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Advanced PowerPoint course with FREE templates

Nikola Lugonja, HR and Marketing Instructor

Advanced PowerPoint course with FREE templates

Nikola Lugonja, HR and Marketing Instructor

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32 Lessons (2h 48m)
    • 1. Introduction and about the course

    • 2. Course description

    • 3. How to insert and where to find images online

    • 4. How to use different effects, tools, colors on images

    • 5. Advanced tip for grouping shapes with image inside

    • 6. How to insert online video and play it inside presentation

    • 7. How to resize video and change effects, colors, dimensions...

    • 8. How and why to add comments on your slides

    • 9. How to use WordArt and why it is better than text box

    • 10. Purpose of format painter tool

    • 11. How to use gradient colors on shapes and background

    • 12. How to add, change, design, resize SmartArt objects

    • 13. Where to find more animations

    • 14. How to use Animation Pane (change order, timing, effects...)

    • 15. How to add multiple animations on one object

    • 16. How to use motion path and effect option

    • 17. Advanced tip for making custom path animation

    • 18. How to change effects and timing on transitions

    • 19. Advanced tip on which transitions to use in order to make presentation modern

    • 20. What is it and why is it used

    • 21. How to use Slide Master, options, effects, tricks, tips...

    • 22. Example 1 & FREE template

    • 23. Example 2 & FREE template

    • 24. Example 3 & FREE template

    • 25. Example 4 & FREE template

    • 26. Example 5 (catalog)

    • 27. How to put password on your presentation

    • 28. How to export presentation as pdf or mp4

    • 29. How to export presentation as PP template or PP show

    • 30. How to reduce presentation file size

    • 31. What you have learned and where you can apply your knowledge

    • 32. Thank you

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About This Class

Welcome to Advanced PowerPoint course with FREE templates!

In this course, we are going to talk about modern techniques, tools, effects, etc that are used in PowerPoint. We will have 10 different sections (images, videos, smartart objects, animations, transitions, slide master, examples, settings...) and also quizzes after different sections.

Moreover, you will get FREE modern and professional templates that you can use for your own purposes or sell it to someone (to get the free templates, you need to write me an email: [email protected]).

After this course, you will be able to make an eye-catching and good looking presentation, and leave a special impression on the viewer.

Without further ado, let get started and have an awesome time :)

What are the requirements?

  • Knowledge of basic work in PowerPoint. How to open and add new slides, how to use drag and move options inside this program. Be familiar with the interface of PowerPoint. If you have not worked in PowerPoint much but you have in some other Microsoft Office program, that will be very helpful.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Learn how to make professional and eye-catching presentations, templates, covers, photos, designs... Be able to make a presentation for others and earn from it.

What is the target audience?

  • People who already did the Most Basic PowerPoint Course, or those who already have some basic knowledge of working in PowerPoint

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nikola Lugonja

HR and Marketing Instructor


-Multi-year experience in both HR and digital marketing. I started my career in Marketing, but over time I dived deeper into the world of Human Resources. I find these two areas commonly overlapping (e.g. when it comes to the employer branding), therefore I will also try to link them in some classes. 

-Here are 4 values that I always keep in mind when preparing and publishing classes:

Keep it short and sweet - eliminating everything that does not bring any value and ensuring the students get the most out of every single second Unscramble the content - making things simple to comprehend and outlining the most important takeaways Always explore - stepping into the unknown to extensively research new topics and broaden the knowledge spectrum Improve on fee... See full profile

