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Advanced Photoshop Manipulation - Creative Photography

teacher avatar Photoshop Classes By Fred, I will help you get PRO at Photoshop

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. What will you learn and create?

    • 2. Editing Colors

    • 3. Importing Texture

    • 4. Creating Texture Mask

    • 5. Cutting out the Face

    • 6. Adding Shadows

    • 7. Final Adjustments

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About This Class

In this class you will learn how to add patterns to face and skin. The goal of our project is to make it as realistic as possible and create a nice artwork at the end.

What will you learn in this class?

  • Editing the colors of your image with Camera Raw filter
  • Adding texture and blending them with the background
  • Using Curvature Pen tool to make perfect cut outs
  • Playing with brightness to create realistic depth effect
  • Adding realistic shadows manually using brush

The artwork we will create


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Photoshop Classes By Fred

I will help you get PRO at Photoshop


My name is Fred and I will teach you the most advanced and modern skills that Photoshop has to offer.

Already after watching one class you will be able to create stunning artworks.

Make sure to check my other works and upcoming classes at my instagram @freds_gallery

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1. What will you learn and create?: if you always wanted to learn how to add realistic patterns, textures, tattoos to people's faces and bodies, and you are the right class. I know it sounds pretty crazy. I look at that. Just look at this beautiful, stunning artwork. This what we're going to create during this clock. First, we're going to start with everything. The colors. We're going to dramatically change the colors from something normal to something pink and dreamy. They're going to finish it off with making it a little bit dark and more rallies. After what we will start by cutting the face and pushing it out a bit inside, we'll learn how to add the texture and blended with scared and also make it more realistic by adding different types of cool shadows. And as a very small and cool touch that you will do is will make the ice go from smoke big . Finally, we will add the inside part off the face to make it more realistic on. Also, we will add shadow. It's a final touch and here we go, my friends, a lot. Brooke is ready. I hope this may be excited for the class. Oh, I asked by the way if you don't know who I am. I My name is Fred. I'm a professional. Artists have been creating artworks for many, many years. Already have almost Arctic a students say I've been doing this already for a while, but I waiting for Just click on the next lesson and start learning you guys. 2. Editing Colors: Hey, welcome to the first lesson. You made the right choice, my friend. So during this class, we're going to use this image, which is an image by Alina Ivanova. Andi I found it and asked, So let's get into it. So just go to for sure, bank like that. So it create new button Onda here we need to make with one toe 50. Hi, 1000. Make sure you have picked so selected here. OK, that's weird and very import Counting. My dear friends, make sure you have column or rgb color on Religious Creek. That sweet create bottom. Mom took a bomb. Look at that. So just go to create new from Onda here. We need to make sure that we have with 1000 takes us height, Oneto 50. And make sure you have pixel selected here. That's where and very important to my difference. Make sure column or deserves to be. Call a resumption is 300 if everything's fine, just click that sweet. Create bottom boom chicka boom! And here we go. So let's take our image on good, import it into partnership, so just put it here. Let's making bigger, bigger, even a little bit bigger on DA. That's good. That's good. So we can just put it somewhere here in the middle so that we can see clearly her face being that central focus off doctoral. So just because that's about enough, what's going places? Background layer. It's always there and so useless, like no one never needs it. Almost never needed. If you're doing your work right, basically. So now when we have this, the first chapter of this class is going to be changing the colors for that. We're going to Camero. Future soldiers go to filter and click camera ro filter in case your family is toe. This will help us to dramatically change the colors. So, for example, I can make them really, really alone really, really blue or it can make them really, really wild. Really, really green. But also, we can play with highlights. Shadows become play with texture. Which means it. For example, if I zoom in, we can think texture, it's a maximum is gonna make this can actually smooth, so I'm gonna make it 20 right now. I'm just showing you what it can do and can't okay on in our tools of minutos Oumar, You can actually just use this part in Sierra Miners Plus, but