on the head Sinus areas as well. So there's big things, cos liver into card system and neck head shoulder area to release that attention to upper back areas along this sort of thing when it comes to your acupressure points well, once again, long as they're not pregnant. Most definitely. You wanna do reflexology and acupressure just stimulate this area large and test on four. Really work that and make sure getting feedback because it can be sore. So working that larger test are four on the hands. All right, on the feet. You want to do a liver? Three. Liver three is a fantastic but especially like I said before the person is stressed. Then watch out Working liver three. So but in here And really, really concentrate on this. If you doing foot reflexology, absolutely, Even if you're just doing hand reflexology, think, work that down there. You'll get that person working if you're just doing their hands. But liver three Absolutely, especially if there's stress involved different. But it's also a brilliant point. They're both great points of Sit before the pain, so you absolutely want to put those in stress Component heart. Seven. This is another one you really want to work through so stimulating that heart seven area there. This is really coming, and you have the person's got a problem is insomnia and stressed. Then definitely you want include that as well. If it's hormonal now. So remember this point say for everyone, but we're advertised. The habits of stress Component liver three heart seven. Its whole model down to Splain. Six. All right, if this comes on through the menstrual cycle, that's what I get them, then explained. Six. Most definitely want. Want them to be doing that as well? And you want to be working on that as well. Now, if they've got no larger sets, migraines and there's nausea, associate it. I'll show you this. This is pericardium. Six. It's the most famous point on the body for nausea. It's three fingers down from your risk Christ in the center. So so when, when it's if it's the person doing, it's going to be. If you're treating a person, then it's gonna be there three fingers. So if you're a lot wider, for example, he's treating a small person. It's their three fingers, so you have to adjust that. So okay, so it's three fingers down from the risk. Chris, right in the centre between the two tenders. So if someone's got nausea, this is also good for headaches, but really great for any stomach, digestive disorders and nausea in particular. So if that person is getting migraines with nausea, that absolutely add this in, if the person is just run down there, really know their stressed that difficult planning, they just got no energy into getting headaches, and they just run down there exhausted stomach, 36 full things down. One thing with the cross right there on that muscle. So give them to both sides on all of these points. So stomach 36 think, OK, fatigue. I'll give them this point. Stomach. 36. Get them to do that several times today to increase their energy. They've got a stress component. You think that liver, three hearts seven. All of them will get larger test on one and you get them if they will to, you know, just getting works at the living area or the maturity grand gland area, just the areas you want focus on. All right, get them to do that as well. Just everything. Even if they just press the area, you know you don't know how to do reflexology More likely, but just so if you just rub in the middle of your hand, your in the liver area saw a practice area. Or just you just squeeze on the topic of thumb for maturity thyroids, this sort of thing or neck. So you understand right quick you're giving this person so that they can do it cause you got an hour roughly to treat them. But what you can give them for them to take home. It's just vitally important that you can instill in them. This is really important. You do this minimum three times a day and get telling you don't city before they could do it for Don't make themselves sore, but do it for a minute or so You say you have just wrapped agents for a minute or so on because what it does releases endorphins. When you're rubbing acupressure points for a good minute, it starts releasing endorphins, your fuel good chemicals. So that's the pain relief. But it's also good for emotional well being as well. So that's what you want with headaches. Get a good picture suit. What if you could find out sort of where that's coming from, where the headaches coming from to the best of your ability and you have a much better outcome with your clients. 13. The local points on the face and head for headaches and migraines.: now, the other things you could do on your client either to get them to do them at home or you do them during part of your reflexology session. Or, as I suggest both you do them and give them to them as well are treating local points on the head, which are fantastic points that you can do on. You can teach them to do to alleviate headaches now. Okay, the 1st 1 is called the in tank, so make sure if you're teaching the person to do now, if you were doing this in your treatment session, then you could gently you put your finger on Tai Yang or your fingers, and there it is. It's the third eye point right between the IRA. This is a really great point to help with frontal headaches, so you can do that as well. That's yin tang. Now, uh, just next to that at the end of the eyebrows. Now, if you're trading someone, you're above their head. If they're lying down and you'll feel a little notch at the ends of the eyebrows, this is what's called bladder to, and this is a great point to help headaches, especially frontal headache, Sinus headaches as well. So these points fantastic and the person has got Sinus blocked up. They've got the point of the bottom of the cheekbones, So OK, yin tang, let it to us. I don't worry about the ninth. As long as you remember. Got one and then to hear Okay, Good. Now they're stuffed up in the sciences, right at the bottom of the cheekbone and pressing up. It's a really good point to clear the Sinuses. Right. Then you've got these two points here, really simple large intestine. 