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1. Introduction and about the course: Hey, everyone. And what this PowerPoint course where we're going to take a next step? Teoh Power Point mastery and learn how to use our point in the best way before we start talking about the content. Of course, I just want to, uh, they compu moments to say something about Power Point and how useful it is. So remember that Power Point is not only used for for presentations. I know people who make a great graphics. They're afraid Hassan's because it's simple to use. I also know people make videos there animation, so it's a very powerful tool, and you will. I always need power point in some stage of your life. Believe me, I'm pretty sure I guarantee you that. So that would be regarding that introduction. Power point is very important, and I think that this course will be useful for you now. I would like to say a few words regarding the content, so you know what we're going to focus on. So regarding the beginning go off course, we're going to talk to see how you can instill images and video, just videos, and not just at how you can edit that ratio. Them and so on. Moreover, we're going to take a look at smarter objects, animations and transitions, how you can use them, and we're not just going to take a look at it was basic. Publishers were going to take a look much deeper, which advanced things. You can use their how you can make custom things and so on. Moreover, we're going to talk about what art and radiant colors, how you can sign them and adjusting to your to your presentation. Furthermore, we're going to take a look at Slide Master, which is one of the most support does when we talk about Power Point, and it's a bit of events using it. But it's not so hard, and I think that know how to you. Slide Master is really important in order to make better designs, and not just that, but make you know designs that you can use several times so you can make a structure not just one time presentation, but designed you can, using several presentations that you can call being too great with other presentations much easier. So I find that to be very important, if not the most important part of the course we're going to take a look at some examples. Great decides that I prepared for you. Work to walk you through step by step account, too. Make that on. Finally, we're going to take a look at some advanced things like settings, options and exporting things. I'm going to give you some great tips there, and I find Find that to be really, really important. You will see that. Why? Because it will help you. Let's say that you have a pile that is really big. You want to compress it or you want to export it in different formats. You can do that. So I think that it will be very useful. Last day, I would just like to say that knowing our point is is a great great skill because it is integrated with other Microsoft's programs, such as Wardak success. I was looking so on, So knowing how to use power point automatically gives you the knowledge and not just the basic knowledge but better knowledge on how to use other Microsoft's program. So that will be useful for you, too. So thank you for watching, and I hope to see you 2. Course description: Helder students. Welcome to this advance Power Point course. I'm so happy that you're here and in this short over here off the course, I'm going to show you what you will learn here. So if you're going to Power point, I suggest that you take most basic Power point course, which you will find my profile instructor dashboard, actually, and it's free. And if you have finished that course, this will be a great follow through, and you will gain a lot of new skills and experience to work in proper pouring. So without for the review, let's dive into the scores and it's overview. So, firstly, I want to show you that you will be able to gain you skills and advanced skills, and you will also get tested practical knowledge and on the right, you can see the things that were going toe go through in this course, some sections. So first they were going to talk about how toe insert an edit, images and videos. Then we're going to talk about how to use word art. Grady in colors. Moreover, well, we're going to mention smarter objects, animations and transitions. Later on, we're going to talk about slide master and how you can make coal templates. Here we will have a section where we will talk about and I will show you how to. May I catch any the end? We're going to Dick looks out on some settings and exported, so that would be it for thistle Overview. This is a short, just a short presentation. Teoh once again, show me what you will do in this course if you take it if you sign up for it. So we will talk about images, videos, how you can make all effects with that smart, dark objects, animations, transitions slide master, which is very popular and great. If you want to make that for someone example, templates and presentations and Indian some things, you will gain a certificate and that will be open for any of your questions. Have. Serve you is your support. You will take some quizzes tests you will have practical knowledge. And in the end I'm sure that you will have a positive review. I'm open for your questions. Let me know if you need anything. And if you're interested in sign up for this course and let Sloane together. Thank you for watching and seal on some other lessons. Thank you. 3. How to insert and where to find images online: hi guys. So in today's lecture, we're going to talk about inserting images in your former foreign presentation. I do have here presentation that this partly done and let's say that I'm working on this life. I have some text here and here, and I want to insert a picture here. A. So you can see I have made a full format, so I will need to crop it. I just want to show you that you can find pictures on two ways. You can go here, insert and then that use pictures or online pictures. If each is only pictures, it will lead you to being searched. Let me just show you. So here you can search a big and so let's say land scape full. Who's Microsoft? Owns banks so they have input this surge engine in the former Point program. And here you could find some images. But my advice is that you is that you? I take images from Google. Let's say go here and I don't know. Let's just type Lenski emissions And here you have many different photos that you can take . You don't You can also use sites like the picks obey. They also have great photos for three pick. Those are some great size that they're not as much popular as Google photos are. But it is great here. You can find a lot of very things for this purpose. I already have my image on my computer, so I will go to pictures. I will choose from that stuff. This image, as you can see it, is much bigger than it should be. A So I will go to crop. And here I choose to crop it this sudden and from here. Okay, this is maybe too much. Let's try it like this, O k. And now says says this all of this slicer yellow wish I will use a yellow overlay shape. Just show you how to do that So you can use it like this on going to form a ship. Shape feel. Let's use this color on just decrease capacity or increased transparency. So let's let it like this, as if this much for either. So just one more thing. I want to switch off the outline, and that would be it. But just show you. Okay, that looks much better. So that would be it for this lecture. Thanks for watching and see you in the next one. 4. How to use different effects, tools, colors on images: Hi, guys. Welcome to our next lecture in this. Like trying to show you what you can do when you insert your images as as you. As you remember, I have in put this image from my computer this yellow. That is also great the fact that you can make with the new images. But now I will show you. When you insert an image, you can crop it as you have seen the previous video. And here there are many options that you can do with your picture so you can put afraid to it different frames, of course, or just different style. You can play with here with these options. So there are many great que like this. And here you can also play with picture effects. You can at a shadow to wait that you see on the upper part of the picture, you can put soft, much softer. Just do you can see you can see it here because it's already has a frame. But here you can see glow. Moreover, you can, as eventually proletariat can crop it here or crop into a specific shape. You can rotate it for a line it if you want to And here if you want to make a PNG format off the image. So let's say that you have input. I don't know a person with a white background or with yellow back. You can remove their background and just let the person as a B and J format, you can take some corrections here. You can play with bright and said contrast, so you don't have to use I don't know, photo shop for those things. You can just change it here. Here It looks great. Live like this. Here you can play with the color off the image. So what I did earlier, I can also use this cold caller or a car a little color. It depends on the presentation you're working on or the artistic effects you can play with some advance stuffs. Some of them will look very ugly like this, but you also have some great options bets on what you're doing and what you're trying to achieve. So this is Waas. Where was this was some old film style or something like that. You can try different options and also, if you want to change your picture, you can go to right click change pre picture and choose from Ah file. And that would be a for this lecture you can also play with Forgot this You can play with Victor border so you can change the color off your frame. That's this one that you can also change the thickness off your frame. Or maybe change its style. You can use that dash you can use were two lives that just want to try it. No, you can guess. You can only be bold it or make it more bigger. Okay, so that would be it for this lecture. I hope you learn something new and see you in the next lecture. Thank you. 5. Advanced tip for grouping shapes with image inside: Hi, guys. So into these lecture, I will show you a cool trick that you can do in order to make your presentation. Great. I will show you how to make this fact. So where we have here a picture that is partly caught here and that this That's a insert into different shapes. So it looks cool. I will show you when I zoom it and it looks nice. It isn't hard to do with. So show you this blank slide what I need to do just maybe I won't make it as precise since I do not have that much time. But just take a shape switch off your line and actually the color doesn't matter. But for this purpose that will use, let's say red. Okay, just zoom out of it and I will just call pit. I press city or out city around placebos and then city our philosophy that his home just copying and pasting this layers so just a bit faster. So can you see here? Is that okay? Let's just say that just just like I said, it won't look. Maybe this much nice. Is this first photo Because I want to speed things up, but let me just show you. So I have here many shapes And let's say that say that I want to insert the picture. I want to be as a whole picture. So they're just making this look. Making this looks nice. Okay, So what I want to do now I want to select I can just for a city or a click on every shape, Or I can press it era close a and it will select automatically And then I want to go to arrange group So now the performances sees This shape is one whole shape and now I want to go to form it shape, style, picture, texture, field And here I just go to file and it has automatically inside it. Maybe now it doesn't look so nice because yes, because I didn't spend much time working on that. But you see the point. So And if I do this so if I goto group, it will just input the image into every shape. So the main step is to do all this. Eso No, he says Okay now Thomas called so And if you want to change some objects, so some shape Let's say that you want to make this. Let's just say that you want to add another one. You go to a group, just check one more. Okay? And now select the whole growing. And now it looks much better. Just second is too. The truth. Okay, so it now, now it looks much better. I have made a mistake here. I put them very far from each other, so maybe I could do something with that. But it will take some time closer. This important that you be patient, patient, and it This will take some time if you want to make it look good. But this is a great effect, and it is not that much seen. So when you put this in your presentation, people definitely look good. And the view? We're definitely remember it. Just finish this two shapes on that bait. Let's try now. City, are you say picture? Oh, I forgot to roof it. Sorry. My mistake with you know. Okay. So full boat. Okay. Here it is bigger space in here, but you get the point. And if you want to insert text, you just Corbett from here. That's still here. And force decreases a bit increase. It looks like this. Okay. You understand how to do that? How to make that trick. You can do that with any. I will show you just in this presentation. I also did the same thing here and here. I just used different shapes. But the purpose is a hero. So triangles Well, here, even even here. So that is great. We can see this here, here or here. I have made it much nicer. So it looks right. That would be it for this lecture and see you in the next one. 6. How to insert online video and play it inside presentation: and this part of the course, we're going to talk about videos, how you can insert and added them in your presentation. So here I have a proper pouring presentation. This is a plan slide with