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Advanced Reflexology For Treating Health Disorders

Mark Perren-Jones, Best-Selling Instructor, 100K Students

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43 Lessons ()
    • 1. Advanced Reflexology Course

    • 2. Welcome to my course!

    • 3. It doesn't matter how you learned to stimulate the points

    • 4. What I mean by stimulating the areas more

    • 5. How often should you treat someone

    • 6. Your Two Pain Relieving Acupoints To Call Upon

    • 7. A Closer Look At Some Of The Acupressure Points That You Will Be Using.

    • 8. Which reflexology charts to use?

    • 9. Introduction to this section

    • 10. Questioning The Client

    • 11. What is the endocrine system?

    • 12. The Circulatory System

    • 13. A Look At High Blood Pressure/Hypertension

    • 14. Treating High Blood Pressure/Hypertension

    • 15. Headaches and Migraines

    • 16. Treating Headaches/Migraines

    • 17. Stress disorders/anxiety/worry

    • 18. Treating Stress Disorders

    • 19. Skin disorders

    • 20. Skin disorders-The reflex zones

    • 21. Skin disorders-The extra Points

    • 22. Addictions

    • 23. Insomnia

    • 24. Treating Insomnia

    • 25. The Digestive System

    • 26. A Look At Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS) And Digestive Disorders

    • 27. Treating IBS/ Digestive Problems

    • 28. Arthritis-Let's take a look at the 3 most common types

    • 29. Arthritis-Let's take a closer look

    • 30. Arthritis-the reflex zones and acupressure points to stimulate

    • 31. Menstrual problems/menopause

    • 32. Treating Menstrual Problems

    • 33. Respiratory disorders

    • 34. Treating Respiratory Problems/Asthma

    • 35. The Musculoskeletal System

    • 36. Neck Pain-What you need to know firstly.

    • 37. Neck Pain-The Reflex Zones On The Hands And Feet To Focus On

    • 38. Neck Pain-The Treatment, The Points, The Exercises and Advice

    • 39. Back pain-What you need to know firstly.

    • 40. Back Pain-The Reflex Zones On The Hands And Feet To Focus On

    • 41. Back Pain-The Treatment, The Points, The Exercises and Advice

    • 42. What to do for treating musculoskeletal pain in general

    • 43. Congratulations! you have completed the course


About This Class

Take your reflexology massage to the next level with best-selling massage course instructor Mark Perren-Jones!

In this advanced reflexology massage course, you are going to learn the specific reflex zones and acupressure points to stimulate so that you will see great results in your reflexology practice.

Please note that this course is for people that have already done a reflexology course as I do not teach the basics on how to do it in this course.

In  this advanced reflexology massage course, Mark takes you step by step so that you will know:

  • how to question your reflexology client when they come into your massage clinic to get a better idea of your reflexology treatment strategy

  • how often to treat your reflexology client

  • the specific reflex zones and acupressure massage points to see excellent results in your reflexology practice

  • what to teach your clients so that they can also stimulate their reflex zones and acupressure massage points between reflexology sessions with you to achieve better treatment outcomes

  • how to treat insomnia, headaches, digestive problems, menstrual problems, respiratory problems, stress disorders, back and neck pain and so much more with advanced reflexology!

Your client base will grow quickly after doing this advanced reflexology massage course as word spreads about your knowledge and professionalism.

Mark explains about the conditions that you will be treating first so that you have a good idea of what the condition is. He also teaches you how to teach your clients about removing the causes of musculoskeletal pain and exercises to give your reflexology clients to help them further.

Your clients will be so happy and feel confident in your skills as you treat them and teach them what they should do between treatments and will be recommending you as they see great results from your reflexology sessions.

Take your reflexology to the next level!