20 right at the corner of your nostrils and press him up like towards each eye. And it's a really, really fantastic point to clear the Sinus as well. Now, if it's not so much a Sinus headache, part of the back of the head that you want to go straight back to the base of the skull Goldblatt 20 and I'll show it is if you bring your hands, you're off the skull below the skull show in a second. But it goes stranger, that oppressions these depressions here. And so I'll show you. OK, All right. So these points called the gates of consciousness, are really fantastic at helping out headaches, especially tension headaches. So what you could do is get the person just make sure that underneath the bone of the skull and just drop their head back onto their thumbs. Really, really powerful point. It's great for a safer headaches, especially tension. Headaches. So there are some local points one right there, right there. So if the Sinuses, these sorts of things, frontal headaches, they are great and Goldblatt 20 right back. So if you could do that through the treatment, by all means, if you can teach the person that as well as you know, overwhelming them. But I just want to give you other options to treat not only disrupt called district points on the hands and feet, but also local points, which is what we would do in acupuncture on acupressure, which would treat points locally. So if I was doing acupuncture, I put in a call local points and district points, which is the white I've torture on the feet and the hands that would give you incredibly good results 14. Arthritis-Let's take a look at how to treat this common condition.: So when it comes to treating arthritis, obviously there are actually lots of different types of arthritis. But the main ones, you'll see a rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and perhaps even gout. Now someone's gotten inflamed. The most common joint is the big toe and get. If there's someone having a girl tech, there's no way they're coming to see you. I wouldn't think so. But if this is you or this is a family member of someone, by all means, you can work on the opposite foot. Work around. So again, it's the big jar of the time here that gets affected and usually applied and unbelievably painful. But you could work the other foot. You could try working around on that actual put that's affected. It'll only be one side generally won't be both one big toe, but if they could take it that they're okay with it. My moment you could do that. You're not likely to see these in your practice because it's decided if someone's got a gal attack, they're gonna be probably staying put where they are. It can affect other areas, like the inside arch of the foot, the knee and that sort of thing, but most generates in the foot in the Toy story the big toe now. So what happened to do that right? The body becomes really acidic, so we need to work the liver, particularly to help cleanse the system, trying to remove this acidity. So this, and also your lymphatic system for information. So we're all right now, obviously going to be very careful, because if someone's got arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis in the knuckles, you'll have to go easy. If you're doing that, you are hand treatment. But these are the main areas of concern you wanna do your what is the liver, the liver and the lymphatic system. Now also, of course, you want to do the area that's affected, so your elbow shoulder, you know, and so on and so forth. So you, under the areas affected your liver and the lymphatic. Now also ordered a thyroid parathyroid area. You want to work that for the calcium. Potassium balance is well, so this is a really, really important now when it comes to the treatment of the occupation points definitely large and test I'm four, and so what I would do if the person's got rheumatoid arthritis I would suggest that you really work. Construct largest four, Yes, but pain relief. But also it is fantastic for just localized hand pain and some pain. Speaking of which also really worked long 10 right here, this point here if you work this, this is a great point for dumping a lot of rheumatoid arthritis Sufferers have a really, really hard time with their thumbs. So large interest on 10 definitely worked at large just for very long. 10. Right? This the other one. Small intestine. Three. Yes, it's good for for neck pain, but also really, really good for hand pain, local ham pain as well. So if it's inflamed, rheumatoid arthritis, definite do that. Now. Rheumatoid arthritis writers will generally be seen in the hands of other parts of the body as well. But most year you see those swollen knuckles. Osteoarthritis is wear and tear the joint because you don't know rheumatoid arthritis is the immune system attacking itself. We don't know why osteoarthritis is just basic wear and tear of the joints. So that's why you see more weight bearing joints like the hips, knees, everything just wear and tear that the car, which gets worn down. So then you'll be looking at someone to treat their hip. So the hip area, knee area and so on and so forth where you see them or now the points on the definitely do liver. Three. Liver three is a fantastic point. Seven everyone for all pain within the body so large a test for you gonna do and liver three to really help with the person's pain. All right, so that the major factors will counter arthritis liver to help remove the acidity and, likewise, a lymphatic system to help with inflammation and again, plus flush the system as well. And the area of affected and bio Maine's. Make sure you do the adrenals OK, the adrenals for any inflammation in the body. So just think of this. Information and arthritis are throw off is joints. Itis means inflammation. So by almost always adrenal glands, when there's inflammation and your thyroid parathyroid to help with the calcium potassium bounce. And don't forget your points for pain. Liver three largest and four on the local points long 10 and small test on three 15. Menopause and menstrual irregularities: Okay, so we're talking about menstrual problems. PMS. Amen. Area discipline area. Menopause. Menstrual pain. So we'll have a look that now. Okay, So pain. So we're gonna look at work in the adrenals first, anti inflammatory effects again. But you're absolutely going to work the endocrine system because it's whole month for months. For much we're gonna work that pituitary gland opinion of land. Hot bath, Don Imus adrenals is to say all of these you got really, really work. The other thing on a work around lower back, sacred area where the nerves exit. You wanna work those areas as well? So definitely do that. Also, reproductive always ovaries, uterus, or these are really, really focus on now. So I also want to come to your occupation points. You're definitely, definitely definitely going to do explain. Six. This is the number one point for any menstrual A regular irregularities. So that's four things up. As you know, four figures up from the center of the ankle. So you're gonna get that person, you're going to stimulate it. And, of course, get that person to definitely work. Explain six. Okay. If there's pain associated once again, you'll be doing a large intestine four liver. Three to help that I would be doing