the text, that video. So I'm going to insert a video here I go to insert and there two ways to video your presentation. You can you can take it from one videos or if you have it downloaded on your computer, you can insert it like that. First, I'm going to show you this option. I will goto with the video and the power point will connect me to you to I was just, like, very short, so Well, okay, which is this video click insert And now you can change its size. What you can do with these options? I will show you that in our next video next lecture. I just want to show you here you go to play back and you can choose whether you want your video. Two stars are automatically when you get on the slide or when you clicked on click on it. Choose that and think play in orderto low that please have in mind that insert video in your presentation will sometime sometimes affect it and its speed. So here you can see that you so increase. It changes dimensions like this. Another important thing to know is when you insert video from online your in your your presentation, you must have your Internet connection working so it won't play from Utah if you don't have Internet during your presentation. As you can see here, it is working. So that is, if you want to add videos from for online. Another thing I'm a great thing you can do is to find the videos online down, hold it and then input in your presentation. That way, you don't have to have your Internet connection for you. For your percent think this. I will show you some great sides where you can find here video. Don't bet you can find a lot of great videos here, for instance, and so I can click here and just click here free download so it shows you hear file size and this is not much more over. Cover is also great website where you have multiple videos, you just click on it and you can done that here on also free HD footage. You can choose your video you can down with here. Although this is a big one on since it is placed on YouTube, you can also go to YouTube cop your ring and go toe murder toe when before they were loaded on your computer in the next video, we're going to talk about how you can edit videos in your presentation, so stay tuned and see you in the next lecture. 7. How to resize video and change effects, colors, dimensions...: Okay, guys. So, welcome to our next lecture. I will show you as I promised, how to insert your video from your computer help. So I did it. So you just go to insert the deal on the video on my PC? You can find it for the sake of this video. Have put it on my desktop, Click twice on it. And now it is in my presentation. I just have to changes dimensions. Okay, so now I have This is a video from Okay, this is a video from my computer. So now if I'm presenting this somewhere, I don't have Teoh have Internet connection, and I can also change whether I want to start automatically. This video started when I clicked on. You can also add fading or faded out transitions. But you can also do that in some other program, like some in Vegas. And then they put it here. You can also stream or short on your video. So here are just press play and it will work. Another great thing about videos is just wanted this to finish and then start. This is a short you just point seconds. OK, so what? You can do here you can as you talkto on the part of the images you can add frame. Let's say to your video for you can also change the shape of your video. Let's try with this, Okay? You can change the correction, so play with brightness or core interests. As you can see here, you can make it look darker. You can also change with the colors of the video if you want to make a fill effect or something like that on, uh, here, Yes, you can return your design that you can crop your video here, as we did with images. You can rotate it, align it with something if you have on your presentation, and here you can plate or you can just plus here. So another thing I want to say about videos do you have in mind is that when you played some presentation, the sometimes they won't work. For some reasons, great thing to do is definitely to keep them somewhere secure. So let's say if you're presenting something on USB and you can, uh, put it in your presentation like I did just now. But you can know, so save it as before when your other folder on your USB and then if it doesn't were here and it usually doesn't work when you're using HD and my cable, I don't know why, but if it's not working, you can played directly from the folder. Also, I had a bad experience when I tried to play because my older didn't work. So now this video doesn't have audio, so you won't hear anything. But just when you're presenting something big or something important, just have that in mind and a prepare yourself Thank you for watching the sea with next Lecture by. 8. How and why to add comments on your slides: Hello, everyone. Welcome to our next section today. I'm going to talk about some cool stuff you can do in public point here. I have a presentation where firstly, I will show you how to insert comments. Inter presentation. So let's say that you have Did you have made the presentation and you have sent it to your calling your friend and or someone has sent you to send it to you and you need to jacket and your comments or what needs to be done. For instance, Here, you don't like the color off the headline and you want the phones to bay different. You can go to insert comment and just right changed the color off the I had a line percenter, okay, and one more changed the phones. The change of front off the next. And now sex. You see, when you get the presentation back, you can see this ball pops here, you can click on them and it will show you the comments. If you have done what he asks from you, you can say I did it. Thanks War. You can just delete comment, click on it and press delete on your keyboard. Another great thing is that if you leave this comments here when you press shift plus F five and zoom your presentation it want here, you don't see those pop ups pop up. So that is great. It will be only visible to you. And as I said, if you want to delete them, just click here. Press delete. And that is great. If you want toe, add some comments. You can also add comments here, but this is a no section so you can write here whatever you want. Just about comments are great. You can use them. If you're working on the presentation with someone else, you don't have to write it in a separate email or text, so that is great. That would be it for this lecture. See him in the next one. 9. How to use WordArt and why it is better than text box: have your students. Welcome to our next lecture today. I'm going to talk about phones and different words are that you can use. So let's say that you want to insert some text here. I would go to this first flight, and I just imagined it here. You don't have any text? This was a placeholder. Okay, So you want to insert the headline off your presentation, you can go to the here, insert text box and just insert your text. But maybe the better option will be to go to insert word art and then just some off this styles. Let's say I will choose this one. And now I can just move it here and say, had off presentation. I will decrease the size. Sorry. Decrease the size. And what is great here is that you can play with this styles. You can change the shape, fail. You can change the ST Paul Klein if you want to add it, you can change text, Phil. See here you can even choose eye dropper on shoes with, say, this color another great. You can also play with that start line and play with text effects. So if you want your letters to go to be more people to be maybe three D. Those are some events options. Or if you just want them to keep some shadow on them. Okay, Maybe just increased them a bit. See better. So I just wanted to show you that you can add your leathers, your text also hear from the world art. You don't always have to use textbooks because this will give you much more effects and options that you can do so. And I can also play with this here. So when I click on it, it will give me and leave me to four months step. And here I can add different things. I can align it, rotated, make different effects, fill it with different colors and also change style of it. Here. Judge to hear those are some order teammates styles. But you can make your own custom style, and that would be it. See you in next lecture 10. Purpose of format painter tool: Hello everyone. Welcome Tour Next lecture today I'm going to dio introduce you former interruption. So it is great when you're working on some the multiple things And when you want to speak things up, I'll show you how it works. It is option written here for a painter. So let's say that I have three paragraphs here. And actually, no, for the sake of this video will make it different. Look different. Okay, daily this one this'll 12 top. Ok, And now we'll coffee the other text here. Of course. Here you will understand what I'm trying to achieve. Okay? And here I have two paragraphs and let's say that I worked on this one. I have increased its size. I have made it underlined italic. I also change it color to be no. Which one looks good here? It's a yellowish color. Kate is I inserted to be bold. Moreover I made Is basing look bigger? Okay, it doesn't look that nice, but for the sake of despair, you just take a look. And now I want to do all those things to this period of But I don't want to go manually and click bold italic on the right. I just want to do it like this. So what I do is select this click for with danger and then select here. So what? Did it actually forfeit the presentation? It has increased its fund. It has a bold italic Underline the sorry spaces lose. Okay, so just this more. Okay, so it is. I just wanted to show you here on a quick example. But let's say if you have no 30 different burgers and you have to manually added each of them, it will take you a lot of time. But if you just read it once and then select all those changes to the next 29 it will speak things up and it will save your time, so that could be it. Thank you for listening and see you in the next lecture. 11. How to use gradient colors on shapes and background: Hello, everyone. Welcome, Tore Next lecture today I'm going to talk about background and how you can design it for the purpose of this video. I only have this plant presentation. I didn't use any pretty made template as it earlier. So I'm going to show you how you can change the background off your presentation. Let's say that you have I will delete this text box because we don't need it now. And let's say that you want to change. Firstly, just one solid color here. You can go to design former background and choose solar field. Let's use okay. Here you can play with conspiracy, so if you go to 100% it will disappear. If you made it, 20 is will be full. So this is one option. You can use Canadian Phil, where you can play with multiple colors. I'll show you how it looks. So here I can at this book more. Okay. And as you can see, it has it is going from white to blue. But let's say that I want to insert read. Okay. This will be dark, right? Sorry. So I will try to actually what I want to do is make this more yellowish. So I will first more reddish okay like this. So I want to do now look more color like way like this. So I'm making this transition from white to red. More good looking. That's just call it that great now So and I will just also the craze the harvest. Okay, so it's just see now what I did I made I can also play with this so I can move it. I can make worth color here. Okay. So you can make your home to their colors Here. You can also play with transparency from the specific collar. Let's say that I want to do this cake. You can play with brightness also for the specific color. And here you can play with angles from which angle you want. Teoh to start which path to take in a radio rectangular. Or maybe if you have title from the center. So these are some great options. Moreover, what you can do and you also saw that in our previous videos you can insert picture or texture. Feel here If you want your image battered, fill those air. Some already may templates ready for you made by power Point. And mostly I use here. So it feel because I don't like to mix many colors. But another great thing you can do if it is white, just return it automatic. Okay? And let's say that you want to make your background specific. For instance, you want to leave this white and other part to be bread as it waas. So another great three here with many power point presentation makers do is just make this shape and it is important to included with no all climb. And now you can change the color of it like this. So in a way, you also made a back from like this. For instance, you can do now no shape effect at shadow like where is watershed like this? So you see, here we have a little shadow and it is great so you can play with that. You can increases increases. So it is up to you. But I just wanted to show you this phrase that you can use and you can make. You can use shapes for many, many different purposes and also for making your background love gold. So here's how it looks when I assume it in. So as you see thank you. Seal in next lecture 12. How to add, change, design, resize SmartArt objects: Hello, everyone. Welcome to our next section and this section. We're going to talk about smart arts. It is a great thing that you can do in power point. And here I will show you what I did already and what I can also dio and of course, show you how to do that. So, as you can see, I would just show you some smart arts that I already have made. Let's just go from the beginning. So as you can see, I can inform my text here and that something beyond it. I can insert images