1. Advanced Reflexology Course: Hi, everyone. And welcome to my advanced reflexology course. Now, this course I'm going to show you how to treat specific conditions that you might see in your practice. Your spirea clinic. This is not a course about showing you how to do reflexology. So to do this course, you you need to have a basic foundation of batting understanding of heritage reflexology. And it doesn't matter where the traditional reflexology or you've done the tire reflex argue that I've done because this is going to be focused on which of the specific areas of the reflex areas to treat for specific conditions. And also, I'm going to show you the acupressure points that are most powerful to enhance your treatments to get better results. So you're learn not on you. Which treatment areas which reflex zones do you work? But also which acupressure points are really good for saying neck pain or back pain or menstrual disorders. Now, what I've done because obviously I could do 1000 different medical disorders, but you've got Teoh, you gotta I gotta condense it. So what I've done in this course is now going to build on the course. I'm going to continually add lectures. So this this court will get bigger and bigger and bigger. But what I've done for you is narrowed down the lectures here into the conditions that your most like to see in your spy. Your practice, your clinic. So you're most often see people coming in for reflexology for set, maybe menstrual disorders, digestive problems. Stress is a big one. Insomnia, headaches and migraines and so on and so forth. So I show you the points to focus on, so you will be doing your treatment as normal. But we will go back and explain this to, of course, but you will put more focus on may be the end of crime glands or the spinal area, and so on and so forth. And then you're also throughout that the treatment will work the acupressure points as well , just as you would work the EUR reflex signs. So you're really, really getting a much better treatment for giving a much better training for the person because you're not an estimate, the reflexes that you also using traditional Chinese medicine acupressure points that you can use and then show them those same points I got through this in the in the course, but then they do that at home several times a day. T stimulate both the reflex zones and acupressure points between the treatments. Someone, let's get started. 2. Welcome to my course!: Hi, everyone, and welcome to my advanced reflexology course. Now, this course I'm going to show you how to treat specific conditions that you might see in your practice. Your spiral, your clinic. This is not, of course, about showing you how to do reflexology. So to do this course, you you need to have a basic foundation of batting understanding of heritage reflexology. And it doesn't matter where the traditional reflexology or you've done the tire reflects, argue that I've done because this is going to be focused on which are the specific areas of the reflex areas to treat for specific conditions. And also, I'm going to show you the acupressure points that are most powerful to enhance your treatments to get better results. So you're learn not on you which treatment areas which reflex zones to work, but also which acupressure points are really good for saying neck pain or back pain or menstrual disorders. Now, what I've done because obviously I could do 1000 different medical disorders, but you've got toe you got it. I got condense it. So what I've done in this course is now going to build on the course. I'm going to continually add lectures so this discourse will get bigger and bigger and bigger. But what I've done for you is narrowed down the lectures here into the conditions that your most likely to see in your spy your practice, your clinic. So you're most often see people coming in for reflexology for set, maybe menstrual disorders, digestive problems. Stress is a big one. Insomnia, headaches and migraines, and so on and so forth. So I show you the points to focus on, so you be doing your treatment as normal. But we will go back and explain this to, of course, but you will put more focus on may be the end of crime glands or the spinal area, and so on and so forth. And then you're also throughout that the treatment will work the acupressure points as well , just as you would work the EUR reflex eyes. So you're really, really getting a much better treatment for giving a much better training for the person because you're not an estimate. The reef answers that you also using traditional Chinese medicine acupressure points that you can use and then show them those same points. I go through this in the course. But then they do that at home several times a day just to stimulate both the reflex zones and acupressure points between the treatments. Someone, let's get started. 3. It doesn't matter how you learned to stimulate the points: all right now. A So I said at the start of the course, it doesn't matter if you have not done my particular time. Reflexology courses, A song that you've got reflexology behind. You have stayed reflexology. So you know this This is not about teaching how to do reflexology you're expected to have. You're a good basic knowledge. And so I'm not featured that this courses advanced. All right, But having said that and you mostly me with the Thai stick Now, for those of you who studied traditional reflexology and not tire reflexology just to give a little heads up, what we do with this is we work the point with you could buy this the home made one and I'm not made of wood shop, but so All right, so for the truth, traditional reflects on just you will be working the points during a thumb and finger walking. Okay, which is absolutely fine for this course. You can absolutely do that. There's not any problem at all. You're just going to stimulate those points more with your thumb walking. Okay. However, I just want to show you what happens. Entire reflexology Tyree facility, rather than using the thumbs and fingers and all that sort of thing. You give them arrest and they work the points by pressing, okay, pressing with the states because it saves your thumbs and just stimulating them. See? Like that. Okay. You have been, what, kidneys? In this sort of thing, we'll use it now. It doesn't matter. So if you want to give this a go, not criminal Now, you don't need a tire stick at all. This is as long as it's got a smooth, rounded end. This is from my Mick thermometer and this work? Sure, actually. Perfectly. All right. So, um, the end of a shopping is fantastic. Okay, so if you want to experiment around with it, um, you know, no problems at all. I said you don't have to get tastic if you wanted to get When you go to Amazon Online somewhere either and picking up for, like, two bucks, they're really, really cheap. The Thai sticks So but and say while you're waiting, if you want to get my use this And like I said before, if you don't want to use, you know, a tool like the time people do, it doesn't matter. do what you know, chiffon walking your finger walking and stimulate the points. The acupuncture points that will go through stimulate those, um, with the techniques you already know. 4. What I mean by stimulating the areas more: All right. So when I talk to you about giving extra stimulation today's points I want to be clear about that. Made. So you're still doing the normal. Okay, So that the full treatment answer under the hands of the people birth, you're still doing that for true about your emphasizing the areas that need more world. Okay, So, for example, the person's your neck. Okay, so you work more on the spinal region on, you'll come back to it. You don't just sit there for 10 minutes and get there, and I just grind away at the Yeah, the neck area, but But you will come toe and this one I want to be clear about, and you come back to it. So throughout the treatment, you come back and you just get more work. So you get you get to do it several times on the most beneficial areas which are outlined in the course for each condition for a job stimulating. Let's just say we're gonna stimulate this final region. Okay? So don't give this up your foot. Well, so you know you do know Obviously you can use more work with your thumbs. You're doing more work with family that you see that getting the more on that and more work with the stick. Now, of course, you can use inside on for their no problems whatsoever. But you're going to give it more time and keep coming back to say the other thing you do is work across desire. So you don't work, design, um, in all directions. So let s a live up through here. Shall we go the next year here, we want you to hear going down the sides. How big a star? So it didn't longitudinal e right? And then you also do them across. So your work you see that ago yet? So you can work across as well. So whatever it if it was stomach, same thing standing. You're working across it. You're working. I belong it. Or uh so So you get that point being Don't just go go home. Just on. Of course. Michael Ware's elastic like it is that and too much. Okay, so you will work, and then you do some more work on other parts of the hand, or four or wherever, and then you come back and just give us a more work OK, so that's working up there. That one method of stimulation young across guy in in each direction, the other way or stimulate is through using pressure point work. This is another way to give the points more than we export more stimulation show whatever you prefer. All right, press in like that. Like so Now the other thing, you can also do I prefer this for the pressure form with the bat that out of hand in there , about of the stick in the hand, just seems to be easier. Okay, so you stimulate twist. All right, so you go back, do that's it work. So going up in the cross and that maybe next time you come back to it, you see me like this stuff or whatever region. Uh, the other thing you could also do is tapping, I think is a really good way to stimulate area as well. So you could also do that so you can use your thumbs. No problems yet my mind. Why would Why would usually you could change it up in New Jersey. But members, when you got the stick is just just makes it easier, really. And it feels fantastic. So last two races are alone. Were enough. Okay, so presses, I guess. And, uh, and just keep coming back to them on that. Then you'll you'll find that you really get fantastic stimulation and on those areas that you need to stimulate more. 5. How often should you treat someone: All right. So let's just talk about how often you should treat someone now, when it comes to an acute problem. So a recent flare up of something on injury, something like that hurt some of it, then just woke up in a bad neck, that sort of thing. You want to treat that person ideally twice a week to three times a week, so every couple of days, because you wanna have an effect as quickly as possible, and they want you to go help them as quickly as possible. So, you know, something came with a crick in the neck. A bad neck there couldn't turn the neck right. Next. Something like that. Then you don't want to see them come back in seven days because they want you to help them more quickly. All right, so two conditions. Yes, too, if you can. Three. To talk about every 2 to 3 days is a window, OK? And of course, getting them to stimulate the points on the reflex areas between your treatments on their hands. That sort of thing is ideal to get them europe. Just tell him you're every officer do in the back of next section. Just ask him, You know, just like this done here. You do it four times a day. Perfect Now a chronic condition. Someone that says Safe had psoriasis for 35 years. Well, here's what I'm I doing the clinic if you can get them in twice a week for two weeks because you really want to try and get some results quickly. So if you could say that this was doing my recommend a suspect in this part coming twice a week the first couple of weeks and they were taken off the once a week OK, and again with your client, they might be happy to come twice a week on. That's that much better because you can affect the condition is obviously better than once a week. But so I might not have the money or just yeah, it's a long drive to your clinic. Or what have you just once a week that if you can try to get them with a chronic condition twice a week for two weeks to try to get some faster results 6. Your Two Pain Relieving Acupoints To Call Upon: what I'm gonna teach you now to incredibly powerful acupuncture points after pressure points that you can use for any pain, that these are two master pain relieving points so you can use these on any treatment. Now, it could be your bad back, neck, shoulder, ankle, whatever it is. And even, like take a suggestion. Donal Pain, for example. Whatever it is used, these headaches, whatever you think of painful used them or are. The other thing I want to tell you is, let's say that you're treating someone and I come in with back pain. Then what you could do is then tell them to use these points, stimulate these points several times a day between treatments. Or again, if it's your plan, you got bad neck. Then you do these these points during the day as well. Okay. And you know, every couple of hours, what have you once on the foot. So if it was lower back pain in the person couldn't get there later. Bed that Obviously you you couldn't do that point. Okay, The first point I want to show you is called large and test on four. Now it is. This point is I'll tell you through. Throughout, of course, it's contraindicated to pregnancy. You can abort the baby, so, uh, don't do that affected. All right, and it's spreading. Don't drink this point. It's called a large intestine for Let me gets out of the way Now. Nice just on for so you see the end of this crazy. You are just in towards the finger there, so you push it. It's basically what they say is it's on the high point off the muscle. You see the hot point there angle, but it's basically the end of the risk groups. Now, when you press it, President are what's the figure that a you move feeling. If you're in the right spot, it's so it's a big nerve bundle underneath it. So look at that. So you can also kids to grab it like that, working through their I just have to go in, and so you work this point duty sickest after two minutes. As you press into that point, do it both sides now. They're certain schools of thought that say, Yeah, we got right side of neck pain. Do the right hand if it's right out of neck pain out of schools of thought from saying You must do the opposite head two different schools of thought. Here's what you do. You need both hands, so 30 seconds to a minute or two minutes on one hand, and then the other one as well after a really, really good points that you could do every couple of hours to help with the pain. It's also the master point of the head. This point here lives just on for anything to do with the head. They use this point, Brito's erects to think especially headaches. Uh, anything did you do with the head? That's the master point of the head. That's the point for the head, all right, and of course, is to talk about the pain. Now. The other point there are sure that the control much of it is called liver three. It's on the It's basically the foot equivalent. So you see here, uh, if you imagine this was my big toe thumb. A Ziff is a foot. It's basically most of you. The same spot almost but on foot. And then it turned around so I could show you. Where is it? My foot? See my foot there. Unfortunately, so you're going to come from the winning and it's not hard. Burn appears not on the hard bone. So you see that, Okay, they're right there, and it's like large adjustment for you'll feel it when you are right in there. I could feel that that's short so the person could put their their knee up and then work their for lower back. You don't put up with the back of a chair like I just did. And you worked those points work those two points again. Both think now the combination I've shown you, which is larger Test on four and liver three. They are known in acupuncture as traditional Chinese medicine. Really? Nine is the four gas way put pitting Very, very good not only for pain relief, but also they say, if you are emotionally stuck because the liver is in charge of moving the cheap. So if you're just stuck emotionally, you under these as well not always indicate these four gates for saying just just being stop, Cock it moving, frustrated, irritated. Then do these full guys okay, we recommend you climb Do these points between treatments or if it yourself do this. If you got any pain in the body, these are your pain relieving master points 7. A Closer Look At Some Of The Acupressure Points That You Will Be Using.: now throughout the course, I show you the point in a remark. The acupressure points, that is. And I also remind you of where the locations are. But I just want to this lecture to give you have shown your large intestine four. So you should have a good understanding of that now. Liver three. I showed you a swell, but I want to just did this lecture. So if you want to refer back to it to get their locations, So all right, so we'll have a look at this one here. This is a T end of this route. This crease here. This is small in test time. Three very, very good point for next. All right, so you'll see it drops off that the metatarsal head there comes down and there's little girly right at the end of that Restrict Smalling test 93 I refer to this throughout the course, Um, and great point for neck pain. And, of course, small intestine disorders that sort of things well or are too large a test for as well, right? Pericardium six again. Don't worry too much about this. We got to go through them throughout the course. but I just want to give You said this elector. So you've got it right there with the points. All right, Rece crease. Right in the center. You see that? Okay, yes. Three things down from the risk crease. Okay, my three fingers. Now, remember, if you're treating someone, it's their three fingers. So you make an approximation, um, or you get to get their fingers. But their three fingers reason being If let's say you're treating a child or some of the really big heads, you got small hands, then the freethinker, it's up. It they're thinking with you're gonna be a lot bigger or smaller than yours. That's the figure. It's off the person you treat. Okay. All right. So yeah, this crease center of the of the people run straight down. Three fingers. Bang in the centre is actually between these two tendencies. Pericardium six. That is a very powerful point for nausea, as I go through throughout the course. So if you're again, I got through this course, But let's say you're treating a person. You could do pressure point work. You could work up and down along that channel. It pericardium channel. That sort of thing. Likewise with the small intestine. You work that point and they just work around that area as well. Okay, Heart seven. Really great point for insomnia. Calming. Just think this is the calming point. All right? It's right. You see that? Been like that. It's right here. All right. You got this cruise here. Just work around there. There's a lot of heart points. 765 through here. Really powerful points. So if you want to you want to cancel on, I'll get you between treatments, you suggest them for something. F anxiety on this sort of thing. Stress as we go through in the course, um, they work that point there. Or just rub it like that. So, Okay. And I I want to talk about Lung 10 long 10 right here, but right along the mid point of this burger. All right, really good point for lung disorders as we talk about. So not point there for the last long tip. Um All right, I'll show you the lower leg. Now. I got somebody. Get away from the microphone here. I'm going to show you spleen six, which is a great point for energy menstrual disorders. again. Don't worry if you don't remember this right now because I'll go through this several several times throughout the course. So OK, spring six Medio ankle Manolas the media aside from the mid 0.4 fingers off the person up and then you get right on the edge of that bone, Come back about a finger with and there it is. There. I'm gonna show you. It's going to take a four finger. Which up? I'll show you pointed out. But let's get away from the microphone. I'll stop talking. Stomach 36 is the energy point. And, of course, stomach problems, that sort of thing. That is, from the bottom edge off the patella or kneecap forefinger. It's down. You feel the bone of the tibia, Okay? And they got finger with laterally. Don't show these now. Um, eso. One thing with flattery in that stomach. 36 Great point for energy. I showed you a liver three as well. I'll show you again between the first and second toe. It's you going up that little valley, and you're feeling it's very, very set. It knows that's a great point for Panelists said. You have shown this one already, but I'll show you. Just miss turning up here is well on kidney three. I think we talk about that blood. A 60 for back pain on and kidney problems as well. That is halfway between the Achilles tendon and the media Malala's. You'll have this in your research note, so don't worry about the locations there. Your research? Natural resource, not You know what I mean. Uh, all right. So I'm going to show you now, Splain six. Then I'm going to show you stomach 36 then liver three and then kidney three. All right. Space six, stomach. 36. Level three, kidney. Three. You got it. All right. All right. So you see here from the mid point on that ankle there fore finger wits up. Okay, so it's the midpoint of the ankle. And there I'm on the bone and just go slightly posterior. And there is explained six, but just slightly behind that bone for think about what's up from the middle off the ankle . And they are that spleen six. Great point. Okay. Stomach 36. Now it's in the bottom of the kneecap. Uh, part of the makeup forefinger, which down? There's my finger, right hand measuring that on the bone of the tibia. Come out of finger with laterally. And there is Stomach. 