liver three anyway because it's in charge of the blood . So I would always be doing Liver three, regardless. So through your reflexology session, do liver three on the face, larger justified. For if there's, say, more of a painful element, we're painting with menstrual pain, this sort of thing, and get the person to stimulate these points each day through the month. Okay, so they try to regulate their system. All right, so there isn't much point Justin Endocrine system. Absolutely lower back area reproductive organs. This sort of thing is what you really, really want to focus on. 16. Treating Asthma and Respiratory Problems: okay. When it comes to treating asthma, you want toe work on the adrenals. Most definitely decrease inflammation. You also want to work on the spleen and the lymphatic system as well. Now, the other thing you wanna do is where we go from the solar plexus. So the diaphragm work up for the lungs. Broncos track your okay to work that whole respiratory system. Now, if you're going foot reflexology, I suggest you also carp to the hands and work. See the lung Meridian and China's most ing started along one long to comes down to the thumb here. So really work the thumbs, OK, even if you doing foot reflexology to really work this writer here and work on lung tennis , Well, but all along with thumbs, Okay, Right. Long live in is right at the corner, off the nail bit. So all over the lot lung area here, the lung meridian would be really, really helpful. Okay, So their marriage would do adrenals explain lymphatic system. And in a solar princess, di friend lungs broke, broke yours, track it okay, and work with dams working long. 10 really stimulated that to really help the person with their ask 17. Insomnia: So when it comes to insomnia, you really want to get to the core reasons as to why the person that I can't go to sleep or can't stay asleep So you want to find out if they wake up frequently. How many times? So when you see them next, you can ask them, you know, you're still waking up. Okay, How many times has it improved? Was it easier to get to sleep in that problem? So what you want to do a sparrow's when you go for training people. So look, is it because of digestion? Is it because they're anxious? So I think working the heart seven. Frustrated working the liver three points. So get into the you know it is what's going on. Why are there sleeping is because of pain. So I think your adrenal, the adrenal point and working the area the body where it's what pile of bodies painful. Work the spine, work the head. If it's headaches, larger test on four again. So once again, you're gonna be looking. This is a bit like with stress. Yeah, and some here many, many reasons that people can't get to sleep accounts dance like So that's what you want to be looking at. Is it because they're exhausted? Okay, stomach 36 display six. And you know, so think about what it is that's keeping them white like they can't stay asleep on Ben. You want to work with that? The great thing is, reflexology is one of the best modalities to help because working on the feet, it draws the energy out of the head. All that yang energy, all that active energy, it draws down to the feet. That's really, really powerful and great to help it in some years. If you treat people you know twice a week, like I talked with the early and of course toe I first couple of weeks, you really make a profound effect on. Then you could do like once a week if you have going well, otherwise, keeping twice a week, you have to measure that out. But this really is one of insomnia is really hard to trick in with acupuncture, but reflexology, it really comes into its own with training, insomnia, 18. Skin disorders: All right. So let's start looking at skin disorders. Psoriasis, acne expert. Okay, So what you really want to do is to balance the end of crime system. So lots of work on the opinion of the pituitary gland opinion. Land your venomous so really, really work the endocrine system. We need that to get balance. Okay, so that's really, really important. Likewise the adrenals. So you really want to focus a lot of the address that hold the adrenal point for a minute? You know, just work on that point. It's really great. It's anti inflammatory. So that's a really important point. You show the person on their hands where they can do that as homos. Well, the other things you want to work the liver and spleen and kidneys, so we want toe a cleansing system. The eternal cleansing system to really help with this is well, apart from the endocrine system and also large intestine colon. So for the excretory system bladder, these things you want to really work, So we're think flushing the system, flushing the system, flushing the system. Okay. The other things important is you also work the area or areas that are affected self's ahead. Head face, you're gonna work benefits, facial acne, elbows and so on. And so wherever the problem is, then you definitely won't do that. The other thing in Chinese medicine, the skin is lungs were in charge of the skin, so work the lungs as well. All right, work alone and work long 10 here as well. So it's a longer in charge with skin so long. 10 Worked along points in the reflex signs. Really give that really good work ever as well when it comes to your occupation points, whatever is on the face. A good old master point of the head. You absolutely want to do that. And if it's do do because a lot of skin disorders will be stress related a lot. So heart seven. For anxiety and calm in the system, they want to do that as well. Don't forget as well your solar plexus and diaphragm for calming down the system as well. So that's really important as well. Okay, so the other things, the other points you're gonna work on a liver three and spleen six. Now space is most definitely if it's the person breaks out that me do the menstrual cycle. Okay, but liver three and spread six. That could do this together. So we want to really work the liver and sprained threat with treating skin disorders. Okay, to get that person to do that, and you were going to give it a lot of extra time on those. So that's that. The things we need to do with skin disorders in the crime systems, I think of your enterprise glands and you say liver, explain your kidneys, a limited colon, large intestine, and of course, you calming with the solar plexus and you die from areas. 