if you just put your mouth on the screen, you can. You'll just see the plus button. They can just go back so on and have already call profile ready. You can find them isa in the project resources area. Or you can you will just say a separate listen called cross material. So it depends where you're watching this. OK, Ana, Now let's go here on I will just click load set things and here I want toe the colors with Okay, so I'm just gonna called colors ex MP and you can just click on it on click often on Asness you do. That portrait is automatically going to apply this color profile on Let's see what with First of all, we increased wild colors. As you can see, our image is really, really thinking with Chris contrast on, there isn't really that is because, for example, went into Chris contrast. You can actually work much better with colors for them, with the concerts is too high, the colors are getting too dark and the kind of getting damaged. So that's why I will go back and make the Contra slower on DA with the Chris highlights. So boom we increase shadows. There isn't will increase shadows is to make sure we see all the small details. For example, if you have shadows really dark as you can see, the hair is not really is that well visible? But if I make the shadows brighter room now with all the little hairs, I don't think that's the right way to say it. But you get me right so I mean, it just adds details, and it makes your image be more alive. I also added some texture on day is for the same reason because, for example, when the skin is too smooth, what states to smoke, right? For me, it looks horrible because it doesn't feel realistic because in real life, that's not the skins that we have as humans. So that's why I want to make it more realistic. I want to make its have pictures on the The haze basically just makes the colors pop like that on. Let's not go take your cell adjustment here teaches advancements. Help us to manage every color separately for them, pretty as you can cigarettes on. And if I, for example, bring grist to the right, as you can see now everything is orange. But if I bring the total to the left, as you can see, it's pinky, so we can see that here. We're making it all in chair making Pinkett Andi, that's it. Basically, Zonis is that we need to change for this image. You can go and experiment on your own with these parameters if you want to, but we don't need them on, you know, to see what was before. Enough if I just click here. So this was before this was after on the this actually call. This car's actually also pretty good, but for a work own artwork with this type of colors. Okay, so on dumb, depending on your taste, you might like this one. Just one, but four. So I took me in this one competition, E I just think that's with Okay, Barton and well, that's that Eso not just in case you made something wrong and you want to go back and change it. All they have to do is you have to double click on the camera, raw filter and so just bam bam! You double click on it and will be open again. Um, don't go to filter and Kummerow filter when you already have here filter. Because if you go to fill tanks, Kummerow filter, then to add a second camera filter instead of anything zags King Juan. Okay, no culture can be really, really difficult sometimes. So what we have now is not going to go to adjustment layers on, uh, create from here. Color balance adjustment layer on. But there's also basically upsets toe edit the cars. There isn't what I'm doing that because I want to edit the cause on top of Camero filter because right now it doesn't feel tour a listing. That's not the type of skin that any person would have. Realistically, I like it's to Pinky on for that first. Well, when adults with a blue So what? I'm on me tones. I will go on the right 12 here to adult bit of bull, and if we turn this often on, we already see a small difference, a number and I wanna go to shadows on. I won't at some science here, so basically I make ambience was left as you can see my rose 29 on a bona adult would have blue for again 12 on Boom! We already have something more realistic. As you can see now we have a little, like, less being color Tonight let's go toe highlights. And here also I won't at some science satin Italian sign. I want a some pinkness and I want at some group, but And if I not only off and on we see a big difference My dear friends Andi, that's it for the first lesson. Let's save this. Okay? Otherwise, if you forget to save this, that's going to be really, really bad in case you worship decides to crash. So I'm just going to say this as ah, Pat Art work test. I'm gonna name this test because I already have the original artwork. So this, like the second after them creating you can name it anything you want to name. Okay, That's it, my dear friends to he's the next class. Bye bye. 3. Importing Texture: Oh, okay, guys. So this is a texture we're going to use. I know. Doesn't look like it, but yeah, trust me, it is the one. Okay. Is the chosen one soldiers are takes on