36 the right point for energy. So that's it. They're stomach 36 4 finger. It's down. One thing with electoral to the tibia. Okay, liver. Three. You hear about this through the course a lot. So between the first and second toe, and it's still in the webbing there in the in the soft power of the fleshy part. There, you see that there is no on the bones before you get come up to the bone and our kidney. Three. Midpoint of the ankle. You see there is the midpoint and come off the ankle, and it's right in that pharaoh there and there you have kidney. Three is well, all right, so that was splitting. Six. Stomach, 36 liver three and kidney three. The other one. I just remember what I was doing. That was large intestine 11 to show through the course. Great point for fevers. Hate related problems such as Redskin, Sore throats. We go for that right at the end of this crazier. Do that. All right, so there's a basic understanding where the points are and say Download the resource resource notes and I don't think I forgot many if I know what I mean. 8. Which reflexology charts to use?: All right, So in the resource of section a tous electorate, you'll see I have given you specific foot and hand reflux re facility chance. Now, these just once that I particularly like I think they're clear. They're not too cluttered, Um, and then make good sense to me. Having said that, if you are used to you've done reflexology course and you work with different chance than by all means. If you want to use yours. This is why I haven't to specific one showing the actual points, you know, throughout flight, certain chance differ effect. Most of them differ. There's a lot of similarities, but they're also a lot of differences. So work, whatever you like, you might like trauma. You might even like to experiment and use the chance that you use. And if my have different points, then you may want to experiment and use them and see if you get better results one from the other. So it's really I want to leave it up to you. Give something about Well, I really love the chance arrival words work with. I know what the points are on these after 20 years, then by all means stick with what you know and love aura. And also, if you're just trained in foot reflexology or just hand reflexology, I suggest you it must be rough to do, uh, dude, but do hands and feet. So just look at the charts. You already know how to do reflexology, but it just match much, much more powerful by doing both the hands and the feet. So I said, just it's a simple is looking at the charts Looking weather zones are if you're not familiar with the hands. Um, but throughout the course, I talked about doing a foot guys and stimulate the points, The areas, what have you the organs on the feet and also on the head You will get way better results by doing. 9. Introduction to this section: all right. So as you go through this sections what you'll see, you'll see Ike's explain the condition and then to give you a good understanding of the condition case. You don't know much about this, and also then the recommendations for the reflex zones and eco pressure points now in your resource is and each condition to start where I explained the condition, you can download the pdf files, which has got what it's going. All the bullet points of what I talk about in the lecture, and it's also got the reflex point. Terrific zones, a big pan and acupressure points so that you can download them and use that as a resource on paper and you put them off if you want to. So then once you've seen the lectures, you got those, and you could just refer to them like that 10. Questioning The Client: All right, So let's talk about questioning the client. And so when you get the client to come into your practice now, there are intake forms and there are intact forms are cut through this for you because some verge on the ridiculous. Now, I understand in certain countries you get soon more easily than others. OK, so I understand pretending. I also understand the gathering information from your checked take form, which is important. So you've got to the Internet, and if you don't already have it, take forms for your client to fill out questionnaires, that sort of thing. You get them off the Internet, they're all over post so but I want to go through some a six. Okay, so certain intake forms a said just beyond ridiculous. Now I want to show this one. I just came across. Um, I Would you ever go through some of things that I think are important to have on your take form at some of the things. Well, let's go, OK, this is not the diet they see you, right? Good email. Good. So you could put them into your list of clients and then you can market to them. That's great name. Yes, data. But now that's a good one. Toe having a swell. Because when you get your client list, you can have little reminder to come up before their birthday and you can send them out an email, which you're happy birthday and maybe have a gift certificate, that sort of thing. It's a nice touch to do it. So that's good gender. Uh uh. It's wouldn't bother with that. Uh, there address, that sort of thing. Emergency number? Yes, it mostly contact number just in case. But they had a seizure or something on the table or something happened. Anything? Think so? You have someone to contact? Okay. Eso anyway, So then then this goes on. Now, what is the main problem you'd like to help with now? I will always ask, How would you like me to help you? So you want to find out the main complaint. So if someone do you want I held you like me to help you. So they well, I've suffered from headaches and then you get further on into the questioning phase. We start asked more about headaches, and I'll get into that. But you really want to find out what they're coming to see you for any other things that they might be suffering from, so that you can find out how they are, that those are the symptoms that they have if there's been improvement in them as well. But it's important to find out what they may complain is how long they may have had. It could be suffering from a four. Is it getting better? Stays the same or getting worse. So they might say, Yeah, I've got a skin disorder and it's fled up. Have they had any treatment from anyone else for this? And how did that go? All right, so just simple basics like that, and you could do that through your questioning. So when you see the person, how would you like me to help your What did you make a complaint? You don't have to have a look of those questions are just said, you know how long have you have. You can ask them or you can have them written down. I like to keep my intake. Take forms simple because you don't want person spending 10 minutes guy through these forms . It's annoying plus insurance. The amount of time and you together a lot more information through the questioning as well . So this one goes on. So then there's that saying, You know, this is a seven page long one. Okay, past current medical history. Cancer. Okay, Cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure? Yes. Had to seize. Oh, by the way, you definitely want to have something se asking. Are they? Are they pregnant? And how many months that's that's important, especially because we're gonna be doing glad to test on four, which is contraindicated in pregnancy. And so we want to know that most definitely. So I can t o do stuff from this. Diabetes, allergies, mental illness, high blood pressure that's been repeated again. So that doesn't make it so. Anyone goes on or not. And then we get everything we're page to now. Uh, by the way, this is small print. It's well, it's still seven days up. Jews tougher from seven. Energy drops. Localized weakness, favorites, chills, fatigue, poor sleep, sleep disorders. You sweat easily. Night sweats, tremors for balance. Weight gain. Um, we go into the next boat. Do you suffer from dizziness? Migraines that's been repeated again. Facial pain, blurred vision night blindness. Poor vision. Do you have glasses? Blind field, eye pain, eye strain spotted for the ice floes, discharged, excessive tearing our dryness, cataracts, hearing aids, erects or hearing this judge? Excuse me and it's door clicks. Um, the current sore throat sores on lips in town, and then we get into skin and hair. Do you have any changes in hair or skin? Hives? Expert Also rested itching, rashes, pimples, recent miles, dandruff, loss of hair, foot fungus and then on it goes, but it just gets it just ridiculous. Now we're under page threes and we still look for pages to go. Uh, look, do you have pain on pain on urination, Urgency to urinate, frequent urination for first urination, retention of your own blood in your ID, decreasing flow dripping kidney stones waking to urinate or any other urinary problems. Other. Any other usury problems from that? Do you have a particular taste or smell? Strong thirst, No desire to drink. Change in appetite. Poor appetite. Yeah, and it's still going on. It just goes on a trip point of this is this is ridiculously long. I take 15 master, I think, but I would be so aggravated. I probably would not treatment after all that. So All right, so I in your resource, I've got a couple of just basic. I see. I'm sheet. Now. This is sort of danger when asked about their energy levels, bowel movements, if that's up from head eggs. So why this is important is when you get that person back next time you're a note. These things, of course, what they suffer from because this is common, whether it's reflexology massage, I would have, and you couldn't see the person next time on you say hi. How are you feeling? All I know that. Ah, all right. So you look through the ship. So because people forget. All right, so, uh Okay. So no better. So how's the sleeping with you sleeping any better? You said you'd get up every four hours. Something? Well, actually, no. Come to think. I think I should About 6 to 7 hours. Is that present ready for you to have it? Oh, yeah. Except 24 hours for years. Okay, so that's an improvement. Well, I guess it is. Have you headaches? You giving it? You said you suffer from headaches daily. I don't even think of head ahead. I as you know, I haven't. I haven't. And so on and so forth. So when you get deep into that questioning and you go back us to find out So then you, uh, side of why don't you have had, um quite a bit. And so then is positive reinforcement. They realize, as opposed to our my back pants goes on even if it was backpack, even if it was back pad you. Yes, I know. So I see this a lot. I know I still get back. Okay, Is to waking up, but not uh, no, actually, no, because it was waiting. You said it was waking up at night time. Yeah, You still have Sadiq it, Ya stupid them? Yeah. Is it still Eladio into your foot? Um, no, actually, it's not. It's No, it's just in the body and intensity and so insightful. So then the particulars. Wow. I've actually had quite a lot of improvement or some in criminal, you know? So okay, you get the point. So this is really important in your question because not only is going to help you understand the problem, find out what they want you to help you gonna help them with, but also when they come back. So, you know, uh, what, they were suffering from all the different health conditions and get a good, rounded picture. Now, I've also got another TV resourced in the section about nail health. It is important to look at their nails and see that the health of the now and you can read that in the resource is well, so when you're seeing a person, you're not only questioning, but you also want to get an understanding off the general demeanor. You know, it s so if you're looking at them, do they have that red, dry skin? Do they look like you're they energetic? How are they talking to the same? Very negative. Do they have a good spirit, energy or not? How's the posture slouched in their seat? So you're getting an overall picture, have not only by listening to them that you're looking at them to their eyes looked bright , you know is that there s a good energy to them and so on and so forth. So with that, then you again just just taking in these things and you might notice next time they're gonna lock. Uh, that might just having a bad day. Of course. Atyou. See these improvements Likewise. Dont get their feet the skin color and then they'll health as well. So you're putting the pieces of you really play the point of a very much good detective. You're trying to put all these pieces together, this jigsaw, to help the person in the best possible way. So have a look into your resource is there. But as you say, you want to make up your own intake form. I just got a couple of examples, but just remember, those things I talk about don't make it overly complicated. Get the things that you find unnecessary. Question them as if they are with my intake forms. I keep it pretty simple. On the other thing, when you do start training, the person is always said of him. Please let me know if any pressure is too much or even not enough 11. What is the endocrine system?: Now in the human body, there are 11 organ systems. You too. Muscular system, skeletal, reproductive, digestive, nervous system, respiratory system. Uh, the one with the focus, your more is the end of crime system. Now the endocrine system is made up off glands such as the hops, Alumax, adrenal glands, pituitary gland and it's on its opinion blend so on and so forth now. So these glands produce and secrete four months and this sort of the regulatory mechanism throughout the body, So do you have a fully functioning N decried system is vitally important for your body's health because they're in charge of, uh, growth hormones, metabolism, sexual function, and so on and so forth. So these these hormones, I was really important that this system is functioning really well now that the big daddy of them all the most important or recognise the most important issue pituitary gland, which is the size of a pea in the base of your brain just beneath the hypothalamus. Now the reason this one is so good is because that a German band releases hormones that control the other end of crime glance. So for this reason, we want to make sure that we're stimulating again. All of the plans, but in particular the pituitary gland. Because, as I say, this one is in charge of the function of the other end of crime glands. So All right. So just remember when we stopped over at enterprise glands, we're treat them all and stimulate them. It I go through this part of the course is vitally important. We concentrate on these. Say you're especially you pituitary. 12. The Circulatory System: So let's let's take a look at the cardiovascular system otherwise known as the circulatory system. Again. Fascinating. So let's go. Let's take a breath back. So you inhale here in how it on. And as we talked about the respiratory lecture, it goes down through a brand new tubes into your broncos into the Alfio lie the sexually Albie Allah, which is where the after June that is taken from the air is in transferred to the capillaries. Okay said, now that oxygen goes into the capillaries and then goes to your heart. Now you got to circuitry systems. You've got a short route, which is a pulmonary system, which is just from your heart to you allows. That's like a small room. And then you've got to riffle through system. All right, so the Austin coming from your lungs, it's gone from the Alvey Allah RVR lie goes into the capillaries and then taken to the heart and the heart, then pumps it around. Now the blood goes from the heart. Choose mate goes from the heart through arteries and arteries and continue that pumping movement. Three muscular contractions, the arteries then go spit up into smaller arterials so think arteries. It goes from the heart to the body through your arteries, then into the arterials, which is smaller after it. And then it goes into small capillaries. Now that the Hillary's is where it all happens, that's where the auction goes to the cells now the cells and also produce carbon dioxide as an offshoot of the oxygen of the processes. And then the camera dockside is picked up by the capillaries. So they deliver the option and get the, uh happened. I'll type clever little capillaries, and then it comes back towards the heart from So now we've got oxygen. Poor, uh, blood coming back from the capillaries into venues, which is small veins and then from the venue ALS. It goes into bigger blood vessels, which is known as veins, or writes from the heart. The oxygen rich blood goes arteries, arterials computer rings, capillaries and transfer the nutrients in the oxygen to the cells and then get the common dioxide cut capillaries in going back towards the heart, going to venues with the oxygen poor blood cabin oxide. Richmond. It's the veins on go, actually heart. And if it's from the head, nonsense, they got. It's called this superior vena cava and everything related and comes up through the veins. It's called the inferior vena cava. Just in case you're asked it in about, it goes back to the heart. The heart then pumps that or bad go strip from the loans. The oxygen in the cabin outside gets released from fruit. Ex home and Exchange Cup comes back with the oxygen rich blood, and around it goes. Your heart beats around about 100,000 times a day. It will bait around 2.5 1,000,000 times in your lifetime. It's around if you like. It's around about a 2000 gallon circulation a per day of your blood. Incredible thing. The circuitry system. 13. A Look At High Blood Pressure/Hypertension: So let's take a look at someone that's got high blood pressure now. So what is blood pressure? So, first informer blood pressure when they measure your blood pressure, then measuring the amount of force took a your heart pumping blood through the arteries and through the blood vessels and blood circulates to your body. It's the force that pressure within those walls of blood vessels. Arterial wolves. Now there are different levels of high blood pressure. Uh, if someone has extremely high blood pressure, and I'll go into the different levels in a minute, but it's don't have extremely high blood pressure. This is called hypertension. Now. This becomes very problematic because it now requires a lot more force for your heart and puts a lot of pressure on the system on this. Gonna leave it untreated to stroke, heart disease and even kidney disease. So let's have a look at what the numbers mean when they take your blood pressure. Now normal blood pressure. It's what's considered 1 20 and then have a forward slash and in 81 20 forward slash thank you. So it's said like this 1 20/80 The forward slash is what they consider over 1 25 Now, the first number 1 20 is what's called a your systolic pressure. Now what? That major is when your blood, when your heart pumps the blood, it pumps it like that. That is the pressure when it's pumping the heart through. That is your systolic pressure. Now, when the heart relaxes and refills with blood and gets oxygen that is called diastolic pressure. And so that's the amount of pressure as the heart real actors that still in those visiting arteries. Okay, so the 1st 1 systolic when it pumps it when it relaxes, that's the pressure that remains in there. Okay, so 1 20/81 20 systolic, adding, is the diastolic all right? So that Western sitting normal blood pressure ranch once you get what's known as elevated blood pressure, that is 1 20 is considered between 1 2129 in your systolic and listen 80 in the diastolic that's elevated blood pressure. Now stage one high blood pressure. It's between 1 31 39 PS systolic at 18 89 in Diastolic, So someone that has staged to high blood pressure there will be 1 40 systolic and above, and 90 in the diastolic or above. Now, someone that has hot attention will be 1 80 above systolic, of course, and diastolic 1 20 above. And they could have got a hypertensive crisis and might even have headaches. And I have nosebleeds. Might be dizziness. So this is a cold, a ghost straight to the doctor so that hypertension could be a hypertensive crisis. So what causes high blood pressure? Or in fact, the vast majority of cases they do not know what causes like 95%. They don't know what causes high blood pressure or that they do have some factors that need to consider that may cause. But there is no known cause in the majority of cases, but things may influence obesity, smoking, excess alcohol compel, data consumption, lack of physical exercise, kidney disease. Um, adrenal thyroid problems. Just the genetics familiar tires where people have had high blood pressure to this genetic influence. And so there's several different things that they know contribute too high blood pressure. Now this hop attention that they don't know the cause is known as essential hypertension. Now they do know that men up to the age of 45 suffer from hypertension more than women. But as a little older, then it's all sort of evens out. And then 65 women have more attention than in high blood pressure. Then men do now African Americans twice as likely to have high blood pressure than white people and in fact 40 41%. I believe it is of effort. Americans in the United States suffer from high blood pressure. They're interesting enough. Caffeine is not linked to hypertension. Now what we do know is diet lifestyle. Do you have a significant factors, especially salt in the diet? Now excessive soul increases your rate high blood pressure and could increase to the stage of hypertension. There's a group of islands in the north of Japan where the people that live there have more salt in their diet book capita than anyone else in the world. And guess what? They also have more high blood pressure and more hypertension than anyone else in the world . Furthermore, people that live and have very low salt diets, hypertension, high blood pressure is virtually non existent, so why is some so bad? But what happens is the building blocks of soap, um, actually affect the body to retain fluid, and this fluid then builds up in the body as pressure within the heart trucks makes the heart have to work a lot harder. So this is why people will have diabetics, which removes the salt in the waters out of the body to lower blood pressure. Now, as I said before, 95% of hypertension we don't know the cause. The underlying cause that's called essential hypertension. Now the other 5% we do know