19. Colds and flus: now, when it comes to treating for colds and flu's, you absolutely wanted work the adrenals and most definitely want work displayed for immune system boosting. So those two really vitally important. Also, of course, depending on the person's symptoms. What you wanna work their lungs have got a sore throat with the Broncos track in these various throat and, of course, head Sinus areas. If yeah, they're all blocked up, that sort of thing. Okay, the other thing on the hand, again with a lung point here. So if you're gonna go start working, the hands definitely work or this area through here coming up, pressing on long 10. That's everything. Work around large and test on four again against Master. Part of the heads are really fantastically called approach plaster last just a force called the Great Eliminator. So it's a really powerful to get rid of the pathogens from the system. Okay, so that's really important as well. So long area, the longer really in a big pot. So if you're doing the feet again, come up just works on the thumb here to work that Long Meridian a dream knows at a decrease information and displayed increase the boost your immune system. Okay. And any areas? Air affected. Throat sore throat, Sinus head for blockhead. And from the headaches, the local point of the headaches. Blood to Yin tang. Stomach three Here, large intestine 20 to help locally block. And of course, you have a larger test on four as well. All right. Now, the other thing you want to do is do stomach 36 display six on the lower legs for the immune system boosting. Um, so this is what you would stop stomach 36 places and get the person to do, you know, at home. So I would get them to do large intestine four to help remove the pathogen lump 10. Show them these to do them. Do them at the same time if they want to. And then same time on these stomach. 36 of splitting six. Get them to work. That So you explain to them that these ones here were removed. Pathogen. This one here is gonna help strengthen your lungs. And likewise, just in here to strengthen your immune system. All right, so that's the area again where you work the spine. Concentrate your on the Jurassic Mawr area more working in the area of the Jurassic with the college and Bruce and that sort of thing. So just remember, lots of work on this plane. Of course we got explain Point spreading six as well. And stomach that is really helped boost the immune system. 20. Diabetes: when it comes to treating diabetes. Diabetes is a problem with the pancreas, So the pancreas is supposed to see cream pancreatic hormone inside and a dozen or doesn't do enough of it. And so what happens is the that's supposed to oxidize sugar in the bloodstream. I think that there's too much sugar in the bloodstream from it. Okay, so being a problem, the pancreas, when it comes to treating with the reflexology, then absolutely. You want to work the pancreas. Okay. You also want toe do it obviously do. Like it would always really good general treatment, but really keep coming back to the pancreas and also the liver as well. So metabolizing organ. So pancreas liver now, the other points that I would work on to balance the system a really good acupressure points. I would go after kidney three, split six and stomach 36 on the legs. Okay, because these are all really good points to balance the system. So those points I would definitely go for the other points ago is your endocrine system as well to help balance out the body. So your pituitary gland blend a thyroid parathyroid and your piece of land. So go for your end. A crime, your pancreas liver and then on the legs. I would also work Stomach 36 Spring six and kidney three. 21. Fibromyalgia: Okay, So what? Fibromyalgia? This problem with musculoskeletal problem. Very painful. A lot of sniffs, stiffness and quite often it's associated with chronic fatigue syndrome to the people have pain, stiffness and really poor energy levels. So obviously, when you start doing your reflexology, you want to work on, find out where the person's, but whether have their pain, it will quite up to be in several different areas of the body. Generally sleeping is affected as well. So I think heart seven for insomnia as well. So work the parts of the body that were affected. The other thing you wanna do is you want to work the adrenals to help with pains and the anti inflammatory aspect of the adrenals. So really working dreams and get the person to work with trainers on their hands as well. Okay, so adrenals. And also cases of a toxic buildup, then liver and kidney as well. So a good general treatment working the areas that are affected, liver and kidney give them extra love also the adrenals, and get that person to hold up to get that endorphin race which will help with the pain a swell. So of course, large intestine four liver three for pain, which is really, really important. I also to try to get them to help their system is due Kidney three. Explain six. Stomach 36. To really help, try to regulate the system. Just show your kidney three right here, right here and then they get splitting. 64 fingers up, all things down, stomach 36 on the opposite side so they can really work. These get there today. Of course, with your reflexology. You work these areas as well that so that's really important toe Help increase their energy . Stomach 36. Explain six will boost their energy, especially stomach 36. But with the kidneys, it's well, it's really going to help boost their chief boosted their energy. So that's really, really important on, of course, Liver three and large test times four for their for their pain. So you might like to tell the person you know when you tell them that those points for energy so because it waxes and wanes. So if there are more pain, get them to do those what? Or if it did you that problem is, they're they're really fatigue, and they can use those bunch of that. Obviously, if they really came, they could do all of them. No problems whatsoever. But if they just wanted remember the energy points and just a real pain relieving points. And, of course, the adrenal point on the hands as well. And you can show them on the thing if they quite nimble enough, showing where the dream was out on the feet and really work out as well. 22. Bladder Problems: now some of the continent's suffering better bladder problems. Then what you do is you want to work the kidneys and bladder area most definitely. And also the spinal area in particular, the lower back. So really working the lower back area where the spine or the spider knows exit. So you gotta kidneys, bladder and all the spine and but really, really focused on that lower back and also once again get the person to do their dream girls and you work on the adrenals in your treatment. And now the other thing is so that's kidneys, bladder, adrenals and spinal region in particular. The lower back to really work all that lower back area. The other point. This lung 10 point now. The lungs were in charge of the water in Chinese medicine. So get