importance is into for a show on. I will just rotate this on the boom. Let's make it bigger and bigger and bigger Frankly exist with OK, but so I want to go and change the blending more to call or I don't know Right now, you're like, what is going on here, but just trust me, okay? Next up I want to do is I want toe change its colors. So let's go to image adjustments on I. Let's go to situation on day. I want to make it green. So what's he would find, Tom? Not what I wanted. I want to change its colors to green for let us go to image adjustment. Let's go through a situation. I will make this around 92. I'm gonna also add some situation like that. Somewhere around this Andi has this looks politics stick. OK, now, now, obviously, I want to make it brighter because to Darcel, go to image adjustments on brightness. Kontras I want to make it brighter on. Look what we're getting here. Starts looking like a normal image. What's like? Okay, now, obviously, I want to make it brighter, So let's go to image adjustments on brightness. Contrast on. That's being is almost to the maximum. And this is the meaning room on. Duh. Yeah, much better. At least we can see what's happening here. And I think that I want to do is actually want to make the image a little bit bigger because I don't think we need to have this hand here. Let me just see. As you can see, I don't have the hand. So what I'm gonna do is I will turn this off for now. I will go to the image. I will goto. I did free transform on. I'm just gonna make it bigger like that and still left out a bit bigger on just to make sure they don't have this hand here. Okay, let's click. OK, now. But a knife I turn on the image this one again. Your sectors go to edit. Let go to free transform. Okay, this looks fine. So now what I want to do. So it's like this. Let's rotate it. Let's go to free transform. And I want to make that with bigger because I think it is kind of through a small. Maybe making it with bigger wouldn't be that Battle Creek. Okay, now let's see if we can also just move this around toe, find the type off patterns that you like on. I think this looks good. So now what I want to do is I want to make her I speaker. So it's like the image. How long is this okay to find that's like the image. Let's go to shelter. Let's go toe. I'm a liquefied Onda here. So let me close this. Um I want us to like the tool, this one which is called face till it's like this. And if your showbiz told, then you will probably not have it. So you will have to go on our radio for the shop story. Much meant Oh, you don't actually have to do. It's not like mandatory to do it. Okay, We're just going to make the ice bigger, So But if you don't have this in your country is like, really, really old, So let's like the case. So let's click. Plus toe get called his eyes. Let's not go here. And I'm gonna make this bigger. Just click on track like that. I'm gonna do the same here and it's click and drag on the Let's see if this is maximum. Yeah, too. So if I just told his final small eyes You guys, I mean, I think this looks good. I feel like it does contribute those. Let's go cocaina on. Let's see the changes. Boom. Yeah, well, there's I wanted to it because when I saw Biggers and you are broke looks more emotional on . That's what I'm trying to do. So if you don't want it, they don't have to do it. Yeah, maybe they're too big. If you want to change, this makes him a little bit smaller. You can go to liquefy, so just double click, boom, boom about clicks there. I feel like I made them till kind of. So let's go. Let's not go here. My sight. Amazing motive with smaller, a little bit smaller, with smaller with small, so again before or after tomorrow to see if they look fine. Yeah, I think they look fine. Let's click OK now. So it's here Well, not dealt with small, and it looks good. So now when you have that, I think that's it for this lesson. Yeah, that's definitely for this lesson is next. Listen, we're going to start cutting out the face and also doing things that pattern from the background on old Zaza stuff. You guys, my wife. 4. Creating Texture Mask: I let alone my dear friends and welcome Vasilis and number three. Wow. I excited. I hope you're because I'm real excited to show you some magical stuff. So, um, first of all, we to start by diluting the pattern from the background on Let's turn actually off from the pattern. So we need to select the person first for you not to do that. I'm gonna go here. Click right button on. Uh, if you have object selection, prove it is also a tool that is use that is available in in your Russian for a shop. It's actually going to be pretty easy with this one. So because you basically just click on, then you select on, then it tight automatically find the borders. As you can see, it did a pretty good job. But if you don't have it just in case I'm gonna go to select under select, I'm gonna go. It's old way just to make sure that the old can do it. So it's it's regret about nachos. Quick selection told Ana I'm gonna make my Oops. I'm