short. I can small like us here and some text text, text text here I can also at some sentences or paragraphs, pictures and text. And you can see that we have here different, just different styles off things I can also insert here text or images, just different styles off things they can make. So I did all of the things things and smart are graphic. I will show you how it looks. So that's just they and that this light here slight and go to insert smart art. So here I have list off all of them or I can search them specifically. But just say that I want to use this one and automatically proper boring to give me too. Two rows I can add. Thanks. One decks. Sorry. Thanks to. And here I can add a sentence. So just since for his big Okay. Still. And if I want to add, let's say five of these rows I will just press enter and that above caps lock. Sorry the backspace. So I pressed once more presenter and back space. And now I can input next if I press enter and that about caps lock I can make a sentence so I can walk depending on what I need. So enter backspace. Thanks. Enter cap Slug! Sorry that above caps lock sentence. Sorry centers four and one War. Yes, I said that next. So I have made this this style. I can changes colors here for maybe some other Soliah's. Although this one does the same. So nice I can change. It's designed Can make it more stand out. Or more so often. If I want to change specific colors, I can just go to sorry for months. Shape Phil on here. I can choose Red here. I can choose cream but are green here I can choose. So it is a great thing you can. As I mentioned earlier, you can play with Dex effects shape, effects used if used this different design. You can also that shape here. And that is a citizen. Very nice. You can also I think you can convert your mother shapes just second. I didn't see that option now, but you can also make many other shapes here. For instance, as I did with just let me find what else you have here. You also have here this design. You see, it was great. I can also put my text here that I want to change it to. Let's say this one. Yes, thanks. I just want to see something. It is now. I wanted to convert it into other style. But it's not along me. I'm not sure, Dwight, but it doesn't matter just crazy here. And of course, if you want to change formed can just increase it. You know how to do these things? We already talked about it. Same thing here, so it shouldn't be a problem for you. What? I was gonna show you here. What? You can do for is this This is layout is very good. Yes, here is so I can change it door on this one. It's great. Or I can change it to what else do I have like this? Chris layout is also great. I can change Since I have already made it, I can just change it to something. Gales and the phone just different yourself. Here the font is 20 carries 35 senti here. So that would be for that will be it for smart art objects as you. So you have many, many great things to do On the more professional level you can make your costume smart arts but on the same you have many great things here Parliament metrics relationship here cycles process list so you can find whatever you need. You can edit it, make it as you like. Change colors, change styles Changed his eyes Here you can see buys eyes Great. If you can't some sophisticated that you want to show You can also make three d effect here . So let's just change color selling. Look now I saw you see here So it is that definitely great You just enter text I don't know by three. All right, too, by one. And if you want to add another one, let's say by four, just for center on you have a three d effect here, so just a solid loss. So that would be it from the smart of objects. You can use it here and you can convert it among each other. So here for watching and CEO in the next election. 13. Where to find more animations: Hello, everyone. Welcome to our next section in this section. We're going to talk about animations and how you can animate things in your presentation. So, as you see, appear on this toolbar, we have animations here. An emissions are cool stuff. When you want to make your president presentation. Stand out. For instance, when you have many different things you want to put on your slide, but you don't want them to come at the same time, you want them to come separately. If you're talking about different topics which are put on one slide, you can use them and here for introduction. I'm just going to show you which information you can use. How can you find some extra animations? And in the following lectures, we're going to talk about some of that steps and how to use. So here's what I want to select here. I have four different progress, Let's say, and first of all, what I want to do is I want to group them with this number, so I just I just select and vote on go to group. So now they're one object, same thing here group. I'm just holding city era and clicking on both of them Sorry, Google and new So now I can click on the 1st 1 Goto animations on the click Let's say compere Okay, This one was a bit fast so you couldn't see Let's say floated. Now you see what I'm talking about. Let's say that the 2nd 1 I will use shape. Okay, Some animation emissions. Don't look nice now, but I will show you. Let's use Zoom here on here with use flying. Okay. So as this scene as you can see and I have put four animations here and sorry it bombed dead. Now I'm going to show you how they look. So when I press no, they show each other. The reason why I don't have a blue cycle here is because I had selected in the group part and for the previous three I haven't. And now you see those transitions story just going to here You go here more. Yes. So here again, Clay with animations. Another important thing to know. You can find your animations here. So here, faith flying, floating Spread it gently. Condemn. You can change it. We can delete them. We can return to not so you should try to see which one is for what? Those are entrance animations. Later we're going to talk about emphasizes and exit animations heroes. So emotion, pets and another Another cool stuff you can do so when you choose fly in animation. Okay, Just floating. You can choose fraud just the second. You can choose the direction so you can choose whether you want toe whether we want to paragraph to float from up from down. So you see here, let's say that I'm going to use flying for this one. I really used get. That's great. And I want its to five from That's a bottle. Right? So those are some cold. Start your Connecticut. You can honestly play with these animations here on. We will talk about them in the next lecture. Thank you for watching. See in the next one 14. How to use Animation Pane (change order, timing, effects...): Hello there, students. Welcome to our next lecture on animations. And now we're continuing our talk on this topic. I just want to mention one thing that I forgot in a previous video. And that is that you can find more animations here. More endurance effects. More emphasizes, affected etcetera. So you click here and you have a wide range off different animations so you can play with this. And now I want to show you how to use animation, pain and some cool stuff here. So I will just leave. This is actually no change this to flying animation from right. Same thing here, flying home, right, Cindy? Here. Fine for right. And I think that this monster one is already you need OK, And now let's say that you want them to show, but you don't want them to show as the 1st 1 second. 1/3 on port one. You want them to show it's a 1st 1/3 1 second one and then 41. You go to animation pain now. Okay, Now, as you see here, I don't know why, but the 4th 1 is the 1st 1 I made a mistake or something. It doesn't matter. So the 4th 1 is the 1st 1 and I want the 2nd 1 to be. I want this to be 1st 1 Okay, just let make regroup this on. I will show you that. So now we have it listed, right? And let's say that I want to change the order. So once the order to go like this and what is also cool, I want them to start here. You have different options. So I want the 1st 1 to stop when I click on it. But I want the third run, which is the next one to start after the previous. And then I want the 3rd 1 to start on Click. And then I want the four point to start with previous. So the 1st 1 will go after it. The 3rd 1 we'll go and then the 2nd 1 when I click on it will come with 4th 1 So just take a look. So I click once the 1st 1 comes and then the 3rd 1 automatically after it. And when I click once more, 2nd 4 can come together. Let's look at this Now we're still animation day. Let's say that I want start one to come after the 1st 1 but I want to come. I want to turn one to come. Let's say two seconds after the 1st 1 I will go here. Check this. Start with after previous as it waas. And let's go to timing and delay. Two seconds. Just let me show you how it works. Okay, so the 1st 1 now after two seconds, the 3rd 1 And when I click once more at the same time. So animation pain is great. It is like your timeline for animations. Here you can play with that You can You have multiple objects in your slides On their slide , you can choose which one toe come first whether you want some some objects to come separately or together. So this is really something like in sunny Vegas when you're playing when you're Biggio Timeline. Same thing here. You can try different animations. You can put them together or separately or, I don't know, play with this timing effects. Those are some great stuff here. You can even as sound after animation effects. So here, as I mentioned, you can change the direction for different animations. Another cool stuff here is sitting when I click right when I click on this pharaoh, I can choose when I want the animation to come. You can also said that here and you can set the duration off your animation. So let's say Okay, this will look may be ugly but let's say that I want this now with it less have second let's say I want it to last two seconds Now it will stick much longer. As you see, it is slowly coming into our slide so you can also play with those things and what you also can do. Just let me see whether that it's possible. You can group this together contamination on Let's say you want. Yes, so you can group them all and you can select two. Come there, you can select the day comes the one part. So where is right for? If you want them to be a separate object, then you just go to arrange wrong through and that is it. So that would be it for animation pain. Just don't forget you can play with here. You can preview your animations here on. Thanks for watching. See you in the next lecture 15. How to add multiple animations on one object: Hello, everyone. Welcome to our next lecture on animations were still in this section. Now we're going to talk about how you can add multiple animations on one object. So let's say that you want to help and France animation. But you also want to hear exit animations for the same object. And I will show you how to do that on this light. So let's say that you want to insert animation on this man and you want him to What is coordination? You just want him to I don't know swill like this. Okay. And you want this by to shave, okay? And you also to at animation here. But why? I'm anything like this. So now I have entrance animation and it'll it is checked Soil swivel here. But if I click toe, let's say just float out, it will float out. But now you don't have the first animation, so it is lost. So I want to get this back and I want to click add animation and now place fly out, Let's say, fly out to left. And now I have both animation on one object. So let me show you how it looked and Let's say that I want to use Well, I want to use I want to use this Okay, so I return to shape Go to that is my first animation Goto add animation on use So now I have to animations on two subjects So I go to my animation I want to set them I want this to be on click and I want this to come with previous I want this to start on Click the same thing this just start often previous Let's say after one second. Okay, so now just take a look. I will don't slide So I press one Okay. And now once more goes out So my head entrance effect and also exit effect You can also add just So here you can add another animation. Let's say that I want to add animation here. I want to make it vigor. Okay, maybe not that march. Sorry. You have effective pull city. This is nice. And now what? I did wrong Waas Yeah, I didn't add the animation. Okay, And now just go to animation thing and it here. Did you see whether I did so? Ok, waas once more. Okay, so that's how you add animations on your objects. You can't at multiple them. You can make cool effects with entering and exiting. So keep that in mind. Animation in Power point is definitely a separated section, and you can spent much time playing with it. But believe me, if you do, it will look great. People love animations. It is very eye catching for them. And it will make your president presentation. Stand out. You don't want when you're working on the presentation like this where we got some statistical data you don't want do click and slide and show all of the things at once. It will confuse the view were he will see multiple information at once. We wanted to show You want this information to be sure separately, Slowly, the different parts of in sections so scenting here I will just show you this first example I will Google this objects I want to make here animation just to look cool and I will show you. So let's say that I want to insert animation here. Why Floyd left and flying also left just for the sake of video. Just thank you. So you see, it's much better when I'm talking with me about the 1st 1 and then I'm finished talking about the 2nd 1 and then I could tell. So keep that in mind and seeing next lecture. 