you get the person to stimulate this point shoulder where it is, and they can still, at that point steadies. I just sit there and get them to stimulate that during the day. Okay, let's say the longer in charge of the water, So this is a really great point for them to use to help the problem. Now, the other thing on the fate once again the kidney 53 here and the other side Gladys 60. So there's gonna against strengthen the kidney function and strengthen the blood of function. So really, really work for the kidneys on the office is hard. The bladder as well. Okay, so those points you really want to focus on kidney bladder, love about adrenals and lung? 10 point. Get your plan to you. Press it easily and now thinking if they fun, get them to also pincer grip on kidney three and let me come back and show. So what you could do You just asked him, Teoh, You know, they compress this here. Just tell it's working the kidney and bladder function. So they just pincer gripping fingers thumb And also that between treatments between the treatments long 10 right in the middle there, you know, And on the basis of the ankle between Achilles tendon in the middle of the ankle. Get them to do that. Obviously you worked those points extensively and between treatments, get them to steam like those as well 23. Treating ALL muscle and joint pain throughout the body.: okay. I want to talk about musculoskeletal pain in general because it really doesn't need to become good. I don't need to go through shoulder pain, knee pain, hip pain because and I'll explain why. It is very, very simple for you. So you don't have to worry too much about what I do. So okay, you guys do it. Always treat the affected area self shoulder pain, for example, your knee pain hip bank. You work that affected area a lot more, so you also do. The spinal region is, of course, the spinal think car. Practically the nerves exit the spine and innovate the organs and help our vassals and so on and so forth. So you want to work. If it's lower, body focus, do the whole spine. But if its upper body meaning shoulders, elbows, arms, hands, that sort of thing. So tennis elbow, wrist pain, shoulder pain, frozen shoulder work the whole spine but work more than Jurassic and the survival area, where the exit regular plexus and all these nerves exit. Okay, so Williams Jurassic and more focused on the cervical area as well. But if it's more ankle pain, knee pain, hip pain, then do the whole spine, but focus more on the lower lower back area with nerves exit to innovate, the knees and selling and so forth. Okay, so more lumber area for lower limb pain, upper limb pain, then dysfunction more up the Razek to survival, right? The other thing you really want to do is always adrenals adrenals with anti inflammatory. So you really, really want to have adrenals hard for a good minute? Stimulated. When you're treating a person stimulated and get them to stimulate elicits a shoulder, for example. You can take them on the hand. They could do it on the foot, but it's just e j is whenever they like on the hand, show them where the adrenal point is. So they work for your trainers and just tell him, you know, you know, when you're just press that point hard for a minute, it will release in dolphins, which you feel good chemicals in your body, which you pain relievers. So that's really good for you to do that and also just work that And of course, remember that they don't have to do the thumb. President Bacon. I mean, you could by all means teach him to get out of a Sharpie. Good. You're gonna be out of do reflexology. Very, Mr Go. To heck with that. But they can stimulate it. You can show them like I showed you start of the court just going to press that. Make sure they make themselves a bit sore than they are going to stop backing off. But this is a really easy way for someone that doesn't have strong thumbs and fingers. But they could just work like that. They could also double up the fingers as well to give them more strength. The middle finger is the strongest of all fingers. So you can teach them that or this, Like we're using acupressure. This position here is another really good way to help, so you can guide them with that. So that those reflex on on the adrenals and to just remember LA limbs, lumber, more upper limbs, shoulders, this sort of thing, then more drastic survival. Okay, the ec oppressive points are really important. Obviously of his neck pain, I said obviously they could torture back in the start. Of course, small intestine three is great for neck pain. So work that and get them to work that okay, large intestine, for you must know by now That's fantastic for pain. So that is also a great one. And if they can give them to do liver three on for for pain relief as well. Okay, so those that any pain in the body Liver, three large intestine for more specifically neck pain. Small and test on three adrenals, the area affected. And the lumber spine or the threat. Six of Eichel, depending on the area. And it really is that simple. You don't have to worry about. I don't have to go through knees, ankles, hips within information you could treat all musculoskeletal throughout the body. 24. Treating Alzheimer's disease: okay When it comes to treating outsiders, today's this is a degenerative disease of the serial cortex, which they lose. A lot of neurons have. A 50% of Americans over the age of 85 have outsiders disease, and it causes because of this confused state, they lose their memory, become very anxious, now becomes very debilitating. So when it comes to EUR reflex times, you're going to have to, you know, if this shouldn't like digestive problems again, if the person very anxious gonna work to solar plexus and die a friend heart seven, Of course, for anxiety work the liver because they're probably being beyond medications. So you really want to work the liver, and that includes liver three as well. So you're definitely do that as well. Now by all major need to work their head and the brain on work of heirs extensively and also the spine. You really want to concentrate on the spine as well. So spine, head, brain, um, and also, of course, your enterprise lands again. Your pituitary opinion glands hypothalamus. We really want to work, does as well, and is this idea if there any digestive problems? So you worked on the digestive areas as well. Okay, so as it was when it comes to, if they're suffering of anxiety work. Seven. Your adrenals. If it's any inflammatory component through pain, that sort of thing worked there, adrenals there on say, they're frustrated, which I met. They are liver three as well as you work that as well. If the lower energy worked, energy points stomach 36 planes. Six. You can use either of those or both of those which I suggest with their own energy. And you worked boost your immune system. So you just once again work out what they said about the best you can and work accordingly . 