gonna make my brush bigger. Okay, Even bigger. So even bigger. Bigger to be good at Bagram. Good. And now we'll just start clicking on. I want to select everything except the background. So, like that, Is that Okay, So now let's like minus tool on. Let's start by selecting the background. Good, good. A good A good a good in this Looks fine. Let's make a smaller ultimate to goto. This type of areas will still be difficult. Well, we also don't need the hair, Obviously. Yeah, I forgot that. I mean, we're not going to have patterns the hair, so Yeah, Okay, um, I think that looks good. Let's Cliff plus on ads this small part off the year. So let's go to our pattern. Let's turn on on. Let's recreate mask on bunch Gabon. So now, before continuing to the few things I need to adjust the mass a little bit for that I will take my brush toe. OK, I'm gonna make it again. Bigger. I'm gonna make Harding zero. I will zoom in here. I will make my brush even bigger. Make sure you owns the match, not the image. Bottoms, the mask. Make sure black color selected here and now, for example, if I just start clicking here ultimate what I want to do is I want to make this border between the face and the hair smoother so that it looks like the partners fading into their hair. If you just click, click, click, click, click, click looks. Not too much on they hear the same thing. I need to make my birth smaller with here. Good on, um, here for them Because you can say I made too much. Maybe I will change the color. Black toe back to white on Drew again was white color toe more pattern here. But see if you need to do it somewhere else. Let me go back toe black. I want to do it here to it because it looks like it's weird. Um oh, yeah, Obviously, I forgot. We don't need the pattern on her. I don't know what's in cold Does this cold short on dough, So, yeah, it's like it looks like it's pajama, but yeah. Anyway, so, um, for God's that on. That's why we can actually do it now so we can just do it manually. I mean, I'm just gonna make hardness around 50% and I will just like the color and start drawing here just to get rid of this stuff. Boom, boom, boom, boom can zoom in and you can just make it like that. Wait, What is this? This is supposed to be transparent with dots. Um, yeah, This is fine. Um, let's go to this line. Okay. So same here. Let's make it bigger. And now again on the kindest or is often on toe I can actually wars or pasties toe. See what is going on here. If you think it's not clear enough, it's moving. Prospect 100%. OK, so now what I want to do that want tojust make the hardness zero. And I'm just gonna go here on make my martial bigger and just go here on stage is because this parts are supposed to build with transparent. So I'm just going to make it really, really smooth so that they're kind of transparent kind was in a place here smaller. Okay, I think this looks good now. So fire fire on Did one last thing is the ice. Yeah, me to do it from the ice. I mean, you can live it if you want. It doesn't look actually bad, but emotional talk I did not have them into the ice. So it's make harness around 50 and let's just go and hatred of them from inside the ice like that. How long is this? Okay? This leader is already probably long enough on. That's why we will stay here. Don't forget toe saves this, Andi. I see my friends in the next one hopes my right. 5. Cutting out the Face: Yo, What's up, friends? Welcome back. Is my hair looking good? Good. So on that we will have to cut out your beautiful face. I know this sounds horrible, but trust me, it's going to be fine on for the first of what? We need to, um, connect all of this into one. So basically what I want I want to click here. I want to hold shift and I want to click here, and I want toe turn them into a group. So there's gonna go and click here on the group. As you can see, everything is inside this group now, so it's not Take a courage of parental. Let's go here. Click right button and choose your courage. Er, pronto. This is a pencil that helps us to automatically create curved lines. So distracted Onda here. Before you start driving, make sure you actually passed. Make sure your parameters are just like mine on DA. Let's not just start clicking basically, So I'm gonna start from here. I'm gonna go down here, here, here, here, like that. Like that Tractor follows the shape off the face basically like this hopes let's go back if you want to go back again. Just click or control or common. Plus that. But where you can just go to edit. And here you will see all the whole case, like Andrew and so on. And ah, room. Okay, this looks kind of fine, but you want to edit them. You can just click and drag them, as you can see. Like that. Um so just ties most down. Maybe So This looks fine, actually, is good. So now let's go to a selection and click here. Boom! Let's click a visitor. I just make sure it zeroes click. OK, so what we're going to do now is we're going to come where this pass into a selection bunch . Kaboom On now, for example, If I create mask, if I just click here Whoa! Damascus! Creative. So now you may be asking, right? What happened to our image? Where is there a risk off her beautiful face? Okay, Is the faces here? OK, where's the body? So what we're going to do is we're going to create now a duplicate of this group that's click right button here on to duplicate group. Let's click. OK on. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go to the one which is located Both here, click on the mask. I'm gonna ah, 90 to invert the mask in order to invert the mask into Quick Contra plus I or refusing, Mac, it's common. Plus I or you can also just click on the must go to practice panel. And here you will be your citizens and you just click. Invert boom. So not for them. Pull as you can see, This is our face is everybody just calls him was just double click on the text Ever calls his face double click here I will call this body. Let's not selectors. I want no move the face a little bit inside. So, for example, if you will catch against the faces inside on for that Yeah, I'm just gonna go take it free Transform. And I'm just gonna move this. Oh, yeah, baby, look at that. Sweet, sweet. Yeah, I think this looks good. Um, yeah. This is definitely good. Let's not click. Um, it was quick now. Okay, but good. How long does this already? It's fine. Not too long. Now we need Teoh portrayed the background basically offices and basically is this empty space. It doesn't need to be able to write. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna open, like, say, body. I'm gonna take this and I will copy it so quick. I bought a duplicate, were okay And I will take this Coakley and put it behind, like, totally behind. You can see here. Let's not close this. So now, as you can see, let's like this. Let's go toe. Colburn amazes normal. First of all on. And I actually want to make this darker because it's like inside part off the face. It's like behind the face, so it needs to be darker on. Let's click on brightness Contrast. Double click here because we will have it there on. Let's make this like darker. Actually, exact miners has been conscious to zero medical care now and to make it actually even darker. So whoa, maybe double click on Biden's contrast and increase the contrast a bit. Yeah, this is going to make it clear. Volcano also maybe actually move the face a little bit more. That's like the face. Let's go take it free Transform. Yes, you can say I'm experimenting about like that. Just moving a few things and I'm just gonna use actually a keyboard. I rose so left, right and so on to move it just a little bit right? A few times on. Uh, yeah, this looks fine. Let's click. OK, good. So this already looks pretty good right now on Dumbed Wow, we so close to finishing it. Okay, guys. Next listen, we're going to create some shadows here to make this look actually relative, because right now, it doesn't look too realistic. And also, we're going to make create shadows on the pattern to also make it bent. Visit body basically. So just make sure we saved this and see you guys in the next one. Bye bye. I love you. 6. Adding Shadows: Hello. My difference How you hope you're good? Because I am a candle to be tight already because I'm trying to record the whole class in one take. So, like in the spam off two or three hours and I am getting tired, but let's get into this afternoon. So, um, what will have to do now is I want to create this line here, this one that you can see. It's like basically, like sickness for the face. So I want to do that. What will need to do is actually pretty interesante. First of all, let's go here, you figure out button on choose, administer selection, keep Let's not go on, create new employer here on, uh oh, now still find So number we have is this, Um, let's just take brush to know any color doesn't matter. Let's make it big hardness. 100% on biologists joint boom. So I made it to be here. That's what We don't see it anyway. It doesn't matter. I just drove it with green collar. It's inside. Let's go to slight and click this link. Now it's like this on movies, actually to the left or basically where's the Facebook content. And now what you gonna do is we're gonna click gonna double click here. So boom, boom On the empty space somewhere here under Let's go now to stroke And we will at some stroke the stroke. I want to be outside. It's too big right now. Let's make it five. Maybe six. Maybe five is fine. Yeah. And also, the colors don't really matter that much. Let just click, OK? What I want to do right now is I want toe get rid of this green part, and I want to have only the stroke. So basically, I'm gonna go to feel I'm gonna go make zero on when we do. That work for Trump does is actually it lives. The effects basically stroke, but it gets its off Everything which is inside here. That's why we have on is a stroke. And that's good, because now what we can do is we can actually make this flight place brighter. So now when we have the stroke, what I want to do is I want to click right button