about the courts are on this called secondary hypertension. And this could be kidney disease adrenal malfunction such as a tumor on the adrenals, which then can cause the adrenals to malfunction and pump out excess hall. Most that elevated blood pressure certain things like this where we do know medications, birth control pills So these sort of things can affect your blood pressure. And so it is important to speak to you for the person or yourself to speak to the doctor because certain medications will elevate blood pressure. Another thing that's important to note is great. Fruit juice can affect certain blood pressure medications. So if you had a client in and they high blood pressure. It's interesting them up medication. It might be interesting to ask them if they have grapefruit juice. That's a for breakfast in the morning because that 10 affects certain blood pressure medications and other medications, for that matter as well. 14. Treating High Blood Pressure/Hypertension: all right. So when you're treating someone, obviously it's good too often that they see the doctor that they probably got high priced from high blood pressure so that by the on medication or time to control that sort of thing , So they probably know you. You asked about their diet? Actually, really good, healthy diet. Not too many processed foods in the same. The same old, same old. Not to me. Transferring assets, hydrogenated oils, processed foods. That's being a good guy, by the way, is for assault goes toe worst things. You can eat a lunch inmates and can suits. They're very, very high. And so, um, some I would remind them of that as well. And exercise and regular exercise again. Make sure they do it, um, without just going young, especially that type a personality that when they do something, they do it. You know, 200% obviously want to be careful, so just build up genuine of exercise. If it's stress related, I think that you think it's a component stress, then your meditation, yoga Tai Chee that sort of thing. So you know what to do Just that, just as you go through there. Now that reflex zones, you most definitely want to work your dreams. What? Your dreams and all of the endocrine system, for that matter. So again, we want to make sure, especially pituitary again. So, working away the adrenals whole does adrenals for good, you know. Good minute, that sort of thing. As you work through them on, buddy, on the fitting to fit in hands. The point. You also wanna work areas refit signs, heart, lungs, heart check slams area on fate in the hands. So, kidneys, definitely. You want to work the kidneys as well. So these your big ones Dre knows again. Chest, heart, lung area. Andi Kidneys as well. As far as acupuncture points, go there. Some really good points that you should be working as well. Now again for calming hot seven again. I really would have worked at hard area there. Very, very good. Remember pericardium 63 fingers down from the risk crease right in the middle. Pericardium six gonna work that as well and get of course, get them to work. Um, large intestine four. Once again. Very, very good point for hypertension is used a lot in acupuncture. So you're working through large intestine four liver three. Leverage in control of the blood on the feet. Work that liver between the first number three between that first and second toe, the other one that is very, very powerful as well is global out of 20. Now you can get them to do this at home as well. So obviously the reflex science for the But let me show you where this is where they are. So, Roya is there? No, they're the Hollows as you go out from here underneath gently disco as you come in and you're gonna push up there from minutes of right when I do this is just if you getting to put their thumbs up under the night, the back of the skull, I'll show you in a minute. One doing and just lean back and just relax. This is a very, very powerful point for lowering blood pressure. Let me just show you that you feel the indentation as you come around. No, Roger its Go on. You just say 30 seconds to a minute, however, that they couldn't do it. All right, so get them to work. Goes at home, of course. And you worked in through the session. Um, and of course, all the recommendations. Diet, lifestyle, etcetera, etcetera. 15. Headaches and Migraines: Let's let's take a look. A headaches, actually 100 100 50 different types of headaches. But we'll just look at the more common ones, and you'll probably see a lot of people that suffer from headaches within the clinic. So you're spire. So let's have the look of a say that the most common ones that you come across the most common a tension type headaches on these, the ones that have no other real symptoms apart from the headaches, the headaches mild to moderate, and this is the most. Don't come and go, And this one suit your teenagers and young adults will most commonly get you know when you heard up is my great. I go into my grades in more detail later on that migraines a person will start off generally with a dull headache, and I can still feel it coming on. And then it will transition. Enjoy, generally a full on throbbing, pounding headache. They might have an aura with your governor afterwards. That might be sensitivity line of people. I want to go lie down on the bed in a dark room, and they're quite often would be nausea or vomiting. They might get them once to four times a month. They're going to get them once a year. Every six months. They just come and go, plus the headaches. Now these are the most painful type of headache. These could be so intense that the person that's suffering from them will actually be pacing up and down the floor. It is that painful. Quite often, what will happen is on the painful side, the I may droop. It will go read that people might die like they might tear and the nose could be stopped getting knocked on the side of the pain will be blocked or even start running and said incredibly severe again. These my, um, just personally that they called cluster Headache because they come in groups. My having three times a day might last up to two months on. Did they go away? And they never have these again. My years Let it that they suffer from these trusted headaches again. So really painful. They are in clusters or groups when they when they come on with that person has a cluster period, uh, they give them over and over again. And yeah, really, really awful headaches there were Sinus headaches. Now this is where the Sinus cavities become inflamed. And so the person making the pain through the bridge of the nose cheek bones in the foreign . It's something where your Sinus cavities are, and they generally have other science symptoms, like a blocked nose. It might be fever. The ears might be blocked. After you True sons infection, they will have discharged from their nose. It'll be yellow or green because of the infection. And finally, I would just mention is, Ah, homeowner headaches, which can be come on through pregnancy to change in the hormones. So this might be minute boys could be pregnancy during the menstrual cycle. So these so these one. You're obviously going to treat with any crime gland based work through reflexology because it's a change in the hormones and you've got obviously work the hormones. The gland balance the hormones, so there are several reasons people get headaches. This competing as you know from stress. Stressful court headaches make whatever. So I should say it also could be from illness. Tres you're getting stuffed up a Sinus of cold and flu. These sorts of things could give people headaches on the environment where you are. So it might be noise that could give you a headache. Could be strong. Smells and perfumes will set me off with a headache. Could be secondhand cigarette smoke so these external triggers can bring them on. It could be genetics that you get headaches, in fact, with migraines. If both parents suffer from migraines, the child has a 70% chance of suffering from migraines as well. If one parent suffering migraines and the other one doesn't. The child has a 25 to 50% chance of suffering from migraines as well. So it has a genetics, and I'll go into my grounds in second. But yes, it could be just just you're familiar history of genetics, your genes. That is why you get headaches. Now, when it comes to buying, Grant and women are affected four times board, then men. So this may suggest a strong homeowner linked to this. I say it is a genetic link. Um, 36 million Americans suffer from migraines now. It could be one sided. It might so one side of the head it might change sides. Could be Fattal could feel like the whole head is affected, and my grant is when special suffer. It's the condition. It's not just talking about the headache because your other things that other parts of your body that are affected So now it might start offices just a dull pain. It's that person can feel it coming on them I haven't or associated with it on deep may have it might last for a few hours. We might even last a couple of days. It might get the 1 to 4 times a month. Others might get the months every six months of once every year or something. And now the other things that people might have is a sensitivity to light. They might have nausea, vomiting there. Michael Hot, cold, pale. Is he always even tighter things? People quite often with a sensitively like want to go to to bed in a dark room. It's often worsened with physical activity, as with a genetic link, and people may even at the Children of the parent or parents that suffering the migraines, the triggers that set the market could be certain triggers that was set up for my brain. Um, se Teoh, uh, shouldn't food for a job that you can actually inherit the same trigger as the parent as well 16. Treating Headaches/Migraines: So when it comes to treating it reflex size. Most definitely because it said that link that women 34 times more likely to get my grades than men starting Homer. There's no definitive proof, but most definitely work the end of crime system most definitely really focusing on also the adrenal glands for information. Um, also the liver for detoxing and spinal region really loose up the the back and that sort of thing. Upper back neck that's area head area. So the areas you would really think that most certainly do in the crime and liver and work those as well. When it comes to your acupuncture points, then I would well, first and foremost larger test on four large test I fought master part of the head. The point for headaches. So definitely wanna work that the person is also associated neck pain, Small intestine, three nausea pericardium six. Most definitely and get them to work that as well. Liver. Three. It didn't work that you work that as well. Low energy forgot poor energy against stomach problems. Stomach. 36. If it's due to mention stock, that's when I get them, then spleen six. You wanna work that as well. They come on from stress again. Heart seven there on the wrist. So these points again worked in based on if that person knows what, what, what their headaches are caused by If they know that and then work on around that with your points and rethink sense. 17. Stress disorders/anxiety/worry: stress now And Johnny worry all these emotions stress, no stress is good thing. Normal amount of it. You know, you're gonna have an exam, or you've got to get this certain thing down off your race or something. So Superman stress is actually useful. Okay, Too much dress is very, very harmful. What happens when you have stressed along demonstrates its sexual body into the fight flight response as if you were in danger. What happens then is your hypothalamus starts sending out hormones and the adrenals in particular. They start pumping out adrenaline and Corzo into your system, which makes your heart beat faster, your breathing more rapid. So this is what happens. What happens is if you are constantly in a state of stress and this becomes very damaging and you get a myriad of different health problems from, as you know, tight shoulders and next, a muscular pain master and joint pain skin problems. So break out and psoriatic next month. These sort of things. You have skin problems very, very common with stress, all sorts of different health problems. You had poor energy, insomnia on digestive problems. The list goes on high blood pressure. So headaches migrates. So it's really important when you have to find here and to try and get to the bottom of not only causing this dress that stresses, but also how that's affecting them. So again, your questioning is very, very important. You do suffer me a suffering from any headaches, any digestive problems, how your energy levels and someone and so forth to find out, How do you sleep and find out how they're fitting their affected from this stress? And with that again, you will be out to make a better, more bespoke treatment regime with you're zones and your excellent points because you have a much better understanding of what is going on within this system, um, and then treat accordingly. So when you're helping someone with stress A so you won't find out on, they need to find out what that So they know what's causing this dress, how to decrease their stress levels and so on and so forth, whether they need counseling, your so it's very complex. Obviously, some things that you could recommend uh, depending on the situation, of course, is getting some exercise. Whether it's just going for a run. Released the endorphins burn off their energy. I'm riding yoga, Tai chief. That's something meditation and hobbies. Just watching funny movies and that sort of thing. It laughed into their life. That's so these different things they're trying to helping, helping them outside of to cope with this dress, just little things that you could do. They appreciate that they might not be doing online out of thought off again. Diet is a very important one. It's well, make sure they're not hating on junk food and that sort of thing. So they're healthy foods. So a lot of things that you can do to help them when it comes to reflexology, because reflexology is just so relaxing and so good for him and really powerful to help with their stress levels. 18. Treating Stress Disorders: Now, when it comes to working the reflex zones again, you want to find out how the stress is affecting them. Okay, I would work certainly the brain to release endorphins Solar plexus, because very, very calming. And the drink at the any crime lands most definitely to bounce out the system on again. I would imagine if they stressed the goto have upper back and neck pants. Are those owns? Most definitely, But certainly tension, if not pain. So again you're questioning. Find out other things going on that probably got digestive problems might be constipated. So work those areas through your questioning who find out you're getting around it. Diagnosis is such when you're questioning them to find out how they're affected. And so you work with the acupuncture points for the same reason. I've got a big list of acupuncture because stress couldn't affect people in so many ways. So again, if it if they got poor energy levels stomach 36 Splain six a great points to work and get them to work to increase their energy levels. Um, if its heart seven foot to calm them down for the calming point. If they've got against stomach issues, nausea, that sort of thing. Pericardium six. Stomach 36 Again for stomach problems. If they get headaches, Work large intestine and four again if you're not pregnant. Liver three is a very important point, which dress because it moves the liver, energy and liver. The emotions that come liver are frustration, irritation, depression. Anger to the liver helps come out out these emotions, so these are very, very important as well. So and remember, the four gate liver, three large intestine four help emotional starkness and to get their chief line, so to calm down as well. So it's always every point you've got that you can use and recommend to them that very, very good in your life for your acupuncture point to box. Okay, so get get your question. Get the picture of what's going on within the body on, then make that treatment. Um, based on what you what you've heard 19. Skin disorders: All right. So let's take a look at skin disorders now. This could be expert psoriasis, acne, And there are a few things that we want. Oh, I said treatment on when it comes to skin disorders. Now, 1st 1st of foremost is good diet. So you want to recommended that person cut out highly processed foods transfer Yes, 100 night oils. You know what we all know is a good diet. Okay? So throw away the fast foods and that sort of things that make sure the persons having a good diet first and foremost, the other thing with acne, they have found a link with low levels off zinc. So you might want to look into zinc supplementation if the person's because the person suffering from acne not a couple of things that you don't want to think about, is recommending things like fish oils. Which official capsules which are high in omega three. So the anti inflammatory and also tumor curcumin supplementation. Natural anti inflammatories really, really fantastic for the whole body for information, but certainly for skin conditions. Now, the other thing reflexology really work well with is with skin disorders is the fact that it is very, very calming now. The problem with May skin disorders is that the fact that people skin disorders are worsened by stress at the most dressed, take it the words that problem becomes and the worst that problem becomes. You're the most dressed they have because you know, they have outbreaks and that sort of thing. So it really is a double inside of sword. You're going around around in circles. So reflexology is very, very good at calming the person system down and creating a real balance within the system. So we're going to look at a treating two for coming the system down, right, decreasing information, but also helping elimination. So we want to eliminate the toxins from the system. So that's what we gonna based reflexology and their points on Thea. Other thing you want is, of course, recommend that the person gets good 6 to 8 glasses of water day because again, we're thinking removing the top turns elimination on bats. They get up to say that we're gonna bass reflex are treatment on elimination and calming the system down 20. Skin disorders-The reflex zones: or out when it comes to drink the reef excise, you obviously wouldn't work the end of crime glance. So work all the anti crime glands. A dream for information. Andi, I just work all of these as you go through your treatment, especially if the person skin disorders have acne or something that, uh, due to the mission. So even more so because whole mind, because we're going to be working on elimination, have to bounce the ball much better. Working elimination. Then you also want to use your work on liver you call and this sort of thing. Think large intestine. It's mortifying colon, stomach, liver, kidneys. These sort of things will be really important, eliminating toxins from the system that cleanse the system as we work a lot. So then big ones that you really want to work on if you also want to work on the particular area affected. So let's say someone had fasil acne, then work facial points. If they had actually on their back, then work with the back area, that that sort of thing. So just work. Those areas aspires. The systems go, and also if you can work the particular area if the specific areas where they had the skin problem 21. Skin disorders-The extra Points: all right. So same thing with the hedge, your work, the kidneys work the adrenals through here, working pituitary gland. Um And, you know, about 30 seconds to a minute you could Stephen I by twisting that sort of thing. So same thing it's gonna work the same areas on the head as well to help with the treatment . Okay, now, some acupuncture points, acupressure points. That really helpful for this. Okay, large test time for now. Say something. Facial acne that you're treating. So remember large intestine for not if you're pregnant, render large it s time for master point of their head. So this is a must to do large and test. I'm four. And you can work this point really well through here something and working up and down all directions. Turn it like that if you like. Whatever you want to get. Extra stimulation. Okay. The other thing is because of the large intestine. Channel has an effect with elimination with a large intestine. So really fabulous point to work through your treatment. And, of course, like I said, you cause get them to do that when they get, you know, high 12 between treatments. Okay? Let's just not for on the foot. Liver. Three again, Uh, livers, big detoxification, detoxifying organ. A big gun. So yes, liver three. Most definitely. And the same. Same I ever showed you before. You know your work down that channel between the toes there and do liver three on the foot on the feet. Okay. Um la long him now, because now this is a very, very good one as well. It's getting adrenals here, huh? So it's what is half along this bone here, you got your lumber really goes along here. So it's halfway in between. Right along, Tender. This this point here. So you got the bone there? You feel that bone? Half I long that bone brought that medical. Okay, so you rest that this is a lump quite long term that clears heat. So it's very, very good for skin disorders because it's on the Lung Channel and drew because it's a hate clearing channel. So, speaking of clearing his, you work these ones as well. Um, clearing heat now. Limit the Chinese. See anything redness as hate in the system. Red. So it's hot. Okay, That's why they look at it. So a point that really fabulous for removing hit from the system. So fevers, Rick, sore throat, skin rashes, that hot flashes. This is it. A large intestine. 