25. Eye problems: okay when we could trick eye problems, whether it's dryness, the eyes, sore eyes, tired eyes, red eyes. Then of course you want to work the hidden points on the district. Filante. So one of the high points in particular Now, the other thing you wanna do is also work so up around the survive from spine, whether to stimulate the nerves of exit from the spine. And, um also, the brain point is, Well, you want a break point to stimulate the optic nerve. Second cranial nerve, these sorts of things. So I point brain point and survival Michael Spine in particular. Okay, The other thing on a work is the liver Chinese medicine. The liver opens out into the eyes so and definitely want to work deliver and the other point. So you're new with you in regards to acupressure points, remember, Large test on four is the master part of the head so definitely, definitely wanted to a larger test time for or get the person to do that between treatments and liver. Three Liver three is because I said you deliver over down the eyes. So between your first or second toe work liver three as well, so really, really work that you're doing foot reflexology. You just right around the corner. So you'll be doing and, you know, working the high points on the toes there. And then you come down there, really work the liver three points there as well. And so, of course, you could get the person to work a larger test I four and liver three between treatments. 26. Working as a reflexologist: military looking doing reflexology to actually earn money. So maybe you wanted its full time. Maybe you would like to just was part time to earn a bit of extra cash. Maybe don't like your boss. And you'd like to sort of phase into doing a reflexology to build up enough money so work for yourself and not have to work for a boss. What? Every reasons. Re facilities, such a one feet inexpensive way to be able to do therapies to get more money to earn more money. So and one of the beauties of reflexology is that in many states in the United States you don't need to be a licensed massage therapist to do reflexology. Now, I don't know what country you live in on dinner. What Lord you are so you need to check with the massage Association. But I do know reflexology. Most countries you need to be registered the message therapist Andi have a certain level of qualification and associated with association and so on and so forth. I'm not all, of course, but most countries do. But reflexology doesn't come into that in a lot of states on a lot of countries, so It's a great, inexpensive way to set yourself up to start earning money. It's a great way to earn money. It's such a relaxing, beautiful industry to be in. So they're a couple things that you need to be where we're not gonna go through this. First of all, do you wanna work for someone or do you wanna work for yourself and intimate? I'll go through the attributes that you need to work for yourself because they're completely different ball game, But so So let's just have a look Working for someone. Let's say you get a job as a reflex are just Well, that's great. And you could do that if you work for someone to be on a fixed salary, which is terrific. But you're not gonna have your own hours if you're gonna work for yourself. So you have to go 95. Whatever is 11 do whatever, and so you would be working for someone and get to do what they say. But it's very secure. You don't have to think, My God, I'm gonna be out of pay the bill. Just wait because you're getting a fixed salary. So if that's sort of something you think that it really suit May, you know, just to turn up for work, I But if someone great, I get my own hours, but that's fine. And you got a job. So that sounds like you. Then that's great. Try and find some employment as a za reflexology. You wanna work for yourself? There are several ways you could do this, and again, it's very, very inexpensive to set up your unlike something where you need to get something in Venturi inventory, you know, cupboards and, you know, selling products, that sort of thing. Cash registers. You don't need any of that to do this now. I started off doing home visits, and that's how it started off as a massage therapist. So I was 68. Volkswagen Beetle driving around people terms All I have is a message table in my back in the back seat, and that's it. So if you would So let's look at doing home visits, all right, because this is, uh, what incredibly, all you need's a car in a message table. OK, so you go to people's places. Now let's have a look at the pros and cons this 1st 1st with the pros. Well, one. You're now working for yourself, so you don't have to answer to anyone. You got your own hours. You could spend more time kids. So for your family. So that's the beauty of that. And you go to people's places. So you set up a table in whatever room they've got and what I always do. I wouldn't just give them Teoh. Supply the linen, a sheep of the massage table and maybe a towel and a pillow menu. Two pillows, one for the head, one underneath the the knees. Now the beauty of doing reflex argues not like message. There's no big wash up after. It's not like a full body message, whether they're so it's so did simple. You just did a little bit of cream and away you go. So it really is that simple, and you can charge more because you're doing home visits and people really love your coming to their home. So this is a big bonus for a lot of people, you know, that worked all day, and it spreads like wildfire, by the way, because oh, my God reflexology treatment tonight, maybe we get once a week treatment from you. They're looking forward. Toa Oh, yeah. Where do you go with personal last time? Honor. They come to May They come to my home? Yeah, fabulous. That comes to my home. It's awesome, you know. So then I just go to sleep. After that, I have to drive out the traffic, so that's a really big bonus for people. If you do a home village Onda course you can charge more. So because you're gonna have to spend some time in your car. There's gas, your petrol for the car, Onda. Time to go there and back those sorts of things. But you don't have any electricity costs because using their house, you don't you know, linen laundry costs that have their own music. So I have to set up anything like that. Think about having a stereo system. You know, there's something small, but to supply music, lighting, any of that you don't have to worry about. OK, so it's a super easy way to get yourself started. Now if