here and choose convert to smart object on Boom. Now we're going to use this as a selection so basically why we're doing all this. You will see now, OK? Because I get still like insulin and use pseudonyms and what's happening. So, um on just hold control Common. And when you do that, you will see Ah, that when I put my mouse over the some nail, we see a hand with the square near it. If I now click whom Now it's going to select this whole where basic cause You can't displace again. You hold control. Or Komen, if you're using Mac using windows its control and then when you hold it, you just click here boom. And it selected automatically. Now we can turn this off. Actually there Now, let's goto brightness adjustment layers. Let's click brightness. I'm I'm actually gonna make this brighter like that on the concerts matter. Just make it brighter. And here we go. It already looks like the part. The sickness off the face. Basically like here, it's still not ready, but we'll get Okay, So now, um, how long is we just started? So now I will go and start creating shadows for that was just click again. Creating young killer here under the new to learn is to be located above the face but behind their body. That's why I'm gonna move this in between the groups. Okay? Just make sure you moved it exactly in between. So here, boom. I think Body face our religious double Click here. We're gonna call the shadow. Let's take our brush tool. Let's click here to get back to normal colors. Black and white. Let's go here on. Makes it harder. Zero, actually not zero mates making around 40% and also brush out with bigger. Yeah, this is good for them. What Hungary Rochelle is basically I'm going to use brush on black our If I started running outscored. Look, what's going to happen? It just black colors. We don't want this, eh? So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna make capacity around 20%. I'm gonna make floor around 10%. This helps us to drove smoothly. So, for example, if I start doing now the Eid Road Rodeo I drove, I drove on. I can see it's adding shadows. It's making black really, really smoothly. So if I turn off and on, I don't want this. Let's go to a race tool. Unless just religious. Okay, Let's go back to a brush tool and now let's start creating the shadows. So we're going to start creating the shoulders from here. So if I just drove here, as you can see, it's adding our shadows like that. You can make the world with more if it's too slow for you. Oh, this. This is very important because this is a part that make our artwork look more realistic on basically the dark eighties, the more depths it's going to look like. Good. But we need to have some more. So a little bit, you know, a little bit. Here were also I want to do I want to adhere. Swell here, of course, mean to have less, but still we need to have some. Wow, this holy looks fire. Why would I want to do is I want to make sure that we have the shadows only on top of the face. So I don't want them to be here on the borders. For that, you can just click right button here, some going into space on to spread clipping, mask on boom. As against it. Now we have a narrow that that is pointing out to the face any find out or is often wrong. As you can see, it's only on the face. And that's exactly what I wanted to do tonight. If I just continue drawing a little bit, it's going to draw on Lee on their face and not going everywhere else because it's connected to this group now. So what I want is I want just to make this the corner of the face a little bit darker again . I'm going to create a name to wear. Put it here behind the shadow. Um, Now I want this layer to be connected his face by because I wanted to appear only on the face. I don't want to have the shadow that I drove the Slayer to appear on this borders on loans the face for that. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna click right button here and choose create clipping mask has against you. Now we have an arrow pointing down to this place group, and that means that if I take my brush on, I draw. Anything is goingto be drawn on there on the face because that's what this leads connected toe. And I'm gonna make my brush with smaller. And if I just heard drawing just like that Ultimate is to at some darkness here when it was often on. Yeah, there is a big difference. Okay, you may think that we're done, but not yet. Okay, it's almost done, but not completely. So now let's just finish with the shadows. Because we're basically went to do is we need to basically draw some darker and brighter places on her body. Just toe make it look more realistic. So what death means That means that I will go out here. I will click, create brightness, contrast Lor I will make it darker with more contrast Ive And now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go to this mask and I'm going to invert it. So again, click control Common Plus I know I'm gonna take my brush toe white color And now this time yeah, I want is to be around 50% but I'm gonna go and try toe