11. Now it's great, because when it clears hey on to test and against our elimination toe killing two birds, one stone. It's right the end of that Chris there, right there So you can work that right there as well on the person. Well, of course yourself. So large intestine liver. It's fabulous for a movie, he said. You can remember this. So if your fever's rid sore throat, any sort of readiness and hate in the system, this is really terrific to remove that hate. So I think of that Red Red restaurants arises that sort of thing. Now the other points, the other point is really, really good on the lower leg. When you're treating the fate, we're gonna stomach 36 Splain six and kidney three. So, um, this is the space. Six Point is, it's the only one in the body where three in meridians or connect the same point things. Point is, it's very, very powerful for menstrual disorders. Your menstrual problems, Mr. Pain, that this plane six really half a point. Stomach 36 we're gonna look at is bust out on the stomach Meridian. Very good for stomach, you say, for elimination. But it's while those points. It's just brilliant treating. Look, the Chinese say it cures 100 diseases so but what they're trying to say is basically used this point whenever you want. Exactly nine. As an energy point, it's from three mile point Steven at this point, and you can walk an extra three miles. Still it again in three months. It's a very good point for increasing cheer, but and and kidney three, we definitely wanna work Kidney three. So when you're doing your treatment as well, it's the master point of the kidney. So again he talks to find the system. So let me show you other after I have to get up, get my foot up on the couch here and show you these points. Okay, I should probably show you. Yes, So stomach 36 is four things which, down from the base of the nature, there's the two of you and you got a finger with out. That's it. They're all right. So for figure, which I'm out it's off the mind. So there's the barn there. You coming about a thing with that stomach? 36. So again, you work that point on Duh. Get that person to work that point. All right, Splitting six here way. All right, so plaintiffs midpoint off the ankle. Full thing of its up. There's a bone come out slightly posterior on that sit there that you just dropped down into a little so far over there. So four fingers right down. That's plane six and the last one. Kidney. Three. It's halfway between the ankle and Achilles tendon. There's the back of the ankle of mastery aspect there is that it's right in here. So when you're working during your treatment, really worked around that area as well. Okay, so when you've got your Thai stick way go, you got to try stick. You want to work those areas? All right, so that's it. In a nutshell for trading skin problems. Get them, of course, to work on them, a home showing the points or for yourself, do that several times day like we talked about, and you should say it again if it's ah, chronic skin condition like talked about four. Get him twice a week, two weeks, and then once week after that or get it if I can, um, get him twice a week each week. If you're doing yourself, do it every day. 22. Addictions: so maybe you have to treat them with addictions. Um, so obviously, if this person is suffering from a drug dependency alcohol, something that may be very serious. Uh, if you work with the prime, a cake practitioner in certain, if you feel out of you dipped, refer on. But you may be working alongside a GP as a complementary treatment. Now the thing that comes with with addictions out that generally people have these addictions to say alcohol. At the end of that, you took to switch off to thes stress, that sort of thing. So this is where the facility is fantastic because it releases endorphins and court. It's so relaxing. So reflexology is a terrific I jumped therapy to help with curing addictions. Obviously, if what I would do is this treat the person depending on the severity again, you might want to treat that person and then say, Come back in seven days in cases, a lot of talk to build up in the body, and they might have reaction to it if they don't have anything reaction. After for five days in Garko, it's tragic twice or three times a week, and so on the feet really work the solar plexus there right now with the foot there, that's also kidney. One point. Very good point for calming. It draws a lot of energy out of the head. So it's takes him out of their heads is very, very good. This is another thing is very, very good When it comes to foot reflexology, uh, you draw that energy away from the head. Is everyone's just going in any condition. It is a addiction where, um so much going on mentally and stress and anxiety generally that this is such a good way of drawer that energy sucked the energy down by drawing their attention to their fate. So again really work the solar plexus. You are used detoxifying treatments, a liver think liver think kidney work brain reflex because of try and get a drink in dolphin releases Well on, of course, work the crime glands as well. That is a hormonal imbalances, that sort of thing. So when everything functioning is well, it is, it can be. And as far as acupuncture points go, what you wanna do is again get into this time on you shows the points and the refectory is where you want them to work. And but this point here, kidney seven. It's right on the risk, Chris. There. What? You could do it when you work. When you start work on the person. Really works and could have been angle. There you go. So you work along that heart really in there? So you're working through there and get them to Stevie like that often many, you know, 568 times a day that make them so solve it. They could work that That's a really good point. Another point. Pericardium six risk crease three fingers down. It's an extra smart pericardium six there. Is it right in the middle that this is the anti normally appoint very famous points been researching extensively. So at that point as well. So these two points heart seven pericardium six. Terrific point. Both sides very points to use on the body. Now the other ones the what could the four gates, which is large intestine for right? The increase here, large intestine four didn't towards the finger right there, you know, work larger test time for and liver three. Okay. Between the webbing of the the 1st 2nd time between the victims sector treating those two together. It's incredibly calming. If we enact budget, we had someone come in. That was really you're really hyper or you're stressed, executive, that sort of person. Then you think burning the candle both. There's rushing around doing everything and really anxious frustration that so I think this combination is terrific. So again you get the president to work this. I'm telling you, it's country. You can't pregnancy. Um, but yeah, I get that the liver three on the foot and larger test and logistic four, as well as pericardium six and heart seven, um, for their one for the liver. Three. Because it's very, very good at moving chief. Now, Level three is if you're stuck emotionally, this is the point you want to do, so people will be stuck. Emotion with addictions. It's a great boy, so get them to do that as well 23. Insomnia: Let's take a look. Insomnia. Now insomnia is crafted three different ways. It either hot flawlessly, how to stay Hisley or you wake up early and can't get back to sleep. I think this just have a look at sleep. The sleep is absolutely fascinating. So you cycle between what's called Ari Ensley, R E M stands for rapid eye movement where when you write a pleasure, your eyes rapidly going backwards and forwards. So these are IAM sleep and there's no r e m sleep. So when you first go to sleep, you experienced non r e m sleep and there three stages of non Aryan for sleep. So the first edge of non barium sleep is where your sleep just like me. So be easy to wake you up the second stage, you start to go into a deep sleep and this is where your body temperature drops, your heartbeat slows down and then you drift into the third stage of non R e m sleep. And this is where if you're woken up, you would be disoriented. Okay, so that starts off first, and then you go into R. E M sleep and said this is where where your dreams happen. Let's have a r e m sleep so r e m Sleep, as a said, is rapid eye movement. And except for about the 1st 90 minutes when you go to sleep, it's non R e m sleep and then transitions into our area. Now I think this is where your dreams happen. This is also where, when you start to get into deep R E m sleep, it's where your body goes into its repair face it prepared yourselves tissues, your bone growth strategy, immune system, these sorts of things. Now the first R E m sleep that you go into it last read about 10 minutes and then switches back to non area. And it keeps cycling between the two. Your final R E m sleep that could last up to even an hour as you cycle between the tomb on babies Interesting enough will spend 50% of their sleep in R E m us as adults. Only about 20% is R E m. Sleep, and as you get older, you sleep lighter. But let's have a look at It's so mia and quarters off insomnia. Now there are lots of different causes for insomnia. Reflex. Honestly, one of the great things about that is very, very good at helping people with insomnia. If you when you treat someone this Omnia, the best thing you can do is get them in lead in the afternoon so they get their treatment . Rather, have in the morning. See if you do their treatments in the late afternoon or even early evening. So it's not so long before they're gonna get a bit. A lot of things courses on me to say it could be stress related, worried about certain things extra about certain things. It can be if poor sleep habits where you go, you know you. You change your sleep habits up all over the place. One US late one lights early rather having a regular routine. It could be from your medications, so they want to check in with the medication to keep them awake. Travel and lifestyle, like changing different time zones, could be pain. You know. People are waiting because of pain. It reached to sleep at a low. These different types of things that can cause in some me and say you want to get the to the to find out what it is and then treat the person because of that. So, for example, if the person is, it has back pain, and that's why they can't say. Then you want a facial treatment on what? Getting the reflexology zones area and work that area of the body. So if it's a shoulder problem that kids in a way that runs on a work the shoulders us and you know endocrine system and adrenals for information. Likewise, if its digestive, it's Astana can happen, then you're gonna work those serves as well. So this country you're questioning, you know, what is it that that that's you can't really You can't sleep, you know? Is it anxiety? Is it from digestion? Isn't because of pain, these sorts of things, which will make your treatment much more effective. Likewise, with the acupuncture points, it will be much more effective at second. Then you obey. Sure, acupuncture points again. It's on your notes on the stomach. If it's stomach problems, Hot seven for use that as a very good combination from something that we used in acupuncture, which is split it up. Dominion notes again, but the combination of spleen six on and heart seven, which is really great combination. Now if it's anxiety, also heart seven that you put in your liver. Three large test on four combination. The Four Gates Combination, which is living three and Allegis on four. Very good for helping these sorts of problems. So again, really important your questioning when it comes to insomnia as to why they're not getting to sleep. If you can get that is gonna measure treatment way, way, way more effective. 24. Treating Insomnia: all right. So when you come to treating the reflex owns solar plexus is a very good one to work. The solar plexus point there on the foot is also the point where kidney one is, which is very, very good point for calming the body. It draws all the energy away from the head down towards the feet. So it takes about excess ci that excess energy out of the head. So you want to work for solar plexus point also, um, you want the heart area in Chinese medicine? The heart area is in charge of sleep, so the heart cheetah heart murder, so work hard area as well. The other thing into crime glands your balance on the whole minds. If there any abnormalities, you want to do that as well. So we're all those into crime glands. And of course, I could send you before treatises if it's because of digestion. That's why the person won't go to state because of the digestion or heartburn. Uh, treat those areas if it's because of pain in the shoulder, for example of the back and treat those areas so so and so forth. So just work. There is now again, if it was, uh, when it comes to acupuncture points, it was neck pain. You want to work this small intestine on three points through the through the treatment and take home a swell heart. Seven. Very calming Suffered stress disorders. Heart. Seven. Work that as well. A very strong combination for insomnia. Chinese medicine for acupuncture is spleen six and heart. Seven. That combination. So work those three points. If someone has a larger test time for with liver. Three for emotions again, really good point. So let's say someone's really stressed so really work. Spleen six. Heart seven. Large intestine, four. Liver three. And really working those points and give those for the people to help them as well when they win the home. All right, so these points again, just making a spoke treatment. It's gonna be important in your questioning so that you know why they're falling or not falling slavery on. Then build your reflexology and acupuncture points based on your questioning 25. The Digestive System: All right. So let's have a look at the digestive system now. The justice system, Uh, what its function is is turning food into nutrients. And again, it's very clever the way this does it, so so that you could have so repair energy and growth. Okay, so it starts at the mouth, which is otherwise known as the aural cavity. And so you ingest food, and it mixes with which is produces saliva. The more you do, the more saliva is produced on you chewed up, which is called mastication. All right, and then between the tongue. Or, by the way, about three set of saliva glands, 32 teeth, just in case you're asked at the dinner party. And so, what you gonna do you to up your food, domesticate the food and then you swallow by the way of using the tongue and the soft palate off your mouth and roof of your mouth, and then it goes into your throat, otherwise known as the pharynx, and from there, the pharynx then starts to take it downwards, and you've got a little flack of tissue and otherwise known as the big losses. And what this repetition does it closed off the wind pipe so you don't swallow food down into your lungs. All right, so domesticated food goes down the esophagus, which is just posterior through the trickier your windpipe. Okay? And that connects to the stomach. So it goes down through what's called Paris douses, which is the muscles. They're squeezing it down down the pipe, okay? And just for his stomach, there's a thing called the lower. It's awful, JIA. It's often deal shrinker. Okay, so what this does is like a ring right before, right? The extravagance and stomach. It's basically the gatekeeper off the food, so it allows us to go down into the stomach, but it closed off so you won't go back up again. Okay? And if it's not fasting, probably you get re flaps and heartburn. These sorts of things now now in the stomach and the stomach, by the way, is just on the left hand side of your abdominal cavity cavity, just below the dire friend. It's about the size of two fists now, so once it's in there, the food that is it's basically a multi fight into a paste with the help of digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid, so as it's basically stomach, it's a storehouse, and then it makes it into a paste. From there, it goes to your small intestine. All right, so now we've gone from the stomach into the small intestine. That small intestine is all wrapped up like a coil. It's about 10 foot long and one inch in diameter, and it's got a lot of waving bridges along this choose. It's not like a garden hose with ridges all along, and that maximizes digestion now on absorption of nutrients. So the small intestine time is when 90% of your nutrients come from the photo. This is where where you got your food is going down to the mystical. It's their first out of action into the stomach. It's now a paste and in the small intestine. This is where you get your new treats. 90% of nutrients come from the small intestine and goes into the digestive enzymes. It's got our file. This is where the liberals creates bile into the foot for again. So again get the nutrients from the food, and then it goes into the blood stream from the small intestine. Then we go from there to the large intestine. And this is the largest test time, then actually removes any sort of excess water and then it's excreted on. There you go. There is your digestive system. 26. A Look At Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS) And Digestive Disorders: that's taken over your bowel syndrome. Now this knows I b s. This affects more than 30 million Americans, and it affects women twice as much as it affects men and the ice groups. Air effects generally around between 15 and 45. Now the symptoms may include abdominal distension, a domino pain, lower abdominal pain, cramping and it can be with constipation. It may be with diarrhea, or it may be a bunch of these. Okay, sometimes I got constipation. Somethingto have diarrhea. There are four classifications when it comes to I B s. The first classification is obvious with constipation, and that is written simply as I've bs dash C C for constipation, Then the Senate ratification is bs with diarrhea and has written a BS dash D area. The third classification is where they have diarrhea and constipation on. So it's mixed and they should be right as R. B s desk m m for mixed mixed symptoms symptoms. The fourth pacification is with good condition. Doesn't easily fit into other of the street categories. Eso it's on some type. So they let it found some time RBS dash you John's abduct. So what causes I'd be s well, they don't actually know they may. Theory is a lot of studies out there. One theory that they're looking into in studying is that maybe there's an abnormal release of chemicals from namely serotonin and gas trinh, which are affecting the nerve impulses to the digestive trap. And they're wondering if this is why I said that the chemicals setting up the nerves on giving you have an abnormal motor response? Um, another thing they're looking at. Bacteria wonder whether it's bacteria that's causing this problem. Another thing. That sometimes the cold gets hypersensitive. So what happens? Is it hypersensitive rather than rather than the bowel must be slow, rhythmical movement like it should. They know that with this whole getting hypersensitive, whatever causes this did not watch up. They know that's what happens so the muscles, rather be slow and rhythmical, become Spezza me, and this can produce constipation and diarrhea. Now, interestingly, a said you before women are affected twice as much as men. So for this reason, they're looking at home loans and a lot of studies. There's nothing definitive, but there is a growing body of research that hormones R and D involved so there are certain triggers that them can. If it obvious, um, certain medications shouldn't Virgil to go into an emotional stress. So when you have a client that then you want to be brick it recommending you don't smoke, uh, these certain triggers a healthy diet. Five A rich, too many processed foods, that sort of thing. Uh, cow's milk is a trigger, so you have to be care from dairy improper products. Eating smaller meals rather than large mills is important. Um, relax, ation. So whether that means exercise yoga tai cheap. What have you avoiding? Caffeine is another one. So these things that triggers so, like, I intend to certain foods are triggers can be triggers. That could be red peppers, red wine. Wait, green onions. So these things, of course, cow's milk. So these things can bring on that now survive. Yes. So what you want the person to do if they're not already doing this is keeping law s so they could get an understanding of what triggers their bouts of I B. S. That maybe emotions dressed well, but certainly a food diary as well. So they get a good understanding what is causing very that their bounce of RBS seem get a better understanding off 27. Treating IBS/ Digestive Problems: all right. So when it comes to doing the reflexology and the areas of focus, we'll definitely you wanna do the lower abdominal area stomach, um, Colin ascending, ascending transverse colon area or that area small intestine. So obviously, you know, it's affected in that area. So you wanna work all of that area very, very well. Now, the other thing you want to do is most definitely spend what most definitely the end of crime system for this, especially hormonal connection. And definitely, definitely, definitely wonder the on the wrist it over each test. These area here, progesterone, estrogen, the connection as well. So that is very, very important. Work a lot there as well. Also, everything explain. Um, the splint in Chinese medicine. If someone had diarrhea, we will always point in for this plane. So work Explain areas Well, so stomach laura additional area adrenals for the information. Definitely. Do all of the endocrine glands most definitely over each testis area here on the foot. It's generally on the sides of the heels below the ankle area there, so work both the other by the ankle blood on behind the ankle. Their order on the sides of the heels by inside and outside, um, and said it spent also, if there's a stress response your stress is affecting, it is Well, I'm actually solar plexus as well. Now, when it comes to the acupuncture points you're going to stimulate throughout the treatment and after the treatment of personal student, as, you know, large intestine four. Okay, large. Just on foreign. This pregnant last test on four gonna work that point. Um, course, because of the large intestine, functions very, very good for regulating the march of distant. Okay, So large. It is time for definitely stomach. 