you've got a part time, if you've got a full time, don't you wanna do reflexology power time This against Beautiful for the fact that you're after I finish work may be finished work of five oclock. Most your clients will be working people so you could finish the job and then go and do some reflexology treatments in the evening. Okay, so then you're You don't have to worry about him working for myself about half stupid. My job security. I'm doing my 9 to 5 job, and I'm getting extra money by going and doing reflexology. And you could build up like that and then start doing more on the weekends and summers, whatever you desire. But that is a really safe way, low stress way. Keep the job at, boot up your business. Do it after you after the hours of your regular job. OK, so that's one way. Now, the second way is work from your home. Oh, sorry. Let me get back. So the only risk that you carry is that if what one? If the car breaks down, you gotta get it fixed. Okay. Could you need your car? But to you want to make sure you're in someone's home. So you want to make sure that you know who these people are, so you don't want to go to something. It's not as bad as I say. Bad. You know, it's not as risky as people getting doing full body massages, because reflexology you just treating their feet. So you know it's a lot higher risk when people getting undressed, getting full body massage, much more risk. That therapist So reflexology is, you know, there. Now it's Jerry on the feet, maybe their hands. So it's not so much of a risk factor, but you just have to be aware of it. You know, Small is is be aware of the fact that you're going to someone time they wanted to be someone either you know, or girl for someone you know, or something like that. Okay, just because of the fact you go into their homes. Okay, so the 2nd 1 is to tell you about is working from your home now, By the way, I would do both. Okay, If you can do both, do both because some people they might have space in their place to get a home visit. They might have flatmates, you know, it's on its way out, and they just rather come to you. So that's another really easy way to set up. So you got a room in your house or just an area of your house Way puts himself music on you . See, table up here and away you go. You start, treat that people come to you. So now you don't have to get into the reign of the traffic and that sort of thing, they're coming to you. And so you know, you're doing a treatment and you don't. Okay, You would have some very small washing casts. You know, laundry costs. You make some heating bills, that sort of thing or air conditioning have separate of music and have a nice looking environment. But again, you don't need to go buy expensive furniture. It's absolutely necessary. You can make it, place it really simple longer. That's clean on. Do you know a really lovely little environment? You could do very, very cheaply. So then you've got people coming to you. Now let's tell you don't have to go out, and then you can do both or so Then you do your home visits and people come to you and then you can give the the option. Do you want to go to you? Yeah. Teoh X dollars extra for me to go to you. A lot of people will pay that. No problems, because they just go. Yeah, in my home. Great. I don't have to go out in the evening and get back in my car to To zonked out up to reflexology. Anyway, I could just slide it into bed, but make sure you charge more for home visits. Okay? Because your guess your extra time doing one hour session will probably take you. Maybe two hours happen, get their set up. It's quick set up, but a means to it's gonna take time. And then what? Time to come home. Okay, so they had to really easy ways to get yourself started. You can rent out a shop. You know what a room work for someone like someone might have area in the clinical that you could use that sort of thing. But to May for May, I would just do home visits. But you don't want to go out. One of the big problems with message service reflex is having having to be given, not hang up their heads. You know what? You have read something and they got all the stress you don't want to be in this position because this is such a lovely thing to be able to do to give to people. You don't be stressed about God. I need to get 12 briefings on your dreams just to pay the rent this week, right? You don't want that, trust me. So start off small start of smoke. I've seen so many people crashing room and go broken in the back to the job. And it's so unfortunate just because they overhead with too much, you know? So keep it small. Whether it's going to have doing house visits, can people come to you or ideally, both. So you got that option. That is why I would stop. If you want to be an employee. I got a full time. Absolutely. They got that safety day. But you don't have your own hours. All right, so these are the things you need to weigh up now. One thing that's really important if you're going to work yourself, is what's involved when it comes to working for yourself. 27. The key factors you will need to work for yourself: All right. So let me talk to you about the qualities needed. If you're going to work for yourself and one of these, you're gonna be basically entrepreneur, and so you need to have a positive outlook. You need to find solutions where their problems, and you need to have perseverance and grit and determination to make anything succeed. And I know this only too well. I'll tell you a story. When I was working in Panama, I worked for a spot in this small country town. And so I work for the front seventies and having shoulder problems and raising my son by myself is at five years old. And but I just couldn't keep work. I couldn't keep doing a little mess. I was really, really popular in the community as far as doing treatments. So I wasn't burning myself out. And I just said, I'm gonna work. I can't think for the next two years I'm gonna think about the next 20 years on. I'm just wrecking my body so I can work for you guys anymore. I'm really grateful, but I just got myself into a hope because, of course I was working for them and I was getting commission for massage a 50 50 or 40 60 I think, waas. But I had to do a lot of turnover to do that. I gotta work myself. If I could do to make the same amount of money by work myself, get 100% of the money, then I'll do that. And then my body could get more of a restaurant. There was one massive problem. They had a clause in my contract that I couldn't treat any of the clients that I mess as through the spire for one year after I leave, which meant basically the whole town I had treated at this seven year period. I mean, I treated just about everyone in the