make all the edges darker by edges . I mean, for example, like, let's just have a look at the original image where was here? So let me explain for you. See here where you have that's a bone, for example, being to make it darkness where we can see that it's like the database was basically according to the bone part here, for example, these two girls with darker shells and it needs to be darker here, so basic here. So basically, to follow all the structure and shapes off her body. So let's start with here. We can just drove his white color here. I'm gonna make the small light. Needs to be like a release in line here a bit there read more girls here because right now , as you can see, we don't even see her like I don't houses armpit. I don't know if that is that how it's Coto like that. Basically, just to see that it's supposed to get darker there because she's closing her hands. He has the same thing. Okay, maybe ready to march, you can go back. If you didn't much here like this part off her neck could, um, here, the ear being to separate the year from the but from the face here begins in the year we have here is this type of line we need to be able to show it At least a bit, you know? Very fine. Attorneys open on. Yeah, As you can see, we added, some lines are both going to add some on the face. So basically, this part actually needs to be darker. Let's make fall so higher because this is taking too much time. I feel like it's too small. Okay, this time all this partners needs to be darker. Also, this part off the nose, we don't hear the progress. We don't really see the like the rest off the nose. Let's go back. I don't I don't even see where exactly I draw it. So But what I will do that will make this big on. I will. Just drove with here like that. Good. Just to give it some depths. Um, yeah, kind of, because it's like inside inside part off your eyes. So they're kind of usually darker for turns off until now from, so, yeah, you can do this in order to, you know, highlight the specific places. Basically, I still feel like something. Let's go to face its turn it off and see what's going on here. You see, we don't even see that. So let's go to brush on I wanna make sure that that show, like, you know, the contours. Let's make this mother too much here a bit here. But here. Okay, It's still it's still not like that much, but it's better than nothing. Okay, this looks good already. Let's make sure we saved this. What else? We have lived here. Okay, guys. I mean, they almost done on the next lesson. I will just make the eyes brighter and just change the course of the that. You can see here we have the cause of different, then here on, then that's it. Wow. 7. Final Adjustments: Hello, my dear friends. And welcome to the last lesson of this class war we almost done. Can you believe it? You made it almost so now what I want is I want to make her eyes brighter and change the course. Ultimate settled on creating them to their boom. I will take my brush tool on Let's double click on this color. I want to make it kind of yellow like that. Let's click. OK, and now let's start drawing. So also make sure artist zero, Let's bring up. I stand for 200% a knowledge Just start drawing from it doesn't need to be perfect, so that means perfect. Just in case you didn't know. So in my own language, I mean, it's no more. It's just I created this stuff, okay? Just just forget about it. So anyway, so let's go here on the Let's just change the blending mode. I think it's color burn. Let's see, what else do we have here over, like would also are, um Now it's soft light. Yep, it is soft light. Good. This is good on now. Oh, now what I want to do is I want toe. Add some more. I want to play through the warmest colors and brightness, so let's go here. Click brightness, contrast. Let's add a little bit of brightness on decrease. Contrast, Maybe a bit. What's not going on? The adult vibrance on at some vibrance, sonal, etc. There was a difference before after. Oh, there's a difference. It actually does look better both. You can also make her smile in case you want to. I mean, anyway, I should just shut up. This was not in the artwork. She's not smiling here, so I just thought it would be nice if she smiled. Maybe, but I mean, that's possible. But that's a totally different tutorial. Lesson or class tickets. That's it, guys, we made it. I know this was probably made l to be difficult for some few, especially if you're just starting out. But we made it. Make sure to check out my other classes because all of that is that I create have some really unique skills. You learn something pretty cool and every single one of them on DA make sure toe post the after that you created on day I will be and tag me. I would be happy to see okay, Can do Don't instagram or anywhere else that you want to just let me know. I'll be happy to review the commentated, to comment on it and to like it. That's it. Guys, I hope you enjoyed this issue by till the next class. Nature is check out the class s well, OK, don't just leave, but