16. How to use motion path and effect option: welcome to our next lecture. In this lecture, I will just show you how to use motion that your animation so they're sake for the sake of this video have made a blank slide. And I have put two pictures to random pictures. And now let's say that I've warned Teoh will go to animations on Dhere motion that I will choose lies. I will show you what that will do so that will literally change the back off my image. And let's say that I want to. I wanted to be like this. So now my image will go from here to here and for this image. Let's say that I want to use shapes. OK, so I will show you wonder So when I click once the image will move to here and this is seconds were for Let's say that this first bad was something just like float flying animation. But it is different. Let's say that you have multiple pictures that are here and you want them to You want to change them on to come here. Then you're just say Then you just go to first this one and then this one so they're not in the same line. But you get the point so you can play with here. Motion bed. You can also use this one. Okay, now it went Who outside? The slide. That's use it now. OK, you can change here on effects Option. You can change. How you want it to go can go up. It can go down. You can even add it points if you want to play with it, toe make it different. And to go on a custom bed you can choose here you can select loops. Those here this 55 here are already made templates. But you can make your costume one. We will talk about that later and you can choose how you wanted to go. And here, in fact option you also have I don't know her or scribbled. But now the cost of a bed. So you see here I can just just see so it doesn't Okay, I will show you in the next video because now some error on my computer. I'm sure the next week you how you can make your cost of bed with to this more pictures and see the next one 17. Advanced tip for making custom path animation: Hello, everyone. Welcome to our next lecture on animations and here are going to show you some cool advance the tips that you can use the while while using motion. That. And I thought I just one thing to show you and that is that you can find more than just this motion pads. You can go here to more motion pets and you have white range off different motion, President. So in this video, I'm just I'm just going to use custom pet and for the sake of this video, have prepared three me. Just let me just show you what I want to do. You will understand after I finished with this 1st 1 so amusing costume bed this. So just see, as you have seen, I will repeat that would nation here it is important to keep the lines, the rate I'm just doing it now for the sake of this video. So maybe I want to be as precise is I would be whenever my own. So you see here I can also make it to go to the center and back. And that is different. Working for this presentation. If I want to leave it here and I want to move on the other one. I have to click it and then play with it. So here, here and when it disappears, that means you're on the center. And also for the third. I want to be a little decide. So here, here and here. Okay, so let me just show you now. So when I click on the 1st 1 it will move because I move it a bit to the left. 2nd 1 also, and the 3rd 1 also. So that was I just wanted to show you this quickly. How to use cost the pad off course. If you have enough time, you can go slowly. You can make that brittle, precise without mistake. Now, I have a few the mistakes that I made, but you get the point. You understand how you can use custom that I promised in the beginning of the score that we're going to talk about some advanced and cool stuff. And now I showed you how you can do that. You can also create great animations with this, you can even create a video using this constant bath animation. So it is really up to you you can improvise. You can make a lot of cool stuff and you should definitely practice this. That would be for this. The animation section and see you in the next one. 18. How to change effects and timing on transitions: held their students. Welcome to our next section in this section. We're going to talk about transitions transition, that is, this is is positioned here in Tobar under transitions, and it shows how you can change from one flight to another. So here I have a presentation that is already under transitions. I will show you how it looks. So let me just go from the beginning. You see how it slowly comes to me, and then Okay, so you get the point. What? It can do what you can do with it. So firstly, I want to show you here with you can you can choose the different types of animation. So, uh, you can use push animation, wipe, animation, reveal animation. It is a bit long shape animation or flash full over. Let me just show you with this maybe look better fracture. So just when you click on it, it will show you how you can use their great stuff here, which you can use. You can play with them. Moreover, when you click Lindsay push animation, you can choose here on effect options whether you want it to be from bottom from left, right or stop you also have here to choose or let's say when you're using, where is it Cube? You can choose whether you want to Cuba to go like this or on the other side. So those are some great things you can do. You can also, when you you have seen that I did it at the beginning. When you're using fade animation, you can set the duration toe last Letsie three seconds, three seconds and then it will slowly changed to another one. So scenting with flash way put three seconds review, you see it life much longer, and you can really, just just as we played on the animations and animation, pain sending is here. Maybe you don't have that much different options and the fact that you can use but you can definitely definitely play with different things. It is cool when you're going from one slide to another to make a court position there, and you can also insert a sound. Let's put bomb. Don't know if you heard that Maybe my bowling this little down, but but long. Okay, so you can insert sound that are mentioned here and you can decrease this and of course, you can play here with timing, you know, To do that, you can also choose the random transitions to put. And actually, deception won't be long. Since there are many things to say, I can only click on different transitions to show you how they how they were. But he wants to do that by our own. Here is a cool transitions airplane. And keep in mind that if you work in some other older power point programs such a power 0.0.13 4000 dead. Maybe you want him along this transitions here. This is the power 40000.1016. And the important thing to know is, for instance, when I use curtains in this it this securities when they use curtains by default, it lasts six seconds, will speed things up when you use curtains here. And let's say that you want to show this presentation at your work where you have power 60.2000 then it won't show this animation because PowerPoint then doesn't have this. The curtain the transition started, not animation transition. And, uh, when you get to that point, it will just show some default transition. Such a sudden push up push down. So keep in mind that when you work in your program and when you go to show this presentation in the older program, all the options and effects might not work because it is the older one. So that would be actually it for this transition part and that will just they record one more video when I will show you two designs how you can use transitions and make it look awesome so soon in the next one. 19. Advanced tip on which transitions to use in order to make presentation modern: Hello, everyone. Welcome toe. Next lecture, transitions. And here I'm just going to show you. But it's often we used as transitions in different presentations. So mostly I like to use. For instance, I like to use at the beginning curtains as they did here. And I like to put it on the three seconds. And after that, I just like to use a push. And just to make it look, just a zit goes from just down, Just like I'm scrolling on the phone. My presentation scenting here. And this has already made because it looks cool. I remember that. Okay, but this this bush okay, course. First those and let's use spend the bars at the end, I will show you how it looks. So I'm starting with Faith Curtis. And now Bush. It looks just like I'm scrolling now I have bushes on the side and take a look at this effect. It is cooled. It is like a time like timeline, and I have made it here. Do go on a specific line, so it looks awesome. This is a CV presentation, you see, So the the great thing to do here is definitely the push that to to insert a push transition Because you can see how good it looks as it is all one slide. And now I have put it push inside to be different once again. These are some animations that I have input. This is a template presentation. So that is why it says Laura sent here. And what a deal. That is it. So that is a cool stuff that you can dio and you can also, When you don't have any idea, you can just go to random and it will select and it will change. So when you don't know what to use and you don't mind to be a transition, you can just random and that is it. So just to sum it up, you have all the transitions here. Some positions have different the fact that you can use you concert sound. You can adjust your duration. You can even use this timing and you can see a preview. Here is a bunch of other animations you can use around them, and they made the transition. Sorry, I'm always mixing, though still do things, and you can use random position and keep in mind when you have something like this. If you want to make it look cool, you just used push him in push transition, which is very often use. That would be Thank you for listening. Thank you for watching and see you in the next lecture. 20. What is it and why is it used: welcome to our next section in which we're going to talk about Monster Slider And here I just want to say that I'm very proud. If you have completed the previous part of the course and in this part, we're going to talk about something that is a little bit advanced. It is not commonly and it is not necessarily used when you make a presentation presentations. It will be great for you to know how to use Master Slider because it will help you when you're making that place. For instance, let me just show you were his positions. You go position, you go to view mess their slots like master and you're here. So it is not much different than normal presentation, although it is used for different things. As you can see here, we have different slides that are also feels having our presentation. But what is it used for? Let's say I just want to close it and come back and let's say that I want to add new slide . So you hear you see here that I have a wide range of slides already made slides that I can use, but I can use so this one. Maybe this one. So I don't have to start from the beginning. I don't have a blank slide, which I see section break so I don't have a blank slide, and I'm not necessary obligated to make it from the beginning. I can just use it as a pre made slide when I'm adding something. So that is great. And that is exactly what you dio in Slide the master. So let me just show when I open blank presentation you it needs some time to load. I don't know why it takes so much time. But Kate so slight master or master slider, however you like, will help you to make those templates. When you're working for someone, for instance, someone who doesn't know how to make a presentation and you don't want the or he or she doesn't want to spend much time making it, you can help them by making it in slide master. And there you can make them pre template, which that they just used to Okay, closed is definitely and started again, and it will be much easier for them. And I wanted to show you, but I'm not still sure why this isn't working here is so here. When I go to new slides, you can see that all of the slides are blank These air, some default options that power point uses. But you see, here is the difference. When I go here to your slide, all the slides are blank with some pictures or no content, which as a set point you is giving by default. And when I go here to where my ticket to new slide, you can see that I have a wide range or already pre made templates sending if I just want toe change it and now not still add a new one. So now I hope that you understand What is the here? Message? Slight Master, how you can use it and for what purposes? In the following videos, we're going to talk about more about it. And what can you find there? So see you in the next Electra 21. How to use Slide Master, options, effects, tricks, tips...: so hello. Students walk into her next lecture on our next section called Slide Master. And here we're going to talk about deception, as I mentioned earlier. So if you watch the previous video, you understand? What is it, what it is used for? And basically it is the same thing when you're using the regular power point maker and here it's like Master, The difference is what you may here is fixed there. So let's say that I insert a shape here. I just inserted randomly and I said to fill it with this color and live it like this. So here I can't move it. I can drag it, I can change it. But if I leave it like that and go out here, I can't. As you see, I can't move it so it is fixed. Whatever you do in your slight master, it is fixed here and you can't change it. That is why I can't change this ban cell and light bulb However you like. I can change this because I have inputted as a placeholder. I will show you what that means. So if I go back and you see here, I can change this scenting here. I can delete this. What did it? Why? So maybe you're wondering how can edit how I can edit text, but I can add it. I don't know this image. It is very simple here. I just use a placeholder. So when I use a placeholder, let's say that I want to insert a placeholder here and I just want to relate this one. I know about the letters. Dime box. Okay. He's asking me what I want to use. I believe it like this fixed. Okay. So if I live it like this and close it, then go to you, Slide. I can think this one. So I go to your slide, then your slide master that I just made really the previous one and say here I can change the text off presentation Threefold color is white because I change it in this light. Massive to be that. And here I can edit text if I want. I can edit text here also, you remember that I can use textbooks or word art and when I go back, I'll show you some things I can also do. I can let's say instead, picture placeholder here And now when I go back, you see here I can use. So you see here when I click on this, it will automatically connect me to my computer on just choose image. Okay, so I didn't have to go to insert and then choose images or picture. I was able to do that right here. So let's go back to satellite. Yes, sir. And the same thing is here. Let's say that you want toe change theme. You can change the colors phones if you want to change the slight size, this is a wide screen. You can changes to be 4.3, but it doesn't look that much nice for computers. 