36. Great point. Remember that. That's below the knee. Four fingers below the maker on the lateral side of the one thing without from the tibial bone. So you got four finger, which down to the bottom and make up for what? Figures down. Feel that bone there, the tibia and you gotta go out laterally. So okay, naturally, a finger with their stomach. 36. You work that point. Get that person to work that remember, it's a very good point for energy, but of course, it's a very good point being on the stomach, meridian for stomach disorders. the other point. That's very, very good. ISP Lane six. Now remember, Splain six is four. Figure. It's up from the inside the Medio ankle. So, thinkers on the midpoint of the ankle Okay, go straight up and it's just behind the barn. Okay, Posterior to the bone. About a figure with back four fingers up from the mid point of the medial ankle inside of your ankle. Medial side for thing. Which up a thing with back off the bone there have they explained. Six. Remember? That's Ah, it's an incredibly powerful point because it's Theo. Only point on the body with three you meridians or connect to that same point. They all go to that point. So incredibly good point for any mental disorders. And it's a very good point for treating women in general. Of course, I B s affecting them. Still don't with men, okay, because we would act a patio. What? We put in acupuncture pin in Spain. Six. Because someone has diarrhea. Um, the spain lifts, lift the energy up close here starts dropping out, so the Splain lifts the energy up and Spain six and stomach 36. Increasing persons ci and blood so it strengthens. Um, And so that's where judgments we want to strengthen. That person's cheap. So yet so expensive to three and the this. So Spain six work that stomach 36. Work that and larger test on fourth and pregnant, you don't get them toe work, those points. And as a say, if they were gonna do any points on their on their body in their hands, uh, get the overstepped its for the production of progesterone and estrogen gonna work home and a dreams as well for some reason. And also for information that teach them that And of course, you know, thank you. Just sit there and work around this lower area here and, um, you know, to help between treatments. 28. Arthritis-Let's take a look at the 3 most common types: All right, let's talk about our writers now. There are actually hundreds of disease. Types of arthritis is lots of different types of arthritis, so we'll have a look out. But it really the three most common, which is osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gown, which is something I suffer from so know very, very well what this is and explain the differences between 18 because they are all very, very different. Osteoarthritis, for example, is really wear and tear, and I'll go into this in more detail in the osteoarthritis lecture. This is wear and tear on the joints, so it is just grinding away joints. And that's why it affects more weight bearing joints because they're getting worn down. Rheumatoid arthritis is completely different. Route arthritis is where it's in autoimmune disease, where the immune system that the thing that's supposed to protect you start attacking that your own body, a place that this is rooms with arthritis to the completely different forms of arthritis. Now gout also affects the joints, and gout is it's the most painful former mouth writers, and this is caused by a buildup of uric acid in your system and go into this in more detail from generally for mating foods that are rich in furans, which gets converted to uric acid. So three, the biggest types of arthritis, are completely different as to how they are caused. Okay, now, so have writers. Afro means joint itis means information. Information of the joints. Millions of people are affected worldwide by these forms of arthritis. After I was done on the effects of joints it can affect through the organs, connective tissue and so on and so forth. So it's not just the joint. Let's get started the next trip, and I'll give you a much better understanding because you're gonna get people in the clinic that's a are for arthritis. So you want to saying, If it's ribs, what arthritis for Russia? For us, they're completely different. So you really want to get a good understanding off these differences 29. Arthritis-Let's take a closer look: All right, so let's give you a much better understanding osteo writers now. Okay? So just rotted is practically a lot of the carnage. Carnage is the thing. Okay, so you got menu two joints. All right? Now they are protected. Your Georgia protected. Here s a you need, for example, with carnage around both the joints at this access to shock the shock absorber on that. So they are protecting a bone on bone connection. So this is what happened. So now what happens is with osteoarthritis. Yeah. It affect people generally in later age because everybody's just wear out now. There are if someone got injured, they had a shoulder injury, they might, or some sort of injury. You know, in sport when they're younger, that will give them a greater chance of developing osteoarthritis early. Wrong. But it's generally what happens is that bodies start to wear out now. So and so this is why um well, this is good back. OK, so it's a loss of carnage. So what happens is think of a cup and think of the shop, absorb it in your car. Well, they're shoppers always protecting your car from getting really built it around right now. Think of a car without those shock absorbing. So every single bump in the road you're gonna bang, bang. And really you can last all that get damaged it because it's nothing. That nice springing nurse going up and down over the rocky roads and that sort of thing, it's the same in the body. So once this kind of stuff gets damaged, it gets damaged. Worsen was, if it gets bad enough, then the Kardashian get one way, and then the bones stuck. Banging against each other on this obviously causes pain and inflammation. So this is what with your hips and knees and this sort of things. You mention this constant pounding, pounding, pounding and it doesn't reverse that just general continually gets worse because for that same reason, there bang, bang, bang. Now we're goingto certain things you could help with this. That definitely helped this condition. So but that's really is. It's a wear and tear after writer. So if you remember, osteoarthritis is really the wear and tear of the joints just getting belted up because there's a loss off carnage. All right, so what ifs, um, known causes of osteoarthritis now, I should say, is the most common form of arthritis room for Christ, actually, the second most common for um, okay, you can have, um, it can be hereditary with a genetic beef. Imagine of the cartilage. So in other words, the cartilage just didn't developed well, so that can be courted, effective. For some people, they just to cut the college was not a high quality, if you like on de So it's a war away. Obesity. No, let's go back to the car analogy. You can imagine that car without what did you Let's imagine the car windows shot daughters . All right, so you know, if you still do, you have your carnage. But this car is now, as had, you know, an elephant, for example, or Oreo just tons of metal on the back of it. So when that goes on, that bumpy road is going to go bang, bang, bang. It's a lot more stress on the car isn't on aural, although the joints in the car free technical mechanically begin Other things that you know everything over structure, if you like of the car is gonna be stressed. A lot more isn't because of all that extra way, your life with your body So you can really help osteo off writers by get person to lose weight. And it doesn't take that much that study that much to really, really help the pain and inflammation I just just by simply by taking the weight off that a lot, a lot of weight off that joint were really helping again. It just makes sense as you're walking along, and a lot of weight ships they were gonna get compressed it get it just makes that exchange , Injuries said before. If you're someone gets injured earlier, then this can lead to That doesn't make the other bastard fliers, but they can because it might be in the joint online of that broken bone, and that could affect the joint. There's of the alignments different, and so they get interested. That doesn't work like it should be part of the injury, so that could be problematic at that. These overuse of joints. So now it's good to get exercise without Fridays and that sort of thing, But someone get osteoarthritis. Let's say that job entails them to have to bend down. So is bending the news bending a nation of thousands of times so that just that over use of the joints can also again you imagine. You know, it's just that continual pounding, pounding, pounding, pounding, pounding 1000 times over, used to join and don't get worn out. So again, remember just things just getting born out more rapidly because of the stresses on these structures. So laxity before, Just think I should try. This is wear and tear on the joints. Normally, people with us Jeffrey Dam will maybe taking Ince's nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs. Think ibuprofen, that sort of that sort of thing. Um, you know, if it's bad enough So the things that are good for us, John Dryness and said, you, uh, losing weight but also exercise now because what happens is, but not too much, of course. So you gotta find that happy medium, because what you want to do is get the joints moving without flaring them up. Because what happened when you move the joint that producers synovial fluid? The movement of the joint producers synovial fluid within the joint, and that is basically your lubricant for the joint. So you do want oh, produce enough food to get that Republican. So those joints are well, I said, Well lubricated. Strengthening around the joint is also shown incredibly good results. So if you've got bad nay off Jeff, rise in the Navy, for example, strengthening your thighs. Your after that something especially a quadriceps show. Studies have shown that really, really helped because because it strengthens around the joint. So you're drunk, drunk becomes more stable, the information goes down because without, let's pan that this information and so on and so forth. So strengthening is very good regular exercise with that piece again, whatever you can do, you all that you can't do that. Ah, it's not gonna flare up their condition. So that might be swimming. My bike riding that might be walking get advised him to If they fine, they went for a 10 mile walk us through it, and that really flared up. Then obviously, just back that back down to five months, whatever it does, So you're not flared up, so they just think you're pretty good. Okay, so this is not show save wear and tear loading way exercise strengthening are very, very good to help with these conditions now in ruins on arthritis and said you completely different. This is not the wear and tear type of arthritis. This is caused by your A systemic disorder. This is caused by your immune system, the things meant to protect you, um, going haywire, basically attacking your own joints. So this is not like singing one hip or one need that would, you would see in osteoarthritis. This affects the joints bilaterally so both sides get affected. And this is more likely to be seen in your finger joints and that sort of thing and now deviate towards the owners. It's called on. A deviation gets bad enough. You'll see these people all have red swollen joints. And if it's bad enough that go start, your spending said towards the owner bone here and your four out so there's only deviation . It affects women 2 to 3 times more than men that under the cause. There's no known course for rheumatoid arthritis, and you say you'll have read painful swollen joints. Um, and I said, you you know the people you've seen them, their fingers, air all red and swollen, that sort of thing. Last time, Jimmy after president, rheumatoid arthritis and so Yes, they're very, very different between osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Now something I know very well about gout or his gal fi off writers. Now, this is, um my father had gathered 20% risk of getting girls. Family member had got eight million Americans are affected. Bike out. Um, it used to be nine hours. The disease of kings or rich man's disease on this is because people are wealthy but drinking because this is affected by, um, certain foods pure in rich foods don't go into So this is to be ascendant is eating kings because they were having Berio, red wines and beers and the meats and that sort of thing s so that these people tend to get gout. Now count most commonly is singing in the joint big tug on A It's the most painful form of arthritis. I can tell you that for effect. Um, and these flare ups just come and go. It's a the foods you want to avoid. Ah, red wine. Beer is alcohol. A general. The worst is beer. Excessive consumption of beer on red wine, general treat, gout, organ, major brands, kidneys, livers, this sort of thing very hard. They're very high in your age now. What happens is the pure range foods that are rich in appearance think it converted to uric acid, and Galatis is course by excessive uric acid. Now the uric acid. Normally we just get flushed through the kidneys out for the your on, and that's fine. But when you have excessive uric acid, then it lays down into the joints and these uric acid crystals are like shards of glass, and it feels like it when you have a bad gal attack. So much so that a person I have a bad guy attack in the dark. They can't even have a sheet. You have a bed sheet touching it. That's how painful this condition is. Um, all right, so, uh, makes like lamb poor beef really bad for Got your high impurity again show on shellfish, lobster, shrimp, these sorts of things. So yet these days, food, I'm curates convert to uric acid and then bring on these Got a text. Now if your gout is so, I said, convicted big toe. Most family, it becomes red and swollen. You'll see them, but also the could be the instep of the arch of your foot in effect, needs gonna fix elbows, wrist these sorts of things. But most commonly it is the joint in your big toe. And if it is bad enough so diet could do a lot, let's just go back to that Diet can help a lot. So keeping people off pureeing rich foods, that's and chauvet avoiding base It could do a lot in stopping gout attacks. When you do get a gal attack, that fitting on do is try ibuprofen and culture scene, which is low dose arsenic spin around 100 years thes air commonly used to You're gonna get it quickly. You've got to get onto it quickly. It's bad enough. Then you may just get prednisone Portico store. Oh, steroid. Um, to get rid of this plant, could you do anything to get rid of the bites? Okay, so if it's bad enough of him saying if it's been people take some jalape urinal, this other drugs as well, which is, um, that your tablet you take once a day and you must keep taking it. Because what? That does help flush the uric acid idea system. So yeah, So, as you see, all of the these three, the three biggest forms of arthritis are completely different, so they treated completely differently as well. So they go osteoarthritis, wear and tear on the joints. Rheumatoid arthritis, the auto immune system going all right into your body of affecting your body That way. Gaffe affected by excessive amounts of uric acid in your body, generally by diet by pureeing rich foods. 30. Arthritis-the reflex zones and acupressure points to stimulate: All right. So let's start with osteoarthritis in the treatment of osteoarthritis. Now, you want to work the up to the area affected, So let's end of osteoarthritis of the hip. You one obviously work that zone. The hips are movin near. What have you also work a spinal region? Okay, because now I get more into this in the musculoskeletal part of the next back in that sort of thing. But okay. Your spine, the nerves exit the spine. Okay, so they're noted the shoulder, that sort of thing. So you wanna work? So if it's hip low, if it's lower limb stuff, hit me that sort of thing. Work a whole spinal region. But you're both feet in the heads. Of course. About, um, work more than the lumber area sacral area. Because this is where the nerves exit. Okay. Likewise. Ever toe shoulder problem. Upper limb area. Their work more thoracic neck area. Okay, because that's where the nose come out. They exit the vertebrae to innovate the limbs. Well, so you work The reflex zone affected your work. The adrenal glands because of the information. So you want to help that. So again, you are a work that for committed to in the adrenal glands at the spinal region. Okay, I'll get into the acupuncture points in second rheumatoid arthritis and gout because this systemic, we want to once again most definitely focused on the adrenal glands. Um, again, for information to help the bank and information. You know, with all of the adrenal where into trying lands. A big part of working together from now on will also focus on elimination, getting rid of the acidity in the body. Okay, so that means liver work. The liver kidneys definitely worked. The kid is especially in doubt, so because you want to help those kidneys excrete uric acid toe a bladder cold on all of these extraordinary organs. Think of you. We want to dump this acidity. We want to get this out of the system. So say liver, kidneys, bladder, colon, small intestine, logistics on all this area. Excretory August trying dumped a system we want to hit the Indy crime and a crime grand glands. Having trouble speaking today we have the pride lands because we want to help the bodies whole minds as much as possible. Make sure that's imbalance, okay? And of course, the adrenals for inflammation, which is a of course, an enterprise. Lam, Give that some good focus as well. Uh, okay. Points still gets pain, information, pain. We're gonna hit large intestine for work. That and of course, you're gonna work. Liver three. Remember the big pain points, So definitely, definitely. And get them, Of course, doing home if it's neck related planets and stars in the neck. Small intestine three and again. You learn this in the musculoskeletal area. But the end of the crisis is a fantastic point for next pants. More just fits right through the end of that risk. Crews there. That's it. There to stimulate that. Get them to stimulate that. And used to be like that through your session as well. And neighbor lighted pain Stomach 36. Would you know four fingers down from the What are the kneecap? Want one figure out going through that. So stomach 36. A very, very good point as well for knee pain. So on. And if it's not back Gold bladder 44. What you learned in the back section as well. All right, so just think. Osteoarthritis. The dreams for information Spinal region and that area that's affected. It was hip low about area. What have you whatever. OK, um, work those points. Especially large intestine, four liver three. Really Wanna work those points for the pain and get president working with high horse and rheumatoid arthritis and gout? We are getting rid of the acidity. So we are going to really work on Leenane with elimination organs, liver, kidney, most definitely to dump them and try and re bounce the body by working the whole months by working the crime clans and you worked and balance that a through threat treatment. 31. Menstrual problems/menopause: All right, let's take a look at the menstrual cycle and the irregularity of some of them that may occur. Okay, so they menstrual cycle various differently. Uh, not the site itself, but that period itself, various from one moment to another when one might have lighter, lighter periods list bleeding. In other words, other one might be heavier. One woman might have just reserved their message here. It might be three days, another five years, another seven days. But it varies enormously between from woman to woman. Okay, so what happens is if the egg does not get fertilized. Okay, the each month the ovary releases an egg. If that population, if the egg doesn't get fertilized, then the uterus sheds. It's lining, and this is what is known as the menstrual period. And basically what that saying to you is your reproductive system is working just fine. OK, but what happens? It's rather being worried about heavier periods or a lot of periods. As such, it's the changes in the period that matter the most. All right, let's have a look at what what can go wrong on Mr Period is called. Amen Aurea and there are lots of lots of different reasons that this could happen. Now 40 to 50 year old woman might see PP peri menopausal so eso as the ovaries produce less unless East region the periods become lighter. And this could actually be what's happening where you have 12 months without having a period than that is considered metaphors. There's also things like exercise induced and Maria. So at 25% of women can get this, they work out so hard that it affects their hormones. And this is very common in what, very from its common in ballet dances and runners as well. Things like obesity. Ah, make changes in your menstrual cycle, of course, of Maria Anorexia Aziz. Well, so have a look at the list. You say lots of different reasons and time would disorders always those things that can produce a man. Arria. I go to the opposite end of the spectrum, and this is mental Rajya, which is heavy bleeding. And again, there are lots of reasons that this can happen. Um, most women, they will share around about 2 to 3 tablespoons of blood per period. Now, With this, it could be 5 to 6 tablespoons Alm or now this could be uterine fibroids. It could be polyps. It could be certain drugs such as blood finished steroid. There are certain things it couldn't be cancer, so they can be very serious, obviously. So, yes, this is a menorah. Jha made heavy bleeding, and another condition is painful periods, which is called this Maria. Now most women will have discomfort for a couple of days. Is a uterus sheds? It's lining, but this is not very, very painful, so painful that person may not even be out to get out of bed on. Don't have other symptoms. Nausea, vomiting, headache, diarrhea. Very, very painful. So this is it. Painful cramping, period, this Maria. 