whole town anymore. It's getting messages coming to May. So admit I couldn't work in this town and I said, Rate my Sanli's five years old, So Okay, all right. What I do. I've got to try to find work. And with this country town, the mountains. So the closest city was a Narraway, so I tried it out for a while, working in a little shop there, that your little health food store room at the back but it just wasn't working. People were coming. They didn't know it was hard to advertise. So I'm gonna go to Panama City. It was a seven hour drive. I did this per year every Friday. Now leave Lee in my some of the nanny for the weekend so he would sleep there Friday night . Saturday, Sunday. I get back Monday, lunchtime on, pick him up on, Bennett said Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. And it brought a driver again. So what I would do Friday morning, I drove up my son. I would then drive seven hours to Panama City Friday not, and I would. I managed to get it. I do home visits, and I also work out of there. So Spidey in the city. And so I would work there and to save money, I would sleep in my car in the underground car park, which is just high rise building that had aspiring. So I parked my car parking and I sleep there later, seat back. I'd sleep there and then I go to the spire in the morning before anyone came in and I had a shower, that shower, get dressed and now a new any anything about it and damsels changed, admitted to do my work and go out and do house visits and that sort of thing. So what do that that would be Saturday it's and Sunday. And in Sunday night, I drive half the weight back and stay in a really, really crummy motel for $40. Had best no money if the car broke down at any stage. I had, like, $150 in the bank. If they can, I was just like, you know, making my enough to get back for Liam and I to survive. And I do this every weekend. They don't go back seven hours Saturday, Sunday, Drive all around Panama City doing houses, drive half for four hours back. And then I understand this crummy motel toe, half way back toe this town that I lived in and then Monday morning get up early and Dr B. There, back in the Monday I did for a year, every single, any time. If that car had broken down, I would have been out of money. All right? So thankfully had never, ever broke down. And I did this essay for basically a year, and we survived And then things changed and the rest is really history. So that is what you've got to do. If you're gonna work for you, doesn't have to be that drastic. That was just the only option I had. But the point is, I was to tell what I couldn't fail. All right, so this scripture is just no fail to survive. I have. My son had to survive, so there's just No, no, I am attitude and determination, Michael Grit of just I am going to make this work. And this is what I want to instill in you. What is so important when you work yourself and just in life is just and never give up attitude, I'm gonna find the positive in the situation. And what am I gonna do from this situation? It doesn't have to be extremely minor. Believe for you. But the point is, when you work for yourself, it's not like a 9 to 5 job where you just you come home, you switch on the box and what have you now when you work yourself, you're going to have to think about marketing. You have to think about promotions. I'm not talking about spending is not. In fact, I've got, of course, on this one. Had a you could do this with reflexology. It's called about how to have a successful massage business. And I think you all these things that cost you no money, everything from making business cards work brilliantly. If you want to look at that, you can see that's another one of my courses. But it's all you need to do is really thinking okay, I don't work for myself. So I've got to be driven. I've gotta be determined. I've got a If there's a problem, I'm going to find a solution. All right? So these things and you're gonna be a leader now if this doesn't sound like you at the moment and I'm not saying quick to job Like I said in the last picture, you can still have your job and just build up slowly. But if you want to take it to the next level and you gotto as you move along, just build up, build up, keep thinking these qualities ago, Basic makes no successful business, but successful in life. All right, So these things do you know, maybe you don't ready for that maybe just want usually keep it just a few extra dollars, but it still wouldn't be so. But if you want to go and do this full time, I don't want to work my butt anymore. I don't want to do this crummy job that I hate. So then you would go right? We got to step it up. I've got a, you know, because I have to know stop thinking about all these other things. Like, how did I make a flyer? You know, do you know how to do those business cards? And the beautiful thing is these days, you could just have so much on the Internet for free, All right? It's absolutely everything could do really for free. All right, so have a bit of a think about that. If that doesn't sound like you and you think now I really want to put myself I don't need that stress. I don't need Teoh. Then that's absolutely fine. Go work for someone else to say Maybe just gonna do two or three Teoh supplement your weekly income, and that's fine as well. But if there's no work, you have to start to think, you know Okay. How do I do that? What, am I gonna generate? More work? All right. So that's what I want to just make you aware. If you're not already that if you're gonna go full time doing this, that it's awesome. It's the best thing I've ever done. They're working for myself. And if that sounds like you just remember you're going toe. Need those qualities in. You have that perseverance that Dr find those outers when problems arise, which they will like anything in life and start thinking. Okay. When I finished, Mother, I've got continue thinking. I'm gonna generate work. What I do for promotions have set up a Facebook page and so on and so forth. So they sent. If you wanna become successful doing anything, these are the qualities you're going to name. 28. 29congrats 1 copy 2: Well, here we are. It's the end of the course. I want to thank you so much for completing the course. And if you have any questions, please write to me. I answered all my questions from students within 24 hours. So please let me know if you don't quite sure of something. And also, if you haven't done so already, I would love it if you write a review for the course we will really appreciate as instructors. It's great to get this feedback. So I hope you enjoyed it. As I say. I threw. You finished the course and hopefully you continue learning with me.