16 to 9 is much better. And what is basically important here, Colonel, So just don't forget, you can do this. You can change phones. Style off. Won't size of font increase decrease bold. You can align it however you like, so you can use shapes. You can also make positions everything on format. You can design how you like. So basically it is the same as when you're making a normal presentations. However, you just keep in mind everything that you input here and it is not placeholder, it will be fixed. So that is very, very important to remember. Everything will be fixed and you won't be able to remove it in the normal part unless it is a place holder. So what is also great here is let's say that this Okay, let's say that this is a low just pretended Did this a mobile and I want to go a bit first and let's say that I want to put it in the corners like this. So here I can move it and I can edit it. But if I go just on the front, you see it here I can move it. So when you want to insert some fixed things like logo, watermark or anything, you can do that there. And every time you add that type off, go on, then slide. It will be there. So sign my master is great. You can play with it. You can insert. You see, here I am find laptop image, PNG format put it here and just, uh, and just took image placeholder. And but it in here and now when I go to that's life, you see, I am not able I can change. I can move this place holder, but I'm not able to move the laptop. So that is great. As I mentioned earlier, when you're making this as a template for someone who doesn't know how to use power point. If you leave him everything like this, you will get confused, people more laptop, removed this box, even work placeholder and he won't know what to do. You can help him or her by making that in slight master and just positioning this as a placeholder. You just it is easier. Just click on this and insert the image you like. It will crop. It's to the dimensions that they're already made. And here I just want to show you that you can insert content tax. You can insert picture charge, smarter media, that is for videos or line images, content docked about that. So that is great. That would be it for this slide Master. You have a wide range of things you can do that you do here and keep in mind that you see those. If you're working on something on the slide like this, it will affect only that type of slides in the normal presentations. However, if you make something here on this bigger slide and let's say here now, go back can, As you see, I had that logo logo. Never presentation. So that is a faster way. Except here. Just let me see why. Oh, yeah, I forgot here. So no does your son. So I don't know why it still isn't here. Maybe it's a kind of steak six. Or is it because of the white background? Okay, now it's here. So another thing that maybe dimensions so here you have slides that you will use in your normal presentations. And this are the sections off the slide, so you can see this is the biggest one. Everything that you put on this biggest section first slight will be put on each of the slides. And if you want something to pull separately, one slight you can do that by clicking on them. But if you want something to be on every side in this girl like this watermark, you just put it here. You don't have to put it separately on each one, so that would be it. Thanks for watching and seeing the next lecture. 22. Example 1 & FREE template: students Welcome Tore next section section off examples in this part of the course we're going to talk about and I will show you. Actually, some already made templates and presentations and basically, I'm going toe to show you Show it here and I'm sure your step by step I won't go specifically to the details. I'll just show you how I made this slides while they did. Where? And I'm going to show you that for four or five, maybe six presentations in this section and the officer that you will gain some and very knowledge. And you will understand how I work and how you can all so make great presentations. So, firstly, show you how this presentation looks on a full screen. Just let me s Okay. So it looks like this. It doesn't have any animation, I think, nor transitions. So it is basically a template where you can insert your text image will go or something like that. So what's that from the beginning? On this first live as you can see, it looks very simple. I just used a yellow back around here on a four month background. I have put on solid feel she chose the yellow color. And when I did that, I have just made a shape rectangular shape that is black without outline and just insert Firstly, the headline then this ride in order to look good white line Here you can see shape, outline and just use this size And after death another text box where I can type my text. So that is the first line is pretty simple. The next one when I did here firstly, was I insert a picture. I have profit, of course, and I have used also this shapes yellow shapes. I will show you how it made. It's transparent. So I went to shape styles and here I chose also yellow color the same calories previously. But I am put transparency to be on 40%. So let me just show you have put it zero. It would be full. And when I put it on, 40% looks much better. Same thing here. I have made this short line. You can see I can change its size and also text. Here I have some text boxes and also this black line, so it is basically same as here. It's just dinner and black. And this is a regular cycle shape which I have put to be yellow. And I think that I've used a shadow bit show. Curious. You can see that I use this senator. Shadow offset center. So it looks maybe a bit better the next one here. Aziz, you can see a used this text boxes and I group them in one object. Well, I did hear this is a rectangular. This is a regular shape like this. I will show you. So I used like this and I went to shape Phil no feel and changed the shape outlined. To be yellow is not working. Okay? And make it make this lies just be a little bit bigger. Let's say like this. So you get the point. And inside of that I have put these boxes. So that is it Here I have a picture that I have cropped to be in a circle. I have also you. This is a original picture and this is just an overlay basically shape circle that I have also put to transparency. You can see it here just as I did with this. This shape I also got that could this shape only different dimension. And here I have used I will show you when I go to shape field. You see what I did here? I've used regular cycle shape. I just put to know Phil can for the sorry and for the outline I went to dashes Choose this kind of color This kind of fine. Sorry. And then just want to shape styles here size and but it on 4.8. Just show if I put it on to form a date. It look my smaller 4.8 much bigger. So same thing here. So and this small lines you can see here are basically just as a player. T Those are just two lies. You can see what this is A one group object now, but if I go to group, you will see we have it. Sorry to age. Yeah, so Okay, you can see here There was a two objects just still regular lines, But just back. Okay, moreover, well did here. Same thing. Picture. This is a blank slide. Next yellow line. Next white line text again. I found this picture. PNG picture on the internet and heaven put them here this is a chart by or no start. This is smart art. I think maybe supplier has a basic part and also hear the text. And all of this here is yellow, transparent shape the next one Also we have a picture, but just all related by this transparent shape. We have a text here line. You remember this from our previous from this slide And this'd they think Yes, those are the same cycles a circle as they did earlier with tax and this eros between. So I just group it together. So you cannot see that that was all broke into one object. But basically these are older individual objects here Next life headline Just line for graphic design. Same thing. I have cropped the picture for 10 Overly. This yellow overly makes it brighter as it looks like the sun is rising or something like that. Same lines here and text You can see that there isn't many different styles is basically picture with the sober way title with the line and maybe some paragraph with thinner lines . So that was some style. I did this presentation sitting here graph on here Also use those that shape although this time I didn't leave it to be. I didn't let it to be with no fill. It is still with yellow color. But text is white, for instance. Here it was. There was no Phil, but text was black sending here you remember this little pictures, text headline or some text And we also can hear cropped image Text paragraph here I have grouped this yellow dots and this black line is separately made. So I just put it here to look more interesting. And the last light I have it a z yellow background. I have made this triangle shape and put to be here text, text, text And this is just the shape where it says Put in your global or image picture that it's a place where you can insert something like that. So basically that is it for this presentation. I didn't want to spend much time going on each detail how I did. Holly made it. It would take too much time and probably wouldn't be so much interesting for you to watch. But I tried to do that in this 15 minutes. I don't know how much I'm recording this video. However, I just hope that you realize how you can make this. In what way? You can make this presentations, how you can play with shapes, text lines and make your presentation released. Stand out and look great. Thank you and see you in the next lecture. 23. Example 2 & FREE template: Hello, everyone. Welcome Wore next lecture in this example section. So now I'm going to show you This may be one of my favorite presentations that IHS made a C V and I will show you first Like how it looks. I have already used it in some presentation. I think it's a lecture, but now we'll talk more about it. So let's start this presentation has I think transitions and animations So we'll go slowly . So here you see a picture of some girl. - So let's start from the beginning. The first thing we did I have used this shape here I made it is the shape This isn't shape that I used like this. I have one too. No feel shape are inclined to be white and just to use it to the and you get the point or that it here. So you get the point How I made that I have put text here Teoh the class on text also between them. The next picture is ST Tinker with that With that shape also, I have used this image with also also what its border next line. And then again next next one here Just zoom it out to see what I did here. So you see, I have made the shape that is a bit out of the presentation. So when you zoom in, you don't see that upper part. This is just a PNG image that I found on Internet. Next line. Next. This is the same shape from the first picture. Although I have just put this little dots on each corner and, of course, text here. Well, they use the things I think this, uh yeah, this is Waas shaped like regular summer co. I would say, Like your circle. I'm not sure what I did here. Just trying to see now whether that was it. No. Okay. Sorry. Actually, I'm not quite sure which shape I used here. Maybe I can find it here. I made this presentation this presentations long time ago. Oh, I think it was. Yeah. Maybe it was this shape. I just Yes, maybe I did. Here was something like, Honestly, I'm just trying to remember what I did here. Maybe there was no fail. Yes. And I think alike this. Yeah, it looks it looks about right. So Okay, I can maybe playing with this. Yes, something like this. That is something like this. Never mind. But it was right, Phil. And no implying here. So that is what I did. I use the shape. This is a PNG image. Tex, Tex here, I have just first here. This is a rectangular shape with transparent color. Just go to solid fail and actually transparently teachers like the color text. You understand that? And this is a individual object that is just but here sending here. And this is something interesting that I did. I grew up this to show you what is consistent. So I have a