32. Treating Menstrual Problems: All right. So when you start your treatment, then no price for getting into crime glance the garden figure heavily, you're going toe work. The end of crime glands balance out the hormones. So yes, really? Work goes through your treatments. Reproductive organs. Yes, of course. You're gonna work those as well. And also lower back area with the nerve efforts. Exit the psycho nerves. Lower back area. You want the spinal nerves, that is. You want to work those as well? Get them stimulate as well. Anything that might come up in the questioning if they have suffered from headaches. Um, you have knowledge of this sort of thing. Balance out treatment by treating those as well, if they have certain other symptoms that you need to address is well, so okay, lower back pain if I have lower back in this sort of thing. And so on and so forth. Acupuncture points right with? Well, obviously. Ah does not have, um I'm an area, Mr Period. Us. Definitely one objected. They're not pregnant before you start stimulating. Um, nice test time for if not large intestine for a very good point again for pain. But it's very good for regulating mention disorders as well. Eso definitely like to test time. Four. Splain six. Above the ankle on the inside for think with up on the air. Coaches after you to the bone. Definitely you explained six. Is that the one point on the body that the three female meridians all joined to? It's a very, very powerful point. Um, and liver three in charge of the blood. It's helpful for pain, so liver three would be another really good one. And again, as you know, if you treat with the acupuncture points as well, said person, as poor energy than Adan Stomach 36. If they got nausea and in pericardium six. So all of these points as you get used to treat people hearing their symptoms, you know, getting understanding off. Uh, not only the zones, but the usefulness off the occupant. Active projection pressure points for them to stimulate at home and for you to work heavily so you know, as matters, your work knows reflex point. You're also stimulating the acupressure points, Aziz. Well, so you're balancing out fruit, traditional Chinese medicine and through reflexology zones as well 33. Respiratory disorders: All right, Now let's take a look at one of the systems of the body. This one, I mean, the respiratory system. Now, just the simple act of breathing or inhaling and exhaling is quite amazing. What goes on? All right, so you breathe around about 12 to 20 breaths per minute. You breathe the air in from the atmosphere. Of course, now 20% about 21% of the air is actually option. The majority of it is nitrogen. So you breathe this in through your nose or mouth goes on the back, it throat into your windpipe, which is called the trachea, and then split off into these pictures called the Bronchial. Choose now from the bronchial tubes that pass through the loans. And then they split into smaller air pastures called the bronchi AWB's. The Broncos ended these little sex code. Salvio right now get about 300 million these out of l Viola. Now, surrounding all this is this mesh of capillaries. So this is what happened through the l Vianney Viola. The Austin is then transferred into the blood and from there that the blood leaves that the oxygenated blood that leaves the lungs and go to towards the heart. And then the heart pumps it throughout throughout your body, through the cells and tissues, organs to sell and so forth. Now, as his oxygen is absorbed by the cells, the byproduct of this is carbon dioxide. So it's cava dark side, then comes back to the lungs. And then that is what was released. When you breathe out fascinating and we do it Oh, automatically. All right, so all of this is, uh, we're able to do this. It's because of this big dome shaped muscle called the DIA Friend with sits below their lungs. And so what happens is, uh, it dry contracts and draws down creates this vacuum which actually draws in the air. Okay, so So this way. Until you met him. This dire friend, it contract downwards just puts this vacuum. And that's how the air comes in through the lunch. And I was that it relaxes it pushed up and pushes the lounge up like that. Then it gets you can't after out of the lounge. Okay? Just go to the opposite is you would think so. It's because of that. It's sacks down like a vacuum and then it pushes it out. All right, so is pulling it in and then pushing it out. Okay, so that's when we're breathing normally and everything's going fine. But what about when we have a respiratory disorder? And probably what most common one you may see in your practice is asthma. Now, aspirin is characterized by, um, excess mucus production and information of the bronchial tubes s. So what happens is you get these muscles that triggered to talk in an asthma attack that is triggered to time around your airways or have the person's airways so that these massive triggered and they turned up. So then they get inflamed and it produced a lot more a lot thicker mucus as a because it is , this person will have coughing attacks, that waiting, have shortness of breath, as you can imagine, if you're a rice get constricted like this and is always extra mucus and thick, amused as they say in these airways blocking them. All right, So let's have a look at how we're going to treat these. London has said I just give a little drop the backdrop background on a bit of s MMA, um, to trick your bronchitis, the sorts of things. We'll see how we're gonna treat all of these with terrific science and the active points. 34. Treating Respiratory Problems/Asthma: So when it comes to treating respiratory disorders, asked Mother so on and so forth. Then you want to really work? Obviously the lungs, Theis, esophagus area, throat oesophagus. So, like I've learned in the respiratory tract. So dire. Fram Solar plexus adrenals for inflammation trying decrease if the information you enter crying glands again for balancing your hormones when it comes to the acupressure points. And I would work long nine long nine is right if I can show them we've been around there. So when you pull your thumb back, Lung nine here is in this hollow a really good point. Eso right in the hollow There you sit there and right there you don't want see, just wait up a second. So if I can show you the issue tended, uh, it's this side, okay, it's in there. If you go this side that you're gonna talk anatomical snuff box where they used to put snuff, it's called the Anatomical Schnupp book. Not that side. Come to that side lot along nine. Okay, the other point. Show that lung 10 half between the bone there that point there. So really what you want to do is just work all along the lung Meridian all the way up to this edge of the thumb right there. Okay, that's what that's what stops It ends. So work away along here as you go up right along. It's basically pretty much a spinal area in reflexology. But that really work. Um, as well. The other thing is stomach 36 as well. So give Stomach 36. Good work over as well. And also kidney three. You want strong kidney energy and stomach 36 to increase the CI of the body. Very sort of weakness. So these really major points that you want to work for. 35. The Musculoskeletal System: All right. So let's have a look at the musculoskeletal system. So we're gonna be looking at back pain, neck pain, other types of muscle on joint pain and how to treat them. So let's get you up to speed a little bit on the musculoskeletal system. So they put this together. It's not otherwise known as the local motor system, because you give you motion. Okay, So the musculoskeletal system bones, you are born with 300 bones, but because they fuse when you're Netto, you get 206. Okay, so she's not up for 300. You end up with 265 fused together. The smallest bone in the in the body is in your ear. The Staples bone largest, if you ever asked, is your FEMA. Now, one thing when it comes to burns is your half of your body's bones are in your hands and feet. So you had your feet make up half of the amount of bones. Did you have anybody? And when it comes to muscles, you have around about 600 muscles and you're born with the same man of muscle fibers that you have now they don't you don't grow more strongest muscle in the body is the massacre in your joy can actually produce about £200 of force. The busiest muscles, your eye muscles, which move around about 10,000 times every hour. Even when you're sleeping. Rapid eye movement, they're still working. Poor little guys. You got three types of muscles. You've got skeletal muscle now. Slater. My so think of you. Buy your biceps Triceps your thigh muscles a little. The other type of muscle is smooth muscle. Now that's Think of your stomach muscle, your blood vessels, that smooth muscle and the third type of muscle that you have is cardiac muscle. The hat. That's right. Now, when it comes to joints, you've got the joints that move. There's certain joints that don't move, which, like the joints in your skull and then their joints that do move. And that's the majority of your joints. And they're called synovial joints, and these have synovial fluid in them, which is produced by movement off the joint. So when you move your name, it produces synovial fluid. In this novel, fluid is the lubricant for your joint. Now, what happened? Did you got bones and the bones that make up the joint. And at the end of the say that bones in your knee you have carnage, which is the thing that protects you. Protect your bones from rubbing bone on bone as you look in the arthritis lecture. Now, the other thing is ligaments joint bone to bone. So they're the things you have around the joints and ligaments. And you don't want these to get over stretched such a joints brain, and you don't start stretching them after a sprain. Okay, so joints limits join joints. Okay, Bone to bone tendons join muscle to bone. Okay, so there you go. You got a little little bit of a heads up on the muscles, the bones in the joints. You can't let your ligaments and attendance. Now, the other thing you may see in someone might tell you that I've got a scoliosis of the spine. So what the scoliosis is is a C shape or s shaped curvature off the spine. A lot of people have scoliosis of the spine. It depends on the degree of scoliosis. Whether affect someone, it can affect their there because twisting you, you may see someone with bad scoliosis. One shoulder might be higher than the other or a a shoulder blade might wing out a little more, as is the rotation of the rib cage. And if it's really bad, they may have to have surgery in extreme cases because it could compress the heart and lungs. But okay, so let's get on to looking at the various pains you're going to see in your in your spy clinical practice. 36. Neck Pain-What you need to know firstly.: all right. So time comes in and they want to reflexology treatment, they've got next. And so you want it now, this might be a cute. This may be chronic. There might always have neck pain. So here's what you want to do. Your first step is to educate them so on the causes of neck pain. So you want to make sure they're not doing these things 1st 1st and foremost and most importantly, is not sitting and doing things with the forward head posture. This is the major cause of because if you don't give it, of course is then how you help them. If they're always damaging their neck by postural factors, this will think then your fix is going to be limited. Was short lived at best. So removing the causes of the neck. So okay, forehead posture. Is this sitting slouched like this? You might be doing this right now. You sit in front of your computer or what have you or you think texting. I'll show you from side on here. This or this. Okay. Even driving these sorts of things forward. Head posture. So this is really hard on the on the neck So what do you do? You just teach them to make sure they're sitting and standing toe. I want you to take my clients in the spark walk and stand like you wonder on the world. All right. So you won't upright Just getting that feeling of Ilan getting through the spine. So And, like, balloons are pulling you from the top of your head. The Jews not up. It's just a feeling of stretching out for the spine. Okay, so that's your attention. Now, that's so I'm OK. They don't have to be rigid or anything like that will stick. It is just sitting with non posture, Okay? So you can put a pillow behind a lot because this all started the lower back, by the way. So you have must have the lumber in Would cool when you're doing this. So you can just teach them. Just took their but a road uptown. If they need to behind the lower back into the spider. Must might be weak from slouching chronically for years. Just just do that, okay? Not toe get that feeling. And then that is a world away. Then that All right, Okay. Foreign Potito educated that the maxim of sit or stand tall water That's glad to teach my plants. All right. The other thing is, make sure they're not show you. Does this remind you of yourself on doing whatever you have to do with your head wedged like this on your phone? You're here to show up. You do not want to be. You know what? I want to be doing this for your neck and nor do you want the price to it, so make sure they're no wedging their ear a shoulder with their telephone. I'm trying to get them with the computer, which is the most normal. Okay, so don't do that. Hold the phone with the head sleeping. Show me people have. And for let's go back a step. If the person wakes up in the morning with a sore neck or a stiff neck, you can pretty much guarantee that something going on we're in regards to their sleep. Your neck heels at night time, all your body heals time. But so what you want them to do is to get a good restorative, not sleep. Now most went up, say most. A lot of people have too many pillows. So I've already told you about the forward head posture like this. Now, just think of that horizontal. So you got hit two pillows and you're pushing your head forward. You're doing the basically the horizontal version of slouch in front of the computer that your line back in your bed and you put in your head forward. So make sure you generally a lot flatter pillow with support for you, Nick. Then you think or, uh so make sure they don't have to hire. Obviously, as I teach you this, you you won't be doing the same thing or up now. So, uh, that I didn't know. Okay, by the way, that you might that they might become from with no or very thin one fish just a just. And you know, what you don't want them doing is lying It How many of you will use this as well? Lying And maybe the pillars. Which behind you on on the tablet? Here. IPad, What have you in bed or watching TV and again? Your heads getting pushed forward. So you want to avoid that? How do you do that? When? If you're gonna watch TV in bed, which is not a good idea. Anyway, uh, it should be for sleeping and not, you know, sitting there watching TV. But if you go into which those pillows up like a on an incline so that your heads are getting pushed forward about your leaning back like you would in a reclining chair, for example now history to push forward if they sleep on their stomachs, tell him to get out of the habit. Yeah, let me just show you an example being if I said to you, it's only head like this. I don't want you to stay like that for now. Well, you needn't be screaming, wouldn't it? If you probably couldn't last in there, I wouldn't think I would be held it because these external trying to master muscles are ones that help you The main rotations of the net. Now what happens is you're Nixa, right? Pushed around. Uh, it's very uncomfortable. Well, that's what stomach sleep is it doing? They've got their head, you know, they're lying flat with their head like this by the one side or the other, so that's not a good idea. So they met the change of habit of sleeping on their stomach, Um, as well. So these are the major things there in your notes. But this is a major many things that they really need to be addressed. So address those causes. Then half the battles there. You've won half better because once says him, of course, of back and neck pain causes. It's like if I was to hit my my figure with a nail well, over the hammer of Iggy Pop hit my feet with a hammer and I want to get treatment for It s so I go to the chiropractor of the acupuncturist of the message There for the reflexology home, your path of whoever. I continue and I get my treatment. But I continue to hit my finger with a hammer. Well, I'm never gonna get better, am I? I might get some some relief from their treatment, but I haven't removed the course because is me hitting my finger with a hammer until I room ? Because I can't possibly get better. It's the same with net pay and back panel, etcetera etcetera. Gonna remove the course so these people will thank you because they get so much better so much better. Just I removed the cause. And then on top of that, you doing these treatments? Wow, that won't be out of Thank you enough. All right, so let's have a look at how we gotta treat the neck with reflexology. 37. Neck Pain-The Reflex Zones On The Hands And Feet To Focus On: All right. So the point you're gonna stimulate your going toe. Obviously this whole spinal region, do you see the work on the feet? First, they're doing a spinal region and give more emphasis up around the neck area here, that's vital. Spine eso give it mawr side of the neck there. You don't forget that. So working all along these areas and really giving them a good stimulation you see that the purple area there is also the neck area as well. So you also wanna work there as well and the brain. We want to stimulate the brain reflexes to try and get the brain to release endorphins. Which your pain killers, the natural painkillers in your body. Now, if there's referred pain, you can also referring out of the shoulder of the arm that you can also do that as well on the adrenals adrenals. You'll hear a lot about this because they are great for reducing inflammation. So you really wanna work the adrenals now in the hands? Same thing. You're gonna work the neck areas. Do you see the *** on the thumb up on the fingers? Now? Obviously, you do both hands on so you're working on the neck areas again on the hands there. And and, of course, the adrenal glands in the hands. Don't forget them. So you want to hold there for a good 30 seconds when you press that point and, uh, be really, really good to decrease is to say, the information, your dreams gonna help decrease information. The back of the hand. Well, you can work long. You're definitely gonna work the spinal area there, the neck area on the fingers and thumb. And also you get the purple areas, your top of your shoulders. So you want to do that. And also that blue area there was your upper back. So you want to make sure you include all of those areas and really work them? Um, very well, now here's a point on the feet here. That is really good. You see what I do? There's liver three at, and Liver three is along this channel here, and but I also slide up and down. And this is a really fantastic point for parents. There's never three. They're right. It's, you know, it goes far opposite the bone, but this do this and work this area here between the first or second toe for great pain relief. Same with this one. Now this is Gold Bladder 47 between the channel between the 4 47 Goldblatt 41 between the fourth and fifth Ties. You see, I'm right on it there, Right there. So another great point for pain relief. Now, I talked about stimulating the brain for endorphins and this little present flick you do on but the fingers and the toes. It's a great way to get that Brian stimulated. It's oppressively, of course. Also, you, uh, that pushed down onto them pressing steam like the Hollywood like I've already explained press with the twist, all those sorts of things that I've explained about. But this press flick is a really good technique for the brain, both on hands and feet. 38. Neck Pain-The Treatment, The Points, The Exercises and Advice: All right. So you've done the feet. You're in the hands. I wanna shoes. Um, uh, So you've let the living three and go abroad? Better. 41 terrific points on the fate for pain liver. Three course for any type. Pain. Um, of course. Your neck. Back it. Now I want to show some fantastic points on the hand that you want to work for Nick Paton. Now the 1st 1 will go for is small intestine three. Now you make soft fished and it's right that the end of this cripple the end of the crease . Okay, so you see that there, right at the end of the end of the crease there. That's small intestine. Three. This is very, very foot well known. Simon's point certainly for act apologised. I have fantasies for anyone else for lead pipe, So yeah, skin. So let's say you do the treatment. Give it more emphasis. Work their course. You could work with the the stick there, get your better angle there. All right, as we talked about stimulation. So that's an acupuncture point. That is really good small and test on three. So just make sure you're working them in your treatment more. The other one large intestine four between the four finger and the thumb right at the end of that risk. Chris Risk crease Right. The end of the creasy between the fact someone forefinger and it's in two wards the finger . Now I'll let you know right now if you're pregnant, you can't use This is contra indicated previously because you can't bought the baby. So, like just on four, you cannot use if you're pregnant. So you know when your honor is a little high point actually normal. And that's when you're going towards your four figure. See that? Okay, Or, uh, so that's the point. You can also use a pincer grip like that to get it this point. It's also known as the master point of the hips large, just done for none of the master part of the head. So it's good for any conditions to do with the head. It's one of these points that will go you'll be using throughout the course. This point is a real pain, really. With this and liver, three are really strong pain relieving points. Okay, so you so it's such a great point for any pain within the body that might be musculoskeletal, like your neck, back shoulder problems or even love abdominal pain. Anything to do with pain? This and liver three are you Go to now. So you want a businessman, you know? Well, you work this in the treatment. Okay? So these points your stupid, stinking bit of you there stimulate these. I'm gonna go, Jenna. Cadence is a big nerve battle under there, so it could be pretty sensitive. They're just work with the client. So you're working through there from all the other stimulation techniques. But this one, if you can hold this for good, 30 seconds to a minute like that again, you could use your thumb. Um, I just work with the stick there as we talked about before. Okay, now the other point on the 50 at this point, Look, there are straight down there, right in that little indentation that this point is an extra point. It is brilliant for neck pain. So again, if you're in the now so this in reflexology terrific zone is your top shoulders after back area. So but you could say you could work this point chip interview that they are. So you still feel like that point there? All right. So just remember this point for neck pack as well. So those three accounts, but mix them in with your, you know, your bean working that we talked about working your reflex areas, stimulating them or a zoo worker and get focused on those like we talked about. So you're focusing on those folks on the reflex points and also focused on the acupuncture points by from the fate that I've shown you and also on the hands. Now, the other thing is, what you want to do is get your client to be using these points. It's stimulating these points between cities. If you're treating, plant that it's okay benefits for yourself. This is what you should do as well. I say, Let's say you've got neck back. Um, so work these acupressure points. You just work These both hands was always and the foot points you can work them as well. Hold over 30 seconds to two minutes. Whatever feels good for you, but I throughout the day you're working these points so and likewise if you treating a client, you tell them. Do this half a dozen time today. So whenever you just think of it worked is if they get onto the ones of the feet, they're all better and do the whole combination, all right. The other thing you can do to get with with your clients and again all for yourself is I just work them now. Force with yourself is easy to do it in the hands. That's the beauty of it and just do so. You're not just doing one session. You could get this list that you got a client and say neck paying, for example, You show them where the neck area is. Just just just work that, you know, whenever you think about it, through the date of steam that reflects on and still at the acupuncture points. And to get a get a pencil or a pen, I just get him to work the areas a little bit. Don't make themselves sore. Show them where the adrenal point is. The adrenal gland. Get that again. They don't have to use, but people have a pen handy something and just show them with the points out that major poisoned by the neck reflex I love before that love you forces anger, huh? Um, And if it's on the set about one of the foot, for example, get them to use a golf ball. So they rob golf ball underneath their foot. Just in that, all the reflex us. So what this does when you're treating people, they show you're going? Just that. That that extra step that we were really caring You're not in it just for, you know, we'll come back in two days and we'll treat you again. Now you're giving them this this treatment and allow this advice, whether it's from the education that we talked about the start for the course of the factors you're giving a amazing treatment that they gotta love. And then you give them things to go and work on so they get better, quicker. And I always sit this. If I treat every single person in one treatment I haven't lined up out, Doc, if they would you say you fixed me, You know what? I'm sorry about that, but you know I don't need to come back. That's brilliant. That's exactly what I want. Because they're gonna tell their friends and their family. Are you going to see this guy, This this woman? She fixed me like that. Fixing someone quickly is the best advertising you could never get, you know. So that will get people rolling in your doors if you treating people professionally. So okay, so they haven't I'm not sure What you gonna do that? Explain the quarterly factors or no, them yourself. You do reflexology on the big recession on the fate and on the hand incorporate the extra work on the reflex points that I've got in your notes there. So, you know, um, use the acupuncture points throughout the session as well. Stimulate those and then every couple hours. So after the session, you re stimulate. But the reflex earns just when you're watching TV or what have you and the acupuncture points and you'll be a well better or that person you're treating will be a world better and very, very grateful. 39. Back pain-What you need to know firstly.: the pain. Let's have a look back pain now, Just like, uh, neck pain. We gotta get rid. Of course. So you need to educate your client on the major causes off. So one of the major causes What? They're really three major quarters. The first cause, if so, what happens? And this is a very large impact. Um, little people have backpacks. That number one musculoskeletal pain in the world. Lord, we would have back pain. Very few. It's from a big accident. This You know that when someone sort of back goes out, the addition is not from a big incidents, actually. Generally, quite the opposite. Your personal. Pick up a shampoo bottle in the shell, and then, ah, I can hardly move in their muscle relaxants and, you know, lying flat in bed for three days. Yeah. So let me explain to you why this happens. Uh, sure number. What I said to you was a big impact. Rare? Not so. It's a combination generally of two and three. Meaning back pain generally occurs because up and I'm gonna get through. This is with you because of repetitive trauma or sustained trauma. So what are these? Okay, slouchy, slouching at the computer. You know, like this south down there. What you do when you do this is you've lost your Inwood Lambert curve when you're sitting upto or war him. Yeah, that would love occurred, right? The Lord, not IQ curve as it's known. So that's right. They don't vertebrae stacked one on top of the other, and everything's fine. You've got your normal spinal curves. When you slouch, you change that curve, you flat on your back and you change the other way on. This is what puts pressure on your distant, your soft tissues and your leaders. You're just basically resting on your needles, your muscles that I meant to support either. Sorry, a spine erector spinal, mothers of bad multiple teas and all the rest have basically switched off because they don't need to do any work. You are just rescuing your limits. So this is so, think of that and doing that for hours of times you slouch over on the sofa table, uh, front desk, watching this video right now. Okay, So sit told, stand tall walked up. And this is why a lot of people, sure so much better when they say I sit down, get up and walk around on much better. Why? Because they take that ah, slash position, Get rid of that starts busy. So that's one thing. The others is a do is repetitive trauma, and that is poor bending and lifting techniques. So instead of, um, bending at the hips like you sure all right, bending at the hips, you are spending the lower back to pick things up. So you must keep the immature as you bend over to pick up uh, that you could do that by you could slightly bend your knees as you bend over. You know, if you talk for the hamstrings, you can even keep your leg straight. If you that flexible or you could pick up with, like, you know what I call the dolphins, pick up where they can't deliver the back leg out. But it's always the secret. Is this keeping that in wood lumber curves? So you want to teach your, uh, your clients I'll go back a bit. So what happens is this all these micro trauma after micro trauma from slouching and poor lifting a bending techniques? What happens is finally you back this is how you back So it goes out. A such and what happens is finally it. It's had enough. So it's just it's just it's got trauma's so much trauma and then bang and your muscle spasm and you're flat on your back. So it's no, because think about you can't pick up a pencil and damage your back. Yeah, pitching wise nothing or pick up a champion in the shower. But this is how the majority happens. It just wouldn't God. I picked up the tennis balls in the backyard. I'm screaming in pain. I dropped to my knees. What times but lives? Nothing. So this is why this happens. It is the straw that breaks the camel's back. It's just the last. So the last thing you'd be back to talk can cope with. And that's why that's why that happens. It is accumulation off shoulder after trauma from slouching and four bending and lifting techniques. So when you bend and lift, you wanna bend at the hips, Okay? Keeping the Lambert curve aura. So that's what you want to teach your clients. Okay, get those causes out of the picture. And again, you're there already on the mid. They've stopped harming their backs and their backs can start healing. All right, now, Now that done. Let's have a look at how we treat someone with backpack. 40. Back Pain-The Reflex Zones On The Hands And Feet To Focus On: All right, So now what we're gonna do here, of course, with this with the pain you want to do down the bottom of the right foot. Here I am here, the scientific nerve. You. I was gonna do these on both faith on the feet here. Sanit nerve is really important toe work. This area well. And then, of course, you do the whole spinal region due to do the whole thing. Okay, You're someone with back pain. It affects the whole back. So if it's lower back pain, well, I'm talking about all of that pain, I guess. But, you know, if someone had mid off, have a back pain, then you work your Maura around the Jurassic area, that sort of thing. How about giving more concentration here, but do emphasize the whole spine? That's kind my point. I guess I'm getting it and all right, so also, once again, you want to work the adrenals for information, So workout adrenals and say what you wanna do. Press in to those address, hold them for 30 seconds to a minute on if you want. When you press in and say if you want to give it a twist whatever you like. You can press in, do it several times, whatever you find comfortable and your client feels comfortable with, uh, yes, you definitely definitely wanted the adrenals there. And also, we come up to the top of the toes to try and release endorphins through the system. We're going to stimulate the brain reflexes, which is the president flicked technique I showed you before and also just president. You could just press straight down on these. All right, so that's when working with the feet. Now, when we come to looking at the back of the better to the back of the hands. So you see this lower back hip area here if you want to do that, um, lower back help on the opposite side. There. So you're gonna work these areas right in the back of the wrist there and again, if its upper back pain, then you'll work more of the upper back region here, top of the showers. I would do all of this again for the same reason that if someone's got lower back pain, that is gonna be type jury all the way through. So doing all that area would be really, really helpful on, Of course, the spinal region along here. So we'll work that I'd even give you go to concentrate more, more work around the neck because it causes affect everything for love back being foundation. And it's going to affect everything going right the way up. So yeah, yeah, back workers there is their work a spinal region, Adam, and really get the lots of more emphasis. All right, now, when it comes to the Palmer side of your hands, there really was the one you really want to concentrate on. Here is the adrenal glands to help with inflammation, to decrease information. So that's a really be so just make sure that you give that plenty of stimulation right through the adrenal glands there. 41. Back Pain-The Treatment, The Points, The Exercises and Advice: All right. So a few other things when it comes trading zone with back pain. Now, I let me just give you a little Just help your little minute through here. It is a big September I want to talk about, but first things first. Okay, So when you're treating the reflex zones, that sort of thing, you know, now it's a work on the acupuncture points that would be really good for back pain. The same issue would use for your neck pain that we talked about before. So focus on on the hands, small intestine on three, again working that focus. And that's another great pack point for back pain. And, of course, neck pain. Larger test on four. You're not pregnant, large intestine for so you can work this through the treatment. So you're doing this and just go gently because it is tender. We'll just press it. Like I said to you before you could just press it 30 seconds to a minute. Two minutes. What have you done as a cop? The clients comfortable are fantastic point for any pain like I've called you before. The other ones on the feet on liver three Goldblatt 41. Those offended If there are other points, um, there's one that you could also use just in fact, that to give you two around the back to the ankles, which so you got the ankle right in the back of the Achilles tendon midway between the back of the ankle on both Electra side and the media inside to the outside, the inside of the Echo work those areas with their okay, is that on the inside is kidney three. Now that it's basically just work from the back of the ankle to the Achilles tendon, it's detecting midway between them. You just work your way around that between the ankle during the ankle and the Achilles tendon There in that area. Give that extra work when you got the person lying on their back. Eso that's on their faith on also the same area. But on the media outside the inside of the ankle, That's kidney three. So, Gladys, 60 years on the outside, which a fantastic point for bringing energy out of the back to get the energy flowing, give the lower backs on the Bladder channel and welcome District point on the Bladder channel, so it's drawing energy away from from back because they say that when there was pain in Chinese medicine that she has stopped flowing. So in acupuncture turns, we would put points of locally in the lower back. And then also district points further down that same meridian. No show kidney three is on the opposite side, the inside of the angle between the ankle and Achilles tendon. So just work those areas. They're like, I've taught you press breast twist working all around, and that will stimulate those areas which are fantastic acrobats, boys on when you're on the fate. Okay, so liver three go back 41 on the top of the thing. I live in threes between the first or second toe work along their dredge along through there. Goldblatt of 41 is between the top. The foot between the fourth and fifth. There you press, press, press work up and down as you're stimulating along that area. Longer channel. Um, there were three good work for you. Okay? And, um, they do around the ankle through the ankle Achilles tendon. Really great fights for back pain. The kidney three, By the way, which is on the medial side. The inside off the ankle that is strengthening is that it's a point to strengthen. The kidneys are in the kidney. Energy in Chinese medicine is in charge off the lower bear strip. So to strengthen love back would use kidney three that point that I'm talking about to strengthen that. So you could work that point their work around that point. Kidney three. To strengthen the person's cheated a kidney chain to help the lower back. Okay, a large is just on four. Yes, of course. The pain relieving point. Definitely. That smaller test on three. On the hands Largent test on four liver three on foot, Goldblatt of 41 both points behind the ankles, which is kidney 3 60 Okay, so you work goes through throughout the treatment, giving them extra attention. Yes, and also get the person to do them at home. All right, so said the person here in the body just used on just give them don't just simply rub them . Yes, they get themselves a pen and do it like that, you know? So you get up in there just to gently stimulate this just different there. Show them as I talked about before, or just usually thumps and just work. Now, the other thing I want to speak to you about when it comes to back pain is so many people. And I've seen thousands of big through the years that do coming with back pain. And I'm doing completely the wrong exercises for their back there, actually worsening the problem. Uh, them for this. I need to talk to my hands and their worst in the problem. So So what happened? Let's go back to the example where someone bends forward to pick up that shampoo Shampoo in the shower. A bank. So what happened? Just bent forward, which is pushed the Senate. Owego, very with it, pushes the center portion disk batteries, posterior lee. And so what that you need is what's called the directionally preferred movement. So and this is the majority of cases, by the way, people. But I can bend forward. That's because I went down to pick something up. So what they need is not more forward bending. Exercise needs to chest. No, they actually extension exercises to help the central portion of disco. More anti, really more forward. Okay, so then the ligaments and soft issues could heal. So there's that's what people go up and bending over to touch my toes, trying your worker back out nature chairs in this sort of thing. That's the wrong thing to do in the vast majority of cases. So when you've got, uh, let's say you've got a client, that you don't treatment, you get the back, then what you want to have them do and nothing else. By the way, nothing else is to get them to lie. Llamas. I can do it, you know, bundle lie flat on their stomachs on on there, stomach. So federal studies on the floor or the big whatever's comfortable for them. Get them to lie flat down just like that, Just 2 to 3 minutes. Okay, just flat on this docks. What that does start to put extension to the lower back was exactly what now, after that, 2 to 3 minutes if they can get them to then come up to their forearms. So if you could imagine, they can't under their four hours just like reading a book. So think of a child really on the floor reading a book. So the forearms therefore out of a long floor like this. Okay, so get this flip. So if there here's the floor here, my forearms like that, uh, almost go underneath the shoulders and that's what they want. You want them to do for two minutes, so lie flat on the 4th 2 minutes. Then after you've done that, come up in new forums, allege a whole back, relax, and only only do those exercises. This will push the central portion of the disc forwards and tell him not to do any other exercise. And especially not these lumber roles and lumber twist. Because if it's discriminated, which a lot of these are, then it could push the central portion further out and make it worse. So you tell them to do that? Um, basically, just do 42. What to do for treating musculoskeletal pain in general: Okay, so now you've got a good idea of how about treating musculoskeletal pain, so there's no need for me to go through every single condition. Let's just have under this way. So if a musculoskeletal pain, you're going to work the adrenals to decrease inflammation, so it doesn't matter if it's a neat problem or a shoulder problem. So what you do, you will work the spinal region and your your work specifically the areas that are affected . So you're going to exploration and this shoulder region for shoulder pain. You will work the adrenals to help with a set of stickers. Information. And, of course, you use this. The acupuncture points that I have talked about, namely large intestine four liver three. Would you a major major points for pain relief, as we've spoken about. So these are really, really strong points for pain relief. So liver for larger stuff for Liver three used these points into injunction. Now, if it back pain, look said, you can, adding Goldblatt of 41 as we did before in the back pain segment and small just on three and the other extra neck point for neck pain as of torture If it's napalm, you'll work the spinal region and the knee reflex areas. Now when I do want to say that is, if it's upper limb related, showed a hand elbow tennis over that sort of thing. Work more specifically that, and with it with a nerves innovate the upper limbs soem or on the upper side of the spine. Areas of spine neck area work more that area than more than the lower back. You still work the whole spinal region, but give more concentration to the upper. You're the upper segments of the spine, so thorough ASIC neck area. So let's re tell him, Say that you go to treat so you won't respond origin. But you'll really make a lot more work into that Jurassic Neck area because that's where the nerves exit the spinal spinal segments into the shoulder hand elbow. That something. Likewise, if you're treating someone with the knee problem, my ankle problem, you work more that love back area. Okay, because that's where the ledger, um, the nerves except the lumber spine area for knees and that sort of thing. Okay, so it keeps it pretty simple. So we're just doing that. Use those acupuncture points on stimulate them throughout the treatment laxity before get the person to do them on themselves to work their reflexes on and also the acupressure points when their home as well. 43. Congratulations! you have completed the course: And there we have it. That is the course. I sincerely hope you enjoyed my course. A little bit of fireworks going on there. So you have completed the course Now again, I sincerely thank you for watching my course to completion, If you haven't already, I would love it if you would write a review for my course. It's important. As an instructor, we get reviews again. Thank you so much. And I hope that you enjoyed my course.