straight line white line, as you can see here, wide line. I have a circle that is indeed but has a nice and white lie and also text inside. So if I move it separately in order for you to see it, you under you get the point. So you understand how I did that same thing here? Okay, images zoom out. Okay. And, um, other cool stuff Well, it did here with animation is okay. You won't see it here. Just let me show you. So it goes as I'm scrolling on the phone. So we're on this slide. Same thing. PNG file Picture Headline Text, text X X Headline headline headline Text that his numbers on This is just a P and G picture . This is not a shape. This is a picture. Next thing all of this or text just italic text. Regular text headline text might have copied this from the second slide on. Also put text down here. Here I have inputs text, short line, two little paragraphs and you remember this subject from this slight And these are some lines that I bring here put animation here I have used you remember this shape here I have just cough it It here on just decreased it this size And I have put to that to be the first and this to be this second. So it looks like it's loading or something like that. It is a great style. So you get a point. Also copying from the previous slides diseases, um pictures next text and this Skopje from second slide decks and the lights. So it is not that much complicated. The abused positions from here Kurt Dance, fade, Bush etcetera. It is not that complicated, but it's important toe taking consideration to design the law can. Then it looks much better. I hope you like this and see you in the next lecture we're going to talk about. I'm going to show you a few more examples, and I believe that this will be very good for you. Maybe my advice deal would be to try to make something like this on your own. If you're stop, it's a problem trying to see it. Maybe I haven't showed something. Or maybe I show something wrong. Here, take that in consideration. If you're stuck from some part, let me know. Contact me privately. I will show you where the mistake is and try Teoh. Make a presidential look great. You can use this presentation is a CV can show it in on a meeting or when you're going to an interview. It will definitely keep the attention off the viewer. And you will leave a good impression. Thank you once again for watching See you in the next lecture. 24. Example 3 & FREE template: pro students. Welcome to our next lecture. We're continuing with our process off looking at different examples of presentations. And here I will show you firstly, how this presentation looks and then we're going to talk about it so you can see to Ranger school. So that is it. Let's go from the beginning. Well, they did. Here I put this picture to be is a background. So I just went toe insert pictures on It's to be a writer. Okay, here of used white text and here grouped two shapes. As you can see, so two shapes here Those are the same shapes and just rotated to be a bit a bit different And just within this way. So you're just for one, is it for what No filled shade balls line would be light gray And that was probably going to conspiracy What I maybe play with its to be transparent. So that would be for seconds like here have cropped image to this dimensions. This stick, lies and text sent in here with checks. And this is a black transparent. I said, You can sit here. It's still with dark like color. It's a very transparent if it is. It would be like this. It was 50% still March 30. Okay, let's let it like this. The next one. So here I have basically the same thing from the first slide just on the Hess light. Here, you can see here that I have subtitle little line and text carpet multiple times. This here are are just the small pictures that I found on the Internet here and here. You can see that this is a picture. Okay, Just like the background of the slide is right. And this is just the regular white shape that foot here, since it is the same color as this background. So I get this fact same thing with other pictures. Hear what they have is headline lines and text boxes. These here are just PNG images. No, from the internet. I have here is also headline text and wise. Whether they hear Waas that groupthink maybe remember that we talked about that at the beginning of the course. So three different shapes that I grow up into one and I went to Google then pictures. Yes, and picture text field I have lost now the picture. I don't know where it is. But you can you find your desktop on, then you will get this fact. So you need to crop it in orderto good, but to get the ball. So the next slide. Same thing with pictures Finally at it frame here. Cynthia here told this pictures They look a bit darker. That is why I think that I've used corrections here. Some maybe. Yes. I made it a bit. Have decreased the brightness. So normally it would look like maybe when its brightness It's on cereal. Something like this. This doesn't look nice. Okay, then. This looks nice, actually. And at the end, scenting with this life text line. And here abused this symbols Which shows from anything here. Yeah, so that's a bit Thank you for watching this lecture. See him in the next one. I will show you why I think one more presentation and how I made it on after that. So I think that we will be finished with this lecture unless something extra. But I think that that is it. Thank you. Once more. See the next lecture 25. Example 4 & FREE template: hi room. Welcome to our next lecture and show you this place. You're really seeing this? We talked about this when we use Monster side. Massive, actually. But I want to go again over order this presentation and show you how I did some stuff here and I think that I don't don't voted this place actually from somewhere. So I just operated some things that may be changing a bit, but I will show you how it is made. First of all, you remember that some of these things were made a slight masters. So this with lifeboat who is is a picture PNG picture. We have a text here since he here with a picture inside the shape next here, we can shape sitting here. Although this picture is a little bit about sized. What we have here is you see, you can see this here. So this is a shape that is it the shape with no Oh Klein. So here, when you click no apply, You see, it just becomes a part of it. But when you played, I'll climb to be white. It makes here a bit space. So it looks like this shape here is cut, but it's actually isn't You get the point now how it made this. So it's a cool effect that you can use for over here. This is this is just a part of a graphic design. You with this little shapes here with pictures. We have a shape that is not full sized and placeholders for pictures and text sending here PNG lab and image placeholder inside it. Same thing with phone for this is a bit messed up like this sending here with picture on some may be best picture again next. So basically, there are many. Many section break here. So you're also so you get the point How this is not just get back to this regular because some things are made a hero. So as you can see, this rectangular box here has effects. It has a shadow here initially, that is such other That is a glow, I think Numbers text and let me just see whether it is or not. Yeah, it is definitely a group. Yeah. So this is a triangle. This isn't but here. So you get the point how this is done. Let's go next talking about this here we have an incident. Frame the expects scenting here. Numbers and cycles shapes. Next headline. Here, this is a shape with picture inside. This'd is I think this is image or not A mature did this, so I'm not quite sure. I'm just looking around. I would say that this is Yeah. This is a shape, something like Yes, but it is contact on the upper part. I would say this is a triangle that is, that has just let Syria radiant feel. So someone played here with this colors and it looks honestly, it looks great. So you get the point, how it looks and why, despite here we have just move on that you will understand how it is made. So text shape, right shape. It looks like this cut here and then this number this is also the same. But on this, Phil is the front. The next one we have then still here on this are next headline and sub title. So this is something from the Internet does here. Graphics once with dots. You can find that here you remember here changes to the irregular text B a G pictures. Well, those that we have here tax and just shapes that you can find. Actually, no, this is a chart. Now I see This is a chart just a different. You see now just a different design. But this is a chart. But you can also make this with shapes. You remember that this is a being just picture on shapes with text sinking here. Just different color. These are whole images. So this is essential, actually a shape. And this here is a PNG images. The rest is Tex. I think that is it. Yeah. Didn't return this from this light. Mestre. This way. I did it. So this is a t n is not that heart. You see Now I can I can move these days. But I can move this light bulb with that have to go here. But it where it belongs. You get the point. So that would be it. Thank you for for watching for him staying tuned. I hope this helps you. Although I didn't go step by step and did each light individually here we went through over 50 slides. So it would take really, really much time to do this separately and go into details. But I hope that this has helped you to understand this better how it is made, how you can't use different styles, use different shapes, how you can improvise and play with the different designs. And I have no doubt that you will make great presentations and that this will look awesome on your computer. Thank you again for watching and see you in the next section. 26. Example 5 (catalog): Welcome to our next lecture. One more lecture when I will show you an example that I did and where you will see how to make great stuff. First, I want to show you something. This is a video file and this is a catalogue. It has seven pages and I just want to show you first how it looks. So this that was the first page is the 2nd 1 3rd 1 Actually, everything is written on the other language and Serbian language, my native language. So that's why maybe you don't understand What is Britain anyway? This is a Catholic that shows the offer from one website. It is a local website where you can have your digital marketing done. You can make threats. Go. You can also by space or promote your event. Write articles, etcetera. You can have your business. So does the point. And I want just to show you that all this was possible to do in Power point. Although it looks like it was done in, I know, photo shop or it'll straighter or some online editor toe? No, it was proper for him. And here is the file. So here, going to show you how I did it. Basically, I will go through each slide. Firstly, let's start from the 1st 1 And here I've just found this picture on the internet and put it to be needed size, so dimension. So that would be it for for the first life. I didn't do anything specific specifically here. Okay, so the next one I put to the local here on the white background, As you can see in here, this is a shape just a square shaped or rectangular. However you like. I matched the colors off this shapes to be same as here. And this is an example of smart thought. We talked about smart arse, so here can change design of it. I can play with it, but I want to leave it as it was because of the colors. So I just put the text here. So, at social media video production in the next life, I have to do some extra work here. So this Ah picture here was basically a screenshot from my computer. It is a home page of that website. I swear it's about there is and what I did here I use the white overweight. It is basically a white shape that has transparent color. So I match it to be right side And here and those air also some shapes that I did as a Ben Positions who here mentioned the dimensions off the site and here I'm able to show where the position is. These are some side banners that you can also find the website. And here I just have took pictures and this for this is a shape and were here abused. Let me just show you where it is Used here were art. So sending here just a shape with the needed color and that is it The next one sitting here with screenshot on overly shape. I use this blue lines here is you can see just make a section different here, have input are white shape with rule climb to match here And I've also inserts um, next. Moreover, here I've used title and text. This is a beer G photo on. This is This is a shape that have used to match it here. You can see that this background has a little dots While they did, I want to design for what it here was went to a former background pattern, Phil, and choose this one so you can see the problem with this change. I've used this one and I will leave it to here. So that would be for this slide, The next one. Well, I did hear Waas, actually, I will come back to this slide. I will show you next one here. I just input for different images. So nothing special for different images. And just put this with zoom out a bit so you can see this is a shape with some text omit nothing special religious school images and the last life what I did here I found this image of laptop the Internet. I've used White over way shape, as it did earlier. I put the cycles from the Internet and used this like, I don't know, cloud shape to put it here and also here, use these images from the Internet and work our promise that I will come back toe that I would come back to this slide so But I can show you here when I zoom it out, you see is that is regular slide. But what they did I've used blue. But if the angular shape and gray in a combination. So to each and basically I input all this pictures this year or pictures on it and text on the blue shape. Then put white text. And here on the great shape, I have input. Read blank text. Sorry, something here. But although it looks weird now, when I press shift in F five to put it in a normal size, it looks much better. Maybe it's cut down here because my video screen recorder is is little is different the measure. So maybe it is cut down here, but you get the point. It looks much better like this. So I will just move this to show you what I did. Actually, we can see that the White slides is behind it. And I just used a combination of this shapes in order to make it look cool. So actually, that would be I want to save this. Definitely that that would be it for this for this lecture. I hope that you seen some great tricks here when I wanted to show you with this. Get the look. Although I didn't go step by step, I wanted to show you that you can do awesome things with power points so old off the shop is better and you have more options effects, etcetera to do it for the show for illustrator or something else. The power foreign will do a great job when I'm working on some things that I want to make faster. And maybe that are simply where they don't need much technique or special effects options, etcetera. I just use proper point and expert, that is J Bag or some other format will talk about that later, So that would be it. Thank you for watching See you the next lecture. 27. How to put password on your presentation: Hello, everyone, Welcome to our next lecture Today. We're going to talk about some tricks that you can use on that they're referring to. Settings are in Power point. So, firstly, when I want to show you, is, although this is more advanced course, I'll just remind you that when you want to save your hesitation, press this. If you have already saving first time, and if not, then you have to choose your location where you want to. Another cool stuff that you can do with this Father Forint. Let's say that I want to input a passport for my presentations and cold. It will be called first, and let's say that I want to put the past or learning. So if somebody asks my computer, or if somebody gets this power point or still it somewhere, I want him to know the past for which to type. And then he can get access to this presentation. So able to does general options and password, too. Type 1234 click. OK, I will click going through 34 I save No, When I tried to open the presentation again, as you see, is asking for the password I will enter the wrong one. First time. 9876 I'm sorry. 9876 That isn't the right past. For so he's giving me. I must open it again. And now, when they died, the correct passport. 12341234 And press. OK, he will give me access to this presentation. So keep in mind this cool trick, you can use it for other our point programs such as war that some etcetera. But since I'm working on with power point to this course, I'm talking about it. So this is a great feature on, Especially when you're sending someone something privately when you just want to have the personal documents on your computer and you only want to know the password. Thank you for watching and seeing the next lecture. 28. How to export presentation as pdf or mp4: Hello, everyone. Welcome to our next lecture, and we're continuing our talk on the topic, offsetting state power point. So I want to show you when you want to save your father went presentation. You can save it as a our boy, but you also have many other options. So let's say that you want to save it as a PdF someone it is. Sometimes it is good to save it as a Pdf, because there may be a computer when you're where you're presenting, is not doesn't have, but we're point program. Or maybe it works slow. Or this a folder full graham and the courting here is you can use. PDF. It will just show slide after slide. But keep in mind that you can, for instance, play videos and PDF files. You can have transitions or information, so keep in mind that, and here you can check if you want your PDF file to be standard size or medium size medium sizes. Use when you're sending your file and it will really used it will reduce the quality of your images and the object in your presentations presentation. But if you use under sizes for big good so I will save it is a test, Pdf. And now I want to check out that show. You just come in. And now I had for preservation. Ready in pdf. Also, it is a cold thing, and you can all save your power for many, many files. But I want to show you one word I use. Sometimes I go to save us, and I choose. Where is it? I can see now before? Yes. So when I want, when I have a presentation that is cool off transitions, animations, etcetera. And I'm afraid that our porn file warm work that computer, then I can save it basically is a video. So the important thing here to know is that you will have to pulls your video some slides for maybe will have to talk secon ization with your videos. So keep that in mind, but you can do that on. Please, Please, please take in consideration that this process off rendering and making a video presentation takes sometimes. So when I click on save here, I can track here, down here. He says, creating video tested before. But you can see how slowly it goes. It will. They much time to be to be finished. I won't wait for that. I just wanted to show you that. And you have many other options that will show you some drinks. Morning. The next lecture. That would be Thank you for watching and see in the next one. 29. How to export presentation as PP template or PP show: Hello, dear students, welcome to our next lecture. Continue my Dakhil settings of power point. And now I want to show you when you're saving your files what you can also do, You can't save it as you can save it. That's this power point show and that this here. So when you save it as that it warned. This is the file, baby s X, and it won't open your power point file so you won't be ableto meditating. It will just open the full show. Aziz, you clicked five immediately and continue your presentations. So now in this format, you can add anything you can add or extract, and the object you can just use it like this. I personally used this when I'm going somewhere where equipment is sold or bad or something like that. So that this one cool. Thank you, CanDo. And another cool thing is that you can say your presentation and everything that you've made in your slide master or in your background that fixed. You can say that as a template. What they mean by that is that you can go to public point template and save it. It is already saved here. But I do it once again. City is a test and now I want to. And your slide? I had option from here to use different teams. Never goto personal and choose test. And now he will ask me whether I want to create the presentation with this. And now we will see I haven't done anywhere Hearing slight master, I have only used that bankroll decide And you see here that my new slides are equipped with that specific background It is not white, so that would be a for the template. Saving something as a template is based is often used when you're making it for someone else or when you're making just the background or some specific, decide that you want Teoh using multiple presentation. So that is also that picture. Thank you. Cavorting as you in the next lecture 30. How to reduce presentation file size: everyone Welcome toe. Next lecture in this video, I'm going to show you how you can reduce the size of your presentation if you want to send it the email or know some application that has a limit which size it can support. So let's say that you have multiple pictures in your presentation and your file is larger than 20 megabytes. I think that limit on Jamie at least 29 rights and every file that is over that limit must be sent the drive Google Tribe. But you don't want to do that. You want to send it as into our message, so what you can do is when you're saving your file. You can go to your destination, of course, and go to tools here from compress pictures, and it will ask you whether you want to save your document for it is written here. E mail. So it will lower the quality of your images to minimum bad print HD or you want hide or to get high quality of their pictures. So or maybe use default resolutions. So keep in mind this is, ah, most most widely use print. But if you want, let's say sometimes when I have a big presentation, that is 30 megabytes. I don't necessarily use that. And I want to send be a Gmail. I don't necessary use this option. I used to grab because it reduces the quality of my images, but not too much. It doesn't look blurry or or I don't know ugly. It looks nice. Maybe he has decrease elements or filters that are not much important. That aren't so. I can't think so. Keep in mind that you can try with different off different things. Here. Let's use that back press. Okay, Saving this replace previous. Okay. And now when I go here, you will see that I haven't lost that much quality. And my picture. Okay, it looks maybe a bit blurry, but that is that is okay. And I have reduced my fantasize that so that just see here now with this 343 kilobytes, let's say I save it. As is a high quality. That's two on. Let's say that I will warm compress my pictures that I will say toe HD. OK, and now let's see the fall off. This says okay. Yeah, it is the same because I can't. Sorry I made a mistake here. This Sorry. Sorry. This was my mistake here to save. This was the original file. I played with those names, so I made a mistake. This was original file on because yeah, it was bigger. Now we see that this presentation has only one The image. Yeah, that is just more of this. That kid's life. It appears that this this presentation has only one Mitch so defined isn't that big? Just known, See whether it will be fever is it is a big, bigger but any how? Keep in mind that we'll just try to find if I had not a presentation with more images just to show you the difference. Because that was not so you say, because three. Okay, just to see the phone. This is that. OK, that this 0.7 megabytes. So that is pretty big presentation. And if I reduce it compressed images to read and save it like, no, I don't want to change it. And let's see now it should be much lower in size. So it was standing by sound. It is a so keep that in mind on. You can compress your pictures like that want a factor quality much, but it is very important to know Thank you for watching and see you in the next lecture. 31. What you have learned and where you can apply your knowledge: so hello, students. Firstly, I want toe contract. You congratulate you for finishing discourse. And since this for this is our last lecture, I want to wrap up what we did this course what you have learned. And I want to talk a little about where you can acquire knowledge. So without further ado, let's wrap this up and some up actually what we did in our previous lessons. So, firstly, we you remember we talked about images and submission Syria. So we talked about inserting and anything images and videos and cool stuff you can do with effects. And then we talked about word out for danger. Radiant colors called tips that you can use next. We were talking about smart objects and the nations and transitions Stop. Did you can insert your presentation to make it look professional? Mother, learn how working faster. And they called. We may. We went through some examples where you were able to learn how to make eye catching and professional looking presentations on at the end, we learned how to set them. Some of them said things like passwords on your presentation on some export tips on sleep. Our point is a great program. You will have the opportunity to work with anything future definitely, and is great, as I mentioned earlier, not only for presentations for images on other anything, anything there. Things also for in the nation so you could work in power. And basically, when you learn how to use interface in power for your home to use interfaces, other Microsoft office programs that this advantage one over if you want to make your make a career of presentations, you can try working as a freelancer up work. Five maybe freelance dot com. There you will be able to make presentations for other people and for different business or educational purpose. So this is a great thing to know, and I definitely suggest you acquired knowledge in practice over everything that this course was hard for you. There is a basic course that I did, and it's free. It is cold whose basic powerful, of course, And there you will learn all the basic things. How to make new slides opens five. Say files center. So we'll preview think that this was maybe a bit more offense. Feel free to go back and then come here. I hope you have a great time. Please leave me review. And But you know, if you have any questions, you can contact me off even though it is listed on my profile. And you can ask me whatever reward. Keep in mind that I will always answer faster when you write your posting questions of my instructor dashboard. So let me know if you need anything. Once again. Congratulations for finishing this course. You that something great and you extend your knowledge, which is very important. I wish you all the best and sealed some other. Of course. Thank you. 32. Thank you: Hi, everyone. Thank you for taking the scores. I really hope that you find it to be helpful. Please. If you have any suggestions, steps, advice on how I can improve my courses, let me know. And also, if you have any suggestions in which topics I should cover, please limit down below in the community tab or